"I will not stand for bullying in my ranks Corporal and from someone meant to set an example and clearly punishment in order and one which is harsh enough to be remembered but will not affect performance of your duties and not leave any physical signs of having been received; if reported by me, you aware your conduct would seriously question and likely seriously jeopardise your military career; question your future. I will not tolerate this behaviour Corporal James; using your power of seniority to torment and abuse recruits who you single out to be victimised! After this meeting I trust it will stop immediately and if you speak about this meeting with me then be sure I will issue the report and substantiate it with evidential proof which I have gathered from those you chose to suffer! Mental abuse as damaging as physical abuse; in fact sometimes more so and achieved preying on the weakness of the individual once discovered and they looking to you to lead and guide them trusted you with personal information you delighted in using against them; betraying that trust and exploiting it to your own sadistic satisfaction! I have no intentions of playing mind games with you Corporal but I am fully intent of exploiting your weakness to the limit of your endurance and beyond it; taking delight in your torment which will prove intolerable and why you find yourself having been knocked out by the drugged beer in darkness and bound and secured and robbed of speech. Blindfold and duct taped and stripped of your fatigues to your underwear and boots and socks!" said Sergeant Holmes

The 26yr old 6'1" corporal immediately trying to fight his bondage but all efforts to do so proving futile! The handsome corporal at this stage having no idea what was going to happen to him but guessing it something he would rather avoid from happening and secured on his back feeling totally vulnerable and helpless. Then the sergeant began reading the fit corporal's full medical report and pondered over the result of the 'Babinski Test' which had proved very telling! It stated the patient reacting violently when the plantar reflex, the reflex elicited when the sole of the foot is stimulated with a blunt instrument was tested!

"Hmmm interesting Corporal James; confidential and personal information which clearly indicating that the bully himself hides a great weakness and one so easily and effectively used against him which exploited is guranteed to prove intolerable even tortuous so one worthy of exploration and of appeal to me personally as I share with you a secret of mine corporal; I have a major foot fetish and appealing to me most being large and sensitive feet and earlier when initially removing your size 14 boots immediately sensing their strong, healthy masculine aroma which excited me as feet need to smell like feet corporal and why I invited you here directly after evening parade duty!"

Corporal James visibly shook as the realisation of his punishment hit him and his knowing it would be unimaginably tormenting an ordeal for him to be forcibly subjected to enduring but powerless to prevent from happening and involuntarily squirmed as he felt his clearly unlaced boots being drawn off his feet and in reaction wiggled his socked toes!

"That's it corporal wiggle your toes for me, you have two nicely shaped feet with a slight arch and longish toes which are also a favourite of mine and they have an amazing aroma; secured together as it makes it easier to work over them and I am fortunate to be experienced in the art of foot-play though admittedly not here in the barracks; usually having to seek out foot-fun on weekends off duty or on leave but having someone close at hand much more convenient and why I as your Superior Officer will be watching your behaviour and even the slightest misdemeanour and you know what to expect. Mmmm these are great feet corporal so now do as I say and rub them together; go on do it; that's it; don't stop, did I say stop; no so you don't, you warm your feet up for me as warm and sweaty feet being the most ticklish and I want them horribly ticklish; carry on corporal!"

Sergeant Holmes delighted in seeing that Corporal James himself was actively partaking in incurring his own punishment as he smiled seeing both large socked feet rub together and then after ten minutes told him to stop and slowly and gently stroked a finger up the length of one socked sole and then the other and even the slightest stroke provoking an immediate ticklish reaction which appealed to the sadistic sergeant as he continued the stroking as the corporal was reactive with frantic squirming as he tried to clench his socked toes but instead they clenched and splayed as the tickle torment got to him. It was the worst sensation for Corporal James who being so super-ticklish hated his feet touched and always had done!

"Seems this tickles Corporal so looks like this is going to prove being a pretty rough tickling session for you as I intend taking my time with these feet so you better get used to it happening as right now just the beginning but you are going to be taught a lesson you will never forget and learn what it feels like to be bullied; you might say experiencing the boot on the other foot; though in your case the boots are off!" Sergeant Holmes laughed!

