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    Outlaw for Hire Part 3 (F/F)

    Ok fans, time for another chapter in La Diabla's series, Outlaw For Hire. I am very happy you have enjoyed it so far, and I know a lot of you want to see our favorite Outlaw get tickled. haha The question is, will she in this series? You just have to keep reading! This next part is key to La Diabla's future. What direction does her life go? All roads will eventually lead to the phase ending series, The Deputy & The Outlaw: Retribution, but this series is about her and her life direction. Thank you again for all the great comments and please, keep them coming. La Diabla herself loves your feedback! Also, just as a friendly reminder, when the time comes, please vote for this entire saga in the Golden Feather awards. Thank you for all of your support and now, it is time for part 3! Your comments are most welcomed and appreciated.

    PART 3

    Veronica moaned as she heard Gabby’s words. With those fingers stroking the bottom of her right foot and now those kisses going down her chest, she started to arch her back. She then grabbed her breasts and started to squeeze them. Then she looked down towards her waist and now Gabby was at her pussy. She groaned in pleasure as she was widely anticipating what was about to happen next, then she started giggling because the fingers on her foot went into her arch. “Hehehehe that hehehe that tickles…” she giggled.

    La Diabla was enjoying herself as she was still stroking and tickling these ladies’ feet. She then saw Gabby moving herself towards her and now she saw her ass go high into the air and she got on her knees. She realized what was happening and knew she was about to eat Veronica’s pussy. She could see that large ass in the air, and she could also see between her legs. She could see the large pussy lips and also noticed some of that liquid lust. This entire scene was really getting her turned on, and she wondered if she should touch herself. She then took her right hand off of Gabby’s foot and rubbed it between her own legs. She let out a moan and had to stop herself, or she was going to orgasm.

    Gabby felt that her foot was not getting stroked, and she licked her lips. She looked at the pussy in front of her mouth and then stuck out her tongue. The tip of her tongue got closer to that tanned skin of the lips and once it made contact, she shivered. Her body was hyperactive with desire and now her tongue started to lap away. “You *lick lick* taste so good baby *lick lick lick*” she cooed.

    Veronica’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt that tongue licking between her legs. It felt absolutely incredible, and she continued to rub her breasts. Then she gasped in shock as she felt fingers now stroking the undersides of her long toes. Her toes were highly sensitive and now she started to giggle. Her body was confused because Gabby’s tongue felt amazing on her pussy, but her toes were being tickled. She had never experienced anything like this before with two different sensations happening at once. She didn’t know whether to laugh or moan! She could feel her body heat increasing and her back started to arch. Then it slammed back down as fingers went between her toes.

    La Diabla was starting to laugh as her fingers went into between Veronica’s toes of her left foot. She wanted to change it up a little as she played with the right one for a while. She left her fingers between the toes and held them there. She didn’t want to put too much ticklish intensity as she did want the woman to orgasm. She saw her right foot moving around and knew the woman was experiencing those dual sensations. She also saw Gabby’s feet pressed together. She then thought of an idea. As her fingers were still in Veronica’s toes, she then moved her head forward and got it closer to Gabby’s very vulnerable soles. She looked at that tender skin and knew that Gabby would never expect what was going to happen next as she was eating Veronica’s pussy. She stuck out her tongue and licked the bottom of the right foot from the base of the toes, across the ball of the foot, into that arch and finally off the heel. The skin was a little salty tasting, but she enjoyed doing it. What really excited her was Gabby’s body shuddering.

    Gabby was enjoying the taste of Veronica’s pussy when she felt something wet and moist sliding up her right foot. That sent a large wave of pleasure in her own body, and she shuddered. It felt amazing to her, and she realized that La Diabla licked the bottom of her foot. She never had that done to her before and she paused her pussy tasting. She let out a loud moan and then she turned her body around, so she could look behind her. “Y-You licked my foot?” she whispered.

    La Diabla grinned as she heard that reaction. She looked up at Gabby who was staring back at her, and she nodded her head. She then lowered her head again, stuck out her tongue and placed the tip right back at the base of those toes, and slowly slid her tongue up the length of the sole again. Her eyes were locked on Gabby’s, who looked like she was in awe. Once her tongue got to the heel, she let it linger and wiggled her tongue there a little. She then winked at Gabby.

    Gabby’s mouth dropped as she felt that soft tongue licking her foot. That sent erotic electricity through her body and just watching the outlaw’s tongue lick her foot mesmerized her. She then turned around and looked at Veronica who was still squeezing and rubbing her breasts and still giggling because of La Diabla’s fingers in her toes. She then looked at that sweet pussy and now it was her turn to use a tongue. She placed it towards the bottom of the pussy, near the perineum and slowly licked upwards. She could taste Veronica’s liquid lust and she was in heaven. Her tongue even slid between the lips and went inside the pink areas of the vagina. When she heard Veronica moan, she felt another tingle between her legs.

    Veronica’s mind was in a tizzy. She was experiencing that ticklish feeling between her toes as her pussy was licked. Then the licking stopped and all she felt was the tickling. Then she felt the tongue between her legs again and she was on edge. She could already feel the orgasm building within her body and her mind went into that mode of wanting to release. All this teasing and tickling and pleasure was overwhelming to her. She closed her eyes and then reached her hands downwards and grabbed the back of Gabby’s head and pressed her face into her pussy. She wanted that orgasm, and she wanted it now.

    La Diabla could hear Veronica’s animalistic noises and loved it. She then pulled her fingers out of the toes and started to lightly flutter her fingertips up and down that left sole. She knew Veronica was going to explode at any moment, and she wanted her to enjoy it. Her fingers moved softly up and down the sole, and then she went into the arch. She could feel the foot wiggling around and knew the sensations she was feeling was going to increase the orgasm. She also looked at Gabby’s ass wiggling high into the air and knew she was on edge herself. She then gave a small kiss on the right foot of Gabby to get her really motivated.

    Gabby felt a kiss on her foot and gave her a sexual jolt. She also felt Veronica’s hands pressing the back of her head and made her tongue go inside that sweet pussy. She knew her lover was on edge and was going to cum soon. Her strong tongue then found the clit and she went after it. Her tongue started to move faster and harder against that love button and now she felt Veronica’s body tensing up. This gave her such motivation as she wanted her to explode. She ravished that clit with her tongue working faster and faster. She pressed it further into the clit and then she felt Veronica’s grip get really strong and then she felt her body tremble and jerk around. She knew her lover just had an orgasm.

    Veronica felt a tremendous wave of orgasmic pleasure wreck her body. The feeling she had to build up to this point was incredible and she let it all out. Wave after wave of pleasure tore through her and it was one of the best she ever experienced. She continued to feel the aftershocks of the orgasm as she still felt the tongue lapping away at her juices and she still felt fingers stroking her sole. “DIOS MIO!!!!” she screamed out in pleasure.

    La Diabla smiled as she realized that Veronica must have had a tremendous orgasm. She could see the toes curling on each foot. She felt happy that she helped make this moment happen. She then reached both hands out and softly stroked the soles of both of Veronica’s feet. She wanted to soothe her and keep her body stimulated after such a hard orgasm. She smiled with satisfaction and wondered what would happen next.

    Gabby lifted her head from Veronica’s pussy and looked at her face. She saw that peaceful look on her face, and she felt the love she had for her. She then moved her body up close to her face and kissed her. Her hands started to stroke her long hair and she wanted to soothe her. She knew she had an intense orgasm and knew she need a moment to recover. “That was beautiful mi amor…” she cooed.

    Veronica felt that after-glow of an orgasm as she felt Gabby stroking her hair and kissing on her. She could also feel La Diabla softly touching her feet and even though it tickled, it still felt nice. She did another shiver of her body and then kissed Gabby. She then broke the kiss and smiled. “Your turn my love…” she cooed.

    La Diabla felt her heart melt the more she watched both ladies enjoying one another. She felt honored being part of their lovemaking and even enhancing it. She then watched as Veronica shifted her body to her right as Gabby laid on her right side. She saw Veronica’s hand reaching between Gabby’s legs and finding her honey pot. She liked this as Veronica was returning the favor. She decided to help them out and she moved her hands from Veronica’s feet and started to softly stroke Gabby’s feet. The toes were pointing upwards as Gabby was now on her back. She placed both hands on each sole and softly stroked up and down them. She could feel the feet quivering and she continued her stroking.

    Veronica had her left hand between Gabby’s legs and started to massage her love muscle. She felt a strong sense of arousal flowing through her body as her lover was cooing under her touch. She saw her face and loved how she closed her eyes and was enjoying the sensations given. Then she saw a smile form on her face, and she looked down towards her feet. She saw La Diabla stroking the bottoms of Gabby’s feet and that made her smile. She wanted her to keep playing with her girlfriend’s feet, so she could get her off. “Tickle her feet….” she whispered towards the outlaw.

    Gabby continued to softly giggle and purr as her feet were being played with and her pussy getting massaged. She was in sexual heaven as two women were playing with her body. Her lover had her hand touching her most private spot and a woman she admired was playing with her feet. She felt stronger ticklish sensations when her toes were getting played with, but she continued to be focused on that pussy massage. She also felt soft kisses on her cheeks and her nipples were rock hard. The wetness only increased and now she felt a finger slide inside of her. “Mmmmm hehehehe keep doing that…” she purred.

    La Diabla could see Gabby in pure ecstasy and loved how Veronica was playing with her vagina. For her, seeing these two make love to one another made her think of her night with Darby and how magical it was. She started to crave the deputy and hoped she would see her again soon. She had no idea when that would happen, but she was not going to wait another year before she did. She came out of her trance when she heard the giggles get louder and realized her fingers were stroking underneath those toes. It seemed to be a weakness on Gabby’s feet and she decided to drive her a little crazy. La Diabla started to stroke the pads of the toes and along the base of them. She started a soft stroke of her finger under the toes on the right foot with one hand, then when she was finished, she stroked underneath the toes of the left foot with her other hand. She could see the ticklish smile on Gabby’s face, and she loved it. “Tickle tickle…” she said softly.

    Gabby moaned louder as she felt her toes being softly tickled. That sensation was driving her wild and then she really started to lose control of her sense the more she felt Veronica’s finger sliding in and out of her pussy. Then she gasped as she felt Veronica’s thumb massaging her clit. Now she felt that tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure filling her body. Her toes were being lightly tickled, a finger was still inside of her body and now her clit was being stimulated. These three sensations were starting to overwhelm her, and she focused on the pleasure she was feeling. “Ooooh yes…yes…yes….come on… make me cum… please make me cum…” she mewled.

    Veronica loved what she was seeing and feeling. Her finger was soaked as it continued to move inside that warm, wet pussy and then she started to focus on the clit. She knew how to pleasure Gabby and what spots to focus on. She truly enjoyed having La Diabla play with her lover’s feet because she could feel the intensity of it all. Now she heard that cry for pleasure and she started to work on the clit. Her finger massaged and manipulated that love button. Now she saw Gabby’s grinding and knew she was close to cumming her brains out. She looked towards La Diabla one more time and smiled. “Tickle her…tickle her feet...” she requested.

    La Diabla heard Veronica’s request and smiled. She then started to use her nails very lightly up and down the big feet and she felt them twitching. She loved how ticklish they were and knew Veronica was trying to push her over the edge. Her fingers made it into those delicate arches and moved a little faster. Not enough to inflict intense ticklish feelings, but enough for her to really feel it. She then decided to add an additional sensation to the mix. As her fingers stroked and teased the arch areas, she leaned her head forward and licked the left big toe and heard a very loud moan. She smiled as she watched Gabby’s body in the throes of pleasure and knew she was going to blow her load at any moment.

    Gabby felt those nails on her feet and that ticklish feeling mixed with the pussy rubbing put her body on the edge of a massive orgasm. She was so close, and she felt incredible. Then she felt a lick on her big toe and that set her body on fire. She opened her eyes and gazed at Veronica’s face. She saw that smile and then she felt another major rub on her clit and then it hit! “DIOS MIO!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as a massive orgasm hit her body.

    Veronica almost felt herself orgasming again when she heard the loud sound of pleasure coming from Gabby. She could feel that love muscle tighten up and the look of love on her partner’s face was so beautiful to her. She felt her convulsing under her touch. She leaned her head down and kissed Gabby on her lips. She removed her hand from between the legs and then placed her pussy juice soaked hand and massaged the breasts as she wanted to comfort her lover. “I love when you cum….” she whispered.

    La Diabla stopped her foot tickling as she watched the two lovers enjoy their moment after an intense sexual interaction. She just sat on her knees and observed the two of them in such bliss. She again thought about how she felt when she and Darby made love. It was one of the greatest nights in her entire life. She couldn’t help but think of the beautiful deputy and felt her heart beating faster. She missed Darby and wished she was with her right now. She started to smile as she thought about having another lovemaking session with her.

    Gabby felt herself being very sweaty but also extremely satisfied. That orgasm was very intense and loved how she felt right now. This was definitely an orgasm she was going to remember for a long time. “That was…..that was incredible.” she panted.

    “Yes it was….you are so beautiful mi amor…what an amazing time..” Veronica cooed. She then felt the embrace of Gabby and she felt much at peace. She could feel the pangs of sleepiness as they both had major orgasms and it was getting late. She adored being naked with Gabby in bed and looked forward to sleeping with her in her arms.

    La Diabla could see them starting to cuddle and figured it was time for her to leave. This was an experience she was never going to forget and enjoyed watching these two have a very tender moment. This was not a threesome, so she figured it was time to let them enjoy the rest of their night. She slowly stood up and was about to depart when she heard a voice.

    “Thank you La Diabla….that was incredible..” Gabby told her.

    La Diabla stopped and looked at those two. She smiled and nodded her head. “That was fun. I hope you both liked me playing with your feet…” she told them.

    “Oh yes! That was a different, yet amazing feeling of being tickled while having sex. Thank you for showing us that. We would have never done that before. How did you know about that? Did someone do that to your feet? Hehe” Veronica asked.

