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    Jan 2023

    The Triple T Mountain B&B - fff/m, hardore non-con

    This is part one. Thought I'd post it as a little teaser...

    The Triple T Mountain B&B

    “This is terrible,” Jack said.

    The blizzard continued to assault the car, a dainty BMW that had only been on city streets. Now deep in the mountain roads of Vermont ski country, he wished they’d rented a truck. The wipers weren’t even fast enough to keep the onslaught of snow from obscuring the windshield.
    “Honey, aren’t you at least a little worried? That we, might, umm…slide off the road into a canyon and, maybe, like, freeze to death? Before bears eat us…”

    “You’re such a pain in the ass,” Crystal said and rolled her eyes.

    A childhood in Western Maine made her impervious to weather worrying. That and an innate wild streak that drove her to enjoy such things as snowboarding, roller derby and sex on a roller coaster at 19. Though Jack was a solid 5’11, 175 with a gym pass he used four days a week, he was intimidated of his more aggressive wife. When she fixed her wide, hazel eyes on you in a scowl, or a wicked smile that would make The Joker jealous, it could freeze any man. He continued to watch the frantic wipers do their best to keep the windshield clean. Squeak, squeak! Squeak, squeak! Back and forth – the only sound in the car for several minutes. He tried to ease his mind by playing a game on his smart phone, but it was no use.

    “You sure about this?” he said in a timid voice.

    “I’ve driven through worse than this in a 1990 Nissan Sentra with no radio antenna. So, no music, listening to my ex complain that we might slide off the road and freeze to death. He didn’t mention a bear, though.”

    This sarcasm and lack of respect was what drove Jack to cheat on her. She was a firecracker with perfect legs, a good job, and – at the core – a loving heart. But a year or needling caused him and his licentious mind to wander into a bar with his buddies and track down a vulnerable girl 10 years younger than he after too many whiskeys. The poor girl didn’t stand a chance: he lied about his age, his marital status, even his family size: on the fly he had two shy younger sisters he protected from bullies his whole life and his mom was sick with cancer. This sob-story setup evolved into a steamy year-long love affair that she didn’t want to end and that he was too weak to escape from. When he suspected Crystal had discovered it – SNAP! – it was over. He ignored the girl’s texts, blocked her from his social media connections, didn’t take her calls. A cold turkey sayonara.

    When Crystal agreed with his decision to take a weekend vacation together, he knew she had no clue about the affair. She didn’t question him about it, ask to see his phone, ask him about the moronic $100 bar tab he’d charged up on the joint checking account – nothing. What was strange, though, was that she wanted to spend a weekend in the mountains at a B&B. In January. In Vermont. Driving a city car. He was thinking two nights in the city at an expensive hotel, nice dinners, see a show maybe, go shopping, and fuck like rabid animals at night. Maybe at lunch, too. But, hey, you could sure as hell fuck like rabid animals while trapped in a B&B with two feet of snow on the ground. What else would there be to do!

    “You know best, Mrs. Outdoors.”

    “You’re funny, hun,” she said, eyes fixed on the road.

    Within the hour they arrived at their destination: an adorable, two-story baby blue colonial cottage, with white picket fences, a porch that surrounded the house, white lace curtains that stood out from the soft, yellow light inside. Just looking at the place felt like swimming in hot chocolate.
    What really struck Jack as odd, though, was the large wooden sign next to the long circular driveway. Though almost covered by snow, he could still make out the words:

    Triple T Mountain Pleasure Wonderland

    He stared at it in wonder for a few moments and smirked.

    “Pleasure wonderland? Does Hugh Hefner have a secret hideaway?”

    This made her smile.

    “Maybe he does. But this isn’t it.”

    “Well, what the hell is this place? Where did you find it again?”

    “I told you, Charissa told me about it. Isn’t it cute? We’ll have a great time just snuggling up in here and hiking when the snow calms down. The blizzard is supposed to end tonight.”

    He mouthed the words and shook his head, still incredulous: Pleasure Wonderland.

    “I hope you’re right. This seems pretty fucking weird to me.”

