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Mia was walking on her way home after a long day working at The Thirsty Cowboy. It was a very busy day as many customers came into the bar to drink after a hard day’s work. It was filled with a lot of construction workers, farm hands and businessmen. Since Plotsville continued to grow, the population increased, and many laborers came to the town to find work. The Thirsty Cowboy was by far the most popular saloon in town and Mia worked hard there. She did have to deal with many men who tried to flirt with her, and figured it was part of the job. She was exhausted on this particular evening. She worked a double shift, and it was very taxing. She was lost in her thoughts as she tried to figure out what she was going to have for dinner. As she walked up this road in the residential area, she thought about a few days ago when she ran into Darby. She found herself constantly thinking about that beautiful deputy, and she tried to push those romantic thoughts out of her mind because there was no way Darby was interested romantically in her. Mia did feel a bit hopeful when Darby said she would come over to her place again, and that was exciting. She thought that even if they weren’t going to be romantically linked, perhaps they could still have physical fun. Of course, everything was going to be kept secret because if anyone found out she was involved in lesbian activity in Plotsville, she might get thrown out! She headed up the road and she passed by the house that she saw Darby at. She remembered the home belonged to a very cheerful woman that worked at Rob’s Bakery, Gertrude Billington. Then, she heard the door open and out came the woman who owned the place. She saw Gertrude wearing a blue dress, and her hair was up in a bun. She made eye contact and made a quick wave of her hand. “Hi, Gertrude.” she called out.

Gertrude came out of her home to toss out some water she used for cooking and looked over at a small, yet very beautiful woman smiling and waving at her. She recognized the young lady from The Thirsty Cowboy, and she smiled. She had met Mia before and always found her really cute. She was wearing her work clothes, which consisted of black jeans, a blue long sleeved shirt and had an apron in her hands. She also saw she was wearing black cowboy boots and she really liked how she looked. Whenever she did interact with Mia, it was always pleasant. She waved back at her and smiled. “Hello, Mia! Did you have a good day at work?” she asked.

Mia stopped walking and faced Gertrude. She looked at her and could tell she was being friendly. “Yeah, it was a very busy day. I didn’t realize just how thirsty these people are! It was as though the only thing to drink in all of Plotsville was beer. Haha” she joked.

“Hahaha I know what ya mean. There is a lot of alcohol consumption in this town. Are you headed home? You look really tired.” Gertrude asked.

“Yeah, I am on my way home. I will probably make some dinner and just sit on my couch and relax. I am sooooo tired. My feet are killing me too after standing all day long.” Mia said, as she shifted her feet a little. Her feet were sore, and she looked forward to taking off her boots and relaxing her feet.

Gertrude’s heart fluttered as she heard Mia talking about her tired feet. That sent chills and excitement in her body as she was truly fascinated by a woman’s feet. She also realized that she had never played with Mia’s feet before. The thought of a new pair of feet got her really excited. She loved playing with some neighbors’ feet. She loved playing with Mandy’s feet. She loved playing with Becky’s feet. Her favorite pair of feet to play with was Plotsville’s greatest hero, Darby Reeves. Now, she had a golden opportunity to play with Mia’s feet and she really hoped they were ticklish. Her heart started to race, and now it was time! “Awww…sorry to hear that. How about you come inside for a moment? I know you are really tired, and I have just the thing to help you feel relaxed. I want you to try my chocolate cake! One bite and you will melt into a very blissful state. It is a major success at Rob’s Bakery! Come in, try some!” she said with enthusiasm.

Mia did like the sound of that, but she didn’t want to intrude on Gertrude. It was evening time, and she figured this woman was probably busy. “That’s ok, Gertrude. Thank you for the offer, but I do not want to intrude on your evening. I will just go home and rustle up some grub.” she told her.

“Nonsense! You are not intruding at all! Besides, I don’t think we ever sat and had a nice conversation. Mandy has told me so many great things about you and you are always so nice to me. Let me take care of you, and reward you for your hard work at the job!” Gertrude offer. She was getting excited about the chance to find out how ticklish Mia was and to experience a new pair of feet. The fact the young woman was very beautiful really helped. She loved it when she got to play with someone new. When she played with Darby’s apprentice, Becky, it was such a thrill. That woman was very sensitive on her feet, and she really hoped Mia was as well. “I am not going to take no for an answer! Now come on, come inside and let me take really good care of you. I insist!” she playfully demanded.

Mia chuckled as she heard Gertrude insisting she come in for a sweet treat. She did think it would be good to chat with Gertrude and remembered Darby telling her that she should spend time over at Gertrude’s home, especially if she had a very exhausting day. This was a day for that, and she figured she might as well go inside. She smiled back at the nice woman and started to walk towards the house. “Ok, since you insisted, I will stop by and try your delicious cake. Hehehe” she said with a giggle.

“Delightful! Come in, come in! Welcome to my humble abode!” Gertrude said with a lot of enthusiasm. She watched as Mia approached and then followed her inside her house. She looked at Mia up and down, admiring just how beautiful she was. She could feel her heart beating a little faster as she looked at her black cowboy boots. She felt that thrill increasing in her body and knew she had to play this perfectly. If she did, she would have Mia hopefully laughing her pretty head off. She directed her hand over to her couch for Mia to sit down, then she went into the kitchen area. She took out a small dessert plate, went over to the chocolate cake and cut a slice. As the knife slowly slid through the cake, she kept thinking just how much fun she had had in the last several months. She tickled so many different women’s feet and her appetite for it grew even more. It was something she just loved to do, and it also drew her closer to some of them. She truly felt she had real friends, as people like Mandy and Darby enjoyed chatting with her when she wasn’t making them laugh with their feet in her lap. Gertrude got closer to Mandy especially, as the woman would visit very often, never having two weeks go by without her stopping by. There was something about Mandy that excited her, but she also grew a little worried about her. Every time she tickled her feet, Mandy seemed to flirt with her more and kept trying to seduce her. She was very close to giving in a few times but managed to keep herself stoic and in control. She did wonder what it would be like to have lesbian sex with Mandy, and it gave her thrills in her body. It felt good to be wanted. Men were not trying to marry her, but this young, vibrant woman wanted to give her great physical pleasure. She wondered if she ever would give in and have her first lesbian experience. She shook her head to snap out of her trance, then grabbed the small plate with the chocolate cake slice and headed back to her living room. There she saw Mia sitting on the couch and she had such a sweet smile on her face. She was really adorable and really hoped to have some ticklish fun with her. “Here you go, sweetie. Enjoy! And be honest with me. Tell me how it tastes. Hehe” she giggled.

Mia saw the cake plate approaching and she smiled. She was hungry and a piece of cake did sound really good. She grabbed the plate and fork and then placed it on her lap. She watched as Gertrude sat down on the couch next to her on the left, and she smiled. She really did like how personable Gertrude was. She then cut a small piece of the cake onto her fork, then took a bite. She felt her entire body get excited as her tastebuds enjoyed that dessert. Her eyes grew big, and she looked at Gertrude who was staring at her with waiting eyes. A huge smile came onto her face, and she swallowed the morsel. “Oh my goodness!!! This is GOOD!!!!!” she told her, then started to take more bites.

“I am so glad you like it!!! I was hoping you liked it! People like the cake at the bakery, but having you compliment it makes it even more special! Enjoy!” Gertrude said with excitement. She absolutely loved delighting folks with her baking skills. She loved working at Rob’s Bakery and tried out different recipes that she created. It was her passion and she loved making people feel good. She watched as Mia consumed the slice and then they moved onto the conversation. They started to talk about general things as they were starting to get to know one another. She found Mia to be very personable and even had such a great sense of humor. They talked about The Thirsty Cowboy; they talked about Rob’s Bakery. They even chatted about Plotsville itself and some of the gossip they would hear from other ladies in the town. It was becoming such a great time between the two and Gertrude looked at that beautiful face of Mia and really started to like her. She could also see she was tired and now she felt her pulse racing again. It was time to have fun! “Mia, you are such a delight! Thank you for stopping by, even though you must be really tired. I truly am enjoying your company and I hope we can be friends.” she told her.

“Awww…thank you. You are very sweet, and I really have enjoyed being here with you. Darby was right, you are a very good person! I am sorry I look a little tired, it was a very long day.” Mia said as she did feel a bit tired. She still had to go home and make some kind of quick meal before she went to bed.

“She said that about me? That Deputy Darby is such a sweetheart! Yes, you do look a little bit tired, but that’s ok. I completely understand. Your poor feet must be aching after doing all that standing, am I right?” Gertrude asked, preparing to steer this interaction into her tickling desires.

Mia looked down at her booted feet and nodded her head. She could feel how sore they were, and her host was right. She looked back over at Gertrude and saw that sweet smile. “Yeah, my feet do ache a bit. I was standing the whole time, listening to these men demand beer, and try to flirt with me too. Hehehe” she giggled.

“Well, that’s because you are really beautiful, if you don’t mind me saying. As for your poor feet, since you have been such a delight to chat with, I can help with that!” Gertrude offered.

“Thank you. That is very kind of you. I think I am just average looking. Hehehehe” Mia giggled. She then looked at Gertrude and noticed that she looked kind of….hungry. There was something about the gleam in her eye that made her wonder what she was thinking. “How can you help me with my feet?” she asked.

Gertrude felt her nerves going as this was the moment of truth! She swallowed hard and now it was time to enjoy her passion! “Well, I am not only a great baker, but I can also help people relax their bodies. I want you to trust me on this, and just go with the flow, ok?” she told her.

Mia started to get curious on what this woman wanted to do. She did recognize that Gertrude was very good at baking as that cake was really good. She looked at Gertrude and saw this smile on her face, that looked really kind. “Um, ok….what did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Again, just relax and go with the flow. Do not be alarmed. I will take really good care of you, and you will feel so much better. Hehehe” Gertrude told her. She then moved a little closer to Mia, then reached down and grabbed the ankle of her left boot. She felt her heart beating with such great power in her chest as she was going to touch the feet of this really beautiful young lady. She then picked the foot up and then placed it on her lap, forcing Mia to turn and ended up leaning back on the right armrest of the couch. Once she got her in that position, she reached down, grabbed the other boot and placed it in her lap. Now, she had both feet in her lap, and she could see the soles of the boots. They were a little worn, and that got her really excited. “Ok, now get ready to feel ol’ Gertrude’s magic!” she said with a grin.

Mia felt her feet getting placed in Gertrude’s lap and now she was lying on the couch and stared at the woman. She noticed that Gertrude kept rubbing on her boots and she was really curious on what this woman wanted to do. She did feel some relief as her feet were propped up and she started to relax. Maybe her new friend just wanted her to lay back, so she could get some relief and she started to get comfortable. “Hehehe thank you. I hope you don’t mind my dirty boots on your lap. I don’t want to get your dress dirty.” she told her.

Gertrude almost exploded in joy as Mia had unknowingly given her the opening she wanted. She smiled and then placed her hands on the right boot. “I am doing ok! I don’t mind having your feet in my lap. But you make a good point. Your boots are a bit dusty, and I don’t want my dress to get dirty, so…..” she started.

Mia felt a tugging on her right foot and her eyes popped open. This woman was trying to take off her boot! She did not expect that, and she started to try and pull her leg away. She didn’t want Gertrude to have her socked feet in her lap. “Hey! You’re going to take my boots off? I can’t have you do that. Hehehe” she giggled.

Gertrude felt Mia trying to move her foot away and she loved it. She was a hunter for women’s feet, and she was not going to let her prey get away! She grabbed a tighter hold of the ankle and slowly brought it back to her lap. “Nonsense! It is how I will make you feel better. Remember, just go with the flow. I think you will really like what happens….hehehe” she giggled.

Mia giggled to herself and couldn’t believe this woman was actually going to take her boots off. She had been so nice and sweet, now she was trying to make her feel better. It was as though Gertrude was this perfect woman, always trying to make people happy. She knew her feet were sore, and they were probably really tender, but Gertrude was so personable, she was curious on what was about to happen. Perhaps she was going to get a foot rub or something. She knew she really should pull her feet away but decided to see where this all led to. “Ok…I am trusting you with my feet. Haha” she laughed.

Gertrude felt lust in her body growing as she heard those sweet giggles of Mia. In her mind, she knew this woman was going to be laughing a lot more in mere moments. She continued to remove the boot and when she felt it pop off the heel, she slowly slid it down the leg and finally it came off! Her eyes looked down at the grey sock in her lap and she adored that foot already. She could tell it was an average sized foot, probably a size 7, and could even tell the arch was high. She carefully placed the empty boot on the floor and then went to the left boot. She started to tug on that boot and felt it pop off the heel. As the boot slid down the leg, she felt herself starting to salivate. This was the newest pair of feet she played with, and it was always an exciting time the first time she got a pair of feet. When she got to tickle Becky’s feet, that was such a great thrill. Now, she had a new pair to play with and her collection was growing. The left boot came off and she placed it on the floor next to the right one. Now, she had two grey socked feet in her lap, and she was ready to pounce! “There! Does that feel better?” she asked.

