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    The Crucible in Gielgud Theater, London, F/F (sort of)

    Maybe not the right place to post this because the only way you'll see it is if you are in London and you go to the play, but anyways I was at opening night of The Crucible in Gielgud Theater yesterday and there was a brief tickle at the very beginning. The first scene features a group of young women, they're meant to be teenagers but they appeared to all be played by adults, sitting in church during a hymn with their backs to the audience. One of the girls in the very back row reaches across and tickles another girl under the arm. The one being tickled is played by Milly Alcock from House of the Dragon and Upright.

    She gets tickled three or four times and bats the other girl's hand away each time before she gets dragged up to the front of the church by the priest and slapped for misbehaving. She tickling didn't look that convincing, you can't hear any laughter because there's singing going on, and I was at a bit of a bad angle for it. People on the other side of the theater might have been able to see Milly's face when she turned to push the other girl off and if she was laughing or just annoyed. Probably the former though because later in the play they reference her being caught 'laughing during prayer'. So yeah, it's not much but it was a cool moment!

    If any of you are in London and get the chance, it's on until September and I would highly recommend it, not just for the tickle. It's an all-time great play and this is a fantastic production of it. Milly Alcock is awesome as Abigail and Brian Gleeson as John Proctor is stunning. The whole cast is great.

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    Great find! Maybe there will be a film version someday.
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