From the first light stroke Sergeant David Holmes keenly aware of the degree of sensitivity of Corporal Chris James's feet as he still deliberately slowly and gently caressed the length of each socked foot in turn and noted varying degrees of ticklish intensity as he explored them with teasing touch and as he told him with only a thin layer of soft fabric between them and clearly what would prove being two ultra-sensitive bare feet as illustrated by the corporal's toes wiggling and curling in them in reaction to the ticklish vibrations sensed by him.

"I can see you hate your feet being tickled corporal, really gets to you doesn't it; being so damn ticklish and who would have thought a strapping fit lad like you would be so susceptible to a little tickle; I guess kind of embarrassing and humiliating, not something you'd want known as your victims didn't but in my interest to keep your weakness a secret and for this reason my lips will be sealed as I am sure this being one of many similar meetings we'll have as you are determined to achieve military success and show great promise and it might well prove advantageous to you in keeping your feet accessible to me; someone responsible for your personal progression; certainly something to give serious thought to! Not that if you don't that you escape my attention to them as these feet, your feet will be my addiction as they smell raunchy so guaranteed will taste ripe as you can be on me indulging in a foot feast delighting in humiliating, embarrassing and emasculating you so perfectly!"

Sergeant Holmes stopped the tickles and indulged in massaging each socked foot as he remarked on his liking the softness and smoothness of them and the smell from their natural warmth and thrilled knowing that this happening would be sickening for the straight newly engaged corporal who it was known had homophobic tendencies as his bullying one recruit had displayed and which now Sergeant Holmes capitalised on using to further torment his victim. Sergeant Holmes resumed softly tickling the soles of the corporal's feet as both watching him struggle as he ran his experienced tickler fingers up and down the arches, causing the toes to scrunch reflexively!

“Corporal James it must be a curse being so hideously ticklish on these size 14 feet, so a lot of foot flesh to tease and torment with initially my fingers but later mouth and tickle tools like a feather which you so maliciously used on Recruit Samuels having found out he a target for a homophobic attack and teasing his dick and balls for your amusement so he sworn to secrecy is going to be odered by me to feather your dock and balls as having shot your load your feet will be tortuously ticklish and quite like to challenge him to see who can get you out of control the most working over a ticklish foot each as very ticklish ticklees like you like to laugh!”

"Helen need never know about this corporal; the fact her man's socked feet were felt up and fondled by another man who was excited by the heat of them, the smell from them and the feel to them as they were each sensually explored to the other man's complete satisfaction as he admiring of their shape and size and very obvious super-sensitivity and clearly knowing highly improbable that she would ever get to enjoying the pleasure of before indulging in enjoying them sockless; yep our secret corporal as questions would be asked as to why you found yourself in the precarious position of it happening and something I am sure you'd want to avoid from happening so don't ask; don't tell being applicable; I reckon you'll see the sense in this ruling right corporal and in many ways sooner or later" taunted the sergeant.

Sergeant Holmes relished in handling the corporal's socked feet as he spoke of his hearing about the homophobic attitudes the corporal had and how emasculating it must feel having another man's hands on his feet; somewhere particularly off limits to being touched but definitely not violated as he lightly pinched the socked toes and remarked how suckable they looked and his loving male feet, a guy's feet being much more appealing for him to lick and suck on than his dick and sensing an immediate helplessness from the corporal adding that this going to happen and his not being able to stop it! Then hearing an instantaneous gasp from Corporal James as he proved it and sucked on the sweaty n' moist socked toes of the right foot and then the left and alternated from foot to foot making comments on them being salty and delicious delicacies to savour! Sergeant Holmes knowing that his commentary would add to and compound the corporal's suffering which encouraged him!