    She stroked his thigh and gazed at him with smiling eyes.

    “Whatever it is, it’s just us for the weekend. Which is all that matters, right?”

    “Of course, honey.”

    He closed his eyes and leaned in with a goofy face to kiss her, but she backed away.
    After parking, grabbing the luggage, and making for the cottage at warp speed (at least, as fast as warp speed can be trudging through 18 inches of snow), they charged through the front door, panting, cheeks flush, and slammed it shut. Sitting in a plush chair reading a book was a middle-aged woman in a pumpkin sweater and sweats. The chair was one of many adorable pieces of colonial furniture: more chairs, couches, stained mahogany end tables, a card table. At the far side of the room was a billiards table and an 88-inch curved TV. Overlooking the entire room was a massive, stone fireplace, with an opening at least four feet tall, an array of flaming logs now heating the entire room better than any central HVAC system could dream of doing. The woman immediately hurried over to greet them. Fairly husky, with thick thighs and the hint of a drooping chin, Jack placed her for a mid-forties woman who had a tidy small-town accountant husband, two boring kids and watched Judge Judy when she felt reeeaaalllyyy dangerous.

    “You must be the Mastersons,” she said with a warm smile, and shook both of their hands. She had a grip like a pro wrestler.

    “Yes, I’m Crystal. And this is my husband, Jack.”

    “I’m Tracy. I’m one of the owners. It’s a pleasure to meet you both.

    He nodded and added a perfunctory smile.

    “I didn’t see many cars out there,” he said. “Where is everybody?”

    “Good observation, Jack. The blizzard seemed to scare everyone else away. Soooo...”

    She pantomimed a snare drum roll.

    “Ta-da! You two will have the place all to yourselves this weekend.”

    “Are you serious?” he said, displaying the first hint of excitement.

    “Yes, sir. All the danish, imported coffee, roast lamb, and television binge-watching you can handle. And, of course, all the wife you can handle.”

    Crystal and Jack smiled at each other like two teenagers in love.

    “Hello there!” cried out a woman’s voice in the distance. Two women rushed toward them. One was tall, blonde, with a longish nose and obvious lip fillers. Jack pegged her for about 30. The second woman had short black hair, wide green eyes, was maybe 5’3 in heels and probably in her 30ish as well. She wore a dark blue blouse, black slacks, and open-toed sandals that revealed her shiny, crimson toenails. Her unusually long fingers were tipped with the same ostentatious color. She seemed out of place, more like a trendy nail salon tech than a B&B manager.

    “This is Tricia,” Tracy said, pointing to the taller woman,” and Talia,” to Wednesday Addams. She sized Jack up for a moment before shaking his hand and smirking. You probably wouldn’t describe her as a true looker, but something about her dimples, perfect cheeks and captivating eyes made it difficult to turn away.
    “Tricia and I opened the business four years ago. Talia just recently joined us, and we are so lucky to have her. She was a manager at a 4-star hotel in New York City but wanted to get away from the noise and hassle, so she and her husband came to Vermont, started a family, and came to work here. She handles marketing, utilizes her connections in New York and Boston. Basically, keeps the place profitable. Without her, we might have closed last year.”

    Jack surveyed the room and smiled.

    “Now I get it. Triple T – Tracy, Tricia and Talia. Pretty clever. Charm, warmth and business acumen.”

    “Yes, Jack. You’re stuck in a house with four women all weekend,” Talia said. “How does that make you feel?”

    As the words left her mouth, Jack could feel the hint of an erection growing.

    “Well, considering you named the place “Pleasure Wonderland,” how should I feel about it?”

    Tracy laughed and placed her hand on his shoulder.

    “Goodness, Talia. No wonder you’re not in charge of hospitality,” she said.

    “Thank God.”

    “Okay, you two. Tricia will help you with your luggage and show you your room. I’m going to make some coffee and get some danish. Do you folks like coffee.”

    “Yes,” Crystal said.

    “Ok, then it’s settled. See you in a half hour?”

    “Sounds good.”

