I fancied the Manager and sensed inspite of having a girlfriend that he liked me. Mr. King 6' and very attractive in his late 20's always wore black loafer shoes and black nylon socks and christmas came and discreetly I gave him a present, a pair of black nylon socks and opening his gift privately he smiled and said a very useful gift as his feet got sweaty so he never had enough socks and amazed I even got his size right; 11's. I told him I cheated when helping him dress the christmas window and he having his shoes off had checked. He smiled. Then suggested we might go for a drink the next night after work and I eagerly agreed. The next day work as usual until 5pm when he said he wanted a word in the office. He sitting at his desk slipped both shoes off and placed his socked feet on the desk and wiggling his toes said

"The socks you gave me Warren, have a closer look!"

I asked him what he meant, I could see them

"Sure you can but I think you want a closer look right, so get closer!" he said winking

I leaned closer to them and smelled the musky aroma of his sweaty feet, nylon socks and shoe leather. He wiggled his toes saying he told me he got smelly feet as I looked at them, high arches and his long toes and the intoxicating smell of them and not knowing what to say I said they looked good on him and he asked me did they smell strong and I just nodded. He smiled saying that was good and we'd leave in an hour for the drink. I nodded as he replaced his shoes as I left the office.

At 6pm the staff left and Mr. King and I went to the local pub and he told me that he knew I liked him and said when I had checked his shoe size he'd seen me sniff inside his shoe and I nodded as no sense in denying it and this afternoon I'd proved I liked the smell of his feet and I nodded again. He then said Amanda his girlfriend was away visiting her parents and it being Saturday night if I wanted I could come home with him and massage his feet!

I was shocked but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity and at his place we both had more to drink and he sat on the sofa opposite me and after only ten minutes told me to slip his shoes off and tell him if he had smelly feet. I slipped both loafer shoes off and placed my face to his socked feet that he rested on arm of the sofa and leaned into them and pressed my nose to his soles and then under his toes. I told him they smelled amazing! Both damp black nylon socks clung to his sweaty feet. Below the toes, along his heels and the balls of his feet were dark sweat patches, darker than the rest of the sweaty socks. I loved the fact that Mr. King had sweaty feet with a masculine aroma.

He said we ought to go to the bedroom and I could enjoy his feet more adding Amanda hated his smelly feet always insisting he shower when he got in from work before anything else and he then suggested he would quite like to be restrained, unable to stop me giving his feet attention and I guessed then he might be ticklish but did not let on. He told me there were curtain cords I could use and I guessed he and Amanda played bondage type games as stripped to his underwear he lay on his back letting me secure his wrists and ankles saying his excuse was he was a little drunk!

I nodded smiling and then having secured his feet together looked at them both in the thin black nylon socks and teased the toes through the thin fabric of the socks as my finger tips gently brushed against his sensitive toes. Then began raking my fingers up and down on both socked feet at once. Mr. King erupted into hysterical fits of laughter as the feeling of his feet being tickled was simply maddening! I increased the tickles and Mr. King's laughter magnified from my ticklish assault but there was no escape for him

"Nohohohohoho.Plehahahahease. I can’t stahahahahahand hahahahahahahaha!” Mr. King yelled.

Even socked his soles were amazingly soft and ticklish as I ran my fingers more slowly along them both saying he was a bad man having me sniff his socks in the office earlier in the evening and taunting me wanting me to massage them and saying this peeled off both socks as he desperately curled his toes in a vain attempt to keep his protective socks on but determined I was easily able to slip off both of his socks from his feet. I loved the sight of his perfect bared feet and an extra thrill tha they were the boss's feet as I began to massage them. I told him I wanted to get his feet very hot and sensitive and smiled as he looked nervous and then his body went taut as I sucked on both big toes and tasted their saltiness.

“FUCK….Ohhh FUCK!.....” was his reaction as I took a mouthful of toes in turn and sucked and then slid my tongue in between his toes and along both soles to the balls of his feet where I gently nibbled them saying I was in control now as his toes wiggled at the nibbling sensation now across both arches. He giggled as this oral attack was pursued by me. My tongue licked a wet path up and down his soles to his toes sending ticklish sensations through him.

I loved seeing his curling toes as I licked the length of his deliciously ripe and sweating soles sending him into tongue ticklish hell which was quite literally driving him insane and I was not going to be relieving him of ticklish torment anytime soon as my tongue glided under his toes before I resumed licking at his saliva lubed soles again. His soles were completely covered in a fine layer of saliva making it easier for my tongue to slide all over his ticklish feet as he vainly tried to pull his feet away!

I easily pulled back his toes and slipped my mouth over the long slender toes of each foot gently sucking on them and as this tickled him something I relsihed taking time doing savoring their taste as my tongue swirled around them all. Soon enough both feet were lubed with saliva as he moaned and I then gently began to stroke the soles of his feet and they were two very sensitive feet! I then bent back the toes of his right foot and tickled below his toes as he laughed loudly so repeated this bending back the toes of his left foot. I attacked every inch of his taut soles especially the centres of them but alternating with tickling in between his toes.

“Please hahahahahahahaha. No mohohohohohore, NO MOHOHOHOHOHORE! hahahahahahahahahahaha! he begged me

I then saw the feather in the dried flower arrangement on the window sill and let him beg me to not tickle his feet with it and ran the quill end in gentle tickling strokes along his soles in turn. Mr. King's body squirmed and wiggled around from the unpleasant ticklish sensations.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Mr. King laughed as the tip of the feather circled his toes and made them wriggle and scrunch up. The soft part of the feather slid in between his toes and he would try to grab it with toes only to have me pull the feather out again making him giggle more!

