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    Just wanted to say hey!

    Hello all! We are a tickling couple. We met each other here on TMF and wanted to come back and share the videos that we've started to make... you can find more of the videos we've posted on Tumblr under surrealtickling! (If you decide to follow my account just put your age somewhere on your page... as it is an 18+ blog). And if you enjoy what we post we just opened a Clips4Sale here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/22...rreal-tickling

    We're glad to be back and look forward to making more videos!

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    Apr 2001
    Pacific Northwest
    congrats man! love your stuff, especially the belly stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardman123 View Post
    congrats man! love your stuff, especially the belly stuff!
    Thank you!!! Glad you are enjoying it! We definitely love to make it!!! XD

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