    When Jack and Crystal returned to the main room, an assortment of scones and Danish awaited them on a silver tray in the center of the large mahogany table situated in the center of a circle of couches and chairs. Among the goodies was a silver kettle, garish porcelain coffee cups, a few saucers and sugar bowl. Steam poured from inside the kettle spout. On the television was an assortment of streaming apps: Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX… the usual suspects. Crystal had suggested they wear light clothing, and now Jack understood why. The roaring fireplace made the room a cavernous sauna. Even in only a light t-shirt and gym shorts it felt like his body was glowing. He rarely went anywhere outside of his bedroom without socks, but he was glad about his flip-flops now because the tops of his feet felt aglow. He’d suggested that Crystal wear his favorite sleeveless blouse and denim shorts, to which she quickly agreed.
    “If that’s what my honey wants to see me in, I don’t want to say no,” she’d said.

    And thank God that she did: the flames reflected off her mildly tanned thighs, shoulder, cheeks, made her amber hair glisten like gold. She hadn’t looked so good in a long time.

    Tracy was sitting on a couch near the television when they entered. Facing the television were two immense, plush leather recliners. She stood and beckoned them to join her.

    “Hello, again. Come over here and sit. I’ve brewed some coffee.”

    When Jack eased into his chair, his first thought was: NAP TIME! The fire had warmed the marshmallow cushions and soft leather into a balmy goo that hugged him like a cloud of midday sunshine. Crystal closed her eyes and sighed as she sank into hers.

    “We need to get two of these,” Jack said and further snuggled into the cushions.

    Tracy smiled. “I’m glad you like them. Those buttons on the side control the footrest. 12 different ways to adjust the chair and raise the footrest to different levels. When I watch television here, I set the footrest to the highest level. It’s tough to stay awake past 10 minutes. Go ahead, try them.”

    Jack and Crystal fiddled with the settings for a few moments looking for the perfect setting. Crystal let the footrest climb to its highest setting.

    “She’s right, Jack. Put your feet way up. It’s like laying on a cloud.”

    He pressed on the button legs sat at a 90-degree angle from the floor, toes wiggling on his toasty, bare feet. As soon as he had settled in, Crystal stood up and hovered over him, smiling.

    “Stay there for a bit, honey. I have a surprise for you.”

    At that, Tricia approached, carrying a gift-wrapped box about the size of a microwave. She placed it on the table and stood next to Crystal, smiling.

    “What is that?” Jack said.

    “You have a very caring wife,” Tricia said. “You’ll love what she got you.”

    Jack began to sit up, but Crystal eased him back into the chair.

    “Stay there, hun. I want to you to watch me open it.”

    And so he fully reclined again and eased his body into the spongy warmth.

    “Now close your eyes and count to three.”

    “God, I’m dying to know what this is!” Jack said and closed his eyes with a goofy grin plastered on his face.

    “One!” Crystal said.

    Before counting two, she tiptoed behind Jack and slipped a black sack over his head. At exactly the same time Tracy encircled his ankles with a belt and pulled it tight. Jack lurched up and tried to leap out of the chair, but his bound feet caused him to fall to the ground like a dead fish.
    “Now!” Crystal said, and the three women pounced on him. Tricia and Crystal kept him pinned to the ground, utilizing their full body weight by hugging his waist and chest. Tricia flashed a set of handcuffs and managed to get one of them on his flailing wrist. Crystal then wrestled his other arm behind his back, making it easy for Tricia to cuff both wrists.

    “Crystal, what the fuck are you doing!” Jack screamed and writhed on the floor like a drunken centipede. The three women burst into laughter as they watched him thrash helplessly.

    “You’ll find out soon enough.”

    At this, Talia rolled a body-sized cage into the room. It stood about three feet off the floor, held upright by thick steel legs at the four corners. She clicked the rubber stoppers on each leg to halt the wheels, then pulled a lever that dropped the cage to floor height. She unlatched the top of the cage and swung it open like a trap door.

    “Ok, lets get him in,” she said. “Untie his ankles first.”

