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    “The Celebrity Tickler” Part 16 (*/f x12)

    “The Celebrity Tickler” Part 16


    June 27, 2020
    F.B.I. Regional Headquarters
    Los Angeles, California

    F.B.I. Special Agents Kelly Henderson and Ashley Goff were starting to show visible signs of utter exhaustion as they continued to work their case. They sat down in their office amidst the piles upon piles of reports, statements, photos, and evidence. Then Henderson’s phone rang. It was Stoddard, their direct supervisor, informing them that a large group of new celebrity victims had been targeted the night before. They would need to gather some belongings and fly out to New York to start processing all the evidence and collecting official statements. Both agents put their heads down on their desks as they realized the immense amount of work that awaited them. They had to stop this guy. It for no other reason, the work load alone would do them in.

    June 26, 2020
    Met Gala
    Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute
    New York City, New York

    It was the evening of the most prestigious fashion-fueled event in Hollywood. The 2020 Met Gala.

    Celebrities were everywhere amongst the vast venue. The velvety carpet was one big stage essentially. Women from all different backgrounds in Hollywood or other other industries were there flaunting their gaudy outfits. Camera crews, photographers, and interviewers were everywhere among these elite ladies of society. And it was settings like that where celebrities felt the most comfortable.

    The carpeted runway was lined with paparazzi. Interviewers mingled with the dozens of celebrities. Toward the end of the runway stretch, celebrities were ushered through a set of doors into the building. From there, they were escorted by security to a rear exit, where there limos were called up to the curb to pick them up.

    Sadie was positioned in the corridor leading to where the celebrities’ limos would be waiting outside. Her job was to intercept the targeted celebs and guide them down the wrong hallway to a room where Simon and Mitch were waiting. Once inside, Mitch would grab them. Simon would be waiting with a gag. He had brought a dozen large, white cloth gags. Then the two of them would tie the celeb’s arms and legs.

    Actress after actress walked into the room and was nabbed. Each was gagged immediately with a white cloth gag pulled over their mouth and knotted behind their head. They were bound with rope and forced to the middle of the floor with the rest of the squirming actresses yelling muted protests.

    After the final celeb was bound and added to the pile, Simon pulled out his dreaded feather. Simon wafted the feather for the rest of the ladies to see. He addressed them, “Ladies, you no doubt know who I am. Let’s have a few laughs together, shall we?” The other eleven captives all responded with muffled shouting and cries of disbelief.

    They were loaded into a large cargo van. Then Simon and his crew set out for their destination. Since law enforcement would be scouring every hotel suite in the area as per Simon’s usual style, he had arranged for something a little different for his guests this evening.


    The van finally came to a stop. The twelve ladies were crammed shoulder to shoulder in the back. Half sitting on one side and half sitting on the other facing one another. They all listened intently as they sat in the motionless van waiting to see where they had been taken to.

    Simon and his crew had driven the celebs to a building that was used for clinical trials studying sleep patterns. The research was valuable in several markets, which meant the facility was well-funded and well-equipped. The facility contained a rather large room where sleeping patients could be observed. It was equipped with a dozen individual full-sized beds. Six beds lined each side of the long room with about a two foot gap between each bed.

    Simon and his gang had recruited three more members and tonight was their first operation with the infamous tickle gang. He knew he would need extra help to take on this many celebs in one night again.

    Two of them were friends of Mitch and Sadie. There was Tara, a bit of a free spirit who liked to try anything. The more bizarre and extreme, the better. She had blue hair, dark-rimmed glasses, and several piercings. Tara had known Mitch and Sadie for several months now, first meeting them at an underground club scene. She was absolutely fascinated by their involvement in tickling rich, snobby celebs. Tara practically invited herself into their bedroom and was included in several threesomes with them. She also wanted to experience being tied up and tickled. They took it relatively easy with her, not pushing the limits too much. But Tara was hooked and desperately wanted to experience their unusual lifestyle of tickling famous, fake bitches.

    Sadie also recruited a friend of hers. Kat was an experienced dominatrix that had known Mitch and Sadie for a time. She was rather tall, brunette, and usually wore dark lipstick. Kat actually used to work a normal job, but found she could make a lot more money as a professional dominatrix servicing wealthy businessmen types. What began as a kink in the bedroom with her boyfriends blossomed into steady work on weekends and then almost every weeknight. So Sadie recruited her. Not that Kat had anything against these women they were capturing. She just liked the money she would be paid to help.

    And the third addition to the group was Vince. Vince was a tickle fetish video producer. But his style of not holding back with models and tickling them senseless quickly got around. No other models wanted to work with him. Most wanted an easy paycheck that involved light, scripted tickling action that they could play into for the camera. They didn’t want merciless tickling that truly made them break down and scream for mercy on camera. So after a few failed production companies, Vince was looking for ways to make a little money and tickle women senseless. Which is when Mitch called him up and recruited him.

    Then the rear doors swung open and a light poured into the back cargo area. The ladies squinted and mumbled worriedly into their gags as they looked at the backlit figures of their captors. The process of bringing in the celebs began. One-by-one they were pulled from the van and carried into the building. And one-by-one they were each held down as their captors began wrapping most of their entire body with gauze wrappings, starting at their ankles. In the tickle porn world, it was referred to as “mummifying” a ticklee.

    Each celebrity had their dress ripped or cut away to reveal their breasts, which would be left bare and exposed after they were done being mummified. Some of them had to have portions of their outlandish dresses cut away as well to reasonably accommodate being wrapped up. The gauze wrappings wound up around their legs, covered their hips, pinned their arms down crossed over their tummies, and continued up around their torso. When each woman was done being wrapped, only her pantyhosed feet, exposed breasts, and head was left uncovered.

    As the celebs were mummified, they were carried out to the room with the sleep study beds. Each woman was then tied on their back on a bed with their ankles were bound to the metal frame at the end of her bed. After a celeb was mummified, Sadie, Tara, and Kat would secure them to the bed..

    Anna Kendrick was first. She was wearing an elegant gown with white, sleeveless top and slim black bottom piece that trailed along the ground. Underneath her dress, she wore a pair of black sling backs. Accompanying her heels were her sheer black pantyhose.


    Mitch and Vince held her down as she looked around frantically. Then her wide-eyed gaze focused on Simon, who began using scissor to cut the middle of her dress. Simon gripped the damaged dress and prepared to pull it open. Anna shouted behind her gag and desperately shook her head. But Simon ignored her and pulled the dress’s cut slit even wider. The fabric tore with a rip and Anna made a surprised grunt. Her dress was torn wide open and her pale, perky breasts were suddenly on display. Anna had tiny areoles with pink “eraser tip” nipples. She looked down at her bare chest and whined in a defeated tone.

    Anna was practically crying as the mummification process began. Anna knew she was ridiculously sensitive to tickling. She was so ticklish in fact that she even broken up with a boyfriend before for tickling her when she told him she didn’t want to be tickled. Now all-consuming fear gripped her as she realized she was going to be this psycho’s tickle play-thing for the evening. Anna was carried to the first bed while the next celeb was brought in.

    Billie Eilish was carried in wearing a cream-colored Gucci dress with a corset to amplify her hefty cleavage and a black choker necklace for spunk. The sleeves of the dress were a pale green lace. She had on white leather over-the-knee boots and underneath those were ultra sheer white thigh highs. Billie’s normally droopy eyelid expression changed as she opened her eyes in panic.


    Billie squirmed around, trying to test for any slack in the rope. She continued to growl and curse at them under her gag. Simon approached her with scissors. Billie temporarily paused her struggling to see what he was going to do. Billie’s breathing had increased, causing the voluptuous top of her bosom to rise and fall as she looked at Simon anxiously. Simon surgically began cutting away at the front of the corset of her dress. Billie looked down in disbelief as her snug dress began to fall apart. Simon made a few more snips and then Billie’s well-endowed chest broke the last few stitches holding her corset together. The pop of thread snapping and then Billie’s huge, pale melons spilled out. Billie rolled her eyes dramatically as she stood there with her breasts on display now. They were globular and pillowy, with large pale areoles that had a bumpy texture. The group began wrapping her snuggly in the mummification wrappings and then she was carried over to the bed beside Anna Kendrick.

    Kaley Cuoco was the next one carried in. She had worn a strapless floral dress, which revealed plenty of cleavage. The dress went down to the floor. Hidden underneath were her light pink stiletto pumps and sheer nude thigh highs. Kaley struggled against the men until she saw Simon standing in front of her holding the scissors. Kaley watched him intently as he snipped the middle of her dress between her breasts.


    Kaley looked down and then back up at Simon. She shook her head desperately and pleaded incoherently for him not to do anything else to her dress. But Simon just ignored her. He took hold of the snipped part of her dress and gave it a few good tanks. Kaley gave a whiny grunt each time he tugged as it jostled her body. Then he was done and she was left with her boobs completely exposed. Kaley had large, perky breasts. Her areoles were a darker pink hue with defined gumdrop nipples at the center. Kaley turned her head and rolled her eyes as the men eyed her large jugs before she was mummified and carried to the next available bed.

    Next through the door was Alison Brie. The dark-haired beauty was wearing a lacy form-fitting dress that left one shoulder bare. Her toned legs were adorned with sheer black pantyhose. She wore black stiletto pointed-toe pumps with ankle clasps to complete her look. Alison was slung over Mitch’s shoulder as he carried her in. Alison yelled into her gag and kicked her legs in the air behind her as she struggled for him to put her down.

    Alison: “MMMMMMMFFFFMMMM!!!”

    Alison grunted and shook her head with disapproval as she saw Simon tear a tiny hold in the front of her dress. He then worked his fingers inside of it, poising to pull his arms apart to rip the hole even bigger. Alison looked at him with huge, panicked eyes. She whined incoherent pleas at him and shook her head. Simon forcefully jerked his arms apart. Her dress suddenly shredded apart from the small hole. Alison gave a sudden high-pitched whine as her large, perky tits were bared. They were quite a handful, especially on her lean frame. Alison had small, light pink areoles and petite “eraser tip” nipples. Alison was mummified like the others and then taken to the next bed in line.

    Jessica Chastain was carried in next. She wore a yellow, off-the-shoulders dress that was very slim-fitting as it flowed down to her ankles. She had on apricot-colored, closed-toe stiletto pumps with anklet straps. Jessica wore sheer nude pantyhose with her outfit. Something neutral and classy that wouldn’t contrast with bright colors she wore. The elegant beauty shouted into her gag.


    Simon snipped the front of Jessica’s dress. Enough of a cut so he could reach up and rip it down further. Jessica whined behind her cloth gag as she looked down at the man’s hands destroying her custom-made dress. Simon pulled the now tattered front of it apart, revealing her pale B cups. Her pink areoles were small, and her nipples reminded Simon of pink gumdrops. Jessica looked at the men with a look of vulnerability but also anger. Not that they cared. They mummified her and then carried her to the next bed awaiting a captive.

    The men carried in Kesha this time. She had on a black off-the-shoulder dress with a sheer lace pattern worked throughout it. It was a mermaid-style dress, meaning it was very tight to her body until about her knees when it began to flare out. Kesha wore black pumps with it. And although nobody would be able to see it, she wanted to incorporate some flare to her outfit. Kesha had put on sheer pink thigh highs with a garter underneath her dress.


    Simon tugged and folded her dress downward, exposing her chest. Her breasts hung low and had small, dusky nipples. Kesha gave a muffled sigh in frustration. Then she was mummified and joined the others in the sleep study room.

    Sydney Sweeney was carried in and placed on the table so they could wrap her up. She looked stunning in her yellow dress with a plunging cutout in the middle to show off her voluptuous cleavage. The dress also had a thigh-high slit on one side. Sydney had on matching yellow stilettos, which stood out even better on the runway by contrast to her sheer black pantyhose.


    Simon positioned both hands on the cups of her dress. Sydney looked down at his tight grip and then back up at him. She knew what was coming. Her eyes widened. Simon yanked twice and the upper portion of the dress was torn enough that the top fell away. Sydney let out a muted whine as her full, supple tits were spilled from her dress. Her massive jugs jostled in the aftermath. They were beautifully formed. Sydney had “bullseye” nipples - smooth, pink areoles with nipples that reminded Simon of the eraser tips on the ends of pencils. Sydney grunted with annoyance. All men cared about was seeing her well-endowed boobs. The men mummified her and then took her out to the next open bed.

    Kylie Jenner was the next unlucky lady carried in from the van. She had chosen a white, tiered wedding dress with a mesh T-shirt and a backwards baseball hat for the ball. Kylie had to pick up the sides of her cumbersome dress to walk. When she did, part of her ultra sheer white thigh highs and her tan pumps were visible.


    Mitch proceeded to cut away large swaths of her bulky dress. Kylie yelled urgently into the gag as her expensive dress was cut and yanked off of her, leaving her bottom half mostly just in her thigh highs and pumps. Simon worked on exposing her breasts. He easily tore open her mesh t-shirt. Then he yanked down the portion of the wedding dress that covered her chest, leaving her lovely tan tits hanging out. Kylie groaned and rolled her eyes. Her respectable C cups were perky and had dark nipples. Then Kylie was wrapped up tight and tied down on a bed with the others.

    Blake Lively radiated beauty as she was carried into the room. She had on a slim blue dress with a floral pattern worked in. It went over one shoulder while the other shoulder remained bare. And it was rather short for her tall figure, stopping high on her thighs. Blake wore ultra sheer nude pantyhose that brought a viewer’s gaze all the way down to her black and cream-colored pumps.


    And then came the embarrassing part. Simon snipped the strip of her dress that went over her shoulder. Blake angrily protested. But Simon tugged her form-fitting dress down. Her sizeable C cups jiggled as they lost their covering. Blake’s gentle eyes gazed down at her now visible breasts. Her pink areoles were perfectly smooth and supple. There was a smooth transition between Blake’s areoles and her pouty pink nipples. Then she looked up at Simon with a shocked vulnerability before they began wrapping her body up. Blake was eventually carried off to the other room.

    Alexandra Daddario was the next one carried in. She was fitted with an off-the-shoulders black dress that was almost see-through in places, especially her chest. More than enough to be classified as a subtle wardrobe tease. This was Alexandra full-on asserting her sultry prowess at the night’s ball. She had on ultra sheer black pantyhose and metallic ankle boots.

    Alexandra: “AH!!! UUUUMMMMPPP!!!”

    Simon took the scissors and snipped a small vertical cut into the center of her sheer dress, basically between where her breasts were. Alexandra looked at Simon now, not with anger, but with panicky anticipation. He hooked his fingers in the hole and then suddenly pulled his hands apart. The fragile dress tore easily as he unveiled her magnificent breasts. They were some of the most perfect melons ever bestowed to a woman. Globular with supple areoles and nipples. Alexandra whined and shook her head. Her tits jostled as she did. They cocooned her and took her in to the other room with the others.

    Nicki Minaj was brought in from the van. True to form, Nicki had embraced the eccentric nature of the ball. She had bright pink hair, pink lipstick, and wore a full-body black lace outfit that perfectly displayed her curvy figure. The outfit had red sequins dotting a vague outline of a bikini pattern on her body. She had on black fishnet stockings under her outfit. Nicki wore silver bedazzled 5-inch stilettos to really make her whole look pop as she strolled down the carpeted path lined with paparazzi.


    The men chuckled at her struggle. Nicki couldn’t believe it. She was used to being the boss bitch. But now she was tied up with a cloth gag covering everything from just under her nose down to her jawline to shut her up. They listened to her angry ramblings as she shook her head disapprovingly. She snorted like a stallion that didn’t want to be tamed. Mitch held Nicki while Simon grabbed hold of her flimsy lace outfit and tore it open at the neckline. A couple good yanks and it tore right down the middle of her chest. Soon, her massive ebony breasts jiggled freely as her outfit was ripped away from her torso. It hung loosely off of her shoulders, leaving her huge tits and dark nipples on display. Nicki growled and kicked furiously as they began wrapping her. Then after they were done, she was taken to one of the last available beds.

    Not long after, Zendaya was carried in. Tonight she wore a light blue Cinderella-themed dress with large shoulder pads and a wide base. Just the sort of dress that would fit in at the Met Gala. Under her dress, Zendaya had on sheer nude pantyhose and clear pointed-toe pumps to match her Cinderella theme.


    Zendaya glared with extreme frustration as Simon sliced and ripped most of the lower portion of her dress away. Simon cut down through the front of her dress. Zendaya shook her head and growled something furious as her custom dress was easily pulled to either side, exposing her small, tan mounds and petite chocolate-colored nipples. Zendaya was mummified and taken to the last bed, just like the others.

    Now it was time for the fun part. Simon ordered the gags be removed from the celebs. Then he let his partners loose on the twelve helpless women as he made his way around the room observing at first.


    Simon paused at the first bed on his left. Anna Kendrick was absolutely begging for her life it seemed as Sadie slowly removed her black sling backs and set them neatly on the ground at the foot of the bed. Anna almost went into shock when she felt her size 7 feet left exposed, only covered by her sheer black pantyhose as she wiggled them anxiously at the bottom of the bed. Anna was deathly ticklish and she knew it. This was her absolute worst nightmare made into a reality. She begged and pleaded and promised absurd compensation if only Sadie would just help let her free.

    Anna: “Wait! Wait! Seriously wait a second! Why are you taking off my heels?! Can I have those back?! Please?! I don’t like this! I’m panicking! Look, I’m SUPER ticklish and I don’t want to be here right now! If you put my shoes back on my and leave me alone, I’ll literally go to my bank and empty my account! You can have it all! Hey, are you listening to me?!”

    Without hesitation, Sadie began lightly flicking her fingernails across Anna’s captive soles. A blood-curdling shriek pierced the air as Anna panicked. Her mind raced with thoughts of, “It’s starting! Oh my fucking Lord, it’s starting! This is really happening! Oh God, why did I have to go first?! I’m literally going to DIE!!!”

    Anna nearly shot up off the bed as she roared laughter and let out a terrified babble of pleading and begging. Her perky B cups jiggled as she bucked up and down and belly laughed almost from the start. Sadie was having a difficult time even maintaining good contact with Anna’s soles since she was desperately flailing her body and feet so violently. Simon smiled at the intense reactions and moved down to the next bed.