"Mmmm yes corporal what tasty toes and in socks wet with sweat and now my saliva and wait until I slobber all over both your bare feet, that will prove hellish but no less than you deserve as you are going to feel a pussy when I'm done with you, a taste of your own medicine as you took such pleasure in betraying the trust and confidence placed in you by those who had opened up to you and bared their souls to you and something you'll be doing for me albeit a different kind of soul; the soles of your big, bare feet that smell as raunchy as they taste ripe and I can guess really licklish! I'm going to relish in a foot feast for sure!"

Saying this Sergeant Holmes picked up the feather and using the quill end and mocking the corporal having such sensitive feet even socked very lightly drew it along the length of each sole and immediately Corporal James really squirmed as his sergeant delighted in saying he'd wondered how tortuous a tease the feather might be and excited by the immediate response he'd witnessed and teased Corporal James verbally as touching various areas of his socked feet saying "Oh are you ticklish here; hmm so what about here and have to see about just here" and stroked over the arches of both feet and in the centre of the socked soles and under the ten twitching toes as he verbally taunted his ticklish toy.

"You're helpless to resist this happening and it has to be hell for you corporal but something I can do again and again and again like this and this and this, the feather quill is pretty damn devastating right; have your feet always been this ticklish; I mean they're really embarrassingly sensitive and a tickler's dream; I have to tell you I'm in tickle heaven right now and with these feet smelling and tasting so awesome I guess I'm pretty much addicted to them so you best be on your best behaviour but you'll find yourself here again with me as I able to use my power of seniority to see that you do and not a whole lot you can do to stop me right corporal; answer me and nod your fucking head or you want me to tickle an answer from you huh?"

Reluctantly Corporal James nodded his head as the feather quill stroked the length of one socked sole and then the other as Sergeant Holmes verbally mocked him

"Do you find this funny, I can hear you laughing and happy to amuse you so do you want more; do you want me to make it worse, if you don't like being tickled, don't be ticklish then; fight the laughing and be a brave soldier, show me the man you are, you laughing makes me want to hear you laughing even more so I guess maybe you like being tickled after all, oh you really don't ( Corporal James was shaking his head violently on the bed) Oh you don't; well quit laughing then as you're giving out the wrong signals corporal!" teased Sergeant Holmes. "Ticklish like this on your socked feet, how horrendous will tickles prove being on your bare feet corporal?" teased Sergeant Holmes

The corporal was trying to move his feet around to evade his sergeant's touch but exciting his Superior Officer having such a powerful and undeniable reaction to being tickled on his feet even through the protection of socks but when not touching his feet menacingly threatening him of the tickles and lickles to expect as he was going to break him as he would be his 'Tickle-Bitch' who would be in ticklish agony for his amusement as now the Bully would be bullied being so vulnerable and helpless and hearing him moanig and muffled beggging him stop between laughter as driven weaker!

Then taking his time he very slowly peeled of the right sock and then the left sock savouring Corporal James's fear as his fabric protection from the tickle torment he was being subjected to was systematically removed! Then the quill of the feather drawn along one bare sole and then the other which made the soldier flex both feet and wiggle his toes like mad. The new ticklish sensation was going to drive him insane as he tried to plead desperately for the sergeant to stop but muffled moans were not comprehenisible!"

"What's that corporal; do I like your feet, do they smell good; oh yes they do for sure and you must know just how much I like them but thoughtful of you to ask but now again just rub your bare feet together for me' come on I won't ask you again, I suppose you must feel horribly vulnerable at the mercy of a foot freak; I know I would in the same position but worse being you brought this on yourself; that's the greatest irony of all, Corporal James's toes clenched as suddenly the feather quill stroked his soles again and he feeling totally vulnerable and helpless!

"You must feel so nervous right now Corporal James said Sergeant Holmes as he stared hungrily at both newly bared size 14 soles facing him and then unable to resist he began stroking each sole from heels to toes with his experienced fingers and this tickling intense as the sergeant's touch was evil as he knew the exact pressure to exert for maximum effect on the varying areas of each foot and delighted in remarking on this so saying a light caress being a devastating ticklish technique stroking the arches of bare feet and certainly proving being the reality for Corporal James.