Mia chuckled to herself as she wiggled her toes inside her socks. She looked at Gertrude who seemed to have this really big smile and she found it cute. It seemed as though this woman was more excited about her feet than when she gave her a piece of cake. She did a deep sigh and smiled. “Actually, it does. Hehehe my feet are really sore right now, so it does feel better right now.” she told her, as she placed her hands in her lap and started to relax her body.

“Awww…your poor tired feet. They need some lovin’ care….” Gertrude said, staring directly at the feet. She then wrapped her hands around the left foot and could feel how warm that foot was. She exploded in excitement within her body as she now had Mia’s foot in her hands. She then started to rub the foot, trying to give it a massage. “You just sit back, relax and enjoy my world famous foot massage! Ol’ Gertrude will take really good care of your feet….” she told her.

Mia laughed when she heard Gertrude sound so excited to massage her feet. She felt those hands on her left foot and when it started to rub it, she did start to feel some relief. She also felt some minor ticklish tremors as her feet were in fact, really tender at the moment. She then closed her eyes as the massage continued and started to feel those relaxing feelings. “Mmmm…that does feel good. World famous, huh? You go around massaging women’s feet? Hehehehe” she asked teasingly.

Gertrude had a nervous laugh when she heard that question. She continued to rub the foot, feeling the design of the foot and started to wonder what the naked foot looked like. She could tell the toes had some length on them, and this arch was very high. She wanted to work a massage in, so she would be able to take off the sock shortly. She looked over at Mia who seemed to relax her body and even had her eyes closed. She licked her lips as she got really excited about what she was about to do. “Hehehe I may have massaged a few pairs of feet. I like to make a woman feel so much better on her feet, especially when they work so hard like you.” she complimented.

Mia smiled at the compliment as she continued to keep her eyes closed and feel that wonderful sensation of the massage. She then felt a ticklish tremble as a finger stroked across her arch and it made her jump. She was starting to realize how ticklish she was starting to feel, especially realizing just how tender and tired her feet were. “Hehehe” she giggled softly.

“Something the matter, sweetie? Something funny?” Gertrude asked. She knew that was a ticklish reaction as she purposely stroked her finger in the arch, before she resumed rubbing it.

“Hehehe there’s nothing wrong. I just felt a small tickle, that’s all.” Mia responded. She didn’t think mentioning how ticklish she was mattered as Gertrude was giving such a great foot massage.

“Ticklish, huh? That is good to know. You just keep relaxing as I take good care of your tired feet. I bet they are really cute feet too.” Gertrude told her. She hoped that gave her the opening she wanted.

“Hehehe my feet are ok, I guess. I don’t know if they are cute or not…” Mia responded. The feeling of that massage was really feeling good, and she did feel a lot more relaxed.

“Well…..I will have to take a look for myself. Just relax Mia, just relax….” Gertrude said softly, then reached under the black jeans, found the top of the sock and started to tug it down. It was time to get those barefeet!

Mia’s eyes opened up wide as she felt her sock coming down. She didn’t mind having her boots removed, but felt really shy about having her naked feet displayed. “Hey, you don’t have to do that. You can leave my socks alone. I am fine with my socks on.” she told her.

“Mia….like I said, just go with the flow. Trust ol’ Gertrude! Now, we will see if you have some cute feet, and besides, touching the skin of your feet will make the massage much, much better. You know I am right…” Gertrude told her as she continued to peel down that right sock.

“Hehehehe Gertrude…..you are too nice. Really, you don’t have to take off my sock. I am a little embarrassed to show you my feet. hehehe” Mia laughed, then gasped as the sock came off her heel and now sliding up her foot.

“I am sure your feet look wonderful. Now, close your eyes again and I will take good care of your naked feet.” Gertrude told her as she continued to peel that sock off. The sock came off the arch and then the ball of the foot. Now, it was at the toes, and with a quick pull, the sock came completely off! She stared at the foot and felt herself swoon. It was such a cute foot. She smiled as she stared at the toes. The toes appeared to be long on the top, and had a slight bend on them, but when she looked at the bottoms of the toes, they didn’t appear as long. The ball of the foot was very pronounced, and the arch was high. She also loved the rounded heel, and the skin of the sole was very light colored. It was a very cute foot. She looked over at Mia and could see she was now covering her face with her hands. “Mia, you have a very cute foot! I love it!” she said, meaning every word of it.

Mia started to blush as her sock left her foot. She had no idea how it got to this point. She went inside to visit with Gertrude and never in her wildest dreams did she imagine this woman would be looking at her naked foot. She did like the fact that she thought her foot was cute, but she still felt incredibly shy. She put her hands to her mouth to hide her nervous smile. Then she took a slight gasp as her left sock started to come off. She realized she was about to be completely barefoot in mere moments. “Gertrude….you really don’t have to expose my feet like that. What if they smelled?” she said bashfully.

“Well, I am not worried about that because I haven’t smelled anything! Hehehe” Gertrude giggled. She continued to peel the left sock and soon it came off the heel. Then it gently slid up that arch, then exposed the ball of the foot. She felt her heart racing with excitement as she tugged the sock one last time and then those toes were exposed! She saw the toes wiggling a little and she couldn’t help but smile. She now got Mia to be completely barefoot. It was now playtime! “Look at those delightful piggies of yours! They are so cute.” she said with excitement in her voice.

Mia really began to blush as she heard Gertrude complimenting her feet. She started to think about the last time someone looked at her feet and it was Darby that one stormy night. She was happy in a way that this new friend did not think her feet were ugly. She then watched in stunned amusement as each of her toes were playfully wiggled. She started to wonder if Gertrude liked a woman’s feet. She seemed really into hers and wondered if there was more to handling her feet than just helping her relax. She decided that since Gertrude was slightly embarrassing her, she would test her back. “You must like feet, don’t you? Hehehe” she giggled playfully.

Gertrude turned her head and looked at Mia. She could see that beautiful face, with that adorable smile and now she was being asked about liking feet. She was already prepared for that question because she always got asked that question whenever she played with a woman’s feet for the first time. “I guess you can say that. I know the feet of a woman are very important and they deserved to be pampered! Remember, I did promise you I would help you relax and now I have your feet. So you just lay back, and I will take really good care of them.” she told her.

Mia couldn’t help but laugh as she thought Gertrude was such a fascinating woman. She wondered just how much this woman was going to play with her, and she figured since Gertrude had no shame at all, she might as well enjoy the foot massage. She wished it was Deputy Darby doing this, but her feet were very sore and she could use the relaxation. “Hehehe ok. You can take care of my feet. I never met anyone that liked my feet so much, so I will let you do what you want to do.” she told her, then closed her eyes so she could relax.

Gertrude felt a surge of adrenaline flow through her body as she heard those words. She knew she was going to have a great time with Mia and her feet. She then started to massage the feet, making sure she kneaded her fingers into the soles. These adorable feet were quite tender and thin. She stared at them, thinking about all the ticklish things she wanted to do with them. She started to hear Mia moan a little and knew her techniques were putting her at ease. She then started to lightly flutter her fingers up the left sole in the arch area and felt the foot flinch. She had a very large grin on her face because Mia was still very ticklish. She turned towards her right and saw Mia starting to have this small grin on her face. Her soft tickling was already working, and she continued to lightly flutter her fingers on the arch. Then she heard a giggle come out and now, Mia’s eyes were wide open. “Enjoying this?” she asked.

Mia felt those fingers on her left arch, and it was starting to really tickle her. She felt herself wanting to laugh as her foot was very sensitive. She opened her eyes and saw Gertrude smiling at her with a devious grin on her face. “Are you hehehe tickling me on purpose?” she asked with a sly look in her eyes.

“Hehehe Just testing your sensitivity. How ticklish are you?” Gertrude asked.

“Hehehehe VERY!!! So, you have to be really, really careful, ok?” Mia said back with a teasing voice. She then felt another flutter on her arch and that sent very strong ticklish sensations into her body. Her legs started to twitch, and she curled her toes. She looked at her foot and saw how Gertrude was playfully moving her fingers on her foot. The sensations started to get stronger, and she felt this urge to have deeper belly laughs. “Geeeeeerrtttrude!!! That hehehehehe tickles! You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” she laughed.

“I like tickling the feet of a beautiful woman….” Gertrude responded. She then stopped her finger fluttering and focused on the massage part again. She wanted to play a cat and mouse game with her guest by massaging her feet to get her relaxed, then tickling her into a fit of giggles. She started to debate if she should be really aggressive with her tickling, like when she was with Mandy or Darby, so she figured she would just play it by ear. She then started to knead the flesh at the base of the toes and felt the leg jerk. That gave her a huge surge of excitement as the toes must be really ticklish! “Doing ok over there?” she teased.

Mia felt the massage on her foot, but she also felt those ticklish tremors. She had no idea why, but this was becoming to be a lot of fun. She didn’t want to get her feet tickle tortured, but there was something about Gertrude and her foot handling abilities that made her want to play along. She also wondered just how many women Gertrude tickled liked this. She found herself wanting to laugh harder and now that Gertrude’s hands were by her toes, she felt the urge to really start laughing. “Hehehehe Gertrude hehehehehe come on, I am getting really ticklish right now!” she pleaded.

“Oh really? So……if I were to do……this….would it make you laugh?” Gertrude asked teasingly as she then started to stroke her fingers underneath the long toes. Her fingers found those very delicate spots and now the toes clamped down on her fingers and Mia let out a ticklish shriek. She loved that reaction and started to wiggle her fingers even more. She watched as Mia started to really squirm on the couch and she held onto that left ankle with her right hand, while the fingers of her left went after those sensitive toes. “Hehehe you ARE ticklish!!!” she taunted.

Mia found herself now squirming even more on the couch as the fingers really started to tickle her toes. She could feel the intensity growing and hearing Gertrude’s teasing words made it seem even worse. She started to kick her right foot around involuntarily then felt the tickling of her toes stop, and her right ankle was now being grabbed. Both ankles were held, and she felt herself starting to sweat. She tried catching her breath for a moment and saw Gertrude staring right back at her. “Hehehehe sorry! I am really ticklish on my toes! I hope I didn’t kick you.” she told her.

Gertrude felt her heart flutter as she looked at Mia’s innocent face. She could see her hair starting to become disheveled and saw that goofy, laughing smile on her face. She was now getting to enjoy tickling her feet and her lust kicked in. She wanted to really drive her wild at this point. She then thought of a technique that would probably send Mia through the roof. “You didn’t kick me. hehehehe but, since I am such a kind and noble woman, I want to give you advanced warning. I am going to tickle your feet right now. It might be really intense but lay back and just let your laughter out. Feel free to scream if you want, just make sure you let yourself go….” she told her.

Mia looked at Gertrude in shock and wondered what was about to happen to her barefeet that would make her scream in ticklish agony. Before she could say something back, she suddenly felt fingers getting placed into her toe crevices, had a tight grip and then squeezed. That feeling she now had in her body was the most intense ticklish feeling she had ever felt in her life! Her eyes popped wide open, and her body froze. She didn’t know how to react when suddenly her lungs decided to show her how to react. She screeched in laughter and then she slammed her back against the couch armrest as that ticklish feeling in her toes was indescribable to her. “OOOOOOH MYYYYYY GAWD!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA MY TOES!!! MY TOES!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GERTRUDE!!!! NOOOOOHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” she screamed.

Gertrude had placed her fingers in between the toes and did her famous toe squeezes. This technique she used was always effective and would bring out the very worst sensations possible. She loved when she did it to Mandy, as that woman absolutely lost her mind when she did. She even taught Darby this technique and she also got to do it to Becky. Now, she was doing it to Mia, and she loved how she reacted. She could see her body completely stiff, her head snapped backwards and let out such loud laughter, she figured neighbors might come by to make sure everything was ok. She continued to squeeze her fingers in between the toes and the sound of Mia’s hysterical laughter really got her excited. She started to adore Mia, and really hoped that even after tormenting her toes like this, she would still come by to visit. She then removed her fingers from the toes, as she did not want to overdo it this first time they played. Gertrude started to chuckle as she heard the agonizing ticklish screams starting to calm down and Mia was rocking her body side to side, probably trying to shake off those ticklish feelings. She rubbed her hands together and smiled. “I guess that must have tickled? Hehehe” she joked.

Mia was starting to gasp for air as she recovered from that tickle attack. She had never felt anything like that before on her feet and had to regain her senses. She put her hands over her face to cover her large smile and to muffle her residual giggles. She felt such great relief, but also felt a warm glow in her body. There was something about going through that intense ticklish feeling to make her body respond in a very positive way. She even felt her nipples get stiff and that surprised her. She then slowly moved her hands down and looked at a grinning Gertrude. That woman just put her through a tickle nightmare, yet she was looking right at her with the sweetest look on her face, as though nothing happened. This woman was definitely different, and she started to like it. She started to breathe heavily and then slowly found her voice. Mia noticed her feet were still helplessly resting on Gertrude’s lap, and worried that another attack was coming soon, but she felt helpless to stop it. “That…..that…..was brutal….. wow…. You sure know how to tickle feet….” she panted.

