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“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE STOP!!! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!” Mia screamed as she felt fingers still running up and down the soles of her feet. She had thought her nightmare was over when Sabrina forced her to cum in front of everyone in the room, but only she stopped tormenting her. Babs was still at her feet and tickling them nonstop. She felt the fingers running up and down the bottoms of her feet, and after orgasm, she felt extra sensitive. Her body was on fire, and she wished she could just pass out already.

Babs continued to stroke up and down the helpless feet. She loved the fact that Mia had orgasmed, so now her body would be extra ticklish. Her partner Sabrina went over to talk to Thalia, but she was never told to stop. She continued to run her fingers up and down these very sweet soles. She focused on those high arches, just clipping the inside edge of the ball of the foot. She could see the toes wiggling wildly and she loved them. She hoped she never had to stop. She started to wonder if she could take Mia back to New Mexico with them, but she was headed for Greece. She figured she better get the most out of this opportunity while she could. Her eyes then looked at those delicate arches, and she focused on finding the worst spots.

Sabrina could hear the hysterical laughter and she loved it. She really wanted Mia to be tortured because she wanted to show just how cruel she and Babs were. She still stood next to Thalia as they awaited the next victim. She felt excited and proud as she watched Babs still having her way with Mia’s feet. She wished she got to play with those cute looking feet, but her partner was having too much fun. Besides, she got to tickle and pull an orgasm out of Mia. She then glanced over at Thalia, who was also looking at Mia screaming. “So, will the next victim also go to Greece?” she asked.

Thalia turned her head to her left and saw Sabrina smiling. It still amused her that this outlaw was determined to show how great she was. She smiled and looked back towards Mia’s feet. She looked at those toes wiggling and listened to that tortured laugh. She thought about what Sabrina asked, and she did look forward to taking Mia back to Greece. She also wanted to send everyone else there as well. “Yes, she will go back to Greece. All the women we kidnapped will, except for one. The first old lady we had, Bella. She gets to remain in Mexico. Which reminds me, Rose? Go to Bella in her cell. Let her sign the papers to her farm, so we can make it official.” she instructed.

“Yes! I will do that now. I will be right back!” Rose said with glee in her voice. She then left the room and right before she closed the door, she heard a horrific squeal of laughter and figured Babs had gone to the very sensitive toes of Mia. She was truly enjoying herself during these moments. She loved the fact that these women were getting tortured. She enjoyed watching Sabrina and Babs tickle torture the helpless Mia. She even got to participate and tickle one of the women who tortured her months ago, Gabby. But the sweetest one she saw tortured was Bella. The way Thalia tickle destroyed her was one of the sweetest moments she had in a long time. Bella had repeatedly refused to sell her farm to her, which caused her employer, Christos Andino, to get very upset with her. She also despised Bella because she was the one who hired those women to come capture her and torture her. That was a moment she would remember for the rest of her life. The way she screamed for mercy as they tickled and taunted her. The big one was finally tormented, but she still had her eyes on the other two. She wanted to torture them if they were ever in her presence again.

Rose went over to a table where she had documents prepared for the acquisition of the Toscano farm. This was the moment she was waiting for. The final piece of Christos’ desire to own all the farms in this part of Mexico. She took the papers, then headed towards the cell area. She walked through those firelit caverns and finally made it to a cell. She stood there and looked inside. She could see a naked woman crouching on the ground, her black hair with grey streaks completely disheveled. She could hear the woman whimpering and crying. She felt so powerful at the moment, and it was time to give this woman the final indignity. “Hello Bella, how are you? Hehehehe stupid question of course. You look like shit. Hahahaha” she joked.

Bella heard that voice and she felt ashamed. She was sitting in this cell, wondering how she even got to this point. Her dignity was gone, she was completely naked as they didn’t even give her clothes back, and it was a bit chilly in this place. She felt so hopeless at the moment. The one thing she loved dearly was her farm. All that work, all those memories were going to be gone because these evil women from Greece forced her to sell it. It was the most humiliating moment in her entire life. They tickled her. They tickled her worse than she had ever been tickled in her life. Her body was still very sore from the way they tied her up and what really broke her heart was the fact an orgasm was ripped from her. She did not want to have any sexual pleasure from these women, but the way the main woman, Thalia, manipulated the most private spot on her body, she had no choice but to cum. It was one of the best orgasms she ever had in life, but she still couldn’t figure out how that woman was able to do that to her. Now, she heard Rose’s voice, and she could hear that happiness in it. Bella slowly lifted her head and looked to her left, and towards the cell door. Her heart sank as she knew this woman was going to get the better of her. “Leave me alone…” she said meekly.

“Awwwww……don’t be sad! You should be really happy! You are going to be paid very well for your farm. You will be able to retire a very wealthy woman! Plus, you even got to have a mind blowing orgasm from this sale. Talk about a win-win! Now, just one thing left for you to do. Sign these papers, and everything is done.” Bella mocked. She then stuck her hand between the bars with the papers and pointed it towards Bella. She could see the defeated look on her face, and she felt her own excitement building again. “Come on Bella, you can even crawl over here. Take these papers, sign at the bottom, and we are all done. I even have a pen for you.” she grinned.

“Can I have my clothes? Please? This is embarrassing for me…” Bella whined. She hated being naked at the moment and hoped for a little mercy. She saw those papers inside the cell and started to get her body onto her hands and knees.

“That is not up to me. Thalia said no clothes for the prisoners until we are done. You should be ok. I mean, for an old lady, you sure have a nice body. You’re 37, right? You look awfully good. I hope I look like that, or even better when I finally reach your age. Hehehe Now, sign these papers.” Rose gloated. She was 28 years old, and felt old sometimes, but she wanted to humiliate Bella. She felt a thrill in her body as she saw the woman crawling over to her on her hands and knees. She knew it was because Bella was exhausted, but it was still a welcome sight. Once she made it over to the cell door, she smiled even bigger. “That’s a good girl, sign these papers and I will let you get back to your depression.” she taunted.

Bella felt the shame of the moment. This was the moment she dreaded the most. Signing over her farm. She felt she had no choice. Her body would not be able to handle another round of torture from these women. She wanted everything to stop and hoped she would be released soon. She took the papers into her hands and read the print. This was the document she hated. She felt her eyes welling up with tears as she took the pen from Rose’s hand. She saw that large smile on her face, and knew this woman was going to gloat. She took a deep breath and the tears started to flow. She quickly signed her name at the bottom of the page, then let all her sadness out. The sobs were heavy as she handed the papers back to Rose and she just sat on her knees and let all her emotions out. Her humiliation and defeat were complete.

Rose took the papers back and she felt like she had just conquered the tallest mountain. Her assignment was complete, and she was sure to be rewarded. She heard the sobs and that made her even happier. She loved how Bella was broken and wished her nothing but misery. After sending those three women to torture and humiliate her, this former farm owner deserved to suffer. She thought she had to thank both Carissa and Thalia for helping at this moment. She figured she would celebrate with some Toscano wine! She then crouched down a little, so she could be eye level with a sobbing Bella. It was time to gloat. “Congratulations!!! You are now a very wealthy woman! I know you think this is not a good thing, but it is. You shouldn’t feel bad. Thalia and her soldiers have done this to many women. You are just another victim. I do want you to remember one thing. Never, ever, cross Christos Andino. Now, enjoy your time in this cell. You will be released as soon as Thalia finishes her mission. Hehehe” she laughed, then stood up and walked away from this cell.

Bella continued to sob after hearing that joy in Rose’s voice. She was defeated, naked and humiliated. There was no one to help her. No one that would make this pain go away. Her farm was gone, and her life was in total shambles. She continued to let the tears fall and she was in misery. “I’m sorry Giuseppe *sob* I am so sorry.” she cried while thinking of her late husband.

Darby walked towards the Sheriff’s station after returning to Plotsville. It was late afternoon and it felt like a long train ride as she kept thinking about Bessie. She really hoped she was ok, and that she could rescue her soon. She did manage to converse with La Diabla, Phoebe, and Kylie on the way back home to keep distracted and the ladies did discuss some logistics. When they returned to Plotsville, La Diabla was to go to her home to hide out. La Diabla obviously could not be inside the Sheriff’s station. She given her the key and told for to wait for her there, and then they could discuss the next steps, depending on what Sheriff Dickerson said. She was going to speak to the Sheriff, along with Phoebe and Kylie, to discuss sending a small army of deputies to help rescue Bessie. She made it to the entrance way and looked back at Phoebe and Kylie. “Ok ladies, here we go.” she told them.

“So, this is where you work, huh? This is kind of exciting. I had never been inside a Sheriff’s station before, let alone the one with the famous Deputy Darby Reeves. Hehehe” Phoebe joked. She was worried sick about Bessie but started to feel some hope. She was sure the Sheriff would do everything in his power to allow Darby to help rescue Bessie. She motioned her hand to Kylie, and they entered inside the station, following Darby. She loved the inside as she saw many deputies bustling around, some sitting at their desks and then she saw another woman. She had to do a double take because that woman looked liked Darby a lot. She was tall and had red hair. “Darby is that your sister or something?” she asked.

Darby stopped walking and looked over at who Phoebe was talking about. She smiled as she saw Becky sitting down at her desk and looking over her papers. She actually liked the comparisons and figured before she saw the Sheriff, she could introduce Phoebe and Kylie to her apprentice. “Haha she is not muh sister, but she is someone I truly like. Come on, I will introduce you to muh apprentice.” she told them.

Phoebe looked over at Kylie and smiled. She was surprised to hear that the other red headed woman was Darby’s apprentice. She then followed Darby and walked over towards Becky’s desk. She thought she was a cute woman, as she really liked the pigtails. She then arrived at the desk and saw the young woman look up at her. She smiled at her and waited for Darby to introduce them.

Becky saw Darby approaching and she smiled. She was happy to see her mentor return and hoped her trip to the Wellington mansion was successful. Then she noticed two other women with Darby, and she was curious. One of them was tall and looked really elegant. The other looked really casual and she liked her look. She then displayed her gap-toothed grin as Darby smiled back at her. “Hey Darby! Ya returned! I hope everything went well!” she said.

“Hey Becky, it is good to see you again. I am back from muh journey, but I wouldn’t say it was successful. I will have to talk to the Sheriff for a moment. Before I do that, I wanted to introduce you to muh friends. Becky, this is Phoebe Wellington. She came with me back to Plotsville to talk to the Sheriff as well.” she introduced.

“Pleased to meet ya! Muh name is Becky Lockhart. Wow, Phoebe Wellington here in Plotsville? Yer company is huge! Muh Pa liked working with the Wellington Cattle Company. I can’t believe I am meetin’ the boss lady! Sorry about yer Ma though.” Becky said, then stood up. She then reached her hand out to shake Phoebe’s. She knew all about the Wellington Cattle Company and knew of what happened with Gloria and how Phoebe managed to run the company and return it back to the top cattle ranching business.

Phoebe shook Becky’s hand and already took a liking to her. She seemed very nice, and they were also about the same height. “Nice to meet you too, Becky. I heard you are Darby’s apprentice. I want to tell you that you are learning from the absolute best!” she bragged.

“Thank ya! It is a great honor to work with Darby! She is muh hero! I want to be a deputy just like her.” Becky said with a large grin.

“Ok you two, enough of making me feel kinda shy. Hehehe” Darby blushed a little as both women paid her a compliment. She did appreciate these women being kind to her, as well as everyone who admired her. She then looked over at Kylie who also had a huge smile. “Becky, this is Kylie. She works for Phoebe as one of her maids.” she introduced.

“Please to meet ya too!” Becky said as she shook Kylie’s hand. She loved meeting new people and loved hard working ones. She felt Kylie’s firm handshake and she was impressed. She also found her really cute with the long blond hair.

Kylie looked at Becky and found her to be really attractive. There was something about that red hair, those freckles and that gap toothed smile that she liked. This young woman looked completely country, and she really liked it. She always hung around women like this where her family stayed, and she already felt comfortable around her. She reached her hand in return and shook Becky’s. She could feel the roughness, yet, tenderness of the hand, which indicated this was a hard working woman. “Nice to meet you too. You’re an apprentice? That must be fun.” she told her, looking for small talk.

“It sure is! I really want to be a deputy and muh friend Darby is teachin’ me so many great things!” Becky beamed, then looked at the famous deputy.

“You are all so nice to me. hehehe well, if you will excuse me and Phoebe, we have to go talk to the Sheriff. Kylie, you can stay here with Becky, while we have our meeting.” Darby told her.

“Gladly! You both have a productive meeting and let me know what happens.” Kylie told them. She was anxious about that meeting and hoped they could go to Mexico and rescue Bessie. She then looked at Becky smiling and figured she might as well enjoy her company. Her mind then even had a brief daydream as she imagined her and Vera naked on her bed, being tickled at the same time.

Darby then started to head towards Sheriff Dickerson’s office with Phoebe slightly behind her. She started to feel nervous and a little anxious as she wanted to go save her friend. She kept thinking about how Thalia could be tormenting Bessie, because if she was anything like Helga, then Bessie was going to suffer a lot. She arrived at the office, then looked at Phoebe. She saw the look of tension on her face and nodded her head. “Ready?” she asked.

Phoebe felt really nervous as she was ready to get this meeting underway. She hoped that the Sheriff could let Darby go rescue Bessie. She kept thinking about how Bessie could be suffering and feeling hopeless. She even thought that if the Sheriff did not let Darby go with the other deputies, she may have to go to Mexico herself. One way or another, she was going to do everything she could to bring Bessie home. “Yes, I am ready. Let’s do this.” she replied, taking a deep breath.

Darby knocked on the door and saw Sheriff Dickerson look up. He was reading documents and she saw his warm smile. She saw his hand motioning for her to come in, and she opened the door and went inside. She approached the big desk, and now stood before him. “Sheriff, I wanted to see you for a moment. I have a guest. I want to introduce you to, Madam Phoebe Wellington.” she told him.

Sheriff Dickerson was stunned to see Phoebe entering his office. He definitely knew who she was and was shocked to see her here. He took her phone call earlier today and now she was in his office. He figured this must have been really important for her to make a personal trip to Plotsville. He stood up and reached his hand forward to shake hers. “Miss Wellington? Wow, I am surprised to see you here. Nice to meet you. I am Sheriff Bob Dickerson. Please, have a seat. What brings you to Plotsville?” he asked, as he sat back down after shaking her hand.