His feet squirming and wriggling were continuing to sweat as using the quill end of the feather along his soles caused Mr. King to buck and squirm on the bed more than ever. I saw he was hard in his underwear and pulled down his underwear and menacingly stroked his dick with the soft feather as he squirmed and begged me to stop and told him he wanted this as much as I did and licked his dick instead!

I began to suck him slowly, my tongue slid over the head and up and down the shaft as I brought him to the point of orgasm feeling his dick throb and vibrate in my mouth but then tease him with stopping the sucking and licking the head of his dick! I then sucked and licked his nipples and drawing the feather along his shaft simultaneously. He then gasped as I stopped feather teasing his dick and jerked him off.

"Ohhhhrrrrrr, sh-shit,AHAAAA AIIIIEEEE!” Mr. King gasped as he began to have the most intense orgasm!

I then was back by his feet and sucking on his toes and licking every inch of both feet and now as I told him his feet would be more ticklish than ever and they were! I licked up and down his feet which tickled like crazy! My tongue licks in between his toes drove him insane and tasted so good. I enjoyed both feet as bound together was easy licking them and flicking my tongue up and down the soles and slipping my tongue in between each long toe as I told him perfect for sucking, licking and nibbling! I loved inflicting this sadistic ticklish torment on him and as I sucked his toes still stroking the soles of his feet asking him what technique tickled the most? His toes wiggled in my mouth which really excited me as I nibbled them all!

A surge of ticklish sensations jolted him as he was howling with laughter in rection to my slowly using both hands to teasingly and tormentingly caress the soles of his feet as he tried to clench his toes and I stroking under them and use one hand to hold the toes of one foot back and then continue stroking the sole with my free hand and alternate feet tormented ruthlessly by me as the pressure of the tickling deliberately increased! Stroking over both defenseless arches and over the soles of his feet and fingers sliding in between his toes as he laughed uncontrollably as I sniffed his feet and told him my loving how his ticklish and licklish feet smelled so awesome and tasted delicious!

“P-please Warren Not thehehehehere hahahahahahaha it tickles too muhahahahahuch!” Mr. King erupted into uncontrollable ticklish laughter.“Hahaha stahahaha!! Just please stop it!” he yelled as he continuously laughed vulnerable and helpless “PLEASE NOT THE SOLES HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. PLEASE STOP WARREN HAHAHA I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” “Please NOT MY TOES Nooo hahahahahahahaha. No mohohohohohore, NO MOHOHOHOHOHORE!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!"

I told him that he didn't have a lot of choice and I continued to greedily suck on his toes and lick them and the length of the soles of his feet before stopping the tongue tickling to resume massaging them both again. Once warmed up I traced the wrinkles on both soles with my tongue and bathed the soles of his feet with swipes of my tongue and began to suck on each toe individually licking and sucking every inch of his feet making him squirm again. I kept rubbing his soles and interlacing my fingers in between his toes. I then kissed his feet and licked them again, the heels, the soles, and the sides of his feet. The vigorous licking I was doing making him giggle and I loved their taste! My sexual arousal was continuously being satisfied as I continued to lick his feet.

I tickled his tickled arches and teasingly stroked the sides of his feet whilst nibbling his toes and spacing them with my fingers licking in between them saying Amanda might not appreciate his stinky feet but I sure did so it was her loss and my gain to enjoy his feet as his toes slid in and out of my toe hungry mouth saying giving toes a blow job turned me on far more than sucking dicks but something I did so that guy's like him were more tortuously ticklish having shot their spunk! Ideally I would have another guy work with me teasing a guy everywhere as I exclusively gave his feet a work out!

I told him he had teased me saying his feet got sweaty and said he was right so they tasted amazing as I continued to lick up his foot sweat and sucked on his toes, a mouthful at a time as I loved the feeling of his toes deep in my mouth and the wet feeling from sucking on them and licking in between his toes. I sucked multiple toes at once as he laughed his head off and then again massaged his feet until after a good few hours I stopped! In truth I had to wonder if I still had a job but even if I didn't the experience had made losing my employment worthwhile.

As he recovered from his ticklish ordeal I asked Mr. King if he wanted my resignation or was going to terminate my employment and was shocked when he said he had loved to hate what had happened but tickling Amanda's feet, he now knew how it felt having the boot on the other foot and yes we have played since when Amanda is away and at work some nights I massage and tickle his feet in his office after hours! Now having introduced him to the the tickling tool, my activating the electric toothbrush freaks him out seriously after both feet saliva lubed with a thorough tongue bath, his feet go wild literally from the revolving bristles especially aimed under his toes which is so horrendously sensitive he's driven speechless!

Mindless laughter as he struggles violently and then resuming oral attention to both feet! Nibbling on his sweaty toes and sucking on them, my teeth lightly grazing over his arches drives him crazy reacting as if being electrocuted! Mr. King's wriggling size 11 sweaty feet smelling like feet does it for me, his feet sweating from all the constant struggling and squirming later even more of an aphrodisiac for me loving his gagged shrieks, soles wiggling around so much! I press the head of the sonicare toothbrush against the center of each size 11 foot as it quickly driving him absolutely out of his mind! I being the artist and the soles of his ticklish feet my canvas! The more lightly I pressed into his feet with the revolving bristles, the more intense the tickling, there's no end to the tickling power of the electric toothbrush tickle tool. So simple, yet so damn effective every session!