Douglas - Doug Coleman had called me in the afternoon, the newly divorced guy having seen my ad had called me the previous week and arranged a meet but hadn't shown which always angers me as I provide a service and expect to be respected by guys making appointments. So anyway full of the usual excuses he'd never been with a guy, nervous, not sure and he said cold feet and I smiled to myself and thought okay I'd give him a second chance and as a Top told him I wanted him with me after he finished work in the office and he started saying he needed to shower so told him either he wanted a meet or he didn't and talked dirty with him to get him excited enough but not too much and told him actions spoke louder than words so if he wanted to be touched as I had described he best obey me!

I have to say at 7pm I was surprised when he showed and still in his business suit, the 33 yr old 6' guy was very attractive and we sat on the sofa and he told me he had been married six years but always had a fantasy of another guy taking control of him and apologised he'd got cold feet last time, same expression again and I took a look at his in black tassled loafer shoes guessing 11's or 12's. Doug eagerly drank the rum and cola he'd requested and I talked dirty to him seeing him get excited and told him to get stripped to socks and that was all as didn't want his cold feet getting freezing and smiled. He stripped off saying he didn't have cold feet but glad to keep socks on as didn't like them touched and I told him he was here to be controlled so his likes and dislikes were not my problem but he had a nice dick which was already half hard and he smiled and said I made him so horny by things I said and I took him to the bedroom and had him sniff some poppers, a first time for him and the rush got to him!

He lay on the bed on his back and asked for more poppers which he sniffed and I took control and secured him to the bed and ankles together and he flinched as they were secured and done I told him the upstairs family away on vacation he could moan loud as he liked and he nodded. I then asked him if he was nervous and he said he was a little and I told him that I didn't like being let down and he was going to be punished and said in a whisper in his right ear

"Are you ticklish on your feet Doug as you know something I love ticklish feet of guy's who hate their feet toyed with fuck yeah!"

"No, no please dont touch my feet!" he begged me “Oh fuck, no. Not my feet. Please don’t go for my feet"

"You know Doug the most sensitive part of the body for tickling is the feet, some might say his balls and dick but that also sexual so has it's compensation but feet tickling, that when done properly is killer and it looks like that's a guarantee with you but one thing is for sure, it'll heat up your cold feet!" I told him smiling!

I went to the end of the bed and glared at him as he squirmed

"I'd lie still Doug unless you want me to increase the torment understand me?" I said and the handsome guy nodded

"See Doug not even touching your feet, nice socks, you must have known black my favourite so what size feet are you Doug?"


"WOW! Just a stroke along a socked right sole get's that reaction, you really are ticklish so best Sshhh and do as I say right?"

The guy nodded as I taunted him sniffing both feet saying he had a healthy masculine aroma asking if his wife had liked his feet and he shook his head and told me he didn't like people near his feet and smiling I placed a hand on each foot and squeezed saying they were not cold feet but warm and a little damp with his foot sweat from working all day and being trapped in socks and shoes. Holding both feet leaning into them and rubbing my face into each socked sole taking deep sniffs of them.

He moaned but not in pleasure so told him I bet that his socked feet tasted salty and raunchy and began while still smelling them to lick each socked sole making him flinch which he did more when I sucked on the socked toes of each foot and nibbled them. I told him being a Top was enjoyable for me as sadistically it meant I could exploit guy's weaknesses beyond the limits of their endurance and with him this meant me raping his feet!

Doug squirmed like mad hearing this hoping I guess it might put me off my stride and seemed relieved when I replaced his black loafer shoes on his feet until 'Bzzzzzzzz' activated I slid a vibrating electric toothbrush into each shoe! Instantly Doug started to giggle!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Doug squirmed and through laughter yelled "STOOOOP!!! I C-CAN'T T-TAHAHAHA TAKE IT!"

I contented myself being voyeur and saying he must be feeling the revolving bristles against the socked soles of both feet and the best thing he could do was try to kick off his loafer shoes and watched as he struggled doing so and saying until he did the tickling tools would continue to tease him! I moved away a little so as not to get kicked or a shoe hitting me in my face!

