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Thread: Bayley WWE

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    May 2020

    Bayley WWE

    https://youtu.be/2c-tE44KCjQ at the 04:06 Mark. Rubbish camera angle but looks like a tickle to me.

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    It seems to have been removed. If you have the video do upload it
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    Normally I would say it's impossible to tell, and probably not a tickle anyway, but I actually think that might be what they were going for here. There were a couple of Tweets from around about late 2017 when this match happened mentioning that Alicia Fox tickled either Bayley or Sasha Banks during a match at an untelevised house show. Here's one:


    I'm pretty sure I remember another from a different night in a different city. Wrestlers will often perform spots on these shows to practice them before doing them on TV. Considering the timeline here, I'd say this is probably intended to be a tickle. Of course, it's wrestling, so whether or not she actually tickled her is up for debate.

    Still though, impressive catch OP! Hell of an eye you've got.

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    I was at a house show where Alicia tickled Bayley, so I can attest these spots were actually a thing.

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    If you listen to it, Alicia Fox does say "I'm gonna TICKLE YA" before she does it

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