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Thread: Erotic Tickling

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    Sep 2018
    SF Bay Area

    Erotic Tickling

    Hey all!

    I am curious about what people's experiences are with erotic tickling.. more specifically focusing on the cl*t. I am talking to a few people and I am really interested in exploring this but at the same time extremely nervous and anxious about it!! I've never really let anyone pay that much attention in that way and I have a feeling it's going to be extremely intense.

    Did you enjoy it? On both ends- giving and receiving?
    Any advice for entering into this intense scene?
    Any regrets?
    Do you wish you would have done something differently?

    Any and all experiences are welcome!



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    Jul 2005
    GR, Michigan
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    I get my gf off all the time with it. Shortly after she climaxes, I whisper “Coochie-coochie-coo!” She goes berserk because her clit tickles again! Her orgasms rock her body as her ticklish clit makes her explode with laughter and overloading sensation! I nibble her neck and ears while fingering her and tickling her upper body until she safe words and passes out.

    As far as advice: practice and start gently and move your way to intense stuff.
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    Aug 2002
    Firstly I would say don't necessarily expect it to actually tickle. Some girls are very ticklish down there and some aren't ticklish at all
    If you're generally extremely sensitive, especially to light touches then you have a chance
    You might find that at first it doesn't tickle, but when you get turned on it will, or maybe the exact opposite. My ex was incredibly sensitive to feathers down there for example and was always ticklish to an extent. Quite often she would get more ticklish the closer she got to cumming until she was like right on the edge, then the urge to orgasm would kind of take over if you understand what I mean
    It's a case of trial and error, finding out what works etc and how it makes you feel. If it all goes the right way it can be pretty amazing, but you might not even like it all
    Have you tried doing anything like it to yourself ? dependant on how that feels it might give you an indication
    I can honestly say I have seen it produce some of the most intense reactions and powerful orgasms i've ever seen and it's one of my absolute favourite things to do

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    Apr 2004
    I can understand your nervousness Emberr, especially if you don't really know the person that well. As Nebud said, it all depends on the person. They could be super ticklish in that area, or not at all. I had an ex and also currently a friend with benefits, both were/are ticklish there. Especially using like a stiff feather all around it. I am also ticklish all over my genitals and have received it quite a few times. balls are pretty sensitive so it didn't take that much to tickle me there. And cock when it was hard was very ticklish, especially along the shaft right up to below the head. She used her fingers and feathers on it which both worked extremely well! I hope you have a great time! And I would use a safe word to be on the safe side as well. Have fun!

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    May 2001
    Eastern Canada
    As an owner of the aforementioned equipment I suggest starting with least intense and work your way up. You can also start through some really thin panties, sometimes the fabric carries the sensation further and makes it more tickly. Fluffy feather, stiff feather, large soft brush, small stiffer brush, weak wide vibe (use sparingly due to potential numbness), small intense vibe. Then repeat the whole thing on bare skin, then with the hood pulled back At the top of the intensity scale would be something like an electric tooth brush. Beware hehe

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