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    The Deputy and The Outlaw: Retribution Part 21 (F/F) The Finale!

    Ok fans! Here we are. We have made it to the end of "Phase 3" of Deputy's Universe. What a journey it has been. There were seven individual series in this phase that all led up to this finale series, Retribution. I really hope you enjoyed this journey. I hope every single week for over a year, you were entertained by these ladies and also really liked all the tickling scenes. As you can imagine, a lot of work went into this phase. If I were to add up all the pages of this phase alone, I am well past 1500 pages. It took me a little over 10 months to write all of it, with me writing portions every single day for those 10 months, spending a number of hours each day. Heck, I even developed a little elbow tendinitis after I finished. hahaha But I wanted to put in all that effort to bring you these stories within this "Phase 3". These characters mean a lot to me, and I am actually a little emotionally attached to them. They are "real" to me and I just enjoy writing about them. I look back and think "damn, you sure wrote a lot. haha" Yes, I did. But having all of you read them and enjoy them is worth it. My goal was to create something different in the world of tickle fiction. I don't think there has been anything like this on this forum or anywhere else in terms of "tickle fiction". Thank you for your support. I know there are some of you who have followed this universe since it was first created back in 2020. You have followed the lives of these women and they appreciate it as well. We love you for it. I know there are some of you that have never commented, but have followed this series religiously. I DEFINITELY appreciate and thank all of those who ever commented on this saga. If it wasn't for all of you fans, the ones who comment and those who didn't, there is no way I would ever have put in effort like this. I would have stopped a long time ago.

    Here we are at the finale. I hope you enjoy this final chapter of "Phase 3" of this entire saga. I do recommend listening to the soundtrack songs during those moments because it sets the tone. Ok, let's get to the final chapter. As always, your feedback and comments are absolutely welcomed and desired.

    PART 21

    “Ok, here we go…..” La Diabla replied, then sat up straight. She watched as Darby slowly moved her hands down to her left boot, and she did the same. She then lifted her left leg slowly and started to tug on the boot. She felt it coming off her ankle, then her heel. She could also see Darby’s boot coming off her foot and it was going to be moments before they both had no boots on. She felt her boot come off her foot and she held it up. Her eyes looked at Darby taking off her boot and that large, socked foot was now exposed. She then saw Darby placing the boot down on the floor, and she did the same. She also noticed Darby was staring right at her and her pulse quickened. She could sense an imminent attack and she prepared herself. Once her boot got to the ground, she saw Darby move suddenly towards her. The deputy had outstretched her arms and she quickly moved to her right and slid off the bed. She barely escaped Darby’s grabbing attempt and now stood up. She then lifted her right hand in the air and wagged her right index finger. “Hahaha nice try, Darby. I saw your arms coming! Trying to get me, huh?” she smiled.

    Darby knew she missed her chance to grab the outlaw and remembered that La Diabla was a very quick person. She could see that finger wagging at her, and she had to think of an excuse. She also knew that she had to somehow get her, before La Diabla got her. “What? I was trying to hug you! I am not trying to get you, you silly girl. Don’t you want to hug me?” she asked playfully, then batted her eyes and outstretched her arms once again.

    La Diabla laughed as she heard Darby’s response. Then she saw her batting her eyes and outstretching her arms again. She took another moment to laugh as Darby was being really cute and obviously being terrible at trying to hide what she was trying to do. She shook her head and chuckled. “hehe you are the most insane woman ever. Of course, I want to hug you, but let’s be honest. You are not going to hug me. You are going to try and trap me so you can tickle me. I wasn’t born yesterday you know.” she told her, then placed her hands on her hips as she stared back at Darby.

    “Hahahaha wow, you really think I am going to trap you and tickle you? What’s the matter? Are you ticklish or something? Come on Salem, hug me. I promise it will be just a hug.” Darby told her, then squinted her eyes. She was hoping to lure the outlaw back to her, so she could try to pull off another attempt. She did plan to hug her, but then hold onto her and then pounce on top of her. “Come on, please?” she pleaded.

    La Diabla looked at the ceiling and giggled. She loved this very playful moment and thought of a plan to get on top of Darby again. She walked up to a sitting Darby and outstretched her arms. “Ok, stand up and hug me….” she told her.

    “It would be better if you sat down. We can be more comfortable. Hehe” Darby teased. She felt anxious as she knew she had to strike quickly. She saw La Diabla staring back at her, and she hoped her ruse would work.

    “How about I stand, you sit. You’re so damn tall, that we are about the same height.” La Diabla joked. She then reached forward and soon; she embraced Darby. Darby’s head was at her chest, and she felt her squeezing. She loved the hug, but she had to make her move now. She then tried to push forward so she could use her weight to pin Darby down. But she was surprised when she was swung around and ended up on her back! Darby managed to get a good grip on her and used her own leverage to get her down. She felt Darby now straddling her waist and her feet were planted on the floor. She tried to squirm, but then Darby grabbed her wrists and forcefully pulled them above her head. She was surprised at this move and hoped she would be able to get out of it. She tried to push up on her feet, but Darby was now sitting on her thighs, which kept her feet planted on the floor. She could see that look of joy on Darby’s face and as much as she loved it, she knew she was in trouble. “Darby!! You said it was just a hug!” she yelled.

    “And you got one. I was done hugging you, so I figured I would get you on the bed. You look really comfortable like that. I love you being in this position.” Darby told her. She could feel the wiggling body beneath her and looked at that face. She absolutely adored the face as it was such a beautiful sight. She could see her grunting and making facial expressions as she tried to get out from under her. She then leaned her own body down and now put her face into hers. “Hehehe what’s the matter? Trapped?” she teased.

    La Diabla saw Darby’s face in hers and heard that teasing voice. She was surprised and impressed at the same time that Darby managed to get her in this position. She was trying to take advantage of that hug by using her own weight to push forward onto the deputy, but she was faster and now she was on her back. She saw that teasing look and she playfully scowled at her. “Get off of me! You’re crushing me!” she grinned.

    “Oh am I? Well, I guess you are going to have to adapt because I got you Salem….I got you….” Darby teased as she felt great that she was in this position. She wanted to really have some fun with this woman, and she felt that thrill in her body. She then lowered her face even further and then kissed her lips. She felt a jolt of pleasure tearing through her body as she loved the feeling of those very soft lips. She started to kiss her more passionately and soon, she felt La Diabla’s tongue inside hers. This was getting to be a very intense kiss and she loved it. She could hear their lips smacking and her nipples got hard. The kiss broke and she slowly lifted her head away from those lips. She could see the look of pleasure in La Diabla’s eyes, and she shivered a little. “Wow, that was a very nice kiss…” she told her.

    La Diabla felt her arousal starting to rise after that kiss broke. She loved the feeling of Darby’s lips on hers and she wanted to keep making out with her. She started to think the best way she could get out of this predicament was to sexually tease Darby. Once she was distracted enough, she would be able to take advantage and get on top of her. “Keep kissing me… I want you…” she told her.

    Darby loved hearing those words and it really turned her on. She wanted to make out with this woman and could feel her sexual heat growing. She looked at that face and her heart swooned. She then broke out a smile and chuckled. “I love your kisses, but I think you are trying to distract me. I know what you are up to, you naughty outlaw…” she teased.

    “I am innocent, remember? You even said it. What am I up to, my sweet lady?” La Diabla smiled. She batted her eyes a few times and hoped to keep distracting Darby. Her concern was that her arms were above her head, which exposed her armpits. She was worried they were about to be targets and that would really drive her insane. She winked at her and even licked her lips. She had to get Darby to kiss her again, so she would be spared more tickling.

    “hehehe I did say that, didn’t I? You are innocent. I guess that means I have to be nice to ya, right?” Darby grinned. Her eyes looked at those arms she was holding, and even at the armpits. She could see how soft they looked, and she knew exactly how ticklish they were. She had to time it right, so she could tickle those areas. As much as she wanted to make love to this woman, she had to win their tickle fight first.

    “Yes, you have to be nice!!! I think you will be really nice if you start kissing me again.” La Diabla told her and started grinding her hips a bit. She had to sexually distract Darby, so she could figure out a way to turn the tide and then she would really tickle the deputy. She could see Darby’s eyes looking around her body and that made her really nervous. She also realized she was just in her bra and wondered if her chest would be a target as well. “Um, what are you looking at?” she asked.

    Darby grinned when she heard those words. She did want to kiss La Diabla, but she also wanted to tickle her silly. She loved how nervous her voice sounded and she leaned down and gave her a quick peck on the lips. She then felt herself getting really nervous as she had to move very quickly. If she succeeded, then the outlaw’s arms would trap her hands in those pits, and she could go to town on them. She gave her another kiss and she heard a soft moan coming from La Diabla. “See? I am kissing you again. I love these lips…..” she said in a soft voice.

    La Diabla felt tingles all throughout her body as she felt those kisses on her lips. Even though she suspected Darby was going to tickle her at any moment, she did really like those kisses. She could feel her lust growing and even felt the tingles between her legs. She then froze in shock as she felt Darby’s hands come off her wrists and plunged into her armpits. The attack she was anticipating happened and now she felt those very powerful ticklish sensations tearing through her body. “HAHAHAHAHAHA HEY!! THAT TICKLES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA DARBY STOP!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” she laughed.

    Darby laughed as she heard that hysterical laughter coming from La Diabla. She felt proud of herself for managing to get her hands into those pits and she was really going to drive her lover wild. She felt those arms closing over her hands, and she had anticipated that and wanted it to happen. She rotated her fingers into those hollows and now the outlaw started to thrash around. She could see that her eyes were closed, and her mouth was wide open. She could see those teeth in her mouth and heard such a great sounding laughter. She managed to get in control of the tickle war, and she was not going to waste this opportunity. “Hehehehe someone is REALLY ticklish, isn’t she?” she teased.

    La Diabla continued to laugh uncontrollably as she felt those fingers digging into her pits. The sensations started to overwhelm her and now she was in a ticklish panic. Darby was getting her good and she felt helpless. Darby was heavier than she was, and she could not get leverage. She tried to rock her body from side to side, but those hands remained in her pits. She opened her eyes and looked at the expression on Darby’s face. She had that look of determination in it, and that seemed to make the ticklish sensations even worse. She knew she was in deep ticklish trouble and now their little “war” was shifting to Darby’s favor. She let out her laughter and her voice got louder, and she became more desperate. She felt the overwhelming sensations and knew she was trapped.

    Darby heard the laughter getting louder and that greatly amused her. She loved the sound of it and loved the fact she was in control. She could feel that very soft skin and the reactions she was getting were priceless. The laughter got louder, so she slowed down her wriggling fingers. She had to calm her down to avoid drawing attention to their room. She grinned as she remembered how La Diabla was teasing her about her volume, and now it was time for her to tease back. “Shhhh! You are so loud, Salem! I guess you are waking up the Canadians again! Hehehe they are trying to sleep!” she playfully taunted.

    La Diabla rolled her eyes as she heard those words from Darby. She continued to laugh, but she knew her lover got her on that. She then felt the fingers pausing their tickling and she stared at the face of Darby. She could see that very large grin and she shook her head. “You want to copy me now?” she said and rolled her eyes again.

    Darby laughed when she saw La Diabla rolling her eyes. She loved how she reacted and wanted to continue to play with her. She also knew she had a really good position on her and was in control. She wiggled her fingers a little, forcing the outlaw to giggle and a smile formed on her face. She could see those beautiful eyes looking back at her and she smiled back. “What’s the matter, cute girl? You know I am right. So, how about you do those Canadians a favor and try to keep quiet?” she teased.

    “I am going to get you….oh man, I am really going to get you back for this….hehehe” La Diabla giggled as she felt the fingers wriggling, then pausing. She saw that mischievous look on Darby’s face and her mind started to race. She had to figure out a way to get out of her predicament, so she could tickle Darby back. Darby was lying on top of her, and with the weight, it made it more difficult to move around. She also had those larger hands in her pits and if she tried to move, Darby would surely try to tickle her. An idea came to her head, and she had to try it. “Hey, why don’t we make out instead? I am getting so aroused right now, I know you are. Let’s stop this little tickle war we are having and let’s make love, ok?” she offered and blew a soft kiss.

    “Oooh! I would absolutely love to make love to you. You are incredibly beautiful, Salem. But I am having a lot of fun tickling you. I still owe you from that barn a few years back. Oh, and that attack at Madam Olivia’s brothel. Remember that? Hehehe” Darby grinned. She remembered when she was tied up and tortured in those two incidents. That was before they became friends, and eventually lovers. She remembered how badly she was tortured and wanted to use that as an excuse to tickle her now.

    “What??? You already got me back! Remember that night in Santa Selena? You got me really good. You just want to be mean to me….” La Diabla replied, then stuck out her tongue. She then started to feel those fingers starting to burrow into her skin. Those ticklish tremors started to build up and her body started to tremble. She started to close her eyes as the tickling started to get stronger. She then opened her eyes again and saw Darby grinning right at her. “hehehehehe you’re mean!!!” she giggled.

    “Am I? hehehehe I am the sweetest woman ever, remember? Oh, I love that tongue of yours too…” Darby teased as she continued to rotate the tips of her fingers inside the armpits. She then paused her tickling for a second as she wanted to give La Diabla a break. She loved hearing that tired breathing and could see that glorious smile of La Diabla. The more she played with her, the more she fell for her. This was really turning out to be a special time and she was going to savor it forever. “If you really want me to stop, how about you admit you lost this tickle war, and you surrender to me. That should be easy enough.” she offered.

    La Diabla rolled her eyes again as she heard that offer. Darby was really trying to make her feel submissive and that got to her. Her own competitiveness did not want her to surrender. She knew if she did, she could make love to Darby, but then the deputy would have bragging rights over her. She had to figure out a way to turn this all around or Darby would always dominate her. She felt those fingers moving around in her armpits again and her body started to twitch and squirm. “hehehehehe stop tickling me!!! You want to me to admit defeat???” she giggled.

    “Yes, I would like that actually. Come on ticklish girl, just admit that I beat you and we can make love. Isn’t that a wonderful offer? Or, you don’t want to really make love to me?” Darby said, then put on a sad facial expression to mess with La Diabla’s mind. She wanted to laugh but she had to pretend to be sad and hopefully the outlaw would admit defeat. It would be a very sweet moment if she did because she wanted to really make love to this woman.

