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Thread: Patreon gripe

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    Patreon gripe

    Not sure if this is common knowledge, but when you buy a month subscription to someone’s Patreon, you essentially pre-pay a month. If you unsubscribe from them the next day, for example, you’re done. You lose access, despite having paid for a month. Normally you’d expect to be cut off after your pre-paid month is over, but nope, you get cut off immediately.

    Just a PSA for anyone considering a paid membership.

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    May 2001
    Orlando, Florida
    Thanks for sharing. I've seen a few sites like that over the years.

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    Apr 2014
    NY State, USA
    Patreon also requires either a credit card or a debit card regardless of whether you can cover the fee purely with the uploaded balance of your PayPal account.

    Which is annoying as I don't like the idea of giving them my banking info.
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