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    Collins Ticklish Interrogation! M/M/M

    Collins was perfect victim for the two sadistic fiendish senior officers Holmes and Driscoll. Collins 6'2" 22 yrs dark brown hair and eyes often mistaken for Orlando Bloom was keen to prove himself in the Army so when told that he'd been chosen by them as victim of mock interrogative techniques had eagerly volunteered, singled out and sworn to secrecy he had been pleased in his arrogant way of impressing his superiors more than other conscripts.

    The interrogation took place in a basement room on the Army Camp away from the barracks and officers and took place in the night hours. Collins had been excited by the interest shown in him by the officers with a promotion in mind doing as told so had stripped to boxers and army socks as instructed and lay secured by the leather straps on wrists and ankles on the interrogation table on his back assured he would not be marked and had joked with them that were he to be explanations would be needed and someone in big trouble!

    The interrogation had been questions and trick questions and Collins blindfold had been intense and interesting truths were discovered though noted not much made of them until he was told he having impressed them holding up to the hours intense mental torture with Holmes and Driscoll experienced interrogators they knew buttons to press!

    "So Collins about this phobia of yours, it demasculates you and terrifies you, interesting but a weakness that gets to you, if caught by the enemy something to powerfully use on you then to gain info" said Holmes

    Collins in role stayed silent

    "Yeah seems almost like he's got a phobia about it!" said Driscoll and Collins heard the dragging of stools to the end of the table

    He squirmed a little in the restraints holding him down to it on his back and the officers winked at each other seeing the movements of the recruits socked feet. Then Holmes whispered in Collin's right ear

    "You done well but that phobia needs workin' on so you learn no matter what pressure and duress you get under enemy lines you're the perfect soldier you wanna be!" He smiled seeing Collins squirm more

    Then sat facing a socked foot and Driscoll picked up Collin's left boot and read out "Size 11's!" and winked at Officer Holmes as he slowly ran his finger from the left heel under the toes. The 6' army lad Collins shouted as he squirmed violently and Driscoll smiled as he lightly stroked the socked foot slowly gliding his fingertip from top to bottom and back which tickled the army lad horribly

    "Please stop it! Just not my feet!" begged the army lad. "Just leave my feet! I can't stand it!" the army lad pleaded

    "Seems that's right enough Collins but you gotta be a brave lad!" said Officer Driscoll as Holmes now began stroking one finger up and down the sole of the lad's socked right foot. As all toes wiggled the officers continued stroking along both feet!

    "Now prove to us you can tough it out soldier boy, we got a foot each and think about us having to mess with these stinky, sweaty feet of yours, you think we enjoy this!" mocked Driscoll.

    "Reckon lose the socks you got the stuff yeah!" said Holmes

    "Course I have, gonna be hell for him!" said Driscoll and both army socks were replaced with two thin nylon pop socks.

    "Please please not my feet please no!" begged Collins in his defenseless position, he was terrified and desperately wanted to protect himself as he hated the sensation of being tickled anywhere but his feet were his achillies heel. his nemesis!

    "You understood Collins you volunteered for interrogation role play so interrogation involves torture, often anyway so grin and bear it lad like you have a choice!" said Driscoll

    "Good one Tom, like that but he'll do more than grin, fuck these feet smell pretty good!" said Holmes leaning into and sniffing a right nylon socked foot.

    "That's your thing Matt, I'll stick to tickling the bastard shitless but go on mate sniff this one or it might get jealous!" mocked Driscoll

    Officer Holmes sniffed both feet "See Collins I got a thing for feet and yeah certain guys feet too and yours included in that, won't tell you the other recruits who've had a feet - meet with me and don't reckon you'll be asking them but if you open your gob about this meet, we'll arrange for them to have revenge on your feet understood!" threatened Holmes

    Collins nodded helpless and vulnerable and wishing he was anywhere else than in this nightmare. The officers touches became harder applying pressure to the most sensitive areas as they were found as his feet were thoroghly investigated by teasing fingers. Holmes stroked along the middle of the nylon socked right foot and Driscoll the left one as Collin's toes wiggled and it was his toes that came to their attention.

    "Seems he hates his piggies played with Tom, look, let's hear him suffer" said Holmes as he ran his fingers along the base and in between them and smiling Driscoll copied him on the left foot as Collins suffered to their delight


    "My wife likes that book Collins "Too much is not enough" laughed Driscoll

    He and Holmes ran fingers over Collin's toes and others over his soles and along his arches but keeping him guessing where the focus of the tickling would be but each then moving fingers more rapidly increasing the ticklish intensity as Collins tossing his head from side to side as he tried to move his feet away from the tickle attacks. Then both officers looked knowingly at each other and at the same time started to tickle Collin's toes. Quick movements first gently, then harder and harder and their fingers teasing between them and under them. Collins lost it and screamed and laughed terribly as they tickled him more and more as his socked toes were grabbed and bent them back and tickled under!

    Both officers lightly touched his socked soles with their fingers very slowly scraping them up n' down the soles of Collin's feet as his toes wiggled frantically making them both smile staring at both size 11 vulnerable feet hearing their victim's hysterical laughter! Both delighted in dancing their fingers over his socked soles and his feet horribly sensitive judging from his reactions encouraged they're being merciless as both feet flexed uncontrollably to their tortuous touches! Then stopping the torment to let Collin's gain his breath and both instead indulging in massaging both sock-covered feet but pleased even this not intentiond to tickle Colins got a giggle from him being so damn ticklish! The slow massage continued but soon changed to the officers scraping their fingers over Collins feet tracing random patterns across his socked soles as he laughed and squirmed!

