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    Apr 2001

    TRISH THE TICKLISH TEMP: The Job Offer *New FREE 3 part comic strip!

    Written and Created by Bandito
    Illustrated by Sergio Monjes
    Colors by GD
    Lettering by RostoKFX

    The 1st issue of Trish the TICKLISH Temp has just hit the shelves and lead artist, Sergio Monjes, and the rest of the wonderful art team put together a free comic strip series of Trish and her ticklish misadventures!

    So, say ‘hi’ to Trish the TICKLISH Temp!

    Enjoy her ticklish misadventures.

    -The Bandito


    TRISH THE TICKLISH TEMP: The Job Offer (1-3)

    very office has a shy girl. A shy, sexy, sensitive girl that drives her coworkers crazy with fantasies of boardroom romps and dreams HR inappropriate late night strategy sessions.

    That’s where TRISH comes in.

    Way too hard-working to notice that she’s working everyone into a frenzy. Way to focused to see that everyone is entirely focused on her. But as determined and efficient as Trish might be she does in fact have one sensitive skill that she doesn’t always put on her application…you see…Trish is remarkably TICKLISH.

    And as you’re all about to find out…All fun and no games makes Trish…well, it makes her TRISH - THE TICKLISH TEMP!

    TRISH THE TICKLISH TEMP: The Job Offer (2-3)


    She’s incredibly capable! She’s impeccable punctual! She’s Trish…the BEST TEMP EVER!

    But when a dream assignment falls into her precariously balanced lap at the same moment that Mr. Kitten takes oblivious TICKLISH ADVANTAGE of Trish’s vulnerable NAKED SOLES…well…let’s just say that you’re about to find out why they call everyone’s favorite new coworker…


    TRISH THE TICKLISH TEMP: The Job Offer (3-3)


    With the temp assignment of a life time nearly in her grasp, a DEVILISH TICKLING KITTY AT HER NAKED FEET, and screaming laughter about to pour from her beautiful lips…TRISH THE TICKLISH TEMP is poised in quite the precarious place!

    Will she land that amazing new job at FICTION INC…or guffaw her way to the unemployment line? Join Trish as her first big adventure is about to begin!

    Attached Images Attached Images

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