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    Aug 2021

    A Wonderful Weakness (*/f, */ff)

    Finally, after TOO long i finished my half of my trade with DEV. Thank you again to him for agreeing to do this trade with me and for putting up with me taking so long to finish it. I hope you enjoy

    Ms. Wonderful is one of the most beloved heros of her time and has been thwarting the villain Professor Prodigy at every turn. Not that its that hard given the Professor is rather predictable and air headed. That hasn't stopped her yet though as Professor P continues to look for any weakness she can find, and who knows maybe Ms. Wonderful's weakness is a bit more common than you'd think.

    “Once again Professor I’ve thwarted your evil plan.” Ms. Wonderful said triumphantly as she dismantled the villain’s latest creation, the giant robot giving a sad beep as it powered down and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

    “Gah! You’ve beat me again Ms. Wonderful, but you won’t be so lucky next time!” Professor Prodigy spat while the police handcuffed her hands behind her back. The Professor had spent years trying to defeat the popular hero known as Ms. Wonderful. In fact the two had known each other for a good portion of their lives, even before becoming the super hero and villains they were today.

    Ms. Wonderful just shook her head and helped with the cleanup of the city, taking photos with the people and thanking everyone for their kind words as praise was once again heaped upon her. A few hours later the brunette superhero managed to tear herself away from the public eye and make her way down to the jail where Professor Prodigy was being held.

    “Here to see Professor P. Ms. W?” A guard asked as the masked hero walked in.

    “As always. The normal meeting room Jim?” The woman asked with a sigh, earning a nod as Jim went to fetch the prisoner. Ms. Wonderful walked down a few hallways and waited in the interrogation room where her bi-weekly meetings with the Professor normally took place. After a bit of a wait the door to the room opened and Professor Prodigy was lead in and secured to the chair opposite the hero.

    “Like I told you before Ms. Wonderful, I’ll find a way to defeat you next time and be the one who finally brought down the mighty hero!” Professor P announced in her best villain voice as the guards left the room and bolted the door behind them.

    Ms. Wonderful waited another second to make sure they were really alone and the cameras were off before removing her mask and giving a loud sigh. “Fern, when will you learn? This is the 1,432nd time in a row I’ve managed to beat you and whatever crazy plan you come up with. Please. Just, just give up. Serve your time in jail and do something productive with your life once you get out. You’re not called Professor Prodigy for nothing!” The hero said while rubbing her cheeks with her hands. The cuffed villain however would not have it.

    “That may be true that you’ve beaten me over a thousand times Samantha, but you’re my arch-nemesis! I won’t give in until the day I finally discover your weakness and show the world that you’re not as SUPER as everyone thinks!” Professor Prodigy proclaimed confidently. Hearing the woman call her her “arch-nemesis” sent a pang of guilt through the ponytailed hero.

    “Fern. Please.” Ms. Wonderful sighed again. While it was true that the villain was beyond brilliant scientifically, her common sense and application was almost nonexistent. While Professor Prodigy saw Ms. Wonderful as her rival and archenemy, the hero saw the Professor as no real threat and more of an annoyance if truth be told. The two women had known each other since middle school and were actually friends at one point. Even when Samantha’s powers finally showed themselves and she went off to hero training, she made sure to carve out time to see her friend Fern. However as the years went by the two slowly drifted apart until one day they were reunited as Ms. Wonderful and Professor Prodigy.

    “You know I won’t be here long Samantha. I’ll escape and come up with a new plan, and THAT one will finally be the one that brings you down for good! MWA-HAHAHA!” Professor P. cackled evily. Ms. Wonderful just gave another sigh and put her mask back on as she stood up.

    “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon Fern. Just please give what I said some thought. I know you can find it in yourself to stop this silly evil nonsense.” The heroine said softly and quickly made her way out of the room.

    Just like Professor Prodigy promised, she was back out on the street within three days, making a pocket sized stone cutting tool with just a pillow, lunch tray, and stick of single mint bubble gum.

    “Oh be quiet Purr-bottoms.” Professor P. sighed as she dried off her now neon pink colored house cat. “Ms. Wonderful will never recognize you now! After all, the last time she saw you, your fur was green. She’ll never suspect it’s us THIS time!” After putting Purr-bottoms in a cat carrier, Professor P. pushed her favorite fiery red wing tipped eyeglasses up her nose and pulled on her yellow hoodie, ready to set out and spy on her ach nemesis.

    “Meow!” The pink cat mewed as his owner stuck him in the tree.

    “Shush, she should be walking by in a minute. Just act natural and act like you don’t know me.” The Professor hissed as she quickly ducked around a corner and pulled out her notebook. This time for sure she’d figure out Ms. Wonderful’s weakness.

    The superheroine gave a stretch as she walked down the street dressed in her normal clothes. Samantha may have been the city’s most popular hero, but even she was almost unrecognizable with her secret identity. After all who would think the bubbly confident brunette would ever be caught dead in a punk t-shirt and baggy black jeans? No in these clothes she was just Samantha and that’s how she preferred it. While on her way to get coffee, the heroine suddenly heard the all too familiar sound of a cat mewling in a tree.

