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    Pool Party with Passion (F/F, M/F)

    This previous weekend I had a really great and but also flustering experience at a pool party. Been debating how much to share, don't wanna over share, but writing down what happened helps me process it (and well since this is tickle centric were else can I do that..). So this is as much an experience story as a tickling one, here goes...

    To give some background, this pool party was a "yay it's not freezing anymore!" party (haha) to allow us all to hang out. It was hosted at a good friend of mines house, Jackie and her husband Mark. It's a really nice set up with a large back yard with pool, lots of greenery, outdoor kitchen and dinning, plenty of decking and shade sails. Some friends of mine I have mentioned before Amy, Naomi, and Scott were there, plus other friends of mine and a couple of others I knew of but not well. Perhaps 15ish people in total.

    Everyone basically started with a bbq lunch (vegetarian options for ya girl) and then kind of all settled into what we wanted to do for the afternoon. I wanted to start with a swim to cool off and loosen up! Maybe 8 or so others were in the pool with me.

    Of course me being me, I got into a good natured splash fight / pool dunking tangle of limbs with a girl called Katherine, can't remember who started it *angel*! Eventually after much splashing of water, I managed to get her in a headlock and was like "give up" while splashing her with water with my free hand lol. Then I felt her hands squeezing my sides "ha I'm not ticklish there" I taunted as she got no where with her attack on my sides and I just splashed her harder till she spluttered she gave lol. I let her go and declared I was the queen of the pool haha. At thid she actually came back at me, her nails finding my bare (my swimsuit being of the skimpy black variety) tummy muscles and attempting to tickle me there. "Not ticklish there either" I laughingly taunted as she her hands went over my tummy, and sides unsuccessfully trying to find a tickle spot. At this point I of course started tickling her back, my hands squeezed her fabric covered sides (she was wearing a black one piece) and got some squirming but also grunts of "not ticklish" (she clearly was but was holding it in), so as she grabbed at my bare tummy, sides, lower ribs and waist unsuccessfully trying to find a tickle spot, my hands went to her hips and kneaded there, bingo! "Haha stop tickles!" or something to that effect escaped Katherine's mouth as she immediately pulled away. "Haha run you ticklish coward!" I teased. She said something about it being "unfair" and we both laughed at the silly fun.

    After more random splashing, diving, swimming, and messing about occurred - including Katherine trying to tickle me again! She came up behind me while I was taking to Naomi in the corner of the pool and grabbed my hips and kneeded then, yelling "revenge!" in a comical manner lol. I whipped around, not reacting and smirking and saying "not ticklish on my hips but yours are!" and grabbed her hips and kneaded firmly. A bunch of laughing and protests followed and another attempt to pull away, not this time Katherine! I wrapped my arms around her waist (Katherine is actually someone I am taller than, 5'4 vs 5'0) and just kneaded her hips until she submitted after about 10 seconds or something. More "unfair" laughing from a slightly red faced Katherine, when I told her I was the untickleanle pool queen haha. This comment bought an amused smirk in my direction from my friend Naomi.

    Anyway after that a few of us decided some shoulder wrestling / chicken (basically girl on guys shoulders, trying to knock each other into the water) was a fun thing to do. So those of us in the pool paired up into 4 pairs. I paired up with a guy called Nathan, Naomi with guy named Jeff, Jackie with Mark, and Amy with Scott. Katherine said she was going to sit this one out (I wonder why haha) and the others were out of the pool but watching. I managed to knock Jackie off Mark's shoulders (no tickling involved!) and Naomi knocked Amy off Scott's. So Team Naomi vs Team Francesca! Naomi is about 5'7/5'8 so did have a reach advantage over me, so she kind of kept me at bay for a bit as we tried to grab each other's wrists, till I yelled at Nathan to get in closer, which he did, this enabled me to get close enough to properly do what any sensible person would knew their friends bad tickle spots would, got my nails under her armpits and tickled. This triggered immediate panicked yelling and sort of a bird arm flap thing as this combined with me pushing her meant she fell butt first into the pool haha. Queue some laughing from everyone and some good natured "cheater" calls from Naomi and everyone got back to doing their thing.

    It was mid afternoon, so time to go get some sun for my pale butt poolside and I did so with Naomi on lounger chairs poolside. I settled onto my tummy and after about 15 minutes or so enjoying the sun with my eyes closed, someone called out I should join them in the pool. I opened my eyes and saw it was Jeff, I got the feeling someone got an eye full of me (skimpy black bikini remember) during shoulder wrestling and he fancied me lol. He wasn't uncute so I was willing to tolerate a little harmless flirting, even if I wasn't too interested in doing anything with him ultimately.

    He came right over and repeated his call. I laughed good naturedly and said thanks but no thanks as I was enjoying the sun and added, just to be a little tease, but I hoped he was enjoying the view. I also poked out my tounge at the end as a way of saying that is that. I think Jeff took this as way of being playful tease and thus permission continue his efforts, which in a way it was haha. To this end I actually felt his fingers running over my bare feet which had no effect, "ha I am not ticklish Jeff! you should have noticed that before." "Oh whatever that was just your belly, I bet your feet are ticklish Francesca." said Jeff continuing his efforts without success "Nope my feet aren't ticklish" I said a bit smuggly as I layed there with a playful but smug grin as Jeff got a little frustrated haha "I am untickleable, unlike Naomi who falls into the water when tickled" I added and grinned at my friend who was laying the same way on the chair next to me, and she just gave me coy grin with mischievous eyes.

    On hearing this, Jeff did actually try to tickle Naomi's feet but lucky for her the feet aren't really that ticklish and she held her feet stil and said "my feet aren't ticklish either". At this point I turned my head to Jeff and told him playfully he is 2 - 0 and should shoo and let us enjoy our sun in peace. He got the hunt and swam off, grinning a bit as while he didn't get us in the pool I think he at least enjoyed the flirty interactions, and we'll he could read a gentle hint haha.