    “Yeah, do you have ticklish feet?” Gabby asked her.

    La Diabla smiled when she heard those questions and definitely did not want to expose her weakness. She had to play it off and gave them a smirk. “Yeah, I know something about tickling another woman. I will have to teach you how you can use it to your advantage against another woman. Right now, you both should get some sleep. We have another fun day tomorrow. Hehe” she told them.

    Gabby looked at Veronica with surprise and her mouth was agape. She just heard the outlaw telling them she would teach them something. They would learn how to tickle other women? That thought sounded exciting. She then saw La Diabla walk off towards her sleeping area and she noticed her socked feet. She then looked back at Veronica with a sly smile. “Did you hear that? Looks like she likes to tickle other people. She is sooooooooo interesting. Hehe” she giggled.

    “Yeah, she is something else alright. I still can’t believe she is here with us. We have to help her because we can learn from her. We will probably make more money now!” Veronica responded then kissed Gabby on her lips quickly.

    “Yes, this will be a great experience. I still can’t believe how intense this was tonight. Having my feet played with while we made love really felt amazing. I think we will have to do that again.” Gabby smiled.

    “Definitely! I am SO ticklish! Hehehe Hey, she didn’t answer our questions, did she? I think she DOES have ticklish feet. Hehehe” Veronica laughed.

    “I think so too! I think she is ticklish all over her body too. I think somehow, someway we will have to find out for sure. Can you imagine her naked and we tickle her all over? Ooooh!!” Gabby said in lust.

    “Oh my….I think we should stop thinking about that or we are going to get real horny again. Hehe” Veronica giggled.

    “Ok mi amor…Thank you for tonight. It was incredible and we will have to do this again.” Gabby said softly. She then kissed Veronica and then closed her eyes.

    “Goodnight mi amor…” Veronica cooed as she closed her eyes. She thought about this incredible moment with Gabby and having La Diabla here with them was icing on the cake. She did not know what was going to happen, but she was looking forward to this new adventure.


    Bella Toscano was getting ready for her day as it was going to be a very busy one. She was still contemplating the recent sale of the Perez family farm and she felt pressure. Rose Galanis was not going to relent in trying to get her to sell her farm. Today, she was going to go speak with Gracie Perez and find out why she sold the farm. As she walked through her study, she encountered her loyal maid, Ana. “Oh! Hello Ana, you startled me. Hehe” she smiled.

    “Sorry Senora! I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to let you know that Senora Perez is here. She is early, no?” Ana asked.

    “She is here already? Wow. I expected her to be here in another hour. Ok, send her in.” Bella requested. She did expect her friend to show up a little later but was excited to see her. She just had to find out why her friend and her husband sold their farm. That only left a handful of farms left and the Greek buyer, Christos Andino, would own everything in this area. She then looked towards the door and saw Gracie. She smiled at her, then approached her for a hug. “Gracie!!! Thank you for coming!” she said.

    Gracie Perez was a 5’2” tall woman of Mexican descent, with long black hair and a stocky shaped body. She was from a family of farmers and ended up marrying one. She loved being a farmer as she loved working with her hands and providing food for the people. She looked at Bella and smiled. She and Bella would often chat with each other as they were not far from one another, and their husbands were good friends as well before Mr. Toscano passed away. When she received a message from Bella to come visit, she knew what this meeting was about. She felt embarrassed and had to figure out a way to convince Bella to sell her farm to avoid how she was completely humiliated. Gracie hugged Bella back and smiled at her friend. “Thank you for inviting me. My apologies for arriving early, but I have things to do to get ready for the sale of my farm.” she told her.

    Bella sighed when she heard Gracie talk about selling her farm and figured she should just come out with it. No delaying or small talk, she might as well confront her. “That’s why I wanted to talk to you. Why Gracie? Why are you and Pablo selling your farm? I know Mr. Andino has been trying to buy all the farms and has been generous in his offers, but we can’t let him control all the farms? If he controls all the farms in this area, it hurts our Mexico. I thought for sure myself, you and a few others would never sell. Now that you are selling, it creates pressure. I had Rose stop by the other day and she basically threatened me. Gracie, why?” she asked with concern in her voice.

    Gracie heard Bella’s words and she could hear the emotion in her voice. She knew her friend was very disappointed in her, but she felt like she had no choice. She started to wonder if she should give Bella all the details on how she was “convinced” to get her husband to sell the farm. She looked at Bella, then lowered her head in shame. “I’m sorry Bella. It is just that…..well, Rose is very convincing. I had no choice….” she murmured.

    Bella could see Gracie’s reaction and now she really wanted to know what happened. Something must have happened to her to react that way. It couldn’t be a simple generous offer and she took it. Somehow, she was forcefully convinced to sell. “Gracie, what do you mean you had no choice? You turn down the money! How did they convince you otherwise?” she asked.

    Gracie started to tremble as she heard that question. Her mind went back to when she met Rose’s associate. She remembered how she felt. She remembered when she declined the offer again when the associate asked. The next thing she knew, she was forced to the ground and held down. She was amazed at how fast she was bound with rope. Then, the associate tormented her. It was a complete surprise and would have never guessed that would happen, but it did. She remembered the shame she felt when she was stripped naked, and her body endured that torture. Never before in her life did a woman control her body the way that associate did. Gracie felt shame and even some pleasure during that ordeal and eventually relented to the demands. Her husband was forced to listen to her get tortured while in another room and he ended up agreeing to the sale when his wife begged him. She felt horrible, but her body could not withstand that kind of pressure and pleasure. She looked up at Bella and she wanted to tell her what happened. But she was ashamed and humiliated and couldn’t speak about what happened to her. She could, however, warn her friend to sell her farm to avoid what happened to her. “Bella….as your friend, I suggest you sell your farm. These Greeks…..they don’t mess around. They are VERY persuasive and very aggressive. They do not care if they humiliate you. They do not care if you lose your dignity. They will take what they want, and you have to live with the shame. Just take their offer and you can retire somewhere else in Mexico. Maybe start a new farm or take a trip around the world. It is what me and Pablo will do. Please….sell your farm.” she pleaded.

    Bella was stunned as she heard Gracie’s desperate pleas. She was still trying to figure out what happened to make her friend sell her farm. She seemed really scared. She didn’t look physically abused or anything, so she wondered how she could end up selling. “Gracie? Please, tell me what happened.” she pleaded.

    “I..I can’t. Just…Just sell your farm. Or at least get a protector. I-I have said too much. I have to go now.” Gracie said, then started to leave the room. She felt humiliated as she thought about what happened to her and she could barely look Bella in the eye. She did not want to discuss this any longer. She walked quickly out of the room and wanted to go home as soon as possible.

    “Gracie!!! Wait!!! Tell me what happened? Why did you sell the farm??!!” Bella shouted as she saw Gracie leave. She sighed in disbelief as her friend left. Whatever happened to her really spooked her and now she wondered what she might have to deal with. She started to pace around the room and started to worry. “Why would I need a protector? What the hell are these Greeks up to??” she asked herself as she continued pacing.

    La Diabla finished putting on her gun belt as she got ready for the day. She had a good night’s rest and she remembered what had happened the previous night. She made friends with two petty criminals, and they invited her to stay with them. The two women were lovers, and they were making out. They kept inviting her for a threesome, but she declined their invitation. She did, however, get involved in their love making by tickling their feet softly as they made out. It was an erotic scene, and she did get a thrill out of it. She was very tempted to join them, but she wasn’t drunk, so her mind was not ready for something like that. Today was a new day and she and her new friends were going to explore the Eastside of Cuidad De Serpeintes to try and possibly find any survivors of El Guapo’s gang. La Diabla felt this was important to her and it is the reason she was even in this town. If there were no survivors here, she might have to get closer to Ciudad Zopilote, which was the stronghold town of the Montenegros. She knew Priscilla had escaped and a possible confrontation could occur. In a way she hoped to see Priscilla again, just to dominate her again and break her again. She then looked up and saw a figure looking at her from the doorway. “Buenos Dias Veronica! Did you sleep well?” she asked.

    Veronica stood in the doorway and stared at La Diabla. She was still excited and buzzing from her sexual encounter with her lover Gabriela. She slept deeply afterwards, and it was one of the best lovemaking moments in their personal history. She woke up and remembered how La Diabla played with her feet and Gabby’s and that enhanced the entire experience. Now, she was going to spend more time with the famous outlaw and felt a part of something bigger. She smiled at La Diabla and waved. “Buenos Dias La Diabla. I hope you slept well. I know I did. Hehehe” she grinned.

    La Diabla smiled back at her and nodded her head. She could see the glow on her face and knew she was thinking about the sexual encounter from the previous night. “Yes, I did. We had fun last night, didn’t we? Hehe” she joked.

    “mmmm hmmmm!! I still think about that. I would have never guessed having my feet tickled would make me feel more horny. Thank you for showing us that. What is the plan for today?” Veronica asked.

    “I am glad you like what I did to both of you. It was fun and you both have nice feet. Hehe as for today, I want to go look around the town. I know someone must know something. El Guapo’s gang frequented this place, so someone had to come to this place after the raid. I am anxious to get started. Is Gabby ready?” La Diabla asked.

    “Yes, she is. We are waiting for you. We want to follow you and help you out. This will be an exciting day!” Veronica replied with enthusiasm.

    La Diabla smiled then followed Veronica out of the room where she saw Gabby standing ready. They were dressed and armed themselves as the Eastside of Ciudad De Serpientes was perhaps the most dangerous area of the entire town. She initially visited the Southside which was also very dangerous, but the Eastside housed many more criminal elements. She took a deep breath, made sure both of her guns were loaded and they exited the premises.

    The trio made their way to the Eastside and were having a good natured conversation but also were very cautious. They had to be on alert at all times. They were three ladies walking in a really bad area, so they had to be extra careful. La Diabla followed their lead as she would visit this part of town before but had a horde of El Guapo’s men with her and usually at night. This was early in the day, and she couldn’t help but stare at the rundown buildings, the trash in the street, the damp smell and how people looked depressed as they walked around. There were times they would pause in their walking, and she watched as either Gabby or Veronica would ask the locals and it appeared no one saw anything. She had to keep herself patient as her former gang members would probably try to hide themselves in case the Montenegros came looking for them. She really hoped she would see one person from her gang. Her heart was getting heavy at the prospect of everyone getting wiped out.

    The hours started to pass by, and they were deep into this part of town. They ended up turning down an alley that led to a very secluded back area behind some buildings. La Diabla looked up around the buildings and would see a person walking through the area and disappearing into a building or carrying something through an alley way. She noticed both Gabby and Veronica were very quiet and walked cautiously. She knew they were in a dangerous area and were ready for anything. Then, she spotted someone walking up a set of stairs and heading towards a door on the second floor. She noticed it was a man with hair that was a mess and when the man turned to the left off the stairs and walking down the walkway, she could see the profile of left side of the man’s face. He had a very scraggly beard and no mustache. What she also noticed was the gait in his walk, even though he also walked with a limp. It looked very familiar. Her heart stopped as she saw the depressed look on the man’s face, and it looked familiar. She tried to imagine what the face would look like with a smaller scraggly beard, and slicked back hair. The man was tall and looked like weight was gained. She then turned towards Gabby and Veronica. “Hey, wait right here. I want to follow that man.” she instructed.

    Gabby looked at the tall man, who had his head down and was shuffling towards a door. She had no idea who that was, but La Diabla wanted to follow him. She started to think maybe it was someone the outlaw knew. She nodded her head and looked at La Diabla. “Ok. Be careful! The old man might be dangerous. You never know…” she warned.

    La Diabla nodded her head affirmatively then started to head towards the stairs. She started to climb them quickly, so she could catch up to the old man before he went inside. She made it to the top of the stairs and saw the man getting closer to a door. She picked up her pace and felt her pulse racing. As she got closer, she saw the man opening his door. She had to act fast before he went inside. “Excuse me, Senor! A moment please! I need your help!” she called out.

    The man let go of the doorknob and slowly turned his head when he heard a voice. He turned around and saw a woman coming close to him. He felt fear in his body as he didn’t know who this woman was getting closer to him. He just wanted to go inside and rest his body and get away from the criminal public. He held a loaf of bread in his hand and wanted to make breakfast. Then, as the woman got closer, his eyes lit up. He dropped his loaf of bread in shock as he recognized the woman approaching. “Dios Mio….” he said under his breath.

    La Diabla finally approached the man and had a smile. She had to appear unassuming, so the man would not think she was trying to rob him. When she got close, she stopped in her tracks. She saw the man looking right back at her and she recognized him underneath all the scraggly beard and wild hair. She felt her heart beating extremely fast as she was in shock. “You? It’s……you…” she said in a whisper.

    The man smiled, then bent down to pick up his loaf of bread. He then opened the door and nodded his head. “Come inside! Quickly!” he said, then walked inside the room.

    La Diabla walked forward then entered the room. She felt overly excited as her pulse was racing. She then turned around and watched the man close the door. This was the moment she was waiting for. “El Guapo?? Is that you??” she asked.

    “La Diabla……I thought I would never see you again…” El Guapo said as he saw her come towards him and hug him.

    La Diabla hugged El Guapo and then let go. Her eyes started to fill with tears as the man she followed into many battles was standing before her alive! She broke the hug and stared at his face. He looked completely disheveled, even more so than the last time she saw him. He didn’t have his thick black mustache and let his hair grow out on his head and his beard. Probably to disguise himself as no one ever saw him without a mustache. It was part of his personal trademark. “You’re….You’re ALIVE!!” she said in shock.

    “Yes, I am still alive. Barely, but alive. I am surprised you are still alive! I remember you went to see the Montenegros and you never made it back. I thought they killed you!” El Guapo told her. He was thrilled to see his second in command and noticed she still looked the same.