    “Hehehehe I have one word to say to you….” La Diabla giggled as she felt those fingers still tickling inside her armpits. She felt a strong push inside and that made her squeal for a moment, and she closed her eyes. Darby was definitely at the advantage, and if she refused to surrender, the tickling would only continue. She then felt the fingers pause and she took a deep breath. She then looked at the “sad” face of Darby and chuckled. “You look so sad….well, the one word is…….NEVER!!!” she shouted, then smiled at her.

    Darby laughed as she heard that word and saw the defiant face on La Diabla, then that smile. She really loved that smile a lot and she wanted to have some more fun with her. She then started to press her fingers into those armpits again and she drilled it in there. She heard those strong giggles, and it delighted her. She felt excitement in her body as she was really starting to get La Diabla to laugh. “You really have the cutest laugh! Hehehe Salem is SO ticklish!!! That’s right ticklish little girl, I am going to keep tickling you until you admit I am the better woman! Come on, you can say it. I am better! Haha” she laughed.

    La Diabla felt those very powerful presses into her armpits and her body was going wild. These were very strong ticklish sensations, and it was driving her absolutely crazy. What really made things more intense was that teasing talk from Darby. The beautiful deputy was having too much fun and she had to do something. As she continued to squirm, she felt her right leg come out from under Darby’s body and then her left leg. Through the powerful ticklish sensations, she realized she had an opening! She then wrapped her legs around Darby’s waist and squeezed! She felt the fingers pausing in her armpits as she heard the gasp from Darby. She reminded the deputy just how strong her legs were as she squeezed a little harder. She had no intention of applying more pressure, but enough to get Darby to pause. “Hehehehe you want to get your hands out of my armpits now? You do have to breathe eventually….” she told her with a sadistic grin.

    Darby felt those legs starting to squeeze her and she felt her wind starting to leave her body. She could feel how strong those legs really were and it made her pause her tickling. She heard La Diabla’s words and saw that look on her face. It didn’t really surprise her that she would be fighting back. She figured she had the total advantage but somehow, she figured out a way to fight back. She felt a stronger squeeze and her breathing was restricted. She knew she wasn’t going to be hurt, but it was going to force her to change positions. She pulled her arms out from the armpits and put them on La Diabla’s legs. She was trying to pry the legs loose, but the outlaw really had them cinched in. She looked at La Diabla again and tried to speak. “Baby….I can’t…..breathe….” she wheezed.

    La Diabla felt the hands leave her armpits and she knew she was finally going to get out of her predicament. She loved the feeling of dominance that was returning and now it was time to get Darby in position to tickle her again. She then heard Darby wheezing and it was time to play with her. “Something wrong? Having a little trouble breathing? Now, will you stop tickling me?” she asked.

    Darby couldn’t believe she was still being squeezed and forced into this position. She heard the question and nodded her head. “Yes….” she murmured as she tried to get the legs free.

    La Diabla released her leg vice and saw Darby falling to the bed. She laughed for a moment and then got out from under her and then sat up on the bed. Darby was now lying on her stomach on the bed, on the right side of her. She could hear her breathing heavy and saw her back and her rear end covered by the jeans. She gave the ass a gentle smack and laughed. “I’m sorry baby….I was desperate. You were tickling me really good.” she told her.

    Darby winced as she felt that smack on her ass. She was trying her best to get her wind back and groaned a little. She started to think that perhaps she should make La Diabla feel a little guilty, then perhaps pounce on her again. “You tried to kill me….” she whimpered.

    La Diabla rolled her eyes again and shook her head. She then placed her hands on the ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. She knew what Darby was trying to do and she laughed. “Stop being so melodramatic. I know you are much stronger than that. You big baby….hehehe” she chuckled.

    Darby felt the hands still on her ass and that started to turn her on. She heard La Diabla calling her a big baby and that made her smile. She wondered if she could attack her again and really start to tickle her. She also wanted to get her to lose more clothing as she wanted to really make love to her. “I am not a baby….I was gasping for air as you put your python legs around me and squeezed me. You called me mean, but you are even meaner!” she said playfully.

    “hahahaha you are so cute….” La Diabla laughed as she heard Darby’s playful whining. She then started to softly squeeze the ass and that gave her an idea. She figured it was time for them to lose more clothing and get even closer to being naked. She leaned her body down and also started to give very soft kisses on the small of the back. “Hey, how about I make it up to you by giving you a butt massage? Let me take off your jeans.” she asked.

    Darby felt her nipples pulsating as she heard that offer. She did like having her butt rubbed and she also got excited about taking off more clothes. She turned her head around to look at the outlaw and smiled. She was getting excited about where this was all headed and she wanted more. “Ok, that sounds nice. You can massage muh butt. Take muh jeans off, but you have to take yours off too.” she told her, and then blew her a kiss.

    “Hahaha ok, I will take my jeans off first. Then you will be losing yours, young lady!” La Diabla teased. She then stood up and felt nervous. She knew they were moving closer and closer to getting completely naked. She unbuttoned her black jeans and opened the fly. She then slowly pulled the jeans off her hips and let them slide down her legs. Once they fell to her ankles, she stepped out of them, one leg at a time. She noticed that she was just in her bra, underwear and socks. This excited her because she looked forward to being naked. She then got back on the bed and reached under Darby’s waist to find the button to unfasten. She noticed Darby lifting her waist up in the air so that she had easier access. She found that button and got in undone. She then placed her hands on the hem of the pants and started to tug them downwards. The jeans came off the hips and now she could see the underwear. She smiled because she saw the shape of that ass and could not wait to play with it. She then got off the bed and started to peel the jeans down the legs. Once she got to the ankles, she pulled the jeans completely off and now Darby was in her bra, underwear and socks. She loved the shape of the ass and got back on the bed to go touch it. She placed her hands on both cheeks and gave them a gentle squeeze. “Nice firm ass you have there, Deputy…” she teased.

    Darby giggled as she felt her ass cheeks starting to be squeezed. She always enjoyed when her ass was touched in such a sensual manner. She started to writhe her hips a bit as the soft squeezing of her cheeks continued. She started to relax herself, but her mind remained in high alert. She knew even though she was getting massaged, La Diabla was surely going to tickle her. She started to feel tense as she waited for the tickle attack. Her mind was confused as to whether she should just enjoy this touching on her rear end or prepare to defend herself. She decided to enjoy it for the moment. “That feels nice….” she cooed.

    “I like doing this. I could touch your ass forever….” La Diabla said with a smile. She loved how her hands were squeezing both ass cheeks. She could hear a few low moans from Darby, and she enjoyed that sound. She did want to make Darby feel really good and get her really turned on. She also started to think of a way she could take advantage of this moment and tickle her. She wondered if she should just tickle the ass itself. That would be a lot of fun because she knew how ticklish it was. She looked towards Darby’s head and would see her glancing back every once in a while. She enjoyed that because it meant that Darby was anticipating a tickling attack. She then looked towards the feet and saw those socks. That was something else she wanted to get her hands on. She wanted to get her hands on those big, soft, pink feet. But for now, she enjoyed massaging the ass cheeks. Then she thought of a way to completely disarm the deputy and set her up for a lot more fun. She paused her ass massage and gently opened Darby’s legs a little. She didn’t spread them very far, but enough to give her access to those areas between her legs. La Diabla resumed her ass massage and now she was near the crease of the ass where it connected to the hamstrings. Her thumbs moved towards the inner thighs, and she felt the hips starting to writhe. She loved that reaction and only got her nipples to start getting hard. “You like this?” she asked.

    Darby could feel the waves of pleasure starting to flow through her body as the massage felt wonderful on her rear end. Her hips started to writhe in a sensual manner and when she felt her legs get parted a little, that really got her arousal spiking. Then she let out a soft moan as she felt those hands massaging her again and the thumbs were on her inner thighs. She noticed they were close enough to her very special place and this sent her mind into a sexual tizzy. She still wondered when the tickling would begin, but this sensual pleasure was really starting to get her going. “Yeah….I like it. Where do you think your fingers are going?” she asked with a smile on her face.

    “Naughty deputy! I am just massaging you. Or do you want my fingers to touch somewhere on your body? Any suggestions?” La Diabla teased in return. She could tell her lover was getting really horny and she felt it herself. She then moved her hands directly on those creases and her thumbs were very close to the vagina. She started to do very slow rubs there and with a quick move, her thumbs grazed the panty covered mound and she felt the hips jerk around.

    “Oh, you naughty outlaw! Hehehe Um, well what you are doing is very nice. You may continue…” Darby said softly. She was really starting to enjoy the touches in that area of her body and now she wondered if the tickle war was on pause and now it was time for that sexual pleasure. She started to feel those thumbs grazing against her mound and that only got her even more wet in her pussy. She closed her eyes for a moment and absorbed the pleasure starting to rise in her body.

    “Mmmmm……I like massaging you. You truly are a sexy woman, Darby. I want to make you feel so good…” La Diabla said in a soft voice. She was starting to get caught up in the massage and wanted to keep pleasuring this woman that she loved. She could see how Darby was reacting to her touch and wanted to make it even more sensual. She lowered her head and planted a kiss right on the ass, through the underwear. She knew it wouldn’t have the same effect as a kiss on the skin, but it would send a very strong message to Darby that sexual pleasure was arriving.

    “Oooh….” Darby moaned as she felt the kiss on her ass. It sent tingles all throughout her body even though her underwear was covering her butt. She felt her nipples throbbing and this was getting her even more horny. Her body temperature started to rise a lot and she wondered if they were going to have sex soon. The tickling was a lot of fun, and it definitely got her body very responsive, but she did crave that intimate touch. Especially after being told for the first time that La Diabla was in love with her. She then started to part her legs even more, hoping for more direct contact on her most private spot.

    La Diabla felt Darby spreading her legs more and she smiled. That movement meant that her lover was getting very aroused, which only made her more excited. She figured she could tease her a bit to really get her juices flowing. She continued her massaging and then bumped her thumbs against the pussy lips hiding behind that garment. She focused her eyes on where she was touching, and she loved the fact that Darby’s body started to shiver. She then took the tip of her left index finger and stroked right along the pussy lips. That got a wonderful reaction from Darby as she felt the ass cheeks clenching. “Mmmmmm I like how you are moving your body…” she said softly.

    Darby felt that direct stroke on her pussy and she felt a wave of pleasure tear right through her body. It felt amazing and she wanted more. She then felt that finger do another stroke and she really got excited. She could feel the wetness between her legs growing and her desire to make love to the outlaw got even stronger. She also wanted to touch La Diabla’s special place. She wanted her to feel this kind of pleasure. She could not wait to play with her body as she wanted to really drive out a strong orgasm from her body. Then she felt another stroke, but this one was very light, and the fingernail grazed against the underwear. She shook her ass a little and smiled. The sensation felt amazing, but it also started to tickle. “hehehe stop that…” she giggled softly.

    La Diabla had a very large grin on her face as she heard that soft giggle. She could tell that her light stroking was now tickling Darby’s pussy and she knew her next plan of attack in their tickle war. She wanted to give Darby sexual pleasure but tickle her at the same time. She continued to stroke her nail against the underwear directly on the pussy and heard a few more soft giggles. “Hehehee you want me to stop touching you? What’s the matter, baby? This tickles?” she asked with a playful voice.

    Darby opened her eyes as she continued to giggle and now, she understood La Diabla’s plan. She was going to tickle her pussy to get her laughing, but also drive her wild. She knew she was in trouble because she loved the touch, even if it really tickled her. She started to writhe her hips again as the tickling sensations were starting to flow through her. Then she felt the finger grazing near her clit and that sent a combination of tickling and pleasure sensations in her body. “hehehe yes that tickles! But it also feels hehehehehe good.” she giggled.

    “Good! Because this pussy of yours will be mine….” La Diabla told her. She was starting to feel more in control of the situation, and she was going to win this battle after all. She then started to stroke her finger upwards, moving from the pussy area to the crack of the ass and all the way to the tailbone. She heard those giggles and felt the body starting to tremble. She really enjoyed this moment of tickling her and then she saw the legs starting to kick around. She could see the socked feet in the air, and they were wiggling around as she continued to tickle the ass crack. Her eyes imagined those socks coming off and having her way with those big feet. “I can see your feet…..Are you trying to tempt me?” she asked.

    Darby heard that question and immediately put her feet back down. She was feeling very responsive right now and if her feet were tickled, she would surely lose her mind. The tickling on her ass crack was driving her wild, even though the touch was very light. She wished that finger would move its way back down to her pussy as her sexual heat continued to increase. “Hehehehehe you keep tickling muh ass, so I couldn’t help it. How about you move your finger down?” she asked, trying to give her a hint of what she wanted to feel.

    La Diabla smiled when she heard that remark. She loved how Darby was now in a sexually vulnerable position and was obviously very horny. She knew this could be her chance to have a lot of fun as she thought about tickling those big, ticklish feet. She then started to move her finger downwards and was near Darby’s hole. She then paused at that spot and grinned. “Hey, I have an idea. How about if I take this underwear off? I am sure you would love to be exposed right now…” she offered.

    Darby gasped as she heard the offer of having her underwear removed. It sounded amazing and she really wanted to get naked. She bit her lower lip as she could still feel those ticklish tremors in her body because the finger was right by her hole. “That sounds like a good idea….” she responded.

    “I know it does! But for me to do that, how about I take off your socks first? Then I can take off your underwear.” La Diabla offered. She loved this idea because she knew it would drive Darby completely crazy. That was her goal to drive her wild and now gave her a choice that was sure to make her very horny and confused.

    Darby’s eyes popped wide open as she heard that offer. In order for her underwear to be removed, she had to lose her socks and expose her very sensitive barefeet. That gave her shivers all throughout her body as she knew her feet were going to be really ticklish, and it would drive her absolutely wild. She had to think of something else, or she was going to suffer. “Um….why do you have to take off muh socks? How about I take off muh bra instead?” she countered.

    La Diabla grinned as she heard the ticklish fear in Darby’s voice. She loved that sound and knew she was very nervous. She really wanted to get to those feet, but seeing her breasts would probably be a great idea as well. She did want to have her way with them and figured it might be time to see them. “Mmmmm….I like that idea. Let’s take off your bra then…” she said with lust in her voice.