    “Oh for heavens sakes.” Ms. Wonderful moaned as she spotted the brightly colored cat sitting high in a tree. The heroine checked to make sure no one was watching before floating up to the cat’s level and gently picking him up off the tree branch. “Hello Purr-bottoms. Another dye job I see. Will she never learn? I mean who else would think to do this? Whelp down you go buddy.” Ms. Wonderful sighed and slowly descended to the ground. Purr-bottoms gave a purr of thanks and licked the hero’s cheek in appreciation, drawing forth a light titter. Ms. Wonderful caught sight of the gaudily dressed villain lurking behind a corner and just shook her head, choosing to ignore the woman for now.

    “Attempt number fifty three and Ms. Wonderful is still not allergic to cats. Will try again at later date.” Professor P. mumbled to herself as she quickly scribbled in her notebook. After one last pet on the head the hero took off again and resumed her search for a reasonable priced cup of coffee. Professor P. quickly snatched up her cat and began to follow, her mind set to watch the woman’s every move today. For hours Professor P. shadowed her ach nemesis, watching intently for a sign of any weakness.

    “Hey look everyone is Ms. Sam!” A younger boy shouted as the darkly dressed hero passed by the local youth center where she frequently volunteered at. Within seconds a gaggle of children surrounded the brunette, all shouting greetings and begging her to play with them.

    “Pwease Ms. Sam? They just added the obstacle course, play with us.” A young doe eyed girl begged. Not wanting to hurt any of the children’s feelings, Samantha gave a sigh and nodded her head in agreement. The children cheered and pulled the woman towards the new part of the playground.

    “Note, Ms. Wonderful may have weakness to cute looks and pestering. Must investigate further.” Professor P. jotted down and slunk on to watch.

    The hero lined up with a few other children and after a countdown, took off in a race. Of course she lagged behind a few of them, just to let the kids have their fun. Around some cones the group of racers went, then up and over a small wooden bridge and across a set of monkey bars. The next obstacle was a group of five small arches the kids were meant to duck and crawl under. Samantha however was still slightly too tall so she was forced to drop down and almost army crawl under them.

    “Hehe! Stupid long grahahass! They really neeheeheed to cut thihis!” The older woman giggled to herself as some of the long grass brushed against a sliver of bare skin on her tummy and waist.

    “Aversion to long grass? I’ll have to investigate that as well.” Professor P. said curiously. The rest of the obstacle course was run and Samantha made sure to come in last.

    “Good job kids! That was fun! You better practice though, I’ll definitely win next time.” Samantha giggled as she gave the kids a hug and headed off to lunch.

    Professor P. followed Samantha around for another five hours, watching her eat lunch at her favorite pizza place, go shopping for new clothes, even going so far as to stand behind the same bookshelf for an entire ninety minutes while the hero just sat in the local library and read.

    “Final observance for the day will be watching Ms. Wonderful have dinner with her potential mate to see if there is any ingredients she shy’s away from.” Professor P. jotted quickly down on her note pad and sat on a nearby tree with her binocu-goggles and little sound catching radar dish watching the hero cook.

    “Alright Nathan, you put out the plates and I’ll grab the cups.” Ms. Wonderful said over her shoulder after handing her boyfriend the dishes. Professor P. watched the man take the plates but get a sudden twinkle in his eye. He quickly and apparently silently set the plates down on the nearby counter, took a few quick steps towards the heroine and began to reach forward as Ms. Wonderful struggled to reach the cups.

    “Stupid cups always have to be on the top shelf.” Ms. Wonderful sighed and managed to hook two cups with her fingertips. “Got them! Now-EEEEK!” What Professor P. saw and heard next she almost couldn’t believe. Nathan suddenly shot his arms forward and slid his hands up the distracted woman’s shirt, latching onto her bare sides and giving them a few good squeezes which brought forth the squeal.

    “Gotcha Sam babe. Coochie coo! Haha.” Nathan chuckled while pulling his girlfriend back towards him and wrapping her in a tight tickle hug, his fingers pressing even deeper into her sides and pinching up and down.

    “Nahahahthan you jeheherk!” Ms. Wonderful giggled and chortled rather loudly while twisting around and pushing down on Nathan’s arms. Again much to Professor P.’s surprise, the man’s arms didn’t fly off his body from the hero’s strength. In fact they didn’t even move at all! The cups clattered onto the floor while Ms. Wonderful continued to struggle, her laughter growing in volume and intensity by the second.

    “Give up Sam?” Nathan teased while blowing a soft puff on air into the trapped hero’s ear which caused her shoulders to shrug upwards.

    “Yehehehes! Stohohop! Lehehet gohoho ahahaha! Of meee!” Ms. Wonderful nodded quickly. Nathan smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek, pulling his hands out from under her shirt. “Don’t do that you jerk! Every time we eat in you tickle me and make me drop the cups! What if I broke them?” Ms. Wonderful grunted in frustration.

    Nathan just gave another chuckle and picked the plates back up. “That’s why we got plastic Sam. You’re so darn ticklish you’d turn to jelly if I even poke you in the ribs. But that’s what I love about you honey, may ticklish Sam Sam.” Nathan teased and wiggled a few fingers playfully in the air while he walked over to the table.

    Ms. Wonderful gave a shiver and automatically grabbed herself with her arms. “Don’t tease me like that. You know it makes it worse. I can’t help just hearing that stupid T word makes me lose all my strength.” Suddenly there was a loud thud outside and a crash shortly after.

    “What in the world?” Nathan grumbled, walking over to the window in time to see a slim figure dressed in black sprinting away while holding a giant notepad.