“Hehehe Yes I do! I love hearing your very beautiful laughter. Hehehe I absolutely adore your cute feet too! Tell me Miss Mia, how are you feeling? Is your body as tired as it was before?” Gertrude asked. She knew Mia was probably feeling really good, and she planned to continue playing with her feet.

Mia heard those questions, and she pondered them for a little bit. Even though she was laughing, she did notice she was feeling better. The tired feeling from work was dissipating and she felt a lot of endorphins flowing through her body. That gave her a sense of pleasure and relief. Even though her feet were very ticklish, she realized just how much she was having at the moment. “Hehehe you know, I think you are right. I am feeling better than I did before. I feel….happy.” she told her.

“Good! Like I told you, ol’ Gertrude was going to take good care of you and make you feel better. I really do like these cute feet of yours, but I am also enjoying your company, Miss Mia. You are such a nice gal.” Gertrude told her. She meant those words as she really started to like this woman. There was something about here that was soothing, and she really hoped she could spend more time with her in the future. She felt like she was growing a circle of friends and that made her feel very confident about herself. Plus, these new friends didn’t seem to mind her playing with their ticklish feet, so that would give her even more chances to have her own tickle fun. She saw that look of peace on Mia’s face and that beautiful smile and it warmed her heart. She then took the tops of her fingers and started to lightly stroke both soles with them. She could feel the two feet trembling and saw that playful look on Mia’s face again.

“Hehehehe Gertrude….You are not thinking about tickling my poor feet again, are you? That toe thing you did almost killed me! hehehehehe I don’t know if I can handle more tickling.” Mia told her as she felt those fingers moving up and down her feet, causing very light tickling sensations in her body. Her feet started to twitch, and her body started to squirm a little. This woman was very good at tickling and knew what spots to touch on her feet. She remembered when Darby tickled her feet and that drove her absolutely wild, but there was something about Gertrude’s touch that seemed a lot more effective.

Gertrude saw that smile forming on Mia’s face and she loved it. This was such a great moment for her as she was doing one of her favorite things to do in her entire world. Her fingers then moved towards the heels of the feet and circled lazily there. She saw the toe areas of the feet shaking and trembling and she always loved that reaction. Then she slowly started to trace the outlines of the feet, moving from the outside edges to the top of the toes, to the inside edges, which produced a very cute giggle and then back to the heels. “Poor Mia….her feet are just so ticklish. Hehehehe I think I could do this to you all night.” she teased.

“All night? Hehehehe I would die!” Mia joked back. She could feel those fingers slowly moving around her feet and her eyes focused on those fingers. She could see them moving up the outside edges of her feet which sent shivers throughout her body. Then she watched in trepidation as the fingers went to the tops of her toes again and she saw her toes wiggling until the fingers made it to the inside edges of her feet. When she saw the fingers getting close to the instep area, she held her breath because she knew how bad it was going to be. She then let a giggle come out once the fingers touched her instep and arches before finally going towards her heels. Then she watched again as the fingers moved to the soles of the feet and touched the balls of the feet. Her feet started to quiver, and she held her hands to her mouth. “Heheheheheheh Gertrude, you have to hehehehehehe stop tickling my poor feet! I am going to lose it!” she told her.

“Then just let it go….I would love to hear your delightful laughter forever. Hehehehe” Gertrude teased as she continued her very light tickling strokes on the balls of the feet. She stared at the feet and even tilted her head a bit, so she could get a very good look at the bottoms of Mia’s feet. She loved how the ball of the foot looked, before it flowed into those high arches. She saw the feet shaking and trembling under her touch. She saw the toes starting to curl and wanted to touch the undersides again. “Such cute toes…..” she said as she focused on those areas.

“No!!! hehehehe not my toes!! Gertrude, what do I have to do for you to not torture my poor toes again?” Mia asked with a sweet look on her face.

Gertrude looked up at Mia’s face and saw that grin. This poor woman was going through a lot with her ticklish feet and that made her desire to tickle her even more. She was really becoming addicted to Mia’s feet and just wanted to play with them forever. “Nothing. Hehehehe Just let yourself go and enjoy the feeling….” she told her.

Mia laughed then let her head fall backwards as she knew her toes were doomed. She then felt tension in her body as the fingers made contact with the undersides and it drove her crazy. It wasn’t as bad as when the fingers were between her toes squeezing, but it was still a powerful ticklish feeling. She let out another shriek and covered her mouth to prevent screaming so loud. Her toes curled tightly and trapped Gertrude’s fingers under them. This playful game was really wearing her down, but she did feel wonderful inside her body. “Hehehehehehe Gertrude….hehehehehehe Gertrude….this hehehehe tickles!” she giggled.

Gertrude loved those reactions, and it made her own arousal start to rise. She was in full tickle lust and wanted to keep playing with these feet. She even started to entertain the thought of using her mouth on those feet. She discovered the pleasure when Mandy had her kiss her feet. There was something magical about Mandy’s sexuality that made her think about her own. She was so shy when it came to sex, but her curiosity of playing with a woman sexually grew over the last seven months. Mandy would still flirt with her a lot, but she managed to resist. However, she was more and more tempted to act on those feelings and in the back of her mind, one day she was going to end up having lesbian sex with Mandy and that did not frighten her at all. It sounded nice, but she was just too shy with that to act on. She preferred playing with feet! She looked over at Mia and the way she was moving her body, she noticed her chest. Thoughts came to her mind and wondered what those breasts looked like. That made Gertrude stop her tickling as she was having sexual thoughts again! Whenever she started having those thoughts while tickling feet, she knew it was time for her to stop. Gertrude did not want to put herself in position to have sex with these women, so she ended sessions to calm herself down. There were a few occasions where she stopped tickling Mandy’s feet because she started to imagine her naked and being tickled. Mandy kept trying to seduce her, and she had to fight off those urges and she always did. She even had those thoughts with Darby! It was easier to stop with Darby because Darby was a deputy and she had to be careful. Mia was someone new and she felt guilty because at least with Mandy, she knew her well. They were friends for a while. Mia was new and she should not be thinking of her that way, at least not yet. She removed her fingers away from the ticklish feet and gently patted the tops of them. “Ok Miss Mia, because you are just so adorable, I will let you rest now. Thank you for allowing me to play with these adorable feet of yours.” she told her.

Mia started to fan herself with her hands as she finally felt the tickling stop on her feet. A rush of relief washed over her, and she couldn’t help but smile. She looked over at Gertrude and saw how her face looked so happy. It was though having her feet tickled brought a lot of joy to this woman. She liked that and always loved making people happy around her. She smiled at Gertrude and felt herself blushing. “You are welcome. I hope you had a lot of fun playing with my feet too. That was torture, yet it felt good.” she responded.

“It is a good torture then! Hehehe I just have one request. You will let me play with them again in the near future. When you have that hard day at work, and your precious feet are feeling sore, you just come on by this house and let me take care of you. I will always enjoy making you feel better. Tickle tickle!” Gertrude told her, then playfully scrabbled her fingers on the soles again.

“HHAHAHAHAHA HEY!!!” Mia shrieked as she felt those fingers on her feet again. She then smiled at Gertrude because after all of this, she liked the woman and did feel she could do this again. She slowly moved her feet off Gertrude’s lap and looked for her socks and boots. “I think we can do that. Hehehe I never had someone so interested in tickling my feet before, but it was fun. I will remember that when my feet are aching, or I am just having a bad day. I will come get my feet tickled by Miss Gertrude Billington and all my problems melt away in laughter.” she responded with a sweet smile.

“That’s the spirit!! Hahaha I truly enjoyed your company tonight Mia and I really hope you rest well, and I look forward to having you here again. Oh, here are your socks and boots. While you put them on, I will get you some cake to take home!” Gertrude told her while she handed over the boots and socks.

“That sounds wonderful. Thank you, Gertrude.” Mia told her, then started to put her socks back on. She saw Gertrude stand up and head towards the kitchen. She shook her head because she never knew that sweet, older woman was such a foot tickling fiend. She marveled at how you can look at someone and never know what secret desires they had. She then started to put her boots back on and prepared to go home.

Gertrude made it to her kitchen and looked at the cake sitting on its plate. It was time to cut a few slices for Mia and she looked for another plate. Then, she heard a noise coming from outside. She heard more noises and then looked to her back door. She had no idea what that was, but then she could have sworn she saw the doorknob turning. She held a plate in her hands and headed towards the door. Then suddenly, the door burst open, and she was taken by surprise. There were two figures now coming inside her home and before she could scream, she saw a gun pointed at her! She now made out the faces of these two figures and she was stunned. There were two women, one with long brown hair and the other was blond. The one with brown hair was dressed in a brown vest, black shirt, black jeans, black cowboy boots, with brown fingerless gloves and had a black cowboy hat on. The other one wore a black vest, with a brown shirt, black jeans and brown cowboy boots. Her long blond hair was covered on top by a brown cowboy hat. They both looked vaguely familiar, but right now they had a gun in her face, and she felt tremendous fear.

“Get your hands up, you stupid bitch!” Sabrina Alamain said to her as she pointed the gun at her face. She made it back to Plotsville as her assignment of Thalia’s plan was to kidnap a citizen from the town. When she thought of a target, she remembered what happened at her trial. It was there, a witness testified that she spotted her and Babs escorting Mandy to the Thirsty Cowboy that fateful morning. That witness was Gertrude! She wanted a measure of revenge against her and seeing how Darby was a fierce protector of Plotsville and they seemed to know one another, she figured she would kidnap her and take her back to Ciudad de Reina.

Gertrude gasped and then she dropped the plate! The plate shattered into a lot of pieces, and she was petrified. “PLEASE!!! DON’T HURT ME!!! WHO ARE YOU??!! WHAT DO YOU WANT???” she screamed.

“What do I want? It is very simple…….you. Don’t you recognize me, you old bat?” Sabrina asked her as she put the gun closer to Gertrude’s face.

Gertrude stared at the barrel of the gun, and she felt like her heart froze and time stood still. She started to think she was about to be robbed, which she didn’t care about. She just didn’t want to get hurt. When she heard Sabrina’s question, she stared at her face and then realized who this was! It was those dangerous outlaws that attempted to rob Plotsville Bank, kidnapped four women, including her friends, Darby, Mandy and Becky, and attempted to rob The Thirsty Cowboy. She remembered testifying at trial and all she did was tell the court she saw them with Mandy and that was it. It wasn’t as though she was a star witness or anything. “Y-Y-You’re that o-o-outlaw!!” she muttered.

“Damn right I am!! I want payback, you old battleax! Now, you are going to come with me and Babs. We are going to make sure you set things right for me. Now git!” Sabrina declared as she waved her gun some more. She planned to knock Gertrude out as soon as she made her walk through the doorway.

Mia heard the plate crash onto the ground and became concerned. She finished putting on her boots and wondered if something had happened to Gertrude. “Gertrude, are you ok in there?” she asked.

Sabrina heard that sound and looked towards the living room area. There was someone else in this house!! She had to make sure that was taken care of as she did not need a witness. “Babs, go check that out.” she instructed.

Babs nodded her head and then passed by Sabrina and Gertrude on her way to the living room. When she got to the room, she peeked her head in there and saw this woman walking towards the kitchen. When the woman got close, she then stepped out in front of her and pointed her gun at her! “Get your hands up!” she shouted.

Mia nearly had a heart attack as suddenly, this strange woman appeared in front of her and had a gun pointed at her. She immediately put her hands up in the air and felt the breath leave her body. She assumed that Gertrude also had a gun pointed at her and that would explain the plate crashing. “Please!! Don’t shoot me! Who are you???” she asked.

“Shut your mouth and get over here! Into the kitchen!” Babs ordered. She then saw Mia slowly walking into the kitchen and she kept her eye on her. She had no idea who this woman was and could possibly try to attack in self defense. She then moved behind the woman and was now pointing the gun directly at her back.

Mia walked into the kitchen and grew even more frightened as the woman moved behind her and the gun was at her back. She then gasped in surprise when she saw a second woman in the kitchen pointing a gun at Gertrude’s face. She knew they were getting robbed and were in immediate danger. “Gertrude?” she asked.

Gertrude looked over and saw Mia coming into the kitchen. She grew concerned because now both of them were in danger. She knew how dangerous these outlaws were from the trial and from the sounds of it, they wanted revenge. She then turned her head towards Sabrina again and started to get emotional. “Please…please don’t hurt us. I will do whatever you say. Just please….I don’t want to die.” she said with her voice cracking with emotion.

“Well, if you do what I say, you will live. Now, start heading out that door. BOTH of you.” Sabrina ordered. She then looked over at Babs and smiled. “Looks like we will bring two women back there. Hehehe even more fun for us! I have to admit, this plan seems like a really good one. No way does Darby resist trying to rescue these two bitches. Hehehehe” she giggled.