    Darby felt a sense of relief as her feet were spared for the time being. She knew eventually there would be a battle for feet, as she wanted to get her hands on La Diabla’s feet as well. She knew the outlaw was very ticklish on her feet and tickling them would make her very vulnerable. This tickle war was going to lead to sex, but also a lot of fun. She had to be strategic in her counter attacks and now she had an idea. She then slowly rolled over onto her back and sat up. It was time to expose her chest and really get ready for a passionate sexual session. She could see La Diabla sitting up and staring at her. The outlaw was on her left hand side as she made it to the foot of the bed. She then looked at the beautiful face and started to remove her bra. She felt a little nervous, but this was something she wanted anyway. She really wanted to enjoy this moment. Once the bra got loose, she then felt the cups of it coming off her chest. Darby could see the look on La Diabla’s face, and she smiled. The outlaw looked really excited right now and that only made her happy. “You like what you see?” she asked.

    La Diabla saw Darby starting to remove her bra and she loved it. She felt her sexual excitement growing as she saw the bra starting to come off. She always did love Darby’s breasts going back to that first night in that barn. She had forcefully exposed them and had her way with them, as well when they were in Madam Olivia’s brothel. But having Darby expose them to her in this type of setting meant more to her. It was because they were sharing each other’s bodies and that made it special. She then saw the bra come off and her eyes grew wide with sexual excitement. She could see those soft rounded, B sized breasts and she felt her heart beating faster. Those mounds looked perfect to her, and she really loved the small, pink nipples. She definitely had fun with them before and now she wanted to touch them. “Yes, I love what I see. Darby, you have the most beautiful body I have ever seen.” she whispered.

    Darby smiled when she heard that response. It was the reaction she wanted and wanted to truly enjoy this moment. She dropped her bra to the floor and now all she had on her body was her underwear and her socks. This was starting to get more intense as they were so close to finally making love. Her eyes then went to La Diabla’s chest, and she could see those breasts hiding behind that bra. She wanted to see them again and play with them as well. “Hey, I can’t be the only one with muh breasts out. Can I take off your bra?” she offered.

    La Diabla smiled when she heard that suggestion and nodded her head. She was really enjoying the buildup of the moment and it was time to keep moving forward. She then leaned her body forward as Darby’s hands reached forward to start to unclasp the garment. She felt it come loose and now she could feel Darby starting to take the bra off. She looked at Darby’s eager face and truly adored it. She could see how excited she was to see her breasts and her own eyes continued to look at Darby’s naked breasts. She then felt the cups come off and then the bra came off of her. She watched as Darby tossed the garment to the ground and her chest was exposed. She smiled and then shook her chest for a moment. She wanted to make her breasts shake around and hoped it would arouse the deputy. “Mmmmm….My tits feel free!” she said with a smile.

    Darby smiled when she heard that comment and watched as those breasts were shaking. She loved the B sized breasts on her lover’s chest. They were soft rounded, and also looked firm. She really loved the small, soft brown nipples and flashbacks of playing with them in Santa Selena returned to her mind. That was such a night of passion, and it was going to happen again. She realized that they were both very close to being completely naked with each other since they both had only their underwear and socks on. She really wanted to ravish this woman and give her so much pleasure. “Salem……you’re so beautiful.” she said in a very soft voice.

    La Diabla blushed a little as she heard that compliment. It was the way it sounded that made it sound very special. She wanted to be intimate with Darby and they were another step closer. She then saw Darby’s hands moving towards her chest and loved how the deputy wanted to play with her chest. She wanted to feel those soft hands on her chest, so she stuck her chest out a little. Then the hands rested on her breasts, and she swooned. The hands were very soft, and it gave her such a sexual thrill. “Mmmmm…..Like them?” she asked.

    Darby looked at La Diabla’s face and saw that smile on her face. It made her heart melt as they were getting into a very intimate moment. Her eyes then went back down to the breasts, and she saw her hands touching and squeezing those mounds. They were firm, and the skin was very soft. She felt waves of erotic lust coursing through her very soul. She started to feel her heart racing again and her own nipples were starting to throb. She loved this moment and wanted to savor every single second. She then gasped as she felt La Diabla’s hands now touching her breasts! Those warm hands felt very good, and she started to moan softly. They were touching each other’s breasts and she leaned forward to kiss the outlaw. Her lips made contact with La Diabla’s, and the passion started to flow. She felt a streak of intense pleasure that tore right through her all the way to her toes. The kiss then broke, and she gazed into those eyes once more. “I love you, Salem….” she told her softly.

    La Diabla felt shy as she heard those words coming from Darby. She loved hearing them and it made her feel so much love inside her body. She smiled softly as she looked into Darby’s eyes. She was very excited to be in this position and now it was time for more. “I love you too, Darby. I always will…” she softly told her then leaned forward to get Darby onto her back.

    Darby started to fall backwards and then she felt those sweet lips of La Diabla on hers. The intensity of the kiss really rocked her and now she was on her back and feeling the passion of the kiss. This was becoming more and more of a romantic moment. She soon felt La Diabla on top of her and they continued to kiss. She could feel their tongues swishing and sliding against one another and she started to let herself go. This was a moment she wanted to enjoy and let her body completely loose. She loved the way she was being kissed and she curled her toes inside her socks. The passion was starting to get heavy, and she opened her legs. She felt La Diabla’s body now between her legs and she started to moan. She was in heat and wanted to build up to an orgasmic release. Then she felt the kiss break and now those lips were now kissing the side of her neck. “Oooooohhhhhhhh that feels soooooooo good.” she moaned in pleasure.

    La Diabla felt another jolt of sexual electricity going through her body as she heard that moan. She loved kissing Darby’s lips, but she also wanted to find Darby’s other hot spots. She loved kissing on her neck and the reactions she was getting really turned her on. She could feel her own breasts smashing against Darby’s and her nipples were rock hard. She also noticed Darby opened her legs and now her pelvis was on top of hers. She started to grind her hips and could hear that moan of pleasure coming from Darby’s mouth. She then resumed kissing her on her lips and put even more passion into it. Her sexual fire was roaring, and she really wanted to make love to her. She then felt Darby’s hands on her back, and she loved how soft they felt. She was really thrilled that the deputy was truly soft all over her body. She then moved her own hands and started to place them near Darby’s chest. Her thumbs were on the undersides of the mounds, and she tried to massage them. As she did that motion, she noticed Darby’s tongue stopped playing with hers and she heard a grunt. She kept trying to kiss her and knead the mounds, but then she heard a giggle and felt the air going into her mouth. She stopped her kissing and started to laugh. It appeared Darby’s breasts were ticklish at the moment, and she loved that. “You are really ticklish all over, aren’t you? Your breasts are very ticklish it seems….” she told her softly.

    Darby felt embarrassed a little as she realized her breasts were very ticklish at the moment. She wanted to keep kissing, but now that she had exposed that weakness, she was sure the tickle war was going to begin again. She looked at La Diabla and saw that mischievous look on her face. Her nerves started to go crazy as she was on her back and in a very vulnerable position. “Salem, you better not!! Come on, just kiss me dammit!” she pleaded.

    “I better not what? Hehehehe” La Diabla grinned. She still had her hands on those breasts and knew she could really drive Darby insane with simple movements of her thumbs. She thought about their earlier battles and now she could completely take advantage of the situation and win this war. She started to move her thumbs again and now Darby’s body started to shake and quiver. This greatly amused her, and she kept doing it. She loved the feeling of Darby writhing under her, and a wicked grin formed on her face. “Oh yes, someone is really ticklish, isn’t she?” she smiled.

    Darby felt those hands tickling her breasts and it really drove her wild. Her body started to squirm, and she felt those ticklish tremors all through her body. She forgot she was in a vulnerable position and now the outlaw was going to take advantage. The tickling wasn’t forceful, but it was enough to get her giggling. Her face turned red from the helpless feeling, and she looked at La Diabla’s face. She saw that sly grin on her face and knew she was having a lot of fun with her. She closed her eyes and continued to feel those hands on her mounds. She also felt the heat between her legs increasing as this tickling was a lot more sensual than the other spots. Then she opened her eyes and gasped when she felt those thumbs now flickering across her nipples. That really drove her wild and she groaned in sensual ecstasy. “Saaaaaalem……oh, muh nipples…. Muh nipples…” she groaned.

    “I love these nipples of yours. I could tickle them all night long. I think I will torture them for a while. I like how hard they are and how your body is squirming. You are just so adorable right now…” La Diabla teased as she continued to flicker her thumbs across those rock-hard nubbins. She loved looking at the sensual and ticklish agony on Darby’s face. She wanted to really drive her wild, then she would strip her naked and tickle that pussy once again.

    Darby started to writhe her hips as the nipple play continued to break her down. It was tickling her, but it also made her very wet. This was such a sexy tickling and she decided she was going to let herself go. She wanted to feel the erotic pleasure flowing through her body. She felt her nipples really throbbing and then she looked at La Diabla’s face again. She saw the face heading down to her chest, and the thumbs stopped tickling her there. Then she saw the mouth open up and she held her breath in anticipation. Then she saw the lips of La Diabla wrap around her left nipple and felt a sucking motion. That really drove her wild as she felt the sexual pleasure tearing right through her. It was such an intense feeling and she loved it. “Salem…..Oh muh goodness…that feels so damn good….ooooohhhh” she moaned.

    La Diabla heard those moans and her name being called and that got her really excited. She loved the feeling of that nipple inside her mouth and had her tongue rubbing against it. It tasted wonderful to her and those sounds Darby was making got her body heat raging. She loved this moment and then she took her lips off that nipple. She needed the other one in her mouth, and she quickly wrapped her lips around that one. She started to suckle on it and once again, heard a very loud moan coming from Darby.

    Darby’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she felt that sucking on her nipple. She felt it when her left nipple left that warm mouth and before she could do anything else, that same warm mouth wrapped around her right nipple. That sent jolt after sexual jolt in her body, and she couldn’t help but moan loudly. She closed her eyes and let the emotions start to take over. She knew this was right and she wanted to share this wonderful experience with the woman she loved.

    Becky was walking through the hallway on her way back to the room she shared with Darby. She wanted to check on Darby because she noticed she was missing from the rest of the party. She also needed a break from Kylie as the woman was still trying to seduce her. She was happy she was with Francine and Mia, but Kylie kept staring at her like a piece of meat. She made it to the room and then used her key to get inside. She opened the door and looked to see if Darby was in there. “Hey Darby, are ya in here?” she called out.

    Darby heard the door open, and she panicked!! She still had La Diabla on top of her and she was in a compromising position. She heard Becky’s voice and she panicked! “Becky!!! Leave!! I’m here but I am really busy right now!” she yelled out.

    “Oh, there ya are! I was wonderin’ if…….oh muh goodness….” Becky said as she saw La Diabla on top of Darby and they were both in their undergarments. She could see La Diabla’s underwear covered rear end, and Darby’s legs were spread wide open, and she still had her socks on. She had a horrible feeling that she had just interrupted something very personal. “I’m sorry!!! I will be leavin’ now!” she said.

    “GO!!!!” Darby yelled out as she felt completely embarrassed at the moment. She then saw the surprised look on La Diabla’s face. They were both caught together, and they were in a very vulnerable position. “Don’t tell anyone, ya hear me???!!!” she shouted.

    “I’m sorry, Darby!! I’m sorry, La Diabla!!!” Becky yelled out as she then stepped outside the room. Her face turned beet red as she just caught those two women having a very intimate moment. Her eyes also observed that clothes were on the floor, which meant they were probably going to have sex with one another. It blew her mind that Darby was having sex with La Diabla of all people. She felt so embarrassed for them and for herself. She also hoped that she wasn’t going to be fired as well. She then hurriedly left the area and knew she had to keep this quiet. “I have to keep this secret for sure! Wow, Darby is a having sex with La Diabla? Now I have seen everything…” she told herself.

    Darby’s face was beet red as she felt so embarrassed that she was caught in this very intimate moment. She had forgotten that she shared this room with Becky and should have told her to spend the night elsewhere. She also thought that the moment was ruined, and she placed her hands over her face. She did not want to look at La Diabla right now as she felt so horrified. “Salem…..I am SO sorry about that…” she said as she continued to cover her face.

    La Diabla’s adrenaline was surging as she realized that someone had walked in on them. It was such a surreal moment, and she froze in place. She had been caught making out with Darby and was kissing on her breasts when her apprentice had come into the room. There wasn’t enough time for them to react and get themselves out of a very compromising position. She was still frozen in place when she heard Becky’s voice and how the apprentice must have been so embarrassed as well. She then looked up at Darby and saw her hands covering her face. She knew that this was a very humiliating moment, and she understood the reaction. “hahahahahaha well, so much for our secret….” she quipped.

    Darby heard those words, and she slowly moved her hands down her face. She could see La Diabla smiling and laughing as she realized that they were caught. She still felt mortified, and her heart was beating out of her chest at the same time. She heard that laugh and it started to make her laugh. “Hehehe this is not funny!!! I can’t believe she walked in on us like that!” she responded.

    “I was definitely not ready for that, that is for sure. Hehehe” La Diabla giggled. She could see how Darby was very uncomfortable and embarrassed. She then got up off of her and sat next to her on the left-hand side. She placed her hand on Darby’s thigh and softly rubbed the palm of her hand against the skin. She knew their secret was not so private anymore and she thought about the entire situation. “Hey, can she keep a secret? I think we will be ok…” she told her.

    Darby slowly sat up and tried to think about what had just happened. She shook her head that they were both caught in this very sexy moment. She looked at La Diabla and saw how calm she was. She felt very warm on her face, and she started to fan herself. She looked at the outlaw again and figured they should probably talk about what just happened. “Yeah, she can. But she KNOWS!” she told her.

    “I know, but if she doesn’t say anything, we will be fine. Besides, I bet she is not the only one who thought something was going on between us. Hehehe” La Diabla told her. She knew Darby was feeling embarrassed and wanted to comfort her. She remembered that she ended up telling Cheyenne and also her mother, Isi. She figured trusted people could know, but they definitely had to control who had the knowledge.

    Darby heard La Diabla’s words, and she thought about Phoebe and Bessie. She remembered that night she had dinner with them, and Phoebe teased her about a possible relationship with the outlaw. She did know Becky was trustworthy, but it was still an embarrassing situation. “Yeah, you’re right. Muh friends probably suspect it anyway. But I just wanted to keep it private that’s all.” she responded.