Amazing as it was both shoes did fall off. I deactivated the two sonicares as Doug's socked toes still wiggled. I then again sniffed each socked foot telling him their overpowering smile drove me quite wild and had my dick hard and licked each socked sole again. I then gently stroked both socked feet, it's obvious this is going to be a crazy tickle experience for you Doug so tell me who has tickled your feet before and don't lie got that!"

He nodded so I told him unless he wanted to be tickled to tell to spill and he told me that he had been initiated at his college by two seniors who were completely evil to him. They had him secured to a bed in one of the senior's rooms and had him stripped and gagged with duct tape and had found his feet sensitive when touching him all over and on this discovery they concentrated on tormenting his feet. Doug hesitated so I told him to give me the details and he looked at me with an expression of asking "Do I have to do this?"

"Doug you better tell me what they did or shall I tease it out of you?" I asked and he shook his head.

"They had a feather each and sawed them in between my toes and then dragged the sharp ends along his soles and he was totally vulnerable and laughing hard but his mouth muffled and his feet bound there was no escape and after the feather their fingers stroking his soles from his heels to his toes and then blindfold him making the sensations more intense and that was it as they indulged in tickling his feet and alternated between using the feathers and fingers but they were in no hurry!"

I had heard enough and told him I got the idea and he begged me don't as I then smiling secured a bandana over his eyes saying to him that his college initiation was nothing compared with my workout for his feet and told him to open his mouth and fixed the mouth gag. I then told him I'd hear his laughter later but didn't want verbal distactions from him yet!

"Now Doug time for me to get to work on these hot socked feet!" I said and ran my index fingers lightly slong his socked soles and then sliding fingers over them and he curled his socked toes tightly as he could so I promptly concentrating on one foot at a time with my free hand held his socked toes back so his sole was taut and with the other hand lightly continued sliding my fingers along the length of the sole and from his muffled reaction told him I couldn't believe how ticklish his feet were socked!

"You know Doug it seems to me you have got really ticklish feet, really ticklish and all over but here under your toes in socks anyway seems to get to you most, it might be somewhere else barefoot as you know these socks will be coming off!" “Ticklish are you Doug?” I then ran fingers up his right sole with more pressure loving his muffled reaction


Instead I increased the speed of my finger as Doug was bucking on the bed and shrieking with laughter. I could sense the fear he had through his ascending hysterical laughter as I continued taunting first his right foot and then I moved over to his left and I stroked I both of his socked soles simultaneously. Now he was laughing so hard and pleading with me to stop. I danced my fingers fast up and down his helpless socked soles to his toes as he struggled hard to escape but failed!

“I-I c-can’t HA HA HA HA take any more!!! HA HA, please I am begging you to stop! I really don’t HA HA know HA HA HA HA HA how much more I can take!!”

“I will tell you when you have had enough Doug and that will be when you're breathless but these feet getting more moist and very warm and smelling amazing, like feet.” I told him as I lightly stroked each socked sole. You're off the charts ticklish but that's your problem and my delight!"


"Now feet still Doug or I will punish these horribly ticklish feet worse then I already intend on doing, Mmmm they have a healthy foot smell, too stinky and they'd do nothing for me and soapy smelling feet of no interest to me but feet in a days worn socks on an executive guy does it for me so why I ordered you to report to me directly from work! Now stretch and press your socked soles into my face, do it or get tickled on them, your choice!" I told him

Hesitatingly his feet pressed against my face and as told then rubbed them lightly in my face but I was not subordinate being humiliated as I was telling him what I wanted him to do with feet he didn't enjoy touched and he hearing me sniffing them both and deliberately saying they smelled intoxicating to me and felt so good, warm and moist in my face and telling him that knowing where he worked he would play the game by my rules or I would tell them all about him, a threat which freaked him out. I told him to avoid this he was going to endure and live out his worst nightmare and when he left his virgin feet would have been well used and abused and he shuddered!

