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    Between Friends Pt. 2 (FM/M, M/M, foot worship, armpit worship

    "Enjoying yourself down there?"

    I couldn't answer, even if I wanted to. Not with Mark's toes in my mouth.

    I was flat on my back, sprawled out on the floor in front of the couch. My legs were sticking straight up into the air, and Mark's legs were on either side of mine, pinning them firmly in place. He sat directly above me, smothering my face with his massive feet. His left foot covered my eyes and nose, while his right explored my mouth, pulling his toes in and out every so often in order to illicit more pathetic sounds. Em was gently stroking my feet with her nails, ever so lightly skittering from heel to ball. I giggled through Mark's toes, though it probably sounded more like choking.

    Mark and Em sat side by side, watching their favorite TV show. A little too closely, if you ask me. They hardly were paying attention to me, only occasionally looking down to offer some teasing words. For the most part, they just talked to each other, sharing small talk and laughing at inside jokes. Tears welled up in my eyes. It should be me laughing with my girlfriend, not this stupid jock. And yet, I knew the chances of me getting some alone time with her tonight we're essentially zero.

    It had been like this for about a month now, ever since that fateful day that Mark humiliated me in front of Em. He had become something of a fixture in our lives, coming over almost every night to hang out with her.

    And torture me.

    Turns out Mark gets off on sexually humiliating me just as much as Em does, and maybe even more. He was constantly tickling, grabbing, pinching, holding me down and manhandling me like it was nothing. Hardly a second went by in Mark's presence without him emasculating me in some way.
    I tried to talk to Em about him, tried to tell her how much happier I was with our relationship before Mark got involved. But every time I bring it up, she had the same answer:

    "I know you don't like him, babe. That's why he's here."

    Then she plants a kiss on my forehead, and the conversation is over. I could tell she was ecstatic with this new arrangement. Every time Mark brought my pride to a new low, Em's eyes would light up with excitement. She would always egg him on, urging him to push me past my limits.

    "Give him another ten minutes of armpit tickling, Mark. He can take it."

    "Use the brush on his feet, he can't stand that! Wait, let me oil them first."

    "I'm going to tickle his cock. If he gets an erection, make him worship your armpits again."

    Every night was the same story. My life had become hell since this asshole was introduced, and yet...

    As Mark repositioned his feet onto my face, fully covering my mouth and nose, I felt a twinge run through my erect cock. It was just the tickling on my feet, I told myself. Just a natural response to my fetish, being exploited by the world's most sadistic girlfriend. But another part of me knew, even then, that something was starting to awaken in me.

    "That's enough, Mark. Give him some air."

    The feet were removed from my face, and I filled my lungs with fresh air for the first time in an hour. Mark casually tossed my legs to one side, glancing down at my naked body as he did.

    "Nice hard-on, loser."

    I covered my erection with my hands, blushing deeply from the comment. Em smiled at me, a maternal, soothing sort of smile, and patted the spot next to her. Trying to gather myself, I climbed up onto the couch where she had indicated. She playfully ran her nails through my hair, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

    "That wasn't so bad, was it? Thank Mark for letting you suck his toes."

    I was about to protest, but I knew it would just end with me subjected to something even worse.

    "Thank you for letting me suck your toes." I mumbled as quietly and quickly as possible, dropping my gaze from Em's beautiful brown eyes. Without warning, she grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

    "Babe, don't be silly. Try that again."

    I paused a moment. It was still hard to say it, no matter how many times I was ordered. Em have me another yank, this time a bit harder.

    "Thank you, sir."

    Em dropped my hair and laughed.

    "That's better!"

    She stood from the couch and walked over to the kitchen, grabbing a jacket off of the counter as she went.

    "Well boys, I'm heading out. Won't be gone long, an hour or two at most. I'm meeting Lydia for lunch."

    I furrowed my brow. Lydia? I had never heard of her, but from the nonchalant way Em said it, she must have mentioned her before.

    "Have fun," Mark replied, "I'll keep the tickle-boy company till you get back."

    "You do that. Be good for him, ok babe?"

    My mouth dropped open in disbelief. "Wait," I protested, "He's staying here with me? Without you here?" Despite all the time I had been spending around Mark, we had yet to have any one-on-one time. Em had always been there to moderate, and even though she was usually a bad influence, I definitely wasn't hot on the idea of being at his mercy by myself.

