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    Outlaw for Hire Part 5 (F/F)

    Hello fans! It is time for the next part of this seven part series for our favorite outlaw, La Diabla. I hope you are enjoying it thus far, and these last three episodes will hopefully live up to your expectations. This next part is probably what you were waiting for. So, without further delay, let's get to part 5! As always, your comments are much appreciated. You see how much effort it takes to write all these different parts, and it is because of your comments and enthusiasm that motivates me to continue. Thank you!

    PART 5

    Ana opened the door and slowly walked into the room. She had some towels in her hands and saw the two women sitting on the edge of the bed. She slowly walked over to them and smiled. “Buenos noches senoritas. I just wanted to bring you some fresh towels. I hope you enjoy your stay here. I will put them on the dresser.” she told them and headed towards the dresser.

    “Thank you, Ana.” Gabby responded. She watched as Ana was walking towards the dresser and smiled. She then looked at Veronica and saw that beautiful face. “She is so nice. I like her.” she whispered.

    “Yeah, she is very nice. She is also……kind of cute….” Veronica responded, then bit her lower lip as she saw Ana placing the towels on the dresser. She looked at the backside of the maid and liked what she saw. She did have a nice, rounded rear end and was very slim. The maid wasn’t very tall, only 5’3” and wore her black hair in a tight bun. “Hey, I guess I am feeling really buzzed, but can you imagine having a threesome with……her? Hehehe” she whispered with a giggle.

    Gabby heard that suggestion and felt her lust skyrocket. She turned towards Ana, and she licked her lips. The idea sounded really good, and she turned back towards Veronica. “It does…let’s do it! Let’s seduce the maid! Hehehe” she giggled.

    Ana finished putting the towels onto the dresser after folding them and turned around. She saw the two women sitting on the bed and giggling like schoolgirls as they looked at her. She thought they were very silly women and smiled back at them. “Is there anything else I can get for you before you retire for the evening?” she asked.

    “hehehehehe well, there is something…” Veronica said trying to contain her excitement. She then moved over a little from Gabby and created a space on the bed. “You can sit down right here and talk to us.” she requested as her right hand patted the mattress.

    “You want to talk to me?” Ana asked. She looked over at Veronica’s hand and saw her patting the mattress. This stunned her as no guest had ever asked to engage in conversation with her. She was a hard-working maid and kept to herself. She made sure the guests and Bella were taken care of and it surprised her that they wanted to talk to her.

    “Yes! Come, sit down. I know you must be tired too! You work hard all day. You deserve a break too!” Gabby told her as she patted her left down on that mattress space. The thought of what they were going to do to Ana made her nipples get stiff and she was getting excited.

    “Well….ok. I guess I can sit for a few minutes.” Ana told them. She liked the idea of talking a little as she didn’t really have a lot of friends. She would talk to the other hired help, but she was the only indoor worker except for a chef that would stop by from time to time. She carefully moved herself towards the space and sat down between them. “Thank you. I-I appreciate this.” she told them nervously.

    “It is our pleasure. You are a nice woman that works hard. You deserve a break too…” Veronica cooed. She then began asking Ana general questions such as her background, her likes and about her work here inside Bella’s home.

    Gabby was also asking questions and the conversation continued to flow. She loved how personable Ana was and she was starting to really like her. As she listened to Veronica talking to Ana, her eyes looked down at Ana’s legs covered inside the maid’s dress. She could also see the tips of her black leather shoes peeking out from under the dress. Her mind started to wonder what she would look like under that dress. As she heard her lover and Ana continuing to talk, she reached her right hand over her lap and placed it on Ana’s right knee. She gave it a gentle squeeze and loved the reaction she got!

    “HEHEHEHEHEHEHE” Ana laughed as she felt that squeeze on her right knee. She immediately turned towards her right and saw Gabby’s grinning face. She felt embarrassed over her outburst. “I’m sorry! You startled me…” she said and then looked down at her legs.

    “No reason to be sorry…..Are you ticklish? Hehehe” Gabby asked. The thought of a ticklish Ana really excited her, and she winked over at Veronica who had a mischievous grin on her face.

    La Diabla felt herself becoming more relaxed than she already was while drinking the delicious wine. She could feel strong, yet gentle hands massaging her shoulders and around her neck. It felt incredible as she has not had a massage in quite some time. She was still surprised she was allowing this woman to treat her like this, but she was drunk and her natural defenses were lowered. Plus, she knew she needed to be treated nicely as this trip was definitely an emotional one. She discovered her close friend in El Guapo’s gang was killed, the gang was disbanded, she met two amazing new friends and she still thought about sweet Cheyenne and even someone she had a lot of feelings for, Deputy Darby. She closed her eyes as she felt her hair being moved to her right side, draping over the front of that shoulder and down across her chest and right side. This exposed her neck and when the warm hands touched her there, she couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. “Mmmm…this feels nice…” she cooed.

    Bella felt her heart racing as she was actually giving this beautiful woman a nice massage. She was very attracted to her and when she heard the moan, it gave her a thrill in her body. She could feel the tension in the muscles, and she pressed her fingers and palms into that flesh. She then stared at the back of the exposed neck and could see those very fine hairs that were on the lower end of the scalp. They looked soft and she loved touching that area on a woman. She was looking forward to giving La Diabla pleasure there. She also started to think that she wanted to touch her skin. The outlaw was still wearing her shirt and she wanted to get it off of her. She then leaned her body closer into La Diabla’s back and her breasts touched it. She leaned her head closer to the left ear and she could feel the warmth of this beautiful human. “Enjoying this?” she softly whispered.

    La Diabla felt a chill down her spine as she heard those words and felt the warm breath in her ear. There was something seductive about the sound of the voice of Bella. It was warm and sounded soothing. The way this woman worked on her shoulders really made her feel good inside. She could feel her chest pressing into her back and a thought came to her mind as she could feel nipples pressing into her. She couldn’t help but smile over that and then started to giggle.

    Bella heard the soft giggles coming from La Diabla and that made her smile. She loved the sound of that giggle and that turned her on more. She was very happy that La Diabla was enjoying this moment and now she wanted to move this further. “Hey….I want to continue to massage you, but I want to touch your skin. I want to make sure I work out all the tension in your body. I am going to remove your shirt, ok?” she asked.

    La Diabla slowly opened her eyes as she heard that suggestion and she started to wonder what Bella was up to. She smiled a little and still feeling the effects of the large amount of alcohol in her system, she figured it would be ok. It was a massage after all and touching her skin would probably be ok. “Ok, you can take it off…” she whispered back.

    Bella felt herself getting wet between her legs as she heard that approval. She started to feel nervous and was getting closer to touching this woman more intimately. She then paused her massage and reached her hands at the hem of the shirt and started to lift it up. Her eyes were focused on the back that was now getting exposed and she felt herself swoon a little. The shirt continued to rise up and she saw more of that back and could tell the skin looked very smooth. The shirt was now exposing the back of the bra and it was time to take the shirt off. “Can you lift your arms for me, sweetie?” she asked.

    La Diabla smiled as she felt her shirt coming up. Her stomach was exposed and now her bra was being revealed. She heard the request from Bella, and she figured this was the moment she was going to let herself go. The wine was really taking over her mind and she wanted to just enjoy herself. She had no idea where this was going to lead, but she figured she would let herself go in the moment. She then lifted her arms and felt the shirt go over her head and then off her arms. Now, she was just in her bra and felt more….vulnerable. “Ok…my shirt is off...hehe I don’t know why, but I am nervous.” she said softly.

    “Nervous about what? Just let yourself go Salem. I promise, when I am done with you, it will feel like you are walking on clouds. You deserve this….” Bella whispered into La Diabla’s ear. She had placed the shirt on top of the back of the couch and now she could see all of that skin. She felt herself trembling a little as she placed her hands on the exposed shoulders and started to massage them. She could feel the tension in the muscles, but she was really enjoying touching the skin. It was very soft and smooth. “You have really nice skin, Salem. I like massaging you. Hehe” she giggled.

    La Diabla felt herself blushing as she heard the compliment. She didn’t know what to say, so she kept herself quiet and closed her eyes again. She could feel the tension leaving her body and she felt herself biting her lower lip gently. The pleasure was starting to wash over her body, and she was loving this. Once the hands stopped rubbing, she felt them now rubbing her spine. She let out a soft moan as it felt amazing. She was getting a back massage and was amazed at the very tender touch from Bella. The hands then moved to the small of her back and she felt tingles all throughout her body. “This feels……amazing….” she cooed.

    Bella felt severely aroused at this moment. Her hands were moving all over La Diabla’s back and she loved the responses she was getting. So far, she has not stopped from touching all over her back. She then got her own body closer, and she wanted that contact. As she got closer, she placed her hands on La Diabla’s sides and felt the body jerk a little.

    “Hehehe careful…” La Diabla giggled.

    Bella’s eyes lit up as she got that wonderful reaction from La Diabla. She then lightly stroked her fingertips on the sides and once again the body jerked, and the arms clamped to the sides.

    “Hehehehe Bella, be careful…” La Diabla giggled again. She felt the ticklish sensations flowing through her body and with her being drunk, it seemed to intensify the feelings.

    Bella felt herself swooning over the sound of those cute giggles and now she was excited. She pressed her chest into La Diabla’s back and put her head next to hers again. “What’s the matter, Salem? Don’t tell me you are a bit…..ticklish?” she teased.

    La Diabla clamped her lips together when she heard that question. That very soft touch on her sides did indeed tickle a lot and she did not want to reveal a weakness to this woman. She felt the fingers touching her sides again and she held her breath. Then she tried her best to respond. “No, I’m not ticklish. You just…..*snicker* surprised me….” she responded without trying to burst into laughter.

    Bella couldn’t help but smile as she realized La Diabla was ticklish. She liked using some tickling in her affairs with other women and now she had this dangerous woman almost in a fit of giggles. She found it very attractive, and she decided she was going to play with this woman’s body. “Hehehe I think you are not telling the truth. Is it possible? Is the great La Diabla…..ticklish? hehe” she teased and then wiggled her fingers against the sides again.

    “Uuuhhnnnhhhh I’m not….hehe…..ticklish….” La Diabla tried to say and doing everything she could to not laugh. The fingers were now moving up her sides and getting closer to her ribs. Her body jerked again, and she felt nipples pressing into her back. Her own arousal was growing and did her best to not let Bella find out how ticklish she truly was.

    “I think you are ticklish…hehehe Sweet Salem is ticklish. How cute….” Bella teased. Since her body was pressed against La Diabla, she moved her fingers forward and made their way to the exposed stomach. She loved the touch of that very soft skin and felt the stomach muscles contract. “Do you have a sensitive tummy?” she whispered.

    La Diabla’s eyes started to water as she felt the fingers now lightly touching her stomach. She looked down and saw the fingers slowly moving across the surface of her stomach area and she felt those ticklish sensations growing. She didn’t understand why she didn’t just fight back, but there was something about this woman that made her feel a little submissive. “Hehe Bella…don’t touch my stomach like that…” she told her and still trying to not explode in laughter.

    “Like what? I want to give you a tummy massage too! I am going to give you a full body massage. Hehe That includes your cute stomach.” Bella teased. She was really starting to enjoy this interaction and loved touching this soft skin. Since she was pressed against La Diabla, she could also smell her scent. It wasn’t anything specific, but she did not smell bad and had a nice scent. “I have to tell you Salem. You are very beautiful…” she whispered seductively.

    La Diabla felt herself blushing again as she heard the compliment, and the fingers stopped their soft touches on her belly. She was wrapped in this woman’s arms and felt safe. Her body was getting very relaxed, and the alcohol was still flowing in her veins. She noticed her nipples got stiff and she wondered what was going to happen to her next. “Thank you…” she softly replied.

    “You have such soft skin. The most dangerous outlaw takes very good care of herself. I want to take care of you as well. I want to give you such a pleasurable experience…” Bella cooed as she held La Diabla in her arms from behind. She then couldn’t help herself and leaned her head forward and planted a very soft kiss on the left shoulder blade of La Diabla. Her heart raced as her excitement grew. The feel of that skin on her lips really got her horny and she continued to give very small kisses on the shoulder and then moved to the neck area. “Yes indeed…very soft skin.” she cooed between kisses.

    La Diabla gasped as she felt those kisses on her shoulder and her neck. She closed her eyes as she could feel the pleasure building in her body. The kisses continued and she leaned her head back and it rested on Bella’s right shoulder, and she looked up at the ceiling, then closed her eyes as she felt the kisses on the left side of her neck. It felt incredible and then she felt the hands moving up her stomach. They were now placed right under her breasts hidden inside her bra. “W-what are you doing to me?” she moaned.

    “Showing you just how beautiful you are….” Bella responded. She felt the bottom of the bra on her hands, and she wanted to grab those breasts and play with them. She knew it wasn’t time for that yet and had to keep playing with La Diabla’s body. She then wanted her to giggle again, so she started to softly stroke her fingers across the ribcage.

    “Hehehehe hey….that..that…” La Diabla giggled as she felt the fingers on her ribcage. It surprised her and she couldn’t help but laugh.

    “That what? Hehe go ahead Salem. You can tell me the truth. It tickles, doesn’t it?” Bella teased then started to stroke her fingers again and also pressed into the ribs.

    “hehehehe ok ok ok!! I’m ticklish! I’m ticklish!!!” La Diabla laughed as she felt those fingers play with her ribs. She knew she was going to be at the mercy of Bella as she revealed her ticklish weakness.

    “Hehehe Yes, you are ticklish! I love it. You’re so cute, you know that?” Bella teased, then planted kiss on the left side of the neck again, and also started to tickle the ribs again. She loved the reaction she was getting from La Diabla and wanted to keep playing with her. She felt her body wiggling in her arms and she heard that sweet sound of her laughter. She didn’t want to torture her but make her squirm a bit.

