Sgt. Ted Dawson 34yrs old NYPD cop 6'2" and my Uncle who I'd found out was cheating on my aunt and with his Boss's wife so were Captain Holmes to find out my Uncle losing his job and having a divorce on his hands so two major things he's be desperate to avoid happening and they won't so long as he satisfies me as my personal source of pleasure and amusement so anyway three months ago I arranged to visit him at his home knowing Auntie Blanche out of town!

I had waited in my car to see him arrive home in his as important for me he still be in uniform and his boots so shocked him arriving at his door with my black backpack within 2 minutes of his entry and telling me he about to take a shower as he sat in the lounge removing his boots and told him I knew what I knew and he initially telling me I had it all wrong and best leave and told I could but not in his best interests if I did.

Asking what I wanted I told him me might enjoy it, to massage him. He looked shocked at his nephew's request but was assured I was not going to touch him sexually, he was my Uncle & assured of this he soon lying on his stomach on his bed in the basement room in briefs and socks! I'd told him this room better used than the marital bed and told after the massage a shower would be needed more. Once on the bed I then reminded him how he'd told me he and my Auntie played bondage games in this room and seeing the cuffs secured to the customised restraint bed had his wrists fixed and ankles secured together. I told him the real reason this bed more sutiable than the marital one shared with Auntie Blanche!

He then told me not to blame him for the smell of his feet as both having a raunchy, masculine aroma, overpowering but getting me horny but not time to make this obvious but just to make him nervous as I leaned closer to both size 14 soles facing me in black nylon socks which were moulded to his feet being wet with sweat and smelled like feet which for me was and always is awesome!

"Hmmm Uncle Ted your big cop feet work up quite a stink but feet are feet and normal being in boots all day, yeah that's it wiggle your toes, you know Dad told me some time ago something I've never forgotten and been curious about but never had the opportunity to satisfy that curiosity until now but let's get the leather gag on you and the blindfold, there you go!" I then whispered in his ear menacingly Dad and his mates had called him 'Ticklish Ted' (Dad was three years older than Uncle Ted' he and Mom dying in a car crash four years ago.) I smiled seeing my Uncle squirm!

At his feet I advised him he was a very naughty boy and naughty boys get punished and Dad had told me that his younger brother horribly ticklish on his feet and saying to my Uncle it was bad luck having two such big and vulnerable feet and being helpless and powerless as my having a thing for men's feet and most especially ticklish feet so now he knew why I wanted to massage him and could guess where!

A muffled response and flexing trying t get loose evidenr he'd got the message and told him that shower denied as I wanted his feet hot' n' sweaty, the more sensitive they'd be both initially socked and later barefoot and to expect being tickled delirious as I being a mean tickler, even called 'Savage'! His squirming really getting me excited as he seemed to be pleading with me!

"Uncle Ted you're a macho cop, you think with your dick, you cheat on Auntie Blanche and with your Boss's wife and think it's okay, well it's not so needs punishment and that's what's on the agenda, tonight and all night and with Auntie Blanche often upstate caring for her sick Mom and Dad, a regular arrangement or you know the alternatives! So from now these feet, your feet are my feet and to really freak you out, I will know how ticklish they are and how licklish they are as my tongue is evil but with macho feet smelling so raunchy, guaranteed tasting ripe!"

I then began massaging, squeezing and kneading each large socked foot and gripped his socked toes and squeezed them as he moaned. I lightly stroked each sole telling him to shut up or I would give him something to moan about as his sensitivity seen from his reaction to the light stroking of his socked coles was off the charts! I threatened more tickling unless he quit moaning and struggling and he nodded. I resumed kneading his feet and picking up the rhythm enjoying rubbing both warm n' moist socked feet of the very attractive man and womaniser with an alpha-male attitude which I verbally taunted him about.

"Hmm Uncle Ted these feet of yours awesome and I guess the no go zone of your body for the women you seduce and have seduced so a virginal and neglected area which is cool as feet that are mine to focus attention on, to use, abuse and yeah rape and trust me that's what I'll be doing every feet-meet, emasculating you and subjecting you to enduring your worst nightmare, attention given soley excuse the pun to your feet! You will get accustomed to my rubbing your socked feet, massaging every inch of them and like tonight; both warm n' sweaty so lubricated natrurally and preferable to me than oiled as don't lose their smell and taste. Yeah okay gasp at that as reckon having the sweat sucked out of your socked toes will be hellish but get used to it as you can bet on me making a meal out of your feet, a real foot feast!"

