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    Tickling Torture Extreme! M/M/M

    33 yr old Maximus Andronicus was Captain of the Imperial Roman Guard, a former respected centurion warrior he had risen in the ranks of the Imperial Army favoured for his disciplined attitude and aptitude for life in the military in which he had easily excelled. Strikingly handsome the 6'2" dark curly haired and olive skinned with Gypsy traveller roots was a ladies man and popular with the female sex and prided himself on this but he had grown frustrated with the Emperor Tiberius and had been found out to have been plotting against him and was in the dungeons of the Emperor's palace and the Emperor himself knowing Captain Andronicus well saw the handsome captive facing the Chief Torturer who had taken charge of him directly from his leading a practice march in the palace courtyard and having been unexpectedly grabbed by members of the army he commanded had been delivered to the darkened dungeon and stripped of his uniform to his military boots made of finest leather.

    "Andronicus a fine specimen of manliness he you would imagine difficult to break but not so but you will take your time with this once friend of mine turned traitor, I want him to suffer a nightmarish torture he will find unbearable and you are not to stop no matter the begging and pleading he gives to you as gagged now, I want him ungagged and to hear his own torment" the Emperor told the Chief Torturer.

    He then looked at Andronicus and spoke " You have disappointed me and merit punishing and pain in your training it was found you could withstand but Andronicus one great weakness which was found and even being subjected to sessions of torment to rid you of it but all failed and secured now and all but naked, uniform cut off you but for your boots on size 14 feet, very, sensitive size 14 feet and in boots worn barefooted and marched on for the last hour so very hot and sweaty sensitive size 14 feet!"

    The Emperor smiled to the Chief Torturer Titus and he knew already what was wanted and the Emperor who did not need to see the torture left the dungeon room as Titus sat facing the secured large booted feet and slowly removed them. He leaned into the rich smelling and very warm moist feet and sniffed them smiling at the grimacing Captain Andronicus

    Then released the gag to a barrage of abuse and threats he ignored as he dragged a finger down each of the bare soles, taking great pleasure as his captive squirmed and again he dragged a finger the length of each foot indulging himself in a slow, teasing torture, lightly stroked from heels to toes again and again and again! Then stopped and leaned into both feet sniffing them both and slid his tongue all over the now wiggling feet. First the left one, then the right, he savored their wamth, their very sweaty and salty taste and powerful aroma as his wet tongue slid all over both soles and in between all Andronicus's toes which proved so ticklish and humiliating! The licking continued, Andronicus feeling the invasive tongue trailed from his heels to his toes on each foot, both soles lapped at over and over again, he couldn't stand it, it tickled too much but still Titus continued the torturous licking, lapping teasingly across the wiggling toes, slurping in between them and delivering full, strong licks to the entire ticklish surface of each sole.

    "Nohoho Pleehee eheheease don't. NohOOHOHOHOT my feeheeheet, not my feEEEEEHEEEHEET! Ahah! Aha I can't TAHAAAHAKE IHITplehease!" "NAAHAA!AAHA AAHAH AHAHAHSTAP STAP STAAHAHAHAP! OHAHAHA AHAHA AHAHA!"

    The macho Maximus Andronicus laughed and pleaded as his left foot wiggled and curled, trying futily protect itself from the ticklish assault of Titus's tongue and a tongue that excelled finding every weak part of his left foot attacking it with full vigor and then repeating the tongue ticklish torment on the sole of his right foot and machismo gone instead a giggling mess! Titus ran his tongue over both large feet slowly, meticulously, thoroughly every inch of them, sliding in between all the sweat moist toes, licking along the sides of them, then sucking on them long and hard loving their manly taste of the macho heterosexual man and his disgust and embarassment subjected to this personal intrusiveness and exposure of his weakness and then Titus stopped licking both feet.

    "Captain Andronicus how fortunate I am a man to taste and to smell and to play with these big feet I feel honoured and I have seen for myself your weakness having had the Emperor tell me how for a day and night in secret you were subjected to hours of teasing torment by way of them feathered and stroked but this did not rid you of their ticklishness and something carried out by a prisoner of an army you conquered so with reason to torment you but clearly not enough as I have found to my delight. I will of course be enjoying your ticklishness, your weakness but not to rid you of it but to increase and exploit it, my amusement to enjoy the abuse of your feet for as long as my appetite delights and demands and it is I best tell you Andronicus an insatiable one!"

