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    Oct 2019

    End of 2022 tickling.

    So we have four neighborhood pubs in our area. On new year's eve hubby thought it would be a great idea to go have a couple of drinks at each. We could walk to two of them, the other two are a little farther so we would take a taxi as we would be drinking.
    I put on a white blouse with 3/4 sleeves, a red thigh high skirt(festive), sheer charcoal nylons and red heels(at hubby's request). It was a cold night so I had my down parka on.
    Pub 1: We went in, it was around 9pm, all the pubs are small so probably no more than 50 folks in each. I took off my parka. We stood at the bar, and hubby stood behind me lightly tickling my sides. I was writhing and squirming,giggling. After about five minutes the female bartender said "oh someone is ticklish!". The guy standing next to me, who had had a few drinks, said "coochie coo". I giggled and hubby said "you want to try?" The guy got behind me and wiggled his fingers in my sides. I immediately broke into wild laughter, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA aw com'on I'm ticklish!". He kept it up for a while, probably two minutes, as I squirmed and laughed like crazy. His hands went into my armpits making me howl with laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA aw, com'on,please, I can't take it". He stopped after a couple of more minutes and smiled,walked away, said "hey thanks" to hubby. We got a booth and had a couple of more drinks. I said to hubby "nice going!" sarcastically.
    Pub 2: The next pub was a little more crowded, we moved through the crowd and found a high table with two stools. We order drinks and watched the crowd, it was quite noisy. It was about 10pm. I was sitting on the stool dangling my heel when it fell off. A guy nearby saw it and came over and picked it up. He knew hubby, said hi and said he would put my heel back on. He grabbed my ankle, put my heel in my lap and started tickling my foot. I was laughing hysterically, couldn't tell him to stop my foot wiggled and squirmed. Hubby said "she's really ticklish" which made his friend tickle even more. He had a firm grip on my ankle as he tickled and tickled, driving me insane. After about five minutes he stopped, took my heel and handed it to me, saying, "your shoe m'lady". People had been watching, and when he stopped, went back to their drinks and socializing. Hubby just smiled, and I had nothing to say to him.
    Pub 3: Now it was almost 11 pm. We went into the next pub, which was as packed as the last, and had to stand at the bar. Someone pulled up a tall stool for me to sit on at the bar. Hubby was talking to a couple of guys, making small talk, sports and such. They somehow got on to the topic of cheerleaders, well I guess they call them dance teams now, discussing which teams had the hottest girls. Hubby then said "I'll bet a lot of them are bat shit ticklish!" The guys, who were well on their way with drinks, agreed and one said "I'd love to tickle them". The hubby pipes up, looking at me, "she used to be a cheerleader and is really ticklish!" "Ohhhhh" the guys said, and moved on each side of me. One started tickling my knees while the other was working his fingers up and down my sides. I was roaring with laughter and squirming around on the stool. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA aw com'on guys,stop stop, please stop I'm ticklish" I begged. One said "yeah you are coochie coochie coooo" All I could do was laugh and squirm, but couldn't escape their fingers on my sides and knees. Another guy standing nearby said"tickle her". And they did,for about ten minutes. They stopped and bought us a drink, then left. "Your an ass", I told hubby and as usual, he just smiled, loving it all.
    Pub 4: By now we both had had a few drinks, were quite loosened up, and got out of the cab to the next pub. It was nearing midnight. We saw several people we knew and went and sat with them in a large booth. Apparently they knew we were coming and saved us a place. We had more drinks, talked, hubby was next to me, then a male friend and his wife, another two couples beside them. These friends know how ticklish I am. Just before midnight, the guy next to me grabbed my legs and put them over his lap so my feet were exposed to his wife. She slipped off my heels and started tickling my feet. Hubby was holding me around the waist. I was laughing hysterically as she and the the other wife next to her were both tickling my feet, one on each. I was going insane with laughter as they kept tickling, up the soles, under the toes, the husband holding my legs down. Midnight came, they stopped tickling while cheering in the new year, then resumed tickling my feet for almost another half hour. I begged them to stop as I had to use the washroom. After we had another drink and got a cab home.
    I said to hubby "as usual I guess you set that up huh?" He said "look on the bright side, you got a 2022/2023 tickle. Happy New Year!"
    Pub 4:

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
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    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Oct 2001
    lakes region, New Hampshire
    Boy Mrs, you are the perfect woman! You husband's a very lucky guy!

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    Jun 2002
    Somewhere On Earth
    Awesome way to end and begin the year thanks for sharing

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    Jan 2007
    western NY
    You always have the best stories! I look forward to each and every one of them!

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    Nov 2001
    NC, SC, and VA
    Great stuff Mrs. I'm thinking of moving to Canada and becoming friends with your husband...lol. Appreciate all of your stores.

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    Aug 2005
    Amazing story as always!

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