Gertrude looked over at Mia, who was looking right back at her. They both heard Sabrina mention Darby’s name and it sounded like they were part of some scheme to get revenge on the deputy. She slowly walked out of her house and when they took a few steps onto the grass, she saw blackness and fell to the ground in a heap.

Sabrina smiled as she stood over the knocked-out bodies of Gertrude and Mia. They had to make sure they were unconscious as they prepared to go back to the Mexican town of Ciudad de Reina. She looked over at Babs and smiled. “Yep, this is going to be really good. I can’t wait till we finally get our revenge. Now, let’s get them in that carriage and get the hell out of this pathetic town!” she instructed as she lifted Gertrude up and headed towards the carriage to go back to Mexico.


Darby was sitting in her office, enjoying her morning coffee and reading the current edition of The Plotsville Gazette newspaper. She liked keeping up with current events and to continue to educate herself on matters not only in Plotsville, but around the state and the nation. She took another sip of her drink, when she saw someone approaching her door. It was her apprentice, Becky! She then leaned back in her chair, set her coffee mug down and smiled. “Hiya Becky, what’s going on?” she asked.

“Good to see ya this mornin’ Darby! I am ready for another exciting day here in the station. Do ya think we can do some more trainin’ today? I want to keep improvin’ muh skills.” Becky told her with a grin. She loved working in the station, doing the paperwork for all the deputies and the Sheriff, but she was still hungry to become one herself. She wanted to train as much as possible because she figured the sooner she got better at policing skills, the sooner she could be a deputy herself. She felt Darby was an excellent teacher and she made sure she asked lots of questions. She truly wanted to prove to Sheriff Dickerson that she could handle the job.

“Sure, we can do that. I don’t go on patrol until later, so we might as well get started. Are ya ready for me?” Darby asked her with a teasing grin.

“You betcha! I want to work on muh fightin’ and wrasslin’ skills! I think I can beat ya today! Hehehe” Becky teased. She loved the physical training sessions with Darby, and she was always impressed with how well the woman could fight. She did witness it a few times when she took down criminal men, and it never failed to amaze her. She also figured if she could beat Darby, then she definitely should become a deputy!

“You think so, huh? Hehehe you’re so cute, Becky. You know what happened last week when we tried, remember?” Darby told her, then winked at her.

Becky started to blush a little as she did remember what happened the previous week. It was a tough session and very physical. Then she felt Darby cheated and she had no choice but to submit. “Ya, I remembered. Ya cheated on me! Yer not supposed to tickle me! Ya know that’s muh weakness! Hehehe” she giggled.

Darby chuckled over that memory. She managed to pin Becky down, and the young woman refused to submit. She then goosed her sides and ribs, and it didn’t take long for poor Becky to start laughing and quitting really quickly. She loved playing with Becky, and she also remembered she had to be careful herself. In the back of her mind, she knew one day, Becky would tickle her back! “Hehehe yeah, that was a fun moment. You sure do have a weakness on ya….” she teased.

“Today, no ticklin’, ok? Ya know I fall apart real easily!” Becky told her. She then rubbed her hands and looked towards the back of the station. She was getting really excited and couldn’t wait to start training. “I will meet ya back there, ok?” she told her.

“Ok, let me finish muh coffee and I will be right there.” Darby responded, then watched as Becky left her office, then went back to drinking her coffee. She wanted to finish it and also give a chance for Becky to warm up. Once she took that last sip, she placed her cup on the desk, then stood up. She made her way to the door, when she saw one of the other deputies approach her. She smiled at him and saw that he was holding a piece of paper. “Hey Deputy Bill, how is your morning? How was patrol?” she asked him.

“Patrol was really easy, Chief Deputy! It is still kind of quiet, which is what I like! Haha Oh, as I was walking on patrol, this little girl came up to me and handed me this piece of paper. She told me to give it to you because it’s a message. Here….” Deputy Bill told her, then handed her a small envelope.

“Thank you, Bill. I will take a look at it.” Darby told him as she took the envelope. She was intrigued as she looked at the small envelope. It had no name on it, except hers written on the front. She opened the envelope and saw a note inside. She went back into her office and sat down at her desk. She unfolded the paper and read the contents:

“Hello Darby!

I am writing this note because I have a special surprise for you. I know it will be totally unexpected and I can’t wait to see your face. Meet me by the hills over the northern part of town. I am sure you will remember where to go. You will get your surprise there. It has been a long time, and I know this will be great for both of us.

I will be waiting,


Darby’s mind started to race as she had no idea who wrote this letter. She started to think about this location and pondered who it could be. She tried thinking of everyone in Plotsville she knew that had a name that began with S. She figured she should go investigate as her curiosity was piqued. She thought it would a good time to go now since it was still early enough in the morning, and there was nothing happening at the moment. She stood up, placed the note in her vest pocket, then made her way out of her office. She remembered she had to go see Becky first. She went outside and saw Becky running in place, trying to get her blood pumping. She loved her apprentice. That woman was absolutely determined to become a deputy and was working very hard. “Hey Becky, I have to run an errand really quick, so I will be back in maybe an hour. When I come back, you better be ready for me. Hehehe” she teased.

Becky stopped running and place and had her hands on her hips as she tried to catch her breath. “I think yer yellow, that’s all! Ya know I am gonna beat ya today. Hehehehe” she teased in response.

“Keep dreaming….hehehe” Darby told her, then headed outside and went to her horse. She found the animal and mounted him to get ready to ride to the hills. Those hills were not too close, so walking would take a long time. As she rode through town, she started to get nervous. She had no idea who she was meeting and why this person was very secretive. The person could have just visited the station instead of going through all this trouble. The hills that were referenced were near the residential area of Plotsville and once she got past the homes, she was now headed out towards those hills. She did remember this area and she started to get a little nervous. She could feel the breeze caressing her face and when she got closer to the hills, she got even more nervous. Her mind started to play tricks on her, and she started to wonder if this was some kind of ambush. She did have her gun with her, just in case something went awry. As she got closer, she saw a flash of light. It was strange as it would shine the sunlight into her eyes, and it didn’t seem natural. Then, the glare seemed to move and went over the edge of the hill. Now, her adrenaline really started to flow, and she had to find out what was going on. Her horse moved faster and soon; she was at the top of the hill. She looked down the hill and over towards the side of another hill, when she thought she saw a figure. “Who in the world?” she asked herself.

The figure saw Darby on top of the hill and shined that glaring light one more time at her. The person got Darby’s attention and now, she was headed in that direction. The person started to get really nervous and excited at the same time. The person knew once recognition was made, it was going to be mind blowing for both of them. They put down their small mirror and now, waited for the famous deputy to arrive.

Darby slowly rode down the hill and her eyes saw that glaring light again. Now, she was really getting tense because she had no clue who this was. As she got closer, she started to make out who was standing there. The person appeared to be a woman, in fact, a Native American woman. She had long black hair that was in a ponytail and wore tan clothing. She wondered who this woman was, and she didn’t look to be armed. She rode cautiously and then she started to see the face more clearly. The woman wore red, blue and yellow face markings under the eyes and on her cheeks and then she saw the smile on her face. The woman looked absolutely beautiful, and the face looked very familiar. Then her jaw dropped. Her heart froze and she stopped her horse. Her mind was spinning, and she felt herself shaking. She thought she recognized who this person was, and she almost screamed for joy. “SALEM????!!! Is that….you?” she asked, still in disbelief.

La Diabla slowly walked towards Darby and her horse, and her own heart was beating faster. It had been seven long months since she last saw Darby and she was really excited. She could see the stunned look on her face and that made her really excited. She walked up to Darby’s horse and had some tears of joy in her eyes. “Yes, it is me……tenderfoot.” she simply told her.

“Oh muh Gawd….” Darby said in disbelief. She then jumped off her horse and slowly walked up to the woman that had captured her heart. She even wondered if she was dreaming. She felt herself shaking and when she finally got close to her, she felt her knees shaking. “It is really you…..I-I-I can’t believe what I am seeing….Is that really you?” she muttered in shock.

“Yes, it is me, Darby. Hug me and you will realize that I am really here.” La Diabla told her. She then extended her arms, waiting for her hug.

Darby had a smile from ear to ear and she lunged forward to hug this woman that meant so much to her. She squeezed her tight and could feel her warmth. “It IS you!!! Oh muh Gawd!! It is you!!” she said with great joy in her voice.

“It is me. hehehehe surprised?” La Diabla whispered into her ear.

“I am so happy to see you!!! I can’t believe you are here!!” Darby said and she felt like crying. This was probably the best surprise she ever had. She hugged her tighter and felt incredible joy.

“I missed you too….Although after it being so long, I expected a better hug. I figured it would be better than a hug from Cheyenne….hehehehe” La Diabla joked.

Darby released her hug and she started to laugh. It was definitely La Diabla, and she was very excited. “No one hugs better than her! You know that. But, this is something I know I am better at….” she told her as she gently placed her two hands on either side of La Diabla’s face, leaned in, then kissed the outlaw on her lips.

La Diabla felt that kiss on her lips and her own knees almost gave out. It was a passionate kiss and she dreamed about having a kiss with Darby for seven long months. The kiss broke and she stared into Darby’s eyes. “Yeah, you are definitely better at that….hahaha” she laughed.

Darby still could not believe she was looking at La Diabla. Near Plotsville! Now she understood what the “S” was in that note. Salem. She looked her up and down and thought she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She was very impressed with her clothing as she had never seen her wearing that type of clothing. She was used to seeing her in all black. “You look absolutely amazing. And your clothes, you look like you came from the Elu Tribe. Hehehe” she joked.

“hahaha yeah, I like these clothes. They gave them to me. It helps disguise me. I am glad you like it. You still are as beautiful as ever.” La Diabla responded. She loved looking at Darby and this was such an exciting moment for her. It was such an emotional reunion, and she was glad she made the trip. She needed this time with her.

“Why are you here? I mean, what brings you here? Is everything ok with the Elu tribe?” Darby asked, still in shock La Diabla was here.

“Yes, everything is ok. Cheyenne is still in school, and the rest of the people are living their lives. I decided I wanted to come see you. It has been so long since we last saw each other. How is Plotsville? Boring without me causing chaos? Haha” La Diabla joked. She remembered her time in this town and how much chaos she and El Guapo caused this place. It was her first time back near Plotsville in almost two years.

“Salem, you are actually here! It is going to take a moment for me to really accept that reality. Wow! I missed you so much!” Darby said, still trying to comprehend the moment. She remembered how much they both had been through since they met during the El Guapo crime spree two years ago. Then she remembered something else. La Diabla was still a wanted criminal around here. She started to look back at the top of the hill and hoped no one could see them. She did not want her lover to get arrested. “Hey, are you sure you want to be here? You know they still have you on a wanted criminal list.” she told her.

“Yes, I am quite aware I am still a wanted criminal. It is another reason why I am wearing these clothes. I am trying to avoid being noticed easily. It seemed to work. No one has thought I was La Diabla.” La Diabla told her. She could see the look of concern on Darby’s face, and she adored it. She then reached her hand up and touched Darby’s chin. “I love how concerned you are about me…” she smiled.

“Yeah…I don’t want nothing to happen to you. You actually risked your own freedom to come see me?” Darby asked.

“Well since you put it like that, I guess I did. I guess I really do like you. Hehehe” La Diabla laughed. She knew it was true. She was risking being captured, but she wanted to come see someone that was always on her mind. She loved the look on Darby’s face and this trip was well worth it. “I plan to leave tomorrow or the next day. The longer I am here, the riskier it becomes. I figured I would come see you, spend some time with my favorite deputy and then go back home to the Elu tribe. I hope you don’t mind.” she told her.

“I don’t mind at all!!! This is the best gift ever. I still can’t believe you came here to see me.” Darby told her. Her heart grew with love the more she thought about this moment. It was becoming very special because they had this very strong bond and it was going to grow. She was excited to know she would be around for a day or two. She did understand that the longer she was here, the chances increased of getting recognized and arrested. She then looked around the hills and wondered how long she had been here. “Hey, where are you staying?” she asked.

“I have an old hideout near here. It is far away enough, so I can hide. Don’t worry Darby, I will be careful. I won’t get caught.” La Diabla told her. She knew Darby was concerned, but she was confident in her own skills to hide.

“Hey, how about ya stay with me in muh home? You can hide there. You know I live by muhself and you would be more comfortable. Besides, I would rather spend the night with you in muh own bed, and not in some hideout. Hehehe” Darby offered. She figured La Diabla would be more comfortable inside her home, instead of being out in this area. She knew La Diabla was a skilled and cunning criminal and would be ok, but she wanted to be close to her and a lot more comfortable. She also thought about what could happen later tonight when they went to bed. She just knew they were probably going to make love and that was very exciting.