    “Hehehehehe Bella hehehe please! I’m so ticklish right now…hehehe” La Diabla laughed as the fingers continued to play with her ribs. She started to feel a little helpless and embarrassed because this woman was able to tickle her, and she let her do it. She was very drunk and her she let her body go. That made her more vulnerable to this playful attack. She pressed her back into Bella’s chest and once again, felt two very hard nipples through a bra, pressing into her skin.

    “You are so ticklish Salem! I could do this all night. Hehehe” Bella teased. She absolutely loved this moment and wanted to keep having some fun. Thoughts of a very sensual experience filled her mind, and she had this desire to remove all the clothes off La Diabla and see how beautiful she was everywhere. She had taken the shirt off, now it was time to remove more. An idea popped into her head as her goal was to remove those blue jeans. But in order to do that, she had to remove those boots. Bella grinned as she thought about how ticklish La Diabla was and if she wanted to remove the boots, she would have to give her a foot massage. That desire to touch those feet grew as she imagined they were probably very ticklish as well. She then paused her rib tickling and leaned her face near that left ear once again. “Ok, I will stop tickling you for now. I think it is time to go back to massaging you. I know just where to go next….hehehe” she cooed.

    Ana looked over at Gabby and her eyes went wide with ticklish fright. She felt that strong hand squeezing her knee and now she was being asked if she was ticklish. A small, frightened smile started to form on her face as the look Gabby gave her made her realize that was probably done on purpose. Then she started to subconsciously turn her back towards her left to try and get away from her, but then she felt a squeeze on her left knee. “EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!” she screamed.

    “Ooooooooh!!!! I think little Ana here IS ticklish….” Veronica teased as she loved that reaction from the maid. She then looked into Gabby’s eyes again and they knew they were about to have a lot of ticklish fun after all. “She is SO cute!” she said with a huge smile.

    “Isn’t she? I think we are going to have some real fun with her….” Gabby teased. She then started to move her body to the left, trying to get closer to Ana. She saw Veronica moving to her right, and they effectively squeezed Ana between them. She could see Ana blushing and having that ticklish smile on her face and her head kept snapping side to side, trying to look at them both. “What’s the matter Ana? Feeling ticklish right now? Hehehe Tell us that you are ticklish…” she teased.

    Ana felt her heart starting to beat faster as her knees were squeezed. She then felt both of these women getting closer to her and now she was being smashed between them. She then decided to make a run for it because they probably had very ticklish ambitions on her body. “hehehe excuse me senoritas, I have to go now. I hope you have a wonderful night.” she told them, then tried to stand up.

    Gabby placed her left hand on Ana’s right shoulder and gently pushed the young woman back to the bed. “Where are you going, Ana? The night has just begun, and you deserve a little fun too….” she smiled.

    “B-B-But I still have a f-f-few things to do…” Ana said very nervously. She now felt Veronica’s arm sliding behind her back and so was Gabby’s. She had a very nervous feeling that they were not done with her and if she didn’t escape, it could lead to an embarrassing moment. She did like the attention she was getting in a way. She was hardly in playful situations, and she knew they didn’t mean her any harm. She just hoped the tickling would stop, so she could not embarrass herself by laughing hysterically.

    “Nonsense….you are done for the night. Your boss won’t mind you entertaining her guests. You are just SO cute. Absolutely adorable…” Gabby cooed as she then used her right hand to caress the right leg of Ana.

    “She is right. You are cute! So adorable! We just want to make you feel good and give you a night to remember forever. You deserve a night of…….passion.” Veronica whispered into her ear as she leaned her head towards Ana’s. She felt a growing excitement in her loins as they were going to seduce this beautiful young woman and even apply some of the things they learned from La Diabla.

    Ana’s face went red from embarrassment as these two women were complimenting her, touching her and making her feel things in her body she hasn’t experienced in a very long time. She started to think these two women were probably sexually attracted to girls and she didn’t know what to do, or how to react. She had kissed a girl once when she was a teenager and she had to admit to herself that she liked it. It was on a dare, and it felt nice. Now, she was faced with the possibility that these two would maybe even kiss her. Then she squealed again as she felt both knees getting squeezed! “HAHAHAHAHAHA SENORITAS!!! You have to be careful…” she laughed.

    “Careful of what, sexy Ana? Hmmmmm? We love how ticklish you are. Come on, tell us how ticklish you feel?” Gabby whispered. She was really starting to get into this seduction attempt and wanted to savor every moment of it. Thoughts of all three of them being naked gave her a thrill.

    Ana put her head down and felt herself trembling. These two were probably going to tickle her a lot and there was nothing she could do. “I’m hehehe ticklish. I-I-I am really ticklish.” she giggled.

    Veronica took a dep breath and felt the lust coursing through her body as she heard Ana say the word “ticklish” and how much she was. She then leaned her face closer and planted a kiss on Ana’s left cheek. She wanted to just have her way with the maid and knew Gabby wanted too as well. “You are so adorable. But there is one problem….” she teased.

    Ana felt the kiss on her cheek and now she was really nervous. Were these women really trying to seduce her? Her mind was spinning and felt her heart nearly beating out of her chest. Then she heard Veronica’s words and she looked at her. “What’s that?” she asked.

    “You’re not laughing too much right now! Get her arms!” Veronica declared to Gabby. She then saw her lover grab Ana’s arms quickly and forced her to turn to her left side. She now had a clear view of Ana’s front side and saw the look of ticklish fear on her face.

    Ana felt her arms being grabbed and her body twisted to her left. Now she was facing Veronica and the look on her face resembled a coyote about to devour prey. Her eyes went wide with fright and then she saw Veronica’s hands going towards her ribs! “Senorita!! No!!! Don’t! Don’t do that! Noooooooooo HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA” she screamed as the hands started squeezing into her ribs.

    Veronica laughed as she loved that reaction coming from Ana. She was squeezing the ribs through the maid’s uniform but was still tickling her good. She loved that look of ticklish hysteria on Ana’s face and felt her body trying to move around. She continued to squeeze and poke around the ribs and even poked the stomach a few times. She loved the sound of Ana’s laughter and stared at her face. Then she felt Ana’s legs trying to kick and she simply placed her right leg over Ana’s legs and effectively held them down. Ana didn’t appear to be a very strong woman, so dominating her was going to be easy. “Hehehehehe Ana is ticklish! That’s right ticklish girl, we are going to get you laughing good tonight!” she teased.

    Gabby was holding onto Ana’s arms and held her tight. She felt the woman trying her best to thrash around, but she held her still enough for Veronica to have her ticklish way with the ribs. This moment got her very wet as they were finally going to live out a fantasy of theirs. She also figured this would be a good practice session on how they wanted to do this very same moment with La Diabla. Hold her down and have their ticklish way with her. The outlaw had opened that door of ticklish sexual fun to both of them and they wanted to do it as much as possible. Ana was going to be a great practice woman, and they looked forward to stripping this woman and having a threesome with her. “Hehehehe yep, she IS ticklish! Get her good! Ana, you are in for a long and very pleasurable night. Just wait until we get your clothes off…” she told her.

    Ana felt those fingers on her ribs and the sensations easily tore through her body. She hadn’t laughed this way in a very long time, and it was torturous, yet a lot of fun at the same time. Then she heard what Gabby said and she was in shock. They were trying to seduce her! The thought of these two pretty women stripping her gave her a thrill in her body and she was surprised she liked it. She then felt the fingers stop tickling her ribs and was trying to catch her breath. “Please……please no more….I’m really….ticklish…” she panted.

    “Yes you are….. You are really ticklish pretty girl. Now, let’s loosen you up a bit.” Veronica told her then leaned her head forward and planted a kiss on Ana’s lips! She could feel the surprise in Ana’s body, and she felt just how soft her lips were. They felt incredible and her nipples almost broke out of her bra and shirt. She broke the kiss and licked her lips. “You are delicious…..” she cooed.

    Ana was in a state of shock after being kissed on her lips. The pleasure she got in her body stunned her and now she knew that this evening was about to take a whole different turn. She didn’t know how to react or what to do next. Her breathing started to become shallow and then she felt lips on the right side of her neck. Gabby kissed her from behind! “Oooh!” she gasped.

    Gabby kissed the neck of Ana and loved how soft the skin felt. After watching her girlfriend kiss Ana’s lips, she wanted to get some action as well. She planted a few more kisses on the neck, she could tell Ana was enjoying this because she did not resist at all. That made her even more excited because she knew that threesome was finally going to happen. “You’re so soft and pretty Ana…now, let’s get some of these clothes off of you and have a LOT of fun….” she whispered into her ear.

    La Diabla shivered when she heard Bella’s words. The tickling had stopped and now she was going to get more of that massage. She felt herself glowing with excitement as she was getting caught up in this pleasurable moment. She heard that somewhere else on her body was about to get massaged and she looked forward to it. She wondered where that was going to be. She even teased herself thinking this woman might try to squeeze her breasts. Then she felt herself being turned around gently, back to facing forward on the couch, then turning towards her left. Now she could see Bella’s face and she had lust in her eyes. She had no idea why she was allowing this woman to seduce her like this but couldn’t resist. The alcohol she drank made her feel helpless, yet very excited. La Diabla looked at Bella’s hands headed towards her and then she felt herself being pushed gently onto her back on the couch. Her eyes had excitement in them as she wondered if her belly or front of her shoulders were going to be massaged. Her head then gently rested on the couch pillow cushion next to the armrest and felt a little naked as she only wore her bra on her upper body. Then she saw Bella scooting away from her, heading towards the other end of the couch. She let out a small gasp when her booted feet were swept up into the air and then rested on Bella’s lap. She could see Bella’s hands now resting on the shin part of her boots. “Hehehe where are you going to massage me? You’re too far. Hehe” she giggled.

    “Oh, sweet Salem. I am where I want to be. I am going to pamper your entire body, remember? I am sure you had a long day and now it is time for one of the best feelings in the world after a long day. Taking off these boots….” Bella said with a seductive smile. She then placed her fingers at the top of the left boot and started to pull down.

    La Diabla felt her boot moving and she panicked. This woman was going to go after her feet! She bent her left knee slightly which forced her heel on Bella’s lap to help prevent her boot from coming off. “No...hehehehe that’s ok. You don’t have to take off my boots.” she said with a silly smile.

    Bella saw that smile and loved how the outlaw was trying to prevent her boots from being taken off. She was getting excited about getting to those feet and it was time to exert herself. “Nonsense, Salem! Now, be a good girl and let me take care of your feet. A woman deserves pleasure through her feet, and I know you are on yours all the time. Now, behave!” she told her, then playfully smacked the left knee.

    La Diabla giggled to herself, then brought her hands to her mouth. She was very nervous about her feet being exposed, but Bella had such a warm smile on her face. The more mature woman was looking more and more attractive, and she couldn’t help but have her arousal rise. “But…you don’t understand. I-I don’t want my feet touched right now hehehehe” she giggled.

    “Oh? And why not? Why is the most dangerous outlaw in all of Mexico afraid of me giving her a foot massage?” Bella asked in a teasing voice. She already knew the answer to that question, and she got really excited. She then pushed down on the left knee, forcing the foot to straighten out. Her hands then resumed tugging the boot down and she really wanted to touch these feet. “Now, be a very good girl and I promise you will love what I do to your tired feet.” she grinned.

    La Diabla felt her left leg once again being stretched out and felt the tugging on her boot. If she was sober, she would have simply removed her leg and avoided this entire situation. But she was feeling very inebriated and was so aroused at the moment, she just let herself go. She was curious about how this moment would all unfold. She felt nervous again, placed her hands over her mouth and watched as her boot was coming off her leg, then she felt it come off her foot. She giggled to herself as her boot was held up in the air and her black socked foot was exposed. “Hehehe that’s my boot you have there…” she giggled.

    Bella laughed to herself when she heard that silly response from La Diabla. She held the boot up and looked at it for a moment. This boot did look very worn but was still in great shape. She then gently placed it down on the floor next to the couch and saw the black socked foot next to her stomach. She could tell it was an average size foot and with the way the sock was clinging to the foot, she saw the very high arch of that foot. She was getting more excited as she was one step closer to having her way with this beautiful woman’s feet. “Yes, that is your boot. Hehehe Now, time for the other one to come off. I am going to give you such pleasure! You’ll see…” she teased.

    La Diabla felt herself feeling giddy at the moment and watched as her right boot started to get pulled down. Her mind was racing and was still shocked this was all happening. This anticipation was driving her crazy and it was as though she could feel her body getting more and more sensitive. The more that boot slid down her right leg and now coming off her foot, the more nervous she got. Then the boot came off and it was held into the air. She twitched her feet around in nervous anticipation. She prayed her socks would remain on at least because she felt really sensitive at the moment. “hehehe there goes the other one…” she giggled.

    Bella placed the right boot down on the floor next to the left one and now she sat upright again. Her head looked down and there were La Diabla’s black socked feet resting in her lap. She had no idea why she felt so nervous and excited about giving a foot massage to this woman. She had given plenty of foot massages to former lovers, but this one just seemed different. She then reached down and wrapped her hands around the left foot. The foot was very warm and then suddenly it jerked out of her hands. She looked over at La Diabla who had this silly look on her face, her left knee bent, and her foot was now on the couch next to her on her right hand side. “Salem…..what are you doing? Put your foot back in my lap please.” she requested with a smile on her face.