    She straddled his hips to prevent him from rolling away as the three girls unbuckled the belt around his ankles. They then rolled him into the cage face up and cuffed his ankles to thick, steel beams. Talia quickly slipped a belt around his waist to further immobilize him as the other three women wrestled his arms above his head and cuffed his wrists to the cage. Talia then slammed the top of the cage closed, refastened the latches and raised the legs again until the cage sat about waist high. She turned a crank which raised his immobilized head upward, then yanked off the hood so he could stare at the four women gathered around him.

    “God damn it, Crystal! What the fuck is this?”

    “It’s your surprise present,” she said and hovered over him, holding the box.

    “Talia, you can strip him now.” She returned with a scissor and swiftly cut all his clothes, letting them fall to the ground beneath him. She tapped on the hole at the top his cock with her index finger and smiled as his cock came to life, holding on at a half-erection.

    “Looks like you’ve got a bit of a masochist here, Crystal. Being restrained and forced into a cage got him a little excited.”

    “No, I think tapping on his dick did that,” she replied. Talia stifled a giggle.

    “I guess you’re right.”

    “Crystal, please tell me what’s going on?” Jack said in a calmer voice.

    She removed his cell phone from his pocket and tapped on the number of his now ex-mistress.

    “I can’t believe you didn’t even erase her number,” she said and scrolled through the seemingly endless list of texts.

    “My favorite one said that you are going to tie her up, put yogurt all over her feet and suck on her toes before licking her clit until she cried.”

    Jack sighed and closed his eyes. It seemed that his life force was dripping from him like candle wax under a hot flame.


    “It looks like you had a surprise for me that you’d been hiding for a looooong time.”

    “Open the damn, box, Crystal,” Tracy said.

    “Yeah, I’m dying to know what you packed,” Tricia added. “Are we going to whip him? Cut off his bad little wee wee? What?”

    Jack began to thrash and yank on the cuffs, but he was utterly trapped, as if encased in concrete.

    “Damn it, Crystal. Please don’t do anything stupid!”

    She opened the box to reveal its contents: a feather duster, bottle of baby oil, two hair brushes, electric toothbrushes and several pigeon feathers.

    “We’re going to tickle him. Bad.”

    “God damn it, Crystal!” Jack screamed. “Let me out!”

    “Talia gave me the idea. You see, she’s obsessed with tickling people. Like, almost mental illness obsessed. She picks up guys in clubs, goes to conventions, has regular paying customers – all for the chance to tickle torture them. She and two of her friends were arrested once for cornering a woman on an empty subway car and tickling her until the train stopped.
    At first, I did want to hurt him, but this is much cleaner. Probably even more effective. Jack is crazy ticklish, all over his poor body. “

    “This isn’t a bed and breakfast, is it?” he said.

    The women laughed.

    “Umm, no,” Tracy said. “I inherited it from my dad. I use it now as a ski lodge.”

    “Then who are you?”

    “Tracy and Tricia work with me,” Crystal said. “Talia and I were college roommates. She scared the shit out of me at first with her tickling obsession, but I came to realize most of her victims actually enjoy it. By second semester of sophomore year, sometimes I helped her.”

    “What about the sign?”

    “Who the hell knows?” Tricia said. “We found it in a parking lot in Brookline. I thought it was hysterical, so we took it here. Sometimes we hang it up on the old flagpole out front just to fuck with people.”

    “Come on Crystal,” Talia said. She picked up two of the pigeon feathers and held them a foot from his chest. “I want to molest this asshole. You can divorce him next week.”

    “Please,” Jack pleaded, involuntarily bucking helplessly. “You can have the car.”

    “The car?” Tailia said and giggled. “That’s all? I always knew you were a prick, Jack.”

    She lowered the feathers on to his nipples and twirled them about, barely touching the surface.

    “So, Tracy, tell me a little bit about this place,” Talia said.

    “Well, my grandfather inherited it from my great grandfather. I think like around the Civil War..”

    As she spoke, Talia continued the relentless teasing on Jack’s nipples. He squirmed, tightened his muscles, tried to squeeze on his vocal cords. But the feathers wouldn’t relent, pause, slow down, anything… On and on they twirled.