“Hmmm….sleeping in Deputy Darby’s bed. I like the sound of it. It would be interesting to see where you live. I never knew that about you. I guess I will learn some things. You are probably a sloppy person. Don’t expect me to clean up anything. That’s YOUR job! Hahaha” La Diabla joked. She then leaned closer to Darby and hugged her again. She wanted to feel her body in her arms again as she traveled so far for this moment. “I also know what we will be doing later tonight. I got a feeling we are going to work up a sweat. Hehehehe” she told her.

“Hahaha you’re funny….” Darby giggled. She then broke the hug and looked at that beautiful face. She figured since she was in the Elu Tribe clothing, no one would recognize her immediately and she could get her into her home. She was really excited about this development and was ready to get going. “Ya got your things?” she asked.

“Yeah, let me grab my bag, and we will be on our way. Wow, I am going to the home of Plotsville’s greatest hero! The honor of it all!” La Diabla quipped.

Darby blushed a little as she heard that teasing voice. She shook her head and giggled. “You know how to make a girl feel special. Hehe Come on, let’s go.” she told her.

La Diabla followed Darby to her horse and they both mounted the animal. She sat behind her and wrapped her arms around Darby’s waist. This felt really good to her as she felt really close to her. The horse started to climb back up the hill and she couldn’t believe she was right here, right now. This was such a magical moment, she hoped nothing would stop it. She also started to feel nervous. She was about to enter a town, albeit the residential area, where she had so many memories. Before El Guapo’s gang committed crimes, they did party around the town, especially in The Thirsty Cowboy. They would drink all day and into the night. They would harass other customers before getting kicked out. She remembered how many times El Guapo’s men would try to flirt with the other women customers and watch them get shot down. It was a fun time. Then, they started their crime wave by stealing cattle, and harassing townsfolks, which led to her eventual first-time encounter with Darby. She still couldn’t believe she lost that fight and was captured. She didn’t know at the time, but she would eventually form romantic feelings for that same deputy, and she had her arms wrapped around her at this moment in a loving way. La Diabla looked around the scenery and it looked peaceful. She then saw the rows of homes approaching and she put her face close to Darby’s back, so that no one could get a really good look at her face and possibly recognize her. She would just be a Native American woman with Darby, getting a ride.

Darby felt those arms around her, and she loved it. She couldn’t believe La Diabla was with her right now and heading to her house. What she was really happy about was they were meeting without any kind of drama or chaos around them. She remembered the battles against Madam Olivia, and their traumatic adventure in Santa Selena. Right now, it was just the two of them. She wondered if she should ask Sheriff Dickerson if she could have two days off, that way she could spend all that time with this woman behind her. As she got closer to her home, she did see some neighbors walking, presumably to their jobs as it was still morning, and they waved at her. She waved back and prayed no one could recognize the woman behind her. She did like the disguise she was wearing, as folks would think this is just another person and not the infamous, and dangerous La Diabla. She finally guided her horse to her home and felt butterflies in her stomach. This was the moment. This was where she could finally just feel free and enjoy being in La Diabla’s presence. The horse made it to her backyard area, and now they were out of the public view. “Ok, we are here….” she said softly.

La Diabla looked around and saw the backyard area and the back of the one-story house. This was all amazing to her as this was the place where Darby laid her head every night and lived her life. She got off the horse and continued to look around. The next house was not too far away, and she wanted to get inside. She felt really nervous, yet very happy. She then followed Darby into her house from the back door, and finally she was inside! Her eyes looked around and saw how simple the place was. She could see the kitchen area with its small table, and a few chairs, then went into the living room and saw the couch and an easy chair. There was a fireplace and on top of the mantle, she could see the various awards Darby had been given. The entire place seemed so quaint and very simple. There were a few pictures up, and a very simple brown rug to cover the wooden floor. “So, this is where the great Deputy Darby Reeves lives, huh? How simple and cute.” she told her.

Darby smiled as she watched La Diabla look around her home. It was a very simple home, as she didn’t care for too many decorations. She was never like that. She rubbed her hands as they felt sweaty, and she gazed at that face. She wanted to kiss her and just enjoy being with her. “I am glad you like it. It is not much, but I am quite comfortable. You will be too. Hehehe” she grinned.

“It really is simple. I get it, because my lifestyle has been very simple. I sleep in a teepee now with Cheyenne, so this is like a mansion to me. haha” La Diabla joked. She then looked over at Darby and could see that gleam in her eyes. She felt her arousal building as she now wanted to make love to that woman. She was so excited and waited for this moment for a very long time. “Well, are you going to kiss me or what?” she asked her with a mischievous grin.

“You damn right, I will.” Darby told her then made her way to La Diabla and then kissed her. She had to lean down a little and noticed that La Diabla elevated herself on her toes, so they could really get into the kiss. The feeling of those warm and soft lips sent a lot of pleasurable feelings tearing through her body and she wondered if they were going to have sex in mere moments. That really got her excited and she wrapped her arms around her body and pulled her closer. The kiss they shared was very passionate and filled with love. The kiss broke and she looked into that face, with the eye paint and smiled. “You’re so beautiful Salem. I am very happy with this surprise, and it is not even muh birthday. Hehehehe” she giggled.

“It is not my birthday either, but this is a great gift. Hehe so, what will we do today? Are we losing clothes soon?” La Diabla responded with a smile. She then reached her hands forward and started to unbutton Darby’s shirt.

Darby couldn’t help but feel her nipples get really hard as her shirt was being undone. She really wanted to ravish this woman, or most likely she was going to be ravished as La Diabla was the aggressive type, then she remembered she was still on duty. She didn’t want the moment of making love to La Diabla get ruined by having to go back to work. She let out a sigh and felt disappointment. “Salem, you know I want to make love to you right now, I really do. But….” she tried to say.

“You’re still on duty and you have to go back to the station, right?” La Diabla finished. She knew Darby was working and she still found it adorable that Darby wanted to make love. She then let go of her own embrace and stared at her lover. “I know you’re still at work. Go back there, do your hero stuff, then come back here and we can spend time together. I am not going anywhere obviously. haha” she told her.

Darby chuckled when she heard those words and La Diabla was right. It wasn’t like she was going anywhere and would be here at the end of her shift. She knew her day at work was going to last for an eternity, but it was going to be well worth the wait when she did return to this house. “Yeah, I have to go back before they start to wonder where I am. Are you going to be ok, here? I think I have some books you can read, or some newspapers….” she told her, as she looked around.

“I will be fine. Go ahead, be Plotsville’s hero and come back to me. Tonight will be a very special night, and I promise you, you will never forget it...” La Diabla told her with a flirtatious smile. She then winked at her and looked down at Darby’s boots. “Besides, I still have to tickle those big, tender feet of yours, remember?” she grinned.

“Hahahaha you love ticklin’ muh feet….Ok, I hope you have a good day, and I will come by to check on ya a few times. I still can’t believe you are actually in muh home. It feels like a dream.” Darby told her. Then she leaned forward again, to hug and kiss the outlaw. She just could not get enough of this woman and really wanted to be with her. Then, she heard a knock on the door! Her heart froze and she looked at La Diabla who also had a look of surprise on her face. “Um, hide. Hide in the bedroom! Over there!” she quickly told her.

La Diabla heard that knock and felt fear. She had a good disguise on, but this was still Plotsville and could be recognized. She then went over to Darby’s bedroom to go hide. She went inside and saw the room. She could see Darby’s bed, with the messed-up blankets and she chuckled. “Messy woman….” she said to herself, then went by the bedroom door, closed it, but left a little crack open, so she could listen.

Darby straightened her clothes and looked at her front door. She had no idea who it was, and she hoped she could get rid of that person as soon as possible. The thrill went through her body as she had to maintain her demeanor and pray it wasn’t someone wanting to make a friendly visit. She walked to her front door and opened it. She was surprised to see Deputy George standing there. “George? What brings you by here?” she asked.

“I was looking over for you all over the place! Sheriff Dickerson wants you to come to his office immediately! He says it is really urgent!” Deputy George told her.

“Really? What’s going on?” Darby asked. The way George was reacting, it sounded like there might be a major emergency happening.

“He didn’t say! He said to find you and bring you to his office. He got a phone call from somewhere and immediately asked for ya. Come on, let’s go!” Deputy George told her.

Darby grabbed her hat and then left her house. She felt some relief that La Diabla wasn’t caught but was wondering what the big emergency was. She quickly went around back to get her horse, then caught up to George on his horse. They rode back into Plotsville and made it to the Sheriff’s station. She moved her horse to the fields behind the station and came through the back. She saw Becky standing there with a smile. “Hey Becky, is the Sheriff in his office?” she asked.

“Yeah, he is there and waiting for ya. Where did ya go? We were looking all over for ya.” Becky asked.

“Just had some errands. Ok, I will got see the Sheriff.” Darby told her then made her way to Sheriff Dickerson’s office. She knocked on the window and saw him motion his hand for her to come in. She entered the office and closed the door. She saw him leaning back in his chair and he had a look of concern on his face. She sat down in the chair in front of his desk and placed her hands on the desk. “You wanted to see me?” she asked.

“Thank you for coming, Darby. Yes, I wanted to see you. I got a phone call from out of town and judging by the sound of it, there is a situation happening. The caller asked for you specifically. I think you will recognize the name. The caller was Phoebe Wellington.” Sheriff Dickerson told her.

Darby reacted with surprise as she heard Phoebe’s name. She wondered why Phoebe would make a phone call to the Sheriff’s station. She hadn’t seen her since she visited her mansion six months ago, which was a great time. Her mind started to race and wondered if something bad had happened. “Phoebe? Why would she be calling me? What did she say?” she asked.

“She didn’t say much. She just said it is an emergency and she wanted you specifically to help her. She didn’t want her local Sheriff’s help. She wanted…..you. Any idea what might be happening?” Sheriff Dickerson asked.

Darby leaned back in her chair and was dumbfounded. She had no idea what Phoebe could have wanted and why it had to be her specifically. Whatever the reason, it had to be really important. “Ok…well, with your permission, may I go see her? She is one of the most levelheaded women I know, so it must be something really important.” she requested.

“Sure, you can go. Find out what it is, and report back to me. I am concerned that she is willing to disregard her own local law enforcement and ask for you. We don’t have jurisdiction where she is, so I hope it is not something major.” Sheriff Dickerson told her.

“I understand. Ok, I will get ready to catch the next train headed that way and find out what may have happened. I will hopefully return later today, or even tonight. Thank ya Sheriff.” Darby replied, then stood up. Her mind started to race as she wondered what could have possibly happened to Phoebe to make her call for her. She then started to wonder if Bessie was ok as well. Those two were doing a fantastic job running the Wellington Cattle Company, and it made her wonder if someone was trying to ruin their business and they trusted her to stop them. She did realize she did not have jurisdiction there, but since she was still a deputy, she could make an arrest and hand any culprits over to the local Sheriff. She saw Becky standing there as she exited the office and saw the look of curiosity on her face. “Hey Becky, I have to leave town for a spell. Hold down the fort, ok?” she told her.

“Ya leavin’ town? Do ya need muh help?” Becky asked. She could see the look of concern on Darby’s face, and she wanted to help her. It could mean a new adventure and she was ready to keep proving herself.

“That’s ok, muh eager apprentice. I am going to see muh friend. I will be back later today, or maybe tonight. If I need your help, you know I will let ya know.” Darby told her, then placed her left hand on Becky’s right shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. She knew she craved adventure but wanted to see what Phoebe wanted before involving anyone else. She left the Sheriff’s station, mounted her horse and wanted to head back home first. She would have just gone to the train station, but she had a guest in her house! She rode quicker as she had to tell La Diabla the news, and then go to the station.

The horse galloped very quickly, and she soon arrived at her house. She entered her house through the back door and looked around. “Salem? Are you still here?” she called out.

La Diabla exited the bedroom and approached Darby. She could see how tired Darby looked and she cocked her head in curiosity. “Is everything ok? You rushed out of here so fast. What was the big emergency?” she asked.

“I don’t know yet. Sheriff Dickerson told me Phoebe called the station and told me to come see her. It is some kind of emergency. I wanted to come back here to let you know I will be back possibly tonight. Are you going to be ok here?” Darby told her.

“Wait, you’re going to go see Phoebe? Phoebe Wellington? Something happened to her? Are you going alone to see her?” La Diabla asked. She wondered what the emergency could be as she was concerned. After torturing Phoebe in that wine cellar in the secret house in Santa Selena, and watching Gloria Wellington abandoning her, she and Phoebe actually became friends. They spent time with one another during the Elu tribe celebration and the younger Wellington did not seem to hold a grudge against her for torturing her with tickling. Now she wondered if everything was ok with her. The tone in Darby’s voice made it seem like something major happened.

“Yeah, I have to go see her. I hope it won’t take too long. Are you going to be ok, here?” Darby asked.

“You’re funny. I am going with you! Did you think I was going to sit around your empty house alone, waiting for you to come back like I am some kind of housewife? Darby, Darby, Darby. You know me…” La Diabla told her. She shook her head and had an “Are you serious?” expression on her face. She always craved adventure and this moment seemed like another one could start.

