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    Mar 2012

    Chaturbate and pain

    Why do you think there's no tickling on Chaturbate?
    Is our fetish so rare?

    Ok, to be honest, I did find a few menus with "tickle feet"... which wasn't really anything but a tiny touch with a giggle and mostly a confused look.
    But there are no Tickle shows/sessions/goals, only fuck and pain-related... Lots of pain...

    And I wonder, is pain easier than tickling?
    In my fantasies, of course, my "victims" beg me to hurt them instead of tickle them.. and I never do
    But in reality, I don't really believe that is the case.
    Especially as someone who experience a lot of pain all his life, almost constantly, I can't think of anything worse.
    [yet again, I've never been tickled tortured]
    "She is still screaming, not laughing! Keep working!"

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    Nov 2006
    We're pretty niche.
    Same reason why if you go on PornHub (or similiar) and searched through the top 500 videos, I very much doubt you'd find a tickling one.

    Honestly I'd bet the vast majority of people aren't even aware tickling is a fetish.

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    Jul 2009
    Philly / misc. travels
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    Yeah, most of the kink scene (at least where I am) is focused on pain play elements (flogging, impact, needle play, etc.). Not sure if it's "easier" (I know it's not for me. I don't do well with pain) that is relative to the bottom but I think just more general interest.
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    Apr 2022
    THERE IS tickling on chaturbate.... I frequent chaturbate and have found a few couples that will tickle a bunch for tips and it is very worth it. I enjoy it very much I've found just asking, that some will definitely do it. Obviously you'll have to tip what they ask if you'd like to see if it's worth what they want but, gotta pay to play I guess. On occasion I've been watching and seen one of them quick tickle the other and noticed she was very ticklish so, of course, I ask something like "how much to tickle her good?" and it's turned into a lot of fun....

    BUT I hear what you are saying... Definitely have to go fishing for it, while every other channel on there will have a paddle already laying on the bed.

    “Happiness has two hands: one with strength for lifting up heavy hearts and a gentle hand for tickling.”

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    Jul 2014
    I often frequent stripchat and Chaturbate to do tickle shows with couples. All depends on what you're willing to spend and if you find that expense worth it. I find the amateur quality to be much better than much of the fake or cute tickling that has become the norm now.

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    Jul 2001
    Not In This World
    Quote Originally Posted by ebony92 View Post
    I find the amateur quality to be much better than much of the fake or cute tickling that has become the norm now.

    And on any cam site you can get tickle fetish shows if you just inquire/ask before you pay for a private show. About 95% will do it. I've done it a small handful of times when I used to use those sites to wack off.

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