    “I know, and I want to keep it a secret as well. To be honest, I did tell someone about us. I told Cheyenne. We were talking really late at night, and it just came out. But you know we can trust Cheyenne. She won’t say anything. If Becky is someone you trust, then we will be ok.” La Diabla said as she tried her best to relax Darby. She knew the deputy valued privacy and she did as well.

    “You told Cheyenne? Yeah, she is very trustworthy. I really like her. I guess Becky will be the same. I am her hero, so she won’t want to let me down. Hehehe I just wish she didn’t interrupt what we were doing. I was enjoying muhself a lot.” Darby told her. She then leaned over and gave La Diabla a kiss on her cheek.

    “Who says we have to stop? We just had a break, that’s all. Hehehe” La Diabla grinned. She felt excitement in her body because being caught seemed to drive her lust even wild. It was that thrill of the moment and now she felt her nipples throbbing. She wanted to really comfort Darby and make her forget all this happened.

    Darby felt really shy as she heard those words. She was enjoying herself and now that she had got to calm down a little, she did want to have some fun with La Diabla. She looked down and saw the socked feet of the outlaw. She knew it was time to get fully naked soon, and she figured perhaps she could play with her feet. She also had to get some revenge and try to win the tickle war between them. “Hey, let me take off your socks. I think it is time for us to lose more clothing, and I will give you a nice foot massage….” she told her.

    La Diabla noticed Darby looking at her feet and she curled her toes reflexively. She had a feeling about what Darby was thinking and she had to avoid her feet from being tickled. If her feet were tickled, then she knew she would be doomed. She then looked at Darby’s larger feet and then it hit her. She remembered what happened in Santa Selena and now that moment had arrived. “Actually, instead of me losing my socks, how about I take off yours? If you recall, I won a contest between us, didn’t I? You do remember what my prize was, right?” she said with a very large grin.

    Darby froze in place as she did remember that contest back in the hotel in Santa Selena. She was the first one to orgasm back then and the wager was that the winner could tickle the loser’s feet. Her eyes went wide with ticklish fright because now her feet were going to be tickled! “Um, I remember. You know what? How about we skip the taking off the socks part, and we can go back to you kissing and sucking on muh breasts? I think that is the best thing to do right now….” she smiled back.

    La Diabla tilted her head back and closed her eyes. She started to laugh because she could hear that fear in Darby’s voice. She then put her head back down and looked over at her face. She could see that nervous ticklish face and she couldn’t help but laugh. She really wanted to go play with her feet and she knew the deputy was going to be laughing a lot. She did like the idea of playing with her breasts again, but tickling her feet was going to be really amusing. “Now Darby, you know I would love to play with those sweet tits of yours, and we will get back to it. But a deal is a deal. You lost and now I collect my prize. Those massive feet of yours. So…..I want you to go to the top of the bed and lean against the headboard. Stick your feet forward and I will have my way with them. Come on. Chop chop!” she teased.

    Darby lowered her head in exasperation as the moment had arrived. This was something she feared ever since she lost that contest. When she lost the contest, her body felt incredible as she had a massive orgasm, but the consequences were now upon her. She knew she was going to be laughing a lot and felt extremely nervous. She did know she was a woman of honor and she had to live up to her end of the deal, even if it was going to torture her a lot. “Ok….I will do it. Can I ask one favor?” she asked.

    “What’s that, my love?” La Diabla responded. She could see the defeated look on Darby’s face, and she felt really excited. She always loved playing with Darby’s feet and this moment was going to be very special.

    “Please be gentle with muh feet. I love you, Salem.” Darby told her. She was hoping that by expressing her love for her, the tickling wouldn’t be so horrible. She knew exactly how talented La Diabla was when it came to tickling feet. She had suffered from her tickling on multiple occasions, and it always drove her wild. She made it to the top of the bed and then sat down. She leaned her back against the headboard and her legs were sticking straight out. She looked at her feet resting on the bed and nervously wiggled them. She could see her socks and prayed that they would remain on. It was a long shot, but she had to have some hope.

    “Awww….someone is nervous about her feet. Hehehehe” La Diabla teased as she saw Darby now sitting at the head of the bed. She looked on with great anticipation as she saw the legs sticking straight out and those large, socked feet were right in front of her as she stayed at the foot of the bed. She could see how they were wiggling nervously, and she felt her own nerves starting to react. She adored Darby’s soft feet, and this was going to be a lot of fun. “Aren’t I always gentle with your feet? Hehehe” she joked.

    Darby sighed as she knew she was really about to get tickled. She remembered how much fun La Diabla had with her feet, and she just prayed this one wouldn’t be so bad. She saw La Diabla now on her knees at the foot of the bed and she was hovering over her socked feet. She took a deep breath and hoped she would be ok. “To be honest, you haven’t but I believe you will now. Why? Because you love me and surely you don’t want to see me screaming in agony as you tickle muh feet.” she responded and grinned.

    “Awwww……I will take really good care of your feet. Well, my fingers will.” La Diabla teased. She then reached her hands forward and touched the top of the left sock. She started to get really excited as she started to peel that sock down the leg. She could see the pale skin of the leg and then she saw the top of the ankle. This was getting more exciting, and she figured she would drive Darby crazy and tease her mind. She then slowly pulled the sock off the ankle and then the heel. She gasped as she saw the deep pink skin on the heel, and she got really hyped up. She really loved Darby’s feet and was going to enjoy each and every second of this moment. She then started to slide the sock up the foot and more of that deep pink skin appeared. She could see the ach being exposed and then the ball of the foot. She loved how thick the foot was and she already knew how soft that skin was. She then got the sock to the base of the toes and was mere moments from exposing them. “I really do love your feet, Darby. I mean, you have perfect soles. Beautiful, just beautiful.” she told her.

    Darby felt very nervous as her foot was getting exposed. She thought about the many times her feet were bared and everyone seemed to have the same reaction. They all seemed to marvel at her feet, and it always embarrassed her. She didn’t want to be known as the woman with big, ticklish feet, but she already gained that reputation amongst a few of the women, including criminals. She remembered how almost everyone she knew got a hold of her feet and tickled her. There were a few that did not, such as Cheyenne and her new friend Mia, but it seemed like everyone else did. Her eyes then looked at the top of her foot and saw the pale skin. She saw her sock bunched at her toes and she braced herself. Darby knew everyone loved this moment, when the sock would come off her toes and then they would marvel at it. Then it happened! The sock came off her toes and now her left foot was exposed. Even though she was with someone she loved, it was still a nerve-wracking moment. She wiggled her toes and awaited the response from La Diabla. “Muh foot….” she whispered.

    La Diabla tossed the empty sock over her shoulder, and she gazed at the bottom of Darby’s left foot. It looked amazing and she felt her mouth watering. The skin looked so soft and tender. The sole was very thick, and those toes were medium sized and thick as well. It was as though Darby’s foot was a very soft pillow and looked so comfortable. She then looked up and saw how nervous Darby was. That made her smile as she knew these feet were horrifically ticklish. She also wanted to soothe Darby and let her know this would not be torture, but she would still get tickled. “I swear….your feet are perfect. I know you may hear that all the time, but it is the truth. You truly have the best feet I have ever seen on a woman, and I have seen MANY pairs of feet. Hehehehehe Now, let’s get this other sock off.” she teased.

    Darby did like hearing how pretty her feet were from La Diabla as this was someone she was about to be intimate with. She was also used to the reactions from other women but was still very nervous. She felt her right sock starting to get pulled down her leg and then it came off her ankle. She gasped as she felt her right heel being exposed. It was about to be a matter of time before she was completely barefoot. She started to think about that contest again and wished her body wasn’t so responsive and orgasmed so hard. She started to think that perhaps she had to win some other contest, so she could play with La Diabla’s feet. She did get that chance when they were in Santa Selena, and it was a lot of fun. She knew just how ticklish she was and wished she was tickling her feet now. She then felt another wave of fear crashing through her body as her arch was exposed. She gulped and then looked at her lover’s face. “You are really enjoying this, aren’t you?” she asked.

    “You can tell? Hehehehe Yes, yes I am!” La Diabla shot back as she continued to peel that sock off the right foot. She saw that deep pink skin and was falling in love with it. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on that tender skin and make her laugh her pretty head off. The sock came off the ball of the foot and it looked so tempting. She felt herself getting impatient as she just had to play with those feet. She then took the tip of the sock at the toes and then with a quick flick of her wrist, she pulled the sock off and exposed the toes on the right foot. Now both feet were naked, and they were finally going to be hers. “Well, would you look at that! Look at those perfect feet! Oooooooh!!! This is going to be soooooo much fun!” she said in a teasing voice.

    Darby looked at her naked feet and her head then hung down. She could already feel the ticklish tremors in her body, and she wasn’t even touched just yet. She tried to calm her nerves, but with feet as ticklish as hers, she couldn’t help but feel fear. She looked at La Diabla again and figured she would at least try to throw her off a little. “Now that muh feet are exposed, how about you take your socks off? I mean, we are both losing our clothes together. That way, we are on the same level.” she asked.

    La Diabla chuckled at Darby’s suggestion as she was trying to get her feet exposed. It was a good point that they were both simultaneously removing the same clothes, but Darby was barefoot right now, and she still had her own socks on. They were very close to having sex, so she figured she might as well take them off. She then reached behind her since she was on her knees and pulled the socks off her heels. She then peeled each sock off and she felt it come of the toes on her left foot, then on her right. She dropped the socks on the floor and now she and Darby only had their underwear on. “Ok, I am barefoot now.” she told her.

    “Can I see your feet? You are looking at mine, I want to see yours.” Darby asked. She wanted to stall the tickling of her feet as long as possible. She also wanted to see the outlaw’s feet as she did like them when she got to play with them in Santa Selena.

    “Hehehe you are so adorable. You want to see my feet? We are supposed to focus on yours right now.” La Diabla told her. She wanted to wrap her hands around those big soft feet and Darby was doing her best to stall her.

    “I really want to see them. I mean, you are about to tickle my feet and drive me out of muh mind. I think it is fair that I get to see yours since you are drooling over muh feet.” Darby told her. She needed to do something, and she started to think she could just grab the ankles of La Diabla and turn this all around. She did agree to have her feet tickled, but there wasn’t anything said that she couldn’t tickle back. “Please? You say muh feet are so pretty, and I know yours are too.” she told her.

    La Diabla shook her head slowly as she saw Darby desperately trying to see her feet. She had a hunch the deputy might be trying to set up a trap and perhaps tickle her feet. She then had an idea and wanted to put Darby on the spot. “How about this? After I have had my fun with these big feet of yours, you can massage mine afterwards. DO NOT TICKLE them but massage them. Deal?” she offered.

    Darby knew she had to accept that idea, even though she knew her feet were about to suffer. It would still give her a chance to get her hands on the outlaw’s feet once they were done, so she decided to accept that offer. “Ok…Ya got a deal. After you tickle muh feet, I will play with yours.” she replied.

    “hehehe good! Now, onto your feet. These precious pink feet!” La Diabla said as she clapped her hands a little. She was getting more excited as she saw those meaty toes wiggling in fear. She wondered where she should start tickling. She also started to think how Darby would definitely moving around, so it was time to expose the soles and have them at her complete mercy. She needed to get Darby on her belly, that way the soles would be facing up. “Hey, lay on your tummy. I want to see your soles perfectly.” she instructed.

    Darby groaned a little as she knew being on her stomach would force the bottoms of her feet to face up and be completely vulnerable again. She saw that smile on La Diabla’s face and knew this meant a lot to her. She was having a great time with her, and this would be a further interaction between them that will continue to build their bond. She then shifted her body, and she rolled over onto her belly. She then stretched her body out, with her feet at the edge of the bed. She rested her head on the pillow and prepared herself for a tickling she could possibly never forget. She then got nervous when she felt La Diabla sitting on her calves. That made the tops of her feet press on top of the bed and her soles were completely vulnerable. She turned her body around and could see that naked back with that long black hair draping down it. She also noticed that the feet of her lover were near her waist. She could see the soles and she smiled. Her hands were in range that she could tickle those soles. She couldn’t see them completely because of how she was lying, but she could see how the soles were shaped and that very high arch. Darby remembered that was a very ticklish spot for La Diabla and depending on how badly her feet were tickled, she would definitely try to torture those arches back. “Ok….please Salem, please be gentle.” she pleaded.

    La Diabla sat down on those calves, and she had a clear view of the bottoms of Darby’s size 11 feet. She rubbed her hands together as her eyes looked up and down the soles. She could see those thick toes, that fleshy ball of the foot, the delicate arch and those tender heels. She then placed the palms of her hands on each foot and felt a thrill in her body. She loved how soft that skin was and how warm it was. She shivered a little as her excitement was hitting high levels. “Your feet are SO soft! This is going to be a lot of fun! Ready?” she asked.

    Darby gulped as she was asked if she was ready. She would never be ready to have her feet tickled, and feeling those hands on her soles already made her jumpy. She knew that at any moment, she was going to explode in laughter. She then pressed her face into the pillow and braced herself for what was sure to drive her absolutely insane.

    La Diabla turned around and saw Darby pressing her face into the pillow and she loved it. It meant her lover was going to scream and not wake everyone in the hotel up. She then lightly pitter pattered her fingers down the length of the soles. She started at the base of the toes and made her way over the ball of the foot, then into the arch and finally off the heels. She almost exploded in excitement as this was the first time she had got to play with these feet since that night in Santa Selena. She loved how her fingers would sink into the flesh. She saw the toes curling and could already feel the feet twitching. She then did the same pattern with her fingers lightly pitter pattering down the soles, and she started to feel the legs squirming under her. That made her laugh to herself as these feet were very responsive to her touch. It did feel good to know this woman did not lose any sensitivity in her feet. When her fingers went into the arch, she could have sworn she heard a muffled laugh. “You doing ok there, Darby? Does it…….tickle?” she teased.