“Good point. You are not exactly the sit around and do-nothing type. Hehehe” Darby giggled. She was happy that the outlaw wanted to go with her, and figured if she need help, this woman would be the best one.

“Besides, the best way for me to not get recognized in Plotsville, is to not be in Plotsville. Hehehe So, let’s go, shall we?” La Diabla asked. She knew she still had to be careful, keep herself disguised and try to keep a low profile because she was known all over the Southwest. She was excited, but also concerned. She liked Phoebe and wondered what could have possible happened.

“Ok, let’s go. We will go to the train station and get there as fast as we can. It makes me wonder if something terrible happened.” Darby told her. She then walked to her kitchen area and opened her back door for La Diabla. The duo walked out and got onto Darby’s horse again. She then took off and headed towards the train station. It was still morning, but Plotsville was starting to get busy, and she hoped she rode fast enough, so no one would recognize the woman behind her. Even though she was very happy to see La Diabla and felt that magic between them, she was still very worried about Phoebe and hoped everything was going to be ok.

Mia looked around her cell and felt really afraid. She had been sitting in this cell for several hours and she had no idea why she was taken to this place. She remembered being at Gertrude’s home, having a great time as she had a piece of delicious chocolate cake, and got her feet tickled and played with. Then, two women entered the home and ended up taking them. She remembered feeling a sharp pain in the back of her head and then she saw blackness. When she came too, she realized she had her arms bound behind her back, her legs and ankles tied, had a gag in her mouth and even a blindfold. She could feel she was lying down on the floor of something that moved. She could hear the wheels rumbling and wondered what was happening. She couldn’t see anything, and she heard a few voices. She figured she was being moved, but just didn’t know where. She didn’t even know how long she had been unconscious. It must have been a long time because she was initially kidnapped in the early evening and at the moment, she could feel heat, so it had to be daytime. Mia tried to think about the women she saw. For some reason, they did look really familiar. As though she saw them before. Once the movement stopped, she heard something open and she was viciously pulled out of something, probably a carriage, and then hoisted in the air, probably over someone’s shoulders because she felt something in her stomach, and she was hunched over. She was carried for a while, and she heard voices. The voices were feminine, and they were laughing. Eventually she felt cool as she may have been carried inside somewhere and out of the sun. Even though she was gagged, she kept herself quiet anyway because she did not want to upset her captors. Then she remembered being laid down on the ground and once again, she was unconscious. When she woke up hours later, the blindfold was removed and now she was in some kind of cell. She got emotional as she had no idea where she was, and why these women kidnapped her and her friend, Gertrude. The cell she was in was very dirty, with no bed, and had dirt all over the floor. It was such a depressing feeling, staring out of the cell and the corridor was so dim. She could see the torches lighting the hallway and it was a bit drafty. She continued to sit on the ground, wondering what was going to happen next. Then she was startled as she heard a noise. She turned her head to the left and looked out of the cell. Suddenly, she saw two women standing there. One of them was quite tall and looked muscular. The other one was shorter but looked very athletic. They were both wearing black, military style uniforms and they stared at her. She had no idea who these women were, but it was probably not going to go well.

“She is a cute one….I like her.” Peta said to her partner, Amalia. She was the one who carried Mia to this cell and now it was time to take her out, so they could play with her.

“Yeah, that is what I love about this job. All the cute women we can play with.” Amalia chimed in.

“Can you tell me why I am here? I-I don’t have any money.” Mia told them as she wondered why she was brought to this horrible place. She knew she was at the wrong place, at the wrong time when she was at Gertrude’s place and now that moment was ruined. The women in front of her weren’t even the same ones who entered into Gertrude’s home.

“Money? We don’t want your money. Besides, you look broke. You don’t have any money. Hahaha” Peta joked. She loved taunting and teasing women and really loved seeing their fear. She loved how Thalia’s plan was unfolding. They had three new captures and she really hoped she could play with at least one of them. It was already late afternoon, and they had a busy day. She knew that Deputy Darby would arrive soon enough, probably as early as tomorrow, or within the next few days. She stared at Mia, and she was just as pretty as the African American woman that Thalia and Carissa brought, and then the older woman that accompanied Mia. She then wrapped her hands around the bars and smiled. “You will do nicely. In fact, I think you will like your new country….hehehe” she teased.

“New country?” Mia asked. She started to wonder where she was. Was she in another country, which was most likely Mexico? She slowly got to her feet and approached the bars. She didn’t want to get too close, but close enough to talk to this woman staring at her. “Where am I?” she asked.

“Somewhere you never thought you would be. Haha” Peta joked. She was given instructions by Thalia not to divulge everything, so she knew she had to be as vague as possible. It was part of Thalia’s mind games with the victims.

“Please….who are you, and why am I here?” Mia asked. Her fear continued to grow, and she was really concerned. She wondered if she was going to ever see her home again.

“You will find out shortly. In fact, that is why I am here. You will get answers soon enough, pretty girl. Hehehe Yeah, you are a lot prettier than the other woman we brought. She is not bad looking for an old lady, but you, yeah, you will do very nicely.” Peta said as she looked at Mia up and down from head to toe. She really hoped she would be given permission to play with Mia. She wouldn’t mind playing with any of the prisoners, but this one really caught her eye.

“Are you talking about Gertrude? Where is she?” Mia asked as she remembered that she was with Gertrude when things went dark. While she was being transported, she couldn’t see anything, but she sensed there was another body in there with her. She started to grow worried about her new friend and she really hoped she was ok.

“She’s fine. Don’t you worry your pretty little head off, she will get her turn soon. But you are first!” Peta told her. She then opened up the cell, so that she could go grab Mia and bring her to Thalia. She approached her and then scooped her up and placed her over her shoulder. She laughed as she felt Mia’s legs starting to kick and felt some hands hitting her back. She did a quick swat on the ass with her left hand, as Mia rested over her right shoulder. “Be still!” she demanded.

“Ouch!” Mia squealed as she felt that smack against her rear end. She started to panic as she was being carried again. She didn’t have any of her bonds on, her wrists and ankles were free, but this woman was carrying her over her shoulder with great ease. Her eyes then saw the other woman who had this smirk on her face, while holding a long wooden staff. That frightened her because she could get hit with that stick. She then watched the walls pass her by, torch after torch passed her eyes and then she found herself inside a large room. She was then dropped off onto the ground, and she was in a standing position. She looked all around, and this room looked really scary, with all the different tables, and chains around, as well as what looked like torture contraptions that someone would read in a book. What really frightened her were all the ladies in this room with her. She was completely outnumbered with 7 women in here, and just her. All these women looked dangerous, except one. That one looked like a regular person, and there were four of them in those black uniforms. The final two were the ones who kidnapped her! “Who are you??” she asked either of them.

Thalia walked up to her new play toy and smiled. She did like this one as she was very cute. When she spoke with Sabrina and Babs when they arrived, they talked about the kidnapping of the woman who was a witness in their crime, which helped get them caught, and also a bonus woman that happened to be at the same house. She sensed the fear in Mia and her excitement started to build. This was going to be another sex slave they were going to send to Greece to be a part of the harem. Her own mission was a great success as she captured someone close to Darby, Bessie. She had plans for that woman, and now these additional two women would also make great sex slaves. It was a very good ride going from the Wellington mansion, here to Mexico. It was a long journey, but they managed to get to Mexico after riding to a train station and sneaking on a cargo train headed towards Mexico. She needed to get to Mexico quickly and if she went by horse, it would take a few days possibly. Once she got to Mexico, she had Peta and Amalia pick her up and they rode to Ciudad del Reina and to this fort. Sabrina and Babs did the same method, and they took a carriage from the train station to this town. Now, all the pieces were coming together, and it was time to have some fun. Thalia stood in front of Mia and had a smirk. It was time to start tormenting this woman. “My name is Thalia and welcome to your new life….” she told her.

“My new life?? Please, I didn’t do anything to any of you. I don’t even know who you are. Why did you bring me and my friend here?” Mia asked. She had so many questions and hoped to get a few of them answered. She noticed the other women staring at her and her eyes locked onto Sabrina. “Why did you bring me here, and who is this woman?” she shouted towards her.

Sabrina chuckled a bit as she could see the fear on Mia’s face. She made her way towards Mia and stood next to Thalia. It was time to exert her own dominance as well. “You will find out soon enough. You were simply unlucky. Had you stayed home, you wouldn’t be here right now….” she told her.

Mia felt really nervous, and she started to shake. None of these women looked like they were going to be help her and she wanted to know her fate. She stared at Sabrina again and she started to recognize the face. Then her eyes went wide as she realized who she was! She remembered all the newspaper articles and the talk around the town about the notorious outlaws who tried to rob Plotsville Bank, kidnapped several women, including her friend Mandy, Deputy Darby and Becky, and tried to rob her place of employment as well. She also remembered something else. She was a hostage to this woman herself! On that date when the outlaws tried to rob the bank, she went there to deposit the money from The Thirsty Cowboy. It was Sabrina that grabbed her and held her as a hostage when things went awry. However, Darby had sacrificed her own well-being, and offered to be the hostage, so that she could go free. She never forgot what Darby did for her as she was terrified then as well. Now, she was face to face with these outlaws again, and also a horde of women wearing soldier uniforms. “Y-You’re Sabrina Alamain!” she blurted out in shock.

Sabrina grinned as she heard that reaction and felt proud. She did kidnap someone from Plotsville, so this pretty woman must have recognized her from her time there. She looked over at Thalia and grinned. She did like the notoriety as she wanted to be the most feared female outlaw in the West, a “title” her ex-lover La Diabla had. “In the flesh! Haha See Thalia, people recognize me, and they fear me.” she boasted.

Thalia looked over at Sabrina and could see the huge, cocky smile on her face. She did like interacting with the outlaw and was amused by her constant attempts to prove how dangerous she was. She didn’t mind it at this moment because it would help serve her ultimate goal. She needed to destroy these women and could have no mistakes. She relied on precision and logic, but also passion. She wanted Sabrina to be passionate and try to be the absolute best she could be. “I can see. Then I made the right choice in selecting you to help fulfilling my mission.” she responded with a very small smile.

“Yes, you did. One day, I will be the most feared woman in all of the United States! You’ll see!” Sabrina bragged. Her confidence, which was always very high, went to another level. She then turned her head back towards Mia and grinned. As she stared at the woman’s face, she then started to think she recognized her as well. There was something very familiar about her, and she tried to remember what that was. She didn’t torture her, but somehow this woman was involved in her Plotsville activities. “Now, where do I know you? I know you’re from Plotsville, but where did I see you in that crappy town?” she asked.

Mia gulped as Sabrina was starting to recognize her. She didn’t think it would be too horrible to be known, but she also knew it probably wouldn’t help her cause if she admitted how she knew Sabrina. The outlaw seemed like the type to use what happened against her to torment her. She was supposed to be the hostage before Darby did her honorable action. “I-I don’t know….Did you come to a bar or something?” she responded, hoping to not be so revealing.

“Maybe…..I did go to that bar The Thirsty Cowboy before I tried to rob it. Maybe it was somewhere else. You really do look familiar…..” Sabrina mused as she placed her right index finger on her lip, trying to figure out where she saw her before. She then turned her head towards Babs. “Doesn’t she look familiar?” she asked.

Babs walked closer to Mia and looked at her up and down. She did look familiar but wasn’t sure as well. She then started to think about the places they actually did go into while in Plotsville, such as the hotel, the bar, the bank, even the bakery. “She does….but I don’t know where.” she said softly.

Mia started to get nervous as she looked at those two women musing over who she was. Her eyes also looked around the room and saw all those contraptions again. Her mind imagined her being trapped in one of those devices and they looked like they could be used for torture! She started to get really scared and her emotions started to build up. What also frightened her were the looks on the women soldiers’ faces. Their expressions never changed at all. They looked deadly serious and now her mind really started to go crazy as she imagined horrible things possibly happening to her. She still didn’t understand why she was here, or why they wanted to kidnap Gertrude. She was the kindest, sweetest, woman around. Her mind then threw in a joke, which seemed crazy, but her mind was racing all over the place. She thought what if they had a bad foot tickling experience or something. She just couldn’t imagine why they would go after her. “Please….can I go home?” she mumbled.

Sabrina kept pondering who this woman was, and as she heard that soft pleading for her to be released, she started thinking that perhaps this was someone who she looked at as a possible hostage before. Her mind relayed all the memories of her Plotsville caper, and then it hit her! She started to recognize this woman. Her mind went back to the bank robbery attempt and before she ended up taking Darby as a hostage, she held a woman and would have used her as the hostage she needed to escape. That woman was about the same height, build and hair as this woman. “Wait, I know you! You’re that stupid bank customer I had in my hands before I took Darby, right?” she asked.

