Mark Dillon works in the accounts dept and now works unpaid over-time for me his Boss and has been for the last month ever since it was brought to my attention from the I.T. sector that he was using the company internet inappropriately and on company time. I called him into the office after everyone had left and spoke with him about this and demanding an explanation for it and he did not have one. I told him his personal life did not belong in the office and he was wasting company time that ought to be spent working.

Mark looked very uneasy and was shocked when I told him that I thought it best he work his notice but knowing he was saving to move out of home with his girlfriend so this would not be something he would be happy about and he wasn't!

"Please don't fire me Sir, I'll never do it ever again Mr. Collins, I will do anything but please give me a second chance, I'll do anything, I need this job and I want this job Sir." he said

I stared at the handsome 6' 23 yr old as he sat opposite my desk and told him to keep his job he needed to pay a forfeit, his choice to agree to this and stay employed or refuse and leave. Mark looked at my serious expression and told me again he really needed the job and in truth he is paid very well.

"Right Mark tell whoever you need to tell that you have extra work tonight and we will discuss things at my home" I told him. Mark told me that his parents were away and his girlfriend a cabin crew member and on a long haul flight so he could accompany me no problem and I detected his sense of relief and we left the office and were soon in my car.

"Mark you work very well and will easily gain promotion if you are diligent, you're intelligent and presentable and attractive so qualities only of benefit to you in business and I can see that you achieve knowing an initial pay rise wouldn't be something you'll refuse right!" I said smiling as I drove.

"Er no Sir, Mr. Collins but what about the forfeit you mentioned?" he said

"Mark relax, take off your shoes as in them all day I'm sure your feet need airing!" I said matter of factly and initially saying he was embarrassed as they most probably stunk he never the less eased them off so I saw the black socked feet and his socked toes wiggling as he apologised if his feet smelled!"

"Feet are feet Mark and looks like yours are a decent size!" I said

"12's yes Sir!"

"Mark call me Alec please, we're not in work now!" I told him as we drove in through the gates to the house and he slid his loafer shoes back on and admired the house, impressed by the size of it and the grounds and I told him that one day successful in business that he could own something like it himself as it was a perfect investment as property invariably is.

In the house he settled on the sofa as I got him a beer and suggested he remove his shoes again and relax to a foot massage from me and he said being straight that he didn't much like the idea of another guy touching his feet and I saying perhaps a woman acceptable and he let the cat out of the bag saying anyone touching his feet as they were sensitive.

I stared at his socked feet and told him he having said he would do anything to keep his job and he got the message and blatantly said it seemed he didn't have a choice.

I told him that he did; to keep or to lose his job and sitting next to him told him to put his feet on my lap and reluctantly he did so and now closer to them both I could really smell them and told him to wriggle his toes and began rubbing his socked soles working my thumbs up n' down his arches feeling how warm and damp they were. I reminded him that his job was on the line as I pressed more firmly and worked the balls of his feet which made him squirm.

"You are ticklish Mark, try to relax as best you can, such big, warm sweaty feet and feet that smell like feet Mark, reckon you will get to keep your job and earn that wage increase into the bargain!"

The strong aroma of his feet was intoxicating and I told him that this was our private arrangement and he nodded saying he would hardly advertise it! I smiled and told him to lift his feet and put them both in my face or he knew where the door was and slowly he did so and as told pressed both soles into my face as I inhaled them deeply as they smothered me and I used my nose to massage his soles and toes as I sniffed his socked feet. Mark was now my property and I would use him as I pleased, enslaved to me I thought as I again told him to place his feet on my lap and resumed massaging them. Mark was helpess and I deliberately lightened my touch so a few seconds later it tickled and Mark stifled a giggle as his feet flexed. I smiled and continued a kneading motion on both socked soles and told him he needed to relax.

"It tickles, I fucking hate it!" he said stifling more giggles

"Mark a forfeit is a forfeit and not meant to be enjoyable but an education for you in resilliance and self - discipline as the more you react them more you'll encourage and invite me to increase the torment and teasing so in your interest to try to stay calm."

"Im trying but I'm so damn ticklish, nobody touches my feet not even Melissa!" he said

"First time for everything in life Mark but you really are sensitive to the gentlest touch that's for sure!" I said "All day in socks and shoes getting warm and sweaty just as I like guy's feet to be but what a bonus you being so damn ticklish and the forfeit being my working your feet over so flex your toes for me or lose your job, that's it Mark; very sensible and time to move to the spare room!"

Reluctantly like a lamb to the slaughter Mark followed me to the spare room and gasped seeing the restrains on the bed!

"No Alec, please come on please, enough already!" he said but my look told him otherwise and he knew he had no choice and on instruction lay face down on the bed and complained all the while his wrists and ankles were tightly secured and deliberately feet together. I then commented on liking how his black socks outlined his large and shapely feet perfectly and though his toes wiggled he remained silent but breathing deeply making clear he was uncomfortable with the scenario and moaned as I pressed my face into the soles of his socked feet breathing in their powerful odour and then licked each socked sole and heard him gasp.