    The Captain's size 14 feet immobile, he could wiggle his toes but that was all he could do as again Titus stroked each sole with one finger and both soles lubed with his saliva and the Captain's foot sweat sliding effortlessly along each large sole of both helpless and so vulnerable feet.

    "AAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAAHHAAHAHAA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Maximus Andronicus tried desperately to move his feet and to protect them but instead he had no choice but to remain trapped and to laugh as Titus added more fingers and lightly ran them over the soles of his feet as they wriggled and twisted ticklishly!

    "AHAHAAHA AHAHAAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAAHAAHAHAHA AHAAAA!" laughter becoming more hysterical as Titus drew his index fingers the length of each size 14 sole so both feet spasmed the moment his fingers touched them and smiling he dragged them slowly down the very center of both soles, over and over again.


    "Ssssh there not stop but a lighter tickle with the pads of my fingers almost soothing, that's good wiggle those toes for me yes move to the rythm of the strumming of my fingers gently, gently gliding up and down and up and down and again so slowly up .. and yes down the soles of these very big and slick with sweat feet!" Titus verbally taunted macho Maximus Andronicus.

    Then suddenly once again Maximus Andronicus shrieked with laughter as Titus tickled harder and aimed for the toes and under the toes making them wiggle and curl, splay and clench as his expert tortuous tickling fingers stroked under the insanely soft and sensitive toes and up and down each toes and in between them all and under them!


    "That's good Andronicus yes such manly toes, long toes which are so suckable, so lickable and so, so sensitive!"

    The military man suffered as his laughter steadily continued as they were played with and he inbetween laughing when his giggles permitted pleaded for the teasing to stop!

    "Stop nooo not my toes! W-wh... No y-you can't! NO! Please!"

    "You say I can't but this means my needing to prove to you I can but shall it be the toes perhaps the arches of these feet, they feel so soft here in the centre of them both and so warm and just slid slowly along two high arches and do I find it tickles you?"


    Maximus Andronicus shook wildly trying to get free from this insidious and endless torture but unable to escape his ticklish fate as his laughter intensified at the pure ticklishness he was being made to endure from Titus who smiled at him


    "No need to ask please as this is my pleasure but since you ask and laughter indicating enjoyment and pleasure how can I refuse affording you both and if I trace random patterns along these ticklish soles it seems to make you laugh harder does it not and lends me to examine your feet to determine which parts are the most sensitive causing you the most laughter!" teased Titus

    "N-no! Please no more! I can't take it, please Noo"

    "See I have stopped, I instead want to savour their smell and inform you that the Emperor is giving a dinner tomorrow and you or no your feet are going to be an addition to the entertainment. He will have me setting the example of the use of tickle torture, its practical advantages as an interrogative technique as it leaves no marks, no blood is involved and then those invited will have a turn themselves with them and so you will find all manner of hellish ticklishness discovered by you but this session this night preparing you! I also will see my two assistants learn the techniques of the art of tickling torture for which your feet will be their canvas and later this night you will not be in a cell but my bedchamber as I will rest but suffering insomnia your feet will satisfy me secured facing me this night as their smell intoxicating, taste appetising and ticklishness amusing!"

    Maximus Andronicus gasped and shuddered. "My feet t-t-tickled again!"

    "Yes this is the reason it is important I tickle you now to educate you to respond to the tickles" smirked Titus

    He then used all ten fingers delighted as the Roman Military Captain's giggles increased under the skilled tickler's fingers and became hysterical again when they raked along the arches of both feet.


    "Good Andronicus, very good and now your toes as this makes you almost scream does it not!" teased Titus

    The ticklish torment hellish as his fingers slid up and down each toe and in between them all and stopping then the Jasmine oil was massaged over both soles and with an increased sensitivity he was giggling like a maniac as Titus lightly ran his fingers up and down both soles and his sweaty feet very warm so ticklish Titus began to lightly stroke the soles with the small horsehair brush which drove Maximus Andronicus insane with ticklishness as he was tortured beyond limit! The continuous brushing of maddening tickles was cruel and rendered the Captain enveloped in uncontrollable laughter!

    "This is what tickling is all about Maximus Andronicus, it is a very effective torture and so easy to employ and affords me such a degree of undeniable pleasure seeing it brings you such a degree of joy you are unable to contain your mirth, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickling, ticklish yes tickle, tickle a lovely word so descriptive of the feeling like those of teasing, tormenting and torturing by tickling!"

