Good eve peeps,

Been throwing around the idea with husb of taking the occasional session live, possibly a regular thing if we get interest.

I know its basically impossible to get a large following on such niche video feed, I'm ok with that, it would primarily be for fun, any funds we got would be bonus, although very welcome.

Looking for expressions of interest, suggestions for platforms, what you might be willing to pay for, basically any feedback or questions.

For folks who dont know me, i.e. almost everyone, I'm 41F, look mid 30s, with a definite mom bod. Not overweight but not fit. Been a tickle fetishist my whole life, community member since I was old enough to be one. Husb is 33M, we're both medium attractive.

Not sure yet on how sexual said sessions might become, I suspect it would vary between public and private feed and ongoing discussions with husb.

Thank you in advance for any replies!