I continued rubbing his socked feet drenched in sweat and getting more so being manhandled by me and smelled awesome as I massaged them both hard and fast and sickened him leaning into them and running my face against both warm soles and sniffing them over my face and told him the smell of his sweat got me hot and I had him exactly where I wanted him! I told him my lips sealed so long as he played the game by my rules which meant 'Feet-Meets' at his home or in motels if my Auntie was in town and always evenings as wanting his feet smelling and tasting like feet! He wiith me for my pleasure and amusement and he best remember it and who was in control!

I playfully and slowly stroked each sole through his socks and his feet immediately reacting to the teasing touch, toes wiggling in his socks evident how ticklish his feet are! As I was tickling his feet, I aroused seeing him squirming in reaction as his feet so ticklish and it being a sensation he will do anything to avoid happening being tickled breathless! I stopped tickling him hearing him hysterical and deserving a break from the insidious torment! I told him as much as I enjoyed his socked feet which excited me, it was his barefeet that were my ticklish and definitely licklish target!

I very slowly peeling off each sock and inhaling the aroma emanating from them. I told him it was hot his bare feet smelled like feet and rubbed my face against his soles as he tried to move them to evade it happening so gripped his ankles and held them tighter and pressed my face harder into his soles! Then squeezed both feet tightly and kneaded and massaged them. I told him his feet getting sweatier and sweatier and such a prize pair of masculine feet which were so inviting to tease, torment and tickle and I was going to tickle the fuck out of them! I then stopped and admired his feet imagining how embarrassed and humiliated the alpha-male felt as I said his feet having an attractive olive colour from the Italian blood in the family ancestry and both were so sweaty, smooth and soft with long attractive toes and smelling awesome! Unintentionally his bare toes wiggling as I breathed over his feet and told him nice to see his toes reaction and heard I guessing a muffled anger or frustration, maybe both.

"Ssssh Uncle Ted you love your job, divorce costly and your Captain's wife's pussy your guilty pleasure so in your interest to let me indulge in mine, enjoying all your manly size 14 alpha-male feet have to offer, it's just a tickle and a lickle after all as these feet yes your feet mine to seduce or rape whichever way you choose to look at me taking complete advantage of them both in every way imaginable and even perhaps overtime unimaginable! Quite like in a motel meet to see you tickle tortured by another guy, that would be fun and I joining in, maybe the two of us challenging eachother who can tickle you the most working on a foot each and alternating feet gaining our ticklish attention but like I say in the future, right now both these feet mine to enjoy!"

I started to tickle each bare foot hearing Uncle Ted's laughter resuming his laughter but his laughter twice as loud being much more ticklish bare as I finger stroked his soles, the balls of his feet and in between and under his toes loving the way his feet instantly reacted to the touch of my fingers, both feet secured hearing even muffled him laughing hysterically! I told him Dad had told me how with his mates since they shared a room, they had fun tickling his feet having gagged him with one of their sweaty socks and using dressing gown cords secured him to his bed so this experience deja vu except my liking feet that an enforced tongue bath would be given, every toe sucked, both soles licked from heels to toes, his feet voliated by another man's mouth and his own nephew's!

I took the bottle of oil from my backpack and uncapped the bottle pf oil and began to massage his feet especially in between his toes and glided my fingers up n' down the large and so vulnerable soles of his feet and seeing and hearing his muffled reaction taunted him.

"Oh Uncle Ted someone's so ticklish, got two big hideously ticklish feet and hates them being tickle, tickle, tickled, a big macho cop such a tenderfoot who'd have guessed? Seem more ticklish than average guy's feet are, tickled a few but yours Uncle Ted definitely the most ticklish and with their intoxicating smell and ripe taste simply the best as Tina sings and definitely addictive! I ran my fingers faster up n' down the soles of his feet over and over and over again! I heard him moaning and wanted to hear his reaction so removed the gag and resumed the tickling!

"NoNoHahahahahaha Hahahahahaha HAHAHAHA pLEEEZE NOOOHAHAHAHAHA TIICKLES HAHAHAHAHA STAAAPHAHAHHA PLLLEZE HAHAHAHA STAAAP NOO HAHHAHAHA!" I stopped and he pleaded "Please Tom you, you have to stop! Please stop tickling my damned feet!"

I re-gagged him smiling and continued tickling his bare feet saying I'd be massaging them again but loving the fact they being so deliciously sensitive and told him tickle torture the oldest interrogation technique still used in secret as leaving no marks and from the backpack took out the feather and trailed the quill end over the soles of each foot in turn and cruelly drawing it up n' dowm the soles over the arches and balls and heels of his warm and moist feet hearing muffled uncontrollable laughter from him!