“Nice to meet you too, Sheriff.” Phoebe responded, then shook his hand. He had a very firm grip, and rough hands, which is what she expected from a man in this position. She then sat down and saw his warm smile. This was a different feeling for her. Usually whenever she encountered men from law enforcement, they were always so serious. This man before her seemed very affable and she felt comfortable. The fact he hired a woman as a deputy let her know he was a fair man. He hired the absolute best and from everything she knew about Darby, she was truly the best. Now, it was time for business. “Thank you for seeing me. I know we spoke earlier on the phone today, and I apologize for seeming so abrupt. This is an emergency situation and I traveled to Plotsville, along with Darby, because we need your help.” she told him.

Sheriff Dickerson nodded his head, then leaned back in his chair. He rested his hands on the armrest as she was curious as to why she came to Plotsville. He remembered the phone call from earlier. The voice was that of panic and desperation. He knew something major had to happen for her to contact Darby instead of the Sheriff in her area. He looked at Darby and she had a look of concern on her face too. He then looked at Phoebe and awaited her explanation. “You need my help? What can I do for you, Miss Wellington?” he asked.

“Well…..I called you earlier because I needed Darby. You see, something terrible has happened. A dear friend of mine, my business manager, and someone close to Darby as well was kidnapped! These unknown women came to my home, assaulted me, and took my friend. They took Bessie Johnson! That is why I wanted Darby. Darby is a really good friend of Bessie, and since she is the very best deputy in the entire West, I wanted her to go rescue her. Time is of the essence. Please, I need Darby to do this for me and for Bessie.” Phoebe pleaded. She felt her emotions rising as she wanted to make a passionate plea to this man. He seemed noble, and seemed like someone that would help anyone. She had to get his permission as she was worried sick about her beautiful friend.

“What? Bessie Johnson has been kidnapped? The same Bessie, that helped in Santa Selena? Who are these women who took her?” Sheriff Dickerson asked. This was a major crime and now he was really interested! He remembered meeting Bessie and really loved the fact that she helped Darby bring down that major sex trafficking ring in California.

“If you remember back then Sheriff, when Helga the Russian bounty hunter was captured, I got the name of the buyer that was supposed to arrive that day. Christos Andino was headed there, and he had his handler of the women with him. Do you remember the name, Thalia Laskaris?” Darby told him. She remembered the conversations she had had seven months ago and those two names were on watch lists.

“Thalia Laskaris? Yes, I do remember that name. I remember you telling me about her and this Christos Andino. Unfortunately, he is still in Greece and their government doesn’t seem to be anxious to investigate him. But he hasn’t come back to the United States, has he?” Sheriff Dickerson asked.

“I don’t know. I do know Thalia is here. She kidnapped Bessie, and well, she challenged me…” Darby told him, thinking about that letter Thalia left for her.

“Challenged you? What do you mean?” Sheriff Dickerson asked. This was an interesting twist. Since both Thalia and Christos were in Greece, he stopped following them because there was nothing he could do anyway. Now that at least Thalia was here and in the United States, things might be different. There could be possible prosecution of those two for being involved with sex trafficking.

“Well, when she kidnapped Bessie, she left a letter for me with Phoebe, er, Miss Wellington. It is apparent that she kidnapped Bessie for the express purpose of going after me. She is not happy I ruined her and Christos’ day, and that I apprehended her friend Helga. So, she wrote that if I want to see Bessie again, then I have to confront her. In Mexico…..” Darby explained.

Sheriff Dickerson’s mind just blew away when he heard what Darby told him. Some mysterious woman from Greece managed to come to the US, kidnapped someone, and request some kind of showdown with his deputy. It was surreal as he heard this story. “Mexico? This Thalia challenged you to a showdown?” he asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, she did. Sheriff, Helga seemed to be thrilled about the idea of Thalia confronting me when she told me her name. This woman is very dangerous I am guessing she wants to do harm to me. I-I have to confront her. She went after muh friend, just because of me. So, I want to ask you for a favor. Let me take some deputies, go down to Mexico, apprehend Thalia and bring Bessie back home. Please, I have to do this.” Darby asked. She felt her heart racing because she needed to find her friend and bring her back. She figured the mentioning of apprehending someone involved in the sex trafficking ring would help her cause. She saw the Sheriff looking right back at her, and she wondered what he was thinking.

Sheriff Dickerson heard Darby’s request and took a deep breath. His famous and greatest deputy wanted to take some of his deputies with her to Mexico to confront a woman they knew nothing about. He understood how close Darby was to Bessie and he could also see the look of worry in Phoebe’s face. His own emotions were getting involved as he hated the fact this Greek woman was kidnapping US citizens for some kind of revenge mission. He looked at looked at Darby and sighed. “Darby….I am sorry to hear about your friend. This Thalia woman is dangerous, and she needs to be apprehended immediately. I know you want to go rescue her, but she is in Mexico. You don’t have jurisdiction at all in another country. I can see how we can make a case for anywhere else in the United States, but, I just can’t let you go there. I can’t let you take deputies as well. What I can do is contact the Mexican authorities and see what they can do.” he told her, knowing she was about to be highly disappointed.

Darby was stunned at his answer. Her request to go rescue her friend was declined! Her jaw dropped and she felt her emotions go wild. “Sheriff? I can’t go rescue Bessie? I-I have to do this! This woman, she kidnapped muh friend all because of me! Please, let me do this!” she begged.

“I’m sorry Darby, but she is not on American soil. I can’t let my deputies travel there and go into the unknown. I am really sorry….” Sheriff Dickerson told her, his voice heavy with sadness. He knew how bad Darby wanted to go, but he had to follow the law. There was no way he could grant an official mission to Mexico. He would have to work with the Governor of Texas office, and with the Mexican government.

Phoebe heard the response and she felt sadness and anger both growing in her body. She just heard there was nothing could be done to go to Mexico and rescue Bessie. She knew by the time they got the Mexican authorities involved and investigate, Thalia could be on her way back to Greece and have Bessie with her. She just had to say something! “Sheriff Dickerson, with all due respect, I disagree with your decision. You see, Bessie is not just my business manager, she is my dearest friend. Now, I have come here to Plotsville to look for your help, and to have the one person capable of bringing her back, help me. I want to believe you want Bessie to return as well. Thalia is a very dangerous woman. She even assaulted me! I was there when she took Bessie, and I have a very personal interest in watching her pay. We need your help. I am BEGGING you to send your deputies down there and help my friend!” she said with great passion in her voice.

“Miss Wellington, I understand your pain. I like Bessie too. I got a chance to talk to her before when she was honored in her hometown of Brusheville. She is an amazing woman. Because she is being held in Mexico, my hands are tied. If they were still in the United States, then maybe I could do something. Again, I can work with Mexican authorities to see what can be done. But my hands are tied. It is the best I can do.” Sheriff Dickerson told her. He truly wished he could grant this mission, but he had no legal authority to do so since it involved another country. He couldn’t just send his men there without going through the proper channels. He could see the disappointment in both Phoebe and Darby’s faces. He wished he could do more, but there was nothing he could do.

Phoebe started to get emotional as she listened to Sheriff Dickerson decline her request. Deep down she knew he was right, but her heart wanted to help Bessie. She leaned back in her chair and tried to compose her anger. “Nothing you can do? I am sorry Sheriff, that is not an acceptable answer.” she said, her voice seething.

Darby could tell Phoebe was very upset and so was she. She knew what he told her was correct, they just couldn’t go to Mexico and go after Thalia under the role of law enforcement. She thought about what could be happening to Bessie, and that got her very upset. She never defied Sheriff Dickerson. He was her role model, and he has been nothing but good to her. But right now, she knew what she had to do. Her beloved friend was in danger, and it was because Thalia wanted to confront her. “Sheriff…. I understand what you are telling me, but I just can’t accept it. How about this? I will go to Mexico muhself. I will go alone, and not as Deputy Darby, but as Darby Reeves. I won’t use muh badge to apprehend Thalia and her gang. I will do it as a regular civilian, not under the direction of any law enforcement.” she offered.

Sheriff Dickerson was stunned when he heard Darby’s offer. She requested to go to another country to try and confront a dangerous criminal by herself. He admired Darby and her bravery, but there was no way he was going to let her put herself in danger without him giving her a chance to think about what she was saying. He knew she could be headstrong and would probably depart for Mexico on her days off, so he knew he couldn’t stop her. “Darby, I understand she is your friend. I also understand your emotions. But going to Mexico alone? To confront a woman that is as dangerous as you have described? I don’t like it.” he told her.

“Sheriff, Bessie is muh friend. I love her as she is the reason I am even here. When I was stuck in that cage in that cavern in Santa Selena, I thought I was going to end up as a sex slave. Bessie, she found me. She was the one that let me escape that cage, so that the sex trafficking ring could be stopped. It is the gawd-honest truth, Sheriff. Without Bessie Johnson doing what she did, we would not be having this conversation right now. I owe her muh life. I need to do this. And I won’t go alone. I will have Phoebe with me, and, with your permission, let me take muh apprentice. She is not an official deputy, so we are not violating any jurisdictions as well. Please….” Darby told him. She felt her heart aching and her words were filled with emotion. It was true, it was Bessie that got her and La Diabla out of that cage, or they could have been somewhere else, getting violated every day.

Sheriff Dickerson looked at both Darby and Phoebe and he could see just how desperate they were. He knew he could not officially bless this meeting, and Darby offered to take others that were not law enforcement. He knew it was a dangerous trek for his famous deputy and he really wished he could do something. He did understand that he wasn’t going to stop Darby and Phoebe from going, so he had to make it work for everyone. “Ok, I hear the both of you. I will not grant you the use of deputies to go to Mexico. If you want to go on this mission, even though I absolutely hate the idea, you can go. You can take Becky for support. But, I want you to bring Thalia back to American soil. Once you do that, call me immediately, then I can send help to apprehend these women. Do not get into a fight with them. If she wants to confront you, you lure her back to Texas and we can overwhelm them. Sound like a plan?” he told them.

Darby looked at Phoebe, then looked at Sheriff Dickerson. She was shocked that he was going to let her go. She feared he would use his authority to demand she stay put in Plotsville, or she could get fired. The man never ceased to amaze her, and she felt an overabundance of gratitude. “T-Thank you Sheriff. You have no idea how much this means to us. I will follow your orders. I will bring Thalia to Texas and notify you. That way, she can be apprehended and brought to justice. I am eternally grateful for you allowing me to do this.” she told him.

Phoebe’s jaw dropped as she heard what the Sheriff said. He wasn’t going to let the other deputies go to Mexico like an army, but he did allow Darby to go. That was what she wanted. She wanted Darby to go and in the back of her mind, they already had an army of sorts. There was an outlaw waiting to help them, and she figured with their combined strength, they should be able to handle Thalia. They were also bringing Kylie, who had a criminal background and even the apprentice, who looked like she could handle herself. Her confidence started to grow, and she was anxious to get to Mexico. “Thank you, Sheriff. I really do appreciate you letting Darby and her apprentice go to Mexico. Bessie is a vital part of my business, and I came to the one person I know who can handle this situation, Deputy Darby. You have the absolute best person for this task, and she will operate as a civilian. That way Mexico authorities do not get upset that any American law enforcement had invaded their land without permission. I like the idea of luring Thalia back to Texas. I will make the phone call to you when it is time. Thank you, Sheriff Dickerson. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.” she told him.

“To be honest, I don’t like the idea, but I can see how much Bessie means to the both of you. Good luck down there, and I will await your call. Darby, please be careful. We don’t know much about Thalia, and there is a reason she wants you to go to Mexico. Use your wisdom, and make sure Becky doesn’t get hurt.” Sheriff Dickerson told her.

“I promise Sheriff, I will be extra careful. This is also our opportunity to put away another sex trafficker in prison! She should have stayed in Greece, now she will be in jail.” Darby told him, then stood up. She shook his hand and watched Phoebe shake it as well. It was now time to go prepare to go to Mexico. She knew this mission was going to be difficult, but she did have one ace in the hole. That was waiting at her house. If there was anyone that could help guide them in Mexico, it was the infamous outlaw herself, La Diabla. She exited the office and then headed towards Becky’s desk. This was also an opportunity for her apprentice to get valuable experience. She was about to go on a mission that was more dangerous than any of the missions the male deputies had. Darby approached Becky’s desk and could see she was in a good conversation with Kylie. She smiled at both of them and couldn’t wait to tell Becky the news. “Becky, get your things. I have a very special assignment for you.” she told her.

Becky was enjoying her conversation with Kylie and then she saw Darby approach her. She couldn’t help but smile whenever she saw Darby and saw Phoebe standing next to her. Then she gasped as she heard that she had a special assignment. “A special assignment? For me?” she asked.

“Yes, a very special assignment and I really need your help. This is probably one of the most important missions in muh entire life, and I need your help. Are you in?” Darby asked her.

“YES!!! I am in for sure!” Becky said with great enthusiasm. She stood up and stood very straight and stiff, her right hand going towards her head and looked stoic on her face. “Deputy Apprentice Becky Lockhart reporting for duty!” she said, saluting Darby.

Phoebe did her very best to not laugh as she looked at how enthusiastic Becky seemed. She seemed like a very interesting person and was grateful for whatever help she could bring. “Thank you for helping, Becky. I appreciate it.” she told her.

Becky finished saluting Darby, then looked at Phoebe. She then stood very straight and saluted her as well. “It is muh pleasure Miss Wellington! I will do muh very best on this assignment. By the way, what is the assignment?” she asked as she finished saluting.

“I will tell you on the way to muh house. Now, get your things ready, and let’s go. It is important that we leave right now.” Darby told her, then started to walk towards the main entrance of the station.

“Yes Ma’am!! Right behind YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” Becky screamed, as the toe of her boot caught the leg of the desk and she fell face first onto the ground.

Darby and everyone else in the station heard that scream and turned towards Becky’s desk. She looked towards the ground and saw Becky lifting herself off the floor. She shook her head, then looked towards Phoebe and Kylie, who both looked stunned. “Are you ok?” she asked.