    Simon stopped in front of Billie Eilish’s bed. The brooding music star looked up at him with a death glare. Her massive melons were perfectly framed in the hole left in the mummification wrappings covering her torso. Billie rolled her eyes and looked away, trying to convey that she was mostly unaffected by these antics. But truthfully, Billie was really hoping she wasn’t anywhere near as ticklish as Anna in the bed next to her.

    Billie’s white leather over-the-knee boots had been removed prior to her being mummified for practical purposes, which left her in her white ultra-sheer thigh highs. Billie’s big, shapely size 9’s were thinly veiled by her pantyhose. Which meant she felt every bit of Mitch’s fingers as they began roaming across her feet. A smirk flashed across her lips before she turned her head to the side. She managed to stifle any immediate laughter, but her feet twitched every so often as the fingers traced over her tender foot bottoms.

    Billie: “This…this is so stupid, man. If you expect…if you expect this to make mehehe…to make me give in or whatever, then you’re a fucking idiot.”

    Simon: “We’ll see about that. I’ll check on you in a bit.”


    Kaley Cuoco had been strapped to the next bed in that row. Her blonde hair and supple tits were jostled about as she kicked and screamed. Kaley had a disapproving, frumpy expression as she realized she wasn’t going anywhere for a while. And then her expression turned to one of concern as she felt Vince at the foot of the bed sliding off her light pink stiletto pumps. First the one and then reluctantly the second as Kaley struggled to keep it on. She was left with her large size 9’s vulnerable at the end of the bed, shrouded in her sheer nude thigh highs she had on underneath her dress. The maroon polish on her toenails was easily seen through her hose.

    Kaley groaned with annoyance as she tried to convince Simon and Vince that she wasn’t ticklish. She spoke like a brat and asked, “So what are you going to do now, huh? Tickle my feet? Big deal.”

    Simon: “For a trained actress, you’re not selling me on the fact you’re not ticklish.”

    Kaley tried not to show it, but being called out like that unnerved her. Deep down she knew she was very ticklish and wasn’t quite sure how she would react to a situation like this. Simon gave the nod and Vince began crawling his fingertips around the silky bottoms of Kaley’s feet. The blonde had to stop talking to maintain good composure. And she wanted to move her feet around so badly to get them away from the pesky nails, but so far she managed to keep them still. But Simon could see her lips were pursing together. A sure sign that she was concentrating on not laughing.


    Alison Brie was next. Simon watched as she writhed and struggled with no success. Her exquisite breasts were sizable and perfectly shaped. They shook and jiggled as Alison shouted and jerked her body around in her tight wrappings. Her black, pointed-toe stiletto pumps hung off the edge of the bed while she scowled at Simon. Then she felt the clasp of each pump being undone.

    Alison now sounded slightly panicked as she called down to Tara, “Hey! Hey, knock that off! No, don’t undo those! Are you hearing me?! I said leave my heels alone! No! Wait a minute! No, don’t do that!”

    Alison scoffed angrily as Tara relieved her of her fancy pumps. Her sheer black pantyhose were now the only thing covering her adorable size 7’s. Her purple toenail polish shone through the thin material. Alison felt like her bottom lip might start quivering. She had no idea how she was going to make it thorough this, but she had to try and control herself.

    But then Tara began dancing her fingernails across the soles of Alison’s feet. She tensed and wagged her feet away with a loud burst of giggles. Then she braced for it, knowing the nails weren’t going away. Alison felt them resume contact as they fluttered over her soles. A forced smile contrasted with her annoyed glare. Brief bouts of giggles escaped her lips occasionally as she tried to hold out.


    Simon moved over to the next bed, where Jessica Chastain was bound and shouting at Kat removing her apricot-colored, closed-toe stiletto pumps. Kat had undone the anklet straps and was sliding them free of Jessica’s size 7.5 feet, which were shrouded in her sheer nude pantyhose at the moment. She gasped at the sudden vulnerability. Her toes curled. The bright red toenail polish she had worn was clearly visible under the silky hose.

    Jessica looked up at Simon knowing he wanted to see weakness from her right now. And truth be told, Jessica did feel pretty weak at that moment. She was wrapped up in a way she could never hope to escape without help, her breasts were exposed and displayed, and her shoes had just been removed in the presence of the most prolific serial tickler in history. But Jessica clenched her jaw and stared back as proudly as she could.

    Simon wasn’t phased and simply gave the sign for Kat to start. Jessica felt the fingernails gliding across her slippery pantyhose and wished she could say it didn’t bother her. She didn’t laugh, but she did break eye contact with Simon to focus on her composure. Jessica knew she needed to be strong through this.

    BED #6 - KESHA

    Simon came to the last bed on the left side of the room. Kesha was fighting and struggling as best she could on the bed. Kesha was screaming and flailing around so hard that her black pumps flew off her feet by themselves. Her sheer pink thigh highs were now visible as she continued to kick her large 9.5’s as they were bound to the bed frame. Of course Kesha had worn some sort of hose that were wildly different than your standard, more conventional styles and color. Kesha had even worn a bright pink garter underneath her dress for the evening.

    Kesha: “Let me go! Get me off this bed, motherfuckers! I’ll fucking fight all of you! Untie me!”

    Sadie came over after finishing with Anna and the tickling began. Kesha felt the tickly nails scratching at her feet. Her left foot jolted at the feeling and then she tightened up her defenses against it. Kesha wasn’t as boisterous after she felt the tickling, but she continued to shit talk anyone near her. Simon noticed her toes clenching down though. Her black toenail polish was easy to detect through her sheer pink pantyhose.

    Simon moved on across the center aisle and began inspecting the celebs on the other side of the room. He started with the bed directly across from Kesha’s, the last bed on the right side of the room as he began to loop back to the front where he began.


    Simon paused at the bed of Sydney Sweeney. She was practically growling with annoyance as Mitch was tugging off her yellow stiletto pumps. He dropped them onto the floor at the foot of the bed with a light thud. Her tiny size 6.5 soles were left unguarded, covered only in her sheer black pantyhose. Sydney squirmed against her bonds and then looked up at Simon with disdain. He watched her gorgeous breasts jiggle and sway from her wiggling. Sydney saw where he was staring, an interaction she was all too familiar with from the male audience. She huffed and scolded him, “Get a good look, creep?!”

    Simon ignored her and gave the nod to Mitch. Sydney’s intense glare quickly transitioned to a reluctant smile as she felt fingers scribbling across her nyloned arches. She pressed her lips together and stifled her urge to giggle. Her act was entirely unconvincing since her feet were wiggling around trying to get away from Mitch’s fingers. Simon chuckled and moved on.


    Kylie Jenner, the pompous millionaire, was quite unused to being treated in any way other than a little princess. She screamed and kicked and halfway expected her little tantrum to command a reaction from those she deemed below her. How dare they put their hands on her like this. Kylie was sufficiently bound to the bed, all the while still cursing and fidgeting about trying to wiggle free.

    Vince began pulling off her tan pumps. Kylie gasped when she felt the air against her warm, size 8 soles, which were shrouded in her ultra sheer white thigh highs she had been wearing under her dress. Kylie wiggled her feet angrily and demanded he place her shoes back on AND apologize for even touching them. Kylie’s perky C cups bounced and swayed as she strained her voice shouting out empty threats.

    Vince gave Kylie a sudden ten-finger tickle attack over her vulnerable, nylon-shrouded soles. Kylie’s boisterous threats were instantly switched to surprised screams of laughter. Her feet wiggled and dodged about as his fingers lightly grazed the bottoms.

    Kylie: “You better put my heels back on my feet and PRAY I don’t sue you for all you own, bitch! I’ll take the shirt you’re wearing, you creep! Once I’m out of here HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

    Simon gave a genuine smile at the sweet turn of events and strolled down to inspect the next celeb.


    Simon saw Blake Lively secured to the bed. Her tall, mummified body was straining against the wrappings and she was almost on the verge of tears as she begged and pleaded to be let go. Blake knew her feet were deathly ticklish. She didn’t want any part of anyone tickling them. Blake was so anxious that her pleading turned into her simply asking “Please?!” over and over.

    Blake whimpered when she felt her cream and black-colored pumps being slipped off her long size 9 feet. Her beautiful soles were encased in silky ultra sheer nude pantyhose still. Her long toes flexed and curled under the thin veil.

    Blake frantically begged, “Oh shit! Oooh God! Please, please, please don’t do this! Oh God, please don’t let this be happening! I can’t be here right now! Please! Whoever you are down there, I can’t be here right now! Can’t you just find it in your heart to be a good person and let me go?”

    But Tara wasn’t paying attention to Blake. She began lightly trickling her fingers over the silky surface of Blake’s heels and then inched her way up. Blake screamed with laughter mixed with dread. Her big soles kicked and wiggled wildly as she tried to fend off the reality of what was to come.


    In the bed next to Blake was Alexandra Daddario. The young, dazzling actress shook ferociously in her wrappings. This in turn caused her large, magnificent breasts to sway. Finally, Alexandra gave up on trying to wiggle free. Her bindings were too insurmountable.

    Alexandra groaned with frustration as she felt her metallic ankle boots being taken off. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Alexandra called down to Kat angrily, “Hey bitch, knock it off! Don’t do that! Leave them on! Uuuugh!!!”

    Despite her objections, Alexandra’s soft size 8’s were left overhanging the end of the bed. They were covered in her ultra sheer black pantyhose she had worn to the event. Her red toenail polish highlighted her toes through the thin material. Alexandra nervously crossed one foot in front of the other. She knew the thin pantyhose would offer no protection against tickling. And that’s when she felt Kat’s fingernails quickly scratching across her arches. Alexandra let out a shocked squeal and then she focused her energy on holding back her giggles, despite her big smile.


    Unsurprisingly, Nicki Minaj was going berserk as she was carried to her bed. She was utilizing a crude array of profanity-laced insults at everyone touching her as she was placed on the bed. Nicki kicked and writhed, trying to turn from one side to the other. The more they restrained her, the more angry she became. Her massive jugs were flung about as well as she struggled. Nicki finally couldn’t move anymore. Her ankles were secured to the bed frame now and all that was left to do was wait to have her heels removed.

    Sadie dispassionately tugged off Nicki’s silver bedazzled 5-inch stilettos while the rapper threatened to kill her. Nicki’s small size 6’s were left out in the open with just her fishnet stockings on. Her white toenail polish was clearly visible through the fishnets.

    Nicki: “You stupid ass bitch! You better give me back my goddamn shoes or you’re gonna find out who you’re fucking with!”

    Sadie began skittering her fingernails across Nicki’s tender soles. There was a noticeable shift in the rapper’s tone, even though she continued to try and sound tough and threatening. Nicki kept up her ruse of trash talking the escort, but now her eyes were closed in concentration as she fought the urge to smirk.

    BED #12 - ZENDAYA

    Simon finally came to the last bed. It was directly across from Anna Kendrick’s near the front of the room. Zendaya had a very pissed off expression on her face. She looked over at Simon with a proud, determined glare. It was clear that she was resolved not to beg or threaten…and she certainly had no intention of laughing for him. She seemed to be focusing her energy to go into an almost zen-like trance to block out what was to come.

    Zendaya continued to maintain her intense eye contact with Simon as her clear, pointed-toe pumps were taken away from her, leaving her big size 10 feet on display for the room. She had on sheer nude pantyhose covering her tan soles.

    Still no words from Zendaya. Mitch began trailing his fingers down Zendaya’s lengthy soles. The tips trailed smoothly across her silky foot bottoms. Zendaya maintained eye contact with Simon for several moments. But his trained eye spotted something. The corners of her mouth were twitching ever so slightly. He was intrigued. He would definitely check in on her in a bit.

    10 MINUTES IN…

    Simon took in the sight from the front of the room. The wave of euphoria he felt from hearing so many damsels laughing from merciless tickle torture was unmatched. His other co-conspirators were going from bed to bed at random tickling the celebs. Simon decided to walk around and inspect his captives more closely once again. Only this time, he would bring his feather.


    Anna was screaming her head off as Tara tickled her insanely sensitive feet. Anna was bucking and shouting. Her nyloned feet were wagging around like crazy as she did everything she could to break contact with the fingernails scratching across her soles. Tara marveled at how easily her fingers glided over the sheer black pantyhose. It hadn’t been that long, but she already looked exhausted and frazzled. Tara was loving her first experience tickling others to the point of desperation. It was as big of a thrill as she could have hoped for. And Anna was certainly an easy ticklee to get an extreme reaction from.


    Tara stood up, grabbed two feathers and sat on the bed next to Anna. Anna’s chest was heaving as she sucked in air. She was thankful for the break but didn’t know what Tara intended to do with those feathers. Anna soon found out as Tara took one in each hand and began lightly trailing them over her bare breasts. Anna crinkled her nose at the odd feeling. And much to her dismay, the feeling was actually quite sensitive in some areas.

    Anna tried to hide her reactions, but she was smiling and giggling whenever Tara’s feathers swiped teasingly over her nipples. Tara noted the sensitive area and soon focused her attention there. The feathers flicked and caressed Anna’s small, eraser-tip nipples. This caused her to beam a smile and let out a string of girlish giggles. The tickling was nothing like having her feet tickled, but it still tickled too much to ignore.

    Simon watched amused as Tara caught on quickly. But then it was his turn. Tara went off to tickle someone else, leaving Anna a tickled mess on the bed. Anna thought her turn was over for a while - the only sliver of positivity in that moment for her. She rested her head on the bed and prayed to God that she would go unnoticed by the ticklers for a long time.

    But then Anna noticed Simon standing in front of her holding his trusty feather. “Ready for more?” he asked with a smile. Anna wanted to scream. She stumbled all over her words as she attempted to plead for mercy. But nothing stopped his feather as it drew closer to her nyloned soles.

    And then Anna felt it wafting up and down on the bottoms of her size 7 feet, making her erupt back into wild laughter. Simon stroked her silky foot bottoms and listened to her lovely shrieks. And it seemed there wasn’t an area of her soles that wasn’t deathly sensitive. Which made it all the easier to drive her crazy. Anna bucked and cried out for mercy. It was clear that having her feet tickled was completely unbearable.


    Simon: “Oh honey, I didn’t give you permission to give up yet and miss out on all this tickling. It’s going to be a while. Try to just lie there and enjoy the feeling for now.”



    Simon stopped at Billie's bed. She glared up at him with her usual resting bitch face expression. Simon showed her the feather with a chuckle. This would be fun.

    Simon began flicking the feather across her size 9 feet shrouded in her ultra sheer white thigh highs. Billie wasn’t so composed this time around. She had started to laugh. Every once in a while she could hold out for a short stretch of silence, but the giggles would eventually come followed by her reluctant laughter. Simon focused his feather along Billie’s insteps, just under the balls of her feet. The moody singer could not for the life of her wipe her stupid smile off her face as she just kept laughing. She felt like an absolute idiot for being reduced to childish laughter like that.

    Billie tried her hardest, but she couldn’t shake the stupid grin off her face as the giggles took over. The feather flicked and trailed with ease over her vulnerable peds. She laughed against her will and scrunched her face at the odd sensation. The feather made its way up to her nylon-shrouded toes. Billie felt an uneasy tension as the feather danced lightly over the tips of them. Her toes scrunched beautifully under the white veil of her thigh high pantyhose.

    Simon began fluttering his feather rapidly right at the base of Billie’s toes. The singer writhed uncomfortably and her moody expression seemed to give way to one of laughter and worry.

    Billie: “Hahahahahaha!!! Hey! What is wrong with you?! Hahahahaha!! God, why do you have to pick on me like this?!”

    Simon smiled at the sight. He could sense where to tickle based on the slightest of cues as she twitched and wiggled her feet, scrunching her toes and then flexing them. Simon flicked his feather around her arches and then up under the cushioned balls of her feet. Billie hissed giggles as she defiantly tried to deny him laughter, but she eventually gave into it. Simon elicited the laughter she was so reluctant to let out.

    Simon gave Billie a few more minutes of attention and then walked to the next bed.


    Kaley was not fairing well since Simon last saw her. Instead of being defiant with pursed lips holding back her giggles, Kaley was now laughing shamefully as Sadie and Mitch toyed with her. Mitch was sitting on the bed above her head. He was reaching down and gently curling his fingertips against the outer sides of Kaley’s quivering breasts. The blonde actress was laughing and flopping her head from side to side occasionally as her mind tried to process the strange sensations. She never had anyone tickle her boobs before. Sure plenty of guys had felt them up and touched all over them. But this was something different entirely. Kaley’s face really contorted when Mitch worked his fingers down along the side curvature of her tits like he was headed for her armpits. Kaley squealed and shook her body, causing her impressive C cups to jiggle.

    Sadie was working over her meaty size 9’s. The sheer nude thigh highs she had worn turned out to be a bad choice. The silky material seemed to help Sadie’s fingernails glide across her shallow arches with ease. Kaley couldn’t stand it. She hated having her feet tickled. This was way worse than the time all the male cast members on The Big Bang Theory pranked the female cast members by pinning their legs in armlocks and tickling their feet.

    Kaley: “Hahahahahahaha!! Enough!! Hahahahahaha!! I need a break!”

    Kaley was beginning to panic. She tried to hold onto her sanity as she was tickled on two different areas of her body. But then a subtle cue from Simon and the tickling stopped. Sadie and Mitch went elsewhere to tickle other women, leaving Simon alone with Kaley.

    Kaley’s blonde hair had been tossed about. She laid there sucking in air from her torturous experience. And then she heard Simon’s dreaded words. “Let’s see how you handle my feather next. Goochie goochie goo…” Simon teased as he lowered his favorite tickling tool down to her trapped, nyloned soles. Kaley’s head shot up off the bed when she heard his words. Her eyes were wide with panic. She barely got any words out before the feather made contact with her tender feet and sent her back into laughter.

    Kaley arched her back and kicked her legs as she laughed. Simon flicked his feather at random across her vulnerable arches. His feather swiped at the thin pantyhose veil covering her flailing feet. Kaley laughed and squirmed uncomfortably. She could only pray that Simon would move on to a different lady soon.


