I had been emailing Steve and he had said he was straight and had no experience with guy on guy contact and was not interested in doing so but he had a fantasy of being a guy's tickle toy and being helpless and vulnerable to the guy taking full advantage of his super-ticklish size 12 feet. He excited me saying he was embarrassingly ticklish; even the slightest touch making him react so though never having had his feet tickled; too ticklish; he having this curiosity as to what experiencing it happening might be like; would it be the nightmare he imagined?

I was upfront with him and told him that he having no worries that I would compromise him into other things, it was his feet that I would be focused on but he needing to understand this too as if he wanted other stuff that he best contact someone else as I really was not interested in this with any guy! I much rather be clear about this before meeting a guy so neither party disappointed! I am an experienced masseur - tickler but foot-fixated and that's that which is why I do not meet guys as generally even the straight, bisexual and definitely gay guys want more! Also of course many are all talk and no action so never trust even an arranged meeting will happen!

Anyway I asked Steve to send me photos of his feet as I sensed I would find him attractive and his feet very appealing and I sure wasn't disappointed. Amazing photos received I appreciated he wanted a discreet meet but really hoped one would materialise as I wanted to really enjoy his feet and initiating him in the art of foot-play; being in control of his feet and delighting in his ticklishness which he really stressed to me. I was more than excited at the prospect of meeting and he living less than an hour away from me I reckoned we might well have more than one meeting and yes we do as his feet fully satisfy me in every way and when you have steak at home; why go out searching for hamburger! It's a win-win situation for us both but our first meeting sealed the deal and it arranged to be beginning on a Friday night and he able to spend time with me as his partner away seeing her family as I having no wish to cause problems within his happy and fulfilling marriage.

30 yr old Steve came to me from his work as I had told him I wanted his feet warm and sweaty so smelling of him and ideally wearing thin black nylon socks and on his arrival I greeted the handsome 6'1" guy and we having spoken already liked one another so conversation was easy and free-flowing. I knew the scene he wanted and fantasised about and told him that his feet were from now my feet as he sat on the sofa drinking the cuba-libre he'd requested. I was very horny as he very good looking and with feet I already lusted over in the 'photos and now saw encased in his shiny black weejun loafer shoes and as I saw thin black nylon socks.

Teasing me he said he had worn them all day at the office so they were very warm and moist with his natural foot sweat and I guess saw that I was someone he could feel at ease with as sitting next to him I slipped off his loafer shoes and his black socked feet were on my lap! I immediately noted their delicious smell as I told him that his feet even in socks were very appealing to me and how knowing what they looked like bare how I was going to be fixated on them. I then fondled them both and not to tickle but even this made him squirm a little so he was as he had told me embarrassingly ticklish. As he knew though he was with me to be controlled so kept his socked feet on my lap as I enjoyed feeling them up, both warm and deliciously moist and as I told him liking nylon socks as it meant my hands gliding over them very easily.

I told him that this fondling, socked foot massage was to get me accustomed to his feet and to discover where on his feet he the most sensitive and lightly stroked his heels and then his arches and along the centre of his soles to the balls of his feet and his toes and told him that clearly his reactions illustrated his feet ticklish everywhere but more so on his toes and arches as well as right in the middle of his feet. Steve concentrating on trying not to react to the teasing stayed silent as I kept up a slow and methodical stroking of both socked feet. He fighting a losing battle as his wiggling toes indicated and I told him how I loved being the first guy certainly to feel up his feet but his feet mine to enjoy! Having been a masseur I give great foot rubs and his feet getting warmer and sweatier so nearly ready for him to be initiated.

I told him to strip out of his suit and doing so to keep his socks on and his briefs which he did and took him to the bedroom, he excited but nervous as on the bed on his back and secured with ankles together. I saw his feet clearly through the thin nylon socks wet with sweat and smelling raunchy. A smell which got me hot as I squeezed the socked toes of each foot and massaged them again but then pressed my nose against his soles and deeply inhaled their rich manly scent. I massaged each foot as I pressed my face against one sole and then the other and he wincing when I sucked on the socked toes of each foot; tasting his sweaty feet and this action tickled - lickled Steve so retained kneading his socked soles and sucking and nibbling his socked toes!

