“Hey Tony, I need to borrow $100 I owe my nephew.” 28 yr old Sid hated that he had to say this but that was the bet. The bet was $100, borrowed and he had to tell Tony why he owed the money. Sid and his nephew John made some crazy bets, usually endurance tests. John had a favorite endurance game though. Sid never agreed outright, but sometimes they had a bet to draw for an endurance torture. Three times in five years, Sid drew John’s favorite torture. This time, it had a twist.

There was always money involved, usually a lot of money. This time, the amount of money was small but having to borrow it made it the ultimate humiliation.

“Sure Sid. It’s none of my business, but why do you owe your nephew $100?” Tony asked.

“I lost a torture challenge game to John, and the bet was I had to borrow the money to pay him.”

“A torture challenge! That sounds kind of like a fraternity thing.”

Sid had to explain that he and John have been playing these sorts of games since John was about 16yrs. Sometimes it was arm wrestling or drinking beer or push-ups. Sometimes it involved tortures like gut punching. They always bet on how much the other could take. The challenge had to be real.

“So what was your torture?” asked Tony.

“I had to have my feet tickled for one hour without giving in.,” said Sid.

“You what eh and you gave in too! Man, that is one rough bet.” Tony couldn’t help laughing at Sid’s predicament.

Tony was a hunk of a man. He was 6', 37yrs, with blond hair and a trim moustache. Tony had kept in shape doing karate at competition level. He being handsome, with a long roman nose and strong chin.

“Okay, I told you why. You don’t need to rub it in.”

Tony put his arm around his friend. “Hey, don’t be ashamed. I bet the same thing once. I won my bet, but I know what you went through.”

Sid was shocked. “So, you have been tied up and tickle tortured on a bet?”

Tony explained that when he was studying martial arts in Japan, one of his teachers arranged a test of his concentration. He was tied to a bench and his own size 13 feet were tickled for one hour. He was able to relax enough that he wasn’t that ticklish. They tried everything on him for an hour and he never cracked. They even drew on his soles with pens but he beat the test to the surprise of his teachers.

“You haven’t met John. John is an expert and he loves tickling feet. I have never lasted against him, not even for 30 minutes.”

Tony was intrigued. “I just think you are a softy. I could last an hour. I could last more than an hour.”

“You think so! Let’s go talk to John and see if you two might work something out.”

“Sounds good and while we are at it, let’s win back your money.”

John was a handsome man 30yrs and 6' tall and slender, he was still very strong and agile. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes and aristocratic features. He was addicted to betting games and personal challenges. Even more, he was addicted to tickling. He loved nothing better than making a grown man laugh like a boy and beg for mercy. Lately, he had been trying to think of a way to get Tony in his clutches. Tony looked like a real challenge, someone worthy of his talented fingers. John knew Tony was the only man Sid would even consider confessing to; so he was the only one he would borrow from.

Sid arranged a Saturday at his house while his wife was away upstate seeing her parents. The three men met to negotiate a challenge.

“How much can you take? We already know you can take an hour of tickle torture with no effect. One hour isn’t much of a challenge. I’m willing to put up $500. How much time do you think that buys me to break you.” said John.

“Okay, let’s make it two hours. That should be enough to prove I can take your worst.”

“No, three hours, but I will throw in a surprise if you win.”

Tony thought a minute. He didn’t know about three hours, but he didn’t want to back down either. “Okay, three hours. Feet only and we are playing for Sid’s $100 too. Get ready to pay your debt.”

“One more rule. When you beg me to stop, you must endure five more minutes of tickling before it ends.”

“Yeah right, if you say so boy.”

They led Tony down to the basement where Sid had been tickled only a few days before. Sid could still feel tingling in his own size 11 feet any time he thought about the experience. It made him shudder. In the basement was the custom made bondage bed, long enough for a man to lie down on. Tony lay down on his back while John and Sid wrapped long leather straps over both wrists and ankles. When they were done, Tony couldn’t move an inch, coiled with his hands at his sides.