Doug's feet wiggled and Doug clenched his toes so I began running my nose along the base of Dougs socked toes and then kissed and massaged each socked sole and toes and firmly but gently caressing the length of each foot and then sucked his sock clad toes and ran my tongue along the length of the warm, moist soles of his feet as Doug moaned as he clearly hated this sensation as I told him I was going to awaken his sensitivity and stimulate his ticklishness and was going to take off his saliva moistened socks. I then very slowly pulled off each sock exposing his heels, then both arches, then the balls of his feet and finally his toes! I then traced one finger slowly along the length of each sole simultaneously and as his feet flnched and toes wiggled as he groaned it was obvious his being horribly sensitive on his feet!

I admired the sight of both newly bared feet mesmerized by each wrinkle on both soles and started stroking both my hands up and down the soles of his feet in a ruthless tickle attack yet. My fingers stroking under and sliding in between his toes, over the arches of his feet and the balls of his feet, over and over again and he reacting as if being electrocuted and laughed like a madman. I indulging in tickling the tops of both feet which were shockingly ticklish!

I then sniffed both bare soles and especially his toes and slid my tongue in between his toes and under them and saw it tickled and told him it seemed his feet were hideously ticklish and lightly stroked his soles side to side and along the length of each sole finding stroking his arches got to him so increased the pressure strokign his arches and scraped my teeth lightly along them and he thrashed side to side of the bed as much as he could which was a great reaction! I then nibbled his toes and Doug went ballistic! I stopped and verbally taunted him!

"Mmm Doug your feet taste as ripe as they smell raunchy so you have me addicted to these feet, I guess not what you want to hear but there it is so guess you best deal with that the best way you can and going to have friend over later so we can really give you a tickle work-out as you were a no-show and I consider that rude Doug and merits punishing and my friend will surprise you!"

I then began to lightly scribble my fingers against the soft soles of Doug's feet and he began to wiggle his toes vigorously asI told him I was thrilled his feet were so insanely ticklish as I lightly traced a single finger up and down the sensative arches and from the heels to the base of his toes on each foot.

"STOHOHOP MMMMMMPH!HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Doug tried to kick his feet away from the assault despertely but securely restrained he was going nowhere and was completely vulnerable and helpless to the diabolical tickling treatment I planned to torture him with. I ran more fingers across the soles of his feet and wiggled them by his toes which he clenched in defense!

"No Doug sorry you're not going to do that!" I told him and gently pulled his toes back and teased them tickling under his toes and lin between them concentrating on one foot at a time as he laughed louder though still muffled increasing his frustration!

"HAHAHAHAHAMmmmmphSTAHAHAHAP!" He laughed as my fingers continued to stroke up and down his soles and under and in in between his toes which responsively wiggled helplessly


"Doug dude it's meant to tickle and I am not going to stop having far too much fun tickling these warm n' smelly and tasty feet, you also have a great laugh by the way, it really sounds like you're enjoying youself and glad to be of service giving you something to smile about!" I teased him.

Doug was really trying to squirm and wiggle his toes out of of my grasp as I mercilessly engaged in ruthlessly tickling both of his bare feet so he became hysterical.

"NONOOOO Mmmmmmmmmmmph NOOO NOT THE TOHOHOHOES!" he reacted as very gently with the pads of my fingers I was teasing under all of them and in between them all but also the balls of his feet but moved to his very sensitive arches which gained more laughter from him "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Doug did you say the two college seniors employed using feathers on your feet, well guess what, that's right you're about to find that lightening strikes twice, I mean how can I resist the temptation be serious!" I then removed the gag from his mouth and told him I was ready and wanted to hear him suffer!

I ran the tips of two feathers simultaneously along the soles of each foot and was thrilled his reponse instantaneous

"HAHAHAHA! STOHOHOP TICKLING MEHEHEHEHEHEHEE!" he pleaded with me as I stroked up n' down the soles with the feathers from heels to the base of his toes "STAHAHAHAHAP IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAIT TICKLES! STAHAHAP! PLEAHEHEHEHEHESE!", I loved seeing Doug's long toes curl and uncurl as the feather assault continued mercilessly. His laughs grew even louder as I dragged the quill end of each feather across the ticklish arches of his feet! Then worked on a foot each and slid the feather in between each toe and sawed there which drove him berserk!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN'T TAHAHAHAKE THIS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he yelled as I sawed the feather in between his toes more visciously really getting into the tickling him into constant hysterics! The feather teasing in between his toes and the quill end stroking his arches and teasing the base of his toes and then it dragged very slowly up n' down the soles of his feet!

