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    Ticklish Employee Chris! M/M

    Chris Benson was desperate to keep his job and to do so in view of the seriousness of his offence which could alternatively as I told him mean prosecution and a prison sentence. Fraud is a crime I told the company accountant and my being disappointed in the attractive 30yr old placed by me in a position of trust but my telling him making a wise decision agreeing to my proposal. At my home having on my instruction called his wife Naomi to tell her he was working late even overnight on a deadline the handsome straight 6' man naturally nervous but knowing his actions having invited his boss; me, to suggest his way of escaping legal action being taken.

    In my car few words exchanged as I let him ponder on the position he was in as I'd made my suggestion clear; he was appealing to me and I wanted fun with him. In the office having initially made his objections but was compromised and knew it so had reluctantly agreed accepting the the lesser of two evils; as he thought at the time anyway; imagining no doubt he would either have to perform or be performed on though I having told him that his ass was safe; fucking wasn't my thing. I noted the look of relief on his face as for all he knew, it might have been.

    On arrival at my home told to strip to his socks he soon found himself secured to the bed on his stomach and blindfold. Chris was wearing black sheer socks which had a musky, masculine smell and told him that I'd seen his feet flinch when I secured his ankles together so he need not try denying his being ticklish and said that my sole interest was feet and picking up a discarded black loafer shoe and reading 13, adding his shoe size 13 an unlucky number for some but his feet would be his salvation! I smiled seeing him squirm on the bed a little as my teasing talk hitting a nerve!

    I assured him that we had secrets to share as I said I loved feet and the reaction from them when they were touched and was sure his being no exception as he gasped a little and then informed me he couldn't stand his feet touched, it would kill him being so deathly sensitive which made me smile! I assured him that if he did; he'd die laughing but murder not on the agenda or I would be the one facing incarceration. I told him it sexually excited me to hear guys laugh when being tickled so clearly he'd not be disappointing me and not worry they're being sweaty as I gripped each damp socked foot and told him they were nicely warm and moist which made him shudder. I adding his feet smelled amazing and how it turned me on seeing a guy's feet secured and so vulnerable and my personal preference being big feet and smelling like feet!

    I stared at his and told him due to wearing sheer socks my able to see his feet being a great shape with quite a high instep and his toes in perfect size order; Chris asking me to please think of another punishment; forfeit and that he was willing to suck me off and even for me to suck him off but my repeating neither alternative interesting to me and I was adamant and suggested he fight giving in to the tickle and saying this very lightly with one finger stroking the length of each sole from heels to toes and Chris immediately reacting squirming and biting on his lips! I told him he needing to be braver as it was only a tickling that's all! In prison his dick and ass as he was handsome and would be fresh meat would likely bring attention paid to them so a teasing, ticklish time with me being the preferable option.

    His sweaty socked feet exposed he felt helpless and vulnerable as he knew a foot tickling torture inevitable as I told him how straight men's feet were my guilty pleasure and a rarity to finding someone willing to submit his feet to another man but especially exciting playing with a guy involuntarily submitting his masculine feet to me with a rich and manly odour and delicously warm n' moist with a daily dose of natural foot sweat. I lightly stroked each of his soles sensing his annoyance and frustration being a tickler's delight so literally unbearably ticklish and a real treat for someone experienced in the art of tickling and not as if he going anywhere anytime soon, time on my side to enjoy his feet and all they're having to offer!

    My telling Chirs understaning how humiliating and embarrassing it had to be for him having another man intimately touching and playing with his feet usually safely hidden by black sheer nylon socks in Gucci black leather shoes; very stylish! Chris taunted by me verbally teasing him saying his problem being so damn ticklish and licklish on his displayed socked and bare feet! Infomiing him how amazing their natural smell was, one intoxicating for me and addictive so enjoying his feet would be a habit with me as I was already hooked and he'd be needing to tell his wife that promoted so with a wage increase that he'd be accompanying me on business trips in and out of the country but not that sharing a room that his feet socked and bare mine to use and abuse!