    “Yes, I-I survived the Montenegros! But, I heard the following day there was an attack on our villa! I heard many were killed! I-I didn’t know what happened to everyone. I ended up escaping to the United States after I left Ciudad Zopilote after hearing about the raid. What happened????” La Diabla asked. She started to get emotional as this was the moment she was searching for. She left the comfort and tranquility of the Elu tribe for this very moment.

    “Hmmm…then sit down and I will tell you. It is not good…” El Guapo said as he placed the loaf of bread onto a table and pulled up a chair. He saw La Diabla still standing there in shock, and he understood that. He was still in shock himself as his fiercest warrior was standing before him. He figured she was dead and seeing her alive did bring him some joy. He always admired this woman as she was very loyal and very brutal. The way she commanded respect was amazing and he was glad someone so cold, so ruthless as she was, was on his side. “Sit...please.” he told her.

    La Diabla snapped out of her trance and then found a chair. She pulled it up and sat down. She was still mesmerized by El Guapo sitting before her. She then quickly stood up and went to the door. She had to let Gabby and Veronica know she was ok before they came bursting in to rescue her. “Give me a moment. Let me tell my associates I am ok...” she told El Guapo.

    El Guapo nodded his head and watched as she went to the door and then yelled out to her friends that she would be a moment and everything was ok. Then he saw her walk back to the chair and sit down. He could tell she was anxious and excited, and he felt the same way. He missed this woman and was happy she was still alive somehow. “Ok…where do we start? Haha” he quipped.

    La Diabla was trying to calm herself as she had so many questions. She also figured El Guapo may have had questions about her too. Her eyes looked around the room and saw how broken down it was. There was a small kitchen area, a table for dining and a bunch of blankets tucked away in a corner of the room which was probably his bed. There were a few lanterns and candles that illuminated the room. She thought she saw a mouse scampering by but paid no mind. She wanted to focus on the man sitting before her. “Ok, let’s start with the raid. What the hell happened???!” she asked.

    El Guapo sat back in his chair and smiled. Then his face turned somber as images of that fateful night crossed into his mind. Images of terror, explosions and cries of pain filled his mind and he had to pause. He closed his eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, then opened his eyes and looked at La Diabla’s eager face. “It was a terrible night. We were all drinking as we had a feast. When you and El Coyote went to go infiltrate the Montenegros to get the statue, we partied! We knew you were not going to fail and bring us those riches. We drank a LOT. I mean, a lot. We partied really hard, so when they attacked us, we were not ready at all…..” he told her.

    La Diabla started to get emotional. Memories of that fateful night started to flood her mind. She remembered how she had Priscilla Montenegro on the cusp of breaking as she tickle tortured her. Her husband Julio returned, and she had to flee for her life. She also remembered her friend El Coyote being shot as he tried to flee and if she did not have Cheyenne come for her, she wouldn’t be sitting in this room right now. She remembered hearing about the raid and Cheyenne had told her that she heard that many of El Guapo’s men had perished. La Diabla tried to calm herself as the leader of her gang was still alive, so she had hope. She stared at the man who she served with and now she was finally going to get her answers. “How….how bad was it?” she asked.

    El Guapo could hear the emotion in La Diabla’s voice and knew this was not going to be easy to tell her the events of that night. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the outlaw’s beautiful face. “It was bad. During that night, it was total chaos. So many explosions, so many screams, so much……blood. I know I was completely drunk and could not aim my gun very well. They came in waves. They surprised us by throwing explosives in the villa and then stormed in. It was madness. They shot and killed so many men before the rest of us realized what happened.” he told her somberly.

    La Diabla gasped as she heard the initial events and knew many of her friends in the gang were killed. This was getting very scary for her as she was going to soon learn who and how many died. Her hands started to tremble, and she clasped them together to keep them still. “Dios Mio….then what happened?” she asked in a hushed voice.

    “Well, once they stormed in and spread out through the villa, we got our weapons and started to fight back. We did take out a few of them, but since we were so drunk, we were no match. I had to escape. I went down through our secret tunnels and found my way out of there. Once I got out, when I turned around, I saw the villa on fire. They set fire to the place and all I could hear were screams and explosions and sounds of guns. It will forever be etched into my mind….It is my nightmare.” El Guapo told her, and his voice lowered. He started to get emotional as the events of that night were so vivid in his mind.

    La Diabla listened intently and hearing how much chaos there was really got to her. She wished she was there to help defend the place, but she hurt her ankle and was with Cheyenne. In a way, she considered herself fortunate as she could have perished that night and would have never gotten to meet and be with Cheyenne. She then remembered a friend of hers that she was curious about. She was happy El Guapo was alive and perhaps her best friend in the gang was alive as well. “Where is El Coyote? I remember him escaping from the Montenegro house, but we were separated. Is he hiding somewhere? Is he alive?” she asked.

    El Guapo heard the question and he sighed. He looked at her eager face and then slowly shook his head “no”. He then lowered his head and closed his eyes for a moment.

    La Diabla saw El Guapo’s reaction, and her heart sank. She just learned that El Coyote did not make it out of this chaos alive. Her lip started to quiver, and she felt her eyes starting to water up. El Coyote was her closet friend in the gang. They spent a lot of time together during adventures as they were El Guapo’s best fighters. They were the ones who kept the men in check and trained with them to make them a formidable gang. They would drink together, party together, talk to one another and had the utmost respect for one another. There was one night they had drunken sex, but they did not have any romantic feelings for one another. They had a very good friendship and now she thought about when she saw him trying to flee for his life. She couldn’t help but let a tear fall from her right eye and down her cheek. She quickly wiped away the tear as she did not want to start crying in front of El Guapo. “He’s gone? I-I can’t believe it….” she said, fighting back a downpour of tears.

    “Yeah…he fought valiantly at the villa. He was wounded, and he even took out a lot of them, but the numbers…the numbers….” El Guapo said in a somber tone. He knew how important El Coyote was to his gang and now his group was in shambles.

    La Diabla was still trying to hold her emotions together as this was news she did not want to hear. So many of her friends were now gone and it really started to hurt. They were all criminals, but they were all tight with one another. She thought about the horror that must have gone on and she remembered some of the other people living there. “What about the women? What about the children?” she asked.

    El Guapo lifted his head and saw the look on his second in command’s face. He knew this must have been heartbreaking for her and wanted to give her some good news. “They lived…they were spared. One or two may have died just because of the bullets flying, but the Montenegros did not kill them. They did take them away, so they are probably serving them at this moment. The children too. Some escaped, but they were taken away. I think your girl was taken too.” he told her.

    La Diabla felt a sense of relief that most of the women and children were ok. She knew their lives were still in hell as they were captured, and she knew what happened to them. She also thought about her own sex slave, Francine and she was happy she was still alive. Then she started to feel anger. She had broken Priscilla back in Santa Selena and now she wanted revenge against her husband and his gang. She wanted to find them and exact brutal revenge. All the things Priscilla did to her, and her sweet friend Cheyenne was enough to enrage her, but the way her gang was decimated was a need for bloodthirsty revenge. “El Guapo!! Let’s get our revenge!!! Do we have any men left?” she asked, her voice starting to rise in anger.

    El Guapo could see the rage building in La Diabla and it did make him feel proud. She was a ruthless woman when she was angry, and he used that skill and emotion to really control things and succeed in the crimes the gang committed. He smiled a little as he always did admire her strong desires. “There were survivors, but they are scattered everywhere. I do not know where everyone is. Some may be here in Ciudad De Serpientes, but many scattered across the country.” he told her calmly.

    “Well then let’s build a NEW gang! There are plenty of men in this town that would love to be a part of the new gang! We can build our forces and then hunt those bastards down!” La Diabla said, sitting upright in her chair, her adrenaline now flowing through her body.

    “La Diabla….” El Guapo started to say. He loved her fighting spirit, but he was a tired man now. He lost the desire to fight and hoped to just find peace for a while. “It’s over. It’s over….” he told her.

    “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S OVER???!!! EL GUAPO!! Come on, let’s fight! I broke that bitch in another town, now let’s get our revenge! We can do this!” La Diabla shouted. She was itching for a fight and if it meant destroying Priscilla and her husband, then she wanted to do everything she could to accomplish that.

    “I love your spirit. I really do. But, it is over. We had a good run. Maybe one day I will form a new gang, but not right now. I just want to be Hector Ramirez for a little while, not El Guapo. Salem, it is time to let it go. I just want to be in peace.” El Guapo told her, using his real name and hers. He leaned back in his chair and extended his legs. He was not ready for a fight and just wanted to be in peace.

    La Diabla was in shock. The man who loved to engage in crimes every chance he got and rule with terror was now talking about living in peace. She understood what he meant because that was how she felt after being in the Elu tribe and around those people. She found peace and happiness in life. She didn’t have to worry about getting involved in a gruesome crime or risk her life for money. She looked at El Guapo and could see the defeat in his eyes. It pained her to see the man who saved her mother and gave her access to riches in this state of mind. She leaned back in her chair and sighed. “Hector, we can do this. I mean, we have to. We can’t let that moron Julio and his bitch wife Priscilla get the best of us.” she told him calmly.

    El Guapo saw the look on La Diabla’s face and smiled. She always made him proud, and he just loved her spirit. “I know Salem, but for right now, I do not want to fight. I came back to my hometown to find some peace and quiet for now. I just want to get away and just exist for a bit. One day I will reform the gang, but until then, I just want to just be. I am letting you know that you are no longer obligated to me. You are free Salem. You can do anything you like without having to report to me. Thank you for everything you have done for me. We had such a great ride. I wish you peace and happiness and live to a very old age…” he said with pride in his voice.

    La Diabla was stunned as she heard El Guapo’s words. He was a broken man at this moment, and she knew that he craved a peaceful existence at the moment, just like she did when she was with the Elu tribe. Hearing that the gang was finished, and that she was no longer obligated to report to him brought mixed emotions. She missed the adventures of the gang and all the fun it brought her, but it also brought her a sense of relief. She could now go through life on a new path. There were already many changes happening to her in her life this past year ever since the gang’s escapades in the town of Plotsville. She was changing and she had a desire to live differently. The gang would always be a part of her life, but now she was going to embark on a new path in life. It felt strange, and she started to get emotional. “Hector….I don’t know what to say. Thank you for everything. My mother is safe and sound because of what you did for her. I will always be grateful for that. I wish we could still continue our journeys together but you sound…..content.” she told him.

    “I am not perfectly happy, but this is how I feel right now. You are the best warrior I have ever been around. Thank you, Salem, for making our gang so powerful. There is no way we could have achieved the glory we did without you. Tell your mother, Isabel, to be safe and happy and that she has an amazing daughter.” El Guapo told her. He felt like a father letting his daughter go into the world. “What will you do now?” he asked.

    “I..I don’t know. I came here to find out what happened to you and the gang and now I know. I guess I will go back home. I live in California right now, with a great group of people.” La Diabla replied. She found herself filling with pride calling the Elu tribe her “home”.

    “Oh yeah, what did happen to you over this time? How did you end up in California?” El Guapo asked.

    La Diabla went ahead and told him the story of her adventure since that night of the villa raid. She told him about how she met Cheyenne and her people and how she had an encounter with Priscilla and how she defeated her. She left out the details of how she was tortured and how she tortured Priscilla in revenge, but she told enough to give a great story. She also left out how she felt about Darby. She did not want to discuss very personal stuff, but still gave a great story. “So, that’s what I have been up to. I still can’t believe it is over. Maybe I will make my own gang. I don’t know….” she said as she leaned back in her chair.

    “Hehehe you can do anything you want, Salem. You have talent and skills. But be careful. Our lifestyle did not guarantee a long life. Maybe you should just enjoy life for a little while. Have fun with the Elu tribe and just become….human. haha” El Guapo joked. He started to get emotional because this was probably the last time he would ever see the great La Diabla. He leaned forward in his chair and smiled. “If you do become powerful again, come find me. Hehehe”

    La Diabla smiled when she heard that and figured it was time for her to go. Her emotions ran wild as this was a goodbye. This was a goodbye of her tenure in the gang and now she had to live a new life of her choosing. She stood up and waited until El Guapo stood up. She then went to hug the man she served a life of crime with. “Gracias El Guapo. I am going to miss you. Be safe and maybe one day our paths will cross again.” she told him.

    El Guapo hugged La Diabla back and he felt those emotions too. This was the last time he was going to be in her presence for a very long time and he savored it. “Thank you La Diabla. You are a beautiful woman and I wish you all the best. Too bad we couldn’t have kids together; I am sure your mother would have liked that…hehehe” he joked knowing that Isabel Veracruz probably would have hated that idea.

    La Diabla couldn’t help but laugh. She remembered what her mother told her the last time she saw her and hearing El Guapo joking about it really made her laugh. She needed to laugh after this moment as it was very heavy on her heart. She laughed harder even though the joke wasn’t that funny, but it was a way of saying goodbye. She then broke the hug and looked at El Guapo’s face. “Hahaha yeah, she would have loved it…” she winked.

    El Guapo looked at La Diabla and smiled. “Well, you should be off now. Please, do not tell anyone I am here. I really do not feel like fighting. I just want to rest for a bit. Next year, I may feel different because I do hope the Montenegros suffer…” he told her.

    La Diabla nodded her head and understood why he needed to remain anonymous. It was the same reason she tried to avoid using her name in certain situations. Self-preservation. She then walked to the door, turned around one more time to look at the man she worked with for years. She nodded her head, then left the premises. She had a whirlwind of emotions as she did not know if she would ever see that man again. As she headed to the stairs, she saw both Veronica and Gabby approaching. She couldn’t tell them at the moment who it was, so she had to keep her emotions in check. She made it to the bottom of the stairs and smiled. “Waiting long?” she asked.

    “Not really, but who was that? Who was that old man?” Gabby asked.

