I work for the 'Firm' and known as 'The Specialist' as I convince guys who owe the syndicate to pay up and they all do as until they agree they know I'm happy to continue the torture and that I'm sadistically merciless and having been tortured no marks so no evidence to be seen. I am called and told to expect a delivery and the blindfold guy is brought to my villa on the outskirts of Rome and before leaving stripped as I like the guys to be, to their underwear and socks by the goons who then secure him to the leather covered table on his back. At this point the guy knocked out so not aware of what's happening. I am not called unless it's known the guy will react to my speciality which is not an openly admiited means of interrogation technique but yes it's used when it's guaranteed to break the guy though I would guess not with the level of intimacy I employ because I enjoy this aspect and I can! Something I take full advantage of to varying degrees as some guys more appealing to me than others but 50 years is the age limit I will entertain and the 'Firm' know this and respect it! No choice as my nephew is Head of the Syndicate which is why I was able to influence him to utilise me in this way and also why my job was guaranteed!

Three months ago Mauro Berruti brought to me and a 34 year old policeman who had infiltrated the 'Firm' undercover to learn about a shipment of drugs being expected I was not told how but just he had been exposed and to be dealt with and my nephew calling me saying to go beyond the limits of endurance adding that Berruti was 6'2" and fit so had fit the part and wore a size 46 shoe; that's 12 and betrayed his hating his feet messed around with in chat of likes and dislikes with a fellow goon who had volunteered the information so I was really gonna have fun with this creep. Whilst still knocked out I replaced his slip on shoes and waited having a good long look at him and having a look of a young Al Pacino. His black dress sock were damp from being in his shoes all day and has smellled of sweat and leather I found before replacing his shoes and removed his blindfold as wanted him to see me enjoy torturing him!

About ten minutes later he came around and was groggy and saw me staring at him and tried to say something but I had gagged him as wasn't going to be interrupted by verbal reactions from him until they were wanted and then would be welcomed by me. I slapped him in the face to get him fully awake and stared at him and told him that it was bad enough his cover had been blown but worse for him so had his secret weakness, something made known to me he hated, couldn't stand and seeing confusion on his face said to nod if he knew what that might be but shook his head so told him I knew about his chat with Claudio as I walked to the end of the table.

"11pm now so these shoes and socks on for almost 24 hours and it's a fact that the warmer and softer feet are, the more sensitive they become and these feet pretty big, let's see oh yeah says on the sole 46 and I guess pretty warm already but no harm in turning up the heat, no use in squirming you're not going anywhere but same can't be said for your feet as much as I listen to theories, a believer in practice and if proving the theory, your feet headed for ticklish torture and one sure guarantee being by the time I've worked them over, hating your feet messed with now, that something magnified diabolically, put another way everything you would in your worst nightmares dread happening to your feet being made a reality, I guess Berruti both feet raped!"

I smiled at him seeing his reaction and knowing by my expression I was dead serious and said that it was soon time for me to get a good look at his feet and discover how ticklish his feet were and smiled as he instantly squirmed as he panicked, he was ticklish, extremely ticklish and sat on the stool level with his feet and slowly slid off each shoe and the thin black fabric clung to every contour of each large foot, every sexy inch of them as I told him saying I knew he liked women making this more exciting for me as I having a fascination for guy's feet, not women's but straight men even greater a lust and his damp socks very appealing and involuntarily his toes pressed upwards which stretched the fabric so I saw them perfectly. The fabric strained as it covered the ball of his foot and the heel and dipped into the deep concave of his arch barely concealing the skin beneath. I leaned into his feet so both were close to my nose. I inhaled gently at first, barely grazing the surface of each socked sole with my nostrils. Their raunchy smell was like a drug; the intake of them became deeper and more prolonged with each breath until my entire face was buried his soles, engulfed in his feet!

His moaning made me more enthusiastic as I told him the night was young and would ravage his feet so he better get used to it happening and maybe imagine it was a woman's touch even though I guessed women never got to play with his feet and that my goatee might also ruin the illusion for him unless hairy women were his thing! I then slowly licked the soles of his feet and could taste the saltiness of his foot sweat through the sock fabric which felt a little rough on my tongue but continued licking until they were both saliva saturated and loving his angered protests as he was used, abused and humiliated telling him I never imagined having a policeman's feet at my mercy but the only thing he as a policeman could expect from me was to be merciless and I would not be disappointing him in this expectation!