    “Stop it!!!” he screamed before a cascade of laughter poured out of him. Having a perfect view of the torturous feathers, held gently between Talia’s index fingers and thumbs, circling over and over his erect nipples made it worse. Watching them twirl while the warm fire flickered in the background.

    “…and when he met my mother, they stayed here every once in a while…”

    “HAHAHAHAHA GOD DAMN IT STOP HAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Jack screamed. Talia looked down at him.

    “Will you shut the fuck up?” she said while the feathers continued. “She’s telling us a story. Go on, Tracy.”

    Jack bit down on his teeth so hard that his wisdom tooth hurt. But it was no use, the howling laughter overtook him again.


    “Shut up, damn it!” Talia said.


    Talia bent down and stared at him like she was reading a book, completely unfazed.

    “Tricia, come here please and take over these feathers. Whatever you do, do not stop! He can scream and curse as much as he wants, and he can only spit so far. I want those nipples raw, and I have another job to do.”

    Talia handed the feathers to Tricia, who continued tickling his nipples without pause. She retrieved the bottle of baby oil from the gift box and poured it all over Jack’s feet, dribbling it through his toes, slathering it on his arches and soles, across the veins on the tops... Then she briskly kneaded his feet until they were both completely encased in a film of the balmy oil.

    “Jack,” Tricia said in a plain voice after wholly covering his feet in the warm oil. She raised her hands directly into his sight line and wiggled her fingers slowly.

    “Do you like my nail polish? It’s called…devil red, crimson death, something like that. I think… Anyway, let’s see if you like it…”

    She slowly lowered her wiggling fingers toward Jack’s helpless, hyper-ticklish soles and smirked as he closed his eyes trying to brace himself for the coming attack. As her nails touched down, he convulsed and the pitch of his laughter elevated a few tones..

    “Do you have a foot fetish?” Tracy asked.

    “Not really a foot fetish, but more of an adjustable foot fetish. For example – Tricia, stop with the feathers for a second.”

    Jack wheezed for a brief moment until Talia’s exploration of his feet began. She started with his arches.

    “Like, you see these feet? There’s not much to like about the arches. He’s barely giggling. But I bet if I go up here…”

    She scratched at the base of his toes, allowing the oil to work off the friction. Jack’s body shook as if electrocuted and he screamed laughter, eyes closed, trying to move some part of his body to distract from the agonizing localized sensation created by Talia’s awful fingernails. He couldn’t move, squirm, and felt nothing but an unbearable charge of energy from oily fingernails scraping at his feet.

    “See. In a case like this, I become a sole and toe fetishist. If you can’t make them squeal when you tickle their arches, where’s the excitement in that?”

    She continued to scrape at Jack’s oily soles, occasionally poking through the spaces between his toes. When he snorted, she giggled.

    “He’s trying to stop laughing. He can’t. He’s totally helpless.”
    She leaned toward him a bit.

    “Try again, Jack! I dare you! If you stop, I’ll stop! Tickle, tickle little Jacky… Mommy’s got you now! Tickle, tickle, tickle.”


    Tricia shook her head as she watched him lose it.

    “You’re so evil,” she said. “Is he going to live through this?”

    “He’ll be fine, won’t you Jack? He might cry, shit himself, or pass out, but it’s better than having your dick cut off. There are no verified cases of people being tickled to death. Some rumors, but nothing concrete.”

    Talia continued the attack on his soft, oily feet for a few more moments, studying Jack like a museum painting as he quivered and laughed.

    “Do you want a break?” she said and craned her neck toward him.


    “Fine.” She stepped back and stood with the other three women, watching Jack’s chest heave as he tried to catch his breath.

    “Pl…please stop. I swear, I’ll give you the house. I’ll give you anything. Whatever you want.”

    “Anything?” Talia replied, “She wanted to cut your dick off and throw it in the trash. What do you think of that?”

    Tricia burst into laughter and hugged Talia, who finally started to smile.

    “You are the most sadistic bitch I’ve ever met,” she said.