    “An old friend of mine. He hasn’t seen my old gang and says that maybe they do not exist anymore.” La Diabla told them. She then started to walk towards the alley way as she wanted to leave this place. She realized her mission to coming to Mexico was complete. She wanted to know what happened to El Guapo and her gang and she found out. She wanted to be alone for a moment, so she could mourn the deaths of her friends in the gang but held her emotions in check while she was with Gabby and Veronica. “Come on, let’s go back to your place. I am done searching for the day and I am really hungry. haha” she said with a smile.

    Gabby looked over at Veronica and was surprised. Their new friend was already done for the day, which was surprising because they knew how much she wanted to go find her old gang. She started to think that something major happened in La Diabla’s meeting with the old man, but she was not going to question it. “Ok, let’s go back home!” she added, then walked on the right side of La Diabla, while Veronica was on La Diabla’s left.

    La Diabla was doing her level best to remain calm, but her heart was sad after hearing about the death of some of her friends and the fact that El Guapo’s gang was no more. She knew her life was already changing, and this news confirmed it. She had no idea what she was going to do, but she also felt some relief as she could move forward and no longer have to worry about her past with El Guapo and the gang. She was free to do whatever she pleased; she just didn’t know what that was going to be!

    The ladies made it back to the Southside of Ciudad de Serpientes and were nearing home. They were laughing and joking as they walked through the streets. Veronica suggested going towards the Westside of town as it was a nicer and cleaner area to go find some good food. It was something different to do and the ladies loved the idea. As they walked the streets, they could see people walking around and their clothing represented a more “middle class” type of atmosphere. It was good to see, but they still had their eyes peeled in case something happened. They did find a small family-owned restaurant and decided to go there for lunch. They came in, sat at a table and ordered food. They were excited as the food looked amazing. They had fajitas, potatoes and some beer and the conversation was very entertaining.

    “Hahahahaha did she really fall off her horse?” La Diabla asked as she finished hearing a story about how Veronica fell off her horse a little while ago in the past.

    “Yes!!! She fell and almost landed on her very hard head. Made a divot in the ground! Hahahahaha” Gabby laughed.

    “Hey!!! The horse saw something and reacted. I didn’t know it would try to throw me off!” Veronica smiled, trying to defend herself.

    “I am glad you are ok. You did land with a thud! If it was me, it would have been a major earthquake! Hahaha” Gabby laughed in a self-depreciating joke.

    “Hahahaha naw baby, stop saying that about yourself. You are beautiful all the way through.” Veronica said as she looked at her girlfriend. She knew Gabby was a little self-conscious about her weight, but the woman would always still laugh about it.

    “Awww…listen to you two. It is good to see happy couples. Hehe” La Diabla smiled.

    Gabby started to blush, then turned towards La Diabla. “Yes, we are very happy and as you can tell, very much into each other. Especially in private...hehehe” she giggled with a wink.

    Veronica felt herself get aroused as she started to remember the previous night and that amazing love making session. She then turned towards the outlaw. “What about you? Are you involved with anyone? Man, or woman? Is the great La Diabla in love with someone? El Diablo perhaps? hahaha” she joked.

    La Diabla giggled a little with the joke and started to blush a little. She didn’t know how to answer the question posed because she did not want to reveal her love for a certain deputy in Plotsville. She would tell them the truth and she technically was not attached to anyone in a relationship and could hide her emotions for Darby. “No, I am not with anyone. This life doesn’t always allow for relationships. Now, I have had lovers….a woman does have needs you know…” she grinned.

    Gabby felt a large streak of arousal in her body as she heard those words. She quickly looked over at Veronica who had the same look. They wondered if they could one day seduce the outlaw and have that desired threesome with her! “Yeah, we know. hehehe and to tell you the truth, what you were doing with our feet last night really got us turned on. We have to do that again! Hehehe” she offered.

    “Yes, we have to do that again! Maybe we can even touch your feet like that and get you purring.” Veronica added and then winked.

    “You two ladies are funny. Hehehe thanks for the offer, but I am good.” La Diabla responded while blushing. She did enjoy these two flirting with her, but she had to maintain self-control as she did not want them playing with her body and possibly tickling her.

    “Ok….but I got a feeling you would love it…all three of us could have a REALLY good time…” Gabby said in a quiet, flirtatious voice.

    Veronica could feel her nipples getting hard as she thought about that threesome even more. She then took a deep breath and stood up. “I will be right back. I need to get some water. It is only mid-day and we shouldn’t go back home drunk. Hehehe” she giggled.

    “Yeah, bring us back some water too…” Gabby added as she watched Veronica stand up and head back towards the bar area. She then looked at La Diabla and could see she was blushing a little. “I hope we are not making you feel uncomfortable with our flirting. You are our hero, and you are incredibly beautiful, that’s all.” she smiled.

    “That’s ok. I am good. You two are fun to be around. Hehe” La Diabla smiled. She was starting to take a liking to these two and wondered if she would ever engage sexually with them. It had been a while since she felt orgasmic relief and eventually, she knew she would have to get it.

    Veronica had three glasses of water in her hand as she made her way back towards the table. As she was walking, she heard someone trying to get her attention. She looked over and saw a woman sitting at a table, dressed in very nice clothing and staring right back at her. The woman was snapping her fingers and Veronica looked around wondering who she was trying to contact. “Um, are you trying to talk to me?” she asked.

    The woman looked displeased over that question and her eyebrow furrowed. “Yes, who else would I be talking to? Bring me that water, senorita. I am in a rush, and I have been waiting for someone to help me.” she told her.

    Veronica smiled as she figured this woman thought she worked at this place. “Haha sorry Senorita, I don’t work here. I am a customer here and just bringing water back to my friends…” she chuckled.

    “Well, you look like you work here. How about you just bring me the water and then go get a new glass for you and your….friends?” the woman said, then looked over at Veronica’s table and saw La Diabla and Gabby.

    Veronica shook her head in disbelief as she thought she heard this woman insulting her. “Excuse me? What did you say?” she asked.

    “Dios Mio!! *sigh* never mind. I don’t know why I bother with riff raff like you…I will just get it myself. The service here is very poor!” the woman said, then stood up from her table.

    Veronica’s jaw dropped as she heard the woman insult her. “What did you call me? Did you call me…riff raff?” she asked.

    “Yes. Are you hard of hearing? You are probably from the Eastside, aren’t you? No matter. Go back with your hoodlum friends and I will just take care of myself.” the woman said in a huff and walked over towards the bar.

    Veronica was still in shock as this woman insulted her and had a very terrible attitude. She made her way back to the table, placed the glasses down hard and sat down in her chair feeling upset. “That crazy bitch!” she muttered.

    Gabby looked over at Veronica and wondered what happened. Something must have set her off. “Vero, what happened? What bitch?” she asked.

    “See that woman over there at the bar? The one in the green dress and yelling at the lady behind the counter? That bitch thought I worked here AND called me riff raff…” Veronica said, her anger rising.

    La Diabla looked over at the bar area and saw the woman in a green dress appearing to be yelling at the woman behind the counter. She could see her arms flailing and knew that woman was most likely stuck on herself. “Oh, that bitch. Let me talk to her for a moment. I will make her apologize. I need to calm her down…” she said in a cool voice.

    The woman continued to berate the lady behind the counter, demanding a glass of water and for her inconvenience, free beer and food. As she was yelling, she could see the worker’s eyes light up and then she felt a tap on her right shoulder. She turned around and saw a woman standing there. The woman had a look of calm on her face, and she could tell by the clothes, she was not from this part of town. “Yes? Can I help you with something?” she said in anger.

    La Diabla had a smirk on her face as she already figured out this woman. She knew she was some uptight person, who thought she was better than everyone else. She always enjoyed playing with these types of women and if she wasn’t careful, she was going to suffer. “Did you insult my friend?” she asked and then pointed towards Veronica.

    The woman looked over and saw La Diabla pointing at Veronica. She realized this was the friend of Veronica and she seethed. “Yes, I did. Listen, I don’t want any trouble, but you and your riff raff friends need to learn proper manners if you are going to be on this side of town. Not to sound mean, but you all look poor and out of place here.” she told her.

    La Diabla’s eyes popped open as she could not believe this woman was insulting her. Then she let a small, sadistic smile form on her face as she loved putting women like this in their places. She didn’t want to fight this woman here, but then thought of a plan of revenge. “I am going to forget you said that about us. Listen, just get your water, stop yelling at people and be on your way. I am sure you have other people to insult in your miserable life and I will give you a suggestion. You don’t want to insult people who may do things to you…” she warned.

    The woman gasped as she heard those ominous words. She looked around and saw other patrons looking at this situation. She was taller than the woman in front of her, but that woman looked like she could fight, and she was not much of a fighter herself. She then calmed herself and tried to maintain some sort of control without having to resort to possible physical violence. “Is that a threat? I don’t have time for this. You can go back to your…..friends….and leave me alone. Ok? I don’t have time for this as I have a meeting with an important man to discuss finances. Enjoy your…..meager….life…” she said, then promptly walked towards the door and left the premises.

    La Diabla looked at the woman leaving, and she shook her head. She really didn’t like women like that and felt a twinge of anger in her body. She looked over at the worker and smiled. She then walked back to her table and sat down. “That stupid bitch….” she muttered.

    “That is one crazy bitch!! I can’t believe she just openly insulted all of us like that!” Veronica said with an angry tone.

    “Yeah, I want to beat her skinny body down! Who does she think she is?” Gabby said. She was not happy that woman wrecked their happy mood.

    “Ladies don’t worry. Women like that think they are better than us. I grew up around those types of women and trust me, I know how to get revenge and bring them back down to earth. Interested?” La Diabla asked with a grin.

    “Yeah!! I’m in!!” Gabby said with enthusiasm. The sound of revenge was great and with La Diabla, even better.

    “Sure! I would love to teach that bitch a lesson in manners!” Veronica added. She was feeling hyped up and wanted some action.

    “Good! Now, I have an idea for Miss crazy lady, and I think I will teach you of a way to bring women like that down. Believe me, after we are done with her, she will be VERY subservient to us and find some humility in her miserable life. This is what we do….” La Diabla started to say. She then told them her plan but left out how she was going to humiliate the woman. She wanted to save that for the moment it happened. She could see the eagerness in their eyes, and it was time to have some fun.


    Clara Mendoza finally made it back to her small home in the Northside of Ciudad De Serpientes. The area had lots of small homes designed for families and was generally clean. This was the area of the town that had the more middle class to affluent population compared to the Eastside and Southside of the town which was highly crime ridden. She opened the door of her modest one story home and walked in. She was finished with her very long day and wanted to relax. She took off her thin cotton jacket and then sat on her couch. She was relieved after a long day of meetings as she worked in the banking industry and had a meeting with a gentleman, along with her boss, about investing in the bank she worked at in another city. She started to remove her leather shoes to make herself more comfortable and thought about her day. Clara was always busy, and she enjoyed her life. At age 25, and standing at 5’9” tall, she towered over other women and it also helped when she encountered men. Her boss took her to meetings as she took down notes and helped with business proposals. Today, she and her boss went to the Westside of town to meet the client. She did have lunch at a shop in the area and then she remembered a brief encounter she had with three women and a worker there. She always thought highly of herself, and she hated the low working class people. She felt her destiny was to be on the upper part of society and felt disgusted that those type of women were even in the Westside of town. Clara rolled her eyes when she thought about the moment as it was the only thing that was wrong with her day. Little did she know, she was followed throughout the day. “Those dirty bitches! I am so glad I got away from them. They smelled and just looked dirty. I will admit they were pretty, but still should not be near good people.” she huffed as she then prepared for a quiet evening at home.

    La Diabla was leaning against the wall on the side of Clara’s home and her new friends, Gabby and Veronica, were with her. She had revenge in mind and knew exactly how to humiliate the woman she encountered during lunch. This was also an opportunity to teach her new friends how she did business with women like that when thought they were superior. She had followed Clara around town and even saw her meeting with some random man and another. She told Gabby and Veronica that revenge required patience. She knew eventually the woman would go back home and that was where they would strike! “Ok ladies, we saw her go in. I doubt she lives with anyone. The house is too small for family, and I noticed she didn’t wear any wedding rings earlier today. If she has a lover, then we take care of them too.” she whispered to them.

    Gabby was to La Diabla’s left as her back was against the wall and she could feel her heart breathing. She and her lover would rob people, but it was in the alley ways and streets. Going into a home was going to be a new experience and she was excited. Learning from a notorious outlaw was very exciting to her. She wanted to learn and hoped she could be just as powerful and even legendary as La Diabla. “Ok, that sounds good. What will we do to her?” she asked.

    “You’ll see. She has a bad attitude and I have a perfect way to deal with someone like that. We won’t kill her or anything, well, unless she tries to kill us then all bets are off….” La Diabla told them. She looked at both women and could tell they were excited. She felt like a teacher. It was a little weird because for two months, she was teaching men in the Elu tribe various hunting techniques and even some fighting skills. Now, she was teaching two young women how to be criminals. She figured she was good at it, and they wanted to learn. “…so, follow my lead. Once we get inside, we need to have the element of surprise. Veronica, you will have to gag her when Gabby and I grab her. In case someone else is in the house, we don’t want her to alert them. Ok?” she instructed.

    “Yes! I got it! Before we go in, I want to tell you that this is SO exciting! That stupid bitch deserves whatever is about to happen to her. I am ready!” Veronica said in a loud whisper.

    La Diabla smiled as she heard how excited they were. She nodded her head and then got herself ready. It was getting a little dark as the sun was setting. She then started to move quietly to the back of the house to see if there was a back door. Once she made it to the back of the house, she saw a window that was open, probably to keep the inside of the house cool. She did watch the woman go into her home minutes ago, so the element of surprise was still there. She knew that the woman would never expect people to come into her home unannounced. She made it to the window and peeked in by carefully opening the curtain. She saw the kitchen of the house and it was empty. She figured she could slide into the window, then open the back door to let her partners in. “Ok, stay right here. I will get inside, make sure it is clear, then open the door to let you in.” she told them.