    Darby felt those fingers tapping along the bottoms of her feet and the ticklish tremors were already rocking her body. Her feet were her definite weakness and now she had to simply endure it. This was part of a wager she lost, and she had to honor it. She curled her toes as tight as she could, but when those fingers made it to her arches again, she let out a scream of laughter into the pillow. It really tickled her and after Thalia had tortured her feet, they were extra sensitive. She started to rock her body a little as she did her best to endure the maddening tickling on her feet. Then she groaned loudly into her pillow as the fingers touching her insteps. She slammed her feet together to protect that spot. It was simply agonizing for her, and she had to protect herself as much as she could.

    La Diabla was very amused that the feet were slammed together as she touched those insteps. She knew Darby had to be in total ticklish agony at this point and she loved it. She knew she wasn’t going to torture the feet, but she was definitely going to give them a workout. She then let the tips of her fingers slide across the skin, moving in a winding pattern down the soles. She started at the spot right below the big toes and slowly wiggled all the way down the soles. She heard more muffled laughter, and she got even more determined to drive Darby wild. She got to the heels and did small circles on those spots. She was always impressed that even the heels were so soft and tender. She then moved right back to those arches and let her fingers linger there for a moment. “Someone has ticklish feet!” she declared.

    Darby felt those fingers continuing to touch her soles and it was driving her crazy. Her feet felt so sensitive and even with the light touches that were happening, it was driving her crazy. She started to rock her body as her face was still on the pillow. She kept laughing as the fingers moved across her skin and she wondered just how long this was going to last. A major ticklish streak went across her spine as she felt fingers near the base of her toes. That always drove her wild and then let out a ticklish squeal when the fingers went across the balls of her feet. What was really driving her wild was the fact that both of her feet were being tickled at the same time. Normally, only one foot would be tickled and even though that would drive her wild, having both tickled at the same time was much worse. She then arched her back as the fingers once again invaded her arches. That was the weak spot in her soles, and she let out a very loud ticklish squeal. “EEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE THAT’S MUH ARCHES HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” she laughed.

    La Diabla laughed as she heard that reaction. She was delighted that her soft touches were still driving her lover wild and just wanted to keep touching these very soft feet. The skin felt wonderful on the pads of her fingers and when she touched the arches, she loved the reactions she was getting. She was really tempted to use her nails to really torment the deputy, but she wanted this to be a softer touch. She didn’t want to torture her. She then let her fingers linger in the arch and just tapped all around it. She started at the insteps then went to the top of the arch, then moved to the edge where the arch connected to the outer edge of the sole and then to the bottom of the arch. Then she slowly “walked” her fingers right through the center of the arch and she heard some shrill laughter again. That made her laugh pretty hard, and she paused her tickling. “Darby!!! You are too loud!! I am barely touching you! Hehe” she told her.

    Darby felt instant relief when the fingers stopped moving on the bottoms of her feet. She then laid her head on the pillow and just tried to breathe. She felt that sense of relief in her body as she tried to recover. When she heard La Diabla tell her that she was being too loud, she laughed. “Hehehehe what do you expect? Your fingers are tickling muh feet! You know how ticklish I am on muh feet.” she chuckled.

    “I know! Your feet are wonderfully ticklish, and I am having the time of my life. I should beat you in more competitions so I can just have my way with them! But you do need to quiet down a little. Your laughter is so loud! Hahaha” La Diabla laughed. She looked at the soles and saw them quivering in place. The skin looked so tender, and she just could not help but touch them.

    “Muh feet are ticklish! I can’t help it. How would you like it if I tickled your feet like that? I bet you would be laughing your pretty head off too.” Darby responded. She felt a tingle in her body as she made that threat to La Diabla’s feet. She really wanted to get her hands on them and get some measure of revenge. She really wanted to hear that ticklish laughter from her again and drive her wild.

    “Oh, I bet you would love to get your large paws on my precious feet. But this is the prize I get for making you orgasm last time, remember? So, I want you to try and breathe ok. No loud giggling! In fact, let me try something to get you to relax. Be still….” La Diabla told her. She then moved her waist down and now she leaned forward and rested her chest on the calves of Darby. Her own waist was by Darby ass and her feet were swept further back. She put her face close to those exposed soles and she licked her lips. She then put her head down and gave the right sole a soft kiss. The moment of her lips touching that soft skin really sent waves of erotic pleasure in her body. “Damn girl, your feet are so damn soft. I want to kiss them more!” she said to her as she gave the foot another kiss.

    Darby felt that kiss on her sole and a shockwave of pleasure hit her body. She could feel those soft lips of La Diabla planting kisses on that skin and she couldn’t help but feel lust. This was definitely better than getting tickled and she hoped it would continue. The kisses did tickle a little, but it was something she could easily handle. “Oooohhhh that feels oooooh good! I love your kisses.” she cooed.

    “I am glad *kiss* you like this *kiss* I love *kiss* it too. I want to kiss these *kiss* big feet of yours and *kiss* make you feel so good *kiss kiss*” La Diabla said as she continued to kiss down the sole. She started at the heel and then kissed through the arch, and off the ball of the foot. She then went to the left foot and tenderly kissed that heel and then went into the arch. When she got to the arch of the left foot, she softly licked the tip of her tongue on that skin and loved the taste. Then she felt that foot connect with her face as it gave a ticklish reaction. She started to laugh after getting kicked, as that soft skin touched her face. “Hahahahaha did you just kick me?” she laughed.

    Darby felt her foot react when she felt that tongue flickering against her arch. It tickled her a lot and she reflexively moved her foot. She did feel the sole of her foot connecting to the face and she felt embarrassed. She then heard La Diabla’s laugh and heard that question. She buried her face in her hands as she realized she did indeed kick La Diabla. “Yes… I am really sorry about that. It tickled me…” she said with shyness in her voice.

    “I just wanted to give you a thrill, but someone wants to kick me, huh? Well, back to my fingers….” La Diabla threatened. She then moved her body back into position and sat on the calves, pressing the helpless barefeet into the bed. She then tapped her fingers up and down both soles again. She could almost hear her fingers tapping the skin, but then she started to hear muffled laughter. She knew this had to be driving Darby wild and she wanted to keep it up. She moved her fingers back to the balls of the feet and went really close to the base of the toes. She knew exactly how sensitive Darby’s toes were and wanted to get her body rolling with ticklish sensations. “Yep, naughty, naughty deputy! Kicking sweet, innocent women in the face when her feet are kissed. Tsk tsk tsk. Guess she has to be tickled.” she said playfully.

    “Noooooooohehehehehehehehehehehehehe not the tickles!!! You are by muh toooooooooeeeeeeesss!! That tickles!!!” Darby roared in muffled laughter. The intensity of the tickling increased, and she curled her toes tightly. She had to protect those toes or surely, they were going to be tickled. The fingers stayed in that area, and she let out the loudest scream she could do into the pillow as the ticklish feelings only increased.

    La Diabla kept laughing as she heard the muffled laughter and how the intensity grew. She was having so much fun playing with Darby’s feet. She then moved her fingers down from the base of the toes and over the balls of the feet. She wanted to go back into those arches and send a ticklish message to Darby. Once she got to those spots, she moved her fingers really quickly and she could feel the legs under her tighten together and she heard another muffled ticklish scream. She couldn’t help but smile at the agony Darby must have been experiencing. She kept thinking back to the first time she ever tickled these perfect feet. It was in that barn right outside of Plotsville and she had Darby all tied up. When she got her boots off and those socks, she remembered being mesmerized by the sight of this pink skin. Then when she realized how ticklish they were, she thoroughly tortured those feet. She made Darby suffer more than she probably ever went through in her entire life. She also remembered the nickname she gave her afterwards and it was still true to this day. La Diabla loved calling her “tenderfoot” and even as her fingers touched the skin at this moment, it still was very true. Darby was a very ticklish woman, and her feet were perhaps the weakest spot. She wondered if she should call her “tenderfoot” again, but she figured that might be mean. This was a night of love, and she didn’t want to do anything that would make Darby sad. “Listen to the ticklish deputy! Getting her feet tickled and there is nothing she can do. Just tickle and tickle and tickle and tickle all over her sweet feet!” she teased.

    Darby felt those fingers lingering in her arch and the agony only continued. She was grateful that La Diabla’s fingernails weren’t tickling her, but this soft touch was still devastating. She wondered if she should do something like perhaps just pull her legs free. She was laughing freely, and the ticklish feelings only got more intense. Her eyes were watering up and she needed that relief. “Hahahahahahaha please Salem, I need a hahahahahahahahahha break!!!” she begged.

    La Diabla heard that desperate plea and she paused her tickling. She was happy that Darby reminded her to stop because she was really starting to get into tickling these soft feet. It was easy to get lost in tickling them as the skin was so tender and so ticklish. She then laughed a little as she heard that heavy breathing from behind her. She looked at the soles quivering and wanted to help soothe them. Darby was such a great sport, so she had to at least give her some comfort. “Poor baby! Let me make you feel better. Don’t kick me…..” she warned. She then moved her body back again and rested her naked chest on those muscular calves. She then put her head down and started to softly kiss the right sole once again. She also could not get enough of kissing this foot and loved the feeling of that skin.

    Darby felt pleasure tremors in her body as she felt those kisses. She loved it when the kisses happened, and little jolts of pleasure electricity flowed through her body. She laid her head down and tried to catch her breath. She really did appreciate La Diabla for not truly trying to torture her. Had this been Thalia, she would be screaming with no hope of escape. She then looked towards the bed and noticed La Diabla’s barefoot was near her chest and head area. The outlaw was lying down on her legs, so her feet were moved up towards her head. She stared at the left foot that was on her right side. The sole was upturned, and she saw the curve of the high arch. She really did like the look of the foot and her own tickle lust grew. Her eyes then saw the long toes and she could just reach for them and tickle them. She remembered when she got to tickle La Diabla’s feet for the very first time when they were in Santa Selena. She felt her body getting chills as the kisses continued on her foot, but now the temptation of tickling La Diabla was returning. She figured that the outlaw would resume tickling her soon, but then she would return to the foot kissing. The next time she did it and her foot was near her, she was going to attack it and get her to beg her for mercy. “That feels really good…. I love your *oooh* kisses on muh feet….” she cooed.

    La Diabla finished kissing the left foot and licked her lips. These big feet tasted delicious, and she really enjoyed kissing those sweet feet. She started to feel that tickle lust again and figured she would tickle them one more time, then go after the toes. She then moved her body back into position and wiggled her fingers in the air. She then slowly moved them towards the helpless soles and then started to lightly stroke the tips of her fingers down the length of the soles. She started at the base of the toes and then slowly moved them across the balls of the feet and were in the arches. She kept moving them and then they reached the heels. She was still amazed that these feet had no callouses and were as soft as a newborn baby’s skin. She then did a few lazy circles on the heels and then moved her fingers softly back through the arch and then off the balls of the feet. She could feel Darby squirming again and she felt herself rocking side to side. She chuckled a little because these feet were eternally ticklish. “I love how you squirm under me. Are you trying to get me horny?” she teased.

    Darby felt that light touch on her feet and she couldn’t help but giggle. No matter how her feet were touched, they were always going to be very ticklish. She felt those fingers moving down the length of her soles and she started to pound her fist on the mattress. This was such a delicious agony and she hoped he would be able to survive. She planted her face into the pillow and just laughed. The sensations were maddening, and she just laughed. She felt excited as well as she hoped that La Diabla would kiss her feet again. She wanted her feet near her and then she would try and get some revenge. “Hehehehehehehe tickles that tickles!!” she giggled.

    La Diabla laughed and then paused her tickling. She wanted to give Darby another break and now it was time to give her some pleasure again. She then scooted her body back and leaned her body forward. She wanted to lick the feet, but remembered she was kicked in the face the last time she tried that, so she decided to simply kiss them. She planted her lips on the soles and kissed the heels first. She loved the taste of this skin and was going to taste more of it shortly.

    Darby felt chills in her body again as she felt those lips on her soles. It felt absolutely amazing, and she really loved it. It was far better than being tickled and she wanted to bathe in that pleasure. Then her eyes saw that vulnerable left foot of La Diabla, and she felt her nipples throbbing. It was now time for her to get a little revenge. She got excited about what she was about to do, and she had to make sure she made the most of this opportunity. She felt another kiss on her foot and then she counted to three. Then she quickly reached for that foot and wrapped her arm around the ankle. Then she started to slide her fingers all over the sole. “Gotcha!!!” she shouted as her fingers continued to stroke away.

    La Diabla was enjoying kissing Darby’s feet when suddenly she felt something wrapped around her left ankle and then she felt fingers dancing all over her sole. She was not expecting that at all, and she froze in surprise. The ticklish sensations started to tear right through her body, and she fell to the mattress in ticklish agony. “WHAT THE HELL??? HAHAHAHAHAHAH DARBY!!! YOU’RE TICKLING ME???!!!” she shouted.

    “Yes!!! Now, let’s see how you like your feet being tickled!” Darby responded. She quickly got her legs off the bed, so that La Diabla couldn’t reach for her feet and get her back. She felt the foot trying to pull out of her grasp and she then tightened her grip. She could feel La Diabla squirming around, and she danced her fingers directly into that arch.

    La Diabla felt those fingers in her arch, and she was immediately trying to get herself free. She couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably as her arch was a very sensitive area. She was completely taken by surprise, and she tried to get her bearings. She then brough her right foot around and tried to kick Darby’s arms. Suddenly both of her ankles were being held and both of her barefeet were trapped. She started to flop around when she felt fingers going from one arch to the other. She was going spastic as the ticklish sensations took over. She tried to reach for Darby’s feet, but they were nowhere near her. Then she felt herself being rolled onto her belly and then felt all of Darby’s weight on her ankles. Her feet were dangling off the edge of the bed and Darby was sitting on her ankles. She was effectively trapped, and she quickly became desperate. “YOU ARE TICKLING HEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA MY FEET??? NOT FAIR! HAHAHAHAHA I AM SUPPOSED TO BE TICKLING YOURS!!! YOU’RE EVIL!!!” she laughed.

    Darby felt a surge of adrenaline in her body as she had La Diabla’s feet trapped under her legs and her fingers were wiggling and sliding all over those very delicate arches. She could feel her lover struggling under her legs and it brought her great joy. After having her feet delicately tickled, it felt amazing she turned the tables on the outlaw and her laughter was beautiful. She looked down at those helpless feet and saw her fingers touching that very delicate skin on the arches. She ran her fingers in a circular motion in those areas and the laughter did not cease. “Hahahahaha someone has ticklish feet! I got you! I got you!” she teased.