    Simon stepped over in front of Alison’s bed. She scowled at him as she crossed one foot in front of the other. He asked, “Do you know what’s going to happen now?” Alison had a pretty good idea but stayed silent as she stared back. Simon held up his feather and wafted it teasingly. “Goochie goochie goo, Mrs. Brie…” he said chillingly with sadistic joy in his heart.

    Alison’s eyes lit up momentarily, but she still remained quiet as she braced for the touch of the feather. Her gorgeous soles hung off the bed still shrouded in sheer black pantyhose. The feather began licking up and down her silky soles. Alison’s feet twitched as she stifled a giggle. Simon kept wafting his feather across her soles, waiting for the bright-eyed brunette to break her silence.

    Alison was teetering on the line between coming across as annoyed by the tickling and collapsing into a giggling mess. She jerked her feet away from the menacing feather once again. Alison wiggled her size 7 soles and crossed them over timidly. She attempted to use the brief second of freedom to give Simon a stern talking to. But Alison was quickly re-introduced to the wiggling feather as it began trailing and swiping along her arches.

    Alison: “Now that’s quite enough of this nonsense! Don’t you dare touch hehehehehehehe!! Quit that! Nohohohohahahahahahaha!!”

    Simon was patient with his tickling and wasn’t affected by Alison’s condescending tone. Which didn’t boost Alison’s confidence in holding out against him. Try as she might, every time Alison exerted energy to shift her feet away from the feather, it followed her like a bad dream. Alison was trying to hold back but giggles escaped.

    Alison writhed on the mattress and gave her feet another good jerk, which successfully shook away Simon’s feather briefly. Alison nervously wagged her feet this way and that as the feather crept toward them slowly, but deliberately. Like a slasher villain slowly meandering toward his victim at a steady, assured pace. Allison tripped over her words a little as she tried to scold him again. Her brow furrowed and she lifted her head to glare down at Simon. But as the feather got closer to her tender foot bottoms, Alison’s eyes softened and she gave a pouty expression as she braced for contact again.

    Alison began to giggle and laugh as the feather resumed lightly gliding over her silky arches and heels. He made sure to tickle any fake toughness out of her before moving on. Alison’s sweet laughter slipped out as the feather continued to swipe all over her sensitive soles.


    Simon saw Vince was sitting on the bed above Jessica’s head. He lightly stroked his fingers over her left breast and used a short, stiff feather to flick and caress the underside of Jessica’s right nipple. Jessica didn’t exactly find the breast tickling to be overly sensitive. A giggle here and there perhaps. Although, she was VERY annoyed that the prolonged attention was causing her gumdrop nipples to stiffen. The last thing she wanted was for these creeps to assume she was sexually aroused by any of it.

    She bared her teeth and said, “If you think hehehehehe that this is going to get hehehehehe worse for me, then give up now. I can hehehehehe handle this all night.”

    Simon spoke up and held up his feather for her to see. “Let’s see if you can handle this as well,” he suggested.

    Simon began stroking his feather up and down her trapped feet. Jessica was smiling and giggling but doing her best to keep from full blown laughter. She was kicking and wiggling her 7.5’s around as defiantly as she could to make it more difficult for Simon. Her red-tipped toes showed through her classy sheer nude pantyhose, but they were a reddish blur as she tried dodging the feather. Her feet shifted and squirmed like crazy. But Jessica’s stamina was running low after several minutes of resisting. Her ankles felt fatigued and her feet were slower as she wiggled them through the air. Simon was targeting her arches at the moment. Jessica hissed giggles as she shook her head.

    Simon took note of Jessica. She was very stubborn. But her resilience would wear down. And Jessica couldn’t wiggle her feet so vigorously forever. He would wait until she was a more susceptible target, and then he would see if she was so confident about not laughing.

    BED #6 - KESHA

    Simon moved over to Kesha, who was not happy to see him. She angrily called out to him, “And what do you want?” He simply held up his feather and smiled. Kesha let out an extremely annoyed sigh but knew there was nothing she could do to stop him.

    Kesha turned out to be another defiant one. She was writhing around in her wrappings and shaking her big size 9.5 feet back and forth with grunts and growls. Her bright pink thigh highs covered her shapely soles. Kesha giggled and crinkled her nose as Simon’s feather followed her foot bottoms.

    Kesha: “Fuck! Ugh! Hehehehehe!! Aren’t you tired of this yet?! Aaagh! No! Don’t! Hehehehehe!! I really don’t like you right now! Just go away!”

    Simon began scribbling his feather over her arches like mad. Kesha tensed and tried pushing it away with whatever foot was not being targeted at the time. Finally, Kesha’s giggles gave way to some serious laughter. She continued to try and kick the feather, but she couldn’t help but laugh as it slid over her insteps. Kesha let out a loud squeal when Simon happened upon that area. Which is where he focused his attack now. Kesha laughed and shook her head from side to side.

    Simon suddenly stopped tickling her. Kesha thanked God for that. But as she was taking some gulps of air, Simon approached and placed both ankles in an armlock. Kesha’s eyes got as big as saucers when she felt him encircling her feet. And soon she was being driven crazy as Simon began lightly stroking her insteps and heels with the quill end of the feather. The blonde singer wasn’t so tough now. Not while having both of her large, pink thigh-high covered feet tickled along her insteps especially. Kesha tried to keep it in, but she was quickly losing it. She threw her head back and let out reluctant, panicked laughter.


    Simon crossed the aisle and visited Sydney, who was already writhing and laughing in her mummification bindings as Kat tormented her tiny 6.5 soles in her sheer black pantyhose. The lightest graze from Kat’s fingernails was enough to send Sydney into fits of forced giggles and laughter. Her petite feet trembled and jerked away from the skittering nails caressing her delicate soles. A light scratch across her heels, a flutter up her arches, a wiggling finger visiting the undersides of her toes…it all drove Sydney crazy. Her eyes were closed and her efforts to keep a straight face were constantly being overridden by the urge to blurt out laughter.

    Sydney: “No…this is stupid HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ugh! Come on! Do you HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Quit! God, I just HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Agh! Enough! Why can’t you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

    Kat ceased the tickling for the moment and grabbed a small feather. In a taunting voice she said, “I think you need another break from having your feet tickled, don’t you?” Sydney looked up and saw Kat sitting down on the bed near her. Sydney instantly knew what the escort was going to do.

    Sydney: “Aw come on. You’re going to do that? Really? God, why can’t you just leave me alone? Ugh! I don’t want you touching them! Seriously!”

    But Kat didn’t care. She set the feather on the bed and started off by lightly curling her fingers so that her nails gently grazed the outer curvature of Sydney’s ample breasts. Kat’s nails swiped quickly, yet softly as they trickled around the outside of Sydney’s impressively large 34D’s. The starlet kept an annoyed expression. Then a smirk broke up her stoic demeanor. Then her eyes softened. And then giggles began to escape as she turned her head away in embarrassment. Kat kept fluttering her fingernails along the big, swollen tits as Sydney melted into more and more giggles.

    Then Kat picked the feather up. Sydney looked over and let out an annoyed scoff. Simon was intrigued. Kat began tracing and lightly flicking the feather around over Sydney’s bullseye areoles and pink gumdrop style nipples. Sydney closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, but then she quickly lost it as she dissolved into giggles. And then into light laughter. The dominatrix circled one of her areoles and then gave her nipple a few teasing flicks as it stiffened from the contact. Sydney let out adorable high-pitched giggles and then a brief burst of embarrassed laughter.

    Simon stepped forward and said, “Kat, if you would please excuse Ms. Sweeney and I for a moment. Thank you. Oh, and I think Billie Eilish’s breasts could use a good feathering, if you wouldn’t mind.”

    Kat: “Right away, boss.”

    Sydney laid there looking at Simon with a worried expression. She hoped he would move on and leave her to rest for a bit before someone else came along. But instead, Simon held up his feather and said, “Tickle tickle tickle…”

    Sydney stared at the feather in disbelief. All hope of being left alone vanished. And soon, Sydney was throwing her head back against the mattress and shouting laughter as Simon began flicking his feather up and down her super-sensitive soles.


    By this point, Kylie was already having a difficult time holding it together. Sadie was kneeling at her trapped feet and continuously rubbing her fingernails over various areas of her size 8’s. Kylie’s foot bottoms delightfully contrasted with the ultra sheer white thigh highs she had on. The tips of her toes, her prominent pads below her toes, the rounded balls of her feet, and her supple heels were hugged snuggly by the silky, almost transparent white thigh highs. Sadie’s nails lightly scratched up the sides of her quaking feet as she laughed, interrupting several of Kylie’s insults.

    Kylie shook and arched her back, but she was snug in the mummification wrappings. Trapped with her feet hanging out at the bottom completely vulnerable. Kylie smashed her head back against the pillow in frustration and shouted, “You can’t do this to me Hahahahahahahaha!! Don’t! Hahahahahahaha!! Do you know who I am?! Hahahahaha!! You have to! Hahahahaha!! This is your last chance to stop! Hahahahahahaha!!”

    Simon tapped Sadie on the shoulder and replaced her at the foot of the bed. Kylie lifted her head as she was catching her breath. When she saw Simon, she let out an anxious groan. Kylie nervously wiggled her nyloned feet around, crossing them over one another but not sure which one she should put in front.

    Kylie nervously tried to spew more empty threats, “Look, I’m not sure who you are, but you must not know who you’re dealing with. You’re not going to tickle me anymore.” She looked up at Simon, trying not to flinch or show weakness after her demand.

    Simon simply replied, “Oh?” and then held up his feather with a mischievous grin.

    Kylie squirmed uncomfortably as Simon approached the bed, calling her bluff. She yelled, “No! No! NOOO!!!”

    Simon’s feather began flicking all around her trapped soles. Kylie shrieked with surprise and almost instantly began laughing hysterically. Simon was clearly quite skilled. He seemed to follow her flailing feet no matter how she moved them trying to get away. His feather stroked the pads of her feet, which drove her nuts. When she would squirm her peds around frantically, he would transition to the outer edges of her feet and attack there briefly. Kylie was a mess. She couldn’t predict what he would do or how she should defend herself. Kylie just kept kicking her legs and wiggling her feet as fast as she could as she screamed panicked laughter.

    After several minutes, Simon left the spoiled heiress to catch her breath.


    Simon noticed Mitch was at the feet of Blake. He had her ankles trapped in an armlock and was scribbling his fingers along the bottoms of her feet, causing her to shriek and laugh wildly. Blake hadn’t even attempted to act like she could handle the tickling. She begged not to be tickled and even talked about how much she couldn’t stand it.

    Blake: “Hahahahahaha!! Oh God, this is awful! Hahahahaha!! Stop! Hahaha!! Pleeeease!”

    Blake squirmed and whined as she laughed. She wasn’t trying to hold out or prove that she was tough. Blake just wanted the tickling to stop. But it was hard for her to imagine it would anytime soon as Mitch continued to scurry his fingers along her long size 9 soles. Her somewhat tan feet looked amazing behind her ultra sheer nude pantyhose she had worn with her dress.

    Blake’s sizeable breasts jiggled beautifully as she laughed. She wagged her feet around and tried to keep them away from the pesky fingers tormenting their vulnerable undersides. Blake shook her head and let out bursts of lighter. But as bad as the tickling felt now, she knew it would be much worse if they ever figured out her most sensitive spot. But Simon was hyper-tuned to noticing such things. His keen eye noticed that the tone of Blake’s laughter was more urgent and anxious the closer Mitch got to her toes.

    Simon called Mitch away from her. Blake was finally able to relax and catch her breath. She was already so worn out from people tickling her. With a tired voice, Blake told Simon, “Thank you for getting him to stop.”

    Simon brought his feather up for Blake to see and replied, “Don’t thank me yet…”

    Panic set in as Blake realized she wasn’t out of trouble yet. She was thrust back into more wild laughter as Simon began wafting his feather up and down her big feet. Blake shook her head back and forth, barely able to form words as sweet laughter poured out. And things got worse when Simon began flicking his feather over the tips of her toes and along their sensitive undersides. Blake’s face was turning red as his pesky feather swiped over and under her ticklish tootsies.


    Alexandra was arching her back and laughing at the unusual feeling of Tara’s fingernails lightly flicking over her exquisite, globular tits. Tara was exploring the outer edges of Alexandra’s perfect jugs. Her nails swiped and swirled along the sides of the brunette’s breasts, getting close enough to her armpits to incite some panic from Alexandra. She hissed giggles and shook from side to side on the bed trying to get away from Tara’s skilled nails.

    Alexandra: “Hahahaha!! Get away! Hahahahaha!! I can’t believe this! Hahahahaha!! This is absurd! Hahaha!! Ugh, get away! Hahahahaha!! I didn’t even know my boobs were ticklish until now! Hahahahahaha!!”

    Tara: “Oh you didn’t? Well, I’m honored to be the one to educate you. Speaking of which…I think you’ll love this.”

    Tara picked up an electric toothbrush, and it didn’t take a genius to guess what she intended to do with it. Alexandra’s eyes became huge as Tara clicked on the toothbrush. The bristles swirled to life with a menacing hum. Soon the electric toothbrush was hard at work buzzing over Alexandra’s lovely nipples. A new wave of shrieks and forced laughter poured out of Alexandra. The head of the buzzing brush was traced in slow circles around both nipples.

    Simon watched for a while before he joined in. As Alexandra was busy laughing while her sensitive nipples were played with, Simon began stroking his feather up and down her trapped feet. Alexandra was kicking her feet and shaking them all around. She was going crazy trying to fight off this double-team tickling attack. But Simon followed her flailing size 8’s as she tried to dodge the inevitable. Alexandra’s pale soles were still shrouded in her ultra sheer black pantyhose. The red polish on her toes drew attention as her toes curled and splayed sporadically as she fought against ticklish insanity.


    When Simon moved over to Nicki’s bed, she immediately began laying into him with a barrage of threats and profanity. But that didn’t phase him. Simon held up his feather with a wicked smile. “Tickle tickle tickle…” he teased.

    Simon brought his feather down to her captive soles. Nicki bucked her mummified body up off the mattress several times in reaction. She cursed and threatened Simon as he trailed his feather over the petite size 6.5’s before him. Nicki had a reluctant smile on her face as giggles and laughter snuck out. Her gigantic breasts jostled in a mesmerizing fashion as a result of all her bucking up and down.

    Simon soon discovered that Nicki’s insteps were a good area to focus on. His feather flicked across Nicki’s fishnets as he exploited the tender area. Nicki growled and thrashed on the bed, unable to hold back her frustration. She despised being made to laugh like this from having her feet tickled.

    Nicki: “You ignorant stupid ass bitch! What the fuck you doing tickling somebody! I’m Nicki fucking Minaj! I’m the real deal, you stupid fucking bitch! Don’t be touching my feet and shit! Hey, what the fuck you doing?! What the…hey! Who are you, motherfucker?! I know you aren’t tickling THE Nicki Minaj right now and you Hahahahahahaha!!”

    Nicki shot back up off the bed and flopped back onto it as she was sent right back into laughter. Simon had trapped one foot in an armlock and was aggressively tickling deep in her instep by using the quill end of the feather to lightly scrape. Nicki kicked her legs and tried pushing his armlock free from her ankle with her free foot. Simon stroked his fingers along her supple arch area there as she burst out laughing.

    After giving her other foot the same treatment, Simon moved on to the last bed.

    BED #12 - ZENDAYA

    Simon walked over to Zendaya strapped down on the last bed, directly across from Anna Kendrick where he began his little loop around the room.

    Zendaya looked cool, calm, and collected. She didn’t say anything as they stared at one another. Simon held up his feather and simply told her, “Goochie goochie goo…” Zendaya rolled her eyes, but internally she was a little worried.

    Zendaya fidgeted on the bed as Simon tickled her big size 10 soles, but was still decently composed. A smile crept onto her face occasionally, especially when the feather explored a little too close to her insteps. Her sheer nude pantyhose were stretched tight over her big, smooth soles as they danced away from the feather. Zendaya closed her eyes and tried not to smile too obviously as Simon tested her insteps again. She knew she just had to wait for him to lose interest in that spot before he would move on to a different area that wasn’t so hyper-sensitive.

    Zendaya: “You know, you’re wasting your ti-time by doing this. I’ve never be-been ticklish so this doesn’t bother me. Are you ge-getting bored yet, because I am.”

    Simon admired Zendaya’s resolve and her little attempt at fooling him. But now he would break her down a little more to prove that she was struggling a lot more than what she let on. Simon moved his feather back to Zendaya’s insteps and only briefly tickled there. He noticed a sudden, quick smile from her. Then he moved his feather further up. Once he was about at the base of her toes, Simon quickly transitioned his feather back down to her insteps, hoping to catch her unprepared. Zendaya jolted and let out a brief outburst of surprise.

    Zendaya closed her eyes and then shortly after, furrowed her brow. Then a smile crept up at the corners of her mouth. Simon’s feather was stroking her soft insteps. Short slip ups of giggles were escaped. Zendaya tried to look away because she didn’t want the embarrassment. She was starting to lose it. Her feet twitched and shifted away as far as possible.

    Simon stood up after a couple more minutes and left Zendaya while he watched the room get more and more chaotic with ticklish laughter.

    45 MINUTES IN…


    Making the rounds again, Simon began at the first bed on his left.

    If Anna Kendrick was struggling with the tickling before, now she had been driven almost mad. Sadie was using a hand on the bottom of each foot, guiding her fingernails lightly over every area of Anna’s feet as the poor actress kicked and screamed. Between bouts of hysterical laughter, Anna cried out over and over for even a short break.


    Simon watched as Sadie’s nails barely had to make contact with Anna’s soles to be effective. They lightly danced near her arches, causing Anna’s feet to flick from side to side with a shriek. Then Sadie trailed them down to gently caress her nyloned heels. Anna’s feet trembled a little as she melted into giggles and laughter from behind a forced smile. Anna screamed and shook her head violently as she felt the nails creeping up toward her insteps. Sadie began skittering the tips of her long nails over Anna’s silky sole until she was just at the base of Anna’s toes. Anna clenched her toes down in a death grip through her pantyhose, trying to trap and minimize the amount of torment the devilish nails could inflict on her super sensitive tootsies.