    "Chris later gagged with one of your own sweaty and moist socks it will be real fun subjecting you to merciless tickle torture all over your feet and using my fingers, tongue, the feather and sonicare as you endure ticklish hell from me!

    My telling him in sheer black socks his feet being especially sensitive and my able to see the contours of his attractive feet through them and the additional bonus noting as seeing their obvious and undeniable sensitivity reacting instantly to my lightly stroking the sole of each foot and his socked toes flexing and feet flinching twitched arousing my lust and teasingly encouraging my all too apparent temptation and need to tickle his feet! and saying so! I tickled each sole individually and intensely as I gripped his socked toes of each foot in turn and stroked the sole of each foot held taut as I lightly stroked each sole up n' down and from side to side alternatively. Stroking under his toes resulted in his squirming particularly so clearly a hot-spot on Chris I'd remember!

    I grabbed each foot in turn and pressed them into my face and deeply inhaled them before leaning over the toes of each one and sucking on them through his socks and traced a finger up n' down each large size 13 foot slowly from the heel to the balls of his feet making his feet flinch teasing his socked soles with light touches and focused on his arches one foot at a time! Garbled vocals seemed to be his begging and pleading with me not to tickle his feet as slowly my peeling off each sock and once bared fondling each of his bare feet and massaging them; as I told him wanting a good feel of his feet and detecting where on them his being the most ticklish so making my massage a light caress and seeing his reactions which being a ticklish fucker were instantaneous! Licking his bare soles and toes were clearly too much for him as his nerve endings fully awakened and the intimacy of this happening and another man's mouth orally seducing his feet making him feel extremely helpless and uncomfortable!

    Chris tried to clench his toes but stroked along each sole I warned him that he best not offer resistance or risk having his feet attacked, tickled violently and not with just my fingers and tongue! I indulged tickling Chris's feet with a quick scribbling attack smiling as he struggled to escape my dancing fingers as the ticklish sensations too much! He howled like a wild animal trapped and tickled, tormented and teased and then switched technique to slowly working my fingers over both smooth soles and across both so inviting arches showing him who was in control! Sliding my fingers in between each of his toes stroking and driving him insane, slow tortuous stroking the length of each size 13 sole in turn then both of his ticklish feet tickled simultaneously driving him berserk!

    Chris's amazingly super sensitive bare feet subjected to enduring and excruciating ticklish tickle torture and then a break for him to cartch his breath and for me to study and admire the attractivness of his feet rubbing and massaging them sensuously really upsetting him being a straight man and having another man getting off on the look, the smell, the anticipated taste of his tortuously ticklish and so licklish feet! Increased howls of laughter from him as I was stroking the soles of both his ticklish feet with a pair of stiff feathers, dancing the length of his feet dance aqs instantly struggling, Chris making futile attempts to escape as his never endings sensitivity exploited and heightened! My telling him feathers being an especially tortuous tool when untilised correctly as delivering an annoying, maddening ticklish sensation due to the softness of them but decided and taking sadistic delight in proving it to him in practical fashion and sliding the feather in between each of his toes on both feet a good few times and encouraged by his instant gasping, fighting laughter, repressing it so as not to tempt tomenting tickles but the quill end of the feather being drawn the length of each saliva lubed sole illustrated his fighting a losing battle as laughter, wild laughter and cursing from him resulted!