    La Diabla continued to feel the touches on her feet, and she was desperately trying to get free from Darby’s grip, but she couldn’t. The deputy had her weight pressed down on her ankles and her feet were helplessly trapped. She was still stunned that Darby turned the table on her after she was having her way with those pink feet. She was about to go for the toes, when suddenly she ended up in this position and now, she was squirming and laughing. She felt those powerful ticklish sensations tearing through her body and she covered her face with her hands as she just laughed. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA DARBY!!! STOP TICKLING MEEEEEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” she pleaded.

    “Let’s find all your ticklish spots, shall we? I know these arches are soooooooo ticklish, but what about this spot right here on the balls of your feet?” Darby teased as she started to stroke her fingers across both balls of the feet. The feet started to wiggle wildly, and she was greatly amused. She could hear that desperate laughter and she chuckled to herself. She started to wonder if she could get La Diabla to submit to her, which would make her the winner of the tickle war. That thought really got her excited and she continued to go after the vulnerable soles. She also knew her own feet were on the floor, so there was no way La Diabla could get to them.

    La Diabla felt herself getting weak as the tickling of her feet continued. She was doing everything she could to squirm free, but the tickling just continued on her soles. Now that Darby’s fingers were attacking the balls of her feet, she lost it. She dreaded the idea of her toes being attacked and she had to do something. Then she squealed again when she felt the fingers now tickling that spot right under her big toe on the ball of the foot. That really drove her wild and her laughter started to get more desperate. Her hands clenched the blankets on the bed as she was trying anything to get free. “DARBY!!! HAHAHAHAHA BABY PLEASE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA” she begged.

    Darby laughed when she heard the begging, and she knew it was time to try and get the outlaw to surrender to her. She then dragged her fingers down the inside edges of the feet and into the insteps. That forced La Diabla to squeal again and that really made her laugh. “Do you surrender to me? Just tell me you give up and I will stop tickling these pretty feet of yours….” she offered.

    La Diabla heard that offer and now she realized what Darby was up to. They had a tickle battle this entire time and now her lover was trying to make her give up. That made her competitive juices start to flow as she could not surrender. If she did, then Darby would probably make her agree to a future foot tickling, just like she forced Darby to when she defeated her in their contest in Santa Selena. She closed her eyes and tried to fight the sensations, but Darby’s fingers were moving all over her feet at the moment and that sent very intense ticklish sensations throughout her entire body. “HAHAHAHAHA NEVER!!! NEVER!!!” she screamed back.

    “Ok, then I get to keep tickling these feet of yours! Hehehehehe” Darby responded. She had a feeling La Diabla wouldn’t give up easily, so she was going to be able to tickle her a little longer. She wondered how long she would actually torment the feet because she didn’t really want to torture her. This was supposed to be fun, and she knew she couldn’t do this forever. In her mind, she wondered if she should just go after the toes and make her submit that way. She knew it would work, but would the outlaw get mad at her for torturing her like that? She then scrabbled the tips of her fingers up the length of the soles, going from the base of the toes, across those balls of the feet and when she got to the arch, she rotated her fingers in a rapid circular motion. That seemed to really drive her wild because she felt the legs desperately trying to get out from under her legs.

    La Diabla felt the fingers going up and down her soles and it was really driving her wild. She knew she couldn’t submit to Darby as her own pride was in her way. The tickling of her feet was driving her crazy and she had to do something. She placed her face into the mattress and just let out her laughter. Her feet were being tickled and there was nothing she could do about it. She then looked over at the pillows on the bed and that gave her an idea. She started to reach for the pillow, but she stopped suddenly as she felt fingers now going to her toes!! “NO NO NO NO!!! NOT MY TOES!!! HAAHAHAHAHA DARBY, DON’T YOU DARE!!!” she yelled.

    Darby laughed as she heard that reaction and she saw the toes scrunching to avoid touching the undersides of the toes. She knew that had to be the weakest spot and she was determined to get into that area. She then scrabbled the tips of her fingers again in the exposed arches and that opened the toes back up. She then went to the toes and started to tickle the delicate undersides. She decided against the finger lock tickling technique as that would surely torture the love of her life and she did not want that to happen. “Hahahahaha you sure do have some ticklish toes! Come on Salem, just say you give up. Tickle tickle tickle!” she teased.

    La Diabla felt those tickles on her arches and then on the undersides of the toes. That sensation was really driving her wild and she had to do something. She reached for a pillow again, and her fingers made contact with one. She then gripped the pillow and figured it was now or never. She then lifted herself up and then swung the pillow backwards and nailed Darby in the back of the head.

    Darby felt a pillow hit her on the back of the head and she lurched forward. She realized she was just hit with that pillow, and she couldn’t help but laugh. La Diabla was desperate enough to smack her with a pillow as she was getting her toes tickled. She then stopped her tickling as she felt the pillow smacking her on the back of the head again. She then got off the ankles and stood up. It was a funny sight watching La Diabla on her knees and then falling back down on the bed. She enjoyed seeing her lying on the bed and breathing heavily. She thought it was absolutely adorable that the outlaw was so desperate that she used a pillow as a weapon. She then laid down on the bed next to her on her left and she placed her hand on the naked back. She then moved her head closer to La Diabla’s and gave her a soft kiss on her left cheek, since her head was facing that way. “Hahahaha you hit me with a pillow? Hahahaha Really?” she laughed.

    La Diabla looked at Darby’s smiling face and her heart melted. She was relieved the tickling on her feet was over and she was trying to recover. She loved that kiss on her cheek, and she looked into Darby’s incredulous face. “You were tickling my feet. I had to do something meanie….” she responded, then stuck out her tongue.

    “I swear Salem, you are the most adorable woman in the world. You are way too funny. You assaulted a deputy with a pillow you know….” Darby joked. She then started to rub her hand on the back, trying to soothe La Diabla. She figured she should let her rest for a moment as she tickled her feet pretty good. She could hear her breathing and she leaned her head closer. She gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “I’m sorry for doing that. Hehehe but I love the sound of your sweet laugh. You forgive me?” she asked.

    La Diabla loved the kiss on her lips, and she smiled. She could see the look on Darby’s face, and she adored it. She just wanted to make her happy and she smiled. She then kissed Darby’s lips back and the hand on her back felt nice. “I guess so…..You had me there. Hehehe I had to do something. What are you going to do to make it up to me?” she said with a devious smile.

    “Hehehehe Oh, I need to make it up to you? After what you did to my poor feet? You’re too funny….” Darby smiled. She looked at the cute face and her lust only grew. She desired to pleasure her now and she felt the wetness between her legs. She then lifted herself up a little and then she rolled La Diabla over onto her back. She could see those breasts and that gave her great lust. She figured she would play with them a bit and hoped that would drive her wild. She placed her right hand on the left breast and started to softly squeeze it. She then lightly ran her fingers over the nipple and felt that nipple get really stiff. “Is this better?” she said with lust in her voice.

    La Diabla felt the tingles in her body, and she loved that feeling. She could feel herself getting very aroused and she stared at Darby’s face. She could tell she was feeling it too and now she was ready to make love to her. They both had tickled each other silly, now it was time to have some special times with each other. She reached her left hand over and gently squeezed Darby’s right breast. She loved the fact they were touching each other, and it was time they truly enjoyed each other. “Yes, this is much better. I want you, Darby. I want you a lot….” she cooed.

    “I want you too, Salem. I love you so much….” Darby told her. She then leaned her face into La Diabla’s and started to kiss her once again. The kiss was full of passion, and she loved the feeling of those lips on hers. She then rolled her body on top of the outlaw and now she wanted to make love to her. The wetness between her legs was a flood and she wanted this moment. She could feel how much passion the kiss was and now she started to kiss down the side of the neck. She felt La Diabla surrendering her body to her as she allowed the kissing to continue on her neck. She moved her kisses down to the chest and kissed between the breasts. She could hear the outlaw starting to purr and she loved it. “You’re so beautiful….” she whispered.

    La Diabla felt those very loving kisses on her chest, and she swooned. She was in full heat, and she loved this moment. The pleasure she was receiving was incredible and she let her body go. She wanted Darby and she wanted to make passionate love to her. She gently bit her lower lip as the kisses made it to her stomach. She could already feel her hips moving around and even felt another wave of liquid lust between her legs. “Oh Darby…..I want you so bad….” she purred.

    Darby heard that purring and that sexy voice and it drove her crazy. She wanted to pleasure this woman and send her into another world. She was at her stomach, and she loved kissing that soft skin. Her eyes looked up and she could see those breasts starting to wobble around and she knew her lover was getting even hotter for her. She then arrived at the underwear and kissed that skin right below the belly button and right above the underwear. She felt La Diabla shudder and that only got her more excited as well. She really liked that she was taking the lead in making love. When they were in Santa Selena, it was La Diabla that took the lead, and she had a tremendous orgasm. Now, she wanted to return the favor. “I am going to make you feel so good….” she said softly.

    La Diabla felt her body on sexual fire. This was such a beautiful moment and she wanted this to happen. Her nipples were very stiff and now she prepared herself to have her most private area ravished. She started to spread her legs a little further apart and hoped her pussy was next. “Take me…..take me please. I want you…. I want you so bad….” she moaned.

    Darby loved hearing those words and now she wanted to pleasure La Diabla in her most special place. She then grabbed the top of the underwear and started to pull down on them. She managed to get the underwear off the hips and now she was pulling them down. She could see that delicate skin of the groin appearing and her own arousal was sky high. She noticed the outlaw was shaven and got a very clear look at those pussy lips the more she pulled down the underwear. She also could smell her lust and that only set her own loins on fire. The underwear was now off the groin, and she slowly pulled them down the legs. She was getting more and more excited as the underwear came off the legs and she finally took them off of the feet. Now, La Diabla was completely naked. She took a moment to look at her and admire her sheer beauty. She always found her to be very attractive, even when they were enemies. But her beauty grew even more now that they were so much in love with one another. She gasped as she saw the legs spreading themselves apart, which let her know that La Diabla wanted this to happen. Darby could even see how wet she was down there. She then lowered herself down there and got a real close look at that pussy. It looked amazing and she wanted to have her way with it. She took the tip of her finger and started to lightly touch the lips. She felt the body jerk around and she smiled. She wanted to keep pleasuring her and when she did it again, she thought she heard a different reaction. It wasn’t a moan, or even a laugh. She thought she heard a wincing sound.

    La Diabla felt Darby touching her most private area and she felt some pain. She felt the finger stroke her there again and she let out a wincing sound. She felt soreness in that area and the more she was touched, the pain started to increase. “Ouch….Hey, stop touching me for a moment.” she requested.

    Darby paused her touching and watched as La Diabla slowly sat up. She could see there was a look of concern on her face, and she became worried. “Hey, are you ok? Are you hurting?” she asked.

    La Diabla reached her own right hand down there and when she touched her mound, she felt another streak of pain. She winced and then she realized what the issue was. Before she and Darby became intimate tonight, she was walking around gingerly as the aftereffects of the cream really bothered her. It seemed that during the tickling time, she didn’t feel anything, but it wasn’t as though she was walking or touching herself down there. She started to get emotional because she knew that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy sex because the pain was starting to bother her. If Darby was to touch her there, it would only cause more pain. She remembered what happened to Helga and she was sore for a very long time. She did put the itching cream inside of Helga and it really destroyed the Russian. Now, she had that same fate, and she didn’t know how long it would last. La Diabla started to feel sad because now she couldn’t enjoy this special moment with Darby. “I’m sorry…..it hurts me there. I’m sorry….” she said and placed her face into her hands.

    Darby felt her heart going out to her as she remembered the damage that was caused by that itching cream. That had to be the reason and now the woman she loved couldn’t enjoy sex this night. She then saw La Diabla shaking her head and heard some very heavy breathing. She then sat next to her and wrapped her arm around her. “Hey, it is ok. I know you are hurt from the cream. I am sorry I caused you pain.” she whispered to her.

    “I really wanted you to make love to me. Now, I can’t. I am sorry I disappointed you….” La Diabla responded. She felt terrible for the both of them because they could not have sex. She wanted to do what she did with Darby in Santa Selena and that was to rub their pussies together until they had very powerful orgasms. A sadness washed over her and now she felt her eyes watering up.

    Darby could feel the emotional pain La Diabla was feeling, and she felt bad for her. She did want to make love to the outlaw, but that damage to the outlaw’s personal private area wasn’t healed from the cream that was applied there. She also remembered that Helga was very sore in that area as La Diabla told her she put it inside the woman. She knew she would eventually heal, but at this moment, she couldn’t do much. She started to think about why it all happened, and she got sad. She thought about the sacrifice that was made and that got her emotional. She wanted to comfort her, so she continued to keep her arm around her shoulders and held her close to her. “Salem, I know you wanted to do that for me, but I understand the situation. I would absolutely love to make love to you, but I don’t want just your body. In fact, even though we won’t be able to do that to your body, I have something more important. I have your heart. I have your love and that means more to me than anything else right now.” she told her softly.

    La Diabla felt her eyes being very teary and then she heard those words. The way Darby expressed that emotion for love really got to her and she closed her eyes. She did not want to cry, even though she felt an incredible happiness at the moment. She then looked at Darby and she couldn’t help it. A tear ran down her right cheek as she was getting very emotional. “Thank you. I do really love you, Darby. I just wanted tonight to be perfect, that’s all.” she told her in a hushed voice.

    “In time your body will heal. But I can’t forget why you are even in this situation. It happened because you sacrificed yourself for me. That cream was going to be put inside me, and I would have been tortured. You put your own body on the line to save me. That is just something I can’t and never will forget. I love you, Salem. I love who you are. You are my everything. You are my blessing and in time, we will have our magical night where we both will be able to express ourselves with each other sexually. Right now, just having you in my arms and knowing that you love me is all I need.” Darby told her. She then felt her own eyes getting watery as she truly meant every word she just said. She remembered the way La Diabla literally begged Thalia to put the cream inside her in order to prevent it from being put inside her own body. She remembered those screams of agony and it really drove her emotion at this moment. She then felt a tear coming down from her right eye as she loved this moment. She could feel the love between them, and it felt amazing.