Becky felt her face turning red as she knew she was being clumsy once again. What made it worse was that she did it in front of guests and she really felt silly. She then got herself up and when she put her hand on the edge of the desk, she moved it suddenly, knocking over coffee all onto the top of the desk. “Oh no!!!” she yelled out as she tried to get the liquid from spreading everywhere.

Phoebe looked at Darby and suddenly had great concern in her eyes. This was someone that was going to help them try and defeat Thalia? She felt really nervous at the moment and her facial expressions told Darby she was not confident in this woman.

“She will be ok. She is a bit clumsy, but she is also very talented.” Darby whispered to her. She knew Becky looked really incompetent at the moment, but she also knew her skills were getting much better over time.

Becky finally cleaned up the mess on the desk and she felt ashamed. Her face turned red from embarrassment as this was her first opportunity to shine in the field, but she looked completely clumsy at the moment in front of Phoebe Wellington. “I’m sorry ya have to see me be so clumsy. I am just a bit excited. Hehehe” she giggled.

“Ok Becky, let’s go and please…..be careful.” Darby told her, then started to walk out of the station. She knew she had to get back to her house so that she and Phoebe could plan out their next move. She also knew La Diabla was there, and they all had to be on the same page. She also remembered something. She was bringing Becky along, and she was going to be aware of La Diabla! She didn’t think of that when she asked Sheriff Dickerson if she could use her apprentice. Now, she had to figure out a way to prepare Becky to meet the outlaw and to stress just how important it was to keep the identity a secret. She knew this was the beginning of a big adventure, and everything had to go perfectly. For Bessie’s sake, and for her own. She left the station with Becky, Phoebe and Kylie and got into a carriage. It was time for them to get to her house as soon as possible.

Darby slowed the carriage down that was near her home as it was almost time to begin making plans. This was the same carriage she used to get from the train station back to Plotsville, and carried Phoebe, Kylie and Becky. She did not want to walk from the Sheriff’s station to her home as it was quite a distance to walk, and she had Phoebe and Kylie with her. She saw someone approaching the carriage and she recognized who it was. It was Mandy! She could see the attractive blond woman waving her down and she wanted to say hello to her as well. “Hello Mandy, how are you?” she asked.

Mandy was walking down the street when she saw Darby approaching in a carriage. She was always happy to see the deputy and still felt that attraction to her. She also continued to be eternally grateful to her after she was kidnapped months ago and tortured by the outlaws Sabrina and Babs. Darby and Becky were her heroes and she still kept trying to reward Darby in that special way. She really wished she could sleep with the woman, but the deputy was playing hard to get. She finished up her shift and was concerned. Her co-worker Mia did not show up to work today, and she went to see if she was ok. Then she visited Gertrude’s home to check on her because she was not at the bakery today. It was weird that her two friends were not around. They never missed work. Mandy saw Darby’s smiling face and waved. “Hey Deputy! Good to see you too. I am doing great. How was work? Capture any bad guys today, or perhaps, bad girls? Hehehe” she giggled.

Darby wished she could tell Mandy everything, but she couldn’t. She chuckled when she heard the term bad girls, because she hoped to apprehend one for taking a close friend of hers. “Hehehe well, I had quite a day, that’s for sure. Are ya headed home?” she asked.

“Yeah, but I am getting kind of worried. I haven’t seen Mia or Gertrude all day. Neither came to work today. I went by Gertrude’s house and there was no answer. You know that is not like her at all.” Mandy told her.

“Yeah, that is strange. I will stop by her house to check it out. I am hoping everything is ok with her.” Darby responded. She did know that Gertrude always loved working and for her not to be at work, or at home was peculiar. “Hop in, you can come with me.” she told Mandy.

“Sure!” Mandy said, then she climbed into the carriage and saw Phoebe and Kylie. She recognized Becky, who she also wanted to sexually play with, but it was the other women who caught her eye as well. She looked at Phoebe and found her very attractive. She looked wealthy and that excited her. Then she looked at Kylie and she was very cute. She was getting excited being in this carriage with three women she would love to flirt with. “Hello Becky! Good to see you again! And hello to you two. My name is Mandy, a great friend of Darby and Becky.” she introduced.

“Nice to meet you, Mandy. I am Phoebe Wellington, and this is my maid, Kylie.” Phoebe introduced. It was fascinating to her meeting different people of Plotsville. Staying in the Wellington mansion, she really did not get to talk to too many regular citizens. The mansion was isolated and away from the nearest town. This was her chance to see how regular citizens lived and she loved it.

“Nice to meet you too. This is a nice town you all live in.” Kylie added. She was thrilled that she was going to be part of this mission. She longed for adventure, and this was her chance to have some fun. Plus, she was very concerned about Bessie, and wanted to do everything she could do to help her.

Darby stopped the carriage once they got in front of Gertrude’s house. It was the late afternoon, and if Gertrude did not go to work, then she normally would be home. The house did look really quiet, and she figured she would do a wellness check. “Hey Becky, walk with me.” she called out.

Becky was enjoying speaking to Mandy, Kylie and Phoebe when she heard Darby call her. She nodded her head to the women inside, and then got outside the carriage and stood next to Darby. She looked at Gertrude’s house and remembered some of her experiences in there. She remembered when her feet were tickled, and even though it drove her wild, she did like interacting with Gertrude and Mandy. They were really nice people, and she wanted to maintain relationships with the various people of Plotsville. She looked towards the house and saw that it was very quiet. “Doesn’t her house seem really quiet?” she asked.

“Yeah, it does. Let’s go check on her. Let’s see if she is home and if she is ok. She didn’t go to work today, and Mandy says she hasn’t seen her all day. That is peculiar because she is always making her presence known. You have no idea how many times I passed by this house on muh way home and she comes out, wanting to tickle muh feet. Hehehe” Darby joked.

“Hehehe I know what ya mean. She now wants to tickle muh feet too!” Becky responded. She then followed Darby to the porch and watched as her mentor knocked on the door. There was no response at all after a few moments. She decided she should peek into the window to see if she saw anything inside. She made her way over to a side window, one that would look into the living room and kitchen area, and she gasped. “Hey Darby, I think ya should check this out!” she told her.

Darby had a puzzled look on her face as she heard Becky tell her to look inside. Her pulse started to pick up because it didn’t sound good as to what Becky saw. “What’s up? Is something in there?” she asked, hoping it wasn’t Gertrude on the ground or something.

“I think something happened! See that mess on the floor?” Becky pointed out. She saw a few plates on the ground and things didn’t look very orderly. That was not indicative of Gertrude’s home because she kept the inside immaculate.

Darby peered through the window and things did look askew. She knew Gertrude took great care of her home and seeing plates on the ground and looked like dirt on the floor, something was not ok. She started to feel something was wrong and she needed to get inside. “Ok, we need to get inside. I think something may have happened to Gertrude!” she told Becky.

Becky watched as Darby went towards the back of the house. She kept looking through the window and then she saw Darby open the back door. That was odd because that door should have been locked! She watched as Darby carefully walked around in the home and now, she had a very eerie feeling about all of this. She then made eye contact with Darby, who then walked towards the front door. The door opened and Darby let her in. “Darby did somethin’ happen here?” she asked.

“I think so. I can see scuff marks on the floor, and it looks like something was dragged out of the house. There are a few plates on the ground. It doesn’t look good. Follow me.” Darby instructed. She then went back to the kitchen area and started to look around. The whole scene did not feel right, and she wondered what may have happened. Then her eyes caught something on the counter area. It looked like an envelope. She picked up the envelope and then she gasped! The front of the envelope had her name on it! She looked at Becky, who had a confused look on her face. She then decided she would open the envelope and see what was inside. She hoped it was a letter from Gertrude. Perhaps she left it there for her to find. She then pulled out the piece of paper inside, and read it:

Hello you stupid Deputy,

Just when you thought everything was safe, I’m back!!! That’s right, I know you missed me. I escaped from that rat hole you sent me to, and I want revenge! What is so amazing about my desire to punish you, is that I found someone who seems to want you even more than I do! She told me you would recognize her name. Thalia. I hope you are truly shaking in your big boots right now.

I decided I wanted to join in her revenge party, and I am cordially inviting you to come find us here in Ciudad del Reina here in beautiful Mexico. We will be at the old, abandoned fort. To help inspire you, I have two women that would love to see you. I captured that stupid witness at my trial, you know, old lady with dirty blond hair. I heard she is a friend of yours. I also kidnapped some other woman. She looks familiar, but I don’t know her. Long black hair, incredibly cute I might add. So, if you are truly a defender of the stupid civilians of Plotsville, I suggest you come here, or really bad things will happen to them. I am guessing you also know another one of your friends was captured as well. So, what will it be you big-footed bitch? Will you confront me and Thalia? Or do I have to have a rib tickling good time with these women? Hehehe You know how good I am at touching a woman’s body. Remember when it happened to you?

See you soon, cowardly bitch!

Sabrina Alamain
Most dangerous outlaw of the Southwest

Darby’s jaw dropped after reading the letter. This situation just got even worse! It appeared that Sabrina Alamain had joined forces with Thalia, and they kidnapped poor Gertrude! She didn’t know who the other woman was, but she had a feeling it could have been Mia, since Mandy said she didn’t see her at work today. She felt her emotions running high and the gravity of her mission to Mexico really hit her. There were at least three innocent women all kidnapped because of these women wanting revenge against her. She felt horrible inside, but she also felt determined. It was time to confront these women and put an end to them once and for all. Gertrude was a very harmless woman, and she feared what could be happening to her. If it was Mia that was captured, then she was in trouble too. Darby truly realized that Thalia and now Sabrina were willing to hurt people she knew to get revenge. She crumbled up the piece of paper and looked at Becky. She could see the confused look on her face, and figured she would have to explain everything soon. “Ok, let’s get out of here. Looks like things have gotten really serious.” she mumbled.

Becky was completely confused as she looked at Darby. She could tell there was something in that letter that set her mentor off. The way Darby started to walk out of the house, she knew something serious had happened. She quickly followed her and wanted to know what had happened. “Darby? What happened? Are ya ok?” she asked.

“I am not. I will tell you shortly. We have to get to muh house fast and get our assignment going.” Darby said with anger in her voice. She arrived at the carriage and looked inside. It was time to get Mandy out of here and get her to safety. She could be a target and she wanted to protect her. “Mandy, I am sorry, but I really have to take care of things. I do need to know something. Do you have any friends that you can stay the night with?” she asked.

Mandy was enjoying speaking with both Phoebe and Kylie and when Darby arrived, she could tell by the look on her face, something was wrong. Then she heard the question if she had any friends. “Why? Darby, did something happen to Gertrude? Tell me!” she asked, now starting to feel very scared.

“Mandy, I need you to go to a friend’s home tonight and maybe tomorrow night as well. I don’t want to make ya panic, but Gertrude has been kidnapped by Sabrina Alamain. You could be a target.” Darby told her. She had to shoot straight with her to give her the importance of having to go hide.

“What???? Sabrina Alamain is on the loose again??? She took Gertrude???!!! Oh my God!!!” Mandy said in a panic. She remembered the torture she went through and knew that outlaw was capable of getting revenge. She also felt horrible for Gertrude because she knew exactly how Sabrina could torture her. “I’m scared, Darby!!” she yelled.

“I know you are, that is why it is important you stay with someone. I am on her trail, and I promise ya, I will bring her back to justice. Mandy, I need you to go now, ok?” Darby instructed. She knew by the letter that Sabrina was in Mexico, but she did not want to take any chances.

“Ok, I will go. Please Darby, be careful! Make sure you are safe and Gertrude too!” Mandy said as she exited the carriage. She knew of a few friends where she could stay and wanted to run. She then hugged Darby and then ran off.

Becky was stunned as she heard what Darby told Mandy. Sabrina Alamain was loose and kidnapped Gertrude! She figured that’s what the letter Darby read must have explained. She didn’t get the full story of her assignment, but she started to have an idea now. She felt her adrenaline flowing as now she had to be ready for the biggest mission of her young life. “Sabrina kidnapped Gertrude?” she asked as she saw Mandy running off.

“Yeah, that’s what was in the letter. It was written by her, and she explained she kidnapped Gertrude and another woman. I have a feeling who the other woman is, but I didn’t want to make Mandy panic. I think she kidnapped Mia from The Thirsty Cowboy.” Darby told her. She then looked over at Phoebe and Kylie who had looks of shock on their faces. She knew they both understood the gravity of what they were about to do. “Ladies, looks like our mission just got more difficult. Thalia’s group has at least two more women, and they are kidnapping people that I know. I feel terrible right now…” she told them.

Phoebe sat in stunned silence as she witnessed that entire interaction. It appeared that a citizen of Plotsville was kidnapped by someone that aligned themselves with Thalia. The idea that these women went all out of their way to get revenge on Darby really made her nervous. She knew these criminals really wanted to get revenge, and now innocent people were suffering. She could hear the fear in Mandy’s voice, and that poor woman ran off like a scared rabbit. She could hear the tension in Darby’s voice, and that made her more determined to help anyway she could. “Darby, I am so sorry to hear about your friend. What are we going to do?” she asked.

Darby heard Phoebe’s voice and appreciated her concern. She knew this mission to Mexico was going to test her and everyone involved. It was now of the utmost importance she confront Thalia, as there were innocent lives on the line. She knew she would have to work extra hard to make sure the people she cared about all returned safely. “Well, let’s go to muh house and start planning. It is time we get our plan together and then go to Mexico. Let’s go.” she told them, then got back in the driver’s seat and started to move the carriage. It was time they all got ready for their mission to Mexico.