"Ssssh I know it tickles but be a brave soldier, imagine if an interrogator so easily detected your ticklish weakness and used it against you; would you want to show him it or would you prefer he see you toughening it out, you feel this I know you do corporal, I feel it, I sense it, I am going to break you soldier!" threatened Sergeant Holmes as he used his fingers to probe under and in between Corporal James's toes and stroking the balls of both feet with expert precision and telling the corporal as he had mapped out in his head where on both feet Corporal James was easily the most sensitive and that both feet smelled deliciously appealing but he noting the soles being a little dirty and sweaty and breathed over them and blowing on them even got an immediate reaction from the hopelessly ticklish corporal!

"How does this feel Corporal James?" taunted Sergeant Holmes as he stroked the centre of both soles of his victim's feet and lightly drew patterns over the soles increasing the intense ticklish sensations as consequently Corporal James thrashed about on the bed as even gagged he now giggled hysterically as the tickles got to him being consistent and merciless from his tickler who was proving unrepentant in delivering the torture he clearly excelled at implementing!

"Such dirty and sweaty feet corporal but are they licklish; I would hope they're not if I were you as if they taste as appetising as they look then you're in big licklish trouble!" warned Sergeant Holmes as he slobbered over the right foot and then the left foot of Corporal James, licking the length of each foot very slowly and thoroughly and lightly nibbling on each foot and in between licking and sucking on all ten toes and sliding his tongue in between them and remarking on they're tasting deliciously moreish as the sergeant tortured the corporal expertly.

Sergeant Holmes continued licking the sole of one bared foot and stroking the sole of the other and the combination of techniques making the torture being completely wild and upredictably ticklish and from which secured as he was; that there was no escape from happening for Corporal James as Sergeant Holmes alternated his tickling n' lickling techniques from foot to foot and simultaneously mocking and taunting Corporal James

"I know this really tickles Corporal, it tickles badly but how about you telling me how ticklish an ordeal it is for you; well okay don't tell me with words as actions speak louder and such a delight to see in reality as opposed to imagining by way of fantasy; I am someone who likes to keep things real and see you share similar values as this laughing from you proves, certainly no falseness to it and trust me I would know if you were faking it and I can tell you're definitely not; that's it wiggle your fucking toes for me and laugh for me yeah like that and again and again; come on you know you want to as much as I want you to!"

"These feet so ticklish,so licklish and ticklish; hard to know which action gets to you the most; pretty much equal I'd say but love licking these soles and really tasting your natural foot sweat and molesting and massaging your feet just because I can they feel so good; both so hot, so sweaty, I love rubbing them but also tickling them, nibbling on them licking them and sucking on all of your delicious toes one by one!"

Sergeant Holmes enthusiastically alternately indulged in licking and tickling the soles of Corporal James's feet, soft tickling of each sole as simultaneously sucking and nibbling on the corporal's toes so he experienced sensation overload and mocking him saying he having no tolerance to tickling and lickling on his barefeet and then escalated his finger tickling along both soles and up to the balls of each foot and under the toes and then to the arches of each foot all the while increasing the pressure for maximum effect.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle, lickle, tickle, lickle which is worse corporal, show me, that's it keep your feet flexing against the tickling, resisting the lickling and so deperately trying to pull your feet away from me but it's not possible as they're presented here for me, secured and sensitive every inch of them mine to enjoy for my pleasure; not yours as I took full advantage of their sensitivity activating the buzz of the electric toothbrush!

I softly indulged in softly caressing each sole with the revolving bristles up n' down the length of his feet driving him berserk with the electrically enhanced ticklish sensations but I liking the feel of his feet I soon once again resumed in finger tickling and delivered slow and soft strokes to each foot and now making the tickles sensual around the balls of his feet, under his toes, across the tops of his feet, along the centre of his soles as I told him that I intended on getting to know his feet even more than he did and he had himself to blame having two feet which had proven addictive to me. The sergeant then tore the duct tape from the corporal's mouth but any thoughts he had of being released were immediately dashed as menacingly Sergeant Holmes whispered in Corporal James's right ear.

