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    Jun 2012

    Arrow Kody Evans and Macy Nikole's Ticklish Interview in Nylons F/F

    Kody and Macy are back at the office, and Kody wants to know where Macy is most ticklish before she gets the job. Kody asks Macy about all her most ticklish spots, testing each out as she goes along. Tickling all over Macy's ticklish nylon covered feet, legs, and knees before moving up to her belly, sides and armpits. Macy is incredibly ticklish and is thrashing around and laughing hysterically the entire time. Then Macy turns the tables and starts asking and testing Kody's most ticklish spots. Finding that her upperbody tickles the most!!

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    Apr 2001
    There just aren't enough Kodys in the world...
    Not that Macy is any slouch either...

    Awesome work!

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