"Hmmm Steve I guess you know your feet are going to be ravished and raped, teased, tormented and tickle tortured, sensually seduced and used, abused and violated by me in all ways imaginable but no pain involved as the last thing I enjoy is that but you best prepare for your fantasy as another man's toy to be made reality! There is no safe word and breaks given but it's a long session ahead for your ridiculously ticklish feet even through these nylon socks, feet so unbearably sensitive you don't like them touched but having my hands on them so suffering now for my sadistic amusement and I am sure wishing I would just get on with it and really tickle but instead feeling me very lightly running my fingers along both nylon soles teasingly slowly and menacingly and fighting hard the giggling you he wanted to react with but knowing this happening; inviting me to indulge in tortuously tickling them both and giving him something to laugh about in uncontrollable laughter! I then blindfolded him as it made him feel more vulnerable and added the gag

Steve stayed silent but was lightly giggling as a finger on each foot simultaneously stroked from Steve's heels to toes and exposing, revealing his secret ticklishness which was humiliating as I told him teasingly now I knew his guilty pleasure as my fingers stroked both socked soles as his socked toes flexed and I inhaled their rich aroma. Steve's socked feet felt amazing as I rubbed them up n' down the soles and increased the pressure of the tickle so even stroked in socks Steve was laughing as his resolve cracked and showing no mercy I maintained tickling the socked soles, caressing his arches and pulling his toes back of each foot so his socked sole taut; even more sensitive! Two defenseless soles made for tickling I told him blindfold and gagged h meant every ticklish sensation heightened; magnified! I then manically tickled both soles and sure enough Steve was in seconds hysterical! I then stopped reminding him his socks still on; he could only imagine the level of intensity of tickle he'd be experiencing barefoot!

"I really love tickling ticklish feet Steve, I get off on it and these feet are just perfect as so sensitive, too sensitive; no never feet being too sensitive but the more ticklish they are then the more tickled they'll be and lots of tickle tools to use on them Steve and all you have to do is laugh and clearly you'll have no problem fulfilling your side of the bargain as I will indulge in mine and will be taking my time discovering where on your feet you're the most unbearably ticklish and focus there effectively enjoying your feeling of complete helplessness. Subjecting you to enduring a sadistic and frenetic tickling every inch of your feet Steve will excite me more than you know as will indulging in delivering a slow and teasing caress so you sense every teasing stroke, light and maddening and very effective in making you squirm being hypersensitive and hyperticklish!"

Saying this I ran a finger up n' down each socked sole as immediately Steve squirmed as I stated the obvious saying "Your feet are really ticklish, yeah perfectly ticklish" knowing psychologically this tormenting him and adding saying my lucky day having two insanely ticklish feet in my hands as again I stroked the length of Steve's socked soles and Mmmm feet with such tasty toes and being straight I guess one thing to deal with another guy's fingers stroking your feet and the tickles resulting but quite another that a man's mouth is enjoying them and my attracted to you I guess you know my oral attention to these feet will be intimate!" I said lightly stroking Steve's socked soles slowly seeing him react to the intense thrills of ticklish torment as his so sensitive soles were caressed. "These feet are going to be the focus of my attention Steve, two vulnerable and helpless super-ticklish bare feet as when your socks are off is when you suffer, right now I am just toying with you but bare foot you'll be lucky to retain your sanity, your feet completely helpless and both mine to relish in fully enjoying!"

I told Steve to hold his feet still smiling as secured so tightly he couldn't move them but saying they needed to be immobile to endure the torment even foot rubs meant for him so best he relaxed as best he could as reacting would prove too much of a temptation for me not to indulge in tickling them and saying this began feeling up his warm, moist socked feet so smooth in the nylon socks as seeing his toes wiggle advising him to try to keep them still as I lightened my touch fondling them and hearing his breathing deepen! A soft caressing of his socked toes and soles even lighter as squirming Steve was laughing though trying to fight doing so but informed him he could laugh louder as gagged it would not put me off my stride but alternatively encourage me to give him reason to laugh as my touch teased him!

"Let's massage these size 12 feet Steve and get them really hot as hot feet the most sensitive and it will tickle like hell when I really get into action, both your feet flexing and toes wiggling like no tomorrow; sights I love to cause and see being the merciless and sadistic tickler I am, your toes splaying and clenching to my satisfaction and finding you attractive Steve I am going to really enjoy lickling your feet as I give blowjobs to toes as foot fixated your feet my sole interest; excuse the pun! I will later have you under the threat of tickles jerk off but because having shot your load; your feet will be unbearably ticklish but as I say this will be later!"

I then rubbed my nose all over each socked sole both so sweaty and smelly and thrilled even the slightest touch on his socked feet freaked Steve out. Then became even more evil as I told him that guys with ticklish feet found them even more excruciatingly ticklish when their feet were oiled but I would oil his socked feet and indulge in light tickling, hard tickling, fast tickling, slow tickling using every skill in my tickle repertoire because his feet being so ticklish even socked I wanted to which was all the reason I needed!