    La Diabla felt a lot of ticklish tremors in her body when Bella wrapped her hands around her foot. She realized that with her in her drunken state, she was going to be more ticklish than she thought. When her ribs and sides were being tickle teased, it was more than she thought. Now her feet were definitely her worst ticklish spots, so even that simple touch drove her insane. “hehehe I’m sorry…but I don’t know if you can massage my feet. Hehehe” she giggled again.

    Bella looked over at the giggling outlaw and smiled. She loved how adorable she was looking right now with her hands over her mouth, her stomach and upper body exposed except for the bra and how her left foot was now planted on the couch. She felt herself getting more jittery as she really loved playing with her. There was something very sexy about this woman and now she wanted to consume her. She shook her head slightly in a mock disappointed way and smiled. “Salem, why can’t I massage your feet? Come on. Put that foot right back on my lap.” she requested then patted her hand on her lap, right next to the right foot that still remained.

    “Because….my feet are…well, you know!” La Diabla teased back. She could see that look on Bella’s face and she found it very attractive. This was becoming very fun for her, and she felt her attraction growing for this woman. She still did not know if she would let her touch her feet though.

    “Hehehe what? Your feet are what? Be a good girl and give me that foot.” Bella said in a calm voice.

    “Hehehehe I can’t! I am too embarrassed to say why….” La Diabla giggled back.

    “Well, your right foot is still there, so I am going to take the left foot and put it back on my lap.” Bella told her. She then reached over, grabbed the left ankle and with some effort she placed the foot back on her lap. She felt some resistance, but not enough to really exert a lot of energy. She knew La Diabla was playing with her as well. “Don’t you trust me? Nothing is going to happen to your feet. I mean, what is wrong with them, hmmm?” she grinned, knowing what the answer really was.

    La Diabla covered her eyes with her hands and giggled. Her left foot was once again back in Bella’s lap and now she had a choice to make. She could reveal her ticklish weakness or do her best to hide it and endure the massage. She then uncovered her eyes and looked at Bella’s smiling face. “Ok, you can massage them. But be careful! Hehehe” she giggled.

    “Hehehe I don’t even know what you mean by be careful because I don’t know what the issue is. Now, just relax. You are going to love what I do to your feet…” Bella cooed, then wrapped her hands around the left foot and started to massage and knead the foot. She felt the foot writhing around and could see La Diabla trying to hide her smile under her hands, and she thought she looked incredibly adorable. “That’s right, just relax and enjoy. I am going to make Salem feel really good tonight. I promise….” she said softly.

    La Diabla continued to feel those hands on her foot, and she felt the twinges of ticklishness in her body. She looked at Bella’s face and could see how she was focused on her foot. She squirmed a little as she felt a thumb pressing into the ball of her foot. She felt really ticklish at the moment, but she wanted Bella to have fun. Her mind was still wondering why she was allowing this woman she just met today to touch her sensitive feet. She could still feel the effects of that wine and she was just feeling her body being very loose. Her hands then slowly made their way to her own chest, where she rested them on her breasts. She noticed her nipples were stiff through her bra and she licked her lips. Then she grunted again as the fingers pressed into her arch area, which sent a strong jolt of ticklishness throughout her entire body. “hehehe be careful….” she whispered.

    Bella heard La Diabla’s voice, but still continued to stare at the socked foot in her hands. She was enjoying herself being in this position to try and have her way with this beautiful woman. She could tell how sensitive the foot was, but she also loved touching it. She loved the way her hands would fall into the arch area and could feel the shape of the foot. She would see the toes curling inside the sock as she manipulated the foot flesh, and it got her excited. She could feel the wetness growing between her legs and wondered what would happen once she took the sock off. She then moved her fingers towards the toes and when she did, she felt strong movements on the couch next to her. She looked towards her right and she saw La Diabla now sitting up and had this major smile on her face and now her hands were trying to touch hers. “Something wrong, Salem?” she smiled.

    La Diabla felt the hands go to her toes and just simply touching them sent a very strong ticklish shockwave to her body. She sat up and tried to get Bella’s hands off her toes. She desperately tried not to laugh, and with her large smile, she reached towards Bella’s hands. “Hey!! You have to be careful hehehe those are my toes!” she giggled.

    “Yes, those are your toes. Why are you sitting up sweetie? Something the matter with these toes of yours?” Bella grinned back. She loved that playful look on La Diabla’s face, and she felt like kissing her.

    “Those are my toes! Hehehe Just……those are my toes.” La Diabla giggled. She did not want to admit just how ticklish her toes were, and her face was close to Bella’s. She could see into this woman’s eyes, and she was starting to become lost in them. Her mind was spinning, and she felt an urge to kiss this woman. There was something about the way Bella’s face looked to her right now that was very attractive. From her thin lips, that smooth skin, with streaks of gray in her hair, she looked absolutely beautiful at the moment. She then felt herself holding her breath wondering what was about to happen.

    “Yes, I am massaging your toes. Now, lay back down naughty girl and let me finish your massage. Or did you have something else in mind?” Bella teased. La Diabla’s face was mere inches away from hers and she wanted to kiss those lips very badly. She still held La Diabla’s foot in her hands and could feel the outlaw’s warm hands on top of hers. She looked into those soft brown eyes of hers and she was really getting excited. She wanted to sexually ravish this woman but had to remain patient. Bella knew that La Diabla was getting excited, and she just had to continue to slowly seduce her.

    La Diabla giggled a little as she heard that command to lay back down. Her mind was still very excited as she was very close to kissing Bella. She had a happy smile on her face and then slowly lowered her back down onto the couch. She could still feel the ticklish tremors in her body and that look on Bella’s face knew she was being put into a very vulnerable position. She could feel herself becoming a little submissive to this woman, which was kind of a new feeling for her. She was usually dominant in sensual and sexual encounters, but there were times she allowed herself to be on the receiving end of seduction. She had a feeling this was one of those times. Once her head laid back down on the couch pillow, she took a deep breath, then placed her hands back on her chest. “Ok…I am laying back down. Hehehe just be careful with my toes, ok?” she grinned.

    “Ok…I will be careful with these toes of yours. Hehehee I bet they are really cute, just like you are….” Bella complimented. The way she saw La Diabla looking back at her, with her hands on her breasts, really got Bella’s internal lust blazing. She was slowly getting this woman into position to have her way with her. Her hands started to massage and knead into the toe area and could feel the leg trembling, the toes starting to curl into a defensive position and also saw that nearly naked upper body writhing a little. She loved the fact that she was this ticklish and wondered where else she should tickle her. Bella then moved her hand from the toes and continued her foot massage. She started to use a little more pressure, so that she could give La Diabla some relief from the ticklish sensations and make her more relaxed. This was not the first time she had a lover with ticklish feet, so she learned how to massage them to calm her lover down. She noticed La Diabla’s body starting to relax more, so it appeared she wasn’t about to laugh hysterically. “Feels better?” she asked her.

    La Diabla felt her body starting to relax as the massage was now affecting her. It didn’t tickle as much and actually started to feel really good. It was something about the way those fingers pressed into her foot that sent shivers of pleasure into her body. The presses and spots on her foot seemed to really send waves of relaxation in her body. She started to breathe normally again and felt her body become a lot more limber. She even took a moment to close her eyes and let herself enjoy this moment. “Yes….that feels good. Really good…” she cooed.

    “Very good. Like I told you, I am going to take really good care of your body. You will be floating on clouds when I am done with your sexy body…” Bella told her in a soft voice. She felt her nipples throbbing as she looked at La Diabla slowly falling into a completely relaxed state. She felt the alcohol in her own body really affecting her because it heightened her desire. She didn’t have as much to drink as the outlaw, but nonetheless, she had that strong buzz. She finished massaging the left foot, then moved her hands to the right foot. That foot was warm inside the sock, and she did the more firm presses because La Diabla was getting into a relaxed state, she didn’t want to jolt her into a ticklish frenzy at the moment. She was going to save that when she took off the socks.

    “That feels amazing…..” La Diabla cooed as she felt the hands now massaging her other foot. She was anticipating her to be laughing her head off when the hands touched that foot, but Bella seemed to know how to touch her. She started to think about how helpless she felt and how much she liked it. Her mind started to wonder what it would be like if this woman kissed her or touched certain areas on her body. Would she resist? Or would she let herself just enjoy the moment? These were the thoughts in her mind as she felt those hands rubbing her foot. Her foot would flinch a little when the fingers moved around, touching the major ticklish areas of her foot, but she managed to keep herself calm. She figured that she would just let things play out to see what she would do.

    Bella saw La Diabla’s closed eyes and she swooned. The look of peacefulness on that face really got her excited and her desire grew. La Diabla’s face was the most beautiful face she had ever seen in her life. There were plenty of other women she adored, but there was just something about the outlaw she truly was falling for. She wanted to make love to this woman and kept telling herself to just be patient. Her hands even went to the toes, and she made sure to be careful, so that she wouldn’t get La Diabla into a fit of giggles. Minutes passed and then she paused her hands. She looked over at La Diabla’s chest and saw it moving up and down from her relaxed breathing and then to her face where she had a look of contentment. “Ok Salem, now let’s take off these socks…..” she whispered.

    Ana was surprised to hear that her clothes were going to come off! Her arms were still being held and now she saw Veronica’s fingers headed towards her. She gasped as the hands reached up and removed her maid’s hat from her head, then felt fingers moving her long black hair around. She didn’t know what to say or what to do. These women were going to put her in a compromising position, and she felt scared, yet excited. She never had this happen before, but these two women seemed very exciting, and they were attractive as well. Her eyes then looked down and saw Veronica’s hands lifting up her dress now! “Senorita! W-What are you doing?” she asked.

    “Lifting your dress up. I want to see what is underneath…” Veronica grinned. She continued to pull the dress up and saw the tops of Ana’s leather shoes, then her legs were exposed. The skin looked smooth overall and then she got to the knees. She was also surprised that Ana was not fighting this, which meant she was enjoying it and probably wanted it. “Ooooh!! So pretty…” she cooed.

    Gabby felt her heart racing as she watched Veronica pull the dress up off Ana’s knees. They were going to have their way with this woman and have a memory of a lifetime. Her eyes noticed that the dress was buttoned in the back, so in order to get the dress off, either they were going to have to pull the dress over her head, or reposition her and take it from the top down. She figured it would be more fun to pull it over her head as they would get to see what was underneath in a seductive way. “Hey, I will lay her down. Pull her dress up over her head. Let’s see what she has hiding underneath.” Gabby said, then she leaned to her left, pulling Ana with her. She repositioned her body, so that Ana was now sitting between her legs.

    Ana gasped as she heard that her dress was going to be removed. Her heart was beating faster, and her breath was taken away. Now she was between Gabby’s strong legs, and she saw Veronica leave the bed and kneeled down in front of her. Then she slowly started to fall backwards are Gabby was holding her down. She knew her dress was going to be removed and was wondering what would happen after that. “Senorita…please…” she whimpered.

    “What? Hehehe Please what?” Veronica said as she saw the look of excitement and fear in Ana’s eyes. She then continued to pull the dress up and exposed her thighs. She loved that creamy skin, and it was getting closer to exposing this woman’s underwear. The dress continued to move up and then it was at the waist. She licked her lips and saw Gabby looking back at her. She loved how she looked. Even though she was lying on her back, forcing Ana to lay on top of her, her head was lifted and she had this lustful look in her eyes. Veronica always loved that look, and she knew that both of them were going to really enjoy this moment. “Ok, let’s see what you got…”

    Ana gasped as she felt her dress now at her waist and groin area. Her legs were bared and now her underwear was going to be exposed. She felt trapped and helpless. Then, she lifted her head and could see Veronica’s hands on the hem of her maid’s dress and was slowly lifting it up. The dress moved further up and finally; her underwear was exposed. “Senorita….” she moaned.

    Gabby felt a surge of lust in her body as she could see the underwear of this beautiful maid. It was plain women’s underwear, but the fact she could see it meant that she and Veronica were going to have a sexual experience they always wanted to have. “Oooooh!! Nice…hehehehe. Just wait until they come off….” she whispered in Ana’s ear.

    Ana shuddered when she felt that warm breath in her ear. She felt a little embarrassed that she was being exposed, but the thought of her losing her underwear definitely sent off a wave of emotions. It was unbelievable she was in this position and now she knew what her fate was going to be. They were going to sexually stimulate her. Her mouth started to get dry and looked on helplessly as the dress continued to move up. She could see her belly being exposed and then her ribs. They were really stripping her of her clothes. “Senorita…” she moaned.

    Veronica loved looking at that naked skin on Ana’s stomach. It was a flat stomach, and the skin was very smooth. She wanted to start kissing it or even tickle it. She couldn’t wait to tickle this woman into submission, then they were really going to enjoy themselves sexually. She could see the stomach trembling and she just had to touch it. She slowly moved her right index finger towards the skin and when it touched there, she loved it! The skin was very soft and then she simply stroked it down the belly towards the underwear line. She saw the stomach moving around and heard a giggle.

    “Hehehehe Senorita! No! Do not do that! Hehehehe” Ana giggled.

    “Ticklish on your cute tummy, huh? Hmmmmmm…” Veronica teased as she loved that reaction. She started to lean her body forward and opened Ana’s legs, so she could get in between them. Now she was pressed up against the groin area and very close to Ana’s body. She could see the look of ticklish terror in her eyes, and it was time to have some fun!

    Ana felt her legs get spread open and saw that Veronica was between them and up on her body. These two women had her completely trapped and she was half naked. Her dress was bunched up under her breasts and a lot of her sensitive skin was exposed. She tried to move, but Gabby still held her from behind, she was on her back resting on Gabby’s chest and now Veronica was really up close and personal with her body. Then her eyes went wide when she saw Veronica’s fingers wiggling in the air then they plunged towards her belly. She reflexively tried to curl her body to protect her stomach, but she was trapped. The fingers made contact on her skin and started to stroke all across the surface of the skin and that sent her into a ticklish panic. “HAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOO!!! DON’T TICKLE MEEEEEEEEEE!!!” she laughed.