"Let's allow you to laugh freely and hear how you enjoy laughing for me but actually try not to as I might then stop so now be brave, be a man!"


"You disappoint me corporal, reactive to a slow tickling, a gentle stroking; does this really tickle, so instantly reactive to my hands caressing these big awesome feet; they are more than probably the most super-ticklish feet I've ever enjoyed tormenting, teasing and torturing and I can say for certain something you best learn to get accustomed to happening if you value your future in the military and don't want me issuing the report and we both know something you don't want me doing and stopping it from happening is now in your hands corporal or should I say in your feet!" the sergeant joked!


Sergeant Holmes had indulged in sadistic delight stroking the bare soles of each vulnerable foot with the feather as unintentionally the ticklee laughed for his tickler's pleasure as he used the feather expertly to tease the corporal's arches and to torment his toes as he squirmed in reaction to the truly tortuous tickling, toes wiggling and clenching in desperation to avoid the feather devastatingly tormenting them as Sergeant Holmes saw the feather end in between each toe of the corporal's hyper-sensitive feet determined to torment them all as much as possible and fully confident he was witnessing this reality happening as he mercilessly indulged in driving Corporal James berserk as he unable to withstand the tortuous tickle torment.

Every touch of the twitching feet before him hellish torment for them and their owner Corporal James who fought to clamp his mouth shut against the odds as Sergeant Holmes slowly stroked his fingers up n' down both large bare soles from heels to toes and toes to heels smiling watching the corporal desperately shaking his head from side to side as the sergeant played little piggy with all of the vulnerable corporal's toes, noticing with interest that squeezing and twiddling his toes made him squirm violently so would need to be explored by he and Recruit Samuels!

Sergeant Holmes stopped the tickling indulging in smelling both feet, pressing his face to both soles and toes and licking all over them and fondling both feet as he told him as under orders Recruit Samuels would be manually and orally enjoying both the Corporal's feet as well as using the feather on them both individually and simultaneously gaining revenge for being bullied indulging in bullying and there would be no repercussions or future tickle-lickle meets made even more ticklishly horrendous an ordeal to be foribly subjected to experiencing!

Again employing a hands on approach Sergeant Holmes ran both hands up and down quickly and side to side on Corporal James's sensitive feet and then slid his fingers in between the corporal's toes which resulted in instant hilarity from him as he shuddered, totally submissive to his tormenter in ticklish agony and encouraged by this the sergeant began tickling both bare feet with full force as he maintained doing until the corporal was driven almost breathless and extremely exhausted from the ordeal he'd been subjected to enduring and from which there's seemed no respite! Sergeant Holmes drawing little circles around Corporal James's heels, scratching each toe individually, and running his fingers up and down both arches loving his ticklee's muffled yells his yells as there was nothing he could do about it but beg for Sergeant Holmes to stop.

Instead this encouraged more tickling torture delivered by the sergeant who indulged in exploring every inch, nook, and cranny of both vulnerable feet, delivering light caresses then long and short strokes, circles and squeezes, and digging into every part of his ticklee's feet. He saying how later he would be using the electric toothbrush and spinning bristles of the evil tickle tool magnifying every ticklish sensation delivered! A break was allowed in which to prevent the corporal from dehydrating his sergeant instructed him to drink the refreshing mineral water but when asked by Corporal James when he would be released being ignored by Sergeant Holmes who instead again duct taped the corporal's mouth and sniffed at and licked both of his barefeet and used one hand to hold back the toes of each foot in turn to stop Corporal James from clnching his toes while scratching all the fingers of his other hand rapidly from side to side underneath them, along the stems so gagged he burst into uncontrollable laughter, escalating into shrieks and screams, his whole body thrashing and spasming and actions spoke louder than words and successfully delivering the miltary message of Don't ask; Don't tell!