The sight of his oiled socked feet was amazing as now both feet so clearly seen through them, every contour as my fingers brushed teasingly over each socked sole and it was impossible for him to not flex his soles and wiggle his toes with every determined stroke on my part. My fingers stroking the oiled socked soles of his feet fast and effectively succeeded in Steve laughing loudly even gagged as I taunted him saying how I loved seeing his black socked feet flinch being so ticklish and how they now moulded to the shape of his size 12 feet and breathed in their intoxicating smell! I massaged both soles as I sniffed them remarking on their heat and dampness!

"Steve you've got two seriously ticklish feet even in socks and your fantasy was to be dominated by another guy playing with them and my guilty pleasure being a guy's feet and straight guy's the most so me hunter and you prey and I've not even started enjoying your bare feet yet and have plenty of treats in store for them, some more bearable than others but all pretty tortuous to begin with but you can only blame yourself for having ticklish feet and Hmm perfectly shaped and tasty socked feet which smell awesome but press your feet into my face hard Steve now or be tickled until you do!"

Steve sensibly didn't hesitate and deeply inhaling his foot stink I stroked both socked soles from heels to toes and told him to flex his feet for me and wiggle his toes and as told to Steve splayed and clenched his toes as I told him his foot perspiration and natural warmth were a real aphrodisiac for me as again I indulged in massaging them. I then ran the plastic tines of the hairbrush along the socked soles which really proved being unbearable for him and I told Steve to keep his feet still or else the suffering would be magnified as I indulged in scraping each socked sole listening to Steve's giggles but then instead of the hairbrush again traced my fingers along the length of each sole and loving seeing his socks wrinkle on his feet as his toes splayed and clenched involuntarily in reaction to the torment inflicted!

Then a well deserved break when I gave Steve water through a straw as did not want him dehydrating and he telling me he was loving to hate the meeting as I was proving I certainly knew what I was doing and his fantasy was becoming a reality and wishing his feet were not so embarrassingly ticklish as I told him that a handsome guy he was a very special treat for me having such horrendously ticklish feet and his socks still not off yet! This realisation making him shudder as he now knew that his feet were in the hands of a professional tickle master and there was no escaping a tortuously ticklish fate! The break over and Steve gagged again I stroked the length of each socked foot with a single finger and focused on his squirming reactions stroking from heels to toes and slowly increasing the pressure and speed of the stroking as the deliberate tickle intensified and Steve's feet flexed more and more and added more fingers to tickle his socked soles more violently and saying how his black nylon socks on them turned me on; so smooth so my fingers easily glided along them and with every stroke watching Steve's reactions and smiling as it was impossible for him to keep his feet still as his soles, toes and arches were victimised by my tickle touch!

Now Steve's reactions became frantic as I reslished in his squirming and telling him soon his protective socks would be off as I was so looking forward to showing him how ticklish and licklish his feet were and fulfilling his fantasy fully indulging in my guilty pleasure of enjoying two parts of his body his wife never had, in fact nobody ever had so they needing initiating in something never experienced by him, his two virgin feet; mine to ravish and rape! My fingers tickling his still socked soles but then using the quill end of a feather to draw along the length of each sole from his heels to his toes and seeing this proving tormenting I then employed using the tines of a plastic fork and this tickle technique really tickled! I used both tickle tools for about ten minutes each and telling Steve his moans and giggles being music to my ears as he reacted to the varying intense ticklish sensations but personally much prefer hands on contact so soon ran fingers up n' down his size 12 soles and watched his reactions in fascination making taunting comments that his feet seemed really ticklish and too much of a temptation not to tickle and lightly stroked each sole from heels to toes and more ticklish along his arches and his toes but the middle of his soles too so my being spoilt for choice as to where to concentrate the tickles as even protected in his socks his feet being so helpless and vulnerable!

Moans from Steve were very encouraging as he was still being kept waiting on the main event which might have been avoided did I not find him attractive but doing so having no desire to not take my time enjoying the insanely ticklish handsome guy's feet as our meeting I determined being a memorable one and spidered my fingers the length of his socked soles and stroking under his toes which really got to him so even gagged I hearing Steve's laughing as my lively fingers maintained delivering the intense tickling treatment delivering unbearably ticklish sensations as I then very slowly slid one sock off and then the other! Now facing his so sexy bare feet which smelled so raunchy and unleashed tickling them with enthusiasm all over the smooth and soft soles taking total pleasure in Steve enduring ticklish hell as my fingers moved over his soles in wild abandon that this tickle freak can deliver and loving them both being so hot n' sweaty as his laughter intensified!