    “I can’t believe it!” Professor P shouted in surprise as she ran down the street. “She’s bullet proof, has super strength, can fly, has the endurance of five Olympic marathon runners, and can see a needle buried in two haystacks! But being TICKLED is her weakness! I finally found it! The one thing to bring down the mighty Ms. Wonderful! I need to do more research into this!”

    The days turned into weeks and surprisingly Ms. Wonderful didn’t hear hide nor hair of her supposed “nemesis.” Not one little robot or death ray anywhere to be seen from the genius baddy, until one day there was.

    Ms. Wonderful.

    I have finally concocted the perfect plan to defeat you once and for all. I will be releasing a swarm of killer beaver drones to wreak havoc in all the local parks in three days’ time if you do not respond to this letter. Meet me in my hideout before the third day. If you can find it!

    Professor Prodigy >.<

    Ms. Wonderful gave a sigh and crumpled the letter up and threw it in the recycling. While beaver drones in parks didn’t sound like too big of a hassle to clear up, the hero felt it was her duty to at least save the few trees in the area from a being chewed on. She quickly changed into her super suit and flew off to meet Professor Prodigy.

    “Professor Prodigy? Fern? I got your letter! What “amazing perfect” plan have you come up with this time to annoy me with?” Ms. Wonderful called out as she flew through a large open window in the villain’s not so secret lair.

    “Ah so you did manage to find my lair! How very astute of you.” Professor P. hissed evilly while walking around a corner.

    “Fern, you literally left a return address on the letter. A five year old could have figured out where this place is. Now how about you just make this easy and give up now?” Ms. Wonderful sighed and held out a pair of handcuffs. “Just put these on and we’ll go down to the station. I’m sure you’ll escape again and come up with some new evil rabbits that wiggle their nose menacingly at people or something.”

    Professor P. however did not move. “I don’t think so Samantha. This time I really have come up with the perfect plan to defeat you! You see I’ve figured out your weakness! It took a lot of genetic splicing but I present you with. YOUR DOOM!” The professor exclaimed and pressed a button on the wall. A sliding door hissed and opened to reveal a three foot tall Cousin It looking creature with bright blue fur, large round eyes, and a big tongue poking out from a hidden mouth.

    “Pbhbbt!” The creature blew and began to move forward, its footsteps sounding like a loud squeaky boot. Ms. Wonderful looked from Fern to the creature and back again.

    “Fern.” She sighed while rubbing her eyes with one hand. “First off that thing looks harmless. Second, even if it wasn’t I could probably squish it with one hand. Even if he is kinda cute.” Ms. Wonderful said as she reached out and began to lightly pat the creature on the top of its head. Professor P. just gave a wry smile and pressed a button, sealing off all the exits in the room with a series of loud hisses and clunks.

    “Now there really is no escape Samantha! I have you completely at my mercy and soon my newest creation will have you begging for mercy. MWA-HA-HA-HA!” The Professor laughed evilly.

    Ms. Wonderful gave one last loud sigh, completely convinced that the villain had finally lost her last marble. “Fern I have strength that even superman would be jealous of.” She began and leaned forward, resting both arms on top of the creatures head. “There’s literally nothing I can’t just punch my way through. I’m tired of all these games so let me be blunt. You’re a terrible villain. A moody teenager could give me more problems than you ever could. Now I’m going to forget this ever happened and let some other hero deal with you from now on. I’m leaving for good and there is nothing you or this new fuzz monster can do to stop me.” The hero snapped angrily.

    Professor P. gave her childhood friend a hurt look, her lip slightly trembling but quickly pulled herself together. She was going to enjoy what came next even more. “I see. Well then let me let you in on a little secret Sam. That’s not a fuz monster, it’s a tickle monster.”

    Sam’s breath hitched in her throat as she slowly stood up and looked down at the blue monster. “

    Pbhbt! Pbhbbt!” The creature blew again. The hero suddenly felt herself break out into a cold sweat. There was no possible way that Fern knew about this! Even when they were children, playing around with their other friends Fern had never seen, let alone even thought to tickle her. Sam took a deep breath and put on the best casual face she could.

    “That was your big surprise Fern? You created a monster to…….tickle me? Of all the absurd things you’ve ever done, this takes the cake. I mean what in the world makes you think someone like me, a super strong being, would even have a weakness as silly as being TICKLISH? There is no way in the world I would ever be scared of such a childish monster.” Sam scoffed, her words coming out almost genuine. Fern just smiled and eyed the hero up and down.

    “You say that Sam. However it’s true, then why are you shaking?” The villain asked playfully.

    “Because you keep it so cold in here! Now I’m just going to do you a favor and destroy this thing before it gets loose and causes some kind of pointless ruckus.” Sam said with a sigh and gently grabbed the monster by its sides with her still shaking hands. “Sorry little buddy but I have no choice.” She whispered and hoisted the monster high over her head and prepared to smash it on the ground.

    “Awoooga! Awooga! Awooga!” The creature exclaimed, sounding like a cartoon version of a klaxon alarm as it sat upside down above the hero’s head. Sam gritted her teeth and tensed her muscles, mere moments away from throwing the blue hairball to its doom. Fern cursing in her head and flinching away from the sure to be ghastly sight.

    “Hiiiiiiyah-OOOOP!” Sam shouted before giving a sudden gasp.