    Sadie pulled her hands back, allowing Anna to breathe and relax. Then Sadie came back with a pair of scissors. She gripped around the tip of the sheer black pantyhose near the toes on Anna’s right foot. Sadie stretched the pantyhose up away from the shrouded toes hidden inside. One quick snip and the taught pantyhose quickly snapped back down. Only this time, all five toes on Anna’s right foot were suddenly left bare and uncovered. The milky white tootsies had no polish on them. Just pure, beautiful toenail beds that were neatly trimmed. Anna’s toes tapered sharply from her big toe. And they curled gorgeously as Anna felt more vulnerable than she already had been. Sadie snipped the pantyhose on Anna’s left foot in an identical fashion. Now all ten toes were completely exposed.

    Anna nervously asked, “Wh-wh-what are you going to do n-no-now? Wh-why did you cut my pantyhose?”

    Sadie didn’t bother acknowledging the response. Instead, Sadie’s lips wrapped around the big toe and second toe on Anna’s right foot. She began sucking and massaging the undersides of Anna’s toes with her warm, slippery tongue. Anna cringed as her face contorted into an expression of shock and disgust. And of course she couldn’t help but think that Sadie’s tongue tickled. Anna began giggling cutely, which soon gave way to hearty laughter. Her body jolted often when Sadie’s tongue got her particularly good, usually when it slurped between her toes.

    All Anna could do was lie there cocooned on the bed and feel each and every one of her toes thoroughly sucked and explored by Sadie’s moist tongue. The shrieking, squirming actress was sure she would lose her mind before the night was over. Sadie made her way all the way to the end, finishing with solely sucking on her tiny pinky toe as Anna shifted on the bed on the verge of peeing herself. Anna tried to hold it in, but she was hissing giggles while she attempted to control her laughter. She wanted some semblance of dignity. Some point in the night where she felt like maybe she wasn’t a complete wimp. Her feet were just too damn sensitive. After so many instances of breaking women down with tickling, Sadie knew exactly what was going through Anna’s head. She kept slurping and sucking her pinky toe and then reached up with a single finger. Sadie ever so lightly began giving the pad below Anna’s toes a probing scratch.

    That was all it took. Anna blurted out laughing once more. Sadie smiled as she suckled Anna’s toes, this time heading back toward her big toe. Once she finished with all the toes on Anna’s right foot, she began with the toes on her left foot. Anna gave an exhausted, annoyed sigh as she felt Sadie take her other big toe into her mouth to repeat the process. Her annoyed expression didn’t last long as it gave way to more giggles and laughing. She squirmed on the bed and shook her head back and forth with maddening grunts of frustration. She felt each of her petite toes being sucked and massaged by the lady’s tongue. Her screams and belly laughter doing nothing to win her any compassion from the lady.

    The other toes were glistening after being coated with spit. Sadie lightly ran a finger along the adorable undersides, gently rubbing the tips of Anna’s wet toes. Anna whined and was sent into sporadic bursts of laughter at the feeling. Sometimes Sadie would wiggle her finger in the slippery crevices between her shiny toes just to hear her shriek and feel her curl them down desperately.

    When Sadie was finished with all ten toes, she looked up at Anna. The exhausted actress was breathing heavily and slowly shaking her head back and forth. She felt like she was losing her voice. Anna quietly kept repeating, “No. No more. No. Leave my feet alone.”

    Sadie smooched her toes seductively and told her, “Maybe I should do that one more time. Just to make sure I gave all your sweet tootsies the love and attention they deserve.”

    Anna cried out in protest, but soon Sadie already had started back with her pinky toe.


    Simon moved on to Billie Eilish.

    Kat had feathered Billie’s bare tits like he had instructed and now had moved down to her feet. While Kat began ripping open Billie’s ultra sheer white thigh highs in various places, Simon came over and sat by Billie on the bed. Her sultry eyes shot daggers at him. Simon wasn’t bothered by her stare though. He had seen hundreds of bound women look at him the same way, not wanting to accept their fate that they would be tickled silly.

    Simon indulged himself and began fondling Billie’s massive boobs. The moody singer grunted and sighed with clear frustration as Simon squeezed her hefty melons and pushed them together. Billie rolled her eyes and gave a dismissive sneer while Simon jiggled her breasts and rubbed his thumbs over her nipples. And then things got ever so slightly worse when he began lightly fluttering his fingers over her large tits, searching for a sensitive reaction. Billie tightened up her facial expressions and tried to act like nothing bothered her. And she was doing a good job until Simon clicked on an electric toothbrush and began exploring her naked chest. Billie’s smirk betrayed her as Simon began buzzing the bulging sides of her tits. She looked off to the side trying to ignore him as he buzzed over her nipples, but her smirk was turning into a smile.

    But then Kat suggested he tickle around the bottom curvature of Billie’s breasts, since she had just gotten a nice reaction there with the feather. Simon took the swirling bristles in a slow arc across the area, which caused Billie to break her silence and begin laughing. Girlish giggles stammered out as the normally stoic singer laughed while her giant jugs were caressed.

    Billie barely noticed Kat had finished ripping holes in her ultra sheer white thigh highs.

    Seeing that Kat was ready to begin, Simon paused his tickling efforts. The humiliated singer caught her breath, but not for long. Kat began scratching her long nails over the exposed areas of Billie’s shredded nylons. Her feet jerked back with surprise. Billie balled her hands into fists and strained to keep quiet. But Kat wiggling her fingernails gently in the ripped holes of her thigh highs felt like she had found the holes in her armor. Billie threw her head to one side and bared her teeth in a pathetic growl as she struggled to hold out even for a little while. Fingernails lightly pawed against her supple arch on her left foot and against her pale, globular heel sticking out on her right foot. Billie had to let it out. Laughter came spilling out, becoming louder as it went on.

    Kat moved her fingernails up to Billie’s exposed tootsies on her right foot. Billie’s toes instinctively twitched and curled down when she felt the nails flicking along their tender undersides. Kat played a little along the base of them. With a little effort, she could work her nails underneath Billie’s clenched toe tips and wiggle them playfully. Billie growled angrily, but that was quickly followed by pathetic giggles. Kat used her other hand to continue tormenting Billie’s left arch. A single finger slipped in the center hole and probed around underneath the sheer pantyhose. Billie’s face cringed with ticklish agony at the feeling. The young singer arched her back and tried kicking her cocooned legs.

    Billie: “Aaaahahahahaha!! Knock it off! Hahahahahaha!! Both of you get the fuck away from me! Hahahahahahaha!! What the fuck is wrong with you people?!”

    Kat began ripping open Billie’s ultra sheer white thigh highs even more near the arches, completely exposing them as well as her rounded heels. Kat commented, “You always seem so stoic and moody when I see videos of you, Ms. Eilish. I bet your fans would appreciate it if you smiled and laughed more. It might make you seem more relatable. Why don’t we see if we can get a few more smiles out of you, huh?”

    Billie: “God, why do you people have to do this?!”

    Kat encircled Billie’s ankles and began raking her long fingernails down her exposed arches and heels. Billie burst into girlish laughter and wiggled her feet around in the tight hold. Kat held on firmly and really let the pouty singer have it. Billie’s desperation grew more and more as the nails relentlessly fluttered up and down her soles.

    Simon clicked on the electric toothbrush and resumed buzzing Billie’s nipples and the voluptuous curves of her globular breasts. Billie’s laughter picked up even more as she screamed laughter. The two would tickle her for a while until Simon moved on to the next woman.


    Kaley had been hoping that no one would come back over to her. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t go unnoticed indefinitely. Simon came over to her, and Kaley groaned with dread immediately. She rested her head on the bed and tried to take calming breaths, focusing on her inhale and exhale as she prepared herself. Kaley felt Simon ripping her sheer nude thigh highs. There was now a big hole over the arch of her right foot and another one over the pad below her toes on her left foot. Her eyes were closed as she mentally reassured herself. But then she heard the buzz of an electric toothbrush come to life.

    Kaley’s eyes shot open immediately. She thought to herself, “Oh God, this is going to be bad.” Kaley gave a sudden “EEEK!!” when the bristles contacted her right arch. It began buzzing up her arch where the nylons no longer covered her. Kaley wiggled on the bed with her eyes clenched shut. She began to laugh as the bristles swirled over her delightfully soft sole. Simon buzzed every little bit of visible skin showing through the hole, which kept Kaley busy with desperate laughter and shrieking.

    Simon moved the electric toothbrush over to Kaley’s left foot, where the pad below her toes was visible through her ripped open thigh highs. Kaley was already twitching her foot back and forth in anticipation as she weakly called out, “No! No! Leave me alone! Don’t do the other one! No! Pleeeeaaase! Please, please please!”

    If only Kaley knew how heartless Simon was when it came to breaking women down with tickle torture. The electric toothbrush began buzzing over Kaley’s meaty pad and it sent her shrieking again. The bristles were super effective at eliciting a hysterical response from her. Something about their rapid, relentless pace as they swirled over her hyper-ticklish skin.

    And then Kaley really lost it when Simon began venturing upward under the remaining nylons. The buzzing tip slid under the sheer material and found the base of Kaley’s cute little toes. The bristles slid across the toe cracks and then further upward to polish each toe tip. Kaley bucked wildly on the bed and screamed shrilly for Simon to stop. He had clearly found a goldmine of sensitivity. Kaley shook and whipped her head about. She demanded, “HAHAHAHAHAHA!! GET THAT TOOTHBRUSH OUT OF MY PANTYHOSE!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! THAT FEELS SO WEIRD!! HAHAHAHAHA!! GET IT OUT!! GET IT OUT!!”

    But Simon didn’t listen. He kept tormenting Kaley’s poor toes. He told her, “Aw, is the actress seriously ticklish on her tootsies hiding under these pantyhose? Tell me and I might stop.”


    Simon: “Well then I guess I’m just going to keep buzzing these adorable toes of yours until you tell me.”



    When Simon walked up to Alison’s bed, the poor brunette was giggling nonstop as Vince tickled her nipples. He was holding two stiff feathers and repeatedly wafting the feather tips across both of Alison’s pink, gumdrop-shaped nipples. Flick, flick, flick went the feathers as Alison was stuck in a constant state of giggling. Not quite full on laughter, but just enough sensitivity to where she couldn’t lie on the bed silently.

    Alison nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt Simon touch her feet to begin ripping her sheer black pantyhose. She craned her neck up so she could try and look at Simon from the bed to see what she was doing. Alison angrily snapped at Vince still tickling her breasts, “Oh would you stop that already?!” Alison gave a pouty expression and a loud whine when she saw Simon tearing open the nylons, showing off areas of the milky white skin underneath.

    Alison tried to sound firm, but her eyes were giving away the fact she was extremely nervous. She began to say, “Now wait just a minute. You’ve ruined my evening at the awards show. You-you’ve kidnapped me. HUMILIATED me with all this. Now you’ve ripped my pantyhose. I think it’s time for all th-this to end. So if you’ll please, I think you should Aaaahahahahaha!!”

    Alison was cutoff mid-sentence as Simon began roaming his fingers over the exposed areas of her arches. Alison threw her head around shouting laughter and wiggled her feet back and forth wildly. The fingers sent her into hysterics as they effortlessly scratched across her excruciatingly ticklish skin. Alison’s arches were quite sensitive and the feeling of being exploited through holes in her pantyhose was really messing with her mind on top of that. She cackled laughter and shook her head violently in response. But the more she shook her head, the more Simon knew to keep going.

    Simon slipped her fingers up under the pantyhose, as many fingers as she could fit in the ripped holes. And then he would rake his fingers gently down Alison’s supple arches until they were all the way down to the bottom of the ripped areas. Then he would slide them in again. Alison screamed each time. Simon told her, “Mmm…I like that. You keep making noise like that for me and I might just have to rip these pantyhose all the way off your feet.”

    Alison: “No! God, no! Please don’t do that! No! They’re fine how they are! And I’m sorry for being mad that you ripped them! You can just leave them how they are right now though! Hahahahahaha!!”

    Alison’s feet were trying to wiggle as fast as they could. She continued screaming and writhing on the bed. When the tickling on her arches finally ceased, Alison was hopeful that her turn was over. Maybe she would go back to JUST having her nipples feathered. That she could at least handle even if it still made her giggle. But Alison’s fears were confirmed when she heard a slight buzzing noise coming from the foot of the bed.

    Alison lifted her head again and called out in a panicked tone, “Hey, what is that? What’s going on down there? Excuse me, hey! Oh God, what now? I don’t like the sound of that.”

    Simon had clicked on an electric flosser. It’s slender nylon tip hummed to life as it became a blur. Simon inserted it between the actress’ exposed second and third toes on her left foot. Alison’s face contorted into an expression of shock initially, and then it quickly gave way to uncontrollable laughter. The flexible nylon tip vibrated at an incomprehensible rate as it rubbed up and down in the crevice between Alison’s trapped toes. The result was a buzzing sensation that gripped her at her core and sent her into utter hysterics. Alison bucked and flung her head back on the bed with roars of panicked laughter. The electric flosser licked up her toe stems and outlined the tips of her toes. It penetrated between her flailing and clenching toes with ease. There was nothing she could do to keep from feeling it’s unbearable buzzing.


    Then Simon jumped it over to her right foot where her two smallest toes were exposed. Alison tried clenching her toes down, knowing what was coming. But it did nothing to protect her. The thin protruding tip caressed her trembling toes and then when Simon wanted to, it slipped between them and vibrated in the toe crack. Alison bucked up off the bed and screamed at the ceiling.



    Jessica glanced and saw Simon at the foot of the bed. And she had obviously heard Alison Brie losing her mind a moment ago, so she figured it was time for her to be tested next. Jessica focused herself and put on a proud face as she looked up at the ceiling, seemingly without a care of what Simon might do. A bold move that only encouraged him to try her best.

    Simon began to tear apart areas of Jessica’s beautiful, thin pantyhose. He started a few fingers lightly grazing Jessica’s right heel. Feeling the utter smoothness of it as his fingers scratched around it’s surface. His other hand reached up and began tracing a finger along her lower instep region. Jessica remained quiet, but her foot twitched and shied away behind the cover of her other foot. Jessica realized she was showing how much that bothered her, so she intentionally moved her left foot back in the open against her better judgment. Simon loved this cat and mouse game some women played with him. Simon continued scratching a couple fingers along the unbelievably tender instep, causing Jessica to shift her legs.

    Jessica felt the corners of her mouth start to upturn. An unwelcome smile was forming. Jessica turned her head away, trying to hide it. But Simon knew what buttons to push to wear the defiant redhead down. Simon brought his hand up from Jessica’s heel to the exposed patch over the ball of her foot. His fingers scratched across the round, pinkish ball of Jessica’s foot. Now that foot jolted a bit and tried to hide behind the other. Jessica caught herself halfway and moved it back to its original position. But it cost her. Jessica chose to keep her feet steady and tried not to show weakness. But then she began to giggle. Which quickly broke down to light laughter that she was ashamed to let out.

    Simon kept stroking her soft skin in the rips amongst her pantyhosed feet. He mockingly told her, “Aw, there it is. I was waiting for a little laughter. Don’t feel bad. It’s okay. All women laugh when they’re feet are tickled. Even tough, strong Hollywood actresses like yourself.”

    Jessica: “Haha! Ugh! I’m not…really laughing! Uuuurrrgghhh! Haha! I just…(*grunting)…think you’re pathetic! Haha! This is…Ugh!…This is stupid! Haha!”

    “Not laughing because I’m tickling your feet, huh? Well, forgive me for not giving you an Oscar for this performance, sweetie. And why don’t we try this now,” Simon replied as he picked up the electric flosser he had just used on Alison. He clicked the buzzing nylon tip to life and stuck the vibrating head up to the hole on Jessica’s left foot by her two smallest toes. Jessica’s skin crawled as she felt the slender, buzzing tip snake its way between her toes. All ten of her toes curled down firmly and she tried hiding her left foot behind her right. This time she couldn’t bring herself to move her feet back to their original position. The electric flosser felt too weird. Jessica quickly felt her resolve waning as the tone of her laughter increased.

    Simon didn’t let her off so easily though. He smoothly transitioned to an armlock around Jessica’s left ankle, effectively separating her feet so she couldn’t cover one with the other. Simon slid the electric flosser back between Jessica’s vulnerable tootsies, making the redhead laugh again suddenly. The flexible tip wormed between her toes and snuck along the undersides of her toe stems. Jessica’s tone rose and rose as she felt the flosser probing all over between the toes that were exposed.

    Simon set the flosser down briefly and reached up to give Jessica’s instep a quick flurry of finger tickles. Jessica screamed sharply and fell into reluctant, angry laughter as she squirmed on the bed. This was utterly humiliating for a woman of her caliber. Simon returned to using the electric flosser between her toes. Now Jessica was laughing and couldn’t stop.

    And things only got worse when Simon suddenly switched and put her other foot in an armlock to isolate it. Jessica tried to push Simon away with her left foot. She grunted and struggled in her wrappings, but the tickling was inevitable. Jessica shouted when the buzzing tip began swabbing between her gorgeous tootsies. The tip licked the crevice and zapped the sides of her toes as Jessica began belly laughing. Simon kept it up and then dropped his hand down suddenly for a sneak attack near the ball of her foot. Fingers suddenly scratched over the top and slightly below the ball of Jessica’s foot, sending her into another fit of sudden laughter. She pushed wildly with her left foot while her right one suffered in the armlock. Jessica wiggled and growled angrily between forced bouts of laughter. Simon came back with the flosser one last time and resumed wreaking havoc between her toes. Jessica laughed and squirmed, hating every second of it.

    And eventually, Simon moved on to the last bed in the row.

    BED #6 - KESHA

    Simon noticed Mitch and Sadie were already tending to Kesha, so he decided to just observe while they continued tickling her.

    Mitch was at the foot of the bed tickling the soles of her feet through her sheer pink thigh highs. Sadie was up on the bed lightly trailing her nails along the undersides of Kesha’s boobs. The grungy pop singer writhed on the bed as much as she could while shouting angrily between laughter. Because her feet were flailing around so much, Mitch isolated one of her shapely soles in an armlock. He kept scribbling his fingertips along the bottom of her left foot, forcing Kesha to go berserk in her tight cocoon.

