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    Apr 2001

    The Secret Hysteria of Pepper Parker: Magic of Tickling! (Patreon) *New 1/10/23

    The Secret Hysteria of Pepper Parker: Magic of Tickling!
    A Patreon Exclusive Early Access Comic Serial!

    Illustrated by Churin
    Colors by Roel
    Lettering by RostoKFX

    When I count to three you will be under my control! 123

    It抯 a girls' night out on the town for Pepper, Nadia, and Maudette. A little dinner, a little wine, and maybe even a show!

    When Nadia surprises them with tickets to ZOYA THE MAGNIFICENT and her sold-out illusionist and/or hypnotist extravaganza it抯 sure to be a NIGHT TO REMEMBER!

    But you know Pepper, and when everyone抯 favorite (and most SECRETLY HYSTERICAL) neighbor goes on a new adventure匱ICKLING TITILLATION is inevitable!

    Before long Pepper finds herself as a very HELPLESS, SENSITIVE, AND SCREAMINGLY-TICKLISH volunteer up on stage. Let抯 just say that by the time this TICKLISH TRICK is over卆ll of Pepper抯 TICKLISH SECRETS may well be revealed!

    Come see if perfect Mrs. Parker can pull another rabbit out of a hat! Come see Pepper抯 most PUBLIC, MOST ENCHANTING, AND MOST SECRET HYSTERICAL TICKLE TORTURE YET!

    Come witness THE MAGIC OF LAUGHTER!


    Item Features

    12 MAGICALLY HOT Tickling Pages + Cover!
    38 Fabulously SEXY TICKLE Panels!
    Naughty Naked Foot TICKLE TORTURE!
    FULLY NAKED All Over Tickles!
    Nadia and Maudette Tickling Pepper
    Hypnosis and Mind Control Tickling!
    Illustrated by the Amazing Churin!
    Written and Created by Bandito!
    Patreon Exclusive Early Access!

    Launch month for The Secret Hysteria of Pepper Parker: Magic of Tickling! has arrived with the release of the series cover!

    January 5th we posted the first comic page of this new 12 part Exclusive Early Access comic serial. Core members and Mega-tippers will get exclusive early access of a new comic page from this serial on the 25th of each month.


    -The Bandito Corporation
    Join The Bandito Corporation Today!

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