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    Tickle Torturing Kent! M/M

    I'd been waiting to meet Kent two weeks as married the 31 yr old needed to be discreet and repecting this has let him be the one to contact as later as his Master the tables would turn but initially suiting me to let him think he had the upper hand and lull him into that false sense of security. In his photo looking very handsome, 6'1" slim and fit he was very appealing. He'd txt he wanting a first time meet with another guy and wanted to be submissive which was perfect. He'd mentioned and I'd noted hesitation having size 12 feet when asked his stats and had not volunteered their size willingly so detected he not wanting a focus on them and noting even naked photo with black executive socks on!

    He arrived at 8pm on the Friday night as we'd arranged and looked very attractive and we sat and talked and coming from work he suggested he shower but told him later after playing when he'd need to shower more and he smiled as I winked but said on his feet all day they might smell a bit so said as long as he didn't have athlete's foot not a worry and assured me he didn't! I noting relief when I said like in the photo he could keep his socks on and soon in the bedroom and secured to the bed on his stomach as told him a naughty boy needed spanking and stroked his ass to make him imagine he'd be spanked. He asked me not too hard as no marks his wife might see and told him no light and teasing slaps!

    Gagged and blindfold on my insistence he was ready and black socked upturned soles facing me and feet that did smell like feet but intoxicating for me not repungent. I taunted him that he might feel awkward with feet secured together that I might peel off his socks and stroke, caress and tickle his bare feet and saying this he flinching as I lightly stroked the length of his socked soles and remarked on their all too obvious sensitivity lightly caressing the soles and loving seeing them flinch and his socked toes wiggling and hearing a muffled giggle!

    "You don't want me touching your feet do you Kent but instead of slap'n tickle, I will just tickle, no good resisting Kent your feet securely bound together and as you said you wanting to be submissive, it's incredible even the lightest touch sends ticklish shockwave sensations and awaken every nerve ending in these big smooth I'd guess virgin feet as you'd not invite any attention to them given by anyone, that's for sure! I reckon you have endured a forced tickling from someone but will tickle the truth out of you later!"

    I loved hearing his gasp of realisation of what was to come or perhaps the revelation he'd be telling me about and taunted him asking if his feet were ticklish and how ticklish and more ticklish in socks or bare though I would be finding out myself as he needed to know I was going to be tortuously tickling his feet and stroked over his arches! I love seeing you desperately trying not to laugh, teeth griiting as you wrestle with your ticklishness but I'm a mean tickler Kent and Mmmm these feet so enticing and irresistible! Both feet totally trapped for me to explore every inch of them and my speciality being slow, tortuous foot tickle torture Kent both manually and orally as I am going to suck on all your toes and lick and nibble on your feet and slip my tongue in between your toes whilst lightly stroking your soles driving you nuts Kent! I indulged in massaging his feet taunting him saying I bet this was the first time anyone but especially another man massaged his feet as not something he'd invite being done but in socks geeling their warmth and dampness of his natural foot sweat excited me and super hot feet being the most sensitive; ticklish and enjoying his hopeless and helpless, vulnerable predicament!

    "Does it tickle when I slowly stroke here along this sole and sense the centre of your soles and arches being hot spots! Black sheer nylon socks like yours Kent make ticklish feet so receptive to tickling as the material cocoons the feet like a second skin so increasing the ticklish sensations adding to the humiliation of being so easily teased and tormented by a fiendish tickler taking complete advantage of your weakness, insane ticklishness of feet made to be tickled! My light touch will drive you demented Kent, you will laugh as you have never laughed before, a muffled insane laughter and you desperate but unable to avoid the ticklish torment you are being subjected to enduring!"

    "Enough socked tickles Kent as I really want to see your bare feet so let's slide these socks off, stop clenching your toes or I will stroke your soles harder and force you to splay them, that's it sensible Mmmm wow your feet are amazing and masculine looking Kent, shocked you hide such handsome feet in socks but no secrets between us! You will be telling me who tickle tormented your feet before me as I've said I will be tickling the information from you but what I've not said is with my friend Tom who is waiting on me to call him! Another Tickler but unlike me not solely and specifically into feet but everywhere else too so together we'll tickle you into confession as I know you will be found very, very, very ticklish everywhere and Tom loves feather tickling guy's dicks and after you have shot your load your feet being even more ticklish!"

    I then sniffed each sock so he heard me remarking on their masculine aroma being intoxicating as I indulged myself in massaging Kent's left foot with firm pressure working slowly from the heel to the ball of his foot and back to the heel and admiring his long toes responsive to my ticklish touch! Trying to pull his feet away I gripped each foot in turn more tightly tightly taunting him verbally saying 'Is someone ticklish'? whilst running my fingers up and down his captive soles making him me shriek and struggle madly as he tried to escape! As I stroked over each bare foot he completely lost it as so hideously sensitive he could not control involuntarily reacting to the insidious tickling he was being subjected to enduring as I cruelly ran my fingers over the balls of his feet as I told him he was the perfect ticklee as so evidently hating the teasing torment he was being subjected to and muffled pleading incoherently as very slowly I stroked each of his feet with a focus on his arches and the balls of his feet! I loving the feel of both sweat moist and soft, smooth feet and light tickles driving Kent insane adding to my sadistic pleasure foot raping his super sensitive feet! I was to find myself fixated on his feet, their look, their smell, their taste and their ticklishness all night long!