    Gabby nodded her head and felt her heart beating a thousand miles per second. This was all so exciting to her and she looked around the back area of the house to make sure no one was watching them. She then watched as the outlaw got inside the window very quickly and got into the house. She turned towards Veronica and smiled. “She is really good at this. Window climbing is her skill. Hehe” she joked.

    “I know! I can’t wait to get inside. You think she will hurt this lady? I mean, she is known for harming people. I really hate this lady, but do we want to see her get seriously hurt?” Veronica asked.

    “I agree. We are with THE La Diabla. I mean, she is known for being cruel. But she is also so nice to us. It is weird…” Gabby responded. She was amazed at how personable La Diabla was, even though she was also known to be very evil while in El Guapo’s gang. There had to be a reason she was known as “The She-Devil”. She then heard the back door opening up and saw La Diabla’s head with her black hat still on. “Ok, looks like we are in!” she told Veronica.

    La Diabla had entered the home and noticed no one was in the kitchen area, or the hallway that would lead to the front of the house. She quickly made it to the back door and carefully opened it up. She then motioned her hand to tell her partners to come in and then she held up an index finger to her lips, telling them to remain quiet. “Follow me…..” she said just by moving her lips.

    Veronica was getting very excited at this moment as she followed Gabby, who followed La Diabla. They now entered the hallway and soon, they would confront the woman who disrespected them at lunch. Her eyes were wide as she saw a fancy painting on the hallway wall and the wallpaper looked very nice. Then she noticed she entered into what appeared to be the living room and her little group stopped. She noticed La Diabla was staring right back at them. “Is she here?” she mouthed.

    La Diabla nodded her head as she read Veronica’s lips. She then pointed her index and middle fingers at her eyes and then pointed them towards what appeared to be another room, letting them know she spotted the woman. She then held her hand up to let them know to wait right there in the living room. She walked towards the room and spotted the woman standing there and starting to remove her clothes. She could already see she was standing in her stockings and now looked like she was unbuttoning her shirt. La Diabla carefully walked up behind her and waited for her to turn around. She remained very quiet, and her eyes were focused. She was waiting for the woman to turn around and when that happened, it was time to have a little fun. She heard the woman releasing a sigh and then she turned around. Once she turned around and before she could scream in fear, La Diabla struck her with her right fist against the left part of the woman’s chin very hard and she crumbled to the floor, out cold. “Night night bitch. Hehehehe now, it is time for you to learn a lesson….

    Clara started to slowly open her eyes as she was coming back to the land of consciousness. Her jaw ached a little and she was trying to process what happened to her. The last thing her mind remembered was unbuttoning her shirt and when she turned around to get ready to take off her shirt and put it in her closet, she felt something strike her jaw with a lot of power behind it and then darkness. Her eyes opened up further and she could see her ceiling. She still wondered what happened and her jaw throbbed a little. She then tried to touch her jaw with her left and realized she couldn’t move her arm. She tried again and she couldn’t move her arm. This alerted her mind and she looked towards her left arm and saw that it was above her head. She tried moving her arm, but it wouldn’t move. Her eyes then looked at her wrist and noticed a white stocking was wrapped around it and tied to her bed post. Clara then instinctively tried to bring her right hand over, but then realized that one couldn’t move either. Her head went side to side and noticed both arms seemed to be tied down. Then she tried to move her legs and they wouldn’t move either! She lifted her head and saw brown stockings wrapped around her ankles, which were still inside her black stockings and tied to the bed posts at the end of the bed. She realized she was tied down and now fear tore through her very soul. “What the hell? Why am I tied up? What happened?!!! Help!!! Who did this to me???!!!” she yelled out.

    “hehehehehe….stuuuuuuuuuupid biiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch…..” a voice sang out.

    Clara immediately froze up when she heard that voice and it sounded ominous. Now her brain really started to spin around as she realized she might have been attacked by someone and now they might kill her! She was tied down on her own bed and completely helpless. She also knew she lived alone, and no one would probably rescue her in time. “Who’s there???!!!” she called out.

    “I’m coming for yooooouuuuu….” a voice sang out again.

    Clara really started to get scared as that voice was already sounding very ominous. She had no idea who would do this to her and why. Her heart was beating hard within her chest, and she could already feel herself sweating. “Please don’t hurt me!!! Show yourself and please let me go!!” she pleaded.

    “You were very naughty today….now you pay a…….price….” the voice said with a menacing tone.

    “Whoever you are?? Please! You can take anything you want! Please do not hurt me! If I did something, I am sorry! Please don’t hurt me!” Clara yelled out. The mention that she was “naughty” made her head review the events of the day. She could not think of anything that happened where she was in the wrong to make someone want to do this to her.

    “Oh, I will take what I want. You can count on that….hehehehe I am coming…..prepare for a horrific nightmare……” the voice continued.

    Clara now started to tug at her bonds desperately, trying to get herself free. Whoever was speaking was scaring her deeply. She noticed that she was tied down very tightly and could not get herself loose. She then lifted her head to see where the voice was coming from and who it was. She also realized that the voice she heard was that of a woman. There was small relief as it wasn’t a man, but there was something very frightening about that woman’s voice. “PLEASE!!! DO NOT HURT ME!” she cried out.

    “hehehe too late for that…. Prepare for your destiny….” the voice said.

    Clara wanted to start crying as that voice continued to haunt her. She started to writhe her body around, anything to try and get herself free. Then her heart nearly stopped as she saw a figure coming through the bedroom door, which was on the same wall as the headboard of her bed. She saw the figure now walking towards the bed and she could see the face. It took a moment, but she recognized that face! It was the face of the woman she saw at the shop where she had lunch. A cold chill went through her body as she remembered what that encounter was like. “No!!! You????!! What did you do to me??? Let me goooooooooo!!!” she cried out.

    La Diabla looked down at Clara and grinned. She always loved it when a victim had that look of abject fear in their eyes. She looked around the bedroom and actually like the décor. The wooden walls were adorned with many pictures, and there was a wooden drawer set against the wall. The window was opposite the drawer and over the bed area on the left hand side. The bed itself was a full size bed with a bright red blanket on top. The floor had wood paneling and there was even a bouquet of flowers on top of the drawer. A pair of chairs were against the back wall and had clothes all over them. La Diabla noticed this woman had a large closet full of clothes and the drawer had a nice jewelry box made of oak. Now, her eyes went back to the woman and saw her trying to writhe in her bonds. It amused her because she knew that woman was going nowhere. “That’s right, it is me. We didn’t formally meet before because quite frankly, you were such a bitch….” she told her.

    Clara gasped as she heard those words. This was definitely not a good situation for her, and she had to figure out a way to get out of it, or she would be seriously harmed. “Why are you doing this to me?? Breaking into my home? I demand that you let me go!!” she told her.

    “hehehehe…..oh you stupid bitch…hehehe do you really think I went through all of this work of knocking you out, tying you up and torturing you is not going to happen because you demanded it? You are just one, STUPID, bitch….” La Diabla taunted. She then sat next to the bed on Clara’s left hand side and patted her left hand on her belly. She felt her body wince and then she moved her hand away. “A bit jumpy, are we?” she teased.

    Clara gasped in shock as she felt that hand pat her belly. Then a wave of fear washed over her as she remembered what the outlaw had just told her. She was going to be tortured? That aspect frightened her, and she started to babble. “Please please please please let me go. Please let me go. I-I don’t want to be tortured!!” she whined.

    “Awwww…..stupid bitch doesn’t want me to torture her. Well, maybe you can get out of this predicament you are in. You see, normally I like to really hurt people. Especially when they disrespect me or my friends. You did that today. Remember them?” La Diabla asked as she then pointed towards the bedroom door.

    Gabby walked into the room as she waited for the cue to enter. She looked over to her right and saw Clara tied down on the bed completely helpless. She giggled and shook her head. “Look! It is that stuck up bitch!” she taunted.

    Veronica entered last and she had a huge grin on her face. This same woman that insulted her and was very rude to her was now completely helpless. She listened to La Diabla torment the woman with words and she was impressed. She hoped that she could be just as effective one day. She walked over to the trapped woman and grinned. “Remember me? I am sure you do. I am riff raff, remember?” she said in a cold voice.

    Clara saw both Gabby and Veronica enter her room and her body went cold. All three women she encountered at lunch were here in her room of her own home. She had no idea how they knew where she lived, but this was not a good position to be in. She was tied down on her bed and was already told about getting tortured. She felt herself starting to sweat and seeing that cold look on Veronica’s face made her realize these women were going to do something bad to her. With all three women here, she was vastly outnumbered and helpless. “Look, ladies….I-I am sorry for my behavior earlier. I-I was, um, stressed out. I had important meetings. I am really sorry…” she apologized.

    “Wow, apologizing already? That’s funny….” La Diabla teased. She then looked over at both Gabby and Veronica who were staring at this woman with a lot of anger in their eyes. She loved that look as it showed passion. Now it was time for her to teach her friends the fine arts of a torture method she loved to do. But she still wanted to play with this woman’s head. She then looked over at her face and smiled. “What is your name anyway? I would prefer to call you Bitch, but I want you to have the opportunity to let me call you by your name.” she asked.

    Clara went from looking at Veronica’s face to La Diabla’s. Even though Veronica had a cold look on her face, and La Diabla was grinning at her, she had more fear for the outlaw. She could sense how dangerous this woman was and knew she had to be careful. She also figured La Diabla was older and perhaps she was the leader of this group. “It’s...Clara.” she responded.

    “Clara? Clara…..that’s a nice name actually. But why are you such a bitch, Clara? You know you disrespected us earlier today and we just can’t have that! So, I figure you need to learn a lesson about respect. In fact, I will even give you a choice! Want to know what your options are?” La Diabla teased. She absolutely loved these types of mental games with her victims. She then looked over at both Gabby and Veronica and they looked anxious about this situation. Then her eyes went back to Clara and saw that fear.

    Clara’s jaw dropped as she heard she had an option of what her fate was going to be. She did not want to participate in this and knew either choice would be bad. But she also figured that if she didn’t make a choice, that evil woman might choose for her or maybe even do both! She gulped and stared at La Diabla. “I-I want to know what my options are…” she muttered in fear.

    La Diabla started to chuckle. It started low, but then increased in intensity as she loved the fear in Clara’s voice. She then placed her hand back on the exposed and vulnerable stomach and grinned. “Well, here are your options! One is, I can take out this knife of mine and cut your belly open, cut up your intestines, replace them with stockings and then kill you. Or……….a surprise option! Now, this surprise option will not kill you. You will remain alive afterwards. You will truly hate life, and you will be destroyed, but you will live. What will it be? You only get one choice AND once you pick, you can’t change your mind.” she offered.

    Veronica looked over at Gabby and she had a look of shock on her face just like she did. She heard the options La Diabla gave Clara and had no idea what the surprise option was. She wondered what could possibly be as bad as option one but sounds like the better choice. She remembered what La Diabla told them before this situation. She was going to teach them the fine art of torture she performed. She was now anxious and excited to learn what it would be!

    “What? A surprise option?!!! I-I…..” Clara started. She absolutely hated the first choice as it meant she would perish. But her mind started to wonder what the next option was. She had a hunch it wouldn’t be good for her and probably horrible, but she would be alive. She also noticed the second option didn’t take away the possibility of pain from happening, but it still concerned her. Then her eyes went wide when she saw La Diabla pull out a rather large knife. It looked sharp and then she remembered that if she did not choose, that knife may get chosen for her. She watched in horror as the knife went towards her belly area. Her shirt was still unbuttoned, so the knife would go right through her flesh! “THE SURPRISE OPTION!!! I TAKE THE SURPRISE OPTION!!!” she screamed out.

    Gabby was in awe as she watched this interaction take place. It was exciting listening to how La Diabla talked to Clara and how her tone of voice manipulated emotions. Her eyes went wide when she saw the knife come out and it amazed her how well armed La Diabla could be. She knew about the guns, but this knife was a different twist. La Diabla was living up to the reputation she always knew about and now she wondered what this surprise option was going to be, so she could learn it and then use it on others.

    “hahahaha good girl! I think the surprise option is the much wiser choice…” La Diabla teased, then placed the knife down on the bed to use later. She then got up on the bed, and onto her knees. She then made her way towards that spot on the bed between Clara’s spreadeagled legs. Once she got in position, she could see the look of sheer fright on her victim’s face. “I hope you don’t mind if my girls observe, do you? They are learning from me, and this will be a very educational experience for them. I would thank you for participating in this lesson, but one, you’re a snobby bitch. Two, why should I thank you when you were such a rude bitch to us earlier? And three, I just don’t like you….” she taunted.

    Clara watched in horror as she saw La Diabla crawling to that space between her legs on the bed and so close to her body. She felt a little relief from the fact she wasn’t going to be stabbed but had a lot of fear flowing through her veins as she had no idea how she was about to get tortured. She looked over at Veronica and Gabby and hoped they would try to stop this from happening. “Help me!! Please help me!!” she begged.

    “hahahah you must be kidding you whore. After the way you treated me today, I am going to enjoy watching you suffer!!” Veronica responded.

    “Hehehe yeah, she doesn’t like you either. In fact, she hates you more than I do….” La Diabla laughed. She then looked over at Veronica and grinned. “Could you do the honors and gag her?” she asked.

    “With pleasure!! We don’t want to hear her scream….” Veronica said with a cool voice. Even though she had no idea what was about to happen, she knew screaming would take place. She looked over at Gabby and their lesson was about to begin. She stood next to Gabby and placed her right arm across the shoulders of her girlfriend. “I wonder what she is about to do to that slut….” she whispered in her ear.

    “I know! Whatever it is, I am glad it is not one of us! La Diabla….she is soooo good at this! I can feel goosebumps myself! Hehe” Gabby responded with a soft giggle.