La Diabla paced in the living room of Darby’s house, wondering what was happening at the Sheriff’s station. She hated not being involved in this moment, and she was very anxious. She thought about the journey they were about to go on, and she knew it could be very dangerous. Unlike her journey to Santa Selena, she knew what the objective of the mission was, and was familiar with the town of Ciudad Del Reina. It was a beautiful town, and she enjoyed it whenever she visited the place. It was near the Gulf of Mexico, and she figured that was how Thalia would try to go to sail away and back to Greece from. She also thought about who was going to the town with her, and she knew Darby could handle herself, and the maid at the Wellington mansion looked like she could fight, but Phoebe was definitely not a warrior. She smiled as she thought about her own friends in Mexico. La Diabla thought of her friends in Ciudad De Serpeintes, Gabby and Veronica. Surely, they would be up for a fight. They knew how to handle themselves and now she figured they would have a small army to confront Thalia. She already figured Sheriff Dickerson would not send his men, since it was in Mexico, so she thought of an alternate plan. Now, she was anxious to strategize with Darby. Then, she glanced out the window and saw a carriage arriving. Her heart got excited as she recognized the driver of that carriage. Then she saw someone else. There was another woman that resembled Darby a lot. Now, she got really nervous. She had no idea who that was and wondered if she should go hide. She went into the bedroom and prepared to hide just in case.

Darby arrived at her home, and she knew someone was waiting in there. It was time to get together to plan their journey, but there was one more thing she had to do before she entered the home. She looked at Becky stepping out of the carriage, and she was going to go inside her house. Becky has been there before, but this time it was much different. She watched Phoebe and Kylie step out as well, but they already knew of the additional woman already inside the home. This was a very important moment for Darby. She had really started to get closer to Becky over these months and now, she had to trust her with something so important and close to her heart. It was absolutely vital she could trust her right now, and hoped Becky was up to the moment. She approached her and looked at her. She seemed so excited and also very eager for this mission. “Becky, before we go inside muh home, I need to talk to you.” she said in a soft voice.

Becky saw the serious look on Darby’s face, and she wondered what was happening. She knew Darby was under stress, especially after finding out Gertrude and possibly Mia were kidnapped by Sabrina and Babs. She wondered if this was the moment she was going to be told about the mission. She felt her heart starting to race and took a deep breath to calm herself. “Sure, what is on yer mind?” she asked.

“Listen, I trust you. I really do. But right now, I need to know that I can trust you completely. What I am about to tell you is something very important. I need your absolute promise that you will NEVER tell anyone what I am about to tell you. Can I trust you? Do I have your promise?” Darby told her. She felt her own nerves getting riled up as this was something that was very serious, and she felt her emotions starting to rise.

Becky felt herself get really nervous as she could hear the emotion and seriousness in Darby’s voice. There was something that Darby had to tell her that seemed so important, it made her emotional. She felt honored that Darby was about to give her some deep, dark secret, and she did not want to disappoint her. She swallowed hard and looked right into Darby’s eyes. “Yes, I promise ya. I sweah you have muh word I will not say anything and ya can trust me. Yer trust is absolutely important to me, and I am not going to break yer trust…” she told her.

“Good. There is someone inside muh house right now that is very close to me. It may shock you, but everything is ok. If it gets out that I know this person who is muh good friend, it will cause a lot of trouble. I need to trust you, Becky. So, we will go inside, and I will tell you what our assignment is. This person is going to help us as well. Ok?” Darby told her.

“Yeah, I-I understand. Ya can trust me, Darby. You really can. I won’t let ya down.” Becky responded. Her mind was racing as she wondered what this secret was that Darby was hiding. Whatever it was, she knew she had to keep an open mind and not freak out. She was very curious who this mystery person was. It had to be someone that was not on the right side of the law, because Darby would easily tell people if it was someone that was honorable. She then followed Darby, Phoebe and Bessie into Darby’s house. She had been inside this house a few times and it seemed very warm and cozy. She looked around, trying to see who this mystery person was.

Darby got inside her home and looked around. She didn’t see La Diabla and figured she must have been hiding. She let all the women inside and she figured her lover must have been in the bedroom. “Y’all can wait right here. I will be right back.” she told the group.

Phoebe looked around the home and smiled. It looked so simple inside and so cozy. She was amazed as she got to see where Darby lived. Plotsville was such a simple town, and this simple home was amazing to see. She saw Kylie looking around as well as Becky. She knew where Darby was going and figured that’s what made her talk to Becky before they entered inside the home. She then heard footsteps and saw Darby walking back into the living room. This was the moment of truth as they were about to get ready for their journey to Mexico.

“Ok everyone, it is time we start planning our journey. The stakes have been raised and we need to be ready. Everyone is accounted for.” Darby began. She then motioned her hand towards her bedroom, inviting La Diabla out into the living room. She turned her head, and the outlaw made her presence inside the living room. She could tell she was nervous but figured that would soon pass.

Becky looked at a woman walking into the living room and didn’t know how to react. She saw a very beautiful Native American woman walking into the room, and she wondered why Darby was so nervous and secretive about this woman. She looked like a typical lady, and she made eye contact with her. She could see the woman looking directly at her and now she was really curious. “Hello…” she said softly and with a slight wave.

Darby saw Becky saying hello to La Diabla and now it was time to introduce them. “Becky, you may not recognize who this is right now, but you may have heard of her. Remember, this is a deep secret. Only the people inside this room know she is here. No one, and I mean NO ONE else can know who she really is. This is important. Because this woman is very well known. Becky Lockhart, I want you to meet…… La Diabla.” she introduced.

Becky had a confused look on her face as she heard that introduction. She blinked her eyes a few times as she started to look at the face. She definitely knew the name La Diabla, as it was a famous name of an outlaw that helped terrorize the entire Southwest. She felt her heart stop as she continued to look at her. She never seen a photo of her, only in drawings on Wanted posters. The gravity of the moment now dawned on her. Her mentor, her hero, her role model was friends with the notorious outlaw! That fact shocked her because Darby was a heroic deputy, so it didn’t make sense she was friends with a woman that hurt so many people. “La Diabla? As in the infamous outlaw, La Diabla??” she asked in a stunned voice.

“Yes, that’s me. Nice to meet you.” La Diabla told the young apprentice. She could tell she was absolutely stunned at the moment and knew that would happen. When Darby came into the bedroom, she was told that she had an apprentice and was going to meet her. That shocked her for several reasons. She was meeting someone else when she was supposed to be hidden, and that Darby had an apprentice. She couldn’t wait to have a conversation with Darby alone, so she could hear the backstory on that. Right now, it is important to go over the mission.

Becky’s jaw dropped as she was now face to face with the outlaw. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would come face to face with this evil woman, and that woman was friends with Darby. This made her realize there was more to Darby than she ever knew. So many questions ran through her mind because this was such a major moment in her own life. It made sense why Darby made her swear to keep this quiet because if this information got out, Darby could be in serious trouble. The outlaw was still wanted as far as she remembered and should be arrested. There must have been one big story behind that relationship between the two women. She decided that she just had to trust Darby, and that everything would make sense. “Um….nice to meet ya too.” she responded, still in complete shock.

Darby could tell Becky was stunned, but she didn’t have time to waste and let those two have a conversation. It was time to get to business and figured they would get to know each other as they went on their journey to Mexico. “Ok everyone, let’s go over the plan. Becky, here is what is going on. Listen closely because I really need you for this moment. Again, I trust you and believe you can do this.” she told her.

“Yeah, I can do this. Ya can trust me.” Becky responded. She could barely take her eyes off La Diabla because it is not every day you run into one of the worst criminals this state has ever known. It was such a surreal feeling that she was going to be working with the famous deputy, the owner of the largest and most successful cattle ranch in the State, along with her maid, and a deadly outlaw. Never in her wildest dreams back in her hometown of Sticksville did she see this scenario coming, but here she was. She then felt shocked as she heard Darby give her a full briefing on everything that took place. She found out that a close friend of Darby’s was also kidnapped. She learned who Thalia was, and how they had to go to Mexico to rescue Bessie, Gertrude and possibly Mia. She was stunned to hear that this mysterious Thalia had done all of this to get revenge against Darby and they had to go to Mexico to confront them, since Sheriff Dickerson was not going to send his men to help out. That feeling of absolute shock continued to wash over her, and she felt like she had to go sit down. This was a lot more than she imagined, and it was overwhelming. Even with all of that, she also felt a sense of pride. Darby trusted her enough to be a part of this mission. Becky was not a full time deputy. She had so much to learn and for her hero to include her in what was surely a dangerous and deeply personal mission made her admire and love Darby even more. She knew she could not let her down and it was also her big moment to prove she could handle this job. This might be the opportunity she had been waiting for to prove herself. She could not let Darby down.

Darby went over the plan with the others in the room. She, Phoebe and La Diabla discussed what they could do. What gave her confidence was that La Diabla knew of the town they were headed for. That was vital because Thalia had the advantage of being in a specific place, and already knew the layout. They all decided that they would go to the border, stay in a hotel on American soil, then venture over into Mexico and go to Ciudad Del Reina. There was a fortress there, and that was where Thalia was. They also determined that was probably where Bessie and the others were as well. She also heard La Diabla mentioning that before they go to that town, she would visit another town that wasn’t too far from Ciudad Del Reina as she had some additional allies that could join them. She was shocked to hear La Diabla call these allies her apprentices and she figured they both had to have a conversation about what happened in their individual lives since Santa Selena. They didn’t get the chance because since La Diabla arrived, all these other instances took place. She looked forward to that conversation and spending whatever time she could with her. She did like that Phoebe said she will pay for their train transport, and hotel stay. She would use her wealth to give them whatever necessary accommodations to help make this mission go smoothly. Phoebe would also remain at the hotel during the confrontation, ready to perhaps contact Sheriff Dickerson once they got Thalia to American soil. Darby knew that Thalia desperately wanted some kind of revenge and would probably follow her back into Texas. It was such a risky plan, but it was a plan. Once they finished discussing what their first steps would be, she started to feel better. This mission could very well work after all, and she would rescue her friends. She looked at the group and smiled. “Ladies, I think we have ourselves a plan. Let’s go take care of business.” she said with confidence.

Becky felt excited as she now understood what this was all about. The scope and difficulty would test her as well as everyone else. She felt really nervous, but she also felt confident that she could help out. As she listened to Darby, Phoebe and La Diabla, she was amazed at what kind of leaders they were. She continued to wonder about the relationship between Darby and La Diabla. It seemed like they had known each other for a long time. It made her wonder about the outlaw. Did she move away from her criminal ways? No one has heard from her since she was arrested and escaped years ago. Maybe she stopped being cruel and evil. Darby was pure and wholesome, so for her to be friends with La Diabla, it must have meant the outlaw was no longer that scary threat. Her heart skipped a beat as she now saw La Diabla walking up to her!

La Diabla walked up to Becky as she wanted to chat with her for a few seconds. She had to get a read on what this apprentice would be like, and if she could handle this type of journey. She had a good sense of Kylie, because she had a criminal background, but she knew nothing about Becky. She knew that Becky might be apprehensive about her, so she also wanted to calm her and let her know she was on their side. “Are you ready for this?” she asked her.

Becky felt her mouth go dry as she heard La Diabla speak. It was so surreal that this was happening. She remembered how often her father would speak about El Guapo and his gang, and how La Diabla was truly an evil terror for the way she conducted her crimes and hurt people for fun. Now, this woman was dressed like a Native American and had a slight smile on her face. She did look absolutely beautiful and appeared to be friendly. She wished she could tell her family about this, but she was sworn to secrecy. Her body trembled and she swallowed hard. “Yeah, I think I am ready. I-I never done anything like this before, and I am kinda nervous.” she told her.

“I’m not so scary, am I? hehe I can tell you know who I am. Don’t worry, I am here to help.” La Diabla told her, then smiled. She could sense Becky’s fear of her, which was understandable.

“N-No you’re not. I apologize. I am just kinda shocked that ya are here. I am actually speaking with La Diabla.” Becky said, still trying to find the words for this moment.

“Yes, I am here. I think over these next few hours and days, you will see I don’t bite. I think we will learn about each other, and remember, we have the same goal in mind. If you can help Darby rescue her friends, then I will be very honored to work with you.” La Diabla told her. She then stuck out her hand to shake Becky’s, trying to calm her down and not to be afraid of her.

Becky looked at the extended hand of La Diabla and she was still in shock. She was about to shake this woman’s hand. She realized just how real this mission was, and it was true. They all had to work together. She knew this was an experience she was never going to forget. She also decided to keep an open mind, like Darby told her, and work with a woman with such a deadly reputation. She gripped her hand and smiled. “Tha honor is all mine. I still can’t believe I am face to face with you. Blows muh mind.” she smiled.

Darby finished speaking with Phoebe and Kylie and knew it was time to go. She saw La Diabla speaking with Becky and saw them shaking hands. That was a good sight to see, as she was putting a tremendous amount of faith in her apprentice. She was also happy to see that La Diabla was probably calming her down because meeting someone of La Diabla’s reputation could be scary. It also amazed her that Kylie and Becky had different reactions to meeting the outlaw. Kylie was excited, and Becky was shocked. It was now time to go, so she had to address the group. “Ok ladies, I think it is time to go. Let’s get to this train station and be on our way. I want to thank all of you for being here and helping me rescue people I know and love. We will get this done. Thalia and her friends will not win the day. Together, we are unstoppable, and we will bring justice to Thalia and freedom to all of our friends. Let’s go.” she told them.

La Diabla smiled as she heard Darby’s rally speech. It was good to see Deputy Darby in action and she felt proud. Now it was time for action. She grabbed her bag that had her other pair of clothes in it, and it was time for get ready for another adventure. The women started to exit the house and she stood next to the deputy. “I know this is a lot for you emotionally, but you know I am here for you. I look forward to this battle. It reminds me of when we went after Madam Olivia. We won then and we will win this one too.” she told her.

“Thank you, Salem. I am so thankful you came to visit me. I know we both had different ideas of what we would do during your visit, but it just seems like destiny that we are drawn into another adventure. Hehehe I guess that’s just who we are. The Deputy and the Outlaw. Let’s make those bitches pay….” Darby told her. She then walked out of her house and headed to the carriage. This was the beginning of her next major adventure and even though she had her friends with her, she knew deep down inside this might be the most challenging mission of her entire life. She really hoped this mission would go smoothly. The memories of Santa Selena still rang in her mind, and now this adventure was related to that trauma. She took a deep breath and let out a small sigh as she walked. “I hope this all goes well. Too much is at stake….” she told herself.