    Sadie saw her husband having a blast and decided to make it even better for him. She came over to the foot he had trapped and tore open the top of Kesha’s pink thigh high. Her toes were suddenly out in the open, topped with black toenail polish that had gold glitter mixed in. Sadie whispered in her husband’s ear seductively, “I know you’ve been wanting this one for a while. Why don’t you show her toes some love? I’d like to watch.”

    Mitch smiled at his wife and got right to it. He stuffed her big toe and two others into his mouth and began sucking them forcefully. Kesha gave out an appalled grunt. But she didn’t have time for much else because Mitch reached up and continued tickling her arch. Kesha jolted on the bed in a sudden fit of laughter while her wet toes wiggled in his mouth. Mitch stroked the deep arch of her foot, his fingers gliding easily across the silky surface. And his tongue was in heaven as it slipped between each of her toe gaps. Sadie watched excitedly as her husband sucked on several of Kesha’s toes. She always thought it was hot when Mitch got worked up over a celeb.

    Sadie knelt next to Mitch and began ripping open the top of the pink thigh high on Kesha’s right foot. Kesha was laughing so much and wiggling like crazy that she didn’t even notice her other set of toes being exposed. But she quickly realized when Sadie engulfed a couple of toes on her other foot, which was followed by some scratches along the singer’s arch. Kesha was hysterical banging her head against the pillow. She absolutely did not want her toes sucked, much less while being tickled mercilessly. Her blonde hair had come loose from its original styled look she had it in for the Met Gala. Kesha’s hair now whipped from side to side and fell over her face at times as she screamed laughter. All the while, a sadistic couple sucked her toes together.

    Mitch sucked her big toe and second toe while he reached up and stroked her three smaller toes with his fingers. He played with the moist piggies and felt them curling and flexing in panic. Kesha shouted and wailed laughter as he probed a finger between the wet crevices of her spit-soaked toes. He felt her toes curling hard trying to squeeze him out as he went gap to gap. Kesha’s big, shapely foot was shaking as she cried out from the bed.

    Kesha: “Hahahahahaha!!! Dude, stop!! Hahahahahaha!!! Aagh! Fuck!! Hahahahahaha!! Get out of there!! Hahahahaha!! You’re the worst fucking person like ever!! Hahahaha!! Fuck off! Hahahahaha!! Dude, if you don’t stop, I swear hahahahaha!!!”

    Sadie had completely saturated Kesha’s toes with her spit as she pulled her lips away. Saliva rolled down from between Kesha’s toes and began to darken the hot pink thigh high that hung shredded at the base of her tootsies. Sadie poked a small hole in the middle of the thigh high over Kesha’s high arch. Then she hooked her fingernails in it and tore a large hole, revealing the smooth, bare skin underneath. Sadie put Kesha’s right foot back in an armlock and began giving her a vicious fingernail tickling across her exposed arch. Kesha arched her back off the bed and screamed with wild panic.

    Seeing Kesha’s desperation, Mitch followed his wife’s lead. He yanked and ripped Kesha’s thigh high down to expose her sole. He rolled it off her heel so it hung in useless shreds from her ankle. Kesha begged him not to tickle her foot anymore as he began to pin it in an armlock once again. Kesha absolutely lost it when Mitch began scribbling his fingertips across the bottom of her foot. The bed creaked and banged against the wall as Kesha bucked and writhed in her wrappings.

    Simon watched with satisfaction until it was time to move across the aisle to the next bed.


    The young actress’ chest was heaving up and down as she caught her breath. Sydney had just been tickled thoroughly by Tara and was eager for a break. Maybe now she could rest a little while.

    But Sydney couldn’t be further from the truth. She suddenly felt her sheer black pantyhose being pulled up away from her toes. Simon snipped the tips of them off. The snipped pantyhose recoiled back down to Sydney’s feet, but were completely missing the tops that covered her adorable toes. All ten of the actress’ short, bubbly toes with their dark red polish were now naked and vulnerable. Sydney got a terrible feeling in her stomach as she looked down at her bare tootsies poking out of her pantyhose at the end of the bed. Of god, why did it have to be her toes?! Almost every area of her feet was ticklish, but the thought of someone tickling her toes made her want to crawl into a hole.

    Simon came around to the side of the bed. He knelt down and held up the electric flosser for Sydney to see up close. He flicked it on and the slender nylon tip wiggled into a blur of buzzing dread. Like a tiny snake tongue flicking at an incomprehensible speed. Sydney couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Dread seized her body knowing that it would soon be used to torment her feet. Simon whispered in Sydney’s ear, “I bet you can guess what this is for. I’m going to use this between EACH…and EVERY…single one of your toes.” Sydney groaned in fear as she made a pouty face.

    Then Simon took her position at the foot of the bed, where Sydney’s toes were bared and awaiting the horrid tickle torture. He began probing Sydney’s toe crevices. He masterfully slipped it between a pair and then would suddenly bring it over and surprise the actress by slipping it between another couple of toes further down the line. Sydney shrieked each time but would otherwise just be dying laughing on the bed in total helplessness. Her poor toes clenched and she wiggled her feet around, but Simon was systematically swiping the buzzing nylon tip between each pair of adorable piggies.

    Simon quietly placed the electric flosser on the ground. He wrapped his arm around both ankles, further trapping Sydney’s restrained feet. Then she began a relentless, fast-paced finger tickle across the tattered remains of her sheer black pantyhose covering her arches and heels. Sydney erupted into desperate shrieks and guffaws as she writhed in her cocoon. She begged and kicked like a mad woman. She was on the verge of crying from laughing so long when she cried out, “HAHAHAHAHA!! I CAN’T!! QUIT THAT!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! PLEASE!! HAHAHAHAHA!! I NEED A BREAK!!”

    Simon actually stopped. Sydney was immediately relieved, but then severely questioned the sincerity of the gesture. And for good reason. It wasn’t more than a few seconds before she heard the dreaded hum of the flosser reactivating. Sydney had a huge wave of disappointment and fear wash over her face. But her expression quickly turned to hysterical laughter as the vibrating nylon tip began tracing the underside curvature of each of her tiny toes and roaming the gaps between them. Right down the line starting with the pinky toe on her left foot. Sydney squealed and shrieked and begged. But nothing slowed the dreadful, thorough licks of the flosser sliding around the tips of her bubble toes. It traced the rounded tips and scribbled down the undersides of her short toe stems. The buzzing head lapped between her hyper-sensitive toes, causing her to arch her head back and let loose a storm of unbridled hysterics.

    Sydney was beyond relieved when the flosser finally clicked off. “Oh thank God! He’s going to move on to someone else!” Sydney thought to herself as she released the tension from her body. But her relief was short-lived. Sydney’s head shot up from the pillow the moment she heard a tool click on and more buzzing emitting from the foot of the bed. Her face contorted into an expression of surprise and fear when she saw Vince holding an electric toothbrush instead of the flosser. Sydney realized she was nowhere close to getting a break yet.

    Vince: “It looked like your toes were pretty sensitive. Hope you don’t mind if I have a turn?”

    Sydney got a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach as she watched Vince kneel down by her bare toes sticking out of her ruined pantyhose. “Oh no…” she whimpered as another bout of tickling was about to begin.


    Kylie was quite preoccupied when Simon stopped by. The bratty millionaire was far too busy screaming laughter and twisting about on the bed. Tara was at her feet raking her fingernails down the ultra-sensitive targets. Kylie’s ultra sheet white thigh highs barely even counted as a barrier between her tender soles and the whore’s relentless nails. And to make matters worse, Kat was up on the bed dancing her nails around Kylie’s naked breasts. Kylie was arching her back and shouting laughter up at the ceiling while the dominatrix wiggled her fingers around the outer curvature of her plump, perky tits.

    Kylie wasn’t sure why the women stopped tickling her, but she was grateful. That was until she was startled by the feeling of her right thigh high being completely ripped apart. Simon tore it open and left it hanging from Kylie’s ankle. With one foot still shrouded in pantyhose and the other now completely bare, Kylie was unsure of what was going to happen next. Her toes curled down in the cutest way as she anticipated the worst. The ones that were bare showed off her pretty pink polish.

    Kylie craned her head up apprehensively only to see Simon approaching her with a small hairbrush. He lightly smacked it against his free hand as she smiled at the pampered heiress. Kylie looked on in fear. Her silver spoon lifestyle didn’t save her from the torment here. Simon knelt down at the foot of the bed and asked, “Let’s try something. I want you to tell me which tickles more. The foot with the pantyhose on it or the one that’s bare.”

    Kylie: “Oh you can’t be serious?! Please just leave me alone! I’m not supposed to be here! Please! You have to AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

    Simon began scrubbing a small hairbrush up and down Kylie’s nyloned foot. The bristles easily slid across the silky covering as the brush rubbed swiftly down her shaking foot to her rounded heel, then up along the outer ridge of her sole, and on to the fleshy pad below her trembling toes. Kylie let out a guttural scream of desperation and laughter. No one had ever tickled her feet with a brush before. It was truly terrible.

    Kylie’s face was stuck in a constant state of hysterical laughter. Her cheeks turned pink and then red as she screamed her head off. Her body spasmed and jolted unpredictably as pulses of overwhelming ticklish sensations came over her. Her pantyhose-covered sole wagged and dodged as best it could. But Kylie was exhausted from struggling. Simon went in for the kill like a leopard going for the throat of its prey. He pinned Kylie’s foot back by her toes and then mercilessly scrubbed the brush across the pads below her toes and around the ball of her foot. The silky, sheer white thigh high offered no protection as the brush was vigorously pulled back and forth over her sensitive hot spots. Kylie let out a defeated cry of panic.

    And then it was time for her other foot. Kylie was practically babbling as Simon switched the brush over to her recently bared foot. She was mumbling something about being rich and having her daddy pay whatever amount. Simon wasn’t interested. He only cared about bringing women like Kylie to the brink and then pushing past their limit. Watching the fear in their eyes as they realized they had no control in when the tickling stopped.

    Kylie was again thrust into uncontrollable laughter as the brush came alive on her bare arch. Up and down and pulling swiftly from side to side. Kylie felt the bristles rubbing across her super soft and sensitive foot bottom and it drove her utterly insane. She bucked and screamed and shook her body about because she couldn’t do anything else in her wrapping. The brush scrubbed her heel thoroughly and then was worked up the outer edge of her trapped foot. Kylie screamed up at the ceiling. She had no idea the outer edges of her soles could be so sensitive.

    Simon once again pinned her weak toes back. Kylie noticed the slight pause in the tickle action and realized what was about to happen. She was on the verge of crying as she tried pleading one more time. There was almost no chance the man would listen, but she had to at least try. Kylie began to beg but was immediately thrown back into unbridled laughter. The hairbrush slid back and forth across the supple pad below her clenched toes. The bristles sent shockwaves into her body that quickly overwhelmed her mind and broke her down.

    Simon asked her, “So which foot tickles more? The one with your pretty white thigh high on or the one without?”


    Simon: “Oh well for science then. Guess we’ll never know. But if you can’t tell a difference, we might as well strip off that other thigh high.”

    Kylie cried as Simon removed her other thigh high and prepared to give both soles a good hairbrush scrubbing as he held them in an armlock.


    Simon stepped in front of Blake. The stunning actress was arching her head up to look down at the woman tickling her. Her body was wiggling and her breasts were jiggling as she laughed heartily. Blake was having difficulty handling Tara holding her ankles in an armlock and using her fingernails to glide over both her nyloned heels at once. Blake shook her head from side to side as wiggled her toes restlessly. Her poor feet were stuck and she was forced to feel the tickly sensations.

    Simon took over the tickling for the moment, but wanted Tara to stick around to learn a few tricks. He knelt at the foot of the bed and began ripping small holes in Blake’s ultra sheer nude pantyhose. Blake finally rested her head back down on the bed, but whimpered as she felt areas of her big feet being exposed.

    Blake was taking calming breaths, but immediately broke out into a smile and then laughter as fingers began lightly scratching at her exposed skin. Blake’s feet danced about and jerked away as Simon gave short little wiggles around the opened up areas. A scratch along her instep, a graze over her tender heel, a wiggle along the underside of her big toe. Blake giggled and rambled about how she didn’t think she could handle anymore. Simon could tell the poor blonde had almost no resistance left. Just the way he liked them.

    Blake’s feet were far too ticklish to hold out for very long. Soon she was panicking and kicking her long legs, hoping to somehow shake off the menacing fingers bothering her vulnerable spots. Blake’s giggles gave way to her adorable laughter. She jerked her feet backward as far as she could. They shied away from the fingers as Blake crossed one in front of the other. “Oh you’re not getting away from this,” Simon teased as she regained contact with Blake’s soles.

    Simon wormed a finger into one of the holes on the pantyhose of Blake’s left foot. He wiggled his fingertip along Blake’s creamy instep. Blake shrieked and shook her foot trying to free her arch from the invading pest. Simon scratched along her smooth instep and then scratched up under the ball of Blake’s foot. The torn pantyhose almost acted as a barrier that kept the wiggling finger pressed against her foot, which drove Blake mad as she tried to kick free of it.

    On her right foot, Blake felt Simon’s fingers lightly scratching along the base of her exposed toes. Her big toe and second toe were peeking out, with white toenail polish adorning them. Blake was belly laughing though as Simon wiggled his fingers at the base of her gorgeous toes. She had them clenched down firmly, not wanting to give any slack for fear of having Simon worm a finger between them.

    But that’s just what the masterful tickler picked up on. He had Tara take over again and instructed her on just how to tickle Blake. Simon guided his new, inquisitive partner as she worked her fingernails just how he described. Blake descended into madness as her dreaded fear became a reality. Tara’s fingertip pressed and out wrestled Blake’s meager defense. And soon Tara’s finger was scrunching mercilessly between Blake’s helpless toes, causing the actress to hit new heights with her frantic laughter. Blake jerked around on the bed and pleaded, “HAHAHAHAHA!!! GET OUT OF MY TOES!! HAHAHAHAHA!! OH GOD, NOT THERE!!” Tara felt Blake clenching her tootsies down hard around her finger, but it did nothing to prevent her from tickling the gap between them. Blake was a tickled mess as she weakly twisted on the bed in her wrappings and laughed desperately.

    With sinister motives, Simon offered to give Blake a much-needed break. Blake was hesitant to accept, fearing it was a trick. But she knew she couldn’t handle anymore of what they were already doing, so she blurted out that she needed the break.

    Simon smiled as he paused Tara’s tickling assault. Then he gripped Blake’s ultra sheer nude pantyhose near her toes and ripped them wide open. When Simon released the destroyed nylons, they hung limp around the upper arches of Blake’s exposed feet. Her stunningly cute toes were on full display now. She wiggled them nervously as let out a concerned groan, not knowing what would happen next.

    Then Blake felt Tara begin smooching the tips of her toes. Wet, slow kisses and occasionally a flirty flick of her tongue along the bottom of Blake’s piggies. Blake sighed and whimpered with plenty of disapproval. She called out, “Oh siiiiick! Why would you ever want to do that?” But Blake had no choice in the matter. Tara began suckling each and every long toe from one side to the other. Blake scrunched her face in plain disgust as she felt her tender tootsies being sucked and licked with an unsettling attention to detail. Each toe that popped out of Tara’s mouth was dripping with spit. Blake groaned with annoyance as she laid there feeling the strange woman worship her long, captive toes. Tara nudged her tongue against each toe gap and wrestled her way between them. Blake cracked up every time Tara’s warm tongue rolled playfully between her scrunched toes. It felt so foreign to her. Blake shook her head and laughed sweetly as she endured the forced foot worship.

    After Tara was finished, she left Blake lying there with her wet toes exposed. A sheen of spit made them shine under the lights. And then Simon and Tara moved on to other victims.


    When Alexandra saw Simon, she knew it was better to beg for mercy than to try and hold out any longer. She pleaded and whined for Simon to leave her alone, but her words went unnoticed. Simon tore open the dark nylons in various spots. Alexandra groaned and tried to look down at the damaged pantyhose, but still couldn’t see anything.

    Alexandra’s back suddenly arched and she gave an alarmed shriek as Simon began flicking his fingers along her arches. Simon’s fingers roamed to the nearby holes. One hand found the small hole at the outer edge of her foot. A finger wiggled inside of it, attacking the tender skin hidden underneath. The other hand concentrated on the milky patch of skin exposed over the ball of her left foot. Alexandra squirmed and laughed uncomfortably as the vulnerable areas of her partially bared feet were exploited.

    Simon picked up a hairbrush and told the giggling actress, “Most women don’t have overly sensitive heels. But in my experience, I’ve found a firm touch with a hairbrush can really bring out the sensitivity of such areas. Let’s give yours a good brushing and see how you do.”

    Alexandra hated hearing those words and immediately whined about Simon’s intentions. But her words were cut off as the bristles began scrubbing back and forth along her round, milky heels that were poking out from her black nylons. Simon had been right. It did tickle quite a bit. The bristles firmly rolled along her smooth skin, causing Alexandra’s feet to jolt suddenly. Giggles flowed freely and then outright laughter. Alexandra kicked her legs at the weird feeling. Then it got even worse when Simon wrapped an arm around her ankles. Back and forth the brush went, scrubbing her flawless heels. Alexandra laughter became louder and more frantic. It was such an odd feeling. And she was honestly stunned at how sensitive her heels could be with the right touch.

    Simon dropped the hairbrush and quickly jumped up to Alexandra’s toes. The underside of her pretty tootsies were visible through her ripped pantyhose. And as soon as Simon began wiggling his fingertips along the tender toe stems, Alexandra jumped off the bed and began shrieking laughter.

    Simon: “Oh did I hit a hot spot? Very good…”

    Alexandra writhed on the bed and whipped her messy hair from side to side as she screamed. Simon’s fingers scratched and probed along the undersides of her exposed toes. Alexandra scrunched her toes and arched her back. She absolutely couldn’t stand what Simon was doing. But things got even worse when Simon focused on just one foot. He pinned Alexandra’s toes back with one hand and then used his fingers to really terrorize the soft undersides and tips of her toes. Alexandra’s mouth hung open in constant, frantic laughter.

