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    Sep 2005
    Schenectady, NY

    F/m hospital echo-prep nurse, belly

    I needed an echo-cardiogram and a stress test.
    I went to Cooperstown, NY; Bassett Hospital, because that's where the machine is.
    I took off my shirt, and she shaved me, which didn't look half bad after.
    She toom out some sort of alcohol pad that was very rough. She pressed and scrubbed my belly just above the waist near my hip.
    I... tensed with each scrub.
    "It's alright - I just have to clean where the leads will go so they stick properly."
    She thought I was afraid - maybe of dying of embarrassment, but nothing else.
    My mouth opened to say it tickled, but I said nothing, and then it was over.
    And, being a professional, she wouldn't do it More, even if she knew I wanted it.
    I know, it's not much, but I divorced my wife 3 years ago and chose not to resume the hunt, so this is all there is.
    ...I feel like I shouldn't even post it.

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    Apr 2008
    Leesburg, FL
    Any experience that gives you even the slightest feeling of happy is worth it. Our experiences arenít all the same, and thatís what keeps it interesting!

    'I Love You This Big'

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    Jan 2002
    NY City
    Blog Entries
    Nothing wrong with posting this pleasant incident. Thanks for sharing your experience here.
    <== the sacred soles of Goddess Shelly

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    Dec 2016
    Victoria, BC
    ay TKL_M28_LI-NY, I also have to be monitored on a cardiogram occaissionally.
    I find myself tensing up as well.

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