Mia started to really panic as she was recognized and feared this woman was going to finally have her as a hostage. Even though Darby never told her what happened to her while she and Becky were held captive by these outlaws, she could tell something happened. Because both Darby and Becky seemed kind of shaken when she asked what happened to them during that time. They just told her that Sabrina and Babs did some things to them, but they survived it and were ok. Now, she wondered if whatever happened to them would happen to her. “Please….let me go home. I-I won’t tell anyone I saw you.” she told them.

“Yeah, you ARE that woman! Wow, what a small world. You were supposed to be my captive before, and you ended up being trapped after all. How funny…..” Sabrina smiled. She felt like it was destiny that she would get all the women in Plotsville that were involved in her plot, and this was going to be fun. She then turned towards Thalia and saw she still had that cold, serious face. She started to wonder what would make that woman smile and laugh a lot. She started to wonder if she was ticklish herself but dismissed that thought because it was time to go to work. “Hey Thalia, do we get to torture this one? I would love to see her in agony.” she asked.

Thalia did a very small chuckle as Sabrina looked excited about torturing another woman. They did have three new slaves and she figured before she got her hands on Darby, the other women needed to be broken because they were going to go to Greece and become a part of the harem. She was going to save Bessie for herself, so she figured the two captives from Plotsville should be under the mercy of the others in the room. She remembered both Carissa and Rose had their fun with Gabby, so that left Peta and Amalia as a pair, and of course the two outlaws. She thought they might as well have their fun. “We have two captives that you can play with if you like. I have the one from the Wellington mansion, so which of the two would you like?” she asked her.

Sabrina felt a rush of adrenaline go right through her body as it was finally her turn to torment someone. She was waiting for this moment because she wanted to prove her own tickling skills to these Greeks. She knew Thalia was not aware of her own abilities and would be superior. She saw just how effective Thalia was at tickling and how she really tore massive orgasms out of Bella and Gabby, now she had to show she was good at that too. She thought about Gertrude and Mia. Mia was definitely a pretty one, but Gertrude testified against her. “Hmmmm…..I do have an inkling to torment the old bat that I kidnapped. This one is very pretty though. Who should I choose? Hey Babs, who should we work on?” she asked.

Babs felt really excited as once again she was going to be able to tickle another woman. She was also feeling proud and felt love towards her partner because she was going to be included! Normally, Sabrina took the lead and tickle tortured women in front of her. But during their run in Plotsville, she got to show her own tickling skills, which impressed her partner enough to allow her to help her out more. It showed trust in her, and she also wanted to prove to these Greeks that she was just as good as they were, if not better. Now, she had a choice to make. Would she rather see this cute lady tormented, or would it be more fun to completely humiliate that older woman, the same one who went to court to testify against them? “That is a tough choice. I think we should go after the old maid. She was the one who wronged us the most….” she told her.

“I have an idea…” Thalia began. She was getting a bit excited herself as she wanted to see just how effective these two outlaws were. They were humble bragging earlier, now they had to prove themselves to her. She also thought about Peta and Amalia. They needed practice and Gertrude seemed like a great training dummy they could practice on. Humiliation of an older woman would serve a great purpose because a young one could always recover over the course of time. An older woman would be haunted for the rest of her life. “How about I have Peta and Amalia over there torment the old lady? That woman is nothing. But, this young one, you could work on for quite some time. She looks like she has a cute body. Imagine the possibilities…..” she told them. She wanted to watch what the outlaws could do to this very pretty young woman.

Sabrina looked at Babs and smiled. It did seem like a great idea to do. Tormenting Mia would probably really turn them on, and getting and orgasm out of her would be an amazing thing. She still wanted a piece of Gertrude though. Ruth, the Plotsville Bank employee she kidnapped, was also older and breaking her was really rewarding. There was something sexy about an older woman being forced to submit to a younger one that got her juices flowing. However, she figured playing with Mia would be a fun test, so she decided to go with that. “Ok, I will do that. As much as I do not like the old bat, this one will do nicely…..” she responded.

Mia gasped as she heard that she was going to be tortured!!! She listened in abject fear while they discussed who should Sabrina and Babs torment, either her or Gertrude. The thought of being tortured rocked her to her very core and she started to get really emotional. She didn’t want to get hurt. Her body was very responsive to touch, and they were going to hurt her really badly. “Please….please don’t torture me….I didn’t do anything to you. I just want to go home….I just want to go home.” she told them as she held back tears.

Sabrina loved the sound of Mia begging and now she got really excited. She was going to really work this woman over because she had to show Thalia and her soldiers that she was the most dominant tickler around her. She also found Mia very attractive, so sexually conquering her was going to be a sweet accomplishment. “Awww….someone sounds SO scared! I love it! Ok Thalia, sit back and enjoy the show….” she told her with the utmost confidence in her voice.

“Enjoy…” Thalia simply told her. She then looked at Peta and Amalia. She nodded to them to let them know they would also have their fun very soon. She also wanted Gertrude for a specific reason. She also loved the idea of completely humiliating an older woman, and sexually conquering them. She wanted to tear an orgasm out of Gertrude and really break her spirit. She wouldn’t be a usual sex slave, she could possibly care for the other slaves whenever they returned from their time with Christos, others, and even herself. She then stood next to Carissa, who was on her left. “Now, we will see if these two are even worthy. If they are not, well, maybe we can add them to the collection too. Hehehe” she whispered to her.

Sabrina looked at Mia and she felt her adrenaline starting to flow. This was the moment. This was the moment she was going to show Thalia and her friends how talented she was. She figured she would also use Babs to help her as well. As she looked at Mia, she loved the look of fright on her face. She could smell the fear, which meant her body was going to be very sensitive. She hoped she was already deathly ticklish, and this moment would make her even more so. She walked up to the woman and watched her shivering. “Hmmmm……what is your name by the way?” she asked.

Mia watched as Sabrina walked up to her and she saw that look of absolute malice in her eyes. She wondered if she should fight her way out of this. If they were going to do something to her, she might as well make them work for it. Her eyes looked at Sabrina, but also darted around the room. She was severely outnumbered, and she didn’t even know where Gertrude was. She gulped and figured she would wait to see what would happen first, before trying something drastic. “My name? It’s Mia….” she said softly.

“Mia? Mia……ooooh, I like that name. It is a cute name, just like you.” Sabrina said with a sly smile. She then started to walk around Mia’s body, looking at her from head to toe. She did like how this woman looked, with her long black hair and her defined body. When she got behind her, she looked at her rear end. It was a nice shape, and she felt some arousal building. She then completed her walkaround and looked at Mia’s face. She saw the fear in her eyes and that gave her such a rush.

Mia continued to shake in fear as she felt like a piece of meat. The way Sabrina looked at her, the way she walked around her, she could feel her body being examined. She had no idea what torture they were going to do to her, and she hoped it wouldn’t be too terrible and would be quick. “Please….let me go. I don’t want to be here….” she said softly.

“Too bad. You are here for a purpose. You should feel honored! You will be part of the reason we take down Deputy Darby Reeves! She will be destroyed! I have this feeling once she realizes you are missing, she will do everything she can to come find you. The way she was willing to sacrifice her own well-being for you in the Bank is now making me wonder. Are you two……lovers?” Sabrina teased. She had no idea if that was true or not, she just figured she would throw that out there to mess with Mia’s head.

Mia gasped as she heard that question. She was not lovers with Darby, but down deep, she wished she was. She was very attracted to Darby, and they did have a sexual encounter before. She also hated the fact she was going to be used to help capture Darby. That must have been the reason they captured Gertrude as well. Going after Darby’s friends, so they can trap her and probably do horrible things to her. “We….we are not…lovers…” she mumbled, then let her head lower.

“Hehehehe I got a feeling that maybe Darby has some feelings for you. I wonder if I grabbed some other idiot in that bank, would she have sacrificed herself. Well, when we do have her, I am going to ask. Maybe she will pledge her love for you.” Sabrina teased. She liked this made-up story as she noticed that Mia did not outright reject the idea of them being lovers. She wondered if it was the other way around. That this woman had feelings for Darby instead. That was what was going to make this torture all the more sweet.

“Please….I just want to go home…” Mia muttered. She started to think about her own growing feelings for Darby and tried to push them out of her head. She then looked at Sabrina who had this very large smirk on her face, as though she was enjoying toying with her.

“You’re not going home ever again. You will have a new home in Greece. Just think, you will be able to use your greatest asset there. Your sweet body….” Sabrina told her. She saw Mia getting emotional and she knew it was fear. She then looked over at Babs and winked. It was playtime! “Now Mia….I want you to obey me. You do so, and maybe your torture won’t be as bad. Strip…” she told her.

Mia’s eyes went wide with shock as she heard Sabrina’s command. She thought she heard her tell her to strip, but that couldn’t be right. “Strip? You want me to strip?” she asked.

“Yes! Strip. Do it now and I want you to strip ALL of your clothes off. That’s right, I want you to be completely naked….” Sabrina commanded.

Mia froze in fear. This woman was going to completely embarrass her by having her strip herself naked. She hated this moment because she did not want all these women gazing at her while she was nude. She preferred being naked in private and with someone she was attracted to. This was going to be humiliating and she did not want any part of it. “I-I can’t do that….I don’t want to be naked.” she whimpered.

Sabrina heard that response and started to feel angry. Not only was this woman defying her, but she was also doing so in front of Thalia and her horde. It made her seem like she was not effective and couldn’t command fear like Thalia could. This got her really upset and she got directly into Mia’s face. “I SAID STRIP!!! DO IT NOW DAMMIT, OR I WILL PERSONALLY TEAR YOUR CLOTHES OFF MYSELF!!!” she screamed.

Thalia witnessed this exchange and she smiled to herself. She figured Sabrina was probably the emotional type and she was showing that right now. That may have been a dangerous outlaw, but she seemed a bit undisciplined. That was probably why she was captured and sent to prison. She didn’t remain patient. She was starting to surmise that Sabrina was going to be an effective ally, but she would never be a great leader. She was anxious to see Mia naked because the woman was very beautiful. She turned her head towards Carissa, and they winked at each other. They knew their own style was far more disciplined and that would be the reason they succeeded. She then continued to watch this scene unfold before them.

Mia winced as she heard the intensity in Sabrina’s voice. She could tell she was very angry, and it made her wonder that if she was tortured physically, it might be even worse if she was upset. She decided she had to appease this woman, even at her own expense. She then put her fingers on the buttons of her shirt and started to unbutton the garment. “Ok….I will strip.” she said meekly.

Sabrina watched as Mia started to take off her shirt and she smiled. She was in control of this confrontation and now she started to feel a little more relaxed. She took a few steps back, so she could watch Mia get undressed. She watched as the shirt was finally unbuttoned and now, she saw it open up. She licked her lips as she started to see that wonderful smooth looking skin. She liked how the belly button looked and she then saw the bra as the shirt came off. She started to feel her arousal growing as she saw the size C breasts that were covered, and she wanted to play with them too. She could see just how scared and nervous Mia was. Even as she started to take off her boots, the woman looked as though she was shaking like a tree in the wind. Sabrina loved this moment. She loved the feeling of power she had over Mia and felt her excitement growing as the seconds passed. “Mmmmm….yeah, you are a cute one. I am going to have a lot of fun with you.” she said in a seductive voice.

Mia felt herself wanting to cry as she continued to remove her clothes. She slipped off her right boot, then started to pull on the left one. She looked around the room and all the women in the room had lustful stares. She really did feel like a piece of meat, and she started to wonder exactly what her torture was going to be. Stripping in front of them was torture for her and she hoped that would be it. The left boot came off and now she worked on unbuttoning her jeans. She had a hard time because her hands were shaking, but that look on Sabrina’s face made her work on the button because she did not want this outlaw to scream at her again.

Babs watched with great lust as she saw Mia finish unbuttoning her jeans and now, she was pulling them down. She always loved it when Sabrina would strip their victims. She really loved it when she made them strip themselves. That was true power over someone, and she really loved it. She really found Mia to be really attractive and hoped they would have the same kind of experiences with this victim, as they had with Mandy. She stared at Mia’s socked feet and hoped she could tickle those barefeet. The feeling of tickle dominating another woman was such an erotic desire and she also hoped they forced Mia to cum. She held her breath as she saw Mia now stepping out of the jeans, and she was now just in her bra, underwear and socks. “Don’t forget your socks….” she said, her voice dripping with lust.

Mia looked over and saw Babs staring at her. This only further humiliated her, and she figured her socks should be next. Because the next item of clothing after her socks would be something that would expose her private places. She slipped the right sock off, then the left. She now stood in her bare feet and now it was that moment of truth. She would have to remove either her bra or her underwear and all these women would look at her. “Can I leave these on?” she asked.

“Nope….take off that bra already. I want to see those tits!” Sabrina commanded. She felt wet between her legs as Mia really did have a very nice body. She saw tears forming in her eyes and that feeling of power coursing through her body made her really excited.

Mia gulped, then felt a single tear fall from her right eye. She was about to show these women something very personal. She started to remove her bra and when the cups came off her breasts, she felt great shame. She got the garment off and dropped it to the ground. She then covered her breasts with her hands, and then saw Sabrina walking towards her.