    Simon moved to the other foot. He stroked the quivering toe stems and playfully scratched along each toe crack, not-so-politely asking to be let in. Alexandra would have rather died than relax her toes enough to allow Simon free reign to tickle between them. So Simon knew he would just have to force his way in. He wiggled a finger at the base of the gap between Alexandra’s big toe and second toe. The brunette bared her teeth in a pathetic whine and scrunched her toes down so hard the joints were turning whiter than the rest of her skin. Simon persisted and kept trying to wiggle between her tootsies. He waited until Alexandra’s strength was drained.

    Simon: “Oh little piggies, won’t you let me come in? Or else I’ll have to wiggle and tickle…and force my way in.”


    Simon: “Maybe if you say…pretty please…then I might consider leaving your toes alone. Otherwise, this big bad wolf is going to get in and make you scream.”


    “Yes, you did. That was sweet of you. But you don’t always get what you want, darling,” Simon said maliciously with a smile. He finally wiggled his fingertip into the gap and wiggled it rapidly against the sides of Alexandra’s curled toes. Before Alexandra could respond, she was thrown into hysterical laughter. Her red lipstick highlighted her wide open mouth as she screamed up toward the ceiling.

    Simon moved along the rip in her nylons. He wiggled his finger between each space and probed in the warm, sensitive crack between Alexandra’s toes. The starlet screamed so much she fell into bouts of silent laughter. Her trembling feet felt weaker with each battle she lost to keep Simon out. It became easier and easier for the tickle fiend to slip his finger between her toes and force hearty laughter from her.

    Once Alexandra was sufficiently exhausted, Simon moved on.


    Nicki sighed loudly and rolled her eyes as Simon stepped to her. She took deep breaths but tried to act like she was still too cool to be bothered by all this nonsense. She tested her wrappings once more for loosening, but found she was still snugly trapped lying on the bed with her massive tits out.

    Simon knelt in front of Nicki’s small feet, shrouded in her fishnet stockings. He asked the ebony goddess, “What area of your feet should I begin with?” Nicki snarled and gave a dismissive “Pssst” before looking away. Simon took it in stride and pulled out the electric flosser. He replied, “No need to be so rude. But I’ve got just the thing to put a smile on that beautiful face of yours.” Simon clicked the flosser on. The buzzing nylon head was a blur as Simon slipped it between the openings in the fishnets to slide it between Nicki’s toes.

    Nicki’s face contorted into a twisted smile, one that was holding back an intense urge to laugh. She felt the vibrating tip wiggling between her small toes. It ran up and down the sensitive sides of each of her toes. Nicki was getting choked up as she held back her true reaction. Giggles were leaking out and she began curling her toes down. But Simon was still able to run the buzzing flosser along the outline of her curled tootsies. Nicki’s eyes were closed and her beaming smile seemed like it was about to give way to the immense laughter contained behind it.

    Simon clicked off the flosser and instead, ripped open the bottom half of Nicki’s fishnet stockings. They still hung in a tattered mess around Nicki’s feet, but her lower arches and heels were now bared. Simon called over Sadie and whispered something in her ear - very specific instructions on how to assist with handling Nicki.

    Simon rested a hairbrush against Nicki’s meaty soles. Nicki raised her head and looked down. Her eyebrows were cocked as she tried to figure out what this next portion would feel like. And then Sadie returned with something hidden behind her back, coming over to Nicki on the bed. She was holding a rather large, purple vibrator. The sex toy was detailed just like a man’s penis would look like. One click of a button near the base end of the shaft and the purple monster came to life, buzzing at a high speed. The vibrator hummed at such a speed that if you held it for any length of time, your hands would feel the tingly vibrations for minutes after.

    Nicki’s enormous breasts were already somewhat pushed together in the middle since her arms had been folded across her torso when she had been mummified in her wrappings. Nicki figured out at the last minute what Sadie was going to do with the vibrator. She grimaced as she shook and wrestled with her constraints. Her naked breasts jiggled and bounced as she struggled. But Nicki couldn’t avoid it as Sadie slid the buzzing fake cock between her hefty jugs. It pulsed and vibrated intensely as it sat nestled between Nicki’s globular tits.

    Nicki couldn’t handle the feeling. It felt awkward certainly, but the constant high-speed vibrations tickled as well. Nicki was shocked at how it felt. She couldn’t help but giggle and then eventually give in to light laughter. The tingly hum started in the immediate area where the vibrator was resting against. But then it spread to the rest of her luscious breasts and over to her dark brown nipples. Nicki laughed with embarrassment and tried to twist around on the bed to dislodge the vibrator. Sadie held it in place along with the help from Nicki’s own bulging boobs.

    Simon began scrubbing the hairbrush vigorously back and forth across Nicki’s shapely arches and fleshy, smooth heels. Nicki’s eyes bulged in surprise as a new wave of laughter erupted from her. The bristles rubbed along her silky, light brown skin. In her wrinkled arches and over her creamy heels. Nicki shouted and cackled with her mouth wide open as the hairbrush scrubbed her feet. “Well, Ms. Minaj…how do you like your foot treatment?”


    Simon smiled at her response and kept rubbing the brush along her exposed soles. Nicki wiggled her feet like crazy, but she couldn’t really dodge the brush when it targeted her heels. They were pretty much stuck in place and easy targets. And unfortunately for Nicki, she found her heels were fairly sensitive with a firm touch. Back and forth Simon’s brush went across her flawless heels. The rapper grunted and groaned as she couldn’t do anything to make it stop. Laughter continued to flow from her. And Sadie was still buzzing between her bare breasts as well.

    Simon rubbed the brush up along Nicki’s deep arches, sending her into insanely loud shouting and wild laughter. Nicki writhed around and bucked her body up off the bed several times. She couldn’t stand the brush. Her toes curled and spread over and over behind the remains of her destroyed fishnets. Simon scrubbed the bristles swiftly across her bare arches and then dropped it back down to show her heels more attention. Nicki cackled and shouted, but all the rapper could do was accept how ticklish she was.

    Simon made sure she never forgot that either. But then finally moved on to the last bed in that line.

    BED #12 - ZENDAYA

    Simon stopped in front of Zendaya, the stoic holdout of the group. Mitch was sitting next to her as she wafted a small feather back and forth over her light brown nipples, alternating between the two. Zendaya kept a proud expression on her face as she looked off across the room trying not to acknowledge him. But upon closer inspection, Simon saw Zendaya was holding back a smirk. The feather flicked swiftly over and over again as it was focused on one nipple and then the other. Zendaya made sure to keep her head turned away from Mitch so he wouldn’t catch her smiling if she slipped up. But Zendaya was only human and a brief break in her demeanor let a few giggles out. Mitch quickly switched to the other nipple and stroked it with the tiny feather. It lapped at the dark, supple skin as Zendaya let a few more giggles slip.

    Mitch then put down the feather and tried another tactic to see if he could get a better response. He began wiggling his fingers ever so lightly around the outer curves of Zendaya’s small breasts, over near her armpits. Zendaya yelped with surprise and couldn’t help but smile awkwardly at such a sensitive spot being exploited. Mitch kept it up and Zendaya had a difficult time trying to wipe the smile from her face. She found she couldn’t do it as more and more giggles escaped her smile. Mitch’s fingers grazed her chocolaty skin and made her squirm uncomfortably on the bed. It was such an awkward place to be tickled.

    Simon knelt at the foot of the bed and began ripping open Zendaya’s sheer nude pantyhose. Two large holes at the base exposed both of Zendaya’s flawlessly smooth heels, leaving the rest of her feet still shrouded in pantyhose. Zendaya waited without showing concern. This was a standoff and she knew she could show no weakness.

    Simon began with a hairbrush. He started rubbing it back and forth across the creamy skin at a moderate pace. Zendaya was a little startled but otherwise held her composure. The brush scrubbed its bristles back and forth across her moisturized heels. Simon knew it would just take time and the right touch to break this one. Zendaya had to really focus on keeping a straight face. The brush was digging into her padded heels and sending strange sensations through her body.

    Simon rubbed the brush in little circles over Zendaya’s heels. He noticed the large soles in front of her began to twitch ever so subtly. Maybe his tactics were working. Simon rubbed the bristles around the outer edge and undersides of Zendaya’s heels, which resulted in Zendaya’s blank expression crumbling into a smile. The confident actress’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment, but the giggles had to come out. Simon continued his method of tickling Zendaya’s heels. He brought the brush back up to the fleshy pads and began giving them a firm, rapid scrubbing. Zendaya had calmed her giggles, but that sent her right back into an even longer giggling fit. Zendaya was shocked. She tried to get her composure back, but the hairbrush was relentless. She couldn’t help but let giggles slip out.

    Simon rubbed the bristles all over her heels until Zendaya’s defenses had been broken down enough that giggles were more or less a consistent reaction. Then he surprised the young starlet. Simon focused the brush on Zendaya’s left foot while she brought his fingers up to the right foot. At the top of the ripped hole, Simon slipped a few fingers in under the pantyhose. His fingertips slithered in unwanted as they crept toward a very specific target. They slid between the creamy skin and the silky pantyhose as they approached Zendaya’s instep. Once Simon’s fingertips had reached the area, he began to wiggle them lightly but quickly over the smooth skin. Zendaya jolted and her feet kicked suddenly. Simon heard her say, “Whoa,” from up on the bed. Simon continued scratching his fingers along the ultra-sensitive instep and watched Zendaya come unglued.

    Zendaya’s cool demeanor changed to an uneasy expression. Giggles turned to laughter as Simon’s fingers kept flicking over her lush instep. It truly drove Zendaya nuts. Her feet wiggled around now and she shifted uneasily on the bed. She wasn’t used to feeling so out of control of her reactions. Zendaya’s laughs got louder and less graceful with each passing moment. Simon scratching over her tender skin underneath her pantyhose was maddening. Zendaya groaned as she squirmed. She was still too proud to beg or say anything, so she just suffered through it.

    Simon put the brush down and slid her fingers up under Zendaya’s nylons to her other instep as well. Zendaya felt the fingers working their way under her pantyhose and knew what was about to happen. But she refused to beg Simon to stop. When Simon began tickling her other instep as well, Zendaya broke out into full-on frantic laughter. She twisted on the bed, she wiggled her feet, and she kicked futilely to make him stop.

    Simon kept on her. His fingers scratched lightly over the warm, pillowy insteps at a rapid pace. Zendaya didn’t know how to process such an intense feeling. She wiggled desperately on the bed and belly laughed while her feet tried to shake around. But she could never dodge the fingers’ touch because they were secured under her damned pantyhose. Why did she wear them tonight?! Zendaya regretted her choice, but it was too late now.

    Zendaya: “Hahahahaha!! This is so stupid!! Hahahahaha!! Ugh! Hahahahahaha!! I hope you go to prison for the rest of your life!”

    Simon was amused at the raw emotion Zendaya was starting to show now. He kept on her for a while. Then it was time for Simon to really break this group.

    2 HOURS IN…

    Simon ordered his partners to rip open the captives’ pantyhose the rest of the way. He wanted their feet bare for this last round. He moved to the first bed again.


    At this point, Anna was way beyond broken. She was a disheveled, tickled mess with tear marks streaming down both cheeks. She was teetering on the verge of having another breakdown if she had to be tickled one more second. Anna was way too ticklish, and this was certainly her nightmare.

    Anna: “Oh my God…please…please stop…I’m literally begging you. I don’t…know…what…you want…from me. I give up. I’ll do anything. I already told you that…a thousand times…and you just keep…tickling me.”

    Simon’s uncaring expression turned into a smile as he pulled a black sleep mask out from behind his back. He showed it to Anna and watched any shred of hope drain from her face. She was stunned. It wasn’t over, not even close. Now THE Celebrity Tickler she had always heard about was going to personally see that she suffered the worst tickling of her life. She wouldn’t even be able to see what he was up to. Anna was speechless for a moment. This had to be one of the absolute worst things that could happen to her.

    Simon slid the black sleep mask over Anna’s eyes so she couldn’t see a thing. Anna frantically moved her head around trying to shake off the mask, hoping that there would be some way to see a sliver of what was going on around her. She called out desperately, “Hey! Wh-what’s going on?! Hey! I don’t like this at all! Wh-why can’t I see what’s ha-happening?! Please someone answer me!”

    Simon knelt down in front of Anna’s bare size 7 feet. Preferring a more natural look, Anna wasn’t wearing any polish this evening. Her long toes descending noticeably from biggest to smallest. Her big toes curved inward slightly and were a beautiful shape. The pads and balls of her feet looked exceptionally soft, not a blemish on them. Anna’s arches were higher than average and were even more defined by her prominent heels, which looked impeccably smooth.

    Anna jumped off the bed when his feather made contact with her soles. Her toes curled down and her body was seized with ticklish sensations once again. Anna was weak with exhaustion, but still squirmed on the bed instinctively trying to get away.


    Simon relished in her reaction. It was one of the best he’d experienced. Anna continued to let out unbridled, hysterical laughter. The actress thrashed on the bed and curled her toes down firmly. But the feather easily wafted over the tops of her toes, teasing her clenched tootsies and visiting each toe crack.

    Anna screamed for mercy. She couldn’t see what the feather was doing, but she felt it’s awful effects. “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! I ALREADY SAID I GIVE UP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I CAN’T DO THIS!!!” she cried out.

    Anna was broken. No question about it. Simon finally removed the eye mask and let her say the famous words to his camera.

    Anna weakly spoke, “I’m…Anna Kendrick…and now…I’m another one of…Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Billie’s icy stare tracked Simon as he knelt down in front of her bare, size 9 feet. Like Anna, Billie wasn’t wearing any toenail polish. Her long, full toes had rosy tips along their undersides, just like the pads below her toes and her heels. The balls of her feet were strongly defined, which gave her soles an overall shapely aesthetic.

    Simon began by wiping oil across the bottoms of Billie’s big, trapped soles to make them extra sensitive. Billie grimaced and shifted uncomfortably as he massaged the slippery substance all over her feet and even between her toes. Billie bared her teeth and grumbled as she was left with her shiny, size 9 soles overhanging the bed ready to be exploited.

    Simon chose a hairbrush for her. He started gliding the bristles quickly across Billie’s feet. She couldn’t help but erupt into laughter. Simon encircled her ankles to keep her flailing feet more still. Then he proceeded to rub his brush all over the large soles as Billie howled with laughter. The brush passed over her pale, glistening skin as it terrorized her rounded heels, just under the balls of her feet, and along the base of her long toes. The Billie’s mouth was open in a cascade of belly laughter. And soon tears were forming at the corners of her eyes as her cheeks reddened.


    Simon continued scrubbing her bare, vulnerable soles. He rolled the bristles around Billie’s robust heels, over her shapely arches, and across her meaty pads below her toes. Billie’s mouth was wide open in uncontrolled guffawing. Tears spilled down from the corners of her eyes as she desperately shook her head from side to side. It was far too much.

    Simon isolated one foot and cruelly scrubbed the hairbrush wildly over Billie’s tender instep. She instantly screamed with surprise and let out such frenzied laughter that Simon thought she might rupture her vocal chords. Billie squirmed around on the bed, trying to wiggle free. Her hefty, naked breasts jiggled as she tried anything she could to deal with the overwhelming bombardment of ticklish sensations.

    Simon switched to her other foot and again terrorized her instep with his brush. Billie screamed with laughter again and began pounding her head violently against the pillow. She couldn’t cope with this awful, torturous feeling. And it didn’t take a tickling mastermind to sense that. Simon was showing no mercy. He gave her instep some more of his undivided attention until Billie was on the verge of passing out. Then he quickly transitioned to her toes. Simon put his brush down and used his fingers to attack their undersides.

    Billie jolted and immediately tried to clench her toes down. She continued to laugh like crazy as she fought a losing battle against his skilled fingers. They worked their way under her slippery toes and found her guarded tickle spots. Billie bucked on the bed and wailed laughter as Simon targeted the silky soft undersides of her toes. He even worked his fingers between her toes, which absolutely drove Billie nuts. But the oil prevented her from keeping his pesky fingers out.

    Simon did the same thing with her other foot. This time, Billie clenched her toes as tight as she could. It was a desperate last stand to guard her sanity. But the oil was a real problem. It allowed Simon’s fingers to eventually work in under her curled toe tips and wiggle along the base of her tootsies. Billie let out an angry shout as she felt him slipping in under her defenses, which then sent her right back into her pathetic laughter. Billie had never felt so humiliated and defeated. Simon pried her toes back and stroked along their glistening undersides. All Billie could do was laugh like the ticklish little prisoner she was.

    After Billie was a tickled mess from having her toes explored, Simon took a length of white string and began tying her big toes together. Billie looked up from the bed to see what he was doing and then let out a groan of disapproval. He picked his hairbrush back up. Billie had nothing left to resist him with. She knew this would be unbearable if she didn’t give up right then. Simon poised his hairbrush so it rested gently against the bottoms of Billie’s feet. He asked her, “So…are you ready to give up or do I need to brush these big feet of yours again?”

    Billie couldn’t imagine what another round with the brush would be like, yet she couldn’t quite bring herself to say the words. That’s when Kat joined in and said, “Perhaps we can help make your mind up for you.” She knelt on the bed and began lightly flicking her long nails around the rim of Billie’s areoles. The singer bashfully turned her head away as she began to giggle and laugh again. It wasn’t overwhelming like having her feet brushed, but Kat was well acquainted with the sensitive areas of her breasts from tickling them earlier. Kat then moved her fingernails so they flutter along the outer curvature of Billie’s massive breasts. Billie laughed harder now. She felt so ridiculous having such sensitive boobs. Kat worked her way up toward Billie’s armpits. She crept her thumbs up into the crevice between Billie’s arms and her hefty tits, while still using her other nails to flick along her breasts. Billie lost control and began laughing loudly.

    Kat: “Remember this? You were a big fan of this last time I tickled you.”

    Simon began vigorously rubbing his brush along the bottoms of her bound feet. Billie immediately broke into hysterics. Her poor soles felt so much more vulnerable now that her big toes were tied together. Billie’s mouth was wide open in constant screaming laughter as the bristles slid over her ticklish arches.