    “This is nothing,” Crystal said. “Remember that guy from Philly?”

    “Of course.”

    “What happened in Philly?” Tracy asked.

    Talia snickered and pointed at Crystal.

    “So,” Crystal said. “We dropped acid with a few friends and went to a Jonas Brothers concert…”

    She spoke rapidly with gesticulating hands, clearly excited to tell the story.

    “What? Are you serious”

    “It was so much fun…”

    “Until Melissa started crying because she thought Joe had an ‘evil elephant trunk.’” Talia added.

    Tracy and Tricia smiled at each other.

    “Ooo..kay???” Tricia said with a comical, confused look.

    “Anyway,” Crystal continued, “These two guys bought us drinks and asked us to go clubbing after the show. They were cute and seemed cool, so we agreed. Things got a little wild at the club, so they invited us to a private room. And then…”

    She paused and her voice went flat.

    “They got aggressive, and tried to, you know… When my guy went to bar the door, Talia kneed hers in the crotch and we were able to escape together. She knew one of the bouncers, so she asked if she could do her little habit on her guy to teach him a lesson. The other lucky asshole got away.”

    “He left his friend there?” Trisha said.

    “Yeah, helluva friend, huh? So, the bouncers wrestled him down, tied him up, and threw him in our car.”

    “You guys drove home like that?”

    “No, we had a DD and Melissa with the Joe Jonas elephant trunk were there. We carried him into our apartment, tied him spread eagle on the bed, and Talia basically turned him into a vegetable. She had a feather wheel machine on his cock, two pieces of twine floating around in his nostrils, entire body covered in oil, and Talia’s hands on him for maybe three hours nonstop. I mean, her fingers didn’t break contact with his skin the whole time. She let me keep the tickling going when she felt like milking his cock.

    When he started with the inevitable cursing, ‘you fucking ****, when I get out of here.. blah, blah…’ she slapped him in the face, popped a ball gag in, straddled his hips and tickled his armpits for a half hour while verbally humiliating him – ‘you’re not going to get out, asshole… I’m going to tickle you until you piss all over yourself, then I’m going to milk your cock until you cry… I’m going to film you and post it to TikTok, then call your mommy and let her listen to her son the rapist die from laughter asphyxiation…’

    And on and on. They guy screamed into the gag and he was crying in no time. When she finally stopped, I don’t know if he had a straight thought in his head. We drove him to a park, naked, and tossed him into an empty field, sobbing. Though you could barely hear it.”
    Tracy and Trisha stared at each other in disbelief, unable to speak.

    “We found out that the was 35,” Talia said, “and ended up in prison a year later for – you guessed it – raping a college girl he picked up in a club by spiking her drink. We should have killed him.
    But like I said, you can’t die from tickling, I think. Hmmm, I suppose I would know. Anyway, doesn’t the CIA waterboard terrorists for days, poke them with electrified cattle prods, beat them in the face with billy clubs? Is that any better than this. I think we let him off easy.”

    They both shook their heads, clearly more at ease.

    “Did you hear that, Jack?” Talia said in a louder voice. She crept toward him, pausing next to his waist.

    “You can’t die from tickling. But it sure as hell can fuck you up, right?”

    “Why are you doing this?” he said in a defeated voice, still unable to fully catch his breath. “You made your point. I broke the affair off a while ago. Crystal, please hun, let’s work this out.”

    “You guys may be able to work this out,” Talia said. “But even your wife can’t stop me from doing this to you. Right, girl?”

    “I don’t want you to stop,” Crystal chimed in.

    “Please, hun!!!”

    “There you go,” Talia said. She turned her head and noticed that his cock was rock hard, thrusting upward like a mushroom-shaped totem pole.

    “I don’t think you want me to stop, either buddy.” She reached out, wrapped her long, still oily fingers around his throbbing cock, and gave it a quick stroke. The head pulsed outward, begging for more pleasure. Jack gulped and let out a careless, barely audible moan.

    “You’re just like every other guy, Jack. You scream and beg for me to stop, but your cock gives you away. You want me to do this to you. You love it.”