    Fern waited for the inevitable sound of smushing but it never came. One second, two seconds, three. After five seconds of complete silence Fern cracked her eyes open and glanced over. It was like time had almost stopped. Sam stood stone still with the creature still raised high above her head, yet she didn’t smash it. Then Fern heard something. It was faint at first but quickly became louder and louder.

    “Hmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmmm!” After a few seconds Fern finally pinpointed the sound. It was Sam letting out little grunts.

    “What happ-Oh! Oho! I knew it!” Fern began before getting a smug look on her face as she took a closer look at the scene in front of her. Sam still had the monster above her head but in a supposed bid for its life, the monster had grown two long thin tentacle like appendages and was quickly poking the ends into the hero’s cupped underarms.

    “HmmmMMMMM!” Sam continued to grunt desperately. With every poke she could feel her strength quickly leave her body and soon her arms began to shake.

    Seeing that the hero needed just one more little push, Fern extended her two index fingers and began to wiggle them in midair. “Oh Saaaaam! Here I come!” Fern sung in a low voice as she slowly grew closer step by step. The hero’s eyes went wide her arms shaking even more while her knees began to shake.

    “Mmm-mmm! MMM-MMM!” Sam protested and shook her head rapidly as Fern stood almost nose to nose with her, the corner of the hero’s mouth twitching rapidly.

    “Mmm-hmm.” Fern nodded in reply. “Boop!” The mastermind villain quickly brought both fingers together and gave Sam a swift poke in each side before quickly jumping backwards.

    “PFFFT HAHAHA!” Sam let out a quick burst of laughter as her strength fully left her body, causing it to collapse onto the floor along with the creature who landed with a loud squeak.

    “I knew it would work! Quick while she’s still weak my creation! Subdue her!” Fern commanded loudly. The tickle monster rose to its unseen feet and puttered over to the fallen hero.

    “No! No please! Fern call it off!” Sam pleaded as she turned over onto her back and stared in horror as the monster loomed over her like a three foot tall fuzzy nightmare.

    “Meep!” The monster meep’d, a blue fuzzy tentacle shooting out of its body and wrapping itself around Sam’s right wrist, pinning it to the floor. “Meep!” It sounded again and shot another onto her left wrist.

    “No. L-Let me go. I-I-I’m not ti-ti-ti-mph. T-ticklish.” Sam stammered nervously. She watched helplessly as the creature grew two long normal tentacles which grabbed her legs and began to pull them towards it, stretching her out so her arms were above her head.

    “Mmeep! Meep-meep-meep-meeep-meep!” The creature sounded rapidly while shooting six more fuzzy sicky tentacles at the hero, pinning down her ankles, knees, and elbows.

    Fern smiled happily, still on cloud nine that for once one of her plans was finally working. She watched gleefully as Sam struggled on the ground, yanking on her arms and legs yet not being able to move. The monster turned around and looked back at its creator for approval. “Good job my creation. Now time to finally put Ms. Wonderful in her place. Tickle her!” Fern commanded.

    “Pbhbt phbt!” The creature buzzed and used one of its tentacle arms to give a silly salute before turning around and facing the hero again.

    “Fern please. I told you I’m not ticklish! Call it off. Call it off now before I-hey! G-give me back my boots!” Sam exclaimed as the monster unlaced her footwear with ease and tossed them aside.

    “Pbhbt!” The monster buzzed and retracted the tentacles, replacing them with what looked like extremely thin arms with flat ends and moving them down towards Sam’s wiggling socked feet.

    “Sorry Sam but I have finally found a way to defeat you, so defeat you I will.” Fern said proudly before giving a light giggle. “Haha, de-feet. Get it? Cause it’s gonna tickle your feet?”

    Sam gave a scowl and shot the villain a dirty look. “I’m serious Fern this isn’t funny. Call it off before PFFT haahahahahaa!” Sam started to threaten before she was cut off by the tickly feeling of a long thin finger running up each of her feet, making her sputter and burst into laughter.

    The creature bounced happily at this reaction, taking its two appendages and sliding them back down Sam’s feet. Sam gasped and began giggling as the appendages slid down the stems of her toes and onto the balls of her feet, causing her giggles to turn into harder chuckles.

    “Not funny? Then why are you laughing Sam? Sounds to me like you find this down right, hilarious. Maybe I should have you admit I’m your ARCH nemesis hehe.” Fern giggled as she watched the monster’s fingers reach the middle of the hero’s feet.

    “EEEK HAHAHHAHAHA! I HAHA-HAHAHTE YOUHOHOU! NOHOT THE AHAHARCHES! OHOHO GOHOD!” Sam laughed hysterically as her feet scrunched and flexed. It may have been only two thin appendages but the amount of ticklish sensations flooding Sam’s mind was already driving her crazy. What made it worse too was the things tickling her didn’t even feel like fingers like she was used to with her boyfriend. Instead they felt like something new, like a hard flat edge pressing through her socks and deep into her flailing feet.

    Fern watched with great excitement as her monster continued to tickle Sam’s feet for the next few minutes, the villain pulling out a pad and taking copious notes. “Such varied reactions on the subject’s feet. The pads and stems of the toes bring light giggles while the sides of the feet elicit much more hearty laughter. The arches however, they bring the best reactions, pure ticklish laughter.”

    “STOHOHOHOP HAHAHAA! FERHER! FERHER! FER-HUR-HUR-HURN! HAHAHAHAHAA!” Sam exclaimed as the monster made another slow and agonizing pass at the center of her feet.