"A feather such a perfect tickle tool, captive Conferderate soldiers has thir boots removed and their feet tickled by Red Indians wanting fun' games with their prisoner's, such a teasing and tormenting technique and I've other tickle tools to test on you Uncle Ted like the revolving bristles of the electric toothbrush, the tines of the hairbrush, the pipe cleaner in between the toes is hellish and my tongue and fingers and your helpless and vulnerable laughter will be music to my ears! Rght now though I just want to feel these straight feet up and massage them sensually so you'll be horrified unable to stop becoming horny so your dick erecting and throbbing from your own nephew's tantalising touch and being blindfold every sensation magnified!"

He squirmed all over the bed as I stroked every inch of my uncle's bare size 14 feet from heels to the balls of his feet and under his wildly flexing toes, he desperate to escape the tickle torture, the oil having made his feet even more wonderfully ticklish and what a reaction to the revolving bristles of the sonicare 'Bzzzzzz' as activated proving to be a tortuous tickle tool driving Uncle Ted berserk laughing like a psychotic maniac, violently squirming and his head shaking from side to side as I then slid the pipe cleaner in between each of his toes with one goal in mind, to drive him crazy and it was a feat being achieved so easily! I then stopped and re-socked both feet! Doing so no words necessary I sensed his relief but a ploy to give him a false sense of security and then sniffed his socked feet and ran the feather quill the length of each socked foot and then pressed my fingers into both soles and ran them up n' down and up n' down the length of both size 14 feet tickling them both like crazy!

"I'm going to tickle torture your feet until you just can't take it and then tickle you more for the fun of it Uncle Ted and you being my Uncle makes it so kinky and the fact you're so straight and alpha in your attitude makes emasulating you irresistible and doing so subjecting you to enduring your worst imaginable nightmare a feet-treat for me!"

Saying this I ran my tongue all over the arches of his feet and the length of his feet and really went to town sucking the sweat out of his socked toes and resumed his size 14 feet tickling again. The again activated thr sonicare and ran the revolving tortuous bristles up n' dowm his socked soles driving my uncle demented! More sucking his socked toes, really relishing his foot stink throough his sweat moistened and saliva lubed socks which I then again peeled off his feet and again drew the quill of the feather up n' down his bare feet remarking that his feet smelled awesome as the soles were feather tickled and the tendril part drawn in between each of his toes in turn! I resumed running my fingers up n' down the soles of his large hyper-ticklish feet!

I introduced the flat-headed screwdrivers and drew figure eights over his soles simultaneously over and over both soles and tickling both ticklish feet at the same time trailing the tips of the screwdrivers over his arches and between his toes too making him yell in uncontrollable bouts of laughter and stopped to resume massaging, kneading and squeezing my uncle's feet and began to tickle his feet again telling him he only having himself to blame being such a tenderfoot, a big macho man having such a childish weaknes of ticklish tootsies and something I would be exploiting and taking complete advantage of every feet-meet! I told my Uncle what awesome feet he had deliberately antagonising him saying straight cop feet, feet off limits to anyone and given any attention at all being so fucking sensitive and his problem to deal with and needed to man-up and take it as I ran the evil screwdrivers faster up n' down the soles of his feet and made figure eights on the soles of his feet with the tips of them and even slid them in between his toes!

"Uncle Ted you're a severely ticklish ticklee at the mercy of a sadistic, merciless tickler with an insatiable appetite for big, sweaty, smelly, straight cop feet and you've been found and convicted of a serious crime, guilty of leading me into temptation and your job is to satisfy my appetite submitting you feet and placing them at my disposal, not that you have a choice but to do so! My Dad and his mates tickled your feet but they were not turned on by their intoxicating manly aroma, smelling as raunchy as they taste ripe and my oral attention to them gets to you most Uncle Ted as it's real kinky but blame yourself having two such addictive feet!"

Saying this I indulged in nibbling every toe on each foot, both soles facing me and responsive to being stroked lightly so his toes wiggled in my mouth having been nibbled, being hungrily sucked! Ignoring muffled pleas for me to quit and writhing around on the bed served to excite me all the more as I sensually sucked his toes senseless to his reaction of muffled hysterical laughter! He being driven frantic from my spider tickling the soles of his feet, his nerve endings on the edge as I knew just where and just how to touch, tease and tortuously torment his feet and as I love telling him, my feet! Being the alpha male he is Uncle Ted desperate to evade the sensual torment as forgetting himself he driven to moaning and suddenly rewarded with an evil tickling over a saliva lubed soles and toes! I tickle him into absolute panic, muffled words illegible and verbally illustrating the ticklish torment being unconsensually endured! My kick teasing and taunting him and in complete control, nothing he can do to stop me!