Thalia looked around the room and watched as Sabrina and Babs were untying Mia from that torture wheel and then letting her collapse on the floor. She did enjoy watching them torture the poor woman, and now it was time for the next woman. This one would be amusing because she figured with an older woman, it wouldn’t take long to break her. It was good practice for Peta and Amalia, and when the time was right, she would interject herself. She also had her mind focused on someone she personally wanted to torture, Bessie Johnson. She was going to take great delight in breaking that woman and making her truly suffer. Bessie was close to Darby and making her suffer would be a great way to make Darby pay. That event would be after this older woman suffered next. Her adrenaline spiked as she thought about her plans for Bessie. Thalia then heard the door open and smiled when she saw Peta and Amalia escorting the mature woman in. Her eyes glanced over at Mia on the ground and wondered if she would remain in the room. They were both kidnapped together, so perhaps it would be a nice touch to have Mia watch Gertrude suffer. She looked at Gertrude and smiled. She could tell the woman was in absolute fear. She loved these moments. Peta and Amalia held an arm each and she loved the way Gertrude looked around the room. She walked up to her, so she could intimidate her to her core.

Gertrude’s mind was still spinning as she looked at her surroundings. She was still trying to comprehend the events since the previous night. Two women invaded her home and knocked her out. She did remember waking up and feeling that her arms and legs were tied up. She was blindfolded and gagged and was lying down on something. She could feel movement while on the floor and her ears could hear what sounded like she was moving inside some kind of carriage. She was extremely frightened as she had never been in this kind of a situation before. She had no idea where she was, or why this was even happening. She recognized the two women as they were those outlaws that caused chaos in Plotsville months ago. She prayed they wouldn’t hurt her, but they captured her and were going to probably hurt her. She remembered traveling for quite some time, the blindfold never leaving her eyes. Gertrude remembered when they came to a stop, and she was taken out of possibly a carriage of some kind and was forced to walk. She kept hearing the giggles and taunts from her captors and then she knew she went inside somewhere because of the temperature change in the air. She then walked towards something, when suddenly the blindfold came off her eyes and she got to see her surroundings. Her eyes had to adjust after being blocked off for such a long time. When her eyes adjusted a little, she could see she was in some kind of prison or something, where the only lights were lit torches on the wall. She could see a cell door opening, then she fell forward to the ground as she was shoved from behind. She heard laughter coming from whoever pushed her and she felt an incredible sadness when she heard that cell door close. She sat on the very filthy ground and saw two women she did not recognize. They were wearing these black military uniforms and they looked like they were enjoying her plight. She sat in that cell for what seemed like forever, when these same two women retrieved her and forced her to walk into this room. With every step she took, sadness and fear started to overwhelm her. She was not a combatant; she was just a baker who loved to have fun and tickle women’s feet. Her head looked around the room she was in, and it looked terrifying. She could see all the different contraptions and it looked like some kind of medieval torture chamber. Then she saw another woman in a black uniform approaching her. Her auburn colored hair seemed to flow like a lion’s mane and the look on her face made her lose her breath. Whoever this was, she was probably the woman in charge.

“Here she is, Thalia. Hehehehe as you requested. Is it play time?” Peta asked. She was really looking forward to having some fun herself. She watched with great delight as she saw Bella, Gabby and Mia get tortured. Now, she and Amalia could have some fun. Holding Gertrude’s arms, she could tell this woman was a little frail, so torturing her would be really easy and a lot of fun.

Thalia grinned as she heard Peta’s happy voice. She knew her two charges were ready for some action. She got really close to Gertrude and stared into her eyes. It was time to intimidate this woman and make her suffer. She didn’t care about her, but she knew Darby and that was good enough. She could sense that fear in the prisoner and it was time to amplify it. “You seem scared. What is your name?” she asked coldly.

Gertrude felt her heart thumping in her chest as she heard the woman speak. She seemed very scary, and her mouth went dry. “M-My n-name? It is G-G-Gertrude.” she stammered.

Thalia smiled a little when she heard the name. She loved the sound of fear in the voice. “Gertrude…..Gertrude. I like it. Tell me Gertrude, do you know Deputy Darby Reeves? Is she your friend?” she asked.

Gertrude looked at Thalia and what was most frightening was that cold demeanor still etched on her face, even though she had a smile. She felt her heart skip a beat when she heard Darby’s name. She wondered why this woman wanted to know about Darby. “Y-Yes….I-I know Deputy Darby Reeves. S-She is my friend. W-Why do you ask?” she asked.

“That’s good to know. My friends over there told me you might just be a friend of that pathetic deputy….” Thalia told her, then pointed in the direction where Sabrina and Babs were standing. The two outlaws were still near a naked Mia, and now it was almost time to humiliate Gertrude. “You can also see your other friend with them. She looks comfortable, right?” she grinned.

Gertrude looked over in the direction that Thalia was pointing, then she felt her breath leave her body. Her eyes went wide with shock as she once again saw the two outlaws, Sabrina and Babs, standing there looking right back at her with huge smiles on their faces. What really horrified her was who she saw on the ground next to them. It was Mia!! She was in the fetal position on the floor and looked completely worn out. What also horrified her was that the young lady was naked!! They must have taken her clothes off to embarrass her. This made her heart sink because Mia was such a nice girl and to be seen naked in front of everyone had to be humiliating. “W-What happened to her?” she asked.

“She was tortured….” Thalia said with a cold tone in her voice. She could see the abject fear in Gertrude’s eyes, and she wanted to slowly break this woman down mentally. “We did enjoy watching her suffer. That will be you soon….” she told her with a gleam in her eye.

“What?? You’re going to torture me???” Gertrude asked with great fear. Her adrenaline started to flow, and she started to go into a panic. She started to twist her body, preparing herself to run out of her as fast as she could, but she felt her arms still being gripped by these other two women. Then she saw Sabrina and Babs walking towards her. These were the women who kidnapped her, and now there was going to be some kind of torture!

“Hello Gertrude!!! So good to see your old, ugly face again! Oh, you silly old bat, we are going to have some real fun with you. I will enjoy watching you suffer.” Sabrina told her. She knew Gertrude played a very small part in her own arrest and trial, but it was fun to get revenge on anyone involved. She definitely wanted to get back at Darby and Becky, but having some fun with Gertrude would be a nice appetizer.

Gertrude started to feel her emotions getting heavy. These women were now talking about doing something cruel to her. She didn’t understand why they were targeting her. She had no problems with anyone. She didn’t even do much to Sabrina. All she did was tell the judge and jury that she saw the two outlaws with Mandy that fateful morning. That was it. She wasn’t even on the stand very long. Now, they kidnapped her and Mia, and they were talking about making her suffer. She looked around the room and with all the contraptions in there, it scared her to her core. “Please don’t hurt me! I just want to go back home! I-I don’t know any of you. Why am I here?” she pleaded, with fear in her voice.

“Because…..you are friends with Deputy Darby and you are going to help lure her here. Darby is the cause of so much suffering on our end. She ruined great plans. So, she will suffer too. First things first. We will torture you. You see your naked friend over there? Well, she understands what happens when you associate yourself with Darby. You asked why are you here? Blame Darby….” Thalia told her. She then nodded to Peta and Amalia to begin the proceedings.

Gertrude looked back at Mia on the ground and could see her shaking. Something bad happened to her, and now they were going to do something to her. She felt her nerves on edge and was frightened. Then she felt her arms being freed and she stood there. She looked around and all these women were staring right back at her. She felt like a helpless rabbit surrounded by ravenous coyotes. She wanted to cry. Never in her life did anyone wanted to physically harm her. She slowly started to shift her weight from one leg to another, her knees started to shake, and she felt a great fear in her. She wondered if she should run, try to fight her way out? She was never in a fight, and these women looked very dangerous. The situation overwhelmed her, her head fell, and she started to let some tears fall. “Please….I don’t want to be hurt…Leave me alone. Please…” she whimpered.

Thalia loved the sound of that voice. She loved the fact that this woman was petrified, and this was going to be such a good show! She looked at Gertrude and with a stone-cold facial expression, she gave a command to her. “Strip. Strip yourself naked. Now.” she said.

Gertrude wanted to burst into heavy sobs of fear, then she heard that command. Her head lifted up and she stared at this cold woman. She didn’t know if she heard her right, but she was told to strip? That thought horrified her and she saw Mia again. She was naked, and now that wave of humiliation washed over her, and she really started to cry. “No, please….Just leave me alone…please….” she cried out.

“I said……STRIP! Do it now, or we will have to take action.” Thalia commanded. She knew she was putting deep fear into Gertrude, and she loved that sad voice of hers. There was a thrill inside her body as she loved intimidating women. She heard the cries getting louder and that started to get her really excited.

Gertrude was openly crying as these women were trying to embarrass her. She couldn’t strip! Even though she loved tickling women’s feet and have been around women who didn’t mind showing their own chests to her, she never exposed her own body to others. She was very shy, and very modest. It had been a very long time since she had any kind of sexual encounter, even though she was very close with Mandy months ago. The thought of exposing her body to these women was very painful for her. Her tears got heavier as she felt an incredible sadness. “Please *sob* I don’t want to *sob* strip. Please don’t *sob* make me do this. I just *sob* want to go home.” she sobbed, then covered her face with her hands to hide her heavy tears.

Peta saw the look on Thalia’s face, and it was time for her to have some fun. She then stood on Gertrude’s left side, and then with great force, she shoved Gertrude on her left shoulder, causing the older woman to fall to the ground in a heap. As Gertrude was on the floor, she stood over her, and pointed a finger at her. “Didn’t you hear what she said? She told you to strip! Do it now, you old bat!” she commanded.

Mia started to stir as she heard the commotion in the room. She remained in the fetal position on the floor, and she looked across the room. Her eyes started to clear, and she saw Gertrude now on the ground! This made her very alert as she could see the pure fear in Gertrude’s eyes. She saw this bigger woman standing over her and yelling at her. Her heart sank because now it appeared they were going to torture Gertrude in front of her too!

Gertrude hit the ground in a thud, and she felt a slight pain in her right side. That shove was a complete surprise, and she couldn’t really brace herself. She then rolled onto her rear end and saw Peta standing over her. The sheer shock of the moment made her really cry as they were now being very physical with her. Her blue dress was dirty from the dirt on the ground, and she rubbed her right side a bit. She looked up and as tears streamed down her face, she pleaded for mercy. “Please don’t hurt me *sob* just leave me alone…” she cried.

“Stupid bitch…..” Peta told her. She then started to get excited as this was her first opportunity during this mission to have some fun. She learned a lot when she was in Greece, now she had someone to play with. She loved being an intimidator and this crying woman on the ground would definitely fulfill her own lustful desires. “You have one more chance. Strip now or pay a price.” she commanded.

Gertrude’s body filled with shame as it was really apparent that these women were going to seriously hurt her. They wanted to embarrass her and break her. She couldn’t help but cry harder. She was so scared as she had never been in a situation like this before, and it really hurt her. The pain in her right side was still there, but her heart and her mind was affected more. She just could not expose her body to these women. “I *sob* can’t. Please stop *sob* leave me alone *sob* leave me alone.” she cried.

Peta then let out a loud sigh and decided to take action. If Gertrude was not going to strip, then she would do it for her! She reached down and shoved Gertrude onto her back, then went towards her ankles, and grabbed the hem of the dress. “Ok, you stupid hag, I guess I will have to do it myself.” she threatened.

Gertrude was in shock as she felt herself getting shoved to the ground on her back and when she felt the hem of her dress getting grabbed, she had no idea what was about to happen. Then she looked in horror as the dress was now getting pulled up over her legs! She started to move her legs, but the dress was rapidly coming off her legs, and soon her hips were exposed. She felt herself getting moved around on the ground and the realization of her being forcefully stripped really put her in a paralyzing panic mode.

Thalia had a satisfied smile on her face as she saw Peta pulling the dress off of Gertrude. She saw her pull the garment up over the legs, the hips and now the belly was exposed. The way she was manhandling Gertrude was a sight to see. She saw the mature woman struggling on the ground and soon, she was sitting upright, her arms in the air, and now the dress was yanked off of her and she even chuckled when she saw Peta throw the dress across the room. Her eyes then looked at Gertrude’s body and saw her in her underwear and still wearing her leather boots.

Gertrude was in a state of shock as she just had her dress pulled off of her. She was now sitting on the ground in her underwear. She reflexively covered her chest that had her thick bra on, and her underwear was quite large. Her face turned completely red with embarrassment, and she heard laughter in the room. She looked around and these mean women were all laughing at her. She felt so humiliated at this moment and just wanted to go inside a hole and stay there. She started to cry again as there was nothing she could do.

Peta looked at her half naked victim and wanted to continue embarrassing her. She then grabbed Gertrude’s legs and pulled them into the air, forcing the woman onto her back. She then started to pull off the boots, one by one, and once they were removed, she tossed them behind her. Now, she could see Gertrude’s feet that were covered inside black stockings that were only calf high. The feet were very narrow and looked to be about a size 8. She was very close to exposing this woman and wondered how ticklish she was. “Now that I got your boots off, time to get you naked.” she told her.

Mia watched in horror as she still lay in the fetal position on the floor. She watched as these women were now attacking Gertrude and stripping her of her clothes. It was a surreal sight to see Gertrude on the floor and losing her clothes. She saw her boots were pulled off and now she was just in her stockings and undergarments. She knew what had happened to her own body just moments earlier and had a bad feeling the same was about to happen to her. She couldn’t believe they were doing this to her as Gertrude was the sweetest woman ever. She loved talking to everyone, and now she was on the ground, getting stripped of her clothes and dignity and now cruel things were about to be done to her. Mia felt terrible for her, as she suffered her own embarrassment, but watching the poor older woman get attacked seemed so much worse.

Gertrude was still in complete shock and terror as her boots left her feet. She then looked on in horror as the big lady was now reaching down and feeling hands on her bra! She felt her bra being ripped from her body as it was trying to be pulled off. This made her panic as the personal areas on her body were now going to be exposed. She felt herself getting manhandled as this woman was not being nice about it, she was almost tearing it off. She felt the cups of the bra come off her chest, and now her arms were in the air as her bra was being removed! Her mind was spinning, and she was in pure terror as the garment was being forcefully removed! “NO!! PLEASE STOP!! STOP!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!! STOP PLEASE!!!” she screamed.