    La Diabla saw her friends looking excited and she felt her own adrenaline starting to rise. It was time to have some fun with this woman who dared to mistreat them at lunch. This was also her first time in two months that she truly got to torture someone. “Ok you worthless slut, I guess I am about to find out just how sensitive your skin is….hehehehe” she threatened.

    Clara looked over at Veronica and saw her coming towards her with something in her hand. Then, her head snapped forward when she heard La Diabla talking about her sensitive skin. Fear gripped her body as she did not know what was about to happen to her. She had no idea what these women were up to, but it was not going to be good. Her shirt was still unbuttoned, but at least she was still clothed. She still had her black pants on, and her black stockings covered her feet. She then looked over at Veronica again and she had a blue handkerchief in her hand, and it was moving towards her mouth. She did not want to be gagged!! She clamped her lips tightly and turned her head to the right, trying to avoid the attempt.

    La Diabla saw Clara move her head to avoid being gagged and smiled. She then closed her right hand into a fist and did a small punch to the exposed stomach area. It wasn’t a very hard blow, but enough to stop Clara’s attempt to concentrate. “Open up, bitch!” she yelled.

    Clara felt that blow to her stomach and she was not expecting it. She immediately opened her mouth to scream and suddenly she felt that handkerchief going into her mouth. It was being stuffed into her mouth and her eyes were wide with fright. They were gagging her, and she wouldn’t be able to scream. Now she was deeply frightened as these women were probably going to hurt her and no one would be able to help her. Now with the gag in place, she started to get emotional as these women were really going to bring her harm. She started to whimper through the gag and looked at the sadistic glee etched on La Diabla’s face.

    “Good job. Now, she won’t be screaming. She also can’t beg us clearly, so we can torture her without having to hear her pathetic cries. Now, you two just watch and learn what I like to do to women like this. It would be much easier to simply beat her up, stab her or shoot her, but for someone like this, you want to break their will. You want to humiliate them and feel great shame. You might be surprised by it, but trust me, it is VERY effective….” La Diabla told her friends.

    Veronica grinned upon hearing those words and she was excited to find out what torture method this would be. She could tell that La Diabla really loved whatever it was, and now she was going to learn it as well. She then looked over at her lover and saw that same excitement. “This should be fun!” she said with glee.

    Clara gasped as she heard about being tortured to the point of humiliation. She wondered what was going to be done to her to make her feel shame and humiliation and saw that her captors were very excited. She started to beg into her gag to be freed. “Please! Let me go! Don’t hurt me! I am sorry!!” she mumbled.

    La Diabla heard that begging and she knew she had Clara right where she wanted her. With a sly smile she carefully placed her fingertips on the exposed belly after pulling the shirt flaps open. She felt the body wince under her touch, and she felt a rush of excitement. “You do have some very soft skin, Clara. I do wonder though. With such an evil soul such as yours, does your body like to be touched? Like this….” she asked as her fingers started to lightly stroke over the belly area.

    Clara let out a yelp and her body started to move around. She could feel those fingers on her stomach and to her surprise, they moved very lightly over her skin. She saw the look of joy on the outlaw’s face and wondered how she was going to get hurt. With those fingers moving so softly over her skin, she started to feel those ticklish sensations. She tried to hold her breath, so she wouldn’t laugh because if she did then her captor would probably try to keep tickling her. She thought La Diabla was doing that with her fingers just to see how soft her skin was and hoped that feeling would stop soon. Her stomach started to jitter, and she closed her eyes, doing everything she could to block the sensations.

    “Hmmm…why is your body moving around so much? I can see you tightened your stomach muscles. Don’t you like this very relaxing touch? Hmmmm….I am starting to wonder right now. Is the mouthy bitch Clara, a bit…….ticklish or something?” La Diabla teased as her fingertips moved a little faster over the skin, causing the stomach to really move around. She liked the fact that Clara had a thin body and could drill her fingers into her when the time came. She then turned her head and saw the wide eyed stares of her friends.

    Gabby’s mouth was wide opened, and her eyes were peeled. She watched how La Diabla was moving her fingers over the stomach area, and it dawned on her what the torture was going to be. She was going to tickle this woman as torture! When she heard the word “ticklish”, that confirmed it. The outlaw was going to tickle this woman as torture? Her mind started to flash back to the previous night when her and Veronica’s feet were being tickled by La Diabla. That feeling on the soles of her feet really got her body going, but she also remembered in her youth when she was tickled tortured by neighborhood kids. The fact this woman was going to be tickled excited her. “Y-You’re going to tickle her?” she asked in great surprise.

    “Hehehehe she is really sensitive it seems. See how much she is trying to resist exploding into laughter? Soon, she will be screaming in laughter and will be begging me to stop. This is going to be really fun!” La Diabla responded then looked at Clara. She could see the woman’s eyes watering up and knew she had a very ticklish woman on her hands.

    “Wow! Tickling as torture? You know, I like it….I really like it.” Veronica said with some happiness and surprise. She also remembered how her feet were tickled by La Diabla. Her attempts were very light, and it drove her insane with lust. She understood how powerful being tickled could be and now it was going to be used as a form of torture. Her adrenaline was really pumping, and she wanted to see more!

    Clara felt those fingers continuing to move over her body and when she heard La Diabla ask her if she was ticklish, she panicked. She absolutely did not like being tickled! She knew just how sensitive she was, and it was unfathomable that she was going to be tickle tortured. Her mind recalled a moment with her and a former boyfriend when she was held down and he tickled her all over. It was so rough and seemed to last forever and she hated him afterwards. She nearly broke up with him at the moment because he was unrelenting. That only lasted a few minutes. Now she was currently tied down and under the captivity of women who did not like her at all, and she had insulted them earlier in the day. Her eyes were wide with fright, and she begged in her gag immediately. “Please!!! You can’t do this!! Do not tickle me! I am sorry!! Hahahahahahaha” she screamed into her gag.

    “Awwww….someone is ticklish! I love that! We are going to have so much fun together! Does it tickle when I do this?” La Diabla asked as she moved her fingers from the center of the belly and moved each hand outward towards the sides. She could feel the body wanting to thrash around. She smiled as she knew that by tying the woman down spreadeagled on the bed, there wasn’t much wiggle room. Her victim could move a little but wouldn’t be able to twist her body away. Her fingers then went from the sides and moved back towards the middle of the stomach. She could hear that panicked muffled laughter and simply continued stroking that skin.

    Gabby turned towards Veronica and smiled. She could see her girlfriend looking on with great interest. This did seem really exciting, and she also imagined how sensual it could be. It was very interesting knowing someone as dangerous as La Diabla would use something like tickling to torture another person. She heard all about the gunfights, physical fights and other brutal ways the outlaw handled people, so watching her use tickling was a new twist. She really started to like La Diabla and found her to be this unique individual. She heard of her evil side, she got to see her nice side, even her sexual side. But this method of torturing someone really got her excited. She wondered if she and Veronica would help tickle Clara and with that thought, she leaned over and gave Veronica a kiss on her cheek. “This is sooooooooo exciting!” she whispered in her ear.

    Veronica was mesmerized by La Diabla’s fingers moving around that bare stomach. Just watching how they moved from the middle of the belly to the sides and back again seemed like so much fun, but also made her shiver as if that was her, she would also be screaming. It made her appreciate the outlaw even more because her own feet were tickled, but it was done in a very sensual manner. There seemed to be an art form to this method and it got her really pumped up. She wondered if she would be able to inflict it on someone and was eager to learn more. She then heard Gabby’s voice after a kiss on her cheek and she looked at her. “It really is! I hope we get a chance to tickle that bitch!” she whispered back.

    Clara continued to scream into her gag as she felt those fingertips continuing to stroke across her very ticklish stomach. Her body was already suffering and when the fingertips made it to her sides, she couldn’t help but let out some high pitched squeals which made her feel silly. She couldn’t help it, but it still made her look very weak. She shut her eyes and tried to fight the maddening sensation on her stomach. But when the fingers made it directly into the middle of her belly, her entire body shivered and the ticklish feelings started to get overwhelming. She opened her eyes again and saw the outlaw staring right back at her!

    “Awww…..I bet this is driving you really crazy! I mean, your tummy is being tickled and you have no idea when it will stop. The bad news is, neither do I…hehehehe” La Diabla teased as she continued to move her fingers across the skin. She then changed up her motion by now lightly fluttering her fingertips over the soft skin and could feel the body moving around a bit more, reacting to her touch. This was always something she loved to do. Tickling a woman was always fun and she remembered how she would tickle lovers in her past while making love. It also made her think of Darby and how she tickled her out of anger, and also love. Right now, she was focused on torture. This woman was going to truly suffer, and it would also let her new friends learn a new skill. La Diabla always truly loved the look of ticklish anguish on a woman’s face and now it was time to mess with this victim’s mind. She looked forward to breaking this woman and based on her ticklish responses, that wouldn’t take too long. “Yeah, no idea when this will all stop. I am going to just keep tickling…….and tickling…….and tickling……and tickling……and tickling you until you lose your mind. The best part is, I am going to enjoy torturing you like this. And if you think this is bad, just wait until you are completely naked! I bet there are spots on your body you never knew were ticklish hehehehehehe” she threatened.

    Clara went into a full ticklish panic when she heard the outlaw’s ominous words. She was going to be naked? That really sent her mind into a frenzy as this woman was going to completely humiliate her. She did not want to be tickled and she definitely did not want to be stripped naked. She was not interested in women sexually, or at least she never really thought about it and being naked in front of them would be so embarrassing. Her mind continued to race and she had no idea how she was going to escape this moment. There was no one there to help her and fear really started to set in. She couldn’t even beg!

    Veronica’s jaw nearly fell off when she heard La Diabla indicating that Clara was going to be naked. This was an entirely new twist to someone being tickle tortured. When her feet were tickled, along with Gabby’s the previous night, they were going to be have sex and be naked anyway. Now, this victim was going to be tickled naked! She felt her own arousal starting to rise as this was going to be a very exciting learning experience. She turned towards Gabby and had a huge smile. “She is going to tickle her naked body?? Ooooh!!!” she said with excitement.

    “Yeah!! Oh this is getting to be good!” Gabby responded. Her own arousal was spiking, and she couldn’t wait to see that happen. Then she also wondered if La Diabla was playing a simple mind game on Clara. The outlaw had talked about mind games and thought perhaps it was to just psyche Clara out. She hoped the woman would be stripped naked, but chances were she wasn’t going to be, at least according to her thoughts.

    La Diabla continued to move her fingers around that soft skin on Clara’s stomach and loved how she was trying her best to wiggle around them. Her eyes then focused on the abdomen and could see how her fingers would move from the sides to the middle of the belly, then she took them down to where the stomach area disappeared into the pants, then back up again and around the navel. One thing she loved at this moment was she could hear those giggles coming from Clara. She wasn’t screaming in laughter at the moment, but that would soon come. She wanted to get her body all revved up and move around, so when she did tickle her harder, the screams would sound very beautiful in that gag. She then took the tip of her left index finger and slowly circled it around the outside edges of the belly button. Tickling this area always gave her a great thrill because she knew how sensitive the skin was there. La Diabla’s eyes then looked up at Clara’s and she could see that fear. Pure ticklish fear. She smirked, then blew her a kiss. “Awww….poor thing! You have a very ticklish belly button! I can tell. We are going to have some FUN with it! I bet you never thought your day was going to be like this, but here you are….hehehe” she told her in a taunting tone.

    Clara’s body shivered as she heard those words. She looked at the expressions on La Diabla’s face and she felt fear. This woman looked like she wanted to utterly destroy her. She truly started to think she was coming into contact with the devil! She continued to grunt ticklish giggles as that single finger was so close to her navel. She could feel those ticklish tremors in her body, and she still thought about what the outlaw told her. She was going to be naked eventually! That fear was making her body even more sensitive and she tried her best to beg with the gag in her mouth. “Please! Just let me go! I am sorry!” she mumbled into the gag.

    “You’re sorry? Oh you will be, that’s for sure. Now, what will happen to you when my finger gets………reeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy……close to going inside….your…..cute…..little…..button?” La Diabla taunted. With each word, she did a quick swipe with the tip of her finger, just outside the rim of the navel. She enjoyed each jerk of the body she was getting and soon, she was going to go hard after her victim. She then turned towards her right and looked at Veronica and Gabby. The looks on their faces truly excited her, and she smiled. “Do you two think she is going to be horrifically ticklish on her cute little navel?” she asked.

    Gabby was feeling her mouth go dry as she watched and listened to La Diabla teasing Clara. She then saw La Diabla looking at her and she couldn’t help but smile. “I think she is going to be really ticklish there! That is always a sensitive spot and if that bitch is remotely human, then she is going to go crazy!” she smiled.

    “Yes!! I am curious how ticklish she is there. I mean, maybe she won’t be as bad as we think. I guess there’s only on way to find out…” Veronica grinned. She then looked over at Clara’s face and loved that look of fear on it. This was getting to be more exciting to her and was getting into this moment.

    Clara heard these women talking about her as though she was an experiment and she wanted to start crying. They were really going to torture her and do it with something like tickling. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever think tickling could be used to torture someone. She then looked back at La Diabla and that woman had a sadistic smile on her face again. She gasped and felt her body on edge as she saw the left index finger starting to go towards her belly button. She started to try and move her body as much as she could but being spread eagled prevented her from getting away. The finger got closer and closer, and her nerves were on edge. All she could think about was how much this was all going to tickle her. Clara held her breath and her eyes were wide with fright. Soft whimpers were coming from her mouth and awaited her ticklish doom.

    La Diabla slowly moved her finger towards the exposed belly button. When it got really close, she looked at the look on Clara’s face. The wide opened eyes. The gritting of the teeth under the gag. The holding of the breath and the tension of the body were all things she wanted her to have. “Tickle tickle” she said then placed her finger inside the navel and started to spin it around.