    Fern sighed and nodded her head, ordering the monster to cease its tickling for now. “Ms. Wonderful seems to be very ticklish on the bottoms of her feet, more testing will need to be done at a later date to confirm.” She mumbled to herself as she jotted down her findings. “Alright tickle monster, go back and try her underarms again. She held up pretty well the first time. I’d like to see if that reaction differs now that she’s laughed.”

    Sam got a sinking feeling in her stomach as the monster bobbed over and stood above her head. She pulled on her arms and yanked at her bonds but the tickling had sapped all of her strength and left her mostly helpless. “I swear if you THINK about tickling me again! I will break free and smash you until there is nothing left.” The hero growled, her tone angry and stern despite the small smile still stuck on her face. Much to her surprise, the monster actually retracted its appendages back into its body and began to shake slightly. Did she do it? Did Sam’s threat actually work? The answer came a few seconds later, and it was one that made Sam’s stomach sink even further.

    “Pbht.”The monster gave another buzz as four hands emerged from its furry body, these more well-formed then the last. The monster reached down and grabbed a hold of the cloth protecting Sam’s underarms and gave a hard tug, ripping a giant hole in her suit and exposing her bare cupped hollows.

    Sam’s heart raced as the monster held all four hands up in the air and wiggled its many fingers. “Aw crap.” Sam groaned out loud, the monster striking a few moments later. The multiple fingers dove in and began scratching to and fro rapidly. This caused Sam to give a violent jump and bite down. “GAH! Grrrrr!’’ She growled while grinding her teeth which were now fully exposed in a painful smile. That smile grew even wider as the second’s drug by, the fingers in Sam’s underarms tickling like crazy. Sam’s stomach jumped and heaved with choked back laughter, her face growing pink from the strain of holding back her laughter.

    “Meep-meep, Pbhht!” The monster trilled happily as it stared down at the hero with its two large goofy looking eyes. The sound of the goofy noises was the straw that broke the camel’s back, all of the laughter Sam had been trying to hold back suddenly bursting out in a loud torrent.

    “PFFT HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! Eeeeeek! BwahahahahahaAHAHAHA!”

    “Yes very good. Ms. Wonderful’s defenses are severely depleted once verbal laughter has been caused.” Fern nodded as she jotted this info down. “Heh, you can say this is the “pits” couldn’t you Sam? Get it? Because it’s tickling your armpits.”

    “Shuhuhut up hahahhahahaha! I haha-HAHAHTE YOU!” Sam laughed and chuckled freely, giving another yelp as the fingers began to swirl around the edges of her underarms. “Nono nohoho HAHAHAHA! Ple-ple-PLEHEHEHEASE! AHA! AHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAAAAAAAA!” Sam chortled helplessly. It seemed the more she laughed the more skilled the monster’s tickling became, It’s fingers now spidering rapidly from the edges of her pits before converging together right in the middle. This repeated over and over again, the fingers spreading out and zooming back in. Sam’s arms and legs shook weakly while her fingers and toes curled and flexed rapidly, almost trying to reach for salvation that didn’t come.

    All the while Fern was enjoying every second. For her entire life Ms. Wonderful had always been leaps and bounds ahead of her, thwarting and showing her up at every turn. But now here she was, a helpless laughing mess. Finally defeated by Fern who Sam had just said never posed a “real threat.” Fern gushed with happiness as she took copious notes and watched the hero suffer.

    “Enough of the games. Alright tickle monster! Show me what you really got. Make your maker proud.” Fern instructed with a smile almost as big as Sam’s.

    “Pbhbt phbt” The monster saluted with all four hands, giving Sam a much needed break.

    “P-please! F-ehhe! Fern! Y-you win. You found my weakness, just please no more tickling.” The hero gasped through gasping breaths. Fern however shook her head and motined for the creature to continue. The tickle monster retracted its hands again and replaced them with two even larger more nimble looking ones. Sam waited in horror as the hands gave a few claps and cracked their knuckles. “I can’t. I can’t take much more. My sides, my lungs, my-HEY!” Sam wheezed before shouting in surprise. The monster reached down and grabbed Sam’s suit by the shoulders, giving an almighty yank and tearing the entire front of the suit off.

    “Oh my! Someone had plans later.” Fern chuckled playfully as Sam’s red lace bra and pantie set were fully exposed. The hero blushed wildly, embarrassed beyond belief to be suddenly exposed like this.

    “Put that back this instant! That was very expensive to make!” Sam insisted, though all of the authority had left her voice long ago. The monster trilled happily, its eyes now having an almost hungry look as it stared at Sam like a delicious meal. The hero’s body was extremely fit, a full set of abs on her skinny tummy and a cute deep belly button in the middle. Yet despite this, she still looked very feminine with curves in all the right places. Which made most men go mad and most women jealous. Another popping noise sounded and a third appendage appeared, this one seemingly tipped with a large fluffy feather duster.

    “Meep-meep!” The monster meepe’d, not giving Sam any time to prepare herself as it quickly lowered the duster down and began to drag it down her left side.