I joked that I guess he must be feeling pretty disgusted with this happening to him and he so vulnerable and helpless to stop it from happening and pulled his socked soles closer into my face and then closed my lips around the socked toes of his right foot and slathered them with wetness and slid my tongue over them and repeated this with his left foot and told him in socks worn all day that his feet were both so warm and their aroma having got my dick rigid! I also liked the shape of his feet with high and shapely arches and I saw long toes which had an awesome aroma. I told him his sweaty sock smell was very masculine and the last thing he ever imagined happening being another man this close to them!

He responded yelling something but couldn't understand a muffled protest as I then worked on each socked foot, massaging them and as I told him not to relax him but to heat them up and fondling them detecting by his reaction where on his feet he was most sensitive and told him I was known as 'The Specialist' as I was thorough and expert, good at what I did saying as anyone is doing something they enjoy and Berruti I sure am enjoying having full control of these feet and not a single tickle yet but you know tickles are coming but there's a whole night to enjoy them! I am going to know your feet better than you do and in fact do now unless you have tasted your own feet! I pissed him off saying I was grateful he was letting me be the first guy to break his virgin feet in and licked each socked sole and sucked his socked toes and said this would stay our secret and smiled at his eyes glaring at me saying I appreciated he might not understand why I would enjoy licking and sucking and massaging his feet but as confusing for him as he getting satisfaction fucking pussy and even guy's fucking ass!

I then switched on the mini hairdryer and heated his socked feet up methodically even pushing his socked toes back to make sure the nozzle got there to het them but not to burn them as I told him and then switched it off and I my fingers slowly stroked up and down his socked soles and starting slowly I increased the intensity gradually and Berruti proved he had ultra-ticklish feet and I heard a muffled reaction from him as I looked into his eyes as he was being tickled through his socks and increased the level of the tickling and noted the effectiveness of it. His laugh though gagged was very real and as I told him music to my ears


I kept tickling his socked feet as soon Berruti was laughing hysterically and I said he having a great reaction and that his socked soles were so moist and sweaty that my fingers slid so easily along them and he tried to hold his laughter in, he tried but stroking under his toes and he soon enough began to crack and had a very deep and sexy laugh which really turned me on and said I was sure he brushed his feet in the morning but wondered had he thought to brush his feet and smiling showed him the hairbrush with it's plastic tines saying plastic tines worked on socked feet and didn't tear the fabric and being nylon and sweaty that his socks were tight against his feet like a second skin. I then placed the tines to his right sole and ran it along the centre and then along the sole of his left foot and in moments Berruti was in fits of laughter, constant howling laughter!

After a while stopping the tickling I pushed my face into both of his black socked feet and taking in the aroma of his sweaty socked feet saying the smell of his socked feet intoxicating and addictive and how I loved smelling his feet and running my face all over them both and then began kissing them which was hell for him, not because it tickled, not because it teased and taunted him but it was intimate, another guy not messing with his feet but engaging in intimacy with them and I fondled them both as a lover if they could so being really sensual I kissed his socked toes and took his socked toes in my mouth and sucked the sweat out of them saying his feet were bringing out the animal in me! The fabulous aroma that came from his amazing feet was like an aphrodisiac for me and pressed his large socked feet to my face. I squeezed and nibbled on the sides of his socked toes and rubbed his feet as he was yelling absurdities and squirming about.

Involuntarily his socked toes wiggled and his feet flexed agaisnt my face as I continued to nibble on his toes. I then began to ease his socks off slowly and gently as I like to give the guys that I work over ample time to contemplate their fate once their socks are off and with Berruti I pulled them of with my teeth, wrapped my mouth around each foot and bit down gently so that I could remove the smelly socks. Once off there were his gorgeous bare feet! Now facing me two amazing feet I already knew but was going to get to know a whole lot better and their fragrance under my nose was "Mmmmmm" as the way I'd describe it, no words necessary and I licked the soles of his feet and in and between his toes, making sure every part of his feet dripped with my siliva.