    Gabby felt like she was about to burst when she heard that beautiful, hysterical ticklish laughter. She could see Veronica’s fingers dancing all over the naked stomach and felt poor Ana’s body trying to twist itself free. She used her greater strength to hold her still and leaned her head back onto the bed, so she could just enjoy these screams of ticklish laughter. “Someone is ticklish…someone is ticklish!” she sang.

    Veronica laughed when she heard Gabby singing and Ana laughing hysterically. It felt great to tickle someone and she really enjoyed seeing someone as cute as Ana just laughing her head off. The maid seemed very responsive to her tickling touches, and she wanted to really give it to her. Her eyes then looked down and saw her fingers moving all around the skin. Her fingertips moved from right under the pulled-up dress, down the belly and ended at the top rim of the underwear. Then she just scrabbled her fingers in random patterns just to drive helpless Ana crazy. “Hehehehehe Ana IS ticklish! Look at her laugh!! Tickle tickle tickle!!! Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide! Just tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle all over your tummy!!!” she taunted.

    Ana tried her best to thrash around and even tried to clamp her legs together. With Veronica in between her legs, she couldn’t close them, and she felt so helpless. The sensations were tearing through her, and she just couldn’t stop laughing. It was definitely the longest she had ever been tickled and those fingers making those random patterns all over her belly really drove her wild. She could see that excitement in Veronica’s eyes and could tell she was really going to work her over. She then leaned her own head back and stared at the ceiling. This only outstretched her stomach area and now the ticklish sensations were even worse! “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE NO MORE!! HAHAHAHA NO MORE!!! TICKLISH!! I’M TOO TICKLISH!! HAHAHAHAHA” she screamed.

    Veronica felt herself overcome with sexual excitement. The mere sounds of that panicked laughter got her juices going and she felt powerful. She was in control of this woman and felt this emotion of dominance. She remembered how many times she was submissive to Gabby and to some degree La Diabla when she tickled her feet, and now she was the one in control. She was the one to control the moment. Watching La Diabla tickle dominate Clara was a wonderful experience and taught her the power of tickling another woman into complete submission. She did plan on dominating Gabby one day, but right now it was all about this beautiful maid. She could see that look of ticklish anguish on her face and she just wanted to keep pushing her. “That’s right! Just laugh Ana, just LAUGH!!” she said with glee.

    Gabby smiled to herself when she heard Veronica’s taunts to Ana. She could still feel the maid struggling in her grasp but was getting weaker. It was still surreal they were even having this moment. For years, she and Veronica would go around committing petty crimes and spending time with one another. Now they were embarking on a new journey with the help of the infamous outlaw La Diabla. She was loving how much fun it was to use something as innocent as tickling someone else to control and dominate them. Watching Clara break down and submit just by being tickled was such an erotic experience. She wanted to play with Veronica that way and figured once this job was done, she would probably have a tickle battle with her. Then they would double team La Diabla and have their ticklish way with her! Right now, however, they were dominating this maid and she looked forward to stripping her completely naked. “Tickle her! Tickle her some more!” she shouted out.

    Veronica smiled when she heard that from Gabby and that gave her even more motivation. She loved how her fingers were moving all around that skin and when she touched the navel, she got a beautiful reaction from Ana. Her laughter was much shriller at this point, and she attacked the navel. Her fingertips went around the diameter of the button and loved the ticklish laughter. She was remembering how La Diabla was tickling Clara in this spot and wanted to apply what she learned. She poked her index finger deep inside the navel and started to spin it around. “Oooooh!!! Someone has a sensitive belly button!” she teased as her finger continued to swirl.

    Ana went into silent laughter when she felt that finger rotating in her belly button. She never experienced the sheer intensity of the ticklish sensation like this before. She felt her body getting hot and wondered if she was going to survive all of this. They were truly driving her wild and she felt her legs go limp and even her arms. Her body was already surrendering to the tickle torture and then it stopped! The finger left her belly button, and it was as though she awakened from a deep sleep after a nightmare. She gasped for air and opened her eyes. A great sense of relief washed over her, and she was grateful she got this break. “Please….hehe..no more….tickles….it tickles too much…” she panted.

    “Does it really? You are soooooooooo cute, Ana! I think this will be a night you will never forget…” Veronica cooed. She then lowered her head and planted a kiss on the stomach area. Her lips loved the feel of that very soft skin, and she could have sworn she felt Ana’s body quiver under those kisses. She kissed from the top of the stomach area, then moved down the belly and even into the navel. Her lips then kissed that very tender and delicate area right below the navel and just above the underwear line. She could hear some soft mewling from Ana and knew this woman was getting aroused. “So soft...I could kiss you forever…” she whispered seductively.

    Gabby could hear Veronica kissing Ana and she lifted her head to look. She could see her girlfriend kissing that belly and she wanted to get naked now and just go wild with sex. But they still had lots more to do to Ana and it was time to get her even more aroused. She then moved her head to the right side of Ana’s neck and started to kiss her there. She could even feel the soft hairs of the hairline on the back of the neck, then moved forward and kissed that neck skin. “You are going to love what we do to you…” she whispered softly.

    Ana couldn’t believe what she was feeling. These two women were kissing her body and it felt amazing. After being tickled ruthlessly, the feeling of these very soft kisses on her stomach and her neck gave her goosebumps. Her mind started to think the tickling was ok if it was going to lead to this pleasure. She couldn’t believe she was allowing herself to be seduced by these two women. Normally, she was a very shy woman and very reserved. But something about these two and how they were tickling her was lowering her urges to resist. She never knew that being tickled could lead to something incredibly sensual. She had no idea how far they were going to go with her, but she was a little excited to find out. “Ooohhhhh….dios mio. This feels….mmmmm…..amazing…” she cooed.

    Veronica heard that soft voice and continued kissing all over the stomach. She then felt the urge to have some more fun with her. Noticing that Ana’s body was becoming more relaxed, she reached her hands forward and started to lightly run her fingers up and down Ana’s sides. She could start to feel her jerk around a bit and kept tickling her there. “Hehehehe someone is going to be tickled all over her body…” she said softly.

    La Diabla was in a completely relaxed state as she felt Bella massaging her feet. She would flinch from time to time when the fingers would hit a very ticklish spot, but overall, she felt herself being very comfortable. She could feel her body going limp and she had her eyes closed. Then she heard Bella speak. Her eyes popped open, and her body started to tense up again. The beautiful woman massaging her socked feet mentioned that the socks were going to be removed. She looked at Bella’s face, which had a wry smile and now she was very concerned about her bare feet being exposed. “What? Did you just say you are going to take off my socks?” she asked.

    Bella chuckled to herself when she heard that reaction. She was thoroughly enjoying herself massaging the feet of La Diabla and wanted to get her socks off. She could tell the outlaw was nervous and very concerned about her ticklish feet being exposed. “Salem….Just relax. Yes, I am taking off your socks. I have to massage your feet. I want to touch the skin to give it a more……intimate touch.” she said in a very calm voice.

    La Diabla’s started to giggle as she heard the response. She knew if her feet were exposed, she was probably going to be tickled, even if that was not the intent of Bella. Ever since that bastinado and tickle torture she received on her feet back in that cavern in Santa Selena, her feet have been every sensitive. More sensitive than they ever were before. “Bella…please don’t take off my socks. Leave them on…” she playfully begged.

    “But why? Do you have ugly feet or something? I am sure you have the cutest feet ever! Hehe” Bella asked with a teasing voice.

    La Diabla blushed as this woman was talking about her feet being cute. She remembered when Darby first saw them, and even when Cheyenne saw them. She covered her face with her hands and started to giggle. She still felt like she just could not resist this woman, but her feet were too ticklish at the moment. “Because hehehehehe I…..I don’t want you to touch my feet…hehehe” she giggled.

    “I am already touching your feet, silly. I want to touch your naked feet, that’s all. You still haven’t told me what the problem is with me touching your feet. In fact, you were scared when I first started. You eventually started to like it, so what is the problem? Hehe” Bella asked with a grin.

    La Diabla slowly opened her hands from her face and saw Bella’s smile. She then closed her hands over her eyes again and just giggled. “Because….well, you know!” she told her.

    Bella let out a laugh when she heard that response. La Diabla was getting to be more adorable as the moments passed and her desire for her grew. She then reached under the jeans on the left leg and found the rim of the sock. She then started to pull down on the sock and already felt the leg starting to pull away. “Ah, ah, ah! Salem! Behave yourself! Be a good girl and let me take off this sock.” she commanded.

    La Diabla had no idea why, but she felt herself wanting to obey Bella. This woman was starting to be in control of the entire situation, and she felt a little helpless. The last time she felt this way, it was with Darby when they had their special night together. This was different, however. With Darby, that was out of love for one another. With Bella, she just felt a sexual attraction to this woman and with all the wine flowing through her veins at this point, her arousal was increasing. She then relaxed her left leg and felt her sock now getting pulled down. She giggled when she felt the sock leave her heel and her heart started to race. At any moment, her bare foot was about to be revealed and she prayed she would not be tickled. “hehehe you’re going to take off my socks hehe” she giggled.

    “Yes, Salem. I am going to take off your socks. Hehehe silly girl…” Bella chuckled and continued to pull the sock down. Once it got off the heel, her heart raced. She was about to see that naked foot and she leaned her head to the left to get a better look at the sole. She could see the tan colored flesh on the heel and when she kept pulling the sock, the high arch was revealed. She felt herself really getting excited as that naked foot was almost in sight. The sock came off the ball of the foot, and then she plucked the rest of the sock off and exposed the toes! She did a small gasp of excitement as she saw the left bare foot of La Diabla. Her eyes focused on the sole and could see that tan colored sole that had a twinge of pink in them. The arch was pale, and the ball of the foot was pronounced as the outlaw would often balance on the balls of her feet. The toes were long, but not finger like and the nails were trimmed and natural. She could also see the curl of the toes as they descended in length and she loved what she saw. “Wow! Your foot is cuter than I ever imagined. Very nice….” she complimented.

    La Diabla felt her body heat rise when she heard the compliment. She could feel herself blushing and she slowly opened her hands and looked towards her feet. She saw her left foot being bare and how Bella was looking at them. Her instincts were telling her to move her foot and to hide it, but her buzzed body overrode that feeling. Then she looked on as Bella reached for the rim of the right sock and soon both of her feet were going to be naked. “You’re taking the other one off too? Hehehe” she giggled.

    Bella looked over at La Diabla and could see her face between her hands. She simply shook her head and continued to pull down the right sock. The sock came off the heel of the right foot and she grinned. “Yes, I am taking off your sock. Then you get a special kind of foot massage…” she told her.

    La Diabla then slowly put her hands down and rested them on her stomach. She felt her sock coming off her arch, then the ball of the foot and then finally, it was plucked off her toes. Both of her feet were bare, and she felt very naked. There weren’t too many people that ever saw her barefoot, and now Bella was added to the very select list. She flexed and wiggled her toes and prepared herself for her very ticklish feet to be touched. “Be careful…hehehe please be really careful...” she laughed.

    Bella loved the sound of that voice and couldn’t wait to get her hands on these feet. She reached her hands forwards and placed them on the left foot. The foot instantly started to jerk a little and she knew this foot was more ticklish than she thought. Now she was going to have a little fun with La Diabla. “Something the matter, Salem? Why do you seem so jumpy? Is there a reason you are moving your foot around? Don’t you like my hands on your foot?” she asked.

    La Diabla felt even more ticklish after hearing those questions. She was doing her best to not laugh and answer the questions. She knew that Bella knew just how sensitive her feet were, but she still did not want to admit it. The hands were very warm on her skin, but they were on her arch, which was always highly sensitive. “Hehe um…..it’s…hehehe it’s that hehehehhee….be careful…” she muttered as she desperately tried not to burst into hysterical laughter.

    Bella could see La Diabla struggling not to laugh, and it was time to play with her. She lifted the foot up into the air and close to her face, so she could get a really good look at the bottom of that foot. She held the left ankle with her right hand, then placed the fingertip of her right index finger at the base of the toes. The toes curled and the foot was already shaking. “Hmmmm…I am barely touching this tender skin and you are shaking like a leaf in the wind. I think I might know what the issue is….” she teased.

    La Diabla felt that finger at the base of her toes and she clenched them. The sheer amount of ticklish electricity was building up in her body and her eyes even started to water as she did not want to burst out into hysterical laughter. Her toes were a ticklish weakness, and she was now bracing her body for what was sure to be a stroke down her foot from that finger. “What *grunt* do you…hehehe….mean?” she grunted.

    Bella loved the way La Diabla was still trying to not laugh her pretty head off. She looked at the sole of the foot again and slowly started to stroke her finger from the base of the toes and across the ball of the foot. She felt the foot trembling in ticklish agony and then she very lightly stroked it into the arch of the foot. “Is it possible? Is it possible that the infamous La Diabla is…….a bit ticklish on her feet?” she asked.

    La Diabla felt that finger stroking her very delicate arch and she let some giggles pour out and soon, the laughter started to bubble up. Then she heard those teasing words and just started to laugh. She could barely hold on and now her right hand fell off her stomach and onto the couch. She gripped the edge of the couch cushion and started to let more laughter come out as the finger slowly moved through her arch. “Hehehehehehe Bella! Hehehe please…” she laughed.

