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Thread: Sweet Kate

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    Sweet Kate

    One time we went with Kate and our three children to visither sister Meg. That Kate wore a thin white blouse, jeans, and on her feet she had
    white ankle socks and white converse sneakers. After arrival, our children momentarily rushed into Meg's house and ran with her children to play in the room located on the first floor, meanwhile we sat at the table talking to each other.
    At one moment my wife noticed that the room where the children were playing became suspiciously quiet. Kate decided that she would go
    see what was going on. So she got up from the table and walked to the children's room. We continued to sit at the table talking. The noises in the upstairs came again. However, time passed and Kate did not come down. At some point Meg went to prepare dinner for everyone, Meg's husband went out to the garden to smoke a cigarette. Curious about Kate's prolonged absence, I went to the children's room.
    When I entered the room I saw the children playing cops and robbers with Kate. The kids had plastic guns and were chasing around the room
    Kate who had robbed the bank. Finally, the little children caught up with their aunt. They told her that she had been arrested. Due to the fact that the children didn't have handcuffs, they asked me to help them tie Kate's hands with a thick pink ribbon they found quickly. I asked my wife to give her hands to her back, I tied her hands behind her back and then leaned her back against the wall. Kate, meanwhile, laughed at the whole situation, saying that the children would be very good policemen.
    After a while, I suggested that the children come up with some punishment for the thief. The children outdid themselves with ideas about the
    punishment. Finally, one of them squeezed Kate's side and asked her if she is ticklish. Kate denied it, saying that adults are not ticklish, to which my youngest son immediately responded that his mom was ticklish on her feet. Kate turned to him and, smiling, jokingly called him a little traitor while the children momentarily ran to Kate's feet. My wife immediately pulled her knees up which caused her feet to be flat on the ground preventing the children from pulling off her shoes. Kate got a little brave and told the children that they wouldn't do anything to her and showed them her tongue while making a silly face.
    I felt sorry for the children so I offered to help, which was immediately met with protest from my wife (that it is not fair and that I am not
    taking part in the game). However, being deaf to her words, I stepped up to her and straightened her legs. Now her legs were lying flat on the floor and her feet were completely exposed. Three children sat on her legs causing her to be unable to raise them again. The kids started untying Kate's sneakers and slowly pulled them off. My wife, seeing that in a while the children would take off her shoes and start tickling her, suggested an end of the game and promised to take the children out for ice cream in exchange for her release. I replied to her that it was not nice to try to corrupt policemen and told that if they tickled my wife well, I would buy them two scoops of ice cream each. Kate said to me to shut up and continued trying to talk the children to free her. But the children continued to do their own thing. After a while, Kate's sneakers lay thrown in the corner of the room and her feet were dressed only in thin white ankle socks.
    Kate crossed her feet trying to somehow prepare herself for what was coming. After a while, the children began tickling Kate's feet causing
    her to burst out laughing. The two young children tickled her feet through her socks as Kate, during breaks between laughter, asked them to stop. Finally, one of the children got the idea that it was time to take off Auntie's socks. Kate began to protest but, of course, it had no effect. The children grabbed her feet and slipped off her socks.
    Now in front of the children were the two cream-pink soles of Kate's feet, and the tightly curled black-painted toes tried to protect the most
    sensitive region. The children dragged their fingers across Kate's bare soles causing her to burst out in a loud laugh jumping up again. My wife wriggled her feet trying to get away from the tickling fingers. The children scratched their fingers on the helpless soft soles of Kate's feet, making her laugh out loud. Then finally the children focused on the area of Kate's toes, releasing even more laughter. While the children tickled her toes, Kate began to throw herself so hard that she almost successfully dropped the children sitting on her feet.
    Therefore, in an act of devotion, I sat on her legs holding them down and the other children joined the two who were already tickling. To
    make the children's task a little easier I grabbed Kate's feet by the big toes taking away her ability to wiggle them. What happened in a short while was a true madness. Kate was laughing hysterically begging the children to stop. Every touch to the area of her toes caused her to jump so much that it was difficult for me, too, to stay on her leg. Tickling Kate's toes resembled playing an instrument: every touch of her toes caused a laugh to erupt from her mouth and her body convulsed like a string that someone had made vibrate. In addition, the children began to play with her toes while telling the tale of the pigs (This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home...). Poor Kate was unable to do anything. She was defenseless against the little children's tiny fingers that explored her feet and the areas between her toes.
    Seeing Kate's tiredness, I asked the children to stop tickling her already. The children were a little disappointed because they would have
    loved to tickle her some more, but they meekly stopped and moved away from Kate's feet. I turned to my wife sending her a kiss and saying that she was brave. Kate replied to me with a slight smile that as soon as I released her she would kill me. Fearing for my life, I started tickling her feet again asking her to retract her words. Kate only shouted "Not again" and burst out laughing loudly, claiming that she was only joking and that I could feel safe.
    I stopped tickling Kate, then got off her feet and untied her hands. Kate laid down on the floor breathing deeply with a slight smile on her
    lips. What is amazing is that always, no matter how much Kate would be tickled, she was never angry about it.

    That is all folks !!!

    Due to the fact that English is not my native language, I request your understanding and comments on the story (in a private message). If necessary, I will try to improve story to be more readable/transparent. Greetings to everyone

    Kate ticklish feet: https://www.ticklingforum.com/showth...-ticklish-feet

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    Great story! ��

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    Great story! It is wonderful that you grabbed Kate's feet by the big toes taking away her ability to wiggle them. That was diabolical. Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Ah, I remember games like this when I was a kid, the thrill of tickling adult baby sitter in this very manner! Thanks for sharing it with us here
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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    Great Story! Thank you for sharing!

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    Formerly of London, UK, now in America.
    Quote Originally Posted by ekhm ekhm View Post
    If necessary, I will try to improve story to be more readable/transparent.
    The best way of doing that would be to space the paragraphs. Right now it looks like a solid and thus unreadable wall of text!

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    Awesome story! Enjoyed it a lot! Poor Kate!
    FC Liverpool rules!!!

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    Awesome cute story! It's great that your wife is such a good sport about tickling

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    Quote Originally Posted by tickle_prince View Post
    Ah, I remember games like this when I was a kid, the thrill of tickling adult baby sitter in this very manner! Thanks for sharing it with us here
    I'd love to hear the details if you're willing to share.

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    This is an awesome story. Great job "helping" the kiddos there. I'm sure everyone had fun tickling Kate.

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    Thank you for all your comments Appreciate them

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    Great story thank you for sharing. Your wife has beautiful feet by the way.

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    Great story, thanks for sharing!

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    Mar 2007

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