"Mmmmmmm Mark knew your feet would taste good even in socks!" I said and continued licking them both resolutely until they were soaked in his sweat and my saliva running my tongue along the sides of them as he gasped more and moaned. I making comments that stright guys feet always tasted best as they were virgin feet and saying this fondled them in the way a lover might imagining how vulnerable and helpless he felt and even disgusted another guy was being intimate with his feet and made worse by my telling him even straight his dick and ass of no interest to me, the only part of him I wanted and was going to rape being his feet!"

"Please, please Alec I hate this shit c'mon please let me go!" he begged

"Save it Mark, financially it'll be worthwhile and you keep your employment and it can be made easy or hard!"

Saying this I stroked my fingers across both socked soles, exploring every inch of them meticulously sending electric impulses coursing through his feet and tickling his socked toes when he laughed and continued stroking under them as his laughter grew more intense! I sniffed both sweaty feet and eagerly ran my nose over his soles and squirming sweaty toes, happily just sniffed, licked his soles and and sucked on his socked toes driving him berserk!

"Uugh Alec please not my toes no C'mon!" he yelled

"Mark be glad I'm sucking your toes and not making you return the favour Mmmm these toes taste awesome!" I taunted him and sniffed his toes which when told to he wiggled and I buried my face in both soles inhaling their masculine scent, deeply inhaling again and again the aroma of Mark socked feet and sensing the warmth and moistness of his socks and the smooth feet trapped inside them and telling him how horny his feet got me and smiled imagining his expression! I didn't need to see it!

I again explored his soles with my fingers, feeling up the contours of his feet, the shape of all his toes through his socks and saying black nylon my favourite as it makes feet sweat and retains the sweat so thanked him for wearing them and lightly stroked both soles and loved his instant reaction to the tickle, flexing his feet and toes wiggling as I heard

''No! No not my feet Alec fuck ahaha hahahaha nooo not my toeshahahhaaha!"

Ignoring him the light strokes continued as I told him ticklishness seemed to be his real weakness having two very sensitive, very ticklish big feet and kept stroking heels to toes and toes to heels of both socked feet and stroked faster so it became tortuous and then slowed the pace down letting Mark catch his breath. I remarked how soft and smooth his feet felt inside his socks and now both very wet and his feet so hot, they needed cooling down and buried my face in both socked soles and tracing my fingers along his insteps slowly and sensually but illustrating the ticklishness of his feet even doing this and verbally saying all his nerves being systematically awakened as he again burst out

"Fuck nooo I can't take this shit hahahhaha!"

"You can Mark and you will and I've yet to get your socks off!" I responded coldly.

"Shit no not the socks, leave the socks on please!" Mark's instant reaction made me smile as l slowly and very slowly peeled off one sock, the right sock and then his left and told him now I could really smell his feet and that had my dick really hard as I rubbed my face against both warm, moist bare soles and deeply inhaled his personal foot stink which was captivating as I sniffed his toes increasing his sense of humiliation and let his smelly bare feet dominate me as they smothered my face telling him to wiggle his toes.

"Your feet aroma's addictive Mark and I have to say I'm hooked so you keep the job and get the pay rise!" I told him as I ran my nose under the toes of each foot in turn. I sniffed up and down the length of his soles and then slid my mouth over the toes of his right foot and sucked and licked them and then repeated this with his left foot. My tongue glided up and down his sweaty soles and I sucked the sweat from his toes. I licked in between each toe where the salty taste was much stronger and both feet again then treated to a sole licking. I relished giving his feet a thorough tongue bath and saying Melissa didn't know what she was missing out on!

Then as I sniffed, licked and sucked on Mark's bare soles and squirming toes ignoring his moans and laughter I gave him something to laugh about indulging in tickling both feet furiously making Mark shriek! I compelled taking advantage of them and indulged deeply smelling his feet and licking his soles and sucking every one of his toes which tasted awesome, a salty flavour and both feet soon lubed with my saliva and he driven berserk being so supoer-sensitive!

"NOOOOOOO STOPPPPPNOT MY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FEEEEEETNOOOOOOOOO!? Mark laughed his head off as he was simultaneously expertly tickle-tortured and foot worshipped by me as I told him I prided myself on my techniques and saying his job was safe but there were conditions and these being that he would report to my office every night so I could savour the smell of his socked then bare feet, massaging, tasting and tickling them and some nights he would come home with me as he had done tonight as his feet saved him being on the job line in a very difficult economic climate with a bad reference detailing him using company time and company equipment for his own stuff!