    “I am pleasantly surprised. You have this fearsome reputation, but here you are, laughing like a school girl. The great La Diabla has very ticklish feet! Hehehehe” Bella teased as she heard stronger laughter coming out and her finger made it to the heel of the foot. She then moved her finger back towards the toes, and this time, pressed more into the foot flesh and stroked, then held onto that left ankle with a firm grip. “Tickle tickle!” she teased.

    “HAHAHAHAHA BELLA!!!” La Diabla laughed as she felt the finger now stroking down her foot with a little more pressure. The ticklish sensations were now increasing at a rapid rate as the finger continued to stroke along her sole. She reflexively tried to pull her foot away, but the hand on her ankle held firm. Now, she really started to panic as she realized that Bella was going to tickle her on purpose! “HAHAHAHA BELLA!!! YOU’RE TICKLING MEEEEEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHA!” she laughed.

    Bella laughed when she heard that panicked laughter and she enjoyed this moment. The softness of the foot also surprised her as she didn’t think someone with a criminal background would have nice looking feet. Her own arousal grew knowing that this ticklish woman was probably soft all over. She already touched her skin on her shoulders, neck, back and stomach, now even her feet were soft. Her mind started to wonder just how soft she could be in more intimate places. But for now, she was going to play with these feet and give her a good tickle. She didn’t plan on torturing her, but enough to get her body going. “You are just too cute! Listen to you laugh! Awww….La Diabla has ticklish feet!” she teased.

    La Diabla heard those teases, and it made her feel more ticklish. She started to writhe her upper body a bit, but she still managed to keep her legs still. Her instinct would have been to either pull away, or kick Bella, but she kept her right foot still and let her left foot be a helpless tickle toy. She did know that if Bella used her nails, then all bets were off. “HAHAHAHAHAHA BELLA!!! YOU’RE BEING MEAN! HAHAHAHA MY FOOT!! I’M TICKLISH!!” she laughed.

    “I know you are, sweetie. Hehehehe I just want to play with you a little. Trust me, after I give you a little kitchy kitchy koo, you will feel such great relief when I massage it…” Bella told her, making her voice higher pitched and her finger moved quickly over the skin of the arch when she mentioned the phrase “kitchy kitchy koo”. She was having a lot of fun doing this to La Diabla and was pleasantly surprised that she was not getting kicked at. She figured that even though she was laughing hysterically, there was some enjoyment in what was happening. Her nipples pulsated a bit thinking about this moment and figured she better not tickle her too hard. She then moved her finger to the heel and made small circles on it. That seemed to make the foot calm down a bit, but the laughter remained.

    La Diabla continued to convulse on the couch as the tickling continued on her foot. Her eyes were shut tight, and her hands were griping the edge of the couch, and also the top of the couch. The tickling of her foot while she was drunk made her feel helpless to stop this. Then she felt the finger slowing down and even though she continued to laugh, she was able to control herself a bit more. “hahahahahaha Why tickle me? Hahahahahaha why not just massage me?” she laughed.

    “Oh, you want my foot massage now? I thought you didn’t want me to massage you. Surely you prefer a little kitchy kitchy koo instead…” Bella teased, once again making her finger move a little faster using the teasing phrase, but then slowed her stroking down. Her eyes focused on the sole of the foot and even saw the tip of the nails when the toes curled. She started to have thoughts about putting those toes in her mouth, but that would come in due time. She wanted to seduce the outlaw and was going to use all of her “moves” to do so. But right now, she just had to break her down bit by bit. Bella moved her finger softly over the sole, barely making any contact with the skin. She knew she had to give her a little break before resuming.

    “hehehehehe Bella…hehehehe are you trying to torture me? Hehehe be nice to my feet...” La Diabla playfully whined. She started to calm herself even though the ticklish tremors were still there. It amazed her that she knew exactly what was happening and how effective foot tickling could be on a woman, yet she did not resist this woman. Her mind started to think about why she was so attracted to this woman. There was something about her that was extremely sensual, and she wanted her body to feel such great pleasure. She had a feeling this entire encounter was going to go far and with wine in her system, she had a feeling she would not be able to resist.

    Bella smiled when she heard those playful whines. She adored the woman whose foot she was playing with, and it still amazed her that she was in this position. Her maid Ana talked about how dangerous this woman was and how evil she could be, which is how she got her moniker. But just getting to know her and being in this position, she could see just how beautiful, sensual, and intelligent she was and probably has a really good heart. She allowed her mind to start thinking about what would happen if she entered into a romantic relationship with her. It would be incredible, but could she do it? This was just one moment between them, so she needed to let it all play out. Right now, she just wanted to enjoy the moment. “You have some really nice feet, Salem. Now how about I play with this right foot of yours, before I show you what true pleasure can be?” she teased.

    Veronica continued to kiss the stomach area of Ana, but now she was using a very light touch with the tips of her fingers on Ana’s sides. She loved how the belly would move around and how the body was trying to move side to side. It was fun tickling Ana, and her sexy body was getting more sensitive by the minute. She then lifted her head and stared at Ana’s laughing face. She then started to do quick pokes into the sides, and it made the maid very jumpy. “Are you ticklish here? Or…..here? or….here?” she teased as she poked with side with each question.

    Ana continued to squeal with each poke on her sides. She was already enjoying the kisses on her stomach and on her neck, now she was getting tickled again. She did not know when she was going to be freed and hoped it would be soon. She then looked at her belly again and saw Veronica’s mischievous grin. “Hehehehe please Senorita, stop *squeal* tickling me”. she laughed.

    “I can’t! You are just too much fun! Hehehe But, I think we should let you relax for a moment. I think it is time we get that maid’s dress off of you….” Veronica teased, then winked at Gabby.

    Gabby saw the wink and she couldn’t help but get excited. They were now moving into another phase of this tickling moment and it got her juices pumping. She then let go of Ana’s arms and then reached for the maid’s dress that was bunched up underneath Ana’s breasts. As she pulled up on the dress, the chest came out, exposing the bra. “Ok, lift your arms or we will REALLY get you good.” she threatened.

    Ana gasped when the dress came over her chest and exposed her bra. These women were going to strip her! She felt the dress continuing to be pulled up and was told to lift her arms. She didn’t want them to torture her, so she lifted her arms and soon her dress was pulled up over her head and then down her arms. The dress finally came off and she saw it get tossed to the other side of the room. She felt ashamed as she was now in just her bra, underwear, shoes and socks. It was such a surreal moment that she was exposed like this and she covered her chest with her left arm, then instinctively covered her private area with her right hand as though she was naked. “I feel so embarrassed right now..” she whimpered.

    “Why?? You look…….amazing! You are one sexy maid…” Veronica told her as she gazed upon the near naked maid. She loved seeing that shy look on Ana’s face and figured she would continue to tease her. Her eyes looked towards the chest area and could see the cleavage of the B sized breasts. Her eyes then looked on Gabby’s and she winked at her. “Hold her still….” she told her.

    Gabby then grabbed both wrists of Ana and held them above her head. She then leaned back down, making the belly area taut and the armpits completely vulnerable. “Ok, she’s ready!” she teased.

    Ana felt her arms being held above her head, which exposed her entire upper body to being tickled. Her armpits were exposed, her ribs and stomach were completely vulnerable. She tried to pull her arms down, but Gabby was much stronger than her, so she remained stuck in her position. Being this vulnerable also made her feel extra ticklish, and she really hoped they wouldn’t torment her too much. Her eyes looked at Veronica and she started to laugh even before the tickling began. “Senorita! I beg you! Please hahahaha do not tickle me! hahahaha Please!!” she squealed.

    “Awww…someone is scared she will be tickled! Mmmmm…I love that ticklish fear you have. Tell me pretty Ana, are your ribs ticklish?” Veronica teased. She then pressed the tips of her fingers on each ribcage and started to wiggle her hands there. She felt Ana’s body immediately twisting around and she loved it. Ana was a thin person, so her ribs were very pronounced. She had no problem digging into those ribs and could hear that sweet laughter.

    Gabby loved the sound of Ana’s laughter as she continued to hold the arms still. Her eyes could see her lover’s fingers squeezing and wiggling into those ribs. She could also see the look of sheer joy on Veronica’s face, and it made her desire her more. She and Veronica were such a great pair. She could remember when they met, and how they grew so close. They couldn’t show their love to society because it was forbidden, but that’s what made their attraction even stronger. They had to hide it from the world, and it was an exciting prospect. Now, they learned a fun new way to inflict a very sensual torture on another woman and she was sure her lover was quite aroused. She also started to think about how the rest of this situation would play out. Gabby figured she would let Veronica have her tickling fun with this maid, but she would go after Ana’s private areas. She thought that by doing so, she could show her what she would do to her later. Her nipples started to throb over that prospect, and she moaned.

    Ana continued to laugh as she felt those fingers playing with her ribs. It was as though her ribs were a piano. She could feel the fingertips thumping across her ribs and each thump sent a small wave of ticklish energy throughout her body. She still had the fear that these women were probably going to take everything a step further and actually strip her naked. She closed her eyes and once again tried to pull her arms back down, but Gabby was so strong. Then her eyes sprang open again as she felt a single finger drilling directly between her ribs and that sent a tidal wave of ticklish sensation throughout her body. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHA PLEASE!! HAHAHAH TICKLES!!” she screamed.

    Veronica could only smile a devious smile as she heard that hysterical laughter. She loved how her single finger was getting this kind of a reaction from Ana. Her eyes focused on the rib area, and her finger was softly pushing in between the crevice. She wanted to be precise in her touches and was trying to figure out what her method of tickle torture would be. She watched La Diabla torment Clara, and it appeared the outlaw had a certain style to use on her victims. She wanted to do that as well, and Ana was a perfect toy for her to try it. “Hmmm…this seems to be a sensitive spot. How about……here?” she asked as her finger moved over to the other ribcage and she pressed her finger right where the ribcage was under the bra area.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HAHAHAHAHA STOP!!! STOOOOOOOOPPP!!!” Ana bellowed as she felt that horrific ticklish feeling tearing through her very soul. She felt more helpless because it tickled so bad, and she could not defend herself. She just had to endure it. Now she felt the finger going into the next crevice below and it absolutely drove her wild. She started to move her legs, but Veronica was still there. She looked at the woman torturing her and did not make eye contact. It seemed like Veronica was just focused on torturing her ribs.

    Gabby loved the way Veronica was playing with this woman. She loved seeing her use her fingers to find all the delicate places on Ana’s poor ribs. Now, she wanted to get involved and figured she could play mind games with the maid. She placed her mouth close to Ana’s ear and whispered, “That must really tickle you! She is just tickling you and tickling you and tickling you and tickling you and you are wondering when it is going to stop. When will she let you breathe again? I don’t think she will stop. I think we are just going to tickle you for the rest of the night. Can you handle it? Or, do you want us to strip you completely naked and give you such great sexual satisfaction?”

    Ana groaned and continued to laugh as she heard that whisper in her ear. It was bad enough Veronica was locating her worst ticklish spots on her body, but it was made worse by those words. It seemed like they were going to keep tickling her until she burst. Then she heard about a possible alternative. She heard that she could be stripped completely naked and then get satisfied sexually. As she continued to suffer under the ticklish sensations, the thought of being naked to these two women made her worried. She wondered how she would be viewed if she had sex with other women. She was very aware of Bella’s dalliances with women, but she never got involved. If she relented and had these two sexually control her, she wouldn’t be the only woman of the house having a lesbian affair. It sounded exciting, but also very frightening. Ana just continued to laugh as the fingers were now at the base of her ribs. She nearly lost her mind when she felt both the bottoms of her ribcages were being played with. She wondered why she had to be so ticklish! “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE NO MORE!!! SENORITA!! PLEASE!!” she begged.

    Veronica laughed as she heard those panicked words. She was having a lot of fun tickling the ribs, but felt it was time to move on. Her eyes then looked up and she saw the face of Ana. The poor woman was sweating, and her eyes looked like they had tears in them. Then she glanced over and saw those helplessly exposed armpits. Her own armpits were extra sensitive and now she had a chance to play with those. She then paused her rib tickling and let Ana try and catch her breath. She could hear the poor woman coughing and still giggling. She figured she might as well let her feel some relief. She then lowered her head again and started to kiss the belly button area. Her lips loved touching that very soft skin and now she could hear Ana purring from the kisses. “That’s right, sweet Ana. You just let me kiss your tummy and make it allllllll better. I tickled you a lot, so I will kiss those spots.” she cooed as she continued to kiss the stomach.

    Ana felt herself coughing then she let out a soft gasp as she felt the kisses on her stomach. The tickling had stopped and now she was being pleasured in her body. She liked these kisses, and it was such great relief. She had the opportunity to relax and gather her wits again. As she felt those tender kisses moving towards her ribs, Gabby’s words started to ring in her head. She thought about the relief and the pleasure she was feeling right now. If she was naked, then she imagined that her very private areas would probably also be kissed. That sent a tingle between her legs, and she got excited. “Ooooh….that feels good…” she cooed as the kisses were on her ribs.

    Gabby watched Veronica kissing those ribs and she was getting even hornier. She then leaned her face next to Ana’s neck again and started to softly kiss that skin. She knew it was time to get Ana sexually ready, and then they could have some fun. The more this woman was aroused, the more they could do to her later. “You’re so beautiful Ana….I could kiss you all night long. You’re so soft. I bet you are soft in some very special places too. I want you to imagine what my tongue could do to your body…” she whispered.

    Ana let out a moan as she heard those words. The kisses on her ribs and those teasing words by Gabby sent her into a sexual frenzy. This was feeling incredibly good, and she wanted more. Then she started to laugh a little as the fingers returned and were caressing her sides. The agony of being tickled, but the pleasure of being kissed confused her mind. She had no idea which way she wanted to go. She wondered why they had to tease and tickle her like this. “Hehehehe that tickles...” she mewled.