My fingers focused on Steve's toes and the balls of his feet as the intensity of my tickling had stepped up so he was keenly aware of the varying techniques of ticklish torment I am profficient in delivering as until now having told him I had just been playing but now my fingers stroking under and in between his toes which were wonderfully and wildly sensitive this was the beginning of fantasy becoming reality and I told him I had an insatiable appetite for his feet which they would satisfy and then stopped the evil tickling and indulged in lickling! My wet tongue sliding along his soles and in between his toes as I enjoyed a foot feast and lightly stroked one foot whilst licking the other and then stroking the licked foot so in my mouth Steve's toes wiggled as being lickled really got to him being so insanely ticklish! The tickling torture brcoming progressively more unbearable for Steve with verbal taunting like ...

"What's the matter? Oh does that tickle? Oh wow now you're really sensitive there Steve? I love all these licklish toes and nibbling them really gets you doesn't it but licking these size 12 soles that does it for me and in socks and shoes all day these feet smell and taste like feet Steve so all the more appealing, addictive in fact and I'm hooked so these feet; your feet are my feet!"

The sensory overload really getting to him and saying his feet tasting so ripe as I indulged in raping them with my tongue but making the licks sensual and intimate which made him moan as I was orally seducing him and being straight he loving this but hating it at the same time as I could tell by his reactions of moaning but fighting the moans biting on his lips but I am a determined lickler and his feet the target of my fingers and tongue, he would find the sensations irresistiable and then saliva lubed I quit the lickles and proceeeded with the tickles making Steve squirm as he felt the full effect of my fingers stroking one bare sole and then the other and then both simultaneously. I became ruthless as I used the feather and drew the quill over the length of each bare sole and then weaved the feather end in between his toes!

"I'm a sadistic tickler right Steve and most especially with your deliciously smooth and soft feet so hopelessly sensitive and as you told me your feet being embarrassingly ticklish and Mmmm bare they smell awesome and taste so ripe, these are addictive feet Steve and I'm hooked, two such perfect feet to torture, torment and tease and a whole weekend to do so as you will be staying as you asked for this; I love how your toes writhe in response to the concentrated tickling I afford them and loved your reaction when I increased the intensity of my tickling technique on your off the chart ticklish feet which this professional tickler lusts after as I have done since you posted photos of them to me which is why I relish in licking up n' down your delicious tasting soles and sucking and nibbling on your toes indulging in orally making love to them which is what you a straight man enjoy me doing as my tongue action is impossible to resist and can deliver sensual delight or ticklish torment depending on how it's employed and your toes made to suck on like lollipops and massaged with my tongue making you moan with pleasure!"

Saying this I indulged in running my tongue along the bare soles of Steve's size 12 feet and sliding it in between each of his toes and caressing them with it so he was moaning in ecstasy as each toe was gently nibbled and suckled and then suddenly indulging in resuming tickling his feet so Steve could not anticipate what sensation he'd experience and much less prepare for it as I showed him I was very much in control! I grazed my teeth over the arches of his feet and nibbled them and loved his ticklish reactions from my oral attacks as then licking his soles again and then running my fingers over the saliva lubed soles and toes as he squirmed on the bed laughing uncontrollably as his feet he knew were mine and he wasn't going anywhere as my tongue explored Steve's flinching toes as one foot after the other I took five toes in my mouth and orally enjoyed them; pleasingly sweaty with his musky foot smell which was so rich and masculine making licking and sucking his toes and licking in between them so great an indulgence and his ticklishness being so inviting to take full advantage of and again sucked on his toes whilst stroking and tickling his soles! Steve was in ticklish agony as I drew the quill of the feather along the arches of his amazing size 12 feet!

I then told his soles were the perfect ticklish canvas for an artist and replaced the feather with an artists brush which on the feet of someone as sensitive as Steve is remarkably ticklish just lightly stroked the length of them and with a focus on the toes and the bridge of the toes where the stems of them begin as it is a tickle tool which can be ticklishly exact in contact and teasingly delicate so affording a very intense tickle on two soft soles and exploiting every ticklish nerve ending to extreme so not one equally effective on everyone but on a ticklee as ticklish as Steve a perfect tickling tool for delivering intense ticklish torment being stroked along his very sensitive arches and in between and under all of his toes in delivering meticulously slow and constant strokes which guaranteed consistent giggles from his being subjected to the teasing tickles!