My relentless and tortrous fingers stroking the length of his size 14 feet so his laughter becoming more and more intense as I tell him he is my perfect ticklee in every way sliding my fingers in between his sweaty toes and then applied the quill of the feather to each sensitive sole in turn again and he completely helpless helpless as I used the stiff feather to trace the ball of each foot, stroked each arch and teased both soles and returned to his toes over and over again. The feather strokes were slow and deliberate and this made it all the more maddening for Uncle Ted! Then replaced both socks on his feet again and stared at the outlines of his feet and leaning into them, sniffed them both again!

"Hmmm Uncle Ted I feel like I've won the lottery with these gorgeous feet both mine to enjoy on a regular basis, it must be hell for you having a nephew fixated on feet, on your feet, the size and shape of them, the smell and taste of them and for sure the super-ticklishness of them!"

Saying this I stroked a single finger from heel to toes of each foot and an inevitable immediate reaction so spend ten minutes or so just stoking each socked foot alternately and saying though pretty well matched, he seemed to give a slightly stronger reaction to his left foot stroked and then slowly peeled off each sock and then indulged in teasing and tickling both feet simultaneously and commenced licking and sucking on his toes teasingly stroking his sole simultaneously so his toes wiggled in my mouth! He driven crazy by my nibbling his toes and slid my tongue in between them. He being driven demented as the licklish sensations proving too much but prised each toe apart and licked whilst lightly caressing the sole of the same foot being orally abused! Alternating foot to foot then indulging in giving each of Uncle Ted's feet a tongue bath, feet irresistible to me! Saliva lubed soles meant my evil tickling fingers slid easily the length of them when I launched a vigorous tickle attack on them both simultaneously!

"Tickle, Tickle, Tickle Coochie coochie cooo Uncle Ted, these too ticklish feet both my feet to tickle and lickle, feel the tickle, sense the lickle, keep squirming for me as I'm here all night and likely the weekend with Auntie Blanche away and you will be suggesting she visits her parents most weekends in the future if you value your marriage and want to keep your job!"

I ran my fingers along his exposed soles to the base of his toes and then to his heels as he flinched and his toes clenched as I taunted him it seemed he was a fighter as I ran my fingers over the arches of his feet and told him I knew he was ticklish but hadn't though so responsive but his ticklish weakness was mine to take advantage of and I would be as my fingers caressed his defenseless and helpless soles and with just one finger stroked his arches simultaneously as he giggled like a loon albeit muffled but being driven berserk from the extreme sensations as I employed more fingers lightly fondling and caressing his feet!

My fingers moved to the soles of his feet causing more laughter from him more and more rapidly as my fingers went crazy all over his unprotected soles and toes delighting in his involuntary giggling as I was indulging in emasculating him! I licked my fingers and then saliva lubed slid them up n' down his soles to the balls of his feet and toes and teasing and tickle torturing jis bare feet I told him giving me a buzz as I worked my fingers over the arches of his feet, fingers racing up n' down rgw defenseless soles of his feet as he spasmed to my satisfaction!. I switched from foot to foot and alternating techniques from light teasing touches to full on tickles even the edges of his feet and then to his toes and across both arches as I saw it tickled him so much, he laughing like a mad man! He wiggled his toes and flexed his feet helplessly as I told him I was going to break him, make sure he suffered! Scribbling my fingers along both soles of his awesome sixe 14 feet my fee running a finger horizontally over all of his toes and up and down the soles and switched from using all ten fingers to only a couple as I traced two fingers on the edge of each foot delivering maddening torture!

I then resumed using the electric toothbrush on his toes and ran it over the arches of his feet and even over the tops of his feet as the sensations drove him crazy and more and more desperate to evade my fixation on his feet and understanding exactly why 'Ticklish Ted's feet had , been such an attraction to Dad and his mates, he'd told me how they'd takwn it in turns to tease and torment him totuously! He now violently squimed on the bed as the revolving bristles drove him more and more desperate to escape the ticklish hell he was being subjected to enduring as I brushed one sole then the other telling him my diabolical intention was to break him and control him! I then told him his feet were irresistible and began licking each bare sole in turn and sucking on the toes of each bare foot, his feet the focus of my wicked tongue's attention tasting sweaty and delicious and smelling richly intoxicating! My adept fingers used their dexterity to torment all over the soles of his feet and indulged in really going to town delivering a menacing tickling to every inch of one foot then the other and alternating from foot to foot driving him into a hopeless state of hysterics! My fingers sliding in between eqach of his toes and under them all, gliding over the arches of his feet and across the balls of his feet, no area of his feet missed tickling and then licklish attention from me driving him completely ballistic!