    With this little interaction over I closed my eyes again and enjoyed some rays on my body, about 10 minutes latter I felt a weight on my back and I opened them and saw Naomi was straddling my back and grinning at me. "Did you think I wouldn't get you back for tickling me earlier and the sass huh Fran?" and her nails slide under my arms and started scratching at my smooth pits."You l am not ticklish Naomi, you have tried before, including under my arms" I said, not laughing. At this Naomi bent down, and actually whispered in my ear "maybe tickling you isn't the point, maybe getting you to pay attention to me is you cutie" and her fingers subtly grazed the sides of my breast's that weren't covered by my bikini top, before returning back under my arms, then repeating the process. I gasped quietly and actually blushed a little (most unlike me, I make people blush dam it!) when her fingers brushed the sides of my breasts, not because it tickled, but it was surprising to feel that touch and it felt nice. Having another attractive girl on you back, firm legs and firm bare tummy pressing into your back, hot breath whispering into your air and soft fingers grazing your outer breasts well let's just call it a turn on, and the bold but subtle way she did it (you would just think she was trying to tickle me at a quick glance and several people had already tried that today) made it even more of a turn on and exciting. "Maybe we can tickle each other latter" (tickled each other's fancy is more what she was thinking haha) she whispered into my ear, to which I just nooded a bit dazed as she got off me and give me flirty grin before she lay back down, with me trying to defluster myself before anyone else noticed haha. I don't know if anyone else did tbh..

    After recovering my wits me and Naomi played it cool and just enjoyed the sun for the next hour or so, then dinner with everyone else.... but my mind was still on what happened earlier with Naomi, not really sure what I should do next... some flirt I am haha. Things started to break up and as I was shaping to leave Naomi took my hand, gripping it and smiling at me and sort of lead me out. Amy saw this and winked at us, she must have noticed something... yikes!

    Anyway I ended back at Naomi's place, and we talked... she said she had always liked me since we first meet. How I was cute, funny, adventurous, open minded, kind and fun. But she never knew how to ask me as my energy and general sassyness made me intimidating to ask (this surprised me I gotta admit). She didn't know if she should ask, would I be interested and dithered but finally decided to be bold and figured tickling me was a good way to get her hands on me to say how she felt "since it's obvious you like it so much". This last bit made me blush, like is it that obvious, who else realized haha...

    For my part I told her she was gorgeous, fun, spunky (which probably sounds so goofy to say haha, what a terrible flirt!), and neat. That I had thought maybe she did like me, but wasn't sure and didn't want to push something with a friend. I didn't (and still don't) know if I want anything serious but I was open to at least have fun, keep it kinda chill and see how we go because she is nifty (again gez what a goof with words I can be haha). This made Naomi smile, happy I think for now.

    And thenwell we started kissing on her bed, and I don't wanna go into to much detail, but she actually did try to tickle me some more, as we were making out she cupped my ass and squeezed it and skittered her nails cooing in my ear and asking if it tickled. I didn't but felt super nice, and I told her so and then, getting some of my sass back asked if hers was ticklish and repeated her actions on her butt. Gold mine, she giggled and squirmed but pressed into me and we kissed harder... I did tickle her and she did try to tickle me briefly during this making out but it was foreplay and the tickling wasn't the main point.... I did also tickle her neck with good results to get her giggling into my lips as we kissed (one of my favorite things ever)... but otherwise you know clothes came off and we did, well without being to over sharey, adult things which were amazing (feeling blushy just remembering them as I write haha).

    So that's enough detail on that haha. Do I have a gf now (even through I am bi, I have never properly dated another girl just had fun with so this element is also kinda new) ? Perhaps I do... it probably depends on how far I wanna take this.. but the whole experience was amazing and Naomi is really awesome... and we are still talking so....

    Wow that was long... thanks for letting me process this... I hope I didn't over share haha, thanks for reading...
    My Moto for Life:
    Lasciali odiare a condizione che temano (Italian)
    Let them hate so long as they fear (English)

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    Feb 2016
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    Love this for you, Fran. What a cute experience

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    Apr 2008
    Leesburg, FL
    Now I understand when you said it was a lot!

    Sounds like a great day, and you deserve every happiness 🥰

    'I Love You This Big'

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    Jul 2001
    Colorado Springs
    Happy for you!!!! Wonderful story and I would suggest you have a girlfriend now lol.
    DUCK!!!! WHERE? -WHAM-!!!!!!!

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    Jan 2002
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    Quite a party,

    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Wow. Incredible story. What celebrity would you say Naomi resembled?

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    Thatís great! I know a couple named Scott and Naomi and they have a pretty sweet pool and yard setup too. Itís not your Scott and Naomi Iím sure, but I will say that my wife tried unsuccessfully to tickle Naomiís feet in their pool.

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    Sep 2018
    Tampa, FL
    Sounds like a wild experience! Happy for you, and I hope you pursue the relationship if you decide that's how you feel.

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    Feb 2002
    Thanks for sharing!

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    May 2015
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    Awesome story Franny. Very happy for you!
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    Jan 2016
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    So glad you enjoyed this experience, and thanks for sharing!

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    Feb 2023
    South Texas
    Great story Fran haha, sounds like you got a BIG win I’m glad you had fun

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    Sep 2019
    New York, NY
    This is so cute, Fran!

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    Jun 2020
    Filthy Philly
    I was gonna say, definitely thought you weren't ticklish at all and your story seems to prove it. So naturally you use your immunity to your advantage to overpower your friends lol

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    May 2005
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    That IS a lot! Great story, thank you for sharing it with us!

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