    Exhausted and humiliated, she gave up. Billie said the degrading phrase, “I’m Billie Eilish and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Kaley saw Simon step in front of her now bare feet. She let out a pathetic whine. There was no point in acting like she was even remotely tough about tickling now. Kaley was dreading Simon going anywhere near her feet. She fidgeted them around nervously as he selected the right tool to start off with.

    Simon crouched in front of her with a bottle of oil and a hairbrush. He began drizzling the oil down onto her captive soles. Kaley, who couldn’t see what was happening down at the end of the bed, felt the liquid landing along her pads below her toes and even on the tips of her toes themselves. She felt Simon smearing the oil around the bottoms of her feet. She stared up at the ceiling and anxiously said, “Oh God…”

    When Simon was done, Kaley’s size 9’s were glistening. Her bubbly toes were adorned with maroon polish. Kaley’s pads below her toes were meaty and smooth. Her arches were shallow and less wrinkled than most. And Kaley’s heels were extremely supple and blemish-free.

    The beautiful blonde ignited with ticklish screams as soon as Simon started scrubbing his brush around the bottoms of her oily soles. Kaley writhed and bucked up and down on the mattress. Her feet wiggled as she kicked her legs. But it didn’t stop the brush from rubbing across her meaty soles.


    Simon: “Then there’s only one choice left for you.”

    Kaley didn’t want to say the pathetic words she had seen countless celebrities babbling at the end of their torturous encounters. She kept fighting him. But her slippery soles were completely defenseless against his cruel brush. Simon ran the brush in rapid, short up-and-down motions as he attacked her tender heels. He worked his way up her shallow arches until he was at the base of her toes. Kaley screamed the whole time. Her eye shadow was running down her face, carried by her tears as she was forced to cackle like a mad woman.

    The brush was set aside. Kaley sniffled and raised her head to see what was going on. Peering through her tears, she saw Simon click on an electric toothbrush. Kaley’s heart sank and she flopped her head back against the pillow with a whiny, defeated groan.

    Kaley: “Oh my God! You can’t be serious! This isn’t happening right now!”

    Simon: “I recall you had quite a bit of trouble with this buzzing your toes last time...”

    Kaley shouted in protest but then erupted back into sheer hysterics as Simon began buzzing her toe tips. The swirling bristles swarmed her each of her bubbly toes one by one, leaving Kaley a laughing, convulsing mess on the bed. Kaley’s toes were shiny with oil, making the toothbrush that much more unbearable this time.


    Simon: “Oh I’m not going to make it stop. I’m going to buzz every single one of your cute little tootsies. And when I’m done, I think I’ll go back and do them all over again.”


    Kaley’s eyes widened with a terrified realization. She looked completely defeated and ready to give up just at the mere mention that she would have to endure this toe buzzing all over again. Simon started with her adorable little pinky toe on her left foot and began working his way down the line. Kaley convulsed on the bed, unable to stop him. Kaley was forced to endure having all ten of her toes buzzed with the swirling bristle head once again. By the time Simon finished the agonizing process of buzzing every single toe throughly, Kaley was a tickled mess. Her toes were still clenched down, even though Simon had stopped.

    Simon let Kaley speak those satisfying words. She weakly said, “I’m Kaley Cuoco…and now…I’m…I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Alison looked worried as Simon finished up with Kaley and moved over to her bed next. Then she groaned with dread and nervousness when he began tying her big toes together. After he was done, Simon looked and admired Alison’s breathtaking, size 7 feet. She had purple polish on her perfectly-shaped toes. They tapered perfectly down from her bound big toes to her adorable pinky toes. Alison’s arches looked lovely and wrinkled cutely when she scrunched them down. Her heels and the pads below her toes were pinkish and perfectly smooth.

    Alison tried wiggling her feet, but they were totally restricted now. Her soft peds were easy targets. Simon began with his fingers to start. Her rested his fingers on Alison’s heels and started wiggling lightly as he crept upward. Alison’s feet jolted and then fidgeted about as his fingers swiped across her soles. Soon, her mouth hung open with frantic belly laughter. Alison hated feeling his fingers scurrying across the bottoms of her bare feet.

    Simon scratched around Alison’s blemish-free heels. He admired how smooth she kept them. Alison cackled and giggled like a wimp as Simon crawled his wiggling fingers up the outer edges of her tender soles. She wagged her feet back and forth, in unison because of the string binding her big toes together. Once Simon worked his way up to her pinky toes, he shifted his hands over to the silky pads below her toes. Alison kicked her legs and gritted her teeth as she struggled to handle the tickle attack. Then Simon slid his fingertips down to her delightfully soft arches. Alison squealed and arched her back. She yelled and laughed desperately. His fingers stroked along the arches of her trembling, kicking soles as she begged for him to stop.

    But Simon didn’t stop. He continued working his fingers over her deathly-ticklish arches and listened to her scream. Laughter poured out of her as she tried to kick and move her feet about. Alison REALLY wished Simon hadn’t tied her toes together. It felt so much more restrictive.

    When Simon finally did let the exhausted Alison have a short break, all she could think about was what he might do next. Alison just about cried when Kat came over holding two small feathers and said, “Time for your nipples, sweetheart.”

    Alison began aggressively protesting the thought of having her breasts tickled again, but there was little she could do to stop Kat. The dominatrix began lightly wafting the feathers along the supple curvature of Alison’s perky breasts. She swirled the tips along the outside, trailed them down to the undersides, and then fluttered them up until they began encircling Alison’s raised, gumdrop nipples. Alison was giggling and tittering at first, but then collapsed into laughing as the feathers began teasing her nipples and circling her areoles.

    Meanwhile, Simon began coating Alison’s bare soles with oil. Her perfectly-shaped feet shined after he finished wiping the oil over every surface. Simon encircled her ankles with his arm and used his free hand to rapidly wiggle his fingers across her arches. Alison kept her eyes shut and kept flopping her head from one side of the pillow to the other while she laughed wildly. It absolutely drove her crazy. Alison sincerely hoped she would just pass out from the overwhelming sensations, but unfortunately she remained alert through the entire process.

    Kat put down her feathers and transitioned to her fingernails. She skittered her nails along the plump sides of Alison’s breasts before converging on her luscious, pink nipples again. Kat lightly teased the areoles as she traced them. And then Kat began to rub Alison’s raised nipples with her thumbs while she used her remaining fingers to scratch gently over her perky tits. Alison continued to laugh and squirm on the bed under Kat’s touch. She never imagined a woman’s breasts could be such a ticklish spot. And Alison still had to deal with Simon tickling her horribly ticklish feet that were now even more sensitive after being lathered in oil.


    Simon: “Why tickling? Because you’re a Hollywood actress. And that means that you’re naturally entitled, spoiled, and in dire need of a good tickling to humble you.”

    Alison threw her head back against the pillow with a piercing scream of laughter. She bucked up off the bed several times as she struggled to cope with the terrorizing tickle attack across the bottoms of her feet. Alison was going nuts. She kicked and screamed through her laughter. Simon’s brush rubbed back and forth mercilessly across her glistening soles.


    Simon ceased his tickling and waited for the depleted actress to join the ranks of humiliated celebrities. Alison weakly said, “I’m Alison Brie and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Jessica looked at Simon with a proud, defiant expression. She knew she had to keep from saying that degrading phrase. Jessica was confident she could be the first woman to defy The Celebrity Tickler. And she couldn’t wait to see the frustrated look on his face when he couldn’t get her to give in to his stupid tickle tactics.

    Jessica’s milky, size 7.5 soles were now bared. Her stunning red nail polish contrasted beautifully with her skin tone. Her creamy, pale skin was highlighted wonderfully with a pinkish hue along the pads below her toes, the outer edges of her feet next to her high arches, and her pillowy-soft heels.

    Jessica held her mouth in a bit of a snarling expression. One could sense the anger coming from her. Then she heard the familiar click of the electric flosser turning on and then the hum of the vibrating tip. Jessica lifted her head off the bed at the realization. She looked as if she wanted to bite Simon the moment he touched her.

    She waited for the moment the tool would make contact. Moments went by. Jessica’s pouty lips curled back in an enraged snarl as her head moved one way and then the other. Then she felt the nylon tip on her left foot, buzzing just under her fourth toe. Jessica’s foot pulled back a little. The tip returned and began trailing up the underside of her second toe. Jessica’s toes curled down to block the problem.

    Jessica felt the nylon tip slip between the fourth toe and pinky toe on her right foot this time. She hadn’t been expecting him to jump to her other foot, so it startled her. Jessica’s foot jolted and she pulled her foot backward. She felt it come back and begin wiggling along the base of her third toe. Jessica grunted and moved her left foot over to knock the tool away.

    As Simon continued to move the electric flosser around to various spots amongst Jessica’s toes, she continued to counter his attacks. She shifted her feet around energetically and even used them to block the foot that was being targeted at the time. Jessica was giggling a bit, but still not giving in to full on laughter yet. Simon could see she was very determined. His solution was to pause the tickling and retrieve several lengths of thin, white string. With Sadie’s help, they held Jessica’s feet still long enough to bind each individual toe and pull it back against the railing at the foot of the bed. With each toe that was lassoed and secured, Jessica felt her mobility vanish.

    They finally finished with her, leaving her soles completely immobile with all ten toes bound with lengths of string holding them back. Jessica was shouting angrily now, demanding an explanation. But the only answer she received was the touch of the electric flosser as it began sliding between each of her toes. Having no ability to curl her toes down or wiggle her feet, Jessica was forced to let out her laughter. It began modestly and continued to build until she was absolutely howling.


    Simon guided the electric flosser with precision as he buzzed every side and the undersides of Jessica’s pretty toes. The redheaded actress screamed and shook on the bed defiantly; however, she was stuck in this tickle hell for the time being. Jessica couldn’t stand the feeling of the vibrating nylon tip flicking up and down her lean toe stems. Or the way it caressed the rounded tip of each milky-white toe. But Jessica absolutely hated when Simon would start at the tip of one toe, buzz the flosser all the way down the side of that toe to the crevice between them, and then slowly buzz his way back up the side of the adjoining toe.

    Jessica was losing her mind at the agonizing feeling. Then Simon told her, “You acted so tough when you first got here. But all it takes is time with you celebrities. Nobody can withstand my methods forever. Not even you, sweetie.”

    Simon continued to make Jessica scream with laughter as he guided the flosser between her tootsies. “Are you ready to give up, Ms. Chastain? Or do I need to keep tickling these cute little toes of yours?” Simon questioned. He paused his tickle assault as he waited for her response. A few seconds went by. Jessica weakly nodded her head up and down, clearly struggling with the idea of submitting. Simon let her speak the humiliating phrase.

    Jessica: “Ugh! I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m Jessica Chastain and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys. There, is that what you wanted to hear?!”

    BED #6 - KESHA

    Kesha raised her head up when she noticed Simon walking over to the end of her bed, where her big, bare size 9.5’s were propped up. Kesha had meaty soles with well-defined outer ridges and remarkably high arches. Her heels and the pads below her toes were cushioned and very smooth. Kesha’s toes were long, especially her second toes. And the tips had black nail polish adorning them.

    Simon showed Kesha a bottle of oil and asked, “Should I start with oil or not?” Kesha huffed a little with annoyance. She remained quiet. Simon continued, “See now that question puts you in a bit of a tricky spot. If you say yes, you know you’re agreeing to a much more intense tickling sensation based on what you’ve seen here tonight. But if you say no, then it almost feels like you’re telling me you can’t handle it.”

    Kesha: “Or you could just go fuck yourself!”

    “Ah yes, lashing out. But you still didn’t answer my question. Tell you what…I’ll put it this way. I’ll start with the oil right away unless you have an objection,” Simon told her. He watched as her facial expression turned from determinedness to dread.

    Simon began pouring a generous amount of oil into his hands and then smearing it across the bottoms of Kesha’s soles. Kesha kicked in frustration. It was too late now to object. Simon began scribbling his fingers across her slippery soles. Kesha’s mental defense quickly gave way to a torrent of cackling laughter. She dodged her feet this way and that as she tried to avoid his fingers. But Simon fluttered them in her high arches, making the singer squeal with desperation.


    Simon continued scurrying his fingers along her soles. He made sure to dig his fingertips in along the base of Kesha’s toes. He loved feeling her curl her long toes down on top of his fingers trying to stop him. But Simon primarily focused on Kesha’s arches.

    Simon stopped tickling her and picked up his hairbrush. Kesha shot up off the bed and then flopped back against it in a fit of unbridled laughter. Simon was rubbing the brush along the shiny pads below her toes. Kesha shouted and cursed as she kicked her feet wildly.

    Simon glided his brush up and down her outer ridges and sometimes worked in a little scrubbing across her heels. Kesha continued laughing frantically. Simon began scrubbing Kesha’s high arches again. Kesha screamed so loudly she thought it might damage her singing voice. Her legs trembled and she whipped her head back and forth in a fit of hysterical laughter.


    Simon paused his tickling and waited for Kesha to catch her breath long enough to string a coherent sentence together. Finally she groaned, “I’m Kesha and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Sydney began to panic when she saw Simon approach her with an electric toothbrush. She fearfully asked, “Is that for my toes again?”

    Simon smiled as he clicked it on. He responded, “No, my dear. This is for your nipples…”

    Sydney gave a shocked expression and a slight gasp, but she didn’t have much time to contemplate her fate. Soon, Simon was rolling the buzzing head of the toothbrush around and on top of each nipple. He would alternate between the two about every fifteen seconds. Sydney squirmed on the bed trying to twist away. She turned her head to the side as embarrassing laughter escaped her lips.

    Sydney had an absolutely breathtaking pair of breasts. And her laughter got louder and more intense with each passing minute. It seemed the buzzing was making her nipples more susceptible to the tickling sensations. Simon kept exploring her smooth areoles with the swirling bristles. He buzzed them as he circled Sydney’s raised gumdrop nipples. She was absolutely sensitive there. And Simon would slowly work the vibrating tip up until it rested over the tops of her nipples, forcing her to feel it’s effects as it swirled around and around against one of the most sensitive regions of her body.

    Simon ditched the electric toothbrush and started fluttering his fingers along the luscious outer curves of Sydney’s sizable tits. He danced his fingers around the swollen sides of her melons as she laughed and squealed with embarrassment. Her jugs bounced and shook in a mesmerizing fashion as she suffered his fingertips lightly grazing her chest. Sydney began to have tears running down her cheeks as Simon tormented her bare breasts.

    When he finally clicked the buzzer off, Sydney was breathing rapidly. She had no idea her breasts could be so sensitive. But her relief was short-lived. Sydney felt oil drizzling down onto her adorable toes. It ran down between her toes and then spilled further down onto her size 6.5 soles. Sydney curled her bubbly little toes down in anticipation. Her dark red polish glistened as her feet were coated. Simon admired her exquisitely soft soles and the pinkish hue subtly defining the tips of her toes, the pads below her toes, and her heels.

    Simon rested his hairbrush against Sydney’s arches and told her, “I’ve got something I think you’ll enjoy. Well…I’ll enjoy it, I should say. You’ll hate it.” Sydney cringed and let out a worried pout.

    Simon began moving the hairbrush back and forth suddenly. Sydney let out a surprised wail and hysterical, desperate laughter followed. Her feet wiggled and dodged as fast as she could hope to move them. But her grasps for relief merely spared her a moment or two. Nothing stopped the hellish hairbrush as its bristles glided over her immaculate and tender size 6.5 soles. Sydney screamed and begged for him to stop. The feeling was nothing like she could have imagined. The oil and the utter effectiveness of the brush would surely push her into madness in no time.


    Sydney begged Simon and finally agreed to say what he wanted. As she lay there exhausted, Sydney finally uttered the words that no actress wanted to say, “I’m Sydney Sweeney and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Kylie groaned anxiously when she saw Simon approach. She crossed one foot in front of the other preemptively. Kylie’s size 8’s had well-defined outer ridges and the balls of her feet were prominent. Her heels and the pads below her toes were a rosy pink color. Kylie’s toes were painted pink. Her big toes angled inward slightly, neighboring long second toes that tapered down to her pinky toes.

    Simon came forward holding a length of thin, white string. Kylie initially gave a bit of attitude as Simon took the string and began binding her plump big toes together. But then she began whining as the string was knotted neatly around their base. Now her feet were much less mobile and she certainly couldn’t cross them to guard her soles.

    Kylie gasped when she saw Simon pull out his electric toothbrush and click it on. She was practically crying already before the toothbrush even made contact with her bare feet. Kylie whimpered and wiggled her toes as Simon set up at the edge of the bed, gripping her ankles in an armlock. The pampered brat exploded with laughter as the swirling bristles began roaming across the pads below her toes. The vibrating tip buzzed along the baby-soft skin, making Kylie scream laughter and roll from side to side on the bed helplessly.

    The bristles swirled along just below the base of all her toes, sending shivers down Kylie’s back as she imagined what it would be like when Simon began exploring the undersides of her trapped tootsies with it. And Kylie didn’t have to wait long to find out. Simon started buzzing her silky toe stems at random, always keeping her guessing about which toe would be next. Kylie shouted and begged for him to quit. Her sensitive toes couldn’t handle the agonizing tickle treatment.

    Simon discovered that Kylie especially hated when he would work the swirling bristles along the undersides and tips of her second toes. She tried curling her toes down with all her might when he did that, but Simon kept his toothbrush pressed up along their tender undersides. Kylie cackled and arched her back wildly in a crazed reaction.

    When Simon finally took the toothbrush away, Kylie rested on the bed. Her hair was an absolute mess. She panted heavily to catch her breath. Kylie thought then might be the time she would be given to give up and say the humiliating words on camera. At this point, she honestly thought she might. Kylie knew a clip of her broken down and saying those words would always exist somewhere on the internet forever if she did. But she just didn’t think she could take anymore.

    Oh how wrong she was though. Simon didn’t give her a chance to give up just yet. Instead, he began lathering her bare soles with oil. In a panic, Kylie began asking him what he was planning on doing. Simon simply held up his hairbrush, something that Kylie had gotten treated to the last time he stopped by her bed.

    Kylie: “Oh God! No! Please not that thing again!”