I stopped and asked him who having been the best tickler, me or them and he sensibly answered I having been but not something I doubted anyway as I am good at what I do in regards to tickling as I enjoy being a tickler when needing to be! As Top an all rounder, exploiting men's weaknesses but tickling torture something I enjoy subjecting men to enduring!


Doug writhed and squirmed on the bed being driven over the edge and giggling from the intensity "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" and curling and and uncurling his toes as the feathers assaulted his feet perfectly! "STAHAHAHAHAHAPNOHOHOHOHOHO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I stopped the feather tickling but his feet now even hotter were more sweaty so I licked each bare sole in turn and as his toes of each foot wiggled I licked them and slid my tongue in between his toes and lapped at them lustfully which really got to him

"HAHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAP! IT TICKLES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he responding as I told him that this was it's intention so gald it was succeeding and saying how addictive his foot taste and smell was for me and continuing to nibble his ticklish toes as he went ballistic!

I then employed using my fingers and each feather to tickle his feet and mixed this with more foot licking and toe sucking and the compendium of ticklish sensations being highly effective and tortuous as I wanted!

"NOOOOOOOOOOO STOOOP IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Doug screamed as the tickling torture extreme was sending him into meltdown.

I continued to slide my tongue up and down the length of both sensitive soles and I nibbled and sucked on each toe in turn while my fingers stroked the arches of his feet. With the toe sucking and tickling, as well as both feet being assaulted with fingers Doug was really suffering and working up quite a sweat and I loved darting my tonue in between each sweaty toe and licking! The indulged in providing both od his feet with a concentrated tongue bath!

"NOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I CAN'T TAHAHAHAHAHAKE IT ANYOMORE! HAHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAHAHAP!" Doug begged as I was not sparing a single part of his ultra ticklish feet from serious ticklish, teasing, tickling "STAHAHAPHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Doug curled his toes as best as he could, keeping them clenched as his feet were mercilessly tickled and gritted his teeth in an effort to hold back his laughter but failed and reacted violently to the tickles " HAHAHAHAHAHASTAAAPHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I carried on regardless and sucked and licked his toes even going so far as to insert one finger in my mouth alongside his toes and evily teased his ticklish toes, making them uncurl as he laughed harder. "PLEAHEHEHSE! STAHAHAP TICKLING MEHEHEHE!" He wiggled his toes and jerked his foot, knowing that no matter what, everything was useless.

I then ran the feather in between the toes of each foot again as he yelled "NOOONOTHEHAHHAHA TOHOHOHOESHAHAHHA!"

I alternated using the feather in between his toes and licking the bases of his toes and in between them all and sucking them!

Fondling his feet I just enjoyed their raunchy smell and the fact he clearly hated his feet messed with made the job even better as he having paid me by pay-pal I joked that he must feel such a dumb ass paying to be tortured as well as controlled, still his choice, I was just earning my $300 fee but he was going to get extra time which there was no charge for but he was being taught a lesson for wasting my time!"

"Please enough I'm sorry, I just got cold feet er I mean scared!" he said

"Mmmm Doug let me tell you, these are anything but cold feet but let's warm them up anyway!" I teased him

I then pulled Doug's toes back on his right foot and and slowly began raked the quill end of the feather horizontally and vertically across his helpless foot and then did the same with his left foot and then got both feathers and stroked the feather end along his soles and then traced the quill ends along them both and then 'Bzzzzzzzz' activated the electric toothbrush!