    Clara exploded in laughter as she felt that finger spinning inside her belly button. It felt absolutely horrific, and she couldn’t help but explode into laughter. The way the finger was moving inside her navel was very strong and she felt it in her bones. Her legs and arms tried to move around, and she wanted to use her hands to knock away La Diabla’s, but they wouldn’t move. The true realization of how she was tied up became really apparent to her and it scared her. There was nothing she could do to avoid this attack and she felt helpless. Her voice screamed as loud as she could into the gag because of how ticklish she was, but also how scared she was. It seemed as though fear intensified the ticklishness in her body, and she screamed louder.

    “Hehehehe I love it when you scream like that! That’s right you miserable bitch, you are going to…… suffer. I mean…..suffer. This is just the beginning too! I want to find all your ticklish spots on your body. Mmmm….I know of a few places you probably didn’t think were ticklish, but you will find out.” La Diabla teased. She was enjoying herself as she continued to swirl her finger in the helpless belly button. She felt her own adrenaline flowing as she listened to the hysterical muffled laughter coming from this victim. She enjoyed this kind of torture because tickling a woman she didn’t like was always the best. La Diabla truly adored tickling women she loved, such as Cheyenne and especially Darby, but with women she didn’t like, or outright hated such as Priscilla, tickling them as a method of torture gave her a sense of power. How she could manipulate their bodies to her will and have them broken. She could prolong their torture with tickling because with pain, the victim may die or bleed too much. She wanted them to feel their living hell forever and by the most unassuming torture method possible. She continued to flicker her finger in the navel, then with her right index finger, she poked the left side of Clara, just to get her screaming.

    Veronica felt herself starting to get turned on watching La Diabla tickle Clara. It was surreal to her that hours earlier, that woman tied up on the bed was treating her like filth, now she was trapped and screaming her head off. It was simply amazing this was happening as she experienced the more playful, sensual side of being tickled and Clara was being tortured. She started to wonder when she would be able to inflict that kind of punishment on someone. She really hoped she could join in on this torture as she wanted a little revenge against that woman as well. Veronica enjoyed watching her laugh uncontrollably and wished for her to suffer even more.

    Clara continued to scream as she felt that finger swirling in her navel over and over again. The poke on her left side made her squeal as she didn’t expect it and she was always responsive on her sides. She started to close her eyes as the sensations were breaking her down. She continued to strain her arms and legs, desperate to get free. But it was no use. The way she was tied, there wasn’t much slack, and she felt so helpless. Then the finger came to a stop and left her belly button. She felt so much relief washing over her, and she gasped as though she was coming up from under water. She started to beg desperately under her gag as her lungs filled with precious oxygen once again.

    “Awww…someone is already tired! I sure would hate to be you right now. You know why? Because we just started. This was just your cute tummy I played with. Now, I will move on to something else. Before we can do that, let me get rid of that shirt you have. It is in my way. Oh, you better stay VERY still. My knife wants to cut the shirt, not your skin…..” La Diabla threatened as she picked up her knife that was on the bed.

    Clara felt herself turning white as a ghost when she heard that her shirt was going to be cut off. The fear that her skin might be cut frightened her even more. She held her breath and watched in helplessness as she saw the knife now cutting through her expensive shirt. It was already unbuttoned, but now it was being cut to shreds. She desperately kept her emotions in check as she wanted to break down and cry over this situation. The words of the outlaw kept running through her head about being naked. The way this woman was cutting her shirt off right now convinced her that she would indeed end up naked in front of her. The sounds of the fabric of the shirt being cut seemed so loud to her and all she could do was whimper. “Please….let me go….please…” she said softly under her gag.

    Gabby felt her arousal starting to grow as she watched the scene before her. That horrific laughter from the belly button tickling was already exciting her, now watching Clara getting stripped of her shirt made her even more thrilled. She saw how the shirt was being cut up into pieces and marveled at the style La Diabla was performing. She was happy the outlaw was on her side, and she wasn’t the victim. She could only imagine the terror Clara was going through, and it felt good. The woman deserved it after being so rude to them earlier. Gabby gasped as she saw the shirt now being pulled and torn off the body of Clara and now the woman was only in her bra, pants and black stockings. “Oooh...I might see some tits!” she thought to herself.

    La Diabla held up the tattered shirt in the air, then tossed it over her shoulder. Now her victim was shirtless and only the bra prevented her from being naked from the waist up. She looked over Clara and thought she was rather attractive physically with her smooth-looking brown skin. The stomach was flat, and her chest seemed to be a very nice size. It was either a B or C cup and she would soon find out. “Now that we got that pesky shirt out of the way, it is time to play with more of your sexy skin. I am debating though. Should I expose those tits of yours now, or later? Eh, I don’t care what you think, let me ask my friends. Ladies, want to see her tits?” she teased.

    Clara felt full panic in her body as she heard those words. It was such a horrible feeling for her when she lost her shirt and saw it being shredded and then tossed over La Diabla’s shoulder like it was trash. She felt humiliated for being trapped and having her chest exposed, only her bra covering her. Now that protection was being threatened and that set off sheer desperation in her body. She did not want these women to see her breasts! She was a very modest person, only showing them to lovers or to a doctor. To have them shown to these women would be the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to her. She didn’t want women to look at a private area of hers and she started to writhe in her bonds and grunt as loud as she could. “Nooo!!! Don’t you dare!!” she screamed but muffled inside the gag.

    Veronica felt her own nipples get stiff as she heard the question. This was such a pivotal moment and had a desire to see how far this would all go. She was just asked to see the breasts of a woman they were trying to humiliate. She tried to imagine how terrified she would be if she was going to be humiliated like Clara. It would be a horrible feeling and that made her want to do it even more! She looked over at La Diabla and nodded her head yes. She wanted to completely embarrass that woman and this next move would move towards that goal. “Yes!!! Let’s see what she has hiding under that bra. Let’s see those tits!!” she yelled out.

    Gabby heard her lover’s enthusiasm and that made her lust for her. She wanted to play with her as her own arousal was spiking, but there was still the matter of tormenting Clara. The thought of seeing that woman’s breasts did sound very exciting. “Yes, I want to see them too! How about that, you bitch? Going to show those titties of yours? You called us riff raff earlier, but it turns out you are nothing but a whore. Showing your breasts like that! And to women!! You slut! Hehehe” she taunted.

    “You hear that? Looks like I learned that you are a slut! They want to see what you have under this bra of yours. I guess it is time to see your breasts! I bet you want to show them off, don’t you?” La Diabla teased. She then held up her knife and placed it close to Clara’s eyes. She turned the blade over, just to show the petrified woman how sharp the knife was. “Oooh! I love to sharpen my knife. Cuts things really easy! Like flesh….. So, if you don’t want to be cut, I suggest you keep yourself VERY still, so I can show off these wonderful tits of yours…” she teased.

    Clara felt her eyes welling up with tears as she heard these evil women wanting to see her naked chest. This moment was completely humiliating for her, and they made her feel like some common whore found in East Ciudad De Serpientes. Her eyes looked at the very sharp blade in front of them and she had no doubt it was razor sharp. She knew her chest was going to be exposed and these women were sure to make her feel like a whore. Then her eyes focused on the knife moving towards the bra and held her breath in sheer fright as the top of the blade touched her chest, right in between her mounds, and the cutting edge of the blade started to saw through her garment. Clara still could not believe she was in this predicament and was scared like she never had been in her entire life. “Please….don’t do this to me..I’m sorry…I’m sorry..” she mumbled into her gag.

    “Awwww you’re sorry, huh? Well, you will be….” La Diabla told her and continued to saw her knife on that material. Soon, the strap connecting the cups was cut and she smiled. She then used the knife to cut the shoulder straps of the bra to make sure she could remove the garment in its entirety. Once those were cut, she rested the knife on the bed again and moved her hands towards both cups. Once she did that, she gave the covered breasts a squeeze. “Hey!! These are NICE!!! I can tell you are going to have some amazing breasts!” she said with glee.

    Veronica wanted to reach for her own nipples as she started to get caught up in the eroticism of the moment. She watched La Diabla gently squeezing each of Clara’s breasts and it made her think about whenever Gabby squeezed hers. It was always a pleasurable feeling. But for poor Clara, it had to be a traumatic feeling. This method of torture kept getting better and better in her eyes and wanted to see how much further this would go on. She licked her lips and truly wanted to see Clara humiliated. Veronica definitely wanted to see her stripped naked, then find out all the ticklish spots!

    Clara let tears fall from her eyes as she felt her breasts being groped by La Diabla. This was the most embarrassing moment she ever had and there was nothing she could do. She did enjoy whenever a lover squeezed her breasts like this, but that was with men, never a woman. She looked at La Diabla’s face and could see lust in her eyes. She started to wonder if that woman liked having sex with women. It seemed like it with all the sexual type of talk. Clara started to wonder if this whole ordeal was going to turn into something sexual. She had fantasized about a lesbian encounter a few years ago, but never had the nerve to try anything. Now, it looked like she was going to be forced into it and by a woman that physically looked beautiful but seemed to be very evil. She now felt the hands ceasing to squeeze her breasts and looked on in horror as the fingers now were touching the edges of the cups of the bra. Her breasts were going to be exposed at any moment! She shook her head “no”, trying to beg one last time to keep some of her dignity.

    La Diabla smirked as she saw Clara’s head shaking “no”. She felt a rush of excitement in her body because her victim was suffering from embarrassment and most likely shame. She licked her lips and then looked at the bra. Her fingers started to pull upwards, and the cups started to come off the mounds. At any moment, she was going to see this naked chest and drive this woman crazy. She wanted to sexually humiliate her and looked forward to it. The cups came off the breasts and she slowly pulled the shredded garment all the way off the body and tossed it over her shoulder. Her eyes then looked down and the naked breasts were exposed. La Diabla felt a tingle between her own legs as those breasts looked amazing. They were a size C and had a very nice shape to them. They were a bit perky, and that tanned skin looked very soft and supple. Her eyes looked at those tiny brown nipples and she felt her own get stiff. She was truly going to enjoy playing with them. “Wow……I must say…..you have some amazing looking tits…” she cooed.

    Clara’s face turned beet red as her chest was finally exposed. She saw the look of lust in La Diabla’s eyes, and she just couldn’t help but feel so helpless. She still could not believe she was tied down on her own bed and now her naked chest was exposed for three women to gaze at. She closed her eyes and started to mewl in humiliation. La Diabla’s compliments were tearing through her soul. She liked having her breasts being called amazing, but not from the woman who was trying to torture her.

    Gabby’s jaw nearly hit the ground as she looked at those sensational breasts. They were indeed very nice, and this entire torture session just took a very erotic turn for her. It made her think of the previous night when she was making love to Veronica. Having their feet lightly tickled made that session even more pleasurable and enhanced the sex. Now, the woman who insulted them was about to go through sexual humiliation. It made her admire La Diabla more than she already had. The outlaw seemed to be very talented at all things sex. She was very curious about what was about to happen next. Gabby then turned her head towards Veronica and could tell she was just as excited.

    Veronica had no words as she was completely shocked at what she was witnessing. La Diabla was showing a very exciting and erotic side to torturing someone. The previous night when she got her feet tickled and then making love to Gabby was something that would be on her mind forever. But this was different. She always thought torture was brutal and gory. This was a very erotic scene and now she wanted more. She was very anxious to see what was about to happen to Clara. She then looked at Gabby and saw her looking right back at her. She knew they were both excited and wondered if they would be having sex again tonight with La Diabla potentially tickling their feet again.

    La Diabla then turned her head towards her friends and smiled. The looks on their faces and their body language indicated they were very aroused about this moment. Now, it was time to show them the next phase of this torture situation. “Hey, can one of you pluck a feather out of one of this bitch’s hats?” she asked.

    Veronica looked back at La Diabla and heard her instruction. She was going to use a feather? That sounded very exciting! She then looked over at the hat stand and saw a hat that had multiple feathers. She walked over towards it and picked the hat up. She looked at the feathers and saw a long, stiff black feather and she plucked it from the hat. She started to realize what was about to take place with this feather and she felt herself getting very wet. She walked over towards La Diabla and handed her the feather. “W-what are you going to do with that feather?” she asked.

    La Diabla took the feather from Veronica and could see that look of extreme lust on her face. This entire situation was getting to be a lot of fun for her and now it was time to push the envelope. She winked back at Veronica and smiled. “Just watch….you might really like this. Both of you….” she told them and then looked right back at Clara.

    Clara saw a feather plucked from one of her fancy hats and given to La Diabla. She saw that long, black feather twirling between the fingers of the outlaw and wondered what was going to happen to her. Her heart was beating like a hummingbird’s wings, and she could feel herself having very short breaths in nervous anticipation. “Please…let me go….” she whimpered under her gag.

    “You look so scared!!! Don’t be scared, Clara! I am not going to hurt you. That should give you great happiness! Don’t get me wrong, I will torture you, but I got a feeling you are going to like it….hehehe” La Diabla teased. She then lowered the feather closer towards the left breasts and she saw the mound shaking. She loved scared victims and couldn’t wait to see how she would react to a feather’s touch. She then did a very quick swipe of the feather across top of the breasts and heard a giggle come out. She then did a quick swipe on the top of the right breast and saw the entire chest trembling and heard a shocked giggle. “Mmmmm….. I bet you never thought your breasts were ticklish, did you? Oh yes, I am going to tickle these titties of yours. Hehehe You can thank me later…..” she teased.

    Clara felt those feather swipes on the top of her breasts and was stunned that she giggled. In her 25 years of life, she never knew her breasts could be…….ticklish! That revelation put her into total shock as she realized what La Diabla was about to do to her next. Her breasts were going to be tickled? She started to struggle in her bonds once again, which shook her breasts around. Her head was shaking side to side in a “no” fashion as the feather did another swipe across the top of her left breast. That sent a large ticklish sensation in her body and let out a squeal. She was going to be tickled tortured again and there was nothing she could do!