    The intense torture was proving unbearable


    A still smaller brush used to tease up and down each toe on Maximus Andronicus's right foot, up and down each toe on his right foot a dozen times before Titus swapping hands and then the equally sensitive toes on his left foot under the ticklish mercy of the brush and Maximus Andronicus drowining in a flood of ticklish agony as Titus remarked Andronicus having such nice feet! He then cleaned them of the oil residue and placed them near a small lit fire not to burn them but to heat them both and sweat them up so they smelled and winking he said tasted like manly feet again.

    Whilst waiting making the Roman speak about the tickling by the feather he had endured in detail and Titus telling him that the feather torment or air-torture as he called it was later and he asked Maximus Andronicus if women liked the smell and taste of his feet which sickened the Captain as he told Titus he would not subject them to such an indignity. Titus then left him and reported to the Emperor of his progress and training and he knew the entertainment would prove highly successful pleasing the Emperor!

    Twenty minutes later and the fire extinguished Titus began stroking the soles of Maximus Andronicus wiggling his fingers with determined focus on tormenting the ticklish Military man

    "AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAAAHHAHAHAAHA NOOOOOOOOOOO" screamed Maximus as Titus increased the intensity running his nails along both soft soles, ruthlessly wiggling along both simultaneously, scraping along the high arches as Maximus Andronicus was shaking and laughing at the severe tickling he was receiving. Then the feather!Titus began running it between the toes of first the right foot and then the left and sawn in between them it was far worse than his previous experience being delivered by way of an experienced torturer and tickler, it drove Maximus Andronicus to experience new levesl of ticklishness!


    Titus began raking the quill end of the feather along the length of each foot making the Roman Captain howl with laughter as he bucked and shook from the insidous torment.


    Then again the feather end was gliding between the Captain's toes furiously.

    "AHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA" screamed the Roman Military man and Titus then stroked his fingers lightly along both arches and under and in between the toes and along both soles as both of the Captain's feet went mad, toes curling, uncurling, twitching, pulling, wiggling! Then sliding a fingertip up and down each arch driving the Roman Captain ballistic!


    "Such hysterical giggles Andronicus and I love to see your toes clenching as your feet are tickled, being mercilessly tortured. You laughing constantly pleasures me and the quill end of the feather such a devastating instrument of torture along a ticklish sole as you demonstrate to me so well, yes so well!" taunted Titus


    It tickled so much Maximus Andronicus thought he was going to lose his mind and he couldn't make it stop, he had no means of control! Titus turned the feather over and then he began stroking along both soles and the soft teasing soon ticklish in a different way bit no less horrendous as Captain Maximus Andronicus being so hideously ticklish on his size 14 feet. It made no difference, he hated his feet touched so this if there is such a thing being the absolute and perfect torture for him!

    "HEEHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAAA! NAHAHTTOESHAHHAAHAHHHAHAHAHHAANOOOOTOESHAHAHAHAHAH PLEASE NAHAHAHAHAAATHEEHEHEEEEHTOHOHOHOEEESSS!" he screamed as the feather flicked all over his wiggling toes and Titus slid it between each toe in turn and sawed it back and forth there!


    Maximus Andronicus was in ticklish agony, he was being tickled lightly, so lightly, it proving unbareable, he thought he was going insane and then feather swapped for Titus drawing circles on the soles of the Roman Captain's feet with his fingers, one finger each foot


    Titus was expert in applying exquisite tickle-torment to the Roman Captain's feet with sadistic enthusiasm and all Maximus Andronicus could do was to squrim and laugh as his soles and toes were trapped and exposed, helpless and vulnerable to be tickled and were highly responsive to the tickles they were getting with Titus alternating techniques and styles, modes of tickling from a vigorous and ferocious attack to a light stroking teasing tickle! The result the same a frenzy of helpless laughter from Captain Maximus Andronicus! Again the feather and sawn in between his toes stimulating his nerves and he responding with uncontrollable giggling but then howls of laughter as the quill end of the feather was dragged along each size 14 sole! His struggles served to increase Maximus Andronicus's own sense of ticklish helplessness.


    Soon his fingers explore every inch of both barefeet and as he did this Maximus Andronicus squirmed more laughing hysterically as Titus taunted him it was his fault having two such super-sensitive large feet even reacting to a massage from heels to toes as Titus was proving as the Military Captain lost it, he couldn't stop laughing! Titus's fingers curled over and tickled under and in-between the Roman Captain's toes slowly. Then caressed up and down his soles and in between each of his toes and his laughing got louder. He then humiliated, embarrassed and emasuclated the Mililtary man massaging both feet intimately all over, sensually feeling them up and lickingt every inch of both feet slowly and sensually and sucking on each of his toes! Licking up and down his soles then sucking on each of his toes slowly to take in every inch of his feet with his tongue and then as Titus sucked on the military Captain's toes, simultaneously his fingers tickled both soles faster and faster. Titus continued to tickle Maximus Andronicus's feet soles, licking up n' down both soles and sucking on his toes simultaneously!