"Now Doug dude this will tickle you like fuck so be a good boy and laugh for me and appreciate the tickles!" I teased

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh...shit...oooooooowwwww fuck, aaaaahhhhh, ha, ha, ha...ha,ha, ha...sotp, stop...aaaaaahhhhhhhh..." Paul went crazy yelling for me to quit with the sonicare which served to only entice me to increasing the torment and the revolving bristles were merciless on his so sensitive soles. Doug clenched his toes and splayed them involuntarily as the insidious tickles from the scraping bristles determined him suffering, suffering unimaginably " HAHHAHAHAHAAAHAWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!"

I then went out of the room and called Travis

"Hiya, yeah he's here, fuck is he ticklish, his face will be a picture seing you and wanna see you really work his feet so doing your thing! Yeah you will get a real response guaranteed! Reckon you ought to be here 20 mins or so depending on traffic. Yeah okay see you soon!"

"Okay Doug called my friend is coming over and all the pleading and begging will only get you tickled more so think about that right now!"

Doug was quiet and soon Travis was with me and I took the bandana off Dougs eyes!

"Whhaht you nooo fuuck nooooo!" yelled Doug

"Yes me, the guy fired three weeks after you started at the firm and you taking my job, you owe me you bastard!"

"It's a small world Doug, Travis was pissed off when you were the no-show as he was set to getting even with you that night but now he can and nothing you can do to stop him and I will enjoy seeing him work you over!" I said and replaced the bandana blinding Doug once more so every ticklish sensation would be heightened in malicious and vindictive intensity for him!

Travis winked at me as he faced both bare feet and raked his fingertips across both soles and remarked on loving the wrinkles that formed when they clenched and flexed at his touch as he tormented the sensitive soles

"PleeaseheheeeheheehehaahhaahhaaHAHAHAAHaHAHAHAAAHA !!!"

Travis ran a single finger up n' down one sole, and then the other as I informed him where Doug was most ticklish on his feet but adding even having them touched he hated so Travis traced circles the length of each foot with a finger.

"AHAHaahehehehaahahaheeheehehee! HAAHAAAHAAAAHAAHAHA!"

"Oh yeah ticklish toes and arches great!" he said stroking these specific areas having gained such a reaction from Doug

"HAHAHAHAHAAAHEEHAHAHEEHAAHeeheheehhaaahhahaha!" Doug squirmed on the bed as Travis tickled along his arches with no mercy loving seeing Doug's toes wiggling as much as I did! Travis raked and stroked both soles as the arches flexed as he told Doug he was really going to torture him as he'd loved his job with I.B.M.

"HAHAAAHHHAHEEHEAHAAHAHHELEHEEHAAHHAAheeehaaheeheeh eehahahaha!" Doug reacted to Travis torturing his bare soles

Travis then squeezed and fondled Doug's toes and said he loving their warmth and sweatiness as he then massaged each foot seeing Doug really hated any attention to his feet and watched them flinch as he indulged in massaging them both.

"Oh yeah Doug let me tell you I like Mark am going to so enjoy giving these feet a work out to remember and have to say might well be all through the night as you are gonna suffer, such soft feet Doug and perfect for molesting and orally enjoying so let's have a taste!"

I was turned on seeing Travis kiss both soles and making sure to saliva lube them as he kissed all ten toes and then licked one soles and then the other sole and slow tongue work so sliding his tongue under Doug's toes and then licking in between them all and sucked each toe in turn into his mouth as he smelled both feet as Doug's toes clenched and unclenched involuntarily! He then ran the index finger of his right hand up n' down Doug's left bare sole the arch to his toes and had his face close to both soles loving seeing the helpless soles and toes wiggling as I did too!

"Told you he is ticklish Travis and really hates his feet tickled, at college seniors tickled his feet so really go for it!" I said

"Oh don't worry Mark I intend to, Doug is going to pay for me losing my job!" Travis told me and he worked his fingers along the crevices under all of Dougs toes which kept them wiggling as Travis's fingers danced all over them!

"HAHAHAHHAHAhhahahaHAHAahAHAHHA!" Doug became hysterical as Travis moved his finger all over both soles saying he was so glad both being so soft and sensitive and so ticklish and Doug's feet wriggling in Travis's face proof of this as Travis's fingers slowly raked along the ticklish soles facing him!