I stared at his bare feet as having laughed likea loon he calmed down with a break of a few minutes and again slipped the tip of my tongue between his toes as I proceeded to lick between all ten of them and then was licking his tender soft soles all over! I bent my face to them both and felt the warmth from his feet, lightly licking the ball of his right foot and he moaned as I continued to let my tongue dance on his right foot. My tongue slid all the way up and down the length of his arch as Berruti gasped and his foot shuddered as he lost it laughing

"Are your feet licklish or something Berruti?" I mocked him

Before he could answer I dragged my index finger up and down his right foot and then his left foot and then placed all of my fingers under each sole in turn and scratched the length of each foot. I was soon tickling his feet simultaneously like a maniac. I tickled his toes and the balls of his feet, I tickled his ankles and the tops of his feet and scribbled my fingers across both arches


Now I told him we were in business and even gagged his laughter was so contagious and then saying ticklish and licklish that he was in real trouble as I was going to be entertaining him more than one night and rubbed my teeth along his sweaty soles


I gave Berruti no rest as he didn't deserve one and I got serious with his feet using my fingers as he laughed harder and harder and showed him no mercy and the tickling stopping to continue rubbing his feet, sensitive feet wriggling around and he laughing his ass off. I then took hold of the feather and deployed this along his soles and dragged the quill end the length of the soles of his feet which was excruciatingly ticklish torment for him and I relished in delivering it, Berruti really groaned and squirmed when I tickled his soles with the feather. I stopped with the feather and I began to suck on his toes and licked the soles of his licklish feet and saying I was going to tickle and lickle, lickle and tickle his feet knowing he couldn't stand it and sucked on his toes!

I then used my fingertips to lightly stroke over both of his bare ticklish soles, scraping from his smooth heels to his long wriggling toes and forcing the Italian policeman into immediate spasms of wailing laughter. I picked up the pace every two minutes, using my fingernails to trace patterns all over his arches and stroking the balls of his feet. Then I gently pried apart each of his toes and saw the feather end of the feather and the pipe cleaner in turn between them. Berruti tried his damn best to pull his feet away but was completely helpless to stop me from doing whatever I wanted to his feet as I so enjoyed telling him! I then resumed gently massaging his feet but then my fingernails began scraping his soles as I continued the massage. With each careless tickle contact Berruti reactively giggled and soon dissolved into consistent laughter as the massage transformed into a full-fledged tickling attack, my fingernails dancing unpredictably up and down the warm, soft, sweaty wriggling soles of his feet.

"Shit! Ha-ha-ha!Th-that tICKles!" he squeaked out between laughter"Please! Ha-ha-haaaaeeeee! Please stop!"

Berruti was going crazy with ticklishness as a torment of teasing touches a torture there's no way of mentally and physically preparing for and to block the effective sensations affecting every inch of helplessly exposed and vulnerable bare feet as his were and my thrill making him suffer overwhelming agony desperately and frantically wanting to be freed from enduring! With one finger delicately and slowly stroking the length of one foot and then the other loving his instant reaction to the insidious torment, adding more fingers and running them up n' down the trapped soles and telling him I love men with ticklish feet and tickling them out of their minds and his feet so hideously sensitive and immobile so mine to enjoy having ticklish fun with driving him hysterical!

I enjoyed his desperate reactions my tickling his feet was provoking. I continued the tickling non-stop and well lubricated with his sweat and my saliva he shook his head at me as smiling I retrieved the plastic tined hairbrush and muffled pleas came from him which were ignored as with a slow and deliberate speed I lowered the hair brush to his bare feet and touched the tines by slowly and agonizingly dragged the hair brush up his soles. He roared with laughter as I dragged the tines up and down his squirming soles and eventually after an intense tickling I stopped! I instead lightly caressed his feet with my fingers and in between doing this enjoyed licking them all over as his foot taste was so appealing and after my fingers again the feather proving so effective on the tops, the sides and between his toes but the quill end along the soles of his feet.

The deep, resonant bellow of laughter from him really turning me on as such a ticklish guy even from the touch of a feather! My fingers stroking all over his feet drove Berruti wild as they traced random patterns up and down the soles of his feet and under his toes and then I said I having worked up an appetite and squirted the whipped cream over both of his feet and enjoyed licking it off and had made him splay his toes under the threat of my calling an assistant to help me work him over, so had squirted cream in between each of his toes and clean of the whipped cream which I made sure took a while said that the next time would be chocolate sauce andlicked under and in between his toes nibbling them all!