    Titus then licked over the balls of his feet, and over his insteps and Captain Andronicus fought to fight his giggles as Titus's tongue was sliding back and forth and back and forth, then up and down and up and down. Sometimes more slowly, sometimes more quickly along the soles, the very warm and sweaty soles of his feet and Titus applied his tickler experience mercilessly. He loving the sweaty taste and smell of the Military man's feet and ran his nose along both soles getting a good sniff before indulging on another thorough licking along each sole and and telling the Captain that his women friends did not know what they were missing. Then he used the horsehaired brush but without oil but feet lubed with his saliva Maximus Andronicus howled with laughter from the sensation of the bristles along his soles. Then the skilled fingers of Titus danced across his soles followed by a slower and more deliberate tickle! Then raking his wiggling fingers along both vulnerable soles simultaneously resulting in the Roman Military Captain lost in uncontrollable laughter as he struggled against his bonds to be free and then a gentle tickle!


    Titus ran the feather across the soles of Maximus Andronicus's trapped and helpless feet in straight and then zig-zag lines so he would not known what sensation to expect but all were maddening lines of ticklish destruction espcially so across his insteps as he giggled from the slow but methodical and disciplined tickling Then his huge and helpless feet again lubricated with saliva and the maddening, embarassing, humiliating tickling was delivered and the Emperor who had returned surprised to see this happening but delighted seeing how merciless as tickling it was for the macho Captain of the Imperial Roman Guard! He smiled at Titus feasting on the Roman Military man's toes and then addressed comment to Captain Maximus Androncius and to Titus.


    "Well, well the Captain of my army having his feet licked and his toes sucked and nibbled by another man, it must I am sure call into question your masculinity and I see before me a feather and there is something I have wished to do and now is the moment so Titus sensually enjoy his feet and when I say so you will lick his balls and suck his cock as now I will tease it with this feather and will keep him from relief but enjoy exciting him and eventually he will release his juice for us and then Titus he will indeed be ticklish as I have a desire too to tickle, to lick and to smell his ticklish feet and having two, double the torment for him to endure! I am sure he will amuse us for a few hours yet!"

    The Emperor himself then raked his fingers up n' down the soles of Maximus Andronicus's hyper-sensitive feet, his fingers spider tickling all over them both as the Roman Captain howled with laughter enduring the torment and Titus handing the Emperor the feather smiled at him as he drew the feather in between each of the toes on both feet tortuously and then licking and nibbling on both feet sending Maximus Andronicus over the edge wih both feet being tickled and lickled by the Emperor! He then raked his fingers over the right foot and Titus the left foot so Maximus Andronicus was being driven berserk and striving to see who could make him suffer most and finding both feet ticklishly and licklishly evenly matched reacting with wild and uncontainable laugher with both feet spasming like crazy!

    A brush then used by Titus and run rapidly the length of each foot and both feet in turn tensing and flexing with toes wiggling like crazy as Titus ran the bristles of the brush across the sole of each foot in turn faster and faster as he tried desperately to move his feet away from the ticklish assault which proved having real impact! The Emperor then signalled he wanted amusement and began wiggling his fingers up and down both feet and soon again using his tongue and licking up and sown the soles facing him and using his mouth to suck on all of his toes sensually and slowly and then resuming to massaging each foot making each foot very sweaty and so much more ticklish on both helpless and vulnerable bare feet!

    The Emperor proving being an expert foot-tickler though Titus knew exactly how to cause maximum stimulation with feathers, the brush, his fingers and tongue and knew that the feet, although one of a victim’s most ticklish places, tended to desensitize with too much constant stimulation, so he worked first on one foot, then the other, giving each one frequent rests to maintain maximum sensitivity and ticklishness. He particularly loved working on toes, tickling under and in between a victim’s toes and delivering an unbearable foot tickling working carefully and precisely and accurately as always watching his victim’s reactions to anything he did, so that within a few minutes he knew exactly which techniques caused a particular victim the most distress. Once he knew that then using the techniques mercilessly which the Emperor was duly impressed by as he smiled at Titus!
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