    “You are amazing. You really are. I want you, Darby Reeves. I can’t imagine life without you.” La Diabla told her, then leaned her head forward and started to kiss Darby’s lips. This kiss was very special because both women were in a very emotional and loving state. The kiss started to get more passionate, and she started to lean forward to get Darby on her back. This was a magical moment and she wanted to get more into it.

    Darby felt the passion in that kiss, and she felt tingles all over her body. This kiss was magnetic, and she wanted La Diabla more than ever. She then lay on her back and they both continued to kiss. She rubbed her hands all over her back and wanted her closer to her. She started to feel her pulse quicken and then she thought of a way for them to still have some fun with each other. She broke the kiss and looked into the loving face of the outlaw. “Hey, you can still have muh body….” she whispered.

    La Diabla heard those words and she almost started to cry again. She was so in love at the moment, and she could still have Darby’s body. She smiled and then kissed her again. She was going to let go of all of her emotions and she was going to ravish Darby’s body. She kissed her harder and her hands were touching Darby’s soft skin. The kiss then broke from the lips, and she started to kiss right down the side of the neck, close by the back of the neck where those very fine hairs were. She could feel Darby’s body quiver, and she heard her moaning. This really turned her on and even though she was not able to have her own mound sexually pleased, she could make Darby have an orgasm she would never forget. She rested on top of Darby and kept kissing those spots on her neck. She loved the way the hands were rubbing and caressing her back. They were really soft and that only turned her on more. She wanted to turn Darby’s world inside out and continued to kiss the neck and made her way to the collarbone.

    Darby felt the passion in that kiss on her lips and she felt electricity going from her head all the way to her toes. She then felt the kisses on her neck and that really drove her wild. Her neck was always a hot spot and the way La Diabla’s soft lips kissed her there really drove her wild. This was a moment they both wanted, and she completely surrendered her body. She wanted to feel all the pleasure she could have. Then she felt the kisses on her collarbone, and she felt goosebumps forming. She continued to rub her hands all over La Diabla’s back and held her close. She wanted to love this woman and give her everything in her heart. Then she moaned as the lips now moved towards her breasts. Her nipples were on fire, and she loved the attention she was now getting. “Oh Salem……” she moaned.

    La Diabla started to kiss all over both breasts. She loved how soft the skin was and she wanted her tongue to taste over these beautiful breasts. She made it to the nipples. She looked at them for a moment and could see how hard those small pink nipples were. She thought she could see them pulsating, which only turned her on more. She wrapped her lips around the stiff nipple on the left breast and started to suckle on them. She loved the feeling of that bud in her mouth, and she could hear Darby moaning in pleasure. She loved this moment, and she was going to make sure Darby experienced such great sexual pleasure. She then started to circle her tongue around the nipple, and even flickered her tongue against it. She felt Darby starting to arch her back as she was really getting into this.

    Darby felt that tongue licking, flickering and circling around her nipple. Her erotic lust had grown to tsunami proportions, and she felt amazing. The way La Diabla was using her tongue on her really drove her wild. With each flicker on her nipple, shockwave after shockwave of erotic pleasure hit her body. She continued to rub her hands all over her back and even started to grip her skin. She wanted to feel that body on hers and let herself go. She then felt the mouth leave her left nipple and she looked at La Diabla’s face. She could see that hungry look on it and that made her feel an increase in wetness between her legs. She watched in baited anticipation as she saw that beautiful mouth heading for her other nipple. When she saw those lips open up, she gasped in pleasure as in a second, she was going to have that very warm mouth sucking on her nipple.

    La Diabla could see the look in Darby’s eyes and saw her eagerly awaiting her mouth to go after the right nipple. She then stuck out her tongue and gave that vulnerable nipple a slow lick. The top of her tongue slid against the underside of that very hard nipple, and she loved the taste. She could see Darby closing her eyes and hearing her gasp sexually really got her excited. She felt her own nipples starting to throb as she truly loved this very moment. She then wrapped her lips around that nipple and started to suckle on it. She loved the taste and the feeling of it in her mouth and she ran her tongue all over it, trying to drive her lover wild.

    Darby closed her eyes as she felt that very warm and wet mouth on her right nipple. The feeling started to overwhelm her, and she felt those pleasure tingles tearing right through her body. It all felt amazing, and she had that sexual fire burning deep within her. Then she felt the mouth leave her nipples and felt soft kisses on her belly. She could still feel the wetness on both nipples as they were heavily saliva coated. The kisses on her belly felt incredible and it caused her to shiver a little. The kisses moved all around her stomach in a circle and with each one, she would quiver. Her body was very hot, and she wanted to absorb it all. She then felt a tongue sliding over her belly button which drove her wild. She had a very sensitive navel and feeling that warm tongue over it sent a lot of pleasure throughout her entire body. Her arms were now on her sides as she wanted to completely make herself vulnerable to La Diabla’s love making. She then felt the tongue swirling inside her belly button, and it felt great, but it also started to tickle her. She let out a giggle and then she covered her mouth with her hands. She didn’t want La Diabla to stop doing what she was doing, but it did tickle her.

    La Diabla paused her tongue swirling inside the navel as she heard those giggles. She loved that reaction as she was playing with a very ticklish belly button. She then gave it another lick and heard another cute giggle. She laughed to herself as Darby’s ticklishness was always present and she loved that. She then swirled her tongue in there a little more and heard the laughter increasing. She wasn’t thrashing her body, so it appeared she was allowing a little tickling to happen. She smiled as she heard those giggles continuing. “This is what you get for tickling my feet earlier….” she whispered.

    SOUNDTRACK SONG: Black Atlass "Sacrifice" https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=VubXnyQHfGY (remove space)

    Darby heard that comment and she laughed. She did get La Diabla’s feet pretty good and wondered if full revenge was about to be given. She did love the sensation and braced herself for more tickling, but then she let out a soft moan when she felt a kiss below her belly button. That very soft skin was always very sensitive for her, and it also felt amazing. The kisses continued and she felt her erotic heat going to another level. “Oh Salem…..” she moaned.

    La Diabla heard her name, and she loved it. Darby loved what she was doing to her and now she had arrived at the underwear. She felt her heart beating even faster as she was very close to the center of Darby’s womanhood. She then gripped the top of the underwear and was going to expose this woman and see her most private area. She slowly started to pull down on the underwear and they came off the hips. Her eyes got wide as she saw more of the groin being exposed and started to smell Darby’s arousal. Her heart started to beat faster in anticipation as the underwear now came off the groin area and off Darby’s ass. She saw that shaven skin, the result of Thalia’s pussy torture. She pulled the underwear down to the thighs and now she could see Darby’s very wet pussy and she gasped. “So beautiful…..” she whispered.

    Darby felt the underwear come off her pussy and she felt incredible. This was the moment they both wanted and now she was going to be completely naked. The underwear then slid down her legs and she felt it leave off of her feet and now she was completely exposed. She felt beautiful at the time and looked at La Diabla’s face. She could see that sexually hungry look on her face and that really turned her on. She then slowly opened her legs to give her complete access to the most special place on her body. She then used her hands to start rubbing her nipples. She wanted to have an orgasm and let it all out. She then saw La Diabla laying down between her legs and her head was so close to her mound. She then felt a kiss on her pussy, and she felt her body shaking. That sensation felt incredible and now she was really revved up and wanted to explode. She was with a woman she loved, and this was going to be a moment she would never forget.

    La Diabla felt her own body raging in sexual lust as she kissed that mound. She loved how Darby shivered and trembled and she kissed it again. She could taste Darby’s juices and that got her really amped up. She loved the reactions she was getting and now she was going to devour this woman. It had been a while since she performed oral sex on a woman, with the last one being the woman she was with now in Santa Selena. She then kissed down from the clit, across the pussy lips, to the bottom area where the perineum was. She then gently blew her breath against the clit and the body once again shivered. She could smell that Darby was in very high heat and now the moment had arrived. She wanted to taste all of her love honey and devour that beautiful pussy in front of her. She could see that bright pink skin of the vagina and it made her shudder. She loved all the pink places on Darby, but right now, between her legs, was the most special kind of pink. She then leaned her head forward and stuck out her tongue. She slid her tongue across the lips, moving slowly so she could savor all the juices. She could taste that honey and continued to lick all around the area. She even stuck her tongue inside the mound, trying to go as far as she could. It forced her nose into the wetness, and she loved the aroma she was smelling. This was such a blissful moment and she wanted to drive her wild.

    Darby’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt that tongue ravishing her between her legs. The way the tongue moved; it sent bolts of pleasure all throughout her nervous system. She even closed her legs a bit, as the pleasure started to really climb higher in her body. She could hear some of the suckling as she felt a pussy lip being sucked on. She loved the fact that her lover knew how to pleasure her, and she even stuck her feet into the air as her legs were still spread very wide open. She wanted to completely expose herself to La Diabla as the sensations were so overwhelming. Then she felt the tongue licking up and down her slit and felt hands gripping into her hips as though they were holding onto her. She let her feet come back down and she placed them on the small of La Diabla’s back and ass.

    La Diabla felt another surge of erotic lust when she felt Darby’s feet on her body. That soft skin felt amazing on her, and she knew Darby was breaking down sexually. She had a mouthful of the flesh and juices as she continued to nuzzle that sweet peach of Darby. She then located the clit and started to go after it. She licked it with different pressures. She would do it lightly, then flicker her tongue off of it. Then she would press her tongue hard onto it and suckle it. She could hear Darby’s moans getting louder and she wanted to make this woman lose all sense of reality and cum her brains out. She started to get aggressive with the clit licking and sucking, and even turned her head side to side in a rapid motion to increase the sensations in that region. She could hear those moans getting louder and she pressed on. She wanted Darby to have this pleasure, even if she couldn’t in that moment between her own legs. She loved Darby so much and wanted to give her the ultimate pleasure.

    Darby felt the aggressive licking and sucking on her clit, and she felt the pleasure building up. She curled her toes tightly as the intensity started to really build up. The feeling of that orgasm was started to hit a crest and her eyes were shut tight. Her mouth was wide open, and she let out some animalistic sounds of pleasure. She rubbed her nipples rapidly as the pleasure was really starting to take over her entire body. She heard La Diabla tasting away, and all these feelings were really breaking her down. She loved this woman, and this was going to be something she had to get out of her body. Then she felt those harder licks on her clit, then felt the lips wrap around her love button and now she felt it. the orgasmic tidal wave was now at its peak, and she started to call out Salem’s name as she was on the verge of an explosion. “Salem…..Salem…..SALEM….OH SALEM….OH SALEM….OH SALEM OH SALEM OH FFFFFUUUUCCKKKKKKKK” she screamed as the orgasm finally hit!

    La Diabla heard her name being called out as the voice got louder and louder. She moved her tongue even faster across that clit and could feel Darby’s body tensing up. She held onto Darby’s hips and then she felt the body shuddering in her grasp. She felt the legs tighten up around her head and then she felt Darby’s body rocking wildly. She knew she just had her orgasm and she continued to taste those juices as she felt Darby’s full release. She felt a lot of love at the moment as the woman of her heart just had a major orgasm. That gave her pride as she wanted to really drive her lover wild, and it appeared she did. She then took her head away from the mound as she now wanted to get closer to Darby’s head. She wanted to comfort her and enjoy this very special moment with her.

    Darby felt herself floating on the clouds after that massive orgasm. All her pent-up sexual energy was finally released, and she was feeling like there was nothing else in the world but her and the woman she loved. She was breathing heavily as she tried to recover. Her body was really sensitive, and she closed her eyes to savor this moment. Then she felt a body coming next to her on her left and felt an arm resting on her stomach. She then felt soft kisses on her left cheek, and she smiled. She then turned her head and saw La Diabla looking right back at her. She saw that face and loved it even more. “That was incredible….” she whispered.

    “I hope you enjoyed that. It was very special to me to make you experience that.” La Diabla whispered back. She then gave her another kiss on the cheek and rested her head right next to Darby’s. She wanted to bask in the moment and share her space and time with her.

    “Yes, it was….It will be something I never forget. Wow….you really know how to make a woman lose herself. Hehehe” Darby giggled. She loved the feeling of La Diabla’s face next to hers and they were both looking at the ceiling. She felt her body closer to hers and they started to cuddle with one another. It was such a good feeling and she wanted it to never end. She then closed her eyes as she wanted to rest.

    “I am glad you loved it. I love you, Darby. I hope this never ends.” La Diabla whispered as she then closed her eyes. She wanted to feel this glow of the moment and remember it in her mind for the rest of her life. She was with someone she truly adored and the feelings that came with it brought her a happiness she never experienced before. She knew that the next day meant they would separate once again as she couldn’t stay in Plotsville, and Darby had to resume her career. She did look forward to going back home to the Elu tribe as this adventure took a major toll physically, mentally and emotionally. It wasn’t perfect but having this moment with Darby made it all worth it. She knew going forward that their lives would never be the same again. Now it was time to rest, and they both earned a well-deserved sleep.


    Darby was putting on her clothes as she was getting ready for her departure back to Plotsville. She looked over and saw La Diabla putting on her clothes as well. Memories of their night filled her mind, and she just felt an incredible happiness. Even though they did not have a full love making session with one another, the activities they did do was still very special. The best part for her was that she woke up next to La Diabla. Seeing that face was the most incredible thing she had ever seen. She remembered when they woke up, they spent a few minutes kissing each other and talking to each other. They knew they had a very busy day ahead of them and just wanted to spend those last few moments with each other. When they finally got out of bed, they looked at each other’s naked bodies and that brought smiles to both of them. She was going to miss the outlaw, but she knew they had to separate once again. Even though Sheriff Dickerson met her and even thanked her for her contributions, she was still a wanted fugitive and could be arrested. They had to continue to live their lives in secret, but with their declaration of love for one another, they were going to make every effort to see one another. Darby even thought about visiting the Elu tribe in California. She hasn’t had a vacation in years, and she would love to see Cheyenne again. She adored the young lady and looked forward to hearing about her life. She loved getting letters from her and could tell she was having fun in school. It would also give La Diabla the chance to walk around freely with her and she didn’t have to hide. She really loved that idea and hoped it would happen, perhaps as early as the approaching summer. She then looked at La Diabla finishing putting on her boots. “I hate this part of our journey….” she told her.