    Veronica smiled as she lightly moved her hands around the stomach area. Hearing Ana giggle like that got her ready for some more tickling fun. She slowly started to move her fingers up the body, and they made it to the bra area. She then moved her face closer to Ana’s and when she did, gave the woman a very small kiss on her lips. She saw Ana looking at her in shock and she grinned. “I know you like that…. But I want to hear that sweet laughter again. Tell me Ana, how ticklish are your armpits?” she teased.

    La Diabla continued to laugh as she now felt a single finger slowly tracing the outline of her right foot. It moved from the base of her baby toe, along the outside edge of the foot, rounded her heel and then slowly made its way up the inside edge of her foot. When the finger started to stroke into her instep area, she let out a stronger laugh. She tried to pull her right foot away, but Bella had a firm grip on her ankle. She could see her foot elevated, and Bella was staring at the sole of her foot. She could even see her toes wiggling and curling and she felt that finger make its cruel ticklish path on that very sensitive skin. Her eyes started to water a little as the sensations were really getting to her. She was happy that she wasn’t being ruthlessly tickled, this was more of a teasing kind. “Hehehehehe Bella!! Please! Hehehehe stop tickling meeeeeehehehehehehe” she laughed.

    Bella loved the sound of La Diabla’s laughter. She found it to be very sweet sounding and she just couldn’t get enough. She was still thoroughly enjoying just how ticklish this woman was. She also felt fortunate that she did manage to remove the boots and socks of a dangerous outlaw and tickle her feet. This was surely an experience she was never going to forget. She was savoring this moment and her mind was spinning with lustful desire. When her finger made it to the inside edge of the ball of the foot, she saw the toes scrunching again. She then moved her finger across the ball of the foot and even felt the small callous right in the middle of it. Bella circled her finger around that spot, then slowly moved it back into the high arch. She did notice that the arch was definitely a weak spot for the outlaw, and she made small circles across the skin. She heard a shriek coming from that woman and she couldn’t help but giggle. “Hehehe you sure are ticklish! Now I know….If I ever wanted to defeat the great La Diabla, I just have to tickle her cute little feet…” she teased.

    La Diabla shrieked again when the finger stroked across the width of her arch and onto the instep. The sensations were driving her crazy and this was only a soft stroke. She shuddered to think what would happen if Bella was really trying to torture her. Now the finger was making very lazy circles in her arch, and she felt her cheeks hurting. This was such a helpless feeling for her, and she gripped the couch with her hands even harder. She saw that look on Bella’s face and knew this woman was having a lot of fun at her expense. “Bella! Hehehehe be nice! Hehehe be nice to my feet! Hehehe” she begged.

    Bella let her head lean back and let out a laugh. She absolutely loved the cute begging from La Diabla, and she paused her finger stroking of the right foot. She then looked over at La Diabla and could see a sense of relief on her face. She shook her head slightly and had a grin. “Something the matter, Salem?” she teased.

    La Diabla let out a loud sigh of relief as the finger stroking was stopped. She felt relief wash over her body as that soft tickling was really getting to her. She wiped the perspiration off her forehead and looked back at Bella. “You’re making me sweat! Hehehe” she joked.

    “I can see…I love it. Trust me, you will be sweating tonight. I can assure you of that….” Bella teased as she thought about what she wanted to do to the outlaw’s body in due time. She then looked back at the right foot that was in the air, and near her face. “You want me to be nice to your foot? How about this?” she said softly, then leaned her head forward and planted a soft kiss on the sole.

    La Diabla felt that kiss on her foot and it made her swoon. It felt incredible and she knew what she was in for. She did this method many times to many different women where you work them over with tickling, then give them erotic pleasure to break them down. She felt herself getting aroused and her nipples were starting to throb. She then felt another kiss on her foot, and she let out a soft moan. “Yes…like that. Hehe” she giggled.

    Bella felt herself nearly falling over with sheer lust when her lips touched the skin of that foot. The skin was very soft and tender, and she loved it. When she heard the soft moan coming from La Diabla, that gave her extra motivation to continue. She planted her lips right in the middle of the arch and felt the foot trembling in her gasp. She felt she couldn’t stop herself and kept kissing all around the foot. She kissed the ball of the foot, the arch, the instep, the heel, even the outside edges of the foot. That size 7 foot was going to get pampered by her lips and she felt her wetness increase. “You have such *kiss* a beautiful *kiss* foot….” she said.

    La Diabla felt shy as she heard that compliment and felt the kisses on her foot. This woman was truly starting to seduce her, and she couldn’t stop that arousal that was building up. She was feeling really good inside and now her hands started to move towards her crotch. When they got close, she realized what she was doing and moved them back up to her stomach. She had a desire to masturbate but stopped it before she did it in front of Bella. She let out a soft gasp as the kissing went back to her arch and it did feel incredible. She didn’t have her feet kissed too often. The last time was back in Santa Selena by Darby. Each kiss sent a jolt of erotic pleasure into her body, and she started to mewl in pleasure. “Yes….mmmmm…that…feels SO good…” she cooed.

    Bella couldn’t stop herself from kissing the right foot. She started to get into it as her kisses got firmer and more moved all over the bottom of the foot. She could taste the skin and it delighted her. Then her eyes stared at the arch area. That delicate skin was right there for the taking. She then opened her mouth and let her tongue come out. She took the tip of her tongue and slowly started to lick that area. The taste of that skin overwhelmed her and then she heard a slight giggle coming from La Diabla. Her eyes lit up as she discovered that kind of reaction. “You are still ticklish? Hehe” she asked.

    La Diabla felt her face turn red when asked that question. The lick on her arch felt amazing, but she was still very sensitive at the moment. She looked at Bella’s face as she was kissing and then licked her foot. She knew that she was getting into it and probably very aroused. That only made her own sexual desires grow a lot as she could see that woman getting pleasure from all this. “Yes…hehehe I’m very ticklish there, remember?” she giggled sweetly.

    “Indeed you are….I love it.” Bella responded. She then looked at the toes of the right foot and figured she would have a little fun with them. La Diabla was very ticklish, and she wanted to make her giggle a little more. She took her thumb and index finger and slightly grasped the big toe and wiggled it. “This little piggy went to market……this little piggy stayed home….” she sang as she played with each of La Diabla’s toes.

    La Diabla started to giggle as she felt her toes being wiggled. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her and she felt silly. But she felt very aroused and enjoyed this little game between them. It did tickle her a little as she felt each toe getting played with and when it came to the baby toe, she held her breath because usually, this would be the moment where tickling would occur. Then she felt her baby toe getting wiggled and she prepared herself.

    “And this little piggy is………..TICKLISH!!!” Bella sang as she then placed her finger into the crevice between the baby toe and ring toe and did a quick wiggle.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHA NOOOOO!! BELLA NOOOOOOO!! HAHAHAHA” La Diabla exploded in laughter. The finger was digging into that crevice, and it sent a large ticklish shockwave into her body and she started to writhe on the couch. Fortunately for her, the finger was also very quickly removed, and she looked over at Bella who had a very mischievous grin. “Hehehehe that was cruel! How come you tickled me like that? You’re supposed to be nice!” she teased.

    “Hehehe You’re so adorable. I am being nice! I didn’t do it long did I? But you will have to forgive me. I have been giving your right foot so much pleasure, I have to do the same for your left….” Bella told her. She then gently lowered the right foot back onto her lap, then grabbed the left ankle with her right hand and lifted it up into the air. Now that foot was close to her lips, and she looked over at the outlaw. She could see that smile on her face, and she knew she was breaking down all her inhibitions. She then planted a very soft kiss on the outside edge of the foot.

    “Mmmmm…that is how to be nice. Hehehe” La Diabla swooned. She watched as Bella’s lips kissed from the base of her baby toe, and down the outside edge of her foot. Each kiss kept giving her shivers and she felt her nipples throbbing again. She was really enjoying this foot play and hoped it would last for a while. She felt her knee slightly bending and it allowed Bella to turn her head into the foot and now kisses were felt on her sole. She loved how soft the lips were and it gave her great pleasure. She started to wonder what she would do if Bella tried to kiss her lips? Would she kiss her back? Those thoughts gave her such an erotic thrill and she was getting hornier.

    Bella continued to kiss the bottom of the left foot and then she lifted her left index finger and did a slight stroke in the arch. She moved her head away when she did it and she avoided accidentally getting kicked in the face. “Hehehe tickle tickle” she teased.

    “Hehehehehe hey!! You almost got me to kick your beautiful face! You have to be careful. Kiss my foot, not tickle it…” La Diabla teased. She then let out another soft moan as she felt the kisses return to her foot. Her left foot was always more sensitive than the right, so each kiss sent greater sensations in her body. She started to bite her lower lip gently as she stared at Bella kissing her foot. She really started to desire this woman and wondered if they were going to make out. She was feeling very aroused, and Bella looked so beautiful to her. She felt a comfort with her and that feeling kept growing as this play time continued.

    Bella loved hearing La Diabla complimenting her. She felt her heart flutter when she was told she was beautiful. Her admiration for this sexy woman continued to rage out of control and she had to focus to not lose her own self control. She wished she could just strip La Diabla naked right now and make love to her, but she wanted to go through the process. She wanted this to be a night both would remember for the rest of their lives, so she had to be patient with herself. She moved her lips to the arch heel of the left foot and then let her tongue come out. She knew if she licked the arch, she would probably get kicked in the head. But the heel wasn’t as responsive, so she could lick that area. The taste of the skin was really getting her excited, so she planted the flat of her tongue on the heel and started to lick up the sole. She avoided the arch and slid her tongue on the outside edge of the arch on the “footprint” part of the foot, and then went to the ball of the foot. She let her tongue linger there for just a moment to savor the taste. Then she let the tongue slide off the ball. “You taste delicious…..” she cooed.

    La Diabla felt another jolt of lust through her nipples and her own wetness was increasing. She was really getting into this form of foot worship, then she saw her foot getting lowered just a bit. Now, Bella’s mouth was right by her toes! She wondered what was about to happen next. Would her toes get licked? She did a nervous wiggle of her toes and saw this smile on Bella’s face. “Why are you staring at my toes like that?” she asked with a soft voice.

    “Hehehe I am just looking at these cute toes of yours. Are they just as delicious?” Bella asked, then winked.

    “Hehehehe you probably don’t want to try…..I have……well, I have very ticklish toes and you will kill me! Hehehe” La Diabla joked.

    “Hahaha oh, I won’t kill you. Well, I will kill you with great pleasure! Hmmmm…let’s see how your toes do when I do this to them….” Bella told her then stuck out her tongue. She then licked the pad of the big toe and felt the foot squirm a little. This amused her because the toes were indeed going to be really ticklish. She then looked over at the outlaw and smiled. “Now, I am going to lick the bottom of your toes. I need you to behave. If your foot kicks my face, then that will make you a very naughty girl! Naughty girls get tickle punished!” she playfully warned.

    “*Gasp* I am not a naughty girl! How can you say that about me? hehehe” La Diabla flirted back.

    “You really are adorable. Now, hold these toes still…” Bella told her. Her eyes then looked at the bottom of the toe stems and saw the pale skin there. She then slid the tip of her tongue from the base of the index toe, up the stem and off the pad of the toe. She felt the foot quivering in her grasp, and she loved it. Surprisingly she did not get kicked and that made her happy. In a way, she hoped she would because she did have an urge to tickle her again.

    La Diabla was gripping the couch tightly. That feeling of that warm, moist tongue on the bottom of her index toe sent chills throughout her entire body. It tickled a lot, but it also felt incredible. She had to brace herself as she almost moved her foot which would have kicked Bella. Then she felt a lick on her middle toe and that made her moan loudly. The sensations were overwhelming her, and it made her arousal spike. The ring toe was licked, and she held back her giggles. She had a very bad feeling about what was going to happen if her baby toe was licked. It was a terribly ticklish area, and it was going to take all of her effort to not explode into hysterics. Then her eyes sprang open as she felt the tongue resting of the pad of her baby toe. The ticklish electricity was skyrocketing and then her foot jerked a little. Her foot went forward and touched Bella’s face. La Diabla then covered her mouth with her hands as she realized she kicked Bella in the face. It wasn’t a very hard kick; in fact it was a very soft touch as the foot just jerked a little. She then looked at her sheepishly and smiled. “I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean that. I’m just really ticklish, that’s all. You forgive me?” she said, then playfully batted her eyes.

    Bella looked at La Diabla with mock anger and she was about to have some fun with these feet. “Tsk tsk tsk. You ARE a naughty girl! Well, looks like we have to punish this foot. You deserve this….” she told her, then lowered the foot, then wrapped her right arm around the ankle.

    La Diabla gasped as she felt her left ankle now trapped in Bella’s right arm. The top of her foot rested against the bicep and her sole was completely exposed. Ticklish fear ripped through her body as she knew what was about to happen. She even tried to pull her foot free, but it was trapped. “Bella! Please! Don’t do it!! Please don’t!! hehehe” she giggled.

    “Oh no! Salem is very naughty and now, it is tickle time!” Bella teased, then started to scrabble her fingertips across the sole of the foot. She wanted to use her nails, but this was about being playful and not full-on torture. She loved it when her fingers would move from the heel of the foot and slope down into the arch. She felt the foot quivering more whenever her fingertips went into that arch. She loved the sweet laughter that was coming out of La Diabla’s mouth and then she looked over at the right foot that was still in her lap and saw it shaking as well. “Tickle tickle tickle! Salem is a ticklish girl! Yes she is!! Tickle tickle tickle!” she teased.