“Time starts when Sid removes your boots.” John said. “$500 in just three hours work. That is over $160 per hour!

Off came the work boots and then the slightly dirty, white socked feet were sniffed by Sid as ordered by John who said smiling "I am only into tickling feet" Tony’s socks were sweaty having been on the construction site all day. Tony was more nervous than he thought he would be but said "Hey Sid you wanna sniff the smell out of em." Italian-American Tony's feet size 13 and wide were meaty, very handsome, manly feet. Sid's face pressed into Tony's socked feet, plunging his nose into his socked toes and nuzzled his nose against both socked feet and the sensations coming from his soles electrifying as he felt the almost undeniable urge to laugh but fought this reaction!

"That's it now massage his socked feet for me Sid, get 'em both nice n' hot or else I work over yours again you got that!" said John and Sid nodded and gave each foot a deep massage sensing their heat and moistness and after ten minutes nodded indicating they were ready and told by John he slowly peeled off each sock and handed the bottle from his nephew, he applied the mineral oil into both feet to make them slick and then John gave him the hairdryer and switched on Tony's bare soles were lightly roasted. Sid aiming the hairdryer all over each foot.

Tony felt uneasy but being macho, an alpha-male type; he endured the treatment as his feet became hotter and then told to do so Sid applied a lotion to them and massaged them and then added more oil, more heat, more lotion and more oil so for 15 minutes and again the hairdryer tenderising Tony’s feet and this switched off when Tony seen becoming uncomfortable!

"Tony I want your feet very soft to the touch but not burned and a tough man like you needs extra help and the lotion will do this as it is imported from China and increases feelings of sensitivity unbearably but you can tell me or should I say show me how effective and I have great patience and sadism so will break any resistance and thrive on a challenge but be prepared as Tony your feet will have my undivided,ticklish attention!"

"I went to public school Tony and if you are familiar with the novel 'Tom Brown's Schooldays' you will know the character 'Flashman' the Head Boy who made Tom's life hellish and similarly at 'Alleyns College' I played the role and with other prefects had selected boys suffer for our pleasure! Always liking feet I would have private fun with favourites in my room and this meant coating their feet in chocolate sauce and licking it off and gagged and secured to my bed they endured torment and couldn't pull their feet away and endure them being licked until licked clean. A touch challenge as they chosen being very sensitive so having licklish feet; ever had your feet licked er lickled Tony; believe me when I tell you that they could bearly stand it; truly tortuous!"

Tony visibly shook and Sid looked on helplessly knowing the tickle hell that John relished in inflicting himself and knowing Tony would be broken by his nephew for John's amusement! He was handed the black sheer socks by John and immediately slowly peeled off both white socks and replaced them with the sheer socks as John said he having a fetish for sheer socks, the sight of big sexy feet in them exciting him and especially sensitive and smelly warm and masculine feet! Tony looked uneasy as Sid stepped away and John kneeling at the end of the bondage bed and deeply inhaling them!

"Mmmm perfect Tony and a good thing for me but not good news for you as an intoxicating and addictive smell means them appealing to me and I told you I have patience and an insatiable appetite that demands satisfying so work it out Tony!"

John began to massage both sheer socked feet facing him very thoroughly injecting some tickling on both soles and at once Tony reacting which shocked Sid. "Come on, man....that shit tickles!"

"Yeah I reckon it does Tony but I told you I love tickling guy's feet and seeing them wiggle and squirm and that lotion illegal as it is lethal, used in interrogations on members of the 'Falun Gong' as tickling torture leaving no marks is a technique practiced secretly more widely than people realise and it magnifies the maddening sensations Tony unbearably and so let's see if you're ready?"

John slid the sheer socks off Tony's big feet and danced his fingers on the ball of Tony's right foot, along his arch and he instantly tried to move both feet secured together away but with no place to go as from the first touch he lost his concentration as he squrimed.

“Are you feeling that? Am I hitting the right spot, or should I move a little higher Tony?” John said as he danced his fingers lightly up under Tony’s toes.