    “Does it sound like I love it?”

    She craned her neck toward him and smiled.

    “I don’t care what you say. A man’s cock speaks louder than his words.”

    She removed her shirt and bra, letting her plump, C-cup breasts sag toward her perfectly flat tummy. She moved closer to Jack, her body only a few feet from him. She then shimmied her shorts and underwear to the floor and moved even closer.

    “Do you think I’m sexy, Jack?”

    When he didn’t answer, she launched a furious tickle assault on his ribs, hips and chest, flicking his hyper-sensitive nipples every so often before her lightning hands returned to kneading his ribs.

    “Crystal, be a dear and pour some more oil on his feet? Then tickle his toes again as fast and as best as you can.”

    “I just want to watch, Talia, is that okay. You’re even turning me on you’re so fucking good.”

    Jack screamed laughter so frantic and steady that he couldn’t answer.


    “Get it together for a second, Jack or I don’t stop. Do you think I’m hot?”

    “YES!!! HAHAHAHA…”

    “Really hot?”


    “Say ‘Talia, I want to suck your tits.’”


    “Better get it together, Jack, or Tricia and Tracy will both tickle your feet while I do this. Now, say it: I want to suck your tits!”


    Talia let go of him, leaving a few red scratch marks where her fingernails had dug in particularly hard.

    “Once is enough, Jack,” she said and giggled. “Don’t go crazy on me yet. How about this: I’ll wrap my thighs around your cock and gyrate my hips while I let you stare at my tits. They’ll hang right in your face. Does that sound okay?”

    Her hands crept toward him again when he didn’t answer.

    “Yes, please. I want to cum so fucking bad. Please.”

    “Ok, I’ll let you cum, Jack. You’ve been a good sport.”

    She climbed on top of the cage and lay on it face down. She pressed her breasts through two gaps and thrust her chest forward as close to Jack’s lips as she could press her body against the cage. As promised, she pinned Jack’s cock between her thighs just below her pussy.

    “How’s the view, Jack?”


    “I know it is. Ready? Go!”

    She tightened her thighs around his cock and pulled it upward. He closed his eyes and groaned as her thighs expanded and contracted in unison with the movement of her hips.

    “Open your eyes, Jack. I want you to look. Part of the deal, remember?”

    He obeyed the command and watched her flaccid breasts shake in front of him as she moved.

    “Ok, Tricia, do me a favor. Tickle his toes. Not, like, hardcore, just peck at them. I want to see him giggle while I tease him.”

    Tricia began scratching and poking his toes, hanging back a bit when he started laughing, and becoming more aggressive when he went silent. Soon enough, she had an even, soft giggle out of him.

    “Perfect,” Talia said. She reached down and held her fingers inches from the center of Jack’s armpits.

    “Do you like my tits, Jack?”


    As soon as he opened his mouth, her fingers touched down, wiggling almost unnoticeably, sliding across his skin with the pressure of a fly crawling on him. Ten flies, with sadistic human brains.

    “What do you like?”


    As he tried to speak, she increased the pressure and speed. Now her fingers were dancing freely about, losing themselves in his armpit hair, twirling it around like a cotton candy machine. She moved her hands just enough so that her fingers could get at the outer circle of his armpits, only to then dive in again to the deepest crevice, poking and wiggling, one finger at a time, then four, then ten.

    “What was that? I didn’t understand you.”


    “Not until you tell me what you like about my tits. I’m a little embarrassed by them. They’re starting to sag, and I may have some work done. Ever since I was, like, 20 maybe, I worried that my tits would sag…”

    While she nonchalantly relayed the history of her tits, Talia continued the relentless attack on Jack’s armpits. Fingers wiggling like worms, all along the surface, around the outer line of his chest, into the soft flesh at the center of his armpits, applying a bit more pressure, poking and scraping as if trying to dig a hole into his chest. Every once in a while she’d slide her hands to the center of his chest and stroke his nipples, and then back to his pits again.

    “…so you see why I need you to tell me what you think.”