    Simon: “Oh yes, sweetie. And I assure you, it’s far worse when oil is applied to your feet.”

    Kylie continued to beg and pout, which was eventually interrupted when Simon began frantically scribbling his hairbrush across her oily arches and heels. Kylie shrieked and spasmed on the bed. The brush swiped mercilessly up and down her bare, unguarded feet. The bristles rubbed along her shiny heels and dug into her slippery arches while Kylie lost her mind.

    Simon used one hand to pin back several of Kylie’s toes on her right foot. He brought the brush up and began scrubbing the bristles back and forth across the glistening pad below her toes. Simon felt Kylie’s foot shaking as she busted up in shameless guffawing again. He felt her toes urgently trying to squeeze down, but he kept them pulled back. Kylie begged and sometimes demanded he stop. That only fueled Simon to continue though. He swiped the hairbrush back and forth across that area and even scrubbed down across her arch every so often. Kylie screamed and bucked up and down on the bed as mascara-filled tears rolled down her cheeks.

    Then Simon repeated the process on her left foot. As he was getting in position and starting to peel her curled toes back, Kylie used what little time she had to cuss Simon out and threaten him any way she could think of. Simon ignored her. He slowly pried back her defiant toes and then began scribbling his hairbrush back and forth across the oily pad below her toes. Kylie melted into hysterics once more. Her bitchy threats immediately changed to cackling laughter as Simon brushed her sole.


    Simon gave Kylie a rest. The disheveled brunette gulped down air as quick as she could. Her soles tingled from the bristles sliding over them so vigorously. Kylie finally managed to get the words out, “I’m Kylie Jenner…and now I’m…another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Simon took a moment to stare at Blake’s stunning soles. Her big, size 9 feet were immaculately smooth. Blake wore white polish on her long, well-defined toes that tapered down perfectly. Her tan feet were long and slender, ending in big, smooth heels. And Blake’s arches wrinkled beautifully when she scrunched her feet nervously.

    Simon pulled out a length of thin, white string as he approached. Blake groaned with annoyance and fearfully asked, “What’s that for?”

    Simon pulled the string tight between his hands and replied, “You know what this is for.” Blake had seen the same thing happen to a couple of the other women already. She quickly hid one foot behind the other and tensed her feet to resist having her toes tied together. Simon worked her feet apart and managed to secure the rope around the base of both Blake’s big toes. She grunted and wiggled but eventually Simon bound them together, leaving her with her big toes snuggly tied next to one another. Blake frantically tried to kick and squirm out of the hold, but it was clear her feet mobility was greatly restricted. She resigned herself to her fate with a pouty sigh.

    Simon began lightly trickling his fingers tips across her silky soles. Blake let out a high-pitched burst of giggles and fell into helpless laughter. His fingers fluttered around her creamy heels. Simon rubbed along the outer curves of her heels, feeling how unbelievably smooth they were. Then he crept up her soles. Blake was losing her mind as she felt his fingers climb up to where her heels and lower arches met. Simon’s fingers roamed at an excruciatingly slow pace as he traveled up her long arches. He made sure to pay equal attention to her outer ridges as well as her silky insteps. Blake’s feet trembled as she laughed hysterically.

    Blake screamed for the shortest of breaks as Simon felt all over the pads below her toes. The agonizing crawl had finally reached just below her insanely sensitive toes. Blake looked up at the ceiling with a horrified expression as she took frantic, deep breaths. Then Simon began to slowly trickle the tips of his fingers further upward. Blake clenched her toes down as hard as she physically could. A panicked squeal was heard as her face contorted into a desperate, anxious expression.

    Simon slid his fingers up under the tips of her long, curled toes. Blake whipped her head back and forth as if that would stop the onslaught. Simon heard her screaming louder and louder as he wormed his fingers up under her scrunched toes and began to massage the soft undersides of her toe stems. Blake was belly laughing as she felt herself losing more and more control. Simon was even able to peel back the toes on her right foot as she screamed, “NO!!!” He caressed her terribly ticklish toes as he felt them trying to drive back down and curl tightly. Simon loved feeling her desperation as he probed a finger between her long tootsies. Blake was laughing so hard, she knew she would lose her voice if he didn’t stop soon.

    Simon moved to her left foot and loosened up her clenched toes. Blake lost it again as he repeated the torturous technique. Simon lightly scratched his fingertips against the silky undersides of Blake’s toes while she went crazy on the bed. She cackled and squirmed, but Simon persisted in stroking her tender toe stems as she tried with all her might to curl her toes down again.

    Blake was on the verge of passing out when Simon finally stopped. She panted as she caught her breath. Between heavy breaths, Blake told him, “Please, no more. I can’t. I know what you want me to say. I’ll say it. Just please stop. I’ll tell everyone I’m another one of your victims. A tickle toy. I just can’t take anymore. Please, just stop and let me catch my breath.”

    Simon let Blake finally end her torment. She weakly looked at his camera and said, “I’m Blake Lively and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Alexandra’s big, bright eyes stared nervously at Simon as he approached her wonderful, bare size 8 feet again. Alexandra wore red polish on her pale toes. She had wide pads below her toes, completely smooth. The outer ridges of her soles were prominent as they traveled along her arches and down to her tiny heels. Alexandra had some delightfully smooth heels as well, Simon noted.

    Alexandra began to panic as Simon drizzled oil onto her bare feet. She pleaded with him, “No! Please! Please! Please! Pleeeaase!!!” But Simon didn’t care. He saturated her toes and soles with oil. Alexandra gave a pouty huff as she looked down at her slick feet.

    Simon lifted his electric toothbrush and clicked it on. Alexandra’s bright, blue eyes widened and she urgently begged him not to use that tool on her. Simon started running the swirling tip of it along the tips of Alexandra’s shiny toes. She instantly threw her head back with unrestrained laughter. Her feet wiggled about and she kicked her legs desperately. Simon kept at her. He was quite experienced at keeping a tickling tool in contact with his target. And even when Alexandra was flailing her feet wildly, he just simply moved the electric toothbrush down to her slippery soles to torment other regions. The buzzing head of the toothbrush slid along the smooth pads below her toes and then crept down along the strongly defined outer ridges of her soles. Alexandra jolted at the feeling.

    Simon gripped his fingers under Alexandra’s clenched toes and pried them back a little. Then he began guiding his electric toothbrush along the exposed, oily undersides of her trapped toes. Alexandra screamed bloody murder as she had no other choice but to feel every toe get the thorough treatment. Simon ran the tip up and down her toe stems. He especially loved buzzing along the base of her toes and feeling her trying as hard as she could to curl her toes back down.

    Alexandra: “NO! NO! NO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

    Simon: “Hmm…if I’m going to stop doing this, I’ll need to hear you tell me something.”


    Simon turned off the electric flosser. Alexandra was finally was given the chance to utter the phrase, “I’m Alexandra Daddario and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


    Simon stepped in front of Nicki. The eccentric rap star tried to look intimidating as she glared at him. But having her bare, size 6 soles hanging off the edge of the bed seemed to undermine her efforts. Nicki’s feet were petite with velvety, wrinkled arches. Her heels were immaculately smooth. Nicki’s toes were short and capped with white toenail polish. Her big toes seemed slightly larger and more plump than the rest.

    Simon: “I like your big toes. I’d love to see what they would look like all tied up with some string. That way you won’t be able to move your feet hardly at all when I give them my special brush and oil treatment.”

    Nicki shook hopelessly against her wrappings. Her huge, ebony breasts swayed as she wiggled. Nicki yelled down at Simon, “You’re not going to touch my fucking toes! Get me out of this shit right now! I’m Nicki Minaj! You’re out of your fucking mind if you think you can do this to me!”

    Simon walked toward her holding a length of string. He asked, “Are you sure about that? Because I don’t think you have a choice. Even Queens of Rap get their feet tickled by me. Now let’s get those cute little toes of yours tied.”

    What followed was a barrage of profanity-laden insults the likes of which Simon had never heard. But it didn’t matter for Nicki. Simon tied a firm knot around her big toes, making any attempt to cross or hide her feet basically impossible. Nicki glared at Simon as he brought over the bottle of oil and began to drizzle it down her smooth little soles. He rested his hairbrush against her heels. Nicki didn’t say anything while she tried her hardest to look intimidating.

    Simon began with slow, tight circles around her heels. The bristles glided smoothly across the meaty pads, but Nicki did not give in. She kept it together, even huffing like she was annoyed. Simon kept moving the brush in circles and roaming ever higher on her soles. Nicki felt it sliding over her tender, wrinkled arches. Her feet jolted a little and a smirk formed at the corner of her mouth.

    The brush rubbed swiftly around her bare, glistening soles. Nicki turned her head to hide a smile. Simon kept it up. He made sure to visit her insteps. Nicki began to giggle and hiss as he did. Simon noticed her squirming around a bunch and kept it up. He began frantically rubbing the bristles up and down her soles and especially targeted her insteps. Simon moved the brush higher from time to time. He made sure to rub along the glistening pads below her toes and circled it around on the balls of her feet. Nicki blurted out all the laughter she had been trying to hold back.


    Simon continued as if he couldn’t hear her yelling. He scrubbed all over her shiny foot bottoms, making the sassy rap goddess erupt with embarrassing laughter. Nicki tried to wiggle and shake her feet, but she couldn’t move them in any real way with her toes tied. She bucked up and down on the bed and shouted. That’s about all Nicki could do as she felt Simon rubbing his brush up and down her soles. The oil made the tickling so much more unbearable for her. The bristles effortlessly rolled across her meaty soles and forced her to blurt out hysterics like a mad woman.

    Simon maneuvered his hairbrush so that the bristles were scrubbing along Nicki’s highly sensitive, wrinkly insteps. She couldn’t stand that and thrashed on the bed defiantly. Nicki’s enormous jugs swayed and jiggled as she flung herself about in total hysteria. Her feet twitched and her legs kicked, but nothing came close to impeding the constant scrubbing from Simon’s torturous brush. Nicki’s mouth was wide open with frantic belly laughter. Her head shook from side to side as she screamed. Until she caught her breath to speak again, it was all Nicki could do to convey she wanted the tickling to stop.

    Simon: “It looks like you’re wanting me to stop? Am I picking up on that? Is that what the head shaking means?”

    Again, Nicki was too overwhelmed to be able to speak through her chaotic laughter. She continued writhing and screaming but managed to nod her head up and down quickly. Simon finally let up and let her speak.

    Nicki: “I’m Nicki Minaj…and now I’m…another one of Simon’s…tickle toys. Ugh.”

    BED #12 - ZENDAYA

    Simon came to the last bed. Zendaya seemed surprisingly calm for having witnessed eleven other fellow celebrities break down before her. She cooly told Simon, “Don’t plan on me begging.”

    Simon cocked his head and smiled at her defiance. He replied, “You know, I sincerely hope you’re the hardest to break. I’ve done this so much that it’s a real treat when I have to work at it.“

    He kneeled in front of her bare soles. They were size 10, rather large and substantial for a woman of her lean build. Zendaya had light pink polish adorning the tips of her tan toes. Her light brown skin was silky smooth as Simon eyed her meaty, wrinkled soles. Zendaya had shallow arches that were slightly paler around her insteps, broad heels, and long toes with especially long second toes.

    Simon encircled her ankles and poised his fingers along her arches. Zendaya let out a calming exhale and patiently waited for him to start. Simon began wiggling his fingertips energetically along the bottoms of her soles. Her skin felt deliciously soft and warm as his fingers swiped across Zendaya’s big feet. The young, accomplished actress remained calm however. She practiced her breathing and focused on keeping still.

    Simon worked his fingers up under her toes, near the base of them. Zendaya tried to block the tickling out. She didn’t make a peep. Simon noticed her toes twitch a little, tempted to curl down. Simon probed between her long, plump toes. He felt the silky skin in the crevices between each neighboring pair. Zendaya’s feet jerked a bit, but otherwise she kept it together.

    Simon left her toes and began raking his fingertips down her soft outer arches. He circled her heels and then jumped back up to a place he knew she was weak. Simon began flurrying his fingers in Zendaya’s super tender insteps. The stoic beauty jumped suddenly and a shocked eek escaped her mouth. Zendaya quickly regained her composure, but she couldn’t keep her feet still. Her big size 10’s jerked about and wiggled around a bit as Simon flicked his fingers over her insteps.

    Simon: “Uh oh. Is everything okay? You’re not struggling, are you?”

    Zendaya: “Nope…I’m all good. Thanks.”

    Simon: “Excellent. Wouldn’t want you to give up too quickly.“

    Simon pulled the toes on Zendaya’s right foot back and proceeded to scribble his fingernails along the pad below her toes. Zendaya kept quiet but squirmed uncomfortably on the bed. The toes on her left foot curled down instinctively as she coped with the feeling. Simon moved up and began stroking along the undersides of her long toes and flicking along the base of them. That’s when Zendaya made some interesting noises of distress. She tried to curl her toes down and wiggled her foot. But Simon had it pretty much locked in place.

    He repeated the process with her left foot. Again, Zendaya let out uncomfortable grunt-like noises of annoyance as she tried to wiggle her foot free. After a few minutes, Simon released her tired foot and instead encircled both ankles in an armlock. Zendaya’s huge soles were stuck and unprotected as Simon began wildly attacking her arches and heels. His fingers stroked at a maddening pace as they scurried everywhere. Zendaya began kicking and growled angrily to conceal her pouty whines of panic. But eventually tiny giggles began to slip out among her irritated groans.

    Zendaya wiggled about on the bed as Simon continued to swipe his fingers all over her trapped feet. She bared her teeth and tried to keep quiet as he returned to her insteps. The exotic actress closed her eyes and hoped he would move his fingers somewhere else soon. But seconds seemed to take hours as he passionately wiggled his fingertips across her wrinkly inner arches.

    Simon picked up his electric toothbrush and began rubbing the vibrating head along Zendaya’s insteps. Her feet jolted at the feeling, and she couldn’t help but begin to giggle as she squirmed. Zendaya instantly knew this was going to be a big problem. She clenched her teeth together, but the giggles still found a way to escape. Her big feet were shaking as she tried to hold them still.

    Simon buzzed the head of the toothbrush up and down her insteps. He traced every wrinkle along her luscious skin. Zendaya felt as though she was coming undone. She counted the agonizing seconds in her head. How long could this last? But how long could she possibly hold out? The vibrating bristles swirled over her ticklish soles. Her mind was bombarded with shocking sensations telling her to scream laughter.

    Simon didn’t quit. He leaned in and began sucking her long, full toes in addition to buzzing her insteps. Zendaya’s eyes opened wide with surprise, but then she quickly refocused her efforts to keep from losing it. Now she not only had to deal with the electric toothbrush, but also the feeling of Simon’s mouth engulfing her toes. He fit two or three in at a time while his tongue lapped at their undersides. Zendaya cringed at the feeling.

    Simon took in both of her big toes. Zendaya tried to shift her feet apart, but his ankle hold and the fact that her big toes were trapped in his mouth made that impossible. Zendaya felt him slurping and his tongue licking over their tan undersides. Zendaya couldn’t believe this. She began to laugh. The dual stimulation was overpowering. She started slow, but quickly broke down into full belly laughter. It spilled out of her as her mental defenses gave up. Zendaya couldn’t attempt to be still any longer. She yelled at Simon as she twisted around on the bed and kicked her legs.

    Zendaya felt him pull away, but that didn’t put her at ease. She craned her head up and saw him coming back with a hairbrush and a bottle of oil. Zendaya gave a pitiful groan and laid her head back down on the bed. She tried to focus herself once again, hoping by some miracle she could endure what was about to happen. But she had her doubts as she felt Simon coating her large soles with oil.

    Zendaya’s shiny feet were encircled with an armlock again. Simon rested the bristles against her sizable soles and then began scrubbing his brush up and down her big, bare feet. Laughter erupted out of her as she felt the brush gliding firmly across the bottoms of her feet. She shouted and laughed heartily while Simon forced her to endure his maddening method. Zendaya hated when the brush rubbed back and forth across her glistening, rounded heels. Or when it roamed just below her toes. But she especially hated that the brush was able to tickle both of her instep areas at once. Zendaya screamed laughter like a wimp when Simon targeted her there.


    Simon took his brush away and let Zendaya utter the humiliating words. She looked at the camera and shamefully said, “I’m Zendaya and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”

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    Fantastic work!!! I love the series! Can we ask for any celebs in particular or is the whole series all mapped out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by blargblarg View Post
    Fantastic work!!! I love the series! Can we ask for any celebs in particular or is the whole series all mapped out?
    At this point, it’s pretty well mapped out. But send me a PM with who you’re thinking about and I’ll at least consider the idea.

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    Keep up the great work! More please.

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    This is one of my favorites in your series so far!

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    Excellent! Welcome back, bud!
    "Best to take the moment present as a present for the moment."
    -Stephen Sondheim

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    I know this chapter takes 3-5 business days to read. So thanks to everyone who took time to read it. And thanks for the kind words!

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    Great details for the celebs feet. Very authentic.

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    This was literally like a dream to come to life. Organizing 12 ticklee's was beyond impressive. Thank you

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    Great story! Good to see you back, and with another edition.

    I like the addition of Vince as a character - would love to see more of him.

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    Any hints as to who we can expect in the next part?

    Amazing story as always

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrestledom View Post
    Great story! Good to see you back, and with another edition.

    I like the addition of Vince as a character - would love to see more of him.
    Thanks for the comment! Vince will definitely be included in future chapters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamt View Post
    Any hints as to who we can expect in the next part?

    Amazing story as always
    Part 17 of the series will feature some former Nickelodeon stars that are captured when they come together to film a reunion television special.

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    With more hype behind it than any movie premiere in my world, this chapter..........DELIVERED!!! I'm going to have re-read this multiple times to truly absorb all of the best parts (as I do with most chapters of this series) but upon first read, this is your best one yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by netickling View Post
    With more hype behind it than any movie premiere in my world, this chapter..........DELIVERED!!! I'm going to have re-read this multiple times to truly absorb all of the best parts (as I do with most chapters of this series) but upon first read, this is your best one yet!
    Wow, thank you for the comment! It makes me happy to see people enjoying my stories!

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