    "Don't argue, babe, it's happening. See you in a bit." With that, she blew a kiss in my general direction, and out the door she went. As soon as I heard the key turn in the lock, my blood ran cold. I nervously looked up at Mark. He stared straight ahead at the TV, apparently unbothered by the current state of affairs.

    I didn't know what to do. I knew he must be planning something; with Mark, a surprise wrestling session was always moments away. But for the time being, he seemed content to just channel surf. I'm not sure how long I sat there, feeling too awkward and scared to move. Eventually, the bulky man spoke.

    "Put your feet in my lap."

    His voice startled me a little.

    "W-what?" I stammered back.

    "Feet in my lap, now." He kept his gaze on the TV, and his voice was so neutral and non-threatening that I was thrown off. I hesitated a moment. Without Em there to direct me, this whole thing felt like uncharted territory, and I wasn't sure how to act.

    "You know I could make you, right?"

    He said it in the same disaffected way, but I knew that a threat was indeed behind it. He had shown time and time again that he could make me do whatever he wanted. Reluctantly, I placed my bare feet in his lap. He gripped my ankles and pulled me closer to him like I weighed nothing.

    I was expecting a horrible tickling sensation to come next, but to my surprise he started to massage. He had strong fingers, and he clearly knew what he was doing. Despite the tension in the air, it felt good, and I let myself relax a little bit into the couch.

    "Let's talk, man to man, aight? Or, you know, man to...whatever you are." He dug into my heels, with his thumbs, and a small moan almost escaped my lips. He had definitely massaged his fair share of feet.

    "I gotta say man, in some weird way, I kind of respect you. Not like, RESPECT respect, but sort of like...I don't know, what's another word for that?"

    "...admiration?" I offered.

    "Yeah, sure, whatever. I mean, you take a lot of shit from Em and I. And you still keep coming back for it man, I mean, damn. It's kinda like, impressive bro. The things you put up with. Having to worship my pits and feet, getting tickled and manhandled all the time, being edged and denied constantly. Plus, having that video sent around everywhere? I wouldn't be able to show my face in public, man."

    I withdrew my feet from his lap.

    "What do you mean? What video?" I could hear my heart beating in my chest as I asked the question. I immediately knew which video he was referring to, though I didn't want it to be true. It was the record of that first night, when I was forcibly smothered in Mark's sweaty pits. She couldn't have, I thought. Em might have a sadistic streak, but she'd never share something so humiliating, right? She knows it would ruin my life.

    "Feet back in my lap. Not gonna be another warning, bro. Next time you do that, you're spending the rest of the night cleaning my pits with your tongue." Mark grabbed my ankles as he spoke, roughly yanking me closer.

    "S-sorry, sir," I said meekly, "But what video? What do you mean?"

    I stifled a giggle as Mark began playing with my toes.

    "You know, that video. The one with you all pathetic, trapped in my hairy pits. She sent it around a bit."

    My heart nearly fell out of my chest. I couldn't believe it, couldn't even begin to process the feelings of embarrassment that came crashing down on me in waves. This was the ultimate betrayal, the love of my life revealing my most humiliating moment for everyone to see. Horrifying scenarios started running through my head: My boss watching me beg for mercy, ex-girlfriends watching me lick a man's armpits, childhood bullies watching me get hard from being dominated. Everyone in the world would know my darkest secrets.

    "Who did she send it too?" I managed to squeak out in response, my voice barely above a whisper. Mark ran a finger up my sole, and I bit down hard on my lip to avoid laughing.

    "Oh you know, just some people. A couple friends, some dudes she met online. I don't know, I didn't ask. I sent the video to my boys, obviously. They got a real kick out of how eager you were to get in my pits!" Mark chuckled. "Couple of them said they wanted a turn with you, but Em shot that idea down. She wants to ease you into the whole "tickle-slave" thing, thought getting dommed by a group of dudes would scare you off."

    Seeing the horrified look on my face, Mark rested a reassuring hand on my calf. "Don't worry, bro, I'll work on her. I know that you're too much of bitch to say no, no matter what we do to you. You'll be getting gang tickled by my boys before next month, I bet."

    Without warning, he raked his fingers up both of my feet, causing me to yelp in surprise. I almost pulled my feet out of his lap, but remembering his threat, I managed to keep them there.

    "Almost got you there, tickle-boy. Nice save. Where was I? Oh yeah, the video. Yeah, she's apparently using it to sort of, like, advertise you to people. Think that's what the meeting with Lydia is about."