    La Diabla felt herself thrashing all over the couch as those fingertips were fluttering up and down her foot. The sensations were tearing through her, and she was laughing uncontrollably. She wanted to use her right leg to kick away, but she had to be nice as she knew Bella was playing with her. It was still great agony, and she wished the tickling would stop. Then the fingers moved to the ball of her foot, and it hit a sweet spot there. “Hehehehehehehehe Bella!! Please!! Hehehehe you’re tickling meeeee!!!” she laughed.

    “Of course I am tickling you! You deserve to be tickled! Hehehe your cute foot kicked me in my face, remember? You could have knocked me out!” Bella joked. The foot kick was barely a tap, but it gave her an excuse to have a little fun and tickle the outlaw. She continued to tickle the ball of the foot, then moved back to the arch area, which definitely sent her friend into hysterics. She loved the sensitivity of this foot and could see it scrunching and wiggling around. Her eyes then focused on something she really wanted to play with. She could see those long toes moving around and she still had plans for them. She paused her tickling for a moment, then turned her head back a little to try and speak to La Diabla. “Now, are you sorry you kicked me?” she asked.

    La Diabla continued to giggle a little even as the fingers stopped tickling her foot. The sensations were still flowing, and her arousal was still high. She heard Bella’s question and she tried to calm herself, so that she could answer her. She also wiped the sweat off her forehead and started to fan herself. “Hehehehehe yes….I’m sorry. Please, no more tickling. Hehehehe no more...” she panted.

    Bella then placed the palm of her left hand on the bottom of the foot and enjoyed the tenderness of that sole. Her fingertips were on the toes, and she wanted to tickle them, but she had a plan. “I really like tickling you. It still amazes me that you are this ticklish. I mean, what if your enemies ever captured you? They could torture you just by tickling these adorable feet of yours….” she said with a smile.

    La Diabla blushed for a moment as she heard those words. She would never admit it to Bella, but she did in fact get her feet tickled tortured by her enemies before. Madam Olivia and Francine managed to tickle her in the brothel in Frankstown and then Priscilla and Helga tormented her feet in the cavern in Santa Selena. She was happy that she was not about to be truly tortured, but she was growing anxious. Her lust was very high, and she wanted pleasure. Since Bella’s back was turned for the most part towards her, she placed her hands on her breasts and started to rub and squeeze them. She was never tickled before under the influence of alcohol, and she felt incredibly aroused at the moment. Had her bra been removed, she would have been playing with her nipples. She then felt the hand on the bottom of her foot, and she wondered if she was about to be tickled again. She wanted to keep playing this game with Bella, and she smiled. “Hehehe my enemies will never know about my feet. I am invincible!” she playfully lied.

    “Well, I am glad I am not your enemy then. Hehehe Because you may be invincible to them, but you are such a sweet, helpless, ticklish little woman who has her foot under my control. I could make you laugh your pretty head off, or I could give your foot great……pleasure. Want to see how?” Bella asked.

    La Diabla chuckled hearing Bella’s teasing words and wondered what was about to happen next. She heard her talk about pleasuring, and she was curious. She wondered what Bella was going to do next. “Hehehehe yes, I want to see how.” she replied.

    Bella then released her grip on the ankle and then leaned back onto the couch. She used her right hand to grab the ankle and lifted the foot into the air. She moved her body so that she was now facing the sole of the left foot and could also see La Diabla’ face. She noticed her hands were on her bra and that gave her another tingle between her legs. She knew the outlaw must have been touching her breasts and was getting horny. Now it was time to stoke that lustful fire within both of them. “Ok now, be still. I am going to enjoy these toes of yours….” she cooed.

    La Diabla held her breath as she saw Bella open her mouth and moved closer to her toes. She realized what she was about to do and felt her nipples throb. She just hoped it wouldn’t tickle too badly and then she saw her big toe disappearing inside Bella’s mouth. The lips clamped over her toe, and she could feel how warm and moist the mouth was. Her body tensed up as she felt a ticklish sensation at first, then she felt a large wave of pleasure hitting her body as she felt the sucking of her toe. She opened her mouth wide and let out a loud moan as she saw Bella’s head moving up and down on her big toe. “MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned.

    Bella heard that moan and sexual energy tore through her own body. She had La Diabla’s big toe in her mouth and she was sucking on it. She loved the taste of the digit and she wanted to bring the most pleasure out of this moment. She started to bob her head up and down, her saliva increasing and then she started to swirl her tongue on the pad of the big toe. She heard a little giggle and that made her heart flutter. She enjoyed this ticklish toe and she could also see the look of pleasure on La Diabla’s face. Now, she wanted more! She let the big toe slip out of her mouth and then looked at La Diabla in the eyes. She then wrapped her lips around the three middle toes, showing how large her mouth could be. She was amazed she could get her lips around these toes and suck on them. She could feel the toes starting to wiggle in her mouth and saw this satisfied grin on the outlaw’s face. She started to use her tongue to swirl along the underside of the toes and even slip in between them. With her eyes still staring at La Diabla’s face, she felt her heart fluttering as she could see that ticklish smile forming and knew she would laugh soon.

    La Diabla watched in pleasure as she saw her three middle toes go into Bella’s warm mouth, with her big toe on the left cheek and her baby toe on Bella’s right cheek. It looked amazing at the moment and then she felt that tongue swirling around her toes. She felt these jolts of energy hitting her body, with some of it being ticklish tremors and the other kind was sending pleasure sensations between her legs. She was still surprised she had someone sucking on her toes and it felt amazing. She let out a small giggle as the tongue slipped in and out of her toes and could hear a suckling sound. She then squeezed her breasts again and felt that fire within her getting hotter and hotter.

    Bella let the three middle toes slip out of her mouth and then looked at them. They were covered with her saliva, as well as the big toe. She then wrapped her lips around the baby toe and started to immediately suck on it. This time, she saw a look of surprise on La Diabla’s face and that made her smile.

    La Diabla felt her baby toe go inside the mouth and it really tickled her! She then placed her hands over her mouth as she started to laugh. That tongue was now swishing against the pad of the toe and even into that crevice with the ring toe. She felt her body tensing up as the ticklish sensations took over the pleasure ones and she kept giggling. Soon, that giggling turned into a laugh and she felt her eyes watering. She motioned her hands to Bella to stop the sucking and hoped the woman stopped as it was too much and she didn’t want to kick her.

    Bella saw La Diabla’s reaction to sucking on her baby toe and loved it. She could hear that laughter getting louder and she could also see the agony on her face. She then saw the hands motioning in the air and that made her laugh. She let the baby toe slip out of her mouth and she chuckled to herself. She watched as La Diabla started to settle back down and then was fanning herself with her hands. “Too much to handle?” she teased.

    La Diabla felt embarrassed as she was fanning herself with her hands. That toe sucking drove her wild and she felt some relief. She then looked at Bella’s smiling face and gave her a playful glare. “You were torturing my little toe! Hehehehe Yes, it was too much to handle. You’re supposed to be nice…” she playfully whined.

    “Hahaha you are just too adorable! Ok, I am done sucking those toes…..” Bella said as she then lowered the left foot back to her lap. Then she grabbed the right ankle and elevated the foot. “Now, how about this foot? It seems so lonely, and your toes want to receive pleasure too.” she told her.

    La Diabla gasped as she saw her right foot now elevated into the air. She felt another wave of arousal hit her body as her other foot was about to have the toes sucked on. She then waited in anticipation as she saw her foot being moved closer to Bella’s face, with her big toe very close to the mouth. She then watched the mouth open up and her toe was headed inside. Then the lips wrapped around the digit, and she felt how warm that mouth was again. This sent a large tingle between her legs, and she started to moan. The sucking started to happen again, and she closed her eyes for a moment. She wanted to enjoy this moment and feel that lust within her soul.

    Bella continued to suck on that big toe and enjoyed the taste. She really wanted to pleasure these toes and started to think about what she wanted to do next. She really enjoyed having her way with these feet, but it was also time to start working on getting this beautiful outlaw naked. Her tongue then started to swirl on the pad of that toe, and she heard another moan, followed by a giggle. She loved ticklish toes. She loved the erotic nature of sucking another woman’s toes. She did it once before with a lover and that woman had a tremendous orgasm just from all the foreplay that happened. The thought of that memory really got the sexual fire within her body blazing as she wanted to make La Diabla have an orgasm before this night was over. She then let the big toe slip out of her mouth and then placed the middle three toes of the right foot in her mouth and sucked. HARD.

    La Diabla felt the middle three toes of her right foot go inside that very warm, very wet mouth and she swooned. It felt incredible and her arousal only kept at a very high intensity. As her eyes were closed, the sensations felt even more intense. She licked her lips and even started to squeeze her chest a little more. She could feel her will slipping and she wanted this sexual pleasure. All this teasing and tickling was driving her wild and she wanted more. Then she started to smile and then let a giggle out as once again, that moist tongue was swishing against the undersides of her toes and into the crevices. That tongue felt very slippery and now the ticklish sensation grew. She opened her eyes and saw how much Bella was enjoying her toes. Then she started to laugh more. The tickling sensations only grew and now she wanted to pull her foot away. “Hehehehehe Bella! That tickles!!! Your tongue!! It tickles!!!” she squealed.

    Bella stopped her tongue swirling as she heard those cute pleas for ticklish mercy. She let the toes come out of her mouth and she turned her head towards La Diabla. She could see that beautiful smile and saw her trying to recover. She figured her tongue got too aggressive and it tickled the woman silly. She was more careful with the left set of toes, but as she grew more horny, her tongue went wild on the right set of toes. She winked at the outlaw and then kissed the ball of the right foot. “Awww….poor Salem. Her toes are just too ticklish for my tongue! Hehehe I guess I will have to use my tongue….elsewhere.” she teased.

    La Diabla felt herself shudder when she heard those words. Her mind started to wonder what Bella said about using her tongue elsewhere and that drove up her lust. She still felt ticklish tremors in her body and her right foot was still being held. She wondered if that foot was about to be tickled since Bella was having too much fun tickling her. “Hehehe what are you going to do to my foot?” she asked.

    Bella laughed when she heard that question, then looked at the right foot. It was still elevated, and the toes were still shiny from her saliva. Her eyes looked at the tanned skin on the sole and she wondered if she should continue to tickle that very sensitive skin. She then looked back at La Diabla and had a wry smile. “You know, I think your feet have had enough attention for now. I know you enjoyed that kind of massage, now it is time to explore and massage more areas of your beautiful body.” she said with lust dripping in her voice.

    La Diabla giggled as she saw her right foot being lowered back down into the lap. She wondered what was about to get massaged, then she felt her feet getting moved off of Bella’s lap. She saw her feet get elevated into the air, then the woman moved her body towards her and gently lowered her legs back down onto the couch. Bella was now leaning on her right hand side and pushed her a little towards the edge of the couch, so she could lie down next to her. She could feel Bella’s body on hers as they were now both lying on the couch. She slightly turned her body to her left and saw Bella right next to her. Her face was a mere inches away and she stared at it. It was such a beautiful face. She could see some age on it, and the hair had some gray streaks, but she was still very beautiful. She looked into her eyes and saw those same lips and mouth that once had her toes in there. She then felt herself getting pushed back onto her back and now she could feel Bella’s left leg draping over her legs. La Diabla turned her head to the left and saw Bella staring right back at her. “Comfy? Hehe” she giggled.

    Bella smiled when she heard that question. She also felt her heart racing as she was now lying next to this beautiful woman on her couch. Her face was close to La Diabla’s, and she stared into her brown eyes. She then let her left hand softly caress the exposed stomach and felt how soft it was. She saw the slight smile on the outlaw’s face and could tell she was still very ticklish at the moment. She couldn’t stand it anymore. Her desire for this woman was now at a fever pitch and she leaned her head forward, getting closer to La Diabla’s. “I swear Salem, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life…” she said softly, then moved her left hand up and started to caress the black hair on the right side of La Diabla’s head.

    La Diabla felt herself blushing as she heard that very nice compliment. It was the way it was said that made her feel shy at the moment. This woman was coming onto her, and she liked it. She could see the passion in the eyes and now her own breathing was getting shallow. “T-Thank you…” she responded and had a smile on her face.

    “I mean it. I have seen many beautiful women before, but they do not compare to you., You excite me. I wish I could spend every day next to you, just gazing at your beauty…” Bella whispered. She was in full lust now and her body was aching with erotic excitement. Her fingers were now running through that long black hair, and lightly caressing the scalp.

    “Stop…you’re making me blush. You’re trying to seduce me…hehehe” La Diabla whispered back. She loved the feeling of her hair being played with and her scalp. She started to get lost in those brown eyes of Bella’s and felt her heart thumping in her chest. She had no idea what was about to happen, but she felt excited, and she was very wet.

    “You are so cute…hehehe I love your eyes, and I love your cute nose. I even love looking at those lips of yours.” Bella said very softly. She couldn’t hold back anymore, and she leaned her face forward and planted her lips on La Diabla’s. The contact of the outlaw’s soft lips on hers sent waves of erotic pleasure in her body and she started to kiss her deeper. She had been waiting for this moment ever since she saw this woman and now it was here.

    La Diabla was stunned that she was being kissed by Bella, then started to relax her body. The kiss felt sensational, and she could feel the passion behind it. With her own arousal sky high, this kiss sent tremendous energy into her body and especially between her legs. She started to kiss her back and soon, both women were kissing with a lot of passion. She felt Bella’s tongue inside her mouth, and they continued to make out. La Diabla’s sexual instincts took over her body and now she hoped they would have sex.