    I indulged in lapping and so lickling his soles and tongue tickling his toes and sucked on each one in turn and pressed my face against his warm n' moist soles and massaging each foot and making them smell even more intoxicating and he best get accustomed to my foot fixation as his feet were now my feet! Placing metal caps on my fingers and stroking each foot with one finger and adding fingers until all five were running up n' down his soles making Chris lose the plot completely as he shook on the bed literally and having high insteps were even more effective than the feather having been and I increased the tickling motion employed by me sadistically! I then ran my mouth from heels to toes and nibbled on his toes and grazed my teeth over the arches of his feet and telling him that their sweaty taste being truly delicious and they smelling awesome! Using my experienced mouth in an effective manner saw Chris struggling and desperate to keep his sanity being maddeningly ticklish all over his feet! Both bare soles of his feet being expertly tormented Chris's situation was dire as he laughed like a loon literally as I gleefully told him the balls of his feet seemed a particularly ticklish area and having again stopped the tickling to tongue bathe each foot in turn then activated the sonicare and the revolving bristles proving being a mass weapon of destruction attacking his soles and toes!

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHANO HAHAHAHAHA” was the perfect reaction from him to the sonicare moment, the electric toothbrush my telling him being a favourite tickle tool of mine, more so than the tines of a hairbrush favoured by many Tickle -Tops but adding my personal favourite technique being tongue tickling; tongue ticklish feet as his clearly being! Again I ran my tongue in between his toes and licked along the soles as a dog would; so with equal ferocity and determination and in between telling him how he being straight making him of greater interest to me and foot-raping virgin feet smelling as raunchy and tasting as ripe as his being sexually stimulating for me and my insatiable appetite calling for me to lustfully exploit them and their horrendous ticklishness in every way!

    I drew his sweaty naked feet to my nose and inhaling a deep satisfying wiff of his male foot aroma. It was the scent of his perspiration, mixed with the leather smell from his Italian designer shoes as I informed him my having so many plans for his helpless socked and bare feet as in reaction he nervously twitching his as lightly my sliding invasive fingers along his soles and slipping in between his toes! feet and toes with no protection from the violation of them and they working up an even worse sheen of sweat on his trembling bare feet. I informing him as well as the feather he would be subjected to his feet coated with itching powder, the revolving bristles of an electric toothbrush, an ordinary toothbrush, the plastic tines of a hairbrush and the prongs of a comb but also my hiring the services of a male escort to subject him to a ticklish frenzy, an evil edging with his erect cock and balls stroked with a feather whilst his toes being nibbled and sucked and bare feet fondled, kneaded, rubbed and massaged and lubed with saliva my fingers gliding the length of his feet and sliding in between each of his toes!

    "My greatest thrill Chris being the fact you never allowing your feet to be touched and too sensitive to handle it and so obviously hating them being so vulnerable and helpless even worse both bared and exposed, both being so horribly ticklish every touch excruciating torment for you and now enduring your Boss dominating you exploring every inch of your bared and previously socked feet and tickling and lickling you like mad, no denying that fact Chris as seen by your immediate response to my touches driving you nuts!"

    Chris unwillingly launching into a laughing fit of gagged hysterics subjected to the tines of the hairbrush, the ticklish sensations unbearable torment then swapped for the quill end of the feather raking over every ticklish inch of the soles of his feet encouraging from him involuntary all consuming laughter, a sound as I informed him of music to my ears as slowly drawn back and forth along his upturned soles facing me as the excruciatingly ticklish sensations making him short of breath suffering overwhelming laughter!

    I explained my terms and conditions to Chris in detail before after some hours my releasing him and these included his wearing sheer socks daily and in my office he removing his shoes and submitting his socked feet to me for inspection every night which meant my enjoying their smell and taste as well as ticklishness and he would find some nights a week a sudden deadline being imposed on him so calling his wife Naomi and informing her he being late home and sometimes not being home that same night and on business trips abroad; he would accompany me so needing to being flexible and his job being to keeping the company books legitimate and to satisfy my sock and foot lust and tickling addiction to my satisfaction! He'd be submitting both his socked and bare feet to me on a regular basis. He would be my 'Foot-Bitch' and this meaning his feet mine to enjoy whenever I decided! Hearing this Chris instantly freaked out but it was a ticklish predicament which his actions had invited so only having himself to blame and his resignation from the company by example would result in my instantly beginning legal proceedings against him do a company promotion the preferable option for him!
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