    A million thoughts raced through my mind. I was still reeling from the revelation that Em had so thoroughly humiliated and betrayed me, that I could barely process any of this new information. I pushed the thought of Mark's friends out of my mind; getting passed around a group of frat bros just wasn't something I could let myself consider right then. But "advertise me" to people? What did that mean? Seeing my confusion, Mark continued.

    "Might be easier to just show you, bro. Come with me."

    Mark pushed my feet from his lap and stood up. Without warning, he stuck both of his hands under my arms and hoisted me to my feet.

    "Still smooth has a baby under here, huh?"

    His fingers, still wedged into my pits, wiggled around as he spoke. I giggled like a little girl, ineffectually squirming away from his probing fingers. After a moment, he stopped.

    "Stop distracting me, tickle bitch. I wanna show you something."

    Mark grabbed my wrist and started leading me upstairs. We passed by the bathroom, the guest room that Mark sometimes used, and the air mattress in the hallway that Em made me use when she wanted the bed to herself. Which was increasingly often.

    We reached our destination, Em's room. Mark swung open the door and pushed me inside. It was a medium sized room, with a queen sized bed, a small desk, and lots of plants. My eyes immediately went to the fur lined restraints hooked up permanently to each bed post. I had spent many a night getting well acquainted with those. Though recently, she had been forgoing bondage, opting instead to have Mark hold me down. I never thought I'd miss being hogtied so much.

    Mark walked over to the desk, where Em's laptop lay closed. He opened it, quickly typing in the password and opening the homescreen.

    "You know Em's password?" I inquired.

    "Course I do." He responded, typing something into the search bar. I felt a twinge of jealousy for some reason. She never trusted me with her passwords, and in fact, I don't think she's ever let me around her phone or computer alone. I was about to find out why.

    "Here," said Mark, motioning for me to come over and see. I walked over to him and looked at the screen...

    ...and immediately regretted my decision. I was met with an image of myself. I was being forced into Mark's armpit, Em's hand pressing the back of my head deep into his jet black hair. Mark's face was frozen in a triumphant laugh, and through my jeans the outline of an erection was painfully visible. It was a still from that horrid video, posted on some sort of internet forum.

    My worst nightmare had come true.

    "BDSM-zone. That's what the site is called, bro, in case you wanna make an account or something. Looks like this thread is called..." He scrolled to the top of the page. "Here. It's called, "Boyfriend gets made larger man's personal tickle-whore". How about that? Looks like there's a link to the video here, too." Mark turned to me, grinning.

    My face was pale white, and my mouth was as dry as a desert. I couldn't even croak a response.

    "I know, I know. I would have gone with: "Little bitch is forced to be a pit-slut in front of girlfriend", but that's just me. You wanna read some comments?"

    He scrolled down the page. I could see over his shoulder that the post had received at least a hundred comments, maybe even more.

    "Come here."

    He grabbed my arm, pulling me onto his lap. Grabbing my waist, he pulled me in close so my body was pressed right up against him. I knew better than to protest, though I hated being so close to him.

    One of his hands went to the computer mouse, while the other found its way to my left pectoral. He slipped the thumb into my armpit, causing me to yelp, then started massaging my pec with his fingers.

    "Let's find some good ones, bro." He scrolled for another minute or two, occasionally digging in with his thumb and laughing at my desperate giggles.

    "Ah, fuck. This is a good one. "Manhumbler1222" says: Holy shit, this is arousing. The way he struggles but can't get free, his pathetic begging, just everything! So glad you're putting this bitch in his place. Btw, it's pretty obvious that he wanted to worship those pits. He agreed to it way too fast, plus do you see his hard-on?"

    Mark dropped his hand down to my stomach, gently caressing around my bellybutton. "I have to agree, bro. You did agree pretty fast."

    "Hahahe-M-Mark, stop." I protested weakly.

    "Shut up. Oh, here's another. This one's from "Tickletop1": Great video, thanks for posting. I just showed it to friends, they can't stop laughing! My boyfriend and I would LOVE to get our hands on him for a night. Or a weekend. Tell me, have you made him suck cock yet?"

    At that last line, Mark couldn't contain his laughter.

    "Hahahaha! Jesus Christ dude!"