Sabrina saw Mia covering her chest with her hands and she was not going to let that stand. When she got to the woman, she reached her hands forward, grabbed Mia’s wrists and then yanked her arms down, which pulled the hands off the breasts and now they were completely exposed. She gasped as she saw the size C breasts exposed and she loved what she saw. They had that very soft, rounded shape, with small, dark brown nipples. “Oh my!!! These are……….NICE!!!! Shake them for me!” she told her with excitement.

Mia looked at Sabrina with sad eyes as she just had her chest exposed for everyone to see. This was such a humiliating moment as she stripped herself. Her wrists were still being held by Sabrina, and now that dangerous outlaw demanded she shake her chest, probably to give her a show. She just could not bring herself to do that, and she felt like letting all her tears out. “I-I can’t….” she said with sadness in her voice.

“I SAID SHAKE THEM!!!!” Sabrina screamed, then started moving Mia’s arms side to side, which forced the upper body to shake around and now she saw the breasts swinging. They had a very nice bounce to them, and she absolutely loved it. She watched the nipples swaying and she felt a tingle in her body. She started to laugh as she knew she was breaking Mia’s spirit already.

Thalia chuckled as she watched Mia’s breasts swinging due to Sabrina manipulating the arms. She started to figure Sabrina was doing her best to imitate her by being intimidating like she was. It was amusing to see Sabrina embarrass this woman, but she felt comfort knowing that she would be the far better tormentor. She was curious about how far Sabrina would go and wanted to continue to watch this show.

Mia felt helpless as her chest kept moving around. She felt like a little girl whose parents were being playful with her. She felt her face burning with embarrassment as she was being treated like a puppet to this woman. She prayed this would be over soon, as this was completely embarrassing.

Babs laughed as she saw what Sabrina was doing. She loved how her partner humiliated their victims. She also liked Mia’s naked breasts and seeing them swaying in the air also got her arousal building. Her eyes then looked down at Mia’s feet and she smiled. Those feet looked really cute. Since she was looking at the tops of the feet, she could see the toes looked long, and the feet were about an average size. She wanted to touch them and felt herself trembling with excitement. “Look at those tits swinging! Hehehehe She is absolutely beautiful! Even her feet are cute!” she yelled out.

Sabrina looked down at Mia’s feet and saw how cute they were. She got really excited because she loved a woman’s feet, especially if they were ticklish. She then noticed that Mia was still wearing her underwear and if her breasts and feet were nice, she wondered if the most private spot would be beautiful. She let go of Mia’s arms and the woman’s breasts stopped swinging. Now it was time for the best part of this humiliating moment. The underwear had to be removed. “Ok sweet, sweet Mia. Take off your underwear. Let’s see that pussy of yours…” she told her.

Mia dropped her head in shame as she was now instructed to remove the final piece of clothing from her body. Once she removed her underwear, she was going to be completely naked, and all these women would gawk at her. She knew she had no choice because either she was going to do it, or she had a fear that Sabrina was going to. She took a deep breath, held back her emotions, and then placed her hands on her hips near the underwear and started to tug them downwards. She could feel it slipping off her hips and now her groin was starting to be exposed. She looked up at Sabrina and she felt even worse because she saw the outlaw licking her lips. She hesitated for a moment, then continued to pull them down. The garment came off her hips and were now leaving her groin area, exposing her pubic hairs.

Sabrina watched with great delight as she saw Mia now removing her underwear. She could see that black pubic hair and she could barely contain her excitement. She really wanted to play with this woman and show off to Thalia. The underwear then fell to the ground, and she watched as Mia stepped out of it. Now, her victim stood there completely naked and already had a look of defeat on her face. Now, it was time to have some fun! “Wow….. you are one sexy woman! Look at you! Look at that beautiful body you have. That face, those tits, those hips. Girl, you are one fine woman…” she shouted.

Mia felt so humiliated at this moment. She could hear Sabrina’s “compliments” and knew it was to embarrass her even further. She didn’t even know what to do with her hands. She wanted to cover her vagina but was afraid Sabrina would only move them out the way anyway. She could also hear murmurs in the room as the other ladies were gawking and surely commenting on her appearance. She felt her eyes watering up again as she was being made a spectacle of. She hung her head and hoped something could get her out of her misery.

“Hmmmm….now, how should I have you?” Sabrina asked aloud. She looked around the room at the various contraptions, trying to figure out which one would be the best for Mia. She didn’t want to use the table that Gabby was on, or hang down from the ceiling like Bella was, she wanted something unique and different. She moved around the room and then her eyes caught something. She looked at the device and knew that when it was in use, it must have been horrible for anyone on it. It was a large wooden wheel, probably about 5 feet in diameter, and was attached to two wooden “prongs” as though it would rotate in place. She could see the width of the wheel and noticed that it resembled a water wheel. There were several planks between the plates of the wheel, and they looked removable. Some of them even had metal hooks. Sabrina started to understand how this wheel worked and she got excited. It looked like it was designed to put a prisoner on it and stretch them out. It would also put them in a very uncomfortable position as well. She then looked back at Mia and then Babs. “Hey Babs, let’s put her on this. Get some ropes or something.” she instructed.

Babs got really excited as she saw the wheel. It looked like it would be perfect to stretch out Mia’s naked body and they could have a lot of fun! She started to look around the room and noticed something on a shelf. She walked over to it and discovered it was a pair of handcuffs. She nodded her head and grabbed the cuffs. She then realized she needed something for the ankles. She figured she could use the same rope she used when they initially kidnapped both Gertrude and Mia. She got a strand of rope, then looked at Sabrina. “I got them!” she said with excitement.

Mia looked up and saw both Sabrina and Babs moving around the room with a bounce in their step. They seemed so excited to torture her and she felt horrible. She could also see the looks on Thalia and others’ faces, and this did not seem like it was going to get better. She then saw both outlaws approaching her and she felt her heart beating even faster. The moment of truth was here, and she was frightened to her core.

“Hey Mia cutie! The time has finally come for us to have some fun with you. Now, you may hate us, and I know you are scared, but by the time we are done with you, you might even love what we do. Hahaha Oh yes, your sexy body will love us. Now, follow me…..” Sabrina instructed as she started to walk over to the wheel. She knew Babs was behind Mia, and when she got to the wheel, she felt her adrenaline spiking. She turned around and Mia was right there. “Ok cutie, lean your back against the wheel.” she instructed.

Mia felt Babs’ presence behind her and knew she had to get moving. She saw that large wheel and had no idea what these women were going to do to her. She made it to the wheel, and turned around and leaned her back against the wheel. The wood was a little cold and now she stared into that evil smile on Sabrina’s face. “W-What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“You’ll find out. It will be fun! I promise! Well, fun for me and Babs. Hehehehee Now raise your hands in the air.” Sabrina instructed. She saw Mia hesitating, but then her prisoner started to slowly move up into the air. Once they were above her head, she took the cuffs from Babs, then placed them on the wrists. She then secured the cuffs to the metal hook that was above the head area. Now that Mia’s wrists were secured, she figured it was time to rotate the wheel and get this woman in position. She happily made it to the side of the wheel and saw a crank. She motioned Babs to come over and they both started to turn the crank together. The wheel started to rotate clockwise and now, Mia’s body started to lift into the air, her naked feet coming off the ground.

Mia let out a squeal as she felt herself being lifted into the air. She felt her back starting to arch, and her feet were dangling. She moved her head left and right, watching as she was lifted in the air, and then she started to feel a strain in her back. She started to understand how this wheel worked and she started to panic inside. It was stretching her a bit, as her chest protruded, and her ribs stuck out. She felt the strain in her lower back, and she started to whimper. Whatever they had planned, it was not going to be good for her.

Babs grinned as she saw those breasts now sticking out further and those ribs. Once they got Mia to a certain height, they put the clamp on the crank and the wheel stayed in position. She then went to the feet of the victim and used that rope to bind them together. The metal hook was too far down, so she removed the wooden plank from the wheel and moved it into a slot closer to Mia’s feet. As she placed the plank inside, she stared at the pretty feet. She could see her wiggling her toes a bit and she felt an incredible amount of excitement. She was really looking forward to tickling poor Mia. Just like Sabrina, she wanted to prove how good she was at this torture method in front of these Greek women. She finished binding the ankles to the hook and now Mia was completely trapped. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on the top of each foot, then stood upright. “She is ready!!!” she declared.

Sabrina rubbed her hands together. She then remembered something. She didn’t have her trusty feather anymore. Once she made it to prison, they took all of her belongings. She was lucky to even be wearing her regular clothes, as she was transported in them, instead of the prison uniform. She looked around the room and realized there wouldn’t be a feather here, as it was a room used for pain. She figured she would have to use her fingers only. She thought to herself that would be ok, she could still tickle destroy this attractive woman with a hands-on approach. “Ok Babs, here we go!!!” she said, then looked over at Thalia.

Thalia smiled as she saw Mia’s back bending against the circumference of the wheel. It looked really painful, and she was impressed that Sabrina chose it for her torture tool. She started to have some confidence that perhaps Sabrina would be really good at torture and that would make what would happen to Darby even sweeter. She did like how Mia’s chest was sticking out. The breasts were really nice to her eyes, and she started to get excited. It was as though she was going to watch another show, just like when she saw Rose and Carissa torture Gabby. She then looked at Sabrina, who was already beaming with pride. “Very nice set up. Now, how good are you? We shall see…..” she said with a hint of taunting.

Sabrina could hear that tone in Thalia’s voice and knew the woman was challenging her. She felt excited about the competition and now it was her turn to shine. She then made her way to the left side of the wheel. She was now on Mia’s left and she could see Thalia and her crew standing off to the right side. She then looked into Mia’s eyes. She saw the fear and she could see that she was not comfortable. She focused herself and the time was now. “Hi Mia….I know this is a bit uncomfortable and you look so sad. Don’t worry, I will make you feel better. Well, kinda. You know I am going to torture you, and you are probably wondering what horrible plan I have. Well……” she began, then ran her fingers very softly across the sides of the left ribcage.

Mia winced in shock as she felt those fingers gently touching her ribs. She heard Sabrina tell her she was going to be tortured and now her senses were on high alert. She was uncomfortable and because her wrists and ankles were bound, she couldn’t even move her body. She felt the stretching and now she felt those fingers. The worst part about it was that it was starting to tickle her. The touch was very light, but her skin was very responsive. She figured that wasn’t going to be the torture and she just had to pray it was not something very brutal.

“Awww…..what’s the matter? Are you scared?” Sabrina asked in a mocking tone. She continued to stroke her fingers lightly over the ribs and could feel Mia flinching a little. That really got her excited as she discovered that Mia was ticklish.

“Please…..*grunt*…..let me go. I’m scared. I-I-I didn’t….*grunt* do anything to you….” Mia pleaded. As she felt the fingers continuing to caress her ribs, the ticklish feelings only increased. It started to bother her, and she even felt her lips starting to turn into a smile.

“Don’t be scared, sweet Mia! I am going to have fun with you!” Sabrina taunted. She continued to stroke her fingers across those ribs and saw the goosebumps forming. She moved her fingers from the top of the ribs, just below that left breast and down the side towards the back. She looked at Mia’s face and started to see her lips curl into a forced smile. She stroked her fingers again down those ribs, and the smile got larger. “Miss Mia, why are you smiling? Do my fingers bother you?” she teased.

Mia felt those ticklish sensations starting to increase in her body and she wanted to squirm. It really started to worry her because she could not move at all. She could not believe what Sabrina was doing and after hearing her words, she wondered if this was being done on purpose. She turned her head towards Sabrina and saw this goofy smile on her face. “What….*grunt* are you doing to me?” she asked, desperately trying not to let out a giggle.

“I am just touching your skin, sweetie. You know, you have some very soft and some very smooth skin. No blemishes anywhere. Tell me, what are your beauty secrets? What makes your skin so soft, and so smooth?” Sabrina asked. She was starting to enjoy herself immensely as she could feel the discomfort in Mia’s body. She then moved her fingers a little faster and with a little more power. It was time to make this woman start to suffer.

Mia felt the fingers moving faster and now the ticklish sensations got more intense. She wondered why this outlaw would ask her about her beauty secrets at a time like this. She tried to wiggle her body away and now she felt herself about to start giggling. The more she looked at Sabrina’s face with that goofy grin, the more she wanted to laugh. She closed her eyes and turned her head away. She did not want to be embarrassed any further by laughing in front of everyone.

Sabrina chuckled as she saw Mia’s reaction. This was going to be a special moment as her victim seemed very responsive. She could also see the left nipple stiffening, which only delighted her even more. Now, she started to use her nails on the skin, and she heard some soft giggles starting to come out. She looked at Mia’s face and could see her shutting her eyes very tight and her mouth was opening to let some sounds out. “What’s the matter, Mia? Hehehe Seems like you are discovering how I am going to torture your sweet, sweet body. You seem a bit…….ticklish.” she told her.

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