    Bella was completely enthralled by this moment. The feeling of La Diabla’s mouth on hers sent erotic pleasure from the top of her head, all the way through her body and to the tips of her toes. She felt herself craving this woman and now she was going to have it. The kiss lasted for a while and then it broke. She looked at La Diabla’s face and she couldn’t help but adore it. Now it was time to move this further along. “I still have to massage you…” she smiled.

    “I thought that was a massage for my mouth. Hehehe” La Diabla joked.

    “Hahahaha yes, you’re right. That was your mouth massage.” Bella laughed. She wanted to pleasure this woman and her hand moved from the hair and now going towards the breasts. Once her hand arrived, she placed her left hand on top of the right breast and gave it a very gentle squeeze. “I think it’s time to remove this bra of yours. You get a full body massage sweet Salem…” she cooed.

    La Diabla gasped as she felt the hand squeezing her breast and when she heard the bra had to be removed, she felt excitement. Her body was preparing for sex, and she was not going to stop it. The alcohol flowing through her did its job and got her loose. She then looked on as she saw Bella’s hands reaching behind her back to try and remove the garment. She even leaned her body to the left so the hand could have better access. Once the strap was loosened, she then felt her bra cups being lifted over her chest. She knew it was at any moment her breasts were going to be bared and it gave her such excitement.

    Bella continued to work on the bra and finally the cups were removed, and she managed to get the garment off. She was happy that La Diabla helped the situation by positioning her body, so the bra could be taken off. Once it was, she tossed the garment to the floor and then the outlaw’s body was on her back. Her eyes lit up as she now saw the naked breasts of the infamous outlaw. She went speechless for a moment as she gazed at the size B mounds, with the small brown nipples. They had such a soft shape to them, and they looked magnificent. “Oh Salem……those….those are beautiful…” she cooed as she stared at the chest.

    La Diabla’s face turned red as she heard that compliment. She looked at Bella’s face and could see how excited it was as she stared at her breasts. She watched as Bella’s face had this ravenous look and she wondered what was about to happen next. “I take it you like them?” she asked.

    “I love them….” Bella responded quickly. She then moved her head closer to the mounds and stared at them. She then lowered her left hand and gently placed it on the right breast. The skin was very soft and then she gave it a gentle squeeze. She felt La Diabla’s body reacting to the squeeze, and she smiled. She then lightly started to caress the mound and felt the woman shudder a bit, and goosebumps came out.

    “Careful...hehehe” La Diabla giggled. The light touch on her right breast sent mild ticklish tremors in her body.

    “Don’t tell me your breasts are ticklish too? Hehehe” Bella laughed.

    “Hehehe you wouldn’t tickle me there, would you?” La Diabla asked and started to get really excited.

    “Hmmmm….. so tempting.” Bella cooed. She then got excited as she saw the nipples getting stiff and she wanted to touch it. She gently rubbed her hand over the nipple and loved how stiff it was. She rubbed her hand there a few times and loved how La Diabla reacted to it. She then laughed as the hard nipple gave her a slight ticklish feeling. “Your nipples are SO hard. It tickles my hand!” she laughed.

    Hearing those words made La Diabla very excited. The rubbing of her nipple sent her arousal to the moon and now she heard Bella mentioning that she had a ticklish feeling. That really got her excited as she thought about this woman possibly being ticklish. “Hehehehe don’t tell me that you’re ticklish! Maybe I should get you back for what you are doing to me….” she playfully threatened.

    Bella looked right at La Diabla’s face and saw a mischievous smile on it. She also had a streak of fright in her body as she was threatened to be tickled. She had to regain control of this situation and she moved her fingers to the exposed stomach area. “Did you just threaten me, young lady? You really are a naughty girl! There will be no tickling done to me, just to you….” she told her then started to wiggle her fingers on the exposed stomach.

    “Hehehehehe hey!!! You’re tickling me again! Hehehehe massage me!! Massage me!” La Diabla giggled as she felt that hand tickling her belly.

    “Yes, I am tickling you again naughty girl! Say you’re sorry!” Bella threatened, then wriggled her fingers deeper into the stomach area. She loved how soft the skin was on the stomach, but it was also firm. This woman was in top shape, and it showed. She loved hearing those giggles and kept tickling that sensitive area.

    “Hehehehehe I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Hehehe stop tickling me!! I’ll be good! Hehehe” La Diabla laughed. She couldn’t understand why she felt so submissive at this moment. Normally she would fight back with tickling whenever she could, but right now, she just felt so helpless and under Bella’s control. She closed her eyes and just laughed as the fingers continued to tease her skin.

    “That’s a good girl! I accept your apology…” Bella teased and then stopped her finger wriggling. She looked down at La Diabla’s face and she adored it. The eyes were closed, and there was still a smile on her face. She then looked down at the body and noticed the belt buckle. Her heart skipped a beat as she knew it was time to finally get this woman naked. She could tell La Diabla was becoming submissive to her and her desire for her grew leaps and bounds. “Now, be a good girl and let me get these jeans off of you…” she cooed.

    La Diabla gasped and opened her eyes from that suggestion. She realized her pants were about to be removed and she felt helpless to stop it. She looked at Bella’s face and noticed she was looking down towards her waist. She moved her eyes to her waist and saw the belt buckle coming undone. She started to purr as she knew it was going to be just mere moments before she lost her jeans. She watched in fascination as her belt came undone, and then her jeans were unbuttoned. She gasped as the buttons of the fly started to come down and now the jean flaps were opened up, exposing her underwear. “My jeans…” she whispered.

    Bella was really excited at this moment. She managed to get the jeans undone and now she had to pull them off. She heard that soft gasp by La Diabla and she got really excited. She then sat up from her laying position and then moved to the other end of the couch, near La Diabla’s barefeet. She then leaned forward and grabbed the tops of the jeans and managed to tug them off the hips. She was delighted that La Diabla lifted her rear end up to make it easier for the jeans to come off the hips. She knew the outlaw wanted this as much as she did. She pulled the jeans down the legs, exposing those strong and well defined limbs. She was impressed by what she saw and when the jeans got down to the feet, she pulled them off and then gently placed the clothes down onto the floor, next to the boots that were already there. She turned her head and saw how beautiful La Diabla looked. The woman only had her underwear on, and she got really excited. “You look…..perfect.” she said softly.

    La Diabla blushed as she heard the compliment. She was in deep heat, and she was almost naked. It still felt surreal to her being in this position. This woman was stripping her, and she didn’t want to stop her. She then saw Bella leaning near her again and this time, the hands grabbed the rim of her underwear. She gasped as she felt the garment being pulled down. She was about to be naked! “You’re taking off my underwear? I will be naked! Hehehe” she giggled.

    “That’s the plan. Hehehe Like I said, you are going to love my full body massage…” Bella teased. She then started to pull down the underwear and saw more skin on the groin area getting exposed. She was very close to exposing the most private area on this woman and her heart was racing a million miles an hour. She now could see the start of the pubic hair appearing and that really got her blood pumping. She then tugging down and soon, she pulled them down with more force and the pussy was exposed! She stopped for a moment as she gazed at the newly exposed vagina. “Oh my goodness….that….that looks…..amazing..” she said in shock.

    La Diabla really felt herself blushing as her pussy was now exposed. She felt like she should cover it with her hands, but she kept them to her sides and just watched her underwear getting pulled down. There was no turning back at this point. This was the moment she knew sex was going to happen and there was nothing she could do to stop it. All her inhibitions were gone, and she was at the complete sexual mercy of Bella Toscano. She watched as her feet were pulled out from the underwear and she watched Bella drop the garment to the floor. She was now 100% naked and she felt so shy. “I can’t believe you got me naked….hehehe what are you going to do to me?” she asked.

    Bella smiled as she stared the beautiful naked woman on her couch. She could see those very beautiful breasts and could see that pussy. She also loved the look on La Diabla’s face, and she just had to have her. She then moved her body closer to the outlaw’s and got on top of her. She then looked at the beautiful face and she kissed those lips. Jolts of sexual excitement tore through her body, and she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to have her, and she had to have her now. “I want you Salem. I am going to make you feel…..so…..good.” she whispered after breaking the kiss.

    “Hehehe That sounds nice….you might as well take advantage of me like this. Hehehe your wine is magnificent…” La Diabla giggled back. She really enjoyed that kiss and looked forward to what was about to happen next.

    “You naughty girl….Oh, I am definitely going to take advantage of you. But, we will do it in my bedroom. Now, stand up…” Bella said as she then got up off La Diabla’s body and stood up. She looked down at that naked form and wanted to sexually ravish it. She was still amazed on just how beautiful this supposedly dangerous woman was. She saw La Diabla still lying there, and she tapped her foot. “Come on, stand up.” she requested.

    “Hehehe but I’m naked. Aren’t you going to give me back my clothes?” La Diabla asked. She then started to slowly sit up and then looked for her clothes on the ground.

    “You’re not going to wear any. Now stand up, or do I have to tickle punish those feet again?” Bella teased.

    La Diabla’s eyes went wide open with shock. She was supposed to go to Bella’s bedroom with no clothes on? “Hehehe I can’t walk to your bedroom naked! Besides, I don’t think I can walk. That wine really hit me hard…hehehe” she giggled.

    Bella then leaned down and grabbed both of La Diabla’s hands. She then pulled the woman up to her feet and then held her. She wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her on her lips. Once the kiss broke, she stared into her eyes. “You are going to walk with me to my room. Yes, you will be naked. Your clothes are safe here. I will help you so that you don’t fall.” she whispered.

    La Diabla felt her knees buckling from that kiss and was happy that Bella was holding her up. Her body was completely loose, and she felt like she was about to fall. Her mind started to spin as the thought of her walking through this house naked terrified her. “Hehehehe I can’t walk through the house naked! What if my friends see me? Or your maid?” she giggled.

    “They are probably sleep. Now, let’s get going. Come on….” Bella told her, then placed La Diabla’s left arm over her right shoulder and started to move forward. She enjoyed the power she had over this woman and now it was time to collect her prize. She was going to have sex with this woman and make her cum. She started to move towards the door and then turned her head. She could see the empty cowboy boots, the jeans and the shirt near the couch on the floor. She smiled then lead La Diabla out of the study and into the hallway. “Let’s go naughty girl…” she teased.

    La Diabla felt her legs trembling as she tried to walk. She felt very embarrassed as she was walking in the hallway completely naked. If she was sober, there would be no way she would walk around a house naked unless it was just her and a lover. But she knew Gabby, Veronica and even the maid were in this house. She felt very embarrassed as she thought they could see her completely naked and submissive to Bella. She tried to stay quiet and felt very under control by this woman. She could feel the cool floor beneath her bare feet, and she tried to stay somewhat conscious. That massage and tickle session she experienced in the study made her sexually drowsy. Her eyes looked at some of the painting in the hallway and then she saw the stairs. “We have to climb stairs?” she asked.

    Bella looked at La Diabla and smiled. She was still excited over how much control she had over her. She was walking this woman through the hallway in her house, and she was naked. Now they were in front of the stairs and heard those words. “Hehe yes! But I will help you. Be careful, because I don’t want you tripping over your feet….” she told her.

    La Diabla felt her feet go up the stairs one at a time. She was still feeling very horny, yet very relaxed. She had no idea how she was even walking at this moment but feeling Bella holding her up gave her some comfort. She looked around and still had the fear of being caught naked like this. When they got to the top of the stairs, she felt excited. “We made it! hehehe” she giggled.

    “Yes, we made it. hehe” Bella laughed as she heard those words. She loved La Diabla being so helpless and dependent on her. She then carefully shuffled the woman through the hallway and was anxious to get her to the bed. She was so horny at this moment and her desire to make love almost made her own body collapse from excitement.

    La Diabla then felt the rug on the floor beneath her bare feet and noticed it felt very nice. The fibers of the carpet were noticeable, and she felt silly thinking the carpet was trying to tickle her. She then saw they were passing by a door. La Diabla thought she heard some laughing behind that door and she looked at Bella. “Hehehe who’s laughing in there?” she asked.

    Bella looked over at the door to a guest room and figured both Gabby and Veronica were in there. She knew that she better hurry up and get to her bedroom because La Diabla’s friends were still awake. That meant they could see her naked! “Come on, we are almost there.” she told her and then started to move faster.

    La Diabla felt themselves moving faster and then she realized that the laughter was probably her friends. Her heart started to race, and she knew they had to move. If they saw her naked, it would be completely embarrassing, and she also knew how much they probably wanted to see her in this state of mind. She then made it to a door and saw Bella open it. She figured this was the master bedroom and she got excited. She felt her body being led into the room and after a few steps, she stood there. Bella had let her go and then she saw light. A lantern was turned on and now she could see inside the room. It was a very large room with a king sized bed. The bed had white blankets, with very large white pillows on it. The headboard was magnificent. It was made of wood and appeared to have a carved in design of a forest on it. She looked to her left and saw a very large window that was now covered with a white curtain. It seemed so peaceful inside this room and very clean. La Diabla looked down and saw that her feet were on top of a large green rug, and it felt really soft. She stood there, completely naked, with her hands to her sides. She saw Bella now walking towards her and she felt nervous. She knew what was about to happen and her excitement grew. She enjoyed being seduced like this and now it was time.

    Character featured in this part:


    UP NEXT: A night to remember and the mission begins!

    Ok folks, how did you like this part? I hope you enjoyed it as it is not often we see these moments with La Diabla. This series is almost over and then soon, Deputy's Apprentice will begin, which will be the final lead up series before the phase ending saga The Deputy & the Outlaw: Retribution begins! It is kind of crazy when I think about how up until about August this year, you get a new part every week. Yeah, this was a fun adventure to write about. haha A lot of work, but because of all of you, well worth it. Thank you for your comments!
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