I then continued the assault on his helpless feet with my fingers and told Berruti that he was laughing louder than anyone I had ever tickled even gagged was so much louder and in fact he was drowned in his own pure, unbridled hysteria. His laughter got louder and stronger still when I activated the electric toothbrush and the rotating bristles of it really made him thrash around and laugh.

"Ah, Haaahahaha heehaaahaha, stoop nooo not my ah, ah, haha HHAHAAAAAHEEHEEFUCUCK feeeeeeeeetHAHAHAHAHA!"

My assault on his feet with the sonicare was relentless and saliva lubed as I licked his soles too meant the bristles easily slid over and over and over his soles as Berruti laughed like crazy, he howled with laughter and then I stopped tickling his feet and using scissors cut off his briefs and gripped his dick and worked it sensuously even licking it which drove him berserk but achived the objective and got him rock hard and then jerked him off and he couldn't stop it happening and shot his load and I winked that I hoped he had enjoyed the relief as he clearly was cursing me but told him that having cum his feet would be even more tortuously ticklish and went to work on those ticklsh soles of his using my fingers. I ran them back and forth and up n' down the soles of Berruti's feet as he was desperately trying to escape the sensation.He laughed and laughed as my fingers worked their magic! Soon enough I started tomenting him with the feather again and I twirled the stiff quill across his soles and toes really torturing his nerve endings saying to him that I loved it when a ticklish guy responds to my feather tickling techniques as he was!


"You know Berruti you have great feet so big and senstive and so tasty, yeah raunchy smelling as they're ripe tasting and I will make sure no inch of them escapes a tickling, being rubbed, caressed and stroked especially underneath all of your toes and sensing the heat from them both so damp with sweat and all the more appealing smelling like feet, rich and masculine and so damn rective to just one finger stroking over them and love seeing you flinching and toes involuntarily flexing and my face right by them and studying them both!"

I pressed my face into his soles and gripped both of his big toes with one hand and his soles taut and vulnerable lightly stroked all over both soles driving him ballistic and squirming wildy on the bed completely overwhelmed by the ticklish torment unleashed on his big feet even gagged hearing him panting, completely out of breath and trying to plead and get words out but completely overwhelmed and short of breath. Stopping tickling I got intimate with his feet orally sucking on each of his succulent toes and then tongue bathing each foot heels to toes thoroughly!

Both saliva lubed I then resumed stroking his soles again and rubbing my face into both feet feeling their natural warmth against my face and deeply inhaling their strong manly aroma and his being straight and with a reputation for loving the female sex this technique psycologically tortuous as completely emasculating him, intentionally humiliating and embarrassing for him! I pushed my face into his soles more now so they were moulding to my face! Deeply inhaing the smell of his big soft, warm bare feet and licking under and in between each of his toes which lickled him as I nibbled on them and scraped my teeth lightly over his arches!

"HhahhahahahahaStop.. Hahahahahah HeeStop! Ahhhhhh!Haaaa Haahaha"No, no! Stop HAAHAA haaaHAAA!" he howled

I then really gave his soles a good scraping with the quill of the feather back and forth, I went as fast as I could while he laughed and swore at me when I tickled the middle of his arches and then enjoying rubbling the sweaty soles of his feet as I told him that to date he having the most ticklish feet that I had ever had the pleasure of torturing and the tickling was unbearable for him and I enjoyed deeply inhaling the powerful smell of his feet and began licking the soles of his feet back and forth making him squirm and laugh as I continued taking full advantage of his sensitivity. I then ran the plastic tines of the hairbrush along his bare soles which drove Berutti berserk and alternated this technique with running the feather and sometimes the pipe cleaner in between his toes driving the straight Italian policeman really crazy! Using my fingers I tickled his bare soles and right under his toes, an especially sensitive area of his feet


I kept going as I told him I always got a real rush being in control of another guy like him and used the hairbrush again and stroked his soles with it loving seeing him curling his toes in reaction to the plastic times on the hairbrush and tickled him with even more intensity and was screaming with laughter as the tines ran up and down the soles of his feet as I continued doing! Berutti needed a break or his feet bcome de-sensitised of no fun or interest to me at all and saying to him; I thrilled a theory proven right upon a practical examination determining it!