    I lasciviously extended my tongue and licked the length of his right arch then along the bare sole and did the same with his other foot!. The intense lickling sensation hellish for him as I'd hoped it would be as I emphasised his torment was my pleasure, he was suffering for my amusement being my tickle-lickle toy to be played with! Teasing and tormenting all his nerve endings to the maximum level witnessing his desperate and futile struggles increasing with my merciless tickling attention growing more intense using all of my fingers to relentlessly tickle the stems, pads and tips of his toes and lightly caressing the soles of his feet driving him wild. Tickling his arches of his insanely sensitive feet and spider tickling his soles!

    "No wonder you don't like your feet touched Kent I can appreciate that, just so damn ticklish and my lucky night as been looking for a 'Tickle-Slave' and found him so this weekend will be fun for Tom and me and you will be agreeing to meeting up with me weekly, working late the excuse to your wife as incriminating photos of feet secured and being tickled by another man who will be blurred you'd not want your wife, Boss or anyone seeing will be taken so your feet, my feet and that's that!"

    I again lapped the soles of his feet and sucked and nibbled suckled, licked, nibbled on his toes delivering an sxcruciating lickling-tickling he found deliciously unbearable as enduring my foot feasts always are for him and having met three times since this initiation feet-meet! I indulged running my tongue in between each of his toes slowly and mercilessly stroking the soles of his fet simultaneously so involintarily his toes wiggled in my mouth! I couldn't believe how much he screamed with laughter, struggling so hard whilst babbling with giggles tormented and teased past the breaking point, the limits of his endurance! Using both my hands to tickle the top and bottom of his right foot simultaneously, sending him into involuntary hysterics and the same with his left foot and saying his having two large size 12 feet meant a lot of foot flesh to savour torturing in every way imaginable but I guaranteed him no physical pain as not my thing and no marks that his wife or anyone could ever detect and lightly stroking the arches of each foot in turn mercilessly! The exquisite and all consuming tickling being visited on his defenceless feet would rob him of all his energy and informing him Tom loved using tickle tools like the feather, hairbrush and sonicare!

    Tom wicked twirling a feather in between toes and tormenting soles with the plastic tines of a hairbrush or the revolving bristles of the sonicare electric toothbrush indulging in a thorough exploration of the soles of his victim's feet and stimulating all ten of their toes and stimulating the nerve endings in the soles of their feet with the quill end of the feather methodically and inexorably stroking the surface the soles to heighten their sensitivity and then induging using his fingers lightly over the length of both feet both horizontally and vertically and with Kent initially my suggesting back in his nylon socks amplifying the sensations and feeling smooth to the touch for Tom spider tickling the soles of his feet!

    I menacingly telling Kent Tom's techniques evil like holding the nylon encased toes of eaxh foot in turn and gently tickling over the ball of each foot and over both nylon covered arches and repeated this whilst gradually increasing the speed and pressure of the intensity of the touch employed by him driving his victims desperate to stop the tickling! He being experienced in the art of tickling as working for the NYPD gaining confessions from suspects using pure maddening tickle torture leaving no physical marks to report but psychologically always remembering having their toes held back by one officer as Tom worked over their socked and bare feet with evil precision or the feather stroking their dicks, balls, armpits and nipples! A sadist he enjoys his gagged victims driven mad, begging and pleading as his hands, feather and brushes explore the sensitive balls of their feet and trace the contours of their arches and sweep over their soles and toes!

    I then introduced my feather and traced the quill of the feather over the soles of his feet and he reacting to the sensations amazingly being so tortuously tormented and teased as I told him he needing to become accustomed to having his feet tickled and lickled! I assured him smelling as raunchy as they did that I knew they'd taste ripe and I wanted a foot feast having an insatiable appetite and straight men's feet a delicacy! Adding licklish-ticklish feet my favourites and resumed licking the soles of his feet and sucking and licking his toes! As I licked in between his toes Kent driven ballistic, it was intense and his feet tasting delicious and addictive, my tongue's an evil weapon and toes trapped in my mouth no escaping the worst tickling sensation as he's since told me it is as every meeting enduring both feet lickled to my satisfaction!

    I called Tom and he told me he had his tickle tools, feather, electric toothbrush and hairbrush ready and would be with me in 30 minutes and then I informed Kent that my friend Tom the tickler was on his way, it was time to take his tickle and lickle torture to another level and fondled and massaged his feet and inhaled them as we waited for the beginning of a tickle tortuous time for my newest Tickle-Sub who is now called 'Kinky Kent' Before Tom's arrival I having enjoyed massaging his feet and squeesing his toes not to tickle but to feel his feet up so show him I was active as he'd wished and he submissive! Then used the feather and drew the quill end the length of one foot then the other and rewarded with his feet flinching and toes wiggling wildly and taunted him of my needing to discern which foot was the more ticklish, the most reactive to the feather and ran the feather tendrils in between his toes one by one! Then the quill again and the intensity of the ticklish sensations it delivered to the soles of his feet with a little added pressure incredible! After Tom had arrived, Kent interrogated by us was forced to admit his torture tickling in his school dormitory at boarding school and we joked with him boys will be boys which is why we enjoyed playing with his ticklish body as they had and he often joins me on meetings and will in the future as we make an excellent team of tickle torturers!
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