    La Diabla smiled as she heard those delicious squeals coming from Clara. Now it was time to tease and torment the breasts, then when she was done, she would go invade those armpits she could see. It was time to give Clara a bit of agony and ecstasy. She wanted to force her to like these sensual feelings and break her mind. She slowly slid the feather on top of the breast, very close to the nipple and loved how the mound shook and trembled under the feather’s touch. As the feather sawed across that very sensitive skin, she licked her lips and winked at Clara. “You may hate me, but when I am done with you, you will want to love me….hehehe” she teased.

    Gabby wanted to touch herself as she saw the feather tickling on poor Clara’s tit. She could see those black fronds slowly sliding across that flesh and she felt like it was happening to her. The way the feather got close to the nipple; she felt her own nipple throb. She could hear those cute, muffled squeals from Clara and imagined the poor woman was suffering, which gave her great delight. Then, she heard a whisper in her ear.

    “Are you as turned on as I am?” Veronica whispered. She looked at the feather slowly stroking all across the top part of the left breast and it was so erotic to her. She wanted to see what would happen when the nipple was played with and was also happy, she was here with her lover.

    “Yeah, this is…….amazing. I can’t believe I am watching La Diabla tickle torture a titty….” Gabby responded. She was loving the scene and then gasped as she saw the feather move over to the top of the right breast. She could still hear those giggles and squeals coming from Clara and tried to imagine how it would feel if it happened to her.

    “I think we should try it when we go home tonight...hehe” Veronica whispered to Gabby. She was curious about how it would feel if her breasts were feathered. It was an amazing feeling when her feet were lightly tickled, so her breasts would probably put her into another atmosphere of erotic pleasure.

    Clara felt that feather teasing her breasts and she was shocked at how much it tickled her! She continued to try and pull at her bonds and shake her chest, but there was no escaping the path of that feather. Her breasts were a lot more sensitive than she ever thought and now it was driving her crazy. She could feel those stiff fronds slowly sliding across her flesh and she couldn’t stop squealing and giggling. The ticklish sensations were not as intense as when her navel was tickled, but this was still a very strong sensation. She didn’t know what to think anymore and then she gasped as she felt the feather go across her nipple! That was a much more intense sensation and she started to panic. What also concerned her was the fact that her nipple became very stiff!

    “Ooooh!!! Nipples are a bit sensitive huh? Hehehe I am going to enjoy this. Let’s see what this feather can do to sensitive nipples…..” La Diabla teased. She loved how Clara reacted to that and now it was time to push this woman into tickle hell and pleasure. She then grabbed the right breast with her left hand to try and hold it still, then took the feather that was in her right hand and slowly slid it across the tip of the nipple. She could feel Clara’s body vibrating and heard that squeal, but she also could see just how stiff the nipple got. It meant that Clara was going to be erotically charged up and that was exactly how she wanted her.

    Clara felt that feather sliding against her nipple, and she couldn’t help but react to the sensation. It confused her mind because it tickled her and yet it felt good. She could feel the outlaw’s strong hand holding her right breast and that cruel feather continued to stroke over that bud. She tried to scream, but the laughter started to come out as well. The more the feather stroked across the bud, the more sensitive it became and the more the sensations increased. She started to grunt loudly into her gag with each stroke and now any touch would send her nipple on fire.

    La Diabla could see how Clara’s body was reacting and wanted to keep stroking until she reached 10 of them. She started to anticipate what she was going to do next and she smiled. It was time to drive Clara wild. She finished that 10th stroke and when she looked at the nipple, she thought she saw it pulsating. Now, she moved the feather to the underside of the breast, stroking that very delicate and sensitive skin. She loved the ticklish grunts that Clara started to do and just like all the women she tortured in the past, Clara was no different. “Oooh!! Ticklish here?” she teased.

    Veronica saw the feather moved to the underside of the breast of Clara and she felt a chill in her own body. She could see the body really reacting and heard some animalistic grunts coming from the victim. She couldn’t help but focus on how slowly and methodical the feather moved on that skin. It would move from the outside edge of the mound, slowly stroke and flutter a little underneath the breast, then slowly move on the inside edge. Then the feather would reverse course and continue to titillate the skin. Her eyes could see Clara’s feet twitching, her legs moving, her arms straining and her stomach area moving around, trying to escape the feather. Veronica wanted to study how La Diabla used that feather because she wanted to start using it in the future. She could use it for sexual play with her girlfriend or use it against women they hated. She told Gabby they may try this feather play later, and that got her excited. But she also wanted to learn the torture side of it. That would make them even more dangerous in the town of Ciudad De Serpientes.

    Clara continued to feel the agony of that feather stroking under her breast. It was a feeling she never endured before and she already wanted to crawl out of her skin. These feelings increased and she hated the fact that she was gagged. She wanted to beg the outlaw to stop tickling her, hoping that there would be mercy. Then she noticed the feathering stopped and her right breast was free. The torture had stopped, and she started to breathe harder. She could still feel that sensation in her body, but she hoped it was all over. She was already humiliated and learned a valuable lesson. She never wanted to see these women again and if she had to apologize for her actions, she would do so without hesitation. She was already done and hoped mercy would finally fall on her.

    “Awww…..someone looks like shit right now. Hahahaha” La Diabla mocked as she watched Clara try to recover from her tickling assault. She could see the sheen of sweat on her forehead and could hear those pathetic whimpers coming from her body. She then focused her eyes on another part of the body. She tickled that right breast and her eyes looked further up and saw the exposed armpit. It was time to change up the tickling and give this woman a more sadistic type of torture. She leaned her own body forward and got close to the right armpit. As she leaned over the body, she looked directly into Clara’s eyes and smiled. “Yeah, you really do look like shit. Hehehe but, I promise you, you will be very grateful to me later. I will take care of you. But first, a little more FUN!” she told her.

    Clara looked at La Diabla being so close to her, and she felt frightened. She didn’t want to do this anymore and now the outlaw was still threatening her. She wondered what she meant by she would be grateful later because she was hating every moment of this, even if she felt some arousal from having her breast played with. Then she felt something touching her armpit and she started to spasm. Her head turned towards her right armpit, and she could see those fingers starting to scurry on the surface of her pit. The ticklish sensations immediately tore through her as her armpits were always a very ticklish spot for her. She screamed into her gag and tried her best to pull her right wrist free to protect her armpit, but it was tied down very tightly. The feeling of those fingers on her skin drove her absolutely crazy and once again she screamed into her gag.

    La Diabla could only smile at Clara as she continued to run her fingers across that exposed armpit. She then used the tips of her nails to scratch along that area and saw the clenched shut eyes and the reddening skin on Clara’s face. Her nails went from the top part of the armpit and scurried down the pit all the way to the bottom area. She then moved her fingers right back up through that area and heard another blood curdling scream coming from her victim. This greatly amused her, and she kept moving her fingers. “Tickle tickle tickle! Someone has ticklish armpits! Yes she does! Who has ticklish armpits? YOU do!” she taunted.

    Gabby started chuckling to herself as she heard those muffled screams. She could see La Diabla’s fingers moving faster across the armpit skin and knew Clara had to be going through hell. She wanted to start cheering her friend on but was simply amused by all of this. She started to wonder what it would be like to torture someone with tickling. She and Veronica lived in the crime areas and would engage in a lot of petty theft. They would rob folks, but only used their weapons as threats. They didn’t have to torture anyone before, but now she started to wonder if they could use this method and go after richer people that lived in nicer neighborhoods. Plus, it wasn’t like the victims could go to law enforcement and tell them that they were tickled by two women. It would sound crazy. Gabby’s eyes looked at the left exposed armpit and wondered what it would feel like to tickle that area. She was still upset her lover was insulted by this same woman and she wanted to get some payback herself. “Get her! Get her good! Make her suffer!” she yelled out.

    Clara turned her head to the left and saw Gabby and Veronica watching her. She could see their smiles and knew they were enjoying her suffering. She thought about the way she had talked to them earlier in the day and now they were getting revenge. She wanted to beg them to help her out by having La Diabla stop but she knew there was nothing she could do. She closed her eyes once again and felt her body getting tired. Those fingers kept scurrying over her skin and no matter how much she screamed, no matter how much she begged, there was no mercy shown to her. All she could was endure the torment and then suddenly it stopped. The tickling stopped and she started to cry into her gag. Her head turned back towards La Diabla and saw that wicked smile. She just cried and had a look of desperation in her eyes and prayed her nightmare was over.

    La Diabla looked at Clara and saw she was a mess. Her adrenaline was flowing and now it was time to get into Clara’s mind some more. She leaned her face closer to Clara’s and looked into her eyes. She loved the look of fear, and it was time to make Clara bend to her will. “You know, Clara. I love torturing you. I want to tickle you until your mind snaps, and you become a worthless pile of goo. You may not believe this, but I am also a very loving person. I have love in my heart, and I will give you an opportunity to help prevent further armpit torture. I suggest you listen very carefully. I can see your left armpit. It is all exposed and very vulnerable. It is like it is BEGGING me to tickle there! I know how ticklish you are and when I go to that armpit, I am going to tickle you. I mean, I am REALLY going to fucking tickle you. It won’t be a good experience for you as your mind melts. However, I will give you the chance to avoid it. Want to know how?” she asked.

    Clara felt a very cold chill go through her body as she heard La Diabla threatened to tickle her other armpit viciously. The tickle attack she already experienced was bad enough, she didn’t want to have to go through it again. She heard she had a chance to avoid it and at this point, she wanted to do anything possible to avoid being tickled again. She nodded her head “yes” and hoped it would sound like a great idea.

    “Good!! At least I know you are listening to me. Well, to avoid me tickling that left armpit, I want you to beg me through your gag to tickle, tease and play with this other tit of yours. I want you to beg me to take care of this breast of yours and let me do what I please to it. Answer quickly or I will make the choice myself and I really want to tickle you.” La Diabla offered.

    Clara’s eyes bugged out of her head as she heard that option. She desperately did not want to be tickled anymore, but she also did not want to have her breast groped and played with anymore. It was humiliating and it made her feel like a lesbian. She shuddered over her options, then she saw La Diabla’s fingers on her right hand headed towards her armpit and she panicked! She was going to be tickled again and she did not want that to happen. “Ok!! Play with my breast! Play with my breast!” she screamed into her gag.

    La Diabla smiled as she heard that desperate begging and put her right hand back down. She started to laugh as she heard that desperation. It didn’t take long to break her as she was already begging to be sexually teased. Now it was time to play with her prey. She then moved her hand onto the left breast and gently squeezed it. “Good girl! Yeah, you like my touches. I think it is time to get this nipple of yours very excited…hehehe” she teased.

    Veronica chuckled as she heard the desperate begging coming from Clara’s mouth. She was very impressed with how La Diabla controlled the situation. It amazed her how much tickling someone would make them become so submissive. Her eyes focused on how La Diabla’s hand was squeezing that mound softly and knew the poor woman was going to suffer. She thought about how good it felt when her own breasts were played with. She gasped as she now saw La Diabla’s thumb starting to rub the nipple. She turned towards Gabby and smiled. “You know that is going to drive her crazy. It would drive me crazy! Hehe” she giggled.

    Gabby turned towards Veronica and nodded her head in agreement. She loved playing with Veronica’s breasts and using her thumb on her nipples was always a great way to get her lover sexually excited. Now, it was Clara’s turn and she wondered if that rude woman was going to succumb sexually.

    Clara felt that thumb rubbing against her nipple and felt it swelling. Her body was tired from the tickling and that nipple play was actually getting her body aroused. She had no idea why she was enjoying this touch. She didn’t want to submit herself this way, but this was much better than being tickled. Then she felt a moan come out and she was surprised. Her mind was in a battle of enjoying the pleasure or hating the fact a woman played with her nipple.

    “That’s right Clara….enjoy this feeling. You like this don’t you? Yeah, let me take very good care of this breast of yours. You don’t want the tickling to come back, do you? Well, let me enjoy this tit of yours and you will feel a pleasure you never felt before in your life. Let me guess, you never had a woman pleasure this way before?” La Diabla cooed.

    Clara heard the question and saw the calm and surprisingly loving look on La Diabla’s face. It was true that she never had a woman touch her like this before and yet, it didn’t feel so bad. It was much better than being tickled. She shook her head “no” and felt another moan escape her lips as the thumb rubbed across the tip of her nipple once again.

    “I thought so….well, you are going to discover that a woman will pleasure you more than any man will. Hehehe Once you are naked, you are going to experience the best pleasure of your life. Unless you piss me off and I have to tickle you again….” La Diabla threatened.

    Clara’s gasped as she heard that she was still going to end up naked. She did not want that to happen, and she started to panic. “No! Please don’t do that to me!! I am begging you! Please!” she screamed into the gag.

    Character featured in this part:


    UP NEXT: A job offer.

    Ok fans, how did you like this part? As you can see, La Diabla there is a change in her life. How will it all work out? Stay tuned! Thank you for all of your support and comments. Without them, this entire saga would not happen. I want to continue to bring you exciting tales about these ladies and I have them ready for you each week! For this phase, it looks like it will end in July/August 2023!
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    i wish i could see Priscilla stand alone story, ... maybe ... maybe in one shot story probably someday.

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    Oh it feels like Clara will get it really good haha love the erotic tension being built up in the room, between Vero and Gabby of course, but also small hints of La Diabla needing release. And meanwhile, the bigger story rolls on - I'm sure Bella Toscano has something to do with that upcoming job offer!

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    I'm probably the only one who was happy to see El Guapo return. I'm happy to see Salem's growth.

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    Thanks for the comments! We are about to head into the meat of the series and things will get really interesting.

    Putri@nila, a Priscilla stand alone story? hmmmmm.... Intriguing.

    Footnote, Clara will definitely learn never to mess with La Diabla! The rest of the series I believe you will love.

    Sun80, yes, I loved bringing El Guapo back. His relationship with La Diabla needed that resolution. She needed to have that finality, so she could continue to grow. But you never know, El Guapo could return sometime in the future.
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