I have no need to repeat the response I got from him but what choice did he have but to agree to my demands and conditions and knowing blackmail meant his having sufficient funds for his home with Melissa and all bills paid with no problems as I told him I would make it worth his while and knowing money talks! Then Mark felt the feather drawing patterns on the soles of his feet and gave me the giggling reaction I was looking for as I lightly stroked it over his toes and then lightly drew the feather the length of each foot in turn! I love tickle torturing guy's feet with a feather as it is such an annoying sensation for a ticklee to deal with happening and Mark no exception to this!

The feather quill gently scraping his soles in order to stimulate the nerve-endings and stroked his insteps loving his sensitive soles and stroking the feather quill all over both of his feet, lightly scraped up and down the soles of Mark's feet. Every stroke of that feather activating the powerful nerve endings resulting in wave after wave of torturous tickles as I menacingly traced every inch of each foot watching his feet flinching and toes flexing like crazy! Orally licking the soles of his feet and licking and sucking on his toes loving his humiliation and emasculation! His laughing though gagged was intense and invited me increasing his torment and achieved by my taking hold of each foot in turn and pulling his toes back away from the balls of his feet and soles taut easily teasing the hell out of each never ending forcibly!

Then a lighter and more gentle caress by the feather end slid under his toes and sawn in between his toes seeing his toes clench and splay as I aternated from foot to foot mercilessly tickling, brushing and scraping his feet with the feather! Mark was driven berserk with his nerve endings on fire as his gagged moans and laughter was intense! I love tickling Mark's feet as every session our secret and he sometimes driven to screaming into his gag and convulsing like an epileptic suffering a fit but he knows tickle-meets with me are inevitably impossible for him not to agree to enduring

Hahahahaha hah Noostop tickling my feet hahahha nooo hahaha!?

Then using the quill end I drew a long and slow stroke the length of his right bare foot from his heel to toes and he proved how intensely ticklish the sole of his sensitive bare foot was so did the same with his left foot imagining his complete sense of humiliation being the Boss's tickle-toy, the degree of helplessness he was experiencing with as I had tolD him an expert tickler of feet and was soon slowly stroking both soles with my fingers again and slipping them in between his toes driving Mark crazy! Soon enough scrabbling my fingers side to side across the balls of his feet adding insult to injury

I enjoyed applying myself to torturing both hyper-ticklish feet again stroking the soles making him laugh harder with each applied stroke and sawing the feather quill and then a pipe-cleaner in between his toes and stroking the tops of each foot which is a very sensitive spot on some guy's feet and certainly is on Mark's! I lightly caressed the outsides of each foot and tickled the balls of his feet and both arches to my sadistic satisfaction! I spent time sucking on each toe one at a time and then four toes simultaneously and nibbling them and flicked my tongue in between his toes, picking toes to attack at random.


I involved myself fully in licking and nibbling all over Mark's hyper-sensitive big, smelly feet loving seeing his toes wiggling and feet flexing and him writhing on the bed desperate to escape the ticklish assault he was being subjected to, arches flexing and toes clenching and unclenching, all a sight for sore eyes! As I've told him tickle torture being so effective and useful as never leaving any marks and for him to pardon the pun! I loved just taking long and slow licks along the soles of his feet as I love doing now and as yet he still not accustomed to the sensations his feet endure for my pleasure. Indulging in lickling his feet fast n' slow and her not knowing it but have arranged for a third party to join in the next meet as want to see how Mark reacts to another tickler and friend Rick who uses oil and a hairbrush and wartenberg wheel perfectly! Rick favours flavoured massage oils to engage in oral torment on licklish guy's feet and indulging in his gentle massaging touches on Mark's feet will drive him hysterical guaranteed trapped in uncontrollable laughter, his words incoherent and soon pleading for the tickling to stop as I have witnessed Rick in action! It'll be fun to see!

I indulge in consistent teasing which makes Mark's feet even more open to ticklish sensations so by example my brushing a feather up and down and up and down, over and over and over again, gently gliding the soft tip all across the sole of a vulnerable bare foot drives him crazy and then I use the quill end on each sole in turn which serves to heighten his ticklishness even more! The soft revolving bristles of the sonicare electric toothbrush drive Mark demented, most effective stroking under his toes but one finger in the middle of each sole and gently stroking sets him off, slowly stroking up n' down his soles, one finger on each foot and he is putty in my hands and moulded as I decide him to be which is ultra-ticklish!

His pleas for leniency on my part are ignored and result in my increasing the tickling delivered, stroking a finger under his toes and sliding up n' down a sole proves he being this tickler's delight. My fingers spider across both soles harder and faster and softer and slower so he can never anticipate a routine and grow accustomed to it; deliberately made impssible as he unable to anticipate the pattern and style of tickle I will engage in delivering to him! I love lapping at his ticklish feet as tongue tickles really get to him as he is straight and he's another guy focused on his feet orally and sucking his big toes as other guys might suck his dick! I guarantee though at times he wishes I was but as I tell him for me his feet being my sole interest!