Doug was desperately laughing and squirming as he kept trying to wriggle his feet away from Travis's tickling touch as he had Doug in hysterics as he fiddled with his toes. He saying how he was loving the sight of Doug's wiggling bare feet as his hands tickled them and that their natural smell was driving him wild!


"Nothing but me and your wiggling toes and wriggling bare feet Doug just as I want it to be, seeing your soles twitching and flexing and your toes wiggling as my fingers stroke them all and these bare soles is just what I want and the smell of your feet Doug has my dick hard but you know what;I like to hear you laugh!" taunted Travis


Travis mainitained ticking and fondling Doug's bare feet with his fingers and rubbed his face against both soles and having the desire to taste them licking along both soles and licking Doug's toes, keeping running his tongue along each sole very slowly keeping Doug laughing being tongue ticklish as Travis alternated his oral attentiveness from foot to foot! His tongue licking over the tops of Doug's toes and then into the ticklish spaces in between each toe and under Dougs toes! Travis raked his fingers across the arches of each foot in turn again and again and then simultaeously before sucking on one toe after the other and then sucking on both big toes together while dancing his fingers along both bare soles!

Doug laughed and squirmed, again and again as his toes were lapped and he knew his feet were going to be raped and used and abused and it would be something happening that would haunt him much more than the college memory did whenever it entered his mind but this experience being far, far worse! Travis sucked a mouthful of toes one foot and then the other as Doug squirmed and bit on his lips trying not to react to the ticklishness! Travis saw this and winked at Doug and taunted him " Oh playing tough guy are we Doug, giving me a challenge" and as he sucked on the toes of one foot, tickled the sole of the other!

'ARRRRGHH HAHAHAHAHAH! STOP! ARRRGHHHHAHAHAHA!" Doug screamed as Travis winked at me taunting Doug.

"Oh Doug does that tickle, shame, Mark come here let's work him he's got hairy armpits!" said Travis

I joined Travis and gently stroked the hair under Doug's arms, my touch gentle and unbearable so Doug reacting immediately as Travis stroked Doug's sides and ribs burt like me Travis knowing where he loves to tickle most!


"Mark a foot each he's got two!" said Travis smiling at me and we were soon gently stroking the soles of his feet.


"Fuck his feet are fun to tease Mark right, such a pussy being so sensitive!" Travis said stroking the arch of Dougs left foot

"Mmmm love their smell and taste!"I said rubbing my face into Dougs' right sole

"Oh yeah his feet have an awesome smell your'e right there Mark!" Travis agreed with me

Travis then stroked Doug's legs, along the inside of his thighs as I sucked on Doug's toes sensually as we were going to work on him and liked him shivering as he was getting excited as Travis stroked Doug's balls making him gasp at the sensation and very, very slowly manipulated the head of Doug's dick. His whole body was trembling as Travis was applying the gentlest of pressure and wanking Dougs dick excruciatingly slowly and then began to lick the head of Doug's dick and licked his erect shaft and I stopped teasing his feet so he only had the sensation of his dick pleasured until he yelled

"URRRGGHHHHH FUCK! I'M GONNA CUM!" Travis stopped so Doug was left drawn to the edge an orgasm, denied him

Travis winked at me and having stopped and said "Mark tickle his feet!" I needed no encouragement and did so Doug lost it and his erection as he suffered for our pleasure and I then resumed licking each of Doug's soles as he squirmed, I again got the feather and Travis winked at me saying I was evil. I sawed it in between Doug's toes and under them and it proving hideously ticklish for him, his feet flexing involuntarily and toes wiggling wildly trying to evade the feather sliding in between each of his toes and Travis pulled Doug's toes back as I swapped the feather for the hairbrush and raked the plastic tines across his arches delivering him into ticklish hell! Again resumed using the feather!