Peta loved listening to Gertrude’s desperate pleas as she was removing the bra. She did not want to simply unstrap it from the body, she wanted to forcefully yank it off to give a feeling of dominance over her. The bra finally slipped off the arms, and now Gertrude was topless!! A smile formed on her face as she looked at the naked chest. The breasts were probably a size B and were sagging a bit. The small brown nipples were exposed, and she loved this moment. She knew this mature woman was going to feel absolutely devastated to be naked and looked forward to exposing all of her body. She wanted to be cruel to her, then torment her. She wanted to impress Thalia and the others. She watched them have so much fun with the other three victims, now it was her turn. She then looked over at Amalia who had a grin. They were both going to have fun torturing Gertrude, and she now shoved Gertrude onto her stomach onto the ground and went for the underwear.

Gertrude was in a state of complete shock and confusion as she was on her belly. She had her bra removed and still could not grasp fully what was happening to her at the moment. Then her eyes bugged out as she felt those strong hands on her underwear, and they were being pulled down. “NOOOO!!! STOP THIS!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEEEE!!!!” she screamed in terror.

“No one is coming to help you, old lady. Now, let’s see what you look like under this silly underwear of yours.” Peta teased as she then yanked the garment clean off the rear end and hips and even with Gertrude’s legs kicking a bit, she managed to get them down the legs and off her stockinged feet. She laughed as she held the underwear, then threw it clear across the room. She looked down at her victim and grinned. Gertrude was now naked, except for her stockings, and she stared right at her rear end. It was a flat rear end, but still looked cute. Gertrude was a thin woman, and her body shape was very average. She didn’t mind at it all, because the objective was to torture and humiliate her. “Nice ass…hehehe” she taunted.

Gertrude’s face turned beet red as she realized she was now naked! For the first time in her 48 years of life, she was completely naked in front of another woman. She was aware she was on her stomach but knowing that her naked backside was exposed for everyone to see, crushed her. She lowered her head into her hands and now she really started to cry as this was completely embarrassing. “Why are you *sob* doing this to me? I *sob* didn’t do anything to you.” she cried.

Peta shook her head as she heard Gertrude crying. This was a great moment for her, and she looked at Thalia who had a wry smile on her face. She looked pleased and now she had the motivation to keep trying to humiliate this poor woman. She then looked at those stockings and it was time to finish removing all of the articles of clothing and put her victim into her complete birthday suit. She then stood directly over Gertrude’s hips, facing her feet. She could see that naked ass trembling and she smiled. She reached her hands forward, grabbed the left ankle of the woman, and held up her foot. “Amalia, take off her stockings for me.” she told her partner.

Amalia smiled as she approached that foot that was in the air. She was very happy to be involved in this moment as she wanted to prove things to Thalia and Carissa as well. She didn’t get to play with the harem girls too often, but when she did, she found it quite thrilling. She made it to the twitching foot in the air and smiled. She then started to peel down the stocking with her hands and in coordination with Peta, got it off the ankle, and now the heel was exposed. A very large smile formed on her face as she continued to peel the stocking off and it was going to be any moment that this foot was bare. The stocking came off the arch, then the ball of the foot, and then finally the toes. She chuckled as she now exposed Gertrude’s left foot! Amalia looked down at that upturned sole and liked what she saw. The foot was very narrow, with very pale skin, a lowered arch, and long toes. The toes descended in length and could see some wrinkles in the skin. The skin looked tender, and she wondered if they were really ticklish. “That’s one…..” she said with a smile.

Gertrude continued to cry as she felt so ashamed right now. Then panic set in as she felt her left stocking get pulled off, exposing her foot. For decades, she enjoyed playing with and tickling a woman’s bare foot, now her own was exposed. She never really exposed her feet, especially to other people. It was ironic that she loved a woman’s foot, but she never showed them her own. She didn’t want that feeling of helplessness if she showed her feet, because her friends may go after hers, like she went after theirs. She was always in control, and now she felt so helpless. The tears returned as she felt her right foot now being lifted into the air and she knew she was about to be naked from head to her long toes. “Please *sob* stop doing this to me. I never *sob* did anything to you…” she cried.

Sabrina looked at Babs and smiled. She was enjoying watching Gertrude getting stripped naked. This was much different than the other victims. Gertrude seemed so prim and proper and very conservative. She had zero sex appeal which made this even better. She figured this woman rarely, if ever, had sex, so being forcefully stripped naked would break her mentally and emotionally. She could see the barefoot and the naked body and she was curious. Were they actually going to sexually humiliate and conquer her too? That would be a sight to see, and she even joked to herself that Gertrude was about to be better pleasured by them than she ever experienced in her entire life.

Amalia continued to peel down the stocking on the right leg, and in coordination with Peta’s firm grip, managed to slip if off the ankle, then the heel of the foot. Once again, she saw that very pale skin and soon the arch was exposed, the ball of the foot, and then she paused. The stocking rested on those long toes, and with one more tug, Gertrude was completely naked. She looked towards Thalia and the group and felt proud. “Ladies, this old hag is now completely……naked.” she announced as she pulled the stocking off, exposing the right foot.

Thalia laughed a bit as she listened to Amalia and her announcement. She felt pride in the way they handled the stripping of Gertrude and now, this gentle older woman was completely nude. She could hear the cries of sorrow and felt a tingle in her body. She absolutely loved the domination and the breaking of the will of women. She slowly clapped her hands in approval, then looked right at Peta, who was now standing over Gertrude’s body, but this time facing her. “Let’s see what she has…..” she told her.

Peta nodded her head in approval and then leaned down. She could hear Gertrude sobbing and saw her body shaking. Now, it was time to turn her over to her back and completely expose her to everyone. She winked at Amalia, then reached down and easily rolled Gertrude over onto her back, and her chest was once again exposed for all to see. She then moved her body towards the left leg of Gertrude and Amalia went to the right leg. They each grabbed an ankle and spun Gertrude around on the ground, so that now the feet were facing Thalia and the others. She nodded her head to Amalia and then they pulled Gertrude’s legs apart, her feet in the air, which exposed her naked pussy to everyone. “Ta da!!! Hehehe” she laughed.

Gertrude realized what was happening once she felt her legs being pulled apart. The shock hit her like a lightning bolt throughout her entire body as she realized her most private spot on her body was completely exposed to these women. Shame and humiliation washed over her body as they now got to see her naked vagina. She moved her hands to try and cover her mound. Then she felt her wrists being grabbed, and now both Peta and Amalia held her ankles and wrists and she couldn’t pull them free. They held her open and there was nothing she could do to hide her modesty. That broke her heart as these women were trying to completely humiliate her. Tears poured out of her eyes, and she felt hopeless. “Why…*sob* why….Please stop” she cried.

“Nice pussy, old lady. Hahahaha I like it.” Thalia laughed as she looked at the dark blond pubic hairs and could see the vagina lips and the complete area. She walked a little closer to Gertrude’s body and stared at the entire naked body. “Hmmm….I think she would be a great addition to the harem. Her pussy actually looks nice. I bet she hasn’t had a dick, or a tongue on her pussy since King George III sat on the English throne. Hahahaha” she taunted.

Mia watched in abject terror and sympathy as she saw what was happening to Gertrude. They stripped her naked, now they were all observing her body. Her heart went out to her because she knew her friend had to be mortified in this position. She felt her own eyes welling up with tears because she knew just how humiliating this was. For someone that was so conservative with her body as Gertrude, she couldn’t even imagine what she felt like. It was horrible when it happened to her, but it must have been so much worse for the friendliest baker in Plotsville.

“Ok, she is all yours. Make her suffer….” Thalia commanded. She was ready to see Gertrude suffer. She wanted to use this entertainment to get her extra motivated for her own next victim. She really wanted to torture Bessie and watching Gertrude fall apart was a great sexual appetizer for her.

Peta grinned as she heard Thalia give the ok to torment Gertrude. She looked around the room and found a device to use. She decided to put Gertrude in a pillory, so that her head would be trapped, and she could play with her backside, and even the front. She then reached down, grabbed Gertrude by her hair, and lifted her into the air and onto her feet. She could hear the screams of pain and then forcefully make her walk to the pillory area. The screams of Gertrude filled her soul with joy and once she got to the pillory, she watched as Amalia opened it up, and she then roughly placed Gertrude’s head and neck on the large hole area, and then held her wrists into the smaller holes. Then Amalia slammed the lid shut and they locked it. They then adjusted the pillory a bit as it was too tall, and they didn’t want to choke the woman. The pillory was then adjusted to Gertrude’s hunched height and now it was playtime. Peta looked at the exposed ass and gave it a hard smack! She loved that yelp of pain, and it was time to have some fun. “Oh yes, I am really going to enjoy this body of yours…..” she threatened.

Gertrude was still in a state of shock as she suddenly found herself standing but hunched over slightly, and her head and wrists were locked in a pillory. She was trying to make sense of what had just happened to her. She realized that she was still as naked as the day she was born and there was nothing she could do to protect her most private areas. Being naked in front of others was just something she did not do. It had been a very long time since she was with a lover, and with her good health, she rarely even saw a doctor. She was very private with her body and now, it was exposed. That realization broke her heart. This was by far the worst humiliation she ever endured in her entire life and there was nothing she could do to stop these women from further embarrassing her. She lifted her head a bit and she could now see Peta smiling back at her. That woman had been so cruel to her in this moment, and she feared her. The smack on her rear end sent a large wave of pain as her body was very delicate. Gertrude prayed these women would show her mercy. She even would accept being in a pillory, she just wanted to have her body covered. Her eyes looked into Peta’s, and she saw malice in those eyes. Her only choice was to beg this woman and pray she showed mercy. “Please….please cover me….I’m sorry…*sob* I’m sorry if I ever did something to *sob* offend you. I mean it from the bottom of my heart…” she whimpered.

Peta started to laugh. She heard that pathetic whimpering and it amused her. She let her laughter get louder, doing it on purpose to really make Gertrude feel horrible. She wanted her to feel frightened, so she could torment her even more. She walked up to Gertrude’s head and stared into her eyes. “Awww….what’s the matter, old lady? You want me to cover your wrinkly, old body? You should be proud to show it off! I bet it has been a long time since anyone has seen this body of yours. You’re not as wrinkly as I thought though, so you should be proud! I am going to take a closer look at it. You can keep crying because I love the sound of your voice….hehehe” she teased.

Gertrude let her head drop as she heard Peta telling her those things. It was as though she was going to make it a point to exploit her body for her own sadistic pleasure. Her sadness only increased when she saw Peta walking behind her and now, she couldn’t see what this woman was about to do. Was she going to do painful things to her? Was she going to touch places she would never willingly allow this woman to touch? She felt the warm tears falling down her cheeks as she just wanted to go home and pray that all of this was just a nightmare.

Peta was now facing Gertrude’s backside and she could see the body trembling. She knew she had already won the mental battle and her prisoner was already broken. Now, she could just enjoy the pleasures that came with it. She got close and stared at Gertrude’s back. She could see the pale skin that hung a little loose due to age, but overall, it was still very nice looking skin. The body, even though it was very thin, was still very pretty in a normal sense and she figured she could get her victim to respond to her touch. She turned her head again to look at Thalia, to see if it was time to have some fun. When she saw Thalia nod her head, she turned back and looked at the backside once again. She then reached her right hand forward, took the tip of her index finger and placed it right at the top part of the back, just below the wooden pillory where Gertrude’s neck disappeared into and slowly stroked it lightly right down the spine. When the finger made it between the shoulder blades, she felt the body starting to quiver and the legs were starting to sway. She wondered if it was because of the shock of the moment, or if this skin was very sensitive. Peta really hoped Gertrude was horribly ticklish, so she could really humiliate this woman in front of everyone. Her finger then traveled to the middle of the back and the body continued to squirm a bit and she determined that the skin was sensitive. Now, she could have a lot of fun.

Gertrude felt that finger touching her skin and it completely surprised her. She anticipated a painful attack, just like when her rear end was smacked, but this touch was different. When that finger went to that spot between her shoulder blades, she started to feel a sensation she hadn’t felt for years. It tickled her. It tickled a lot. She felt those ticklish butterflies in her stomach, and she wondered if this woman did it on purpose or just wanted to touch her skin. Either way, she couldn’t help but wiggle her body as the sensation got worse as the finger traveled further down her back. When it got to the middle of her back, she felt her knees starting to buckle a little as the ticklish feelings got stronger. This horrified her. She hadn’t been tickled in ages! She was the one who always tickled others, especially on their feet. Mandy did a brief tickle on her, but that was the only time she could remember. She remembered that devious smile on Mandy’s face when it happened, but she quickly dismissed it and pretended it didn’t tickle her. Being tickled was always something she playfully feared because as much as she loved tickling a woman’s feet, she did not want the same thing to happen to her. The finger now went to the small of her back, and her knees gave out and she nearly choked herself in the pillory, but managed to prevent her throat from ramming itself into the wood. But the one thing she did not want to happen, and she was even surprised that it did in this embarrassing moment was that she…….giggled.

Peta heard the giggle come out from Gertrude and smiled. She had a ticklish victim! She wondered how Gertrude would be able to handle the ticklish onslaught she had in mind. Her finger then made it to the bottom of the small of the back, just right above those flat ass cheeks and let it linger there. She did small movements on that skin, and she heard more giggles coming from the older woman. “Is something funny?” she asked with a grin.

Gertrude felt that finger in the small of her back and near her butt and it drove her crazy. She never knew how ticklish she was in that area, and it sent very strong sensations throughout her entire body. She knew of her ticklish spots such as her underarms, her sides, stomach and even the bottoms of her feet from all the play time when she was a kid, but she never had her back tickled. She hadn’t even thought about that possibility. Now with that finger playing in that area, she couldn’t help but giggle. This worried her even more because she never knew someone could be ticklish when they were in abject fear. “Hehehe noooo please let me go….please…” she giggled.