Steve again in ticklish agony as the feather quill stroked incessantly slowly up and down the arches of his feet and traced lightly over the soles of his ridiculously ticklish feet which were such a fixation for me to enjoy enjoying as I was but soon unable to resist licking the soles of his feet very softly and licking under and in between his toes and orally seducing them as he was caught in between the sensations of tickling and his corresponding laughter and his moaning from desire as my lickling made very seductive and intimate and toes sucked on both lovingly and ferociously so seductively but ticklishly and grazing his soles with my teeth driving him crazy as he knew I was in control, complete control of his feet's ticklishness and sensuality and was taking full advantage of both! One moment moaning and the next laughing his head off as he experienced the mix of bliss and agony, hating and loving my focus of attention to his feet and unable to escape either sensation so one bare sole stroked with a teasingly maddening finger as the other sole licked slowly and his toes licked in between and under by my lustful tongue so correspondingly confusing his senses as being unbearably ticklish and sensually irresistible and his moans and giggles a combination encouraging me all the more to indulge in subjecting him to the sensation overload! Then when least expected my indulging in violently tickling the soles of his feet and toes with my fingers and the revolving bristles of the electric toothbrush!

"Steve don't you wish these feet weren't so embarrassingly ticklish as you told me, the bristles really tickle don't they, delivering such a maddening tickle so perfectly and making it impossible for you not to laugh like a loon as you are doing, it's easy to see why though unoffically tickling torture is such an effective means of interrogation! It known in the middle east the soles of feet beaten; bastinado but less known that on certain victims not beaten but subjected to tickling as not like beating leaving any marks so a torture which can be repeated with greater regularity and amusing for the torturers themselves and less strenuous in delivering! Under interrogation tickling you would be so easy to crack Steve even soft and teasing strokes driving you ballistic as you have proved and I know the best techniques to use on these feet and this sonicare just one of them!" I said de-activating it as it really had tickled him like crazy!

I then gave Steve a break but indulged in loving their strong scent, leaning into them and deeply inhaling their aroma and admiring his feet and massaging them but not to tickle and though Steve reacted he able to cope with a foot massage easier than a foot tickle and I loving feeling up his feet and feeling their natural warmth and moistness and traced my tongue over his toes sucking and licking them and tasting them one by one savouring their taste and then running my tongue horizontally across his soles and then vertically along each sole lathering his feet with my saliva and addicted to their masculine taste and smell and making no secret of it with my own moans of satisfaction so Steve knew this meeting being a win-win and we both gaining from it what we wanted! I traced my tongue along the underside of Steve's toes and slid it in the spaces in between his toes and then again licked the length of each size 12 foot and their delicious taste and sucked on his toes in succession as other guys suck on dicks and I going crazy with pleasure enjoying Steve's feet as I told him I would be the entire weekend! My sensuously licking his feet making Steve moan and I noted his dick hardening in his briefs so knew what to indulge in doing when I wanted to drive him to the brink so he'd need to jerk off to then experience his ticklishness after shooting his load! I decided the next day this would be explored but not tonight as both of his feet warm with his sweat and my saliva it was time to tickle him again! I loving his being so unimaginably, horrendously ticklish on his awesome size 12 feet!

So break over soon enough Steve erupting in renewed laughter as I entertained delivering a violent tickling on the soles of his feet so he felt like he was being electrocuted as I attacked his soles; both arches and balls of his feet and of course his toes! Steve driven wild with this tickling and so different from the soft stroking, the light caressing tickles he might have become accustomed to but I intent on keeping him guessing as to what technique of tickle he would endure with no possible means of his determining what it might be as I wanted Steve to meet me again and again; for me to be his 'Tickle Master' knowing he having met the best and having no need or even desire to seek out another and if he agreed then he would be my sole 'Ticklee' as he alone would more than satisfy me having feet which I was already obsessed by and this our first meeting! Having lusted after them in the photos, now having them to enjoy in the flesh; something I was relishing in doing! Having tickled him to madness I then stopped and rubbed them both gently and soothingly and firmly massaging them as having made him howl with laughter it was time to end the ticklish session!

Once released Steve told me he having hated and loved it equally and congratulated me on being able to keep him guessing as to how I would enjoy his feet as the diversity appealed to him and I told him it was going to be an adventurous weekend and smiling he agreed; joking if he survived through it! I smiled saying I would make sure he did and then proposed my suggestion that my respecting his being happily married; if he wanted to meet again and ideally regularly that I would welcome being his 'Tickle Master' and was overjoyed when he told me that he had the same inclination as we liked one another which was a bonus and he knew he could trust me that what I was interested in physically with him being his feet and saying this with his size 12 bare feet across my lap and accepting my fondling and feeling them up! Needless to say an arrangement which works successfully for us both six months later with Steve visiting me one night a week when he tells his wife he's out of town for work and even some weekends; a welcomed bonus!