    “Great? That’s it? That’s fucking pathetic. Tricia, all out on his toes. Don’t forget his soles. And add some more baby oil.”

    As this phase of the torture went on, Jack’s will started to break. He realized that Talia wasn’t going to stop. Or maybe she would, but when, and how would his body feel? Any pulled muscles, a sore throat, no voice left? No matter what it was, he couldn’t stop it, and he’d ceased pretending he had any control in the matter.
    “Tracy, I think we need to put those toothbrushes to work. Turn them on and brush his heels, around the sides of his feet, the tops… I would say wait for the best reactions, but this guy is laughing and bucking his hips to blow a load so hard even he couldn’t tell you. Just keep it up, though. I fucking hate a full foot tickle. It’s really the worst.”

    As the three women continued the fury of tickles, Jack’s laughter began to labor as tears rolled down his cheeks. The spasms of laughing were interrupted by sobs.

    “Boo hoo, Jacky wacky. Someone is starting to cry! Let me tickle those tears away. Peek a boo, I see you! Your cock wants to spew, spew! I’ll go faster ‘cause I want to feel your goo goo!”

    After a minute or so of relentless torture, Talia hopped off the cage. Jack’s balls were dark purple, and his cock pulsing so hard it seemed that the vein would pop.

    “Tricia, you can stop. And hand me the feather duster.”

    Jack, now hoarse from laughter and sobbing, closed his eyes.

    “What, why…” he whispered.

    “Where, when, who, how??” Talia said. “Why are you reminding me how to ask a question? Are you insulting me again?”

    Jack shood his head.

    “Please, stop,” he mumbled. “No more.”

    “We’re almost done, buddy. Hang tight for a second.”

    At that she rapidly brushed his cock with the feather duster. The rush of blood crept into the base of his shaft, slowly toward the head as the light feathers continued to tease him.
    “I want you to be very honest with me, Jack. Did you enjoy this?”

    “What do you think?”

    Talia turned to Crystal.

    "He has the gall to get sarcastic with me now? Really?"

    She dropped the feather duster and slid her fingernails all over his waist, in between his thighs, underneath his balls. As she tickled the base of his shaft, she reached behind him and dragged a pigeon feather through his ass crack, occasionally driving it as far into his asshole as the bristles could manage. While maintaining the tickles in his ass crack, she again began the feather duster treatment on his cock. Hoarse, breathless laughter climbed out from the depths of what soul he had left.

    “If you tell me you liked it, I’ll immediately drop this feather duster, oil your cock and yank on it until you blow the most satisfying load you’ve ever felt. If you combined the sensation of every other orgasm you’ve had, it might approach the pleasure I’ll give you now. If you weren’t in that cage, I probably would have hopped on to you, slid my wet pussy over that cock and held on to your cum. Nothing turns me on more than the sight of a defeated man after I tickle him. It makes me so wet, causes my body to hum. I want to fuck you so hard and so bad right now, Jack. Mount that helpless little body and slide all over your cock over and over until you scream for me to stop because the pleasure is too intense. How many times did you fuck that poor girl behind Crystal’s back? I want to milk your cock twice for every time you did it to her, because Crystal was devastated. She called me, crying, every day for a week straight. That’s how much torture your cock deserves.

    Unfortunately, you are in a cage, so jerking you off is my only option.

    One more time, did you enjoy this?

    “Yes. Yes.” < sobs > “Yes.”

    “Ok,” she whispered. She poured some more oil on his cock, slathered it up, and stroked it with furious abandon. As soon as she reached behind him and scraped at his asshole, a column of cum shot into the air like an oil geyser. Talia continued to stroke him until convinced she’d drained every droplet of cum. Jack let out a long, unbridled moan. Every nerve fiber in his body froze, and his muscles and flesh loosened into perfect repose.

    “I’m glad to hear it. Because if Crystal asks me, I’m going to do it to you again in a little while.”
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    Woah that was awesome! I REALLY hope you continue this story and posting here!

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    Please continue

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    Wonderful story! Please continue with it.
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    finished it if you care to check it out!
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    I love it! Thank you for posting!

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