Tony’s face was now a smiling mask of terror. He was trying to hold himself together, but he was feeling his resolve begin to crumble. He needed to laugh so badly, his stomach was trembling but he didn’t want to give into the torture yet. He could get control if he just relaxed. Tony closed his eyes and began taking deep breaths. He could block this out if he tried.

“Which foot do you think is most sensitive? taunted John as he began tickling Tony’s left foot and Tony giggled, followed by another giggle and another Tony let out a chuckle. That was followed by another and another as John quickened the pace of the tickle and alternated from sole to sole until Tony dissolved into uncontrollable continuous laughter. He was sweating and beginning to thrash around. Then there was a pause. What now?

“Time to warm up your soles just a little more Tony” John said as he nodded to Sid who applied the hairdryer once again. Tony was helpless and vulnerable but determined not to give in to the teasing torment he knew he faced enduring. The hairdryer removed John wiggled his fingers along one sole and then the other and then both simultaneously. Tony’s face was covered with a mask like grin from ear to ear as he tried his hardest to hold back his chuckles.

“You’re laughing already, tough guy and I haven’t even touched you yet,” John said as his fingers danced over both hot, tender soles. He increased the speed and pressure of his finger tickling up and down Tony’s feet. Instantly Tony erupted into laughter, throwing his head back and wailing, tossing side to side.

“No, no no no no nooooo hohohohohohoh hahahahahahahahaaaaaaa…..”

"Gag him Sid and let's see just how tough Tony is!" said John as Sid having no choice shoved the gag, one of Tony's own white socks in Tony's mouth!

John then showed Tony the feather and began a prolonged tickling routine that was honed from practice. He started out with only enough pressure to make Tony giggle continuously, but he gradually picked up the pace and gave intervals of a few moments when Tony looked like he couldn't take any more but the ticklish sensations was all he could think about then being tickled and even when he wasn't! Tony covered in sweat, all he could do was react to the feather whether it was the feather sliding in between and under his toes or the quill end being drawn along his soles from heels to toes.

John then swapped the feather for a fork and said “This ought to send you right over the top!” The sight of the fork made Tony panic and he began tossing his head from side to side. John dragged the fork up and down his soles sending tickling shock waves through his body. The look of panic in his eyes was intense as he shook his head side to side.


Then John's wet tongue swirled along the soles of John's feet. The same reaction from Tony as his giggling increased and John told him how ripe tasting his feet were as the oil and lotion being tasteless and absorbed into his feet they tasting delicious and John persisted in running his tongue back and forth across the base of Tony's toes. He gripping each foot in turn to tongue bathe each foot and then grabbed the toes of Tony's right foot and pulled them back so the sole taut the fingers of his other hand danced along the sole from the arch and across the centre of the sole to the ball of the foot and under the toes.

John repeated this on Tony's left foot and then indulged in tickling both feet at the same time and loving seeing Tony's toes curling and splaying; ticklishly reflexing and reacting involunatarily as Sid stood by horrified seeing Tony so horribly tormented but was powerless to ignoring John's orders and on instruction he took over orally teasing Tony's feet, sliding his teeth along the soles and sucking and licking Tony's toes and the oral tooth tickling proving devastating! Tony exploded into giggles as from the merciless tickling of his bare feet. John began orally worshipping them! John's tongue devastated Tony's super-senstive feet unable not to react to the tormenting, teasing, ticklish sensations!


Tony's tickle hysteria and his body trembling exciting John, it was intense torturous tickling resulting in non stop giggling from the ticklish tease and John thrilled that the lotion and oil having made Tony's oral tickling go nuts literally as both feet so sensitive that John himself took over and nibbled on Tony's toes, licked in between each toe and slid his tongue the length of each foot both individually and simultaneously. He then alternated techniques and lightly stroked one sole as he licked the other as he focused on both deliciously sensitive feet and switching from foot to foot his teeth all over Tony's feet from the toes to the middle of the soles and his fingers stroking the super-sensitve feet.