“I think that you must find your situation funny. I guess I can’t blame you because you look ridiculous. You are naked and showing us your worn-out body. I bet you haven’t had a lover touch you the way I am going to touch you in a few decades. Hehehe” Peta taunted. She then slowly started to move her finger horizontally across the small of the back, now creeping towards the left side of the body, then crawling over to the right side. She now saw Gertrude’s body doing a little “dance” and she couldn’t help but laugh. Her victim was very sensitive and torturing her would be fun after all. “What’s the matter, old lady? Why are you dancing and giggling? You think this is funny? You were crying before, and now you are enjoying yourself. You were trying to reach my heart with your cries, now you laugh. I should have known you were lying to me. You LIKE what I am doing to you….” she told her.

Thalia chuckled to herself as she saw Peta already having fun with Gertrude’s body. She did like how she was taunting her, and she knew Peta worked hard on the mental aspect of their brand of torture. The physical part was always fun, but when you could make a victim suffer mentally and emotionally, it was so much better. She wanted to see how much fun Peta would have, as well as Amalia. Amalia did get to tickle the harem slaves from time to time, but she mainly was used for security purposes. She was a tough warrior, but still had much to learn. She stared at her and when she made eye contact, she nodded her head. That was to give her a signal to join in and to show what she got!

Amalia saw Thalia looking over at her and when she nodded her head, she felt a little excited. Now it was her turn to have a little fun with this mature prisoner. She felt like Rose at this moment. She did have tickle opportunities with harem slaves, but she was always treated as someone who needed to learn more about this brand of torture. There was times Thalia or Carissa would tell her that she wasn’t cruel enough to the slaves. That she was always more playful with them, instead of making them suffer. That was always a challenge for her because when she grew up in Athens, she would have fun tickle fights with her friends. Tickling was always seen as something fun, but once she got involved with this group, she saw it being used to torture and humiliate women. She found it very erotic and loved watching the sexual play of it all, but she never really got to do it herself. Amalia did enjoy sex with the harem slaves, but when it came to tickling them, she had to learn how to make them suffer. Today, she got to see Bella, Gabby, and Mia suffer and the pressure was on her to perform. She had to mainly be a guard of the slaves, and she felt if she could prove herself, she could “promote” herself to a level of being one of the women who would punish and torment the slaves. Her eyes saw Gertrude’s body dancing around and heard those giggles. She walked over to the body and since Peta was behind Gertrude’s body, she would be in the front. She looked at Gertrude’s face and saw that smile on there. It was now her turn to help make this woman suffer.

Gertrude continued to giggle and move her body around as she felt that evil finger trickling through the small of her back. She felt herself dancing from one foot to the other as the feeling was quite agonizing. She was still in disbelief that she felt so ticklish at the moment when she felt such great humiliation. It made her wonder if that was what helped make Darby and others more ticklish on their feet because of the slight embarrassment of being tickled. Then she felt that finger quickly slide up her back and her knees buckled again. Her hands started to open and clench, and her head looked up. She gasped when she saw another face in hers. It was a pretty face as the woman had long brown hair that was tied into a tight ponytail. She also wore the black military uniform, and her face had this wry smile. She knew this was the other woman who took her from her cell and dragged her into this room. She continued to giggle and wondered what was about to happen to her now.

Amalia got close to Gertrude’s face and smiled as she saw the poor woman continued to giggle. She could see the tear stains on the cheeks in contrast with her smile. She reached her hand forward a little and stroked the tip of her finger under Gertrude’s chin. She looked into her eyes and hoped she could do an effective job. “Hello, old lady. I bet what my friend is doing is driving you crazy. Now it is my turn to have a little fun. Hmmmmm…where should I touch you? Looks like I may have to find places on you that you can enjoy. I can honestly say that seeing your sagging breasts shake around does amuse me, so maybe I will touch them. Would you like that?” she threatened.

Gertrude gasped as she heard that threat. This woman wanted to touch her breasts? The shame increased in her body as her very personal spot was about to be touched by this evil woman. She always had pride in presenting herself as a proper lady and did not just let anyone touch her in her private spots. She looked in horror as she saw two hands reaching forward and headed towards her chest. “Nooooo!!! Don’t touch me!!! Don’t touch me!!!! hehehehehehehe” she screamed then felt another finger swipe down her spine.

Amalia grinned as she heard those desperate pleas coming from Gertrude. She loved the sound of her laughter and knew what she was about to do was going to really make Gertrude feel ashamed. Her two hands were now at the trembling breasts, and she softly grabbed both of them. She felt around them, and they were indeed very soft. “Oooh….not bad for an old lady. A bit too soft and saggy, but still nice.” she taunted.

Gertrude gasped in horror as she felt those hands touching her breasts! This was an unbelievable moment as for the first time in her life, a woman had touched her breasts. She looked at Amalia in shocked horror and didn’t know what to say. She didn’t even know how to react as the hands softly felt around her breasts. Then she started to laugh as she now felt fingers pressing into her sides. This caused her body to jerk around, and Amalia’s hands came off her breasts, but at the same time, a very intense ticklish sensation tore through her body. Her legs almost gave out again and all she could do was look at Amalia’s grinning face and laugh as the fingers continued to press into her body. “Hahahahahahahaha she’s tickling meeeeeee!!!!” she laughed.

“Yes, I am tickling you, grandma hahahahaha” Peta taunted as her fingers pressed into the sides of her victim. She noticed that Gertrude had a very skinny body, and she could feel the ribs easily when her fingers moved up towards that way. She loved the way the body was jerking and convulsing around and saw how her prisoner shifted her weight from one leg to another, desperately trying to get away from her grasp. “Yes, she really is a ticklish one!! Listen to her laugh!” she teased.

Mia watched in shock and horror as she could hear Gertrude’s laughter flowing out of her mouth rather easily. She never thought about Gertrude being ticklish. Her own feet were tickled by that woman and seeing her laughing right now seemed odd. She surmised that even Gertrude would be ticklish, but she also felt terrible for her because she was naked and tickled. She knew that feeling all too well, but Gertrude was such a proper and conservative type of woman, so this had to be brutal for her. Then she noticed a pair of legs turning and now facing her. She looked up and saw Sabrina looking down at her.

“Hehehe you like what you see? Remember when that was you being tickled in front of everyone? I bet you are happy someone else is suffering.” Sabrina teased. She then knelt down to get closer to Mia’s body that was still in the fetal position. She still wanted to play some mind games with her to continue her torture. “Who knows? Maybe we will make the old bat cum her brains out just like you did! In fact, I got an idea. What if we were to have you both make each other cum in front of everyone? You could have sex with her for our amusement! You were over her house, right? I bet you two are secret lovers!” she teased as she then reached her left hand towards the right shoulder of Mia since she was lying on her left side.

Mia thought about what Sabrina said and that sent a streak of fear throughout her body. She was already sexually humiliated in front of everyone, and now there could be more. The thought of making love to Gertrude in front of everyone forcefully horrified her. It wasn’t that she didn’t think Gertrude would be disgusting to have sex with, she just wasn’t sexually attracted to her, and she did not want to have sex in front of these women for her enjoyment. She felt Sabrina’s hand caressing her shoulder and she closed her eyes in shame. “Please leave me alone…” she whispered.

Sabrina chuckled a bit and then stood back up. She figured she would watch Mia a few times, just to keep her in mental anguish. She did wonder if they should have both prisoners have sex in front of one another. One older and the other much younger. She chuckled at the thought of that and then continued to keep watching what was happening to Gertrude. She enjoyed watching her laugh and squirm around. Although she would have loved to get that woman back for testifying against her at her trial, watching what these Greek women were about to do to her was also very satisfying.

Gertrude continued to laugh as she felt those fingers moving up and down her sides. She also hated the fact that she could not protect her body with her hands. They were locked in this pillory with her head, so her body was completely exposed and vulnerable. She also hated the fact she was naked and getting those evil teases. She knew she was older in life, but to constantly hear it being pointed out to her was very hurtful to her. She still had those struggles mentally with her self-esteem and she made great strides to feel confident, but these women were tearing her back down. The worst part of it was that she was laughing her head off. She never realized her body could still be this ticklish under such horrendous circumstances. She really wished these women would let her go and allow her to put her clothes back on. Gertrude then squealed again as she felt hands touching her breasts again. The much quieter Greek woman in front of her was touching her again!

“I can see you like when I touch you. Hehehehe I bet no one else besides you has touched these breasts in a few decades, am I right?” Amalia taunted as she continued to grope the helpless breasts. The breasts were very soft in her hands and now she moved the tips of her fingers underneath the breasts. She loved the reaction of that move and smiled. “Does that feel good?” she teased.

Gertrude felt the fingers underneath her breasts, and it surprised her how much it tickled! She felt the fingers moving around on that skin and she couldn’t help but react to it. The fingers of Peta were still going up and down her sides, but this touch underneath her breasts was something that tore through her very soul. She hated the fact that the Greek woman said no one has touched her on her chest for decades, but it was somewhat true. She hadn’t had any sexual encounters in many years and now it was a woman touching her. She figured if she ever did lay with a woman, it was going to be Mandy. Now she felt the fingers starting to scurry under those mounds and it really tickled her a lot! “hehehehehehehehe stop that!!! That tickles so hahahehehahahaha much!!! Leave me alone!” she screamed.

Peta laughed as she continued to move her strong fingers up and down the sides. She just loved the way Gertrude reacted to her touch and her eyes could see Amalia reaching her hands forward and knew she was playing with this woman’s chest. That made her look towards the naked ass, and she wondered if she should play with it a bit. She lowered her right hand towards the rear end, while her left hand continued to dance up and down the left side. She then softly fluttered her fingers on the right ass cheek and got a reaction she really loved!

Gertrude stiffened her body and tried to stand upright in reaction to that touch on her rear end and she hit the back of her neck on the pillory. She didn’t strike it hard, but it made her really aware just how trapped she was. That sensation she felt coming from her butt really surprised her as she never knew a butt could be ticklish. Now another wave of humiliation crashed over her as her breasts were being tickled, but now her ass. “Hey!!! Hahahahahaha don’t touch me!!! That tickles!!!” she shouted.

Thalia couldn’t help but feel proud of both of her soldiers. They looked to be doing an effective job on Gertrude and she could sense their joy. She watched over their techniques to see if they were trying to maximize the horrific ticklish sensations. She moved towards the torture area, so she could get a closer look. She was now standing on the left-hand side of the victim and could see Amalia’s fingers groping and stroking underneath the left breast. She liked what she saw and then looked towards Peta’s fingers tickling the left side of Gertrude. The way the woman was laughing indicated Peta was being very effective in finding the sensitive spots. She then walked behind Peta and moved her way over to the right side and could now see how Peta was using her fingers to tickle that flat ass cheek. She really liked the way the fingers moved and then her eyes looked at Amalia’s left hand tickling underneath the right breast. She then had a satisfied smile and stood there to watch. Thalia also wanted them to be aware she was in fact watching them, which should inspire them to really put Gertrude into a tickling nightmare. She loved the sound of her laughter and loved the way her body squirmed around in that slightly hunched position. She knew there was still a ways to go, but so far, Peta and Amalia were doing an excellent job.

Peta continued to press her left hand into Gertrude’s left side, and used her right hand to tickle the ass. She loved the way Gertrude kept squirming and moving in place. She then lowered her left hand and started to tickle the left ass cheek, which really made her victim squirm and “dance” in place. Her fingers were scurrying where the cheek met the leg, right along that crease. She loved how Gertrude now seemed to be running in place, her legs alternatively lifting and going back to the floor. She chuckled to herself as it greatly amused her. “That’s right! Run for your life!! I am coming to get you! I am going to tickle your ass if you don’t run faster! Hehehehe” she taunted.

Gertrude felt ridiculous as she continued to move her legs in a panicked state. She felt those fingers tickling her rear end and the sensations drove her absolutely crazy. She could also hear Peta’s words and that made her feel even worse. She tried her best to move out of the way, but those fingers kept touching her there and it really tickled her! She looked up and saw Amalia smiling at her, and that woman kept tickling her under her breasts. She felt so sensitive at the moment, and she wished they would stop. It tickled too much, and it also made her feel embarrassed. These women were touching areas she didn’t allow others to touch. “Hahahahahah stop this!!! Stop tickling meeeeeee!!” she cried out.

Amalia laughed as she saw how Gertrude looked to be running in place. Her breasts were bouncing up and down, touching her wiggling fingers as she continued her breasts tickle assault. She was really starting to like this moment because the look on Gertrude’s face was sheer panic and helplessness. She knew the woman could not defend herself with her wrists and head locked into the pillory. That gave her and Peta complete access to her body. She noticed the nipples were getting stiff and wondered if they could make this mature woman horny as well. She slowed her breast tickling and blew a kiss to her prisoner. “You may be telling us to stop, but I can see you like it. Look at those nipples!” she teased.

Gertrude didn’t know how to react, but she did realize her nipples were in fact getting stiff. That breast and ass tickling was getting her body to be turned on. This panicked her even more because she felt even more vulnerable. She could not stop them from playing with her body and the last thing she wanted to do was be teased sexually. She then felt another stroke on her butt, and she let out a high pitched scream! The stroke went right down her ass crack! “EEEEEEEEEHHHH NOT THERE!!!!” she screamed.

Peta had a very large grin on her face as she heard that high pitched squeal coming from Gertrude. She softly stroked the tip of her right index finger from the top of the crack, all the way down until the spot where the ass would start to turn inwards. That sound really got her excited, so she did another stroke. She loved the way Gertrude was squirming in place and desperately trying to avoid her finger. She then gripped the left hipbone of her prisoner, to try and hold her still. That move, however, only made Gertrude laugh even louder. “Hahahaha stay still!!! I am trying to tickle your flat ass!” she told her.

Gertrude felt that very strong hand gripping her left hipbone and the ticklish energy ripped through her like electricity. She was discovering the different ticklish places on her body as these women went along. She now realized she was ticklish in many areas besides the typical spots. As she continued to laugh hysterically, she then felt something touching her breasts again! She looked down and saw both of Amalia’s arms extended towards her chest and this second Greek woman was going after her breasts. This time, the fingers started to stroke and rub against her nipples. That gave her conflicting feelings because as much as it tickled, it also sent a surge of arousal in her body. That really surprised her as she usually repressed sexual feelings. The closest she got to letting them out was that day with Mandy. Now, she could feel the heat building in her body and that crushed her soul. These women were going to completely humiliate her!