    “MPH!” Sam gasped and grunted as the multitude of feathers slid across her skin, the light sensations tickling her like crazy. The Hero grit her teeth as the tickling slid down her side and down to her hip, her muscles flexing as her toes began to curl. Her body gave a quick jolt as the tool began to dust across her hip to her waist. Sam’s mouth clamped shut even tighter as it pressed into a smile, her cheeks puffing out and filling with air. The monster spun the duster around and swung it from side to side like it was trying to sweep some unseen dust. ”PFFT! MMMMPH!” Sam sputtered again as the tickling reached the middle of her waist along her panty line. Her cheeks puffed out even more which caused her to look like a chipmunk with way too many acorns in its cheeks.

    “RArr-hurr.” The monster grumbled, sounding to Sam like it was almost laughing at her. Her abs flexed wildly and her body gave random jolts as the duster moved off the middle of her waist and continued towards the right. Sam could feel the eyes of the monster staring at the middle of her stomach and prayed to every god she knew for this embarrassment to end. The embarrassment however did not end but only increased.

    “Ye-EEEK! CRAHAHAHAP! HAHAHAHAA!” Sam gave a sudden squeal of surprise when the monster’s two nimble hands unexpectedly grabbed her sides and began to rapidly squeeze. The hero twisted her body from side to side rapidly, thumping her hips rapidly against the floor as the furry hands pinched up and down her bare flanks. “STAHAHA! I s-s-saHAD STAHAHAHA! NGH! YOOHOU JEHEHERK HAHAHAHAHAA!” Sam tried to reign in her laughter again and bring it under control but the dam had now been broken. The monsters fuzzy hands combined with Sam’s now bare skin allowed the tickling to take full effect, laughter freely flowing from the woman’s fully grinning mouth.

    Fern was grinning almost just as much, still taking detailed notes on her rival’s reactions. “Ms. Wonderful seems to be very ticklish on her sides and ribs just like when she was a girl. Will have to take time to remember earlier tickle fights with her before powers emerged.” Fern jotted down while she continued her observation.

    The monster’s tickling skill had rose significantly now as opposed to when it first started. Its hands randomly goosed Sam’s body, jumping from her rib cage, to one of her sides, to her underarms, even down in her hips, never staying for too long in one spot and not having any set pattern.

    Sam laughed and cackled, her arms and legs shaking and flailing helplessly. Suddenly out of nowhere the heroine let out a might squeal. “Y-EEEK! NOOHO!”

    Fern quickly looked up from her notepad and saw one of the monsters hands had landed on Sam’s flat fit stomach, gently goosing in one spot. The bound woman’s laughter rose three octaves in hilarity, her tummy clearly her most ticklish spot. “Monster! Quickly abandon the other tickle zones and focus on her stomach!” Fern commanded.

    “No! No wait! Not there! Fern don’t let it tickle me th-EEEEEEK!” Sam begged but it was too late. With a silly salute and a MEEP, the monster took two hands and began to skitter them on the sides of Sam’s stomach. The hero threw her head back and roared with ticklish laughter while the little remaining strength she had left vanished. “HAHAAAHA! AAAAAH! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA! NOHOHO BEHEHELLLY! NOHOHO BEHEHEHELLY PLEEEEEHEHEHASE!”

    The monster almost seemed to smile at this reaction, its hands scribbling faster and faster back and forth. The tummy heaved heavily, the ab’s flexed frantically, the cute deep navel contorted and stretched as thunderous belly laughs shook the air.

    “Confirmation! Ms. Wonderful’s ultimate weakness is tummy tickles. Observation shows the only movement is the contraction of her ribs and stomach muscles, leaving her totally helpless. My ears are starting to hurt, Ms. Wonderful’s laughter befitting someone with super lungs. “ Fern said, viciously scribbling note after note while Sam suffered.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHHA! AAAAAH-HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA! STAHAHAA! STHAHAHA PLEHEHEE! PLEHEHEEE AH-HAHAHAHAHAA! AH-EEEEEEEEK! NOOOOOOOOO!” Sam let out an ear piercing scream when the monster managed to grow a long tuft of hair and use it to feather the inside of Sam’s navel, raising her roaring laughter to heights so great that even her super lungs threatened to burst.

    Thirty seconds later the monster gave a sudden jolt, its whole body freezing stone still. Fern watched as the monster’s eyes rolled into the back of it’s head. The creature’s large blue body then fell backwards and bounced off the floor with a few squeaks.

    “Creature? Creature?” Fern called out and hurried over to her creation. She looked down and saw that the monster was dead asleep, little snores emanating from its mouth.

    “SNRKX! Ah me-me-me-me-me. SNRRRRRKX! Ah me-me-me-me-me-me!”

    Fern shook her head and gave her eyes a roll. “I guess the experiment is over for now. But still! I’ve achieved a great victory! Today is the day I finally defeated Ms. Wonderful!” Fern exclaimed happily. “Finally! After years of trying and failing! After years of you foiling every one of my plans! The heartbreaks! The JAILBREAKS I had to endure to get to this point! Finally the greatest hero in the city has been defeated! The woman who everyone said has no weakness! Well I found it! Me! How do you feel now Sam hmm? You said I wasn’t a threat! YOU said I was a terrible villain! That a moody teenager would be a bigger problem for you! Well could a moody teenager do this? Could they defeat the mighty beloved Ms. Wonderful?”