I continued alternating my attention between using my tongue and feather on Doug's feet as again Travis began stroking Dougs dick and caressing his balls and having stopped tormenting his feet, Doug's dick was hard! Then soles tickled again but very ticklish as the metal screwdriver was lightly dragged over the length of each sole, this metal tool is a killer. Travis taunting Doug saying he loved seeing him being driven berserk. I used it to tickle up and down his soles, arches, heels and sides of his feet, slowly and methodically finding all his tickle spots and easily kept Doug laughing, squirming and screaming while he suffered in hysterics! It was so entertaining! Then Travis who had studied hypnotism stopped me tickling Doug's feet and said in a deep voice to him

"Now listen closely Doug. "You love to hate the way it feels when Mark touches your feet as it is real torture when he strokes, caresses and licks your feet and sucks your toes but it excites you and gets you aroused, very, very aroused the more horribly sensitive your feet are, the more pleasurable you become so you deal with the tickling torture for the unimaginable pleasure!"


Doug groaned and moaned as I worked on both feet with my fingers all over them as Travis and me smiled as Doug had reacted so well to the power of auto - suggestion. I then began sucking all of his very sensitive toes and licking under them all as his body tightened as he was driven to the point when cum erupted from his dick as his body spasmed from my wet raspy tongue slithering across his toes which tickled him furiously!

Doug suddenly twice as sensitive to the tickling and opening his mouth to scream in laughter, only to scream with pleasure instead as the eroticism of having his toes sucked overwhelmed the tickling again, causing his sensitivity to the tickling to skyrocket yet again and over and over again! I continued to tickle underneath and in between Doug's toes and using the electric toothbrush, the vibrating bristles of which kept him suffering hysterically in agony and then used my teeth, biting and nibbling on his feet ticklling him like crazy! I did an incredible job of tickling his feet while all the while Travis was verbally teasing and taunting Doug about his never realising until now that the ticklishness of his feet could make him feel so horny!

I gave Doug's feet a thorough tongue bath, licking the length of the soles of his feet and licking and sucking on his toes and sniffing the awesome smell of his feet, breathing in his foot sweat and kissing the tops and bottoms of his toes and sucking his toes. Sometimes all five of them, so lickling each foot in turn; were in my mouth at once, as I lapped every drop of his foot sweat and he giggled like crazy but also moaned with pleasure! The whole time I was sucking Doug's toes he alternated between moaning sexily and roaring with laughter harder than ever as my fingers were stroking up and down his wriggling soles and he was seriously losing it as I was aggressively tickling his feet!

Then as I asked Travis de-hypnotised Doug as fun as it was and could be again, I really wanted natural ticklish reactions from him! We put the power of suggestion to him that he would suggest Javier Gonzalez the office janitor who was Gay might like to tickle his feet the next time he worked late and Gonzalez was in the office to clean it, so his seeing him he would remove his shoes feeling compelled to do so and suggest his feet needed a ticklish massage! We smiled at the imagined sight of this happening knowing the 50 yr old Gonzalez couldn't resist the opportunity as he had told Travis he'd fancied the attractive new guy to the firm; Doug!

Doug then reacted as if he'd been asleep and not being able to move his feet to the nightmare of my tickling his feet and laughing loudly being driven out of his mind by my running feathers in between his toes as he was panting and gasping from the torment as I then slid my tongue along the length of each foot and ran my fingers all over both feet under and in between his toes driving him out of his mind, grasping his toes and holding them back, stretching out the soles of each foot in turn to better tease the very centre of his soles and graze my teeth along the arches of each foot!

Dough laughed and begged and literally pleaded for the insidious tickling to stop but we determined to break him completely I indulged in tickling and lickling Doug's right foot and Travis mirrored me on Doug's left foot and we then alternated feet then Travis watched as I sucked and licked each of Doug's toes individually, at times having all of them in my mouth and alternated from foot to cheesy foot as now they smelled and tasted rich naturally but sucking his salty toes was a real treat, a gourment meal! I then watched Travis tease and torment Doug.

Travis resumed using the electric toothbrush which taunted him but then could not resist licking and sucking Doug's toes as simultaneously running his ticklers fingers all over Doug's vulnerable feet as Doug now a tickled out wreck he was broken as I then united with Travis and together we gave his feet a thorough tongue bath and massage as after another 20 minutes releasing him saying he's been punished enough and shoes and socks on he couldn't leave quick enough!