"Tony I know where all your most sensitive areas on your feet are and I am going to hit on them with style and finesse, for my amusement you are going to learn what tickle torture really is and then Sid financially compensated! Then there's another surprise due!"

John then ran his finger around the edge of Tony's right foot and then started to work on the arch and only the arch! He then moved to the toes and the ball of the hot n' sweaty foot and repeated the tickling styles on Tony's left foot and then after spending a long time teasing these areas of Tony's feet he indulged in touching the centre of the soles which sent the feeling of an electric shock through Tony's body! Tony so sensitive here particularly as John had discovered; he cruelly and mercilessly ran his finger up and down each foot in turn and with every motion he added another finger until he had all eight fingers on one foot. The feeling was maddening; horrendous and made the worse as it was deliberately slow and soft! Finally after 30 minutes of alternating feet with this slow and soft motion, John let loose on both ticklish soles with the fastest set of fingers imaginable and said he hoped it was torture as he continued the malicious assault.

The more Tony squirmed, the more he tickled and the more he tickled, the harder Tony laughed! Finally he stopped and then drove his nose into both feet and started rubbing them and smelling them and licking them! Sid looked on and then helped release Tony but was horrifed when Tony was then told to help John secure him to the bondage bed.

"Sid you got Tony into this mess so tables turned he needs his revenge! Tony you are going to give Sid's feet a ticklish workout unless you want more tickle torture yourself so blindfold him now and let's see him suffer, take off his sports socks and put the sheer ones on him!"

Tony knew he had no choice and once blindfold he stared at the sheer socked soles of Sid's feet facing him and slowly began to tickle the soles of each socked foot and as Sid giggled he started to tickle a little harder pushing his fingers harder into the warm, sweaty socked feet and Sid was going berserk desperately trying to move his feet as Tony tickled both socked feet from heels to toes and saw Sid's head roll from side to side and instructed by John removed the socks and looked at the soles of Sid's newly bared feet and taking the feather from John he drew the pointed quill up and down the soles of the trapped feet.

Sid thrashing and laughing, pounding on the bondage bed, he was going nuts and after the feather again employed his fingers stroking the soles of the barefeet and the sound of his laughter increased when as instructed both the oil and the lotion were very lightly massaged into both feet and then the sonicare electric toothbrush introduced and activated and the revolving bristles proving being postively devastating, successfully delivering an unbearable and diabolical tickling which made laughter from Sid transpose to hysterical screaming!

During a break both soles oiled more and then handed the dried up felt tipped marker pen when the tip made contact with Sid's oiled soles he freaked out as it was the tickle tool John had used on him effectively when he had tickle tortured him.

"You remember this sensation don't you Sid, a tickler has the responsibility of remembering what tickle tools work best on his tickee according to the degree of their sensitivity which is why the electric toothbrush and the pen are perfect for you as opposed to the fork and no need for the hairdryer as your feet are warm and sweaty naturally, it's written in your D.N.A."

John then took over from Tony who was told instead to coat Sid's dick in the oil and to jerk him off and he obediently stroked Sid's oiled dick as John simultaneously lightly strummed his fingers over the soles of Sid's feet and then stopped and sensually massaged them so the twin sensations achieved the objective and Sid shot his load. Immediately John orally assaulted Sid's soles; he chewed on his insteps and sucked on his toes and licked them and in between them, engaging in a foot feast as Sid screamed with laughter!

The smell of Sid's feet intoxicating made John horny as he gripped both feet and shut his eyes tightly as tongued Sid's toes having a pure lust for male feet. The sweaty taste was heaven to John as he indulged in voraciously worshipping one sole and then the other enveloped by hunger for both feet. John couldn’t get enough of them and took a foot in each hand and began rolling his tongue over them, sucking Sid's toes and licking the arches of both feet! He gripped Sid's toes and held his feet taut and tickled under all of his victim's toes and then ran his fingers up n' down both taut soles as he invited Tony to tickle Sid's soles and toes which he relished in doing in ticklish and licklish revenge!