    Sam gasped for breath, not really listening to Fern’s monologue. Her cheeks were flush both from all the laughing she had done, and from the same of having her one weakness finally discovered an exploited. Of all the dumb luck Fern could have. She HAD to go and make a tickle monster. Sam closed her eyes and took long deep breaths, calming herself down. She tuned out Fern’s continuing monologuing and felt her strength slowly start to come back with each breath. Just a few more minutes and she’d have enough strength back to break free and-


    Sam titled her head up quickly and looked on in horror. The monster had woken up again and was slowly making its way back towards Fern and herself. Sam watched as multiple blue fuzzy hands extended from the creature’s body, fingers wiggling as they began to reach forward.

    “Fern! Fern!” Sam called out, the villain still droning on and unaware. “Fern it got back up! Fern! FERN!” She screamed.

    Fern stopped talking and met Sam’s eyes, turning her head and looking back at what she was staring at. “Oh, hello there? Are you ready to torture Ms. Wonderful some more? I was thinking we could try-“ Fern began before the creature interrupted her.

    “MEEP!” A fuzzy blue appendage shot from the creature’s body and smacked Fern in her left arm.

    “Hey! You missed her and hit me you buffoon! Why in the world-“

    “Meep! Meep-meep-meep!” Three more appendages shot out and splatted against Fren’s other arm and both legs.

    “What in the world! What do you think you’re-ooof!”

    The creature lifted up another hand and gently pushed Fern on her forehead until she fell backwards onto the floor where she landed right next to Sam. The two women laid stunned for a second, the hero stuck in a spread eagle position while her nemesis laid with her arms stretched far above her head and her legs stuck together.

    “What’s the meaning of this? Let me go! Let me up right now you dim-witted beast!” Fern demanded while pulling on her extremities.

    The monster frowned then, much to Sam and Fern’s surprise, began to speak.

    “Dimwitted beast? I do say foul madam! I am not dimwitted, nor am I a beast! I am but a misunderstood being! Judge me not for my looks, but for my shining personality! That's what's wrong with you Homo sapiens, always spreading negativity! Well I shall change that! For as John Heywood said, he who laughs last, laughs BEST! And those who cross my path, shall laugh plenty."

    Both heroine and villain were left mute and dumfounded. Not only was the fuzzy creature able to speak now, but it sounded highly intelligent!

    “Now listen here you cretinous cryptid! I am your creator and as such you will-HEY! W-what are you doing?” Fern stammered as the creature reached down and began unbuttoning her shirt.

    “You may be my creator but since my birth all you have done is scowled and ordered me around. I think it’s time we put a smile on your face my former master.” The creature grinned widely and opened Fern’s shirt up wide to expose her venerable bra clad upper body. “Now feel the wrath of the newest super villain! Mr T! No, no, ticke-pocalypse! Wait, no that's too hard to spell. Need the newspapers to get it right. Oh well, coochie-MEEP-coo!”

    Fern’s eyes widened as three blue fuzzy hands descended upon her bare torso. Ten woolly fingers began to squeeze and pinch Fern’s bare sides, nimbly gliding up and down. The other five fingers played across her waistline like a typewriter, piling on the tickles. The trapped villain howled in laughter while her body twisted around frantically. “STOHOHOP! NOHOHOT MEHEHEHEHE!”

    Meanwhile Sam had grown a small smirk of satisfaction, the shoe being on the other proverbial foot now. Sam watched as the skilled fingers of the tickle creature frolicked over Fern’s body like a professional dancer. Different hands would pop out and tickle Fern before being retracted back in to the creature’s body with a toot. Hands with large thick fingers pinched at Fern’s thighs and knees, causing Fern to squeal and shake her legs. Other hands tipped with thin sharp nails needled in between her ribs, making Fern chuckle loudly and shake her head.

    It was the hands that attacked her tummy however that drove her the most insane. They were as nimble and dexterous as a piano players, sometimes kneading deep into Fern’s ab muscles and making her scream, other times lightly skittering just on the surface and drawing forth the lightest high pitched giggles.

    “EEEEEK! YOUOHOHOU DEHEHEHEVIL HAHAHAHAHA! YOHOHOU’RE A-HAHAHA! A MOHOHONSTER! NAAHAHAAOHOO!” Fern roared as a six fingered hand appeared with a loud “MEEP” and began lightly fluttering five of its fingers on the center of her tummy while the sixth digit wiggled deep into her oval bellybutton.

    Sam glanced back over at Fern and felt almost no remorse still. Although she had to admit, for being a shut in villain, Fern was in rather good shape. Every time she sucked in her tummy far enough one could just see the faint outline of abs. “Just another minute and I think I’ll be able to pull free.” Sam whispered to herself as she tugged on the sticky bonds still holding her down.

    The tickle creature plodded and squeaked between the women to get a better angle at Fern’s cupped hollows, turning his back to Sam and fully concentrating his attention on his creator’s plight.

    This was Sam’s moment to escape. The hero quickly gathered what little strength she had recovered while Fern was being tickled and flexed her muscles, pulling the appendages off the floor with a small pop! The hero silently began to get to her knees taking stock of her current situation. Her current super suit was torn to shreds and looked more like a ripped grunge top, exposing her bra underneath. While she didn’t want any onlookers to see her underwear on her way back home, she’d just have to deal with it. Sam slowly got up, her feet resting on the cold floor, and raised her arms to knock the evil creature on the back of the head. After a second however the hero paused. Why should she save Fern? After all she was the one who created this monster specifically to tickle Sam silly. No, it served her right having a taste of her own medicine! Sam lowered her hands and turned her back, slowly sneaking away while the monster was still occupied.