    "He's the most ticklish yet Matt, don't reckon he'll pass this interrogation exam first time, we'll need a second time around at least and got the camp training exercise next week and in the Beacons he'd be fun to have some of the lads work on and feet bare found ticklish! Imagine secured and coated with chocolate spread he laughing hystyerically as the lads take it in turns as ordered by us to vigorously lap at it on his soles and toes, enjoy a foot feast, licking in between his toes driving him berserk!" said Driscoll

    "You're evil Tom, bloody diabolical mate but yeah enemy need interrogating!" laughed Holmes as he suggested the pop sox come off!

    "Nooo please Sirs stop please please!"

    "Yeah let's get his feet completely vulnerable to uninterrupted tickling so he completely loses it and howls and screams with ticklishness!" said Driscoll

    Collins ignored both socks came off as struggling ignored the officers ran their fingers lightly from his heels into his arches tracing every wrinkle on his bare feet making his toes spread giving them easy access to them all which was taken mercilesss advantage of by them as they both remarked how proud he must be that his feet smelled like feet; how macho he was! Fingers traced the outsides of each foot as they gently fingered and massaged both from warm, moist, bare soles and toes!

    "Mmmmm yeah Collins these feet really doing it for me, one way of securing promotion, putting your best foot forward, interesting how your elder brother did something to you that you swore would never happen again, guess that night you confessed to us you got drunk and were powerless to stop him and his mate pulling off your socks and tickling these feet is nothing compared to this right! Time to go in for the kill!" said Driscoll

    "What was that you said they used, oh yeah one of these, you can't see it Collins!" said Holmes handing Driscoll the hairbrush telling him to do the honours and make it good!"

    "Who says lightening never strikes twice Collins?" laughed Officer Tom Driscoll

    "First things first Tom, don't deny me mate!" said Officer Matt Holmes as leaning into each foot he made Collins cringe as he licked the soles and nibbled and sucked the recruits toes and continued doing this to the right foot as Driscoll started sawing the brush over the sole of the saliva lubricated left foot and these actions alternated foot to foot! Collins was humiliated and in complete ticklish agony as the bristles of the hairbrush ran along the bridges and under his toes then down along his arches as they were like his toes kept saliva lubricated by Holmes!

    The tickling stopped as they did not want the lad's feet to desensitise and Holmes began to sensually massage both feet and maintained licking them all over as Driscoll whispered in Collin's ear

    "He's got a thing for your feet right enough, got right smell and even taste, Collins think of it as some buxom blonde enjoying your feet, difficult maybe with the sense of his stubble eh but what can you do, it's not every recruit who gets so much attention and seeing you like to be 'Top Dog' must make you feel special, mind you his tongue lapping your feet like this, hard to tell who's the dog!" he laughed

    "E're Tom I heard that you bastard!" smiled Holmes as he stopped licking both feet and fondled and massaged them and teased his toes with the tips of his fingers and smiled as they clenched and he had to pull them open to stroke devilishly telling Collins not to fight the inevitable as he took long sucks on each toe individually as Driscoll made comments that he bet Collin's wished it was his dick getting sucked!

    The officers then again had no mercy for Collin's feet. Intense tickling of them began and he choked with laughter and a feather was used by them and this light tickling tickled in an unimaginable way, perhaps more than their fingers as they were sawed slowly in between his toes but the interrogators told him they needed to sign off and of all the tickling techniques, the tickling from the dried up marker pens used on his feet proved hellish. As the Pens flicked up and down his bare feet Collins was in wild giggles


    Officer Holmes then began to nibble his toes of Collin's right foot as the soldier went crazy, he winked at Officer Driscoll and nibbled the toes of Collin's left foot and seeing this tickling really humiliated and angered the soldier they told him to keep using his imagination that it was his girlfriend but the officers ruining the illusion joking with each other with Officer Driscoll telling Collins that his feet were very warm and sweaty, tasting ripe and smelling intoxicating, so that he knew it was his superior Officer Holmes orally messing with his feet.

    Whilst having his toes sucked and nibbled, fingers stroking up and down his wriggling soles and Collins being driven demented as the officers aggressively tickled Collins feet ignoring him begging for them to stop. Using the quill end of a feather after Holmes indulged in tongue bathing both feet so lubed with saliva they then raked the sharp quills up n' down the length of Collins size 11 soles and gliding effortlessly delivering an unbearable tickling and Collins having no choice but to submit to them tormenting his feet as they pleased so resuming using their fingers and following Officer Holme's example, Officer Driscoll lickling Collin's feet! The oral assault broke Collins completely as he was subjected to what he intensely most hated, his feet tickled but worse lickled!

    After four hours and feeling similar to having been raped straight recruit Ian Collins was released on the verge of collapse and suffering from hyperventilation but in an incident which had been initially consensual, trust having been betrayed but he had in the initial interrogation given his senior officers the information they'd subsequently used against him! Collins was told he needed more education in withstanding physical torture in order to become the perfect soldier he'd told them he was determined to be and he'd prove at the camp training in the Beacons!
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