I then ran the pipe cleaner in between Uncle Ted's toes and stroked and caressed the arches of his size 14 feet and licked, nibbled and sucked every inch of each foot with insatiable lust leaving him sweating and panting for breath as his feet are just perfect for tortuous tickles and lickles and he never disappoints me with his ticklish reactions to the insidious torment! His feet are as I tell him; my feet to play with and violate, to tickle him beyond the limits of his ticklish endurance and making him aware of how ticklish, licklish, vulnerable and helpless he is succumbing to a flood of ticklish laughter and music to my ears!

His feet immobilised adds to the intensity of the tickling and lickling he gets and his own reactions betray where to focus tickling and lickling attention on his always warm n' sweaty so most sensitive size 14 feet and toying with his toes really gets to him but nmy kick is just dancing my fingers all over his feet and he knows I'm an insomniac so tormenting and teasing his feet all through the night, something in secret indulged in by guards subjecting their captives to sleep deprivation!

It common knowledge for Muslim men the feet considered dirty and untouchable so kept in socks in Guantamo bay and feet shackled, been told under cover of darkness knowing they kept in individual cages and blindfold with earphones on, unable to resit when two guards for thei own amusement would enter a cage and grab a foot each, rip off the siocks and indulge in delivering merciless tickle torture, a technique leaving no marks and the ticklers unidentified not being seen by the ticklee! Saying this tickling over my uncle's bare toes which wiggled agianst my fingers toying with them as his feet involuntarily flexed wildly! Even muffled shrieking with laughter in reaction to the ticklish teasing of his toes!

I guess beneath the blindfoldld my uncle's eyes clenched shut as his head shook from side to side as he reacted as if being subjected to electric shocks, perpetually laughing and exploding with mad surges of wild laughter when I violated a particualarly sensitive area like the arches of his feet with just the right tortuous touch unable to retaliate agains the tickles awakening the nerve endings in his feetm his hands clenched into fists and secured to the bed so unable to react much more than a twitch having such hyper sensitive soles! The tickles constant from toes to heels and heels to toes and the foot being ticklee as well as secured, being held by me to increase my uncle's feelings of hopeless entrapment! Fingers stroking both mega-senstive soles and a focus on his ticklish toes and in between them making him suffer the raging sensations for my pleasure igniting the nerve endings in the soles of his feet, in complete dominance and control and he exploding in furious storm of absolute ticklishness with every inch of both feet being teased and tormented full force!

Every meeting his feet tormented and teased senseless as my feet to subject to tickle torture and lickle torture as the oral violations always get to him as I make them licklish but sensual and involuntarily often his dick hardens from mouth action and hear him moaning so then punished enduring a full on tickling using electric toothbrush, the plastic tines of the hairbrush, in between the toes the feather or pipe cleaner and the quill of the feather raking the length of his feet as his head thrashes from side to side from the violent assault meted out on his hper-sensitive feet which as I tell him he only has himself to blame for beign born so ticklish and licklish on his feet and big size 14 feet so feet drawing attention to themselves! Uncle Ted exploding in an hysterical frenzy subjected to a ticklish and licklish feet - meet with both feet engulfed in a ticklish inferno as my methods of tickle torture unpredictable, no set pattern to the tickle tools used but always guaranteed a mean tickling and lickling! The tickles and lickles totally focused and highly concentrated as I enjoy what I do and so I am excellent at it as his guranteed responses prove with though muffled his laughter being loud and constant, often howling when tickled under his toes and the lenth of his soles with the sonicare and minus the revolving bristles so just the oscilating metal head of the electric toothbrush!

Alpha male Uncle Ted broken and a ticklish and licklish mess from the over sensations he subjected to enduring from me and tell him no greater sight for me to see than his large feet flexing and toes wiggling and my gripping his toes and squeezing and fondling them and so too massaging his feet, rubbing my face over his soles impressing on him who controls who and when doing so reminding him that his straight alpha male feet, their rich macho aroma and ripe, tangy taste mine to enjoy in every possible way knowing as well as physically, mentally the realisation his straight feet pleasuring another man a hellish one but especially that man being his own nephew! I love his desperation as the feather tickles all over every inch of each of his feet, stroking over both super-sensitive arches and sliding in between his too ticklish toes and stroking under them all playing his incredibly sensitve nerves like an instriument creating music with his own laughter and reacting immediately to a thorough lickling over the soles of his feet and ten toes which when sucked and nibbled taunts and teases him as I do verbally reminding my handsome Uncle Ted that his feet are both now and always my feet!