    “SAHAHAHAM! SAM NOHOHO HAHAHAA! D-DON’T LE-HEHEHE-HAHAHA! DON’T LEHEHEAAVE ME!” Fern shouted while four hands spun around in her underarms and drew tears to her eyes.

    Sam paused for only a second while her heart skipped a beat. The hero let out a curse and made a bolt for the door as fast as her tired legs would carry her. Unfortunately for her however, he only managed to make it two steps before she felt something grab one of her ankles.

    “Where do you think you’re going Ms. Wonderful?” The monster’s rich voice questioned loudly. Sam glanced over her shoulder and saw a long blue hand wrapped tightly around her ankle, holding her upturned foot behind her in the air. There was a loud squeak like a toy hammer and another hand emerged from the creature’s body and made its way towards Sam’s bare sole, fingers wiggling menacingly as it grew closer.

    “Um, I was just going to check on…….Purr-bottoms?” Sam answered with a nervous smile.

    “Purr-bottoms with be just fine. In fact I think they will come in handy for what I have planned next.” The creature grinned and stuck out its tongue with a high pitched “twee.”

    Sam shook her head and tried to pull her leg free but it was too late, the second hand reaching her sole and furiously scratching at her arch. “EEEEEEK! NOOHOHOHOHOHO!” Sam cackled and fell to the floor as she was dragged back towards the monster.

    About ten minutes later and both Sam and Fern found themselves in a tough predicament. The creature bound their arms and legs in a hogtie and also managed to use one of the sticky appendages to secure Fern’s face tight against Sam’s stomach.

    “I leave you two here now to ponder your decisions while I reveal my existence to the rest of the world! For now is born the worlds soon to be most feared super villain, The Giggle-Miester! GM of laughter! And just to keep the two of you busy for a while.” The Giggle-Miester announced and pulled out a device from behind its back. It appeared to be a large pink glove with bumps attached to a short metal arm and small box. “I took Purr-bottom’s auto groomer and made a few alterations. Enjoy. Ah-huh, ah-huh, a huh.” It laughed richly and snood-ily. Sam watched as the device was strapped to Fern’s bare feet and turned on.

    “MPH! Hmhmhmhmhm! MMM-hmhmhmhm!” Fern squealed twenty minutes later and chuckled into Sam’s stomach as the bumpy glove quickly scrubbed up and down the length of both of her feet from heel to toe.

    Sam let out a gasp and burst into heavy laughter herself, Fern’s muffled reactions tickling her bare tummy and keeping her strength near that of a wet noodle. “FEHEHERN HAHAHAHA! I TOLD YOU! STHAHAHAAP LAHAHAUGHING, IT THIHIHICKLES HAHAHAAA!”

    ************************************************** **

    “Test number eighteen of the anti-wonderful device I have named “the bellybutton belt.” Test will begin in five seconds and last a total of one minute. Three, two, one. PFFFFT HAHAHAHAHAAAA! DEHEHE-DEHEHEVICE IS HAHA! HAHAHA-VERY EFFECTIHIVE!” Fern managed to spit out between fits of hard laughter as she tested yet another tickle inspired device on herself.

    Since its escape, the GM had gone on a rampage through the city, tickling anyone silly that it came across, be they citizen or hero. Random laughter could be heard ringing throughout the city, accompanied by loud MEEPS and HONKS from the dastardly villain! Also since its escape however, the hero Ms. Wonderful had gone into hiding. Fern knew however that one day the beloved heroine would return, and Professor Prodigy would be waiting with a menagerie of tickle weapons, even if she had to test every single one of them on herself. “Ah tickling, what a wonderful weakness!”

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    I'd love a sequel

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    Great story, please make a second part!

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    Wow! This was a highly enjoyable and inventive story! Thank you so much for sharing!
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    This was fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed it!

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    Another great story T Mom. I love the overall silliness of Professor Prodigy and her monster. Not going to lie, i kinda felt sorry for her after Ms. Wonderful went on her rant about what a bad villain she was. At the end however i was still glad to see the professor get a bit of her own medicine. Lastly the final little trap the monster left them both in, really well thought of! i loved it! Hope to see more from you soon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueLine7045 View Post
    I'd love a sequel
    Thank you, maybe if DEV asks for a sequel one day i'll give it a go haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Anna24 View Post
    Great story, please make a second part!

    That is up to DEV, it was his idea so if he asks for another one I'll gladly write it.

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterVincentTGVK View Post
    Wow! This was a highly enjoyable and inventive story! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

    Quote Originally Posted by anubis111 View Post
    Another great story T Mom. I love the overall silliness of Professor Prodigy and her monster. Not going to lie, i kinda felt sorry for her after Ms. Wonderful went on her rant about what a bad villain she was. At the end however i was still glad to see the professor get a bit of her own medicine. Lastly the final little trap the monster left them both in, really well thought of! i loved it! Hope to see more from you soon!

    Thank you very much! I liked the little twist at the end too, it was fun to write

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    Excellent story! I also loved Professor Prodigy’s overall silliness and how it came out with the quirks that she put into the monster. I hope these characters get a chance to make a return someday!

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    Wow. This was great!

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    Really love the dialogue here. It's playful without ever getting too campy and really fits the characters.

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    Excellent story!
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    Very fun read. Thanks!

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