“She has some really hard nipples right now. Hehehehe Hey Peta, I think she really like us touching her.” Amalia teased as she continued to move her fingers all over those hard, brown nipples.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA NO I DON’T!!! PLEASE STOP TOUCHING MEEEEEEEEEEE” Gertrude wailed as she still felt that very strong hand on her hipbone and the fact she could feel a finger stroking and teasing right down her butt crack! Her emotions were now in a confused state because she felt angry, sad, fear and arousal at the same time. She did not know what to do but to beg them.

Sabrina found herself really focused on watching what was happening before her. She didn’t have an attraction towards Gertrude, mainly due to her age, but there was something very erotic about watching her suffer. The fact the mature woman was nude was something entertaining, and the way Thalia was observing her fellow soldiers, made this entire incident really fun. She started to wonder if they would in fact conquer poor Gertrude sexually. That would be a sight to see, and after all these tickling sessions, she had to go find relief eventually. She turned a little and saw Mia still on the ground, in the fetal position naked, watching what was happening to Gertrude. She then looked back up and saw Babs looking at her. Sabrina saw a knowing smile on her partner’s face, and she smiled back. “This is amazing. That old bat actually looks a little sexy the way she is moving around and desperately screaming.” she told her.

“Yeah, I didn’t think she would be a lot of fun when we kidnapped her, but watching her shake around like that, it is very exciting. Do you think we will torture someone again? I really had fun with this bitch on the ground, but I want more.” Babs told her. She really wanted to play again as she felt her own sexual arousal getting more intense.

“You bet we will. I know Thalia wants to torture Darby, but dammit, so do we. That bitch is the reason we even went to jail. I really want her to suffer. Here is what I am thinking. Perhaps when that idiot deputy is caught, WE will get first crack at her. Thalia and her ladies can finish off what is left. She is only going after Darby because of some vendetta for a friend and some sex addict boss. She never met Darby, but we have! So, we should get the first crack at her. We both know how ticklish she really is, and how easy it is to make her suffer.” Sabrina responded. She started to feel herself getting excited about the prospect of torturing Darby once again. Tormenting the famous deputy was something she would never forget.

“You are right. We should get the first shot because we want our revenge! Thalia didn’t go to jail because of Darby, we did! So, we should torment her. I do hope she brings that clumsy sidekick of hers again. Now that idiot was a lot of fun. Hehehe” Babs giggled as she thought about what she did to Becky Lockhart in that barn. That was something she would never forget, but she also wanted revenge. It was Becky that captured her, so that young woman needed to suffer once again.

“I am sure she will. Thalia told Darby to come alone, but we know she is a coward. Here is what I am thinking. Thalia and her ladies can torment Becky. I mean, that clumsy fool resembles Darby anyway. Then we focus on Darby. I want to touch her big, pink feet again. I also want to touch that pink pussy on her. Who would have ever thought a deputy would be so damn sexually attractive? Hehehe” Sabrina joked. She loved thinking about Darby and this next time, she was going to strip her completely naked.

Gertrude felt her eyes welling up with tears again as the tickling and teasing did not stop. The fingers on her nipples were rubbing pretty hard against them, and she could feel them throbbing. Then she felt those ticklish tremors in her body from the hip tickling and that butt crack tickling. She kept banging her neck against the pillory wood and now she was starting to ache. She just wanted it all to stop. What also made her anguish was the sexual arousal building up in her. The butt tickling was horrible, but it also started to get her excited. She had no idea what was going to happen to her but knew something really bad was going to happen. She then felt the tickling stop. The hands were removed from her nipples, and the ass and hip tickling stopped. She felt such a surge of relief in her body and tried to catch her breath. She even stopped squirming around because she wanted to get air in her lungs. “Please…no more. No more tickling me…” she begged.

Peta stood there looking at Gertrude’s backside and admiring it. She had fun teasing and tickling her so far. What also delighted her was that it was not over yet. She still will tickle Gertrude more, but wanted to spring it on her, to make this poor woman’s mind snap. She could hear those pathetic pleas for mercy and could hear the emotion in the voice. She then walked to the front of the pillory, so she could look at Gertrude’s face. She chuckled as she saw the head was looking down, and she heard the heavy breathing. She could also see the sagging breasts, pointing towards the floor and saw how hard the nipples were. She looked over at Amalia and winked. Her friend did a great job on getting this woman aroused and it was time for more fun. She reached forward with her right hand, grabbed a handful of hair and lifted Gertrude’s head. She saw the tear-stained cheeks, the red eyes, and the look of desperation on her face. “You look….ugly. hahahaha” she taunted.

Gertrude felt her head getting pulled up by her hair and that hurt her a little. She then saw Peta’s sadistic face, and then she heard what she said. Her heart started to break, and her self-esteem issues started to bubble up again. That was a mean thing for her to say to her because she didn’t ask for any of this to happen. Her lips started to quiver again because she knew she was about to cry. “Please….don’t say that. Just let me go….” she whimpered.

“Say what? That you’re ugly? Haha well it is true, old lady! You look really ugly right now. You are so pathetic in your crying and the fact you are a 100 years old doesn’t help. You’re ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly, UGLY!!” Peta taunted. She noticed that really seemed to get to her victim and saw the sadness in her eyes. She loved the fact that she could be hurting this woman’s feelings. She then dropped the head again and started to walk behind Gertrude once again. “Now, where should I tickle this very ugly woman? Hmmmmm…..where is a good spot?” she mused as she stared at the naked body.

Gertrude heard those very cruel taunts, and her heart sank. The way Peta called her ugly, it really cut her to the bone. She also knew her naked body was exposed for everyone to see and being called ugly really made her feel shameful. She lowered her head again and let the tears fall out. Her deep inner fears of being ugly to others came back out and she felt it was truth. She started to cry because her feelings were absolutely crushed in front of all of these women. “I’m so ugly *sob* I’m sorry. I’m sorry *sob* Please, I want to go home…” she cried.

Mia felt herself near tears as she heard those cries coming from her friend. She heard the cruel taunts from Peta where she called Gertrude ugly, and it seemed to really get to Gertrude. She could see her body starting to slump down, and those cries were very audible. It really hurt her heart to hear her crying like that. She could only imagine how she felt. She saw her naked, and like any woman, being called ugly while naked would destroy a self-esteem very quickly. She had no idea why they were so cruel to her. They had been cruel to her as well, but not like that. She wondered what else they were going to do to that poor woman.

Peta heard the cries and she laughed. She looked over at Thalia and could see she looked very pleased with what she was doing. That gave her another shot of adrenaline and she faced Gertrude again. She saw her body slumping down, but what caught her eye was the position of the armpits. Since the wrists were locked up near the head in the pillory, the armpits were exposed. She figured she could torment her there for a moment, just to make this woman suffer. She moved closer to her prisoner’s body and then without hesitation, she jammed her fingers into the armpits and began to wiggle them. She was delighted when the arms tried to close, but they couldn’t because of how the wrists were bound. “I am sick of hearing your cries. They sound ugly like you. Hahaha I want to hear you laugh!” she yelled out.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA STOP THIS!!! STOP THIS PLEASE!!! HAHAHAHAHA I DON’T WANT TO BE TICKLED!!!” Gertrude screamed as she felt those fingers ramming into her armpits. She definitely did not expect that to happen, and it sent very intense shockwaves through her body. She was so much of an emotional wreck; she had no idea how she could even laugh when she felt such sadness inside. This really started to break her down because she couldn’t prevent herself from laughing and she felt she was making a fool out of herself in front of all these women. Her legs tried to move around again, and she even tried twisting her body, doing anything to get those very strong fingers out of her armpits. Nothing seemed to work, and the fingers dug in even further, causing her to laugh uncontrollably.

Amalia couldn’t help but love this moment. She loved how Peta broke this woman emotionally already and now making her laugh about it. She figured she needed to get involved more because her superiors, Thalia and Carissa, were watching her too. She wanted more time tormenting the harem slaves, so she had to prove herself. She walked over towards the left side of Gertrude’s body and saw how Peta’s left hand was digging deeper into that vulnerable armpit. She then got her body closer and then reached forward with her own left hand. She faced Peta slightly, then started to flutter across the belly. She chuckled when she heard a squeak within the hysterical laughter and felt the belly quiver. “She is sooooo ticklish. Hahaha I think she is ticklish everywhere!” she teased.

Gertrude felt those fingers on her stomach and that really made her panic. Now they were tickling her known sensitive spots and that made it even worse. She tried to move around, but being stuck in the pillory prevented any real movement away from those attacking fingers. She closed her eyes and continued to laugh uncontrollably. She also felt that sadness, that helplessness of the situation and now the sensations seemed to get even worse. She had no idea what she had to do to make this stop. She felt defeated and now her body was starting to surrender.

Peta continued to burrow her fingers deep into the armpits. She loved the way Gertrude was squealing and whimpering. She knew she was in Gertrude’s head and now she was truly a ticklish wreck. She saw Amalia’s arms reaching towards the belly area and knew she was tormenting that ticklish stomach. Her fingers continued to scurry in the pits, and she could feel how soft the skin was, and how it was a little loose due to this woman’s age. Even though she made fun of Gertrude, she still found her somewhat attractive. She looked down at her ass again and remembered when she tickled it. There was something about dominating an older woman that was getting her excited. She broke Gertrude down by calling her ugly and old, but it would be sweet to make this woman cum against her will. Her fingers loved touching this woman, and she wished she could torture her forever. “That’s right, you old maid! Laugh! Laugh for Peta! You are all mine. I wonder if I can bring you to insanity. I do look forward to making your body mine. I know you will love what we have planned for you….” she taunted.

Gertrude felt those fingers on her stomach and in her armpits and it was unbelievable what she was feeling. The intensity was breaking her down very quickly since she hadn’t been tickled in years. In her older age, she knew she didn’t have much stamina. All she wanted to do was have this end. She tried to beg them to stop, but they just didn’t stop. Her emotions were a wreck, her body was overwhelmed with ticklish sensations, and she was far away from home. Her body started to slump further down as she just did not want to fight anymore. She was giving up and surrendering herself to them. Her eyes were closed, the tears were still dripping out and she just laughed. She let herself go and the laughter just continued to pour out of her. “hahahahahahahahaha no more hahahahaha no more hahahahaha” she laughed as she felt extremely tired.

Amalia could see that ticklish anguish on Gertrude’s face as her fingers still continued to probe around the belly area. She could feel the somewhat loose skin, but loved the reaction she was getting. She then lowered herself so she could get a better look of the stomach she was tickling. She smiled as she moved her fingers all over the stomach area, moving from just below the sagging breasts, all the way across the stomach and even went past the navel and closer to the groin area. She caught glimpses of the pussy area and she also wondered when they would play with that spot. So far, every woman tormented had their pussies tickled, and forced into monstrous orgasms. Seeing someone like Gertrude cum against her will would be an amazing sight to see. She smiled again when her fingers went into the belly button and saw the legs shaking and starting to give out. Amalia already started to guess that out of all the women they have tormented so far, Gertrude would be the one who would be completely destroyed. That gave her extra incentive to keep tickling her. “Awww….who has a ticklish tummy? Hehehehe you do!! I love tickling you. Does this tickle?” she taunted.

Thalia chuckled as she continued to witness the slow destruction of Gertrude. This was such a good day so far, and she knew soon, it would be her turn to destroy Bessie. That would be a personal joy, then she could focus on Darby. She figured she would see the deputy tomorrow, and wondered who she would bring with her. She knew Darby wasn’t going to be alone, but knowing that she is in Mexico, the deputy would be limited in who she could bring since it would be out of US jurisdiction. She focused again on the laughing victim at the moment. She really did enjoy listening to Peta insult the woman by calling her ugly. That really seemed to break the woman’s spirit and brought her great entertainment. She watched closely as her two soldiers continued to work over poor Gertrude. She could tell by the slumping body that the prisoner was already done for. Much faster than everyone else so far. She then felt a tap on her shoulder and saw Carissa standing there. “Yes?” she asked with a smile.

“I have to admit, Peta and Amalia are doing a great job so far. They really destroyed that woman. I mean, she broke pretty fast, which is good. When will you stop them?” Carissa asked. She loved watching Gertrude suffer and was looking forward to watching Thalia have her way with Bessie. She could see Gertrude’s slumping body and was ready to move on from her because Bessie would be such a great victory.

“Let them have their fun. They don’t get to do this too often, and they need the practice. By the time they are done with her, she will be nothing but a worthless pile of flesh. I will however finish the old lady off. Can you imagine how she will react when I pull an orgasm out of her? I bet it will be the first time she had one in a long, long time. Hehehe” Thalia laughed.

“Yeah, you are right. Hehehe Making her cum would probably be the best thing that ever happened to her. Will she be in the harem as a sex slave?” Carissa asked.

“Yes, to some degree. Older women would make nice sex toys, but I can also see her being a mother of sorts to the young ones. The ones that just got out into the world and now are slaves the rest of their lives. Perhaps she can comfort them after we use them. Hahaha She will be taking care of Bessie, Darby, that cute one Sabrina destroyed and the fat one.” Thalia grinned. She did like the idea of an older woman taking care of the young ones. There were times Christos would say the women were too sad, which made her roll her eyes a few times when he said it. They were sex slaves, forced to service them against their will, so of course they would not be happy. But her job was to make them very good slaves, so she had to either torture them into happiness, or find some way to keep them mentally strong enough to perform.

“That would be good. I must say Thalia, your plan is working to perfection. I mean, we took care of business for Christos and the farms, we successfully kidnapped the bait for the deputy, and we are absolutely destroying them. I cannot wait for that deputy to show up. I think it will be yours and our crowning achievement.” Carissa said with pride. Even though she had been with Thalia for several years, she was always impressed with her plans and her ruthless execution of them. She heard another squeal coming from Gertrude and saw Peta really digging her fingers into those armpits. “She is getting really good at that….” she told her.

Thalia smiled as she heard that fresh squeal coming from Gertrude. She heard Carissa’s words and that made her smile. Her plan was working very well, and it was still the beginning. She did love her soldiers and watching them really torment these women continued to grow her confidence in them. “Yes, everything is going according to plan. Now, let’s watch them finish this old lady off, so we can have some REAL fun. Hahaha” she laughed.

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