    My face burned red as he continued to chuckle. The answer was, of course, no. Luckily, Em had never asked me to do anything sexual with Mark, at least not explicitly so. I tried to leave his lap and walk away, but he grabbed my waist and pulled me back.

    "You just earned a punishment, tickle-boy. Ten minutes of feet and twenty of my hairy pits. And I expect tongue." I opened my mouth to respond, but he clamped over it with a big hand, silencing me. "We aren't done yet."

    He scrolled down a ways until he found a reply that caught his eye. I quickly saw why: It looked like Em had messaged this person back times. The username was "Lydiebear", and Em had responded to about a dozen of their comments.

    "Lydiebear?" Mark asked quizzically. "Oh, that's prolly that Lydia person. Let's see what she's about." He expanded the comment chain with Em. "Let's see here," Mark continued, "I love this vid, gonna share it with everyone, blah blah blah. Oh! Here's something. Seems like Lydia has some sort of tickle fetish business? Looks like some pretty intense shit, too. And she wants you to "audition" for it? Congrats, bro. Sounds exciting."

    I started at the screen in disbelief. I scanned over the conversation, and sure enough, it was all there. Lydia ran some sort of fetish content production business, and Em was interested in having me star in my very own video. This couldn't be real, could it? My girlfriend talking about...whoring me out to someone else? I could hardly believe it, but there it was, laid out on the screen in front of me. I saw the last message, from Em to Lydia: "Sounds like my boyfriend is the perfect fit for your videos. Can't wait to meet and hammer out the details!" It was dated today.

    Mark abruptly shut the laptop. Without warning, he slipped an arm under my legs and picked me up like he was cradling a baby.

    "Mark, what the fuck? What are you-"

    He tossed me onto Em's bed.

    "Two things," he said, taking his shirt off over his head. "One: you tried to leave my lap without permission. And two:"

    Mark lept up onto the bed, straddling my waist and pinning both my arms over my head.

    "-You haven't been calling me sir." I felt a finger trace little circles around the hollow of my pit. Immediately my defenses broke down, even from such a small touch. My armpits were deathly ticklish, and being held down and teased only increased my sensitivity. Mark brought his head down to my body, gently dragging the tip of his nose in my hollow.

    "Hahahaha, sorry, s-sir, I'm s-sorry! Please get out of my-eek!"

    I suddenly felt something warm and soft traversing around my right pit, something I had never felt before. Whatever it was, it tickled like hell, sending me into a fit of helpless hysterics. After a few moments, the feeling stopped.

    "You like my tongue, huh?" Mark smiled at me cruelly. I gaped up at him. This was total domination, a man pinning me down and licking my armpits, causing me to shriek like a little girl as he relished in my torture. This was easily the least like a man I ever felt, at least up until that point.

    "We've got an hour to kill before Em gets back with Lydia, and I'm gonna have some fun. Now look bro, I legit don't know what they have planned for you, but I can promise you you're not gonna like it. But here's what I've been trying to show you, man: this is your life now. That video is out there. Only a matter of time before everyone sees it. You're already attracting freaks like Lydia that want to keep you as a fucking pet! So you just need to accept that you're our bitch now, and move on. No more disobeying me, no more forgetting to call me sir, no more pretending that you aren't turned on by this."

    "W-what? I'm not turned on, I hate this. I-I'm straight." I squeaked in response. Mark responded by running a finger over the head of my erect penis. A small moan escaped my lips.

    "You're not fooling anyone, tickle boy. You've gotta give in, or I promise I will make this so much worse for you. Now," He brought his face close to my left armpit, nearly an inch away from the soft flesh, "Beg me to lick your pits."

    I thought about resisting, thought about telling him to fuck off...

    ...but I knew that it was hopeless. There was no way I was getting Mark off of me, no way I was getting that video off of the internet, no way I was getting out of whatever Em and Lydia had planned for me. Mark was right; I was nothing but a ticklish little bitch for them to play with.

    "Please pick my armpits, sir." It came out as nothing more than a whisper. And as I felt his warm tongue running down my pits, and I burst out laughing and pleading, my cock only grew harder.

    End of Part 2.

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    Amazing story and a very interesting twist!

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    When he finally touched his cock, forcing him to enjoy a manís touchÖ.unnggh, think Iím in love �� more more more!!! ��

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    This story just gets better and better! Love the foot action, the humiliation, and the m/m one-on-one! You are a very talented writer! Thank you for writing and posting.

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    i love how unique this is! well done

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    I loved

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