    La Diabla stood up as she finished putting on her boots. She listened to Darby, and she felt a little sadness in her heart. After an incredible night where she got to express her love for Darby, she knew she had to go back to the Elu tribe as Darby had to go to Plotsville. She stared at her beautiful lover and smiled. She walked up to her and hugged her. She wanted to feel her warmth one more time before they joined their friends. “Yes, I hate this part. We have our lives to get back to, but I do want to enjoy this one last moment with you.” she said softly.

    Darby felt that hug and her heart melted. It was such a sweet and loving hug, and she loved this moment. She wished they could spend many days with one another, but reality was coming back in. She thought about when she was going to see her again, and that lifted her spirits. “Ok, well let’s go see everyone. Salem, last night was magical and I look forward to seeing you again. I know we will see one another again, and it will be special as always.” she told her, then kissed her.

    La Diabla felt her knees buckle a little as she felt that passionate kiss. She savored this moment and when the kiss broke, she smiled. She nodded her head, and she made it a point to see her again in the near future. Her heart was filled with love, and she was not going to let time and distance stop her. She then took a deep breath and then headed for the door. “Ok, let’s go. Let me go back to my room and put on my Elu tribe clothing so we can go home.” she told her.

    Darby smiled and followed La Diabla out of the room. She walked with her to her room and saw her go inside. She figured she would wait outside for a moment, and she greeted the other hotel guests as they passed by her as the minutes passed by. She liked the hotel and wondered if she would ever visit Ciudad del Reina ever again. She also thought about visiting Santa Selena again. It was a very nice town and she now had friends near those two places. She then saw the door open and La Diabla came out dressed in her Native American clothing. She knew she had to dress like that since they would be traveling back into the United States, and she had to hide her identity. She did love the way she looked in those clothes, especially with her long black hair braided into a ponytail and the headband covering her forehead. She thought she looked exceptionally beautiful like that, and she had to restrain herself from kissing her. They were in public and two women kissing would not go well for them. “You look amazing…” she told her.

    La Diabla blushed a little as she saw that smile on Darby’s face. This morning was a wonderful morning so far even though she would be leaving Darby soon. She was also nervous in the morning since the last time they made love, the following morning, Darby was shot. It was the most horrible feeling she ever had and was happy that everything was going smoothly so far. There was still some time to go, but she wanted to make sure her love was safe. “Ok, let’s go. Time to see them.” she told her.

    Darby walked down the hotel stairs next to La Diabla and got nervous. She was supposed to meet all the ladies this morning as they all prepared to go back to their homes. She made it to the bottom of the stairs, then headed into a private dining room. She was going to have some breakfast and meet with all the others. Once they finished breakfast, they were all going to board various carriages. La Diabla’s Mexican friends would go back to their home and everyone else would depart with her on the train back to Plotsville. From that train station, La Diabla would then head back to California. She then walked into the dining room and saw all the ladies in the room, seated at the long dining table. She could hear the laughter and the sounds of excited conversation. She looked around the room and saw the happy faces. She was thrilled to see everyone so happy, and they deserved to be. They had all gone through such a traumatic moment and now they could all be happy. Her eyes saw Bessie trying to smile as she talked to Phoebe. She then spotted Becky who was chowing down on some fruit and laughing next to Kylie and Francine. It was all surreal and she walked over to the table. Darby made eye contact with Becky and nodded her head. She really hoped her apprentice didn’t tell anyone what happened with her and La Diabla. “Good morning, Becky! Good morning, everyone.” she told them.

    “Good mornin’ Darby! I hope ya got some good rest! I am excited to be going back home.” Becky responded and smiled at her mentor. She had so much admiration for her at the moment and looked forward to going back home. She spotted La Diabla and remembered that she saw both of them making love the previous night. She knew she had to keep that a secret but was thrilled that she knew something. The fact that Darby would love someone else sounded amazing and she was very happy for her.

    Bella looked over and saw La Diabla heading towards the table. She saw her wearing her Native American clothing for the first time and she thought she looked perfect. She felt her heart flutter a bit as she really had feelings for the outlaw. She stood up from the table and approached her. She smiled as she saw that face and gave her a hug. “Good morning, Salem. So glad you could join us. Please, sit down and get some breakfast. Did you sleep well?” she asked.

    La Diabla smiled as she got the hug from Bella and heard those questions. Her eyes saw both Gabby and Veronica and she loved her friends from Mexico. She then looked at Bella and saw her bright smile. She knew she had to be careful not to hurt this woman’s feelings or lead her on. She knew Bella had a major crush on her, but her own heart definitely belonged to someone else. “Yes, I slept well. Thanks for asking. I hope all of you slept well too. Ready to go home?” she asked.

    “Yes!!! After everything that happened, going back to Ciudad de Serpientes sounds so relaxing. Hehehe” Veronica said with a smile.

    “No kidding! I think I had enough adventure for the time being. I want to sit back and relax! Oh, Bella invited us to stay with her for a week to recover after everything that happened. Please tell us that you will join us! We missed you!!!” Gabby offered. She really wanted to spend time with La Diabla as they all missed being around her. They spent some time together last night with her, but they wanted a longer visit where they weren’t trying to topple a Greek bounty hunting team.

    La Diabla smiled when she heard the offers. She felt a little emotional as she thought about her new friends, but she also knew she had to go back home. She sat down between Bella and Gabby and smiled. “I would love to ladies, but I have to go back to my home in California. Don’t get me wrong, I missed all of you so much, but I do need to go back. How about this? Give me a few months and I will pay you all a visit. I have missed you and I hope the circumstances will be different. I promise I will visit again.” she told them.

    “Do you really have to go back home? We would love for you to stay! You are truly our hero, and we want to have a good time with you. Please?” Veronica asked.

    “I know…All of you are amazing women and being around you really makes me happy. I do need to go back and just get myself centered again. Plus, my family there misses me too. There is someone I must see again as she is such a light in my life. This young lady is truly special. Perhaps I will bring her out here, so you can meet her too.” La Diabla told them. She thought about Cheyenne, and she did miss her. She hoped to spend some time with her as her spring break from school was coming soon and she did not want to miss her. She then turned her head as she heard someone clinking a spoon off a water glass.

    Phoebe was clinking a spoon off a water glass as she wanted to get everyone’s attention. It was time to prepare to go back home and she wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. She saw all eyes looking at her and she smiled. “Ladies, good morning and I am so excited to see all of you here. We will all be going home soon, and I just wanted to say thanks to all of you. I know this mission was very dangerous, but we all banded together, and we will all go home. No one is left behind. I want to thank Deputy Darby for her leadership and also to La Diabla. Both of them helped guide us to this victory and they deserve thanks. But I also want to thank Becky, Kylie and Veronica. Your plan to get everyone free was a stroke of genius and without your bravery, none of us would be here right now, celebrating together.” she told the group and heard some applause for the names she mentioned.

    Becky started to blush as she heard the applause and looked over at Kylie, then over towards Veronica. It was their teamwork that helped save the day and it felt great to be recognized. She saw Darby looking over at her and she could see how proud she looked. She nodded her head in acknowledgement and smiled.

    “I also want to thank Francine as well. Her bravery is what made it all happen. I don’t know much about you, and it doesn’t matter. You risked your own safety and well-being to help us and for that, you will always have our gratitude. We will take you back home and I want to make you an offer. If you want, you can always work for me. I love people such as yourself who make a difference for everyone. Thank you, Francine.” Phoebe announced. She was really grateful for all the women who risked their lives to make this entire moment happen. She looked over at everyone and was so happy they were here. She then winked at Bessie, and she hoped her friend was feeling better. She saw Francine smiling and waving and she hoped that she could work with her in the future.

    Darby stood up and hugged Phoebe. She wanted to make sure everyone recognized her contributions as well. “Phoebe, thank you for everything you have done. The resources you gave us to help defeat Thalia and her band of women are greatly appreciated. You are very generous and without you, we would all be on a boat going to Greece. You have my eternal gratitude. Thank you, Phoebe!” she told the group.

    Phoebe started to blush as she heard the applause given to her. She truly loved this moment, and she also knew every woman in this room would be friends forever. They were so many different walks of life in this group, including outlaws, law enforcement, average workers and another wealthy woman. She loved bonding with everyone, and she wanted to make sure they all stayed in contact with one another. “I love this group of women. We are all strong and very brave. Now, I do want to request all of your presence at my home this summer. I want to have a reunion vacation with all of you. You can stay at my mansion for a weekend on vacation where we will all just be around one another and have a great time. I will pay for your travel expenses if I have too. That includes my wonderful new friends from Mexico! We are a group, ladies, and I look forward to seeing all of you.” she told them.

    Darby smiled as she heard that offer and it sounded amazing. She figured a weekend at the Wellington mansion would be fun and she hoped everyone could attend. She then saw her sit back down and everyone went back to their breakfasts and their conversations. She sat with Mia and Gertrude for a moment and loved being in their presence. She was happy that they were in good spirits, and they definitely had a story to tell. She laughed as she heard Gertrude saying that she and Mia should visit her home to relax and enjoy themselves. She gave Mia a knowing look and they both laughed because they both knew what Gertrude wanted. Their feet. She then leaned back and continued the conversation. They would be going home soon, and she could not wait to be back in Plotsville. Their mission was accomplished.

    SOUNDTRACK SONG: The Weeknd "Die for you" https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=QLCpqdqeoII (remove space)


    Darby stood near the end of the docking station staring out towards the horizon. She had arrived back at the train station an hour ago and she started to get emotional. She finally arrived after a very long journey back from the Texas border next to Mexico and she was a little tired. She saw Mia and Gertrude take a carriage back to Plotsville and hoped they would get back home and just relax. She also felt happy for Francine. The woman was dropped off in Frankstown, eager to start her new life. She hoped that she would stay out of trouble and would find happiness. She also got to say goodbye to Kylie, Phoebe and Bessie as they took their fancy carriage back to the Wellington mansion. She planned to go back to Plotsville by carriage, but she wanted to see someone off before she went with them. Becky was with her, but she was waiting somewhere nearby and out of sight. She felt nervous because she hated this moment. This was the moment she was going to say goodbye to the woman she loved. Darby felt a tap on her shoulder, and she turned around. She saw La Diabla now standing next to her, and they both looked out towards the horizon. It was going to take everything she had to not hold her hand or to kiss her since they were in public. She got closer to her as the time was arriving for her train to California to depart. “Well, I guess this is it, huh?” she asked with emotion in her voice.

    “Yeah, it is time for me to go. I am not too happy, but this is not a goodbye forever. I think we both know we will see each other again really soon.” La Diabla responded. She also had to resist the urge to kiss that woman and she felt her body trembling. She could hear someone yelling for passengers to board the train and this was the moment of truth. She faced Darby and smiled. She looked into her eyes, and she felt her eyes starting to water. “Dammit, I am trying not to cry. Hehehe Goodbye Darby. Keep yourself safe and please, stay alive. Hehehe” she joked.

    Darby couldn’t help but laugh when she heard La Diabla joking. It was a great way to break the tension and she absolutely adored her for that. She then opened her arms and gave her the sweetest hug. She then gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Goodbye Salem, have safe travels. Please tell Cheyenne and everyone else I said hello. Remember, I love you with all of muh heart.” she whispered.

    “I love you too. Never forget that.” La Diabla whispered back. She gave another squeeze with the hug and kissed Darby’s cheek. She then broke the hug and took a deep breath. She started to walk towards the train, holding out her ticket. She turned around one last time and nodded her head. She saw other passengers boarding and she had to leave. She waved towards the deputy one more time, and then headed onto the train. She gave her ticket and then found her seat. She looked out the window and she did everything she could to not cry. She was very happy at this moment, and it was something that was going to fuel her until the next time she saw the woman that won her heart.

    Darby watched as the train started to leave the station. She felt emotional and really hoped she would see La Diabla again in the near future. This adventure brought her even closer to the outlaw and knew that her heart would grow with even more love. She then saw Becky approaching and she smiled at her deputy.

    “This sounds weird, but I will miss her. She is an amazing human being. Who would have ever thought? Hehe” Becky joked.

    “Yeah, she really is. Ok muh deputy, ready to go home?” Darby asked. She then started to walk with Becky towards the carriages as it was time for her to finally return home to Plotsville. It had been such an emotional journey and now she was finally going to go home, finishing another mission. She was really proud and her hope for the future would only be brighter.


    The crowd in the Main Square in Plotsville gathered around and there was a buzz in the air. The citizens of the town were invited to a ceremony to honor two of their fellow citizens for their achievements in the Mexican town of Ciudad del Reina. They loved these ceremonies because it was always great to see one of their own celebrated and honored. When news came to them about what happened in that town, they all cheered and felt tremendous pride. It was the talk of the town and many people arrived. They looked towards a constructed stage and saw all the decorations. They saw banners and even some flower wreaths. There was a podium in the center, and there were several chairs. Then the crowd started to cheer as they saw people starting to come onto the stage for this ceremony. They could see some deputies and when Sheriff Dickerson appeared, they gave a nice ovation for the man who has kept Plotsville safe from dangerous criminals. They then saw some town political officials, a judge, and they even cheered when they saw two civilians appear. They all recognized Gertrude Billington from Rob’s Bakery. There were several women in the crowd that felt very nervous, and their toes curled when they saw Gertrude because they had visited her home before and got an experience they would never forget. Then they saw another beautiful young lady. They didn’t all recognize her, but they read their bulletins and saw that her name was Mia Ramirez who worked at The Thirsty Cowboy. The excitement grew and then they saw two other women slowly come onto the stage and they all cheered very loudly. This was a moment they all saw often because Chief Deputy Darby Reeves was being honored once again. The other woman seemed to be a spitting image of the popular deputy and they cheered for Rebecca Lockhart as well. They had gotten to know her a little bit over the last few months, and they had a lot of pride in her because they knew how hard she worked. Finally, the Mayor of Plotsille appeared and he walked to the podium.

    Mayor Ralph Hickenbottom made it to the podium and looked over the good-sized crowd of Plotsville citizens and he smiled. He was a portly man, standing about 5’9” tall, and weighing about 254 pounds. He was overweight and would sweat a lot. However, he was a very personable man, with big ideas and helped make the town continue to grow. He loved his role and helping the citizens of the town. He wanted Plotsville to grow even larger, so he was in constant contact with construction companies and developers. He even had an appointment with a developer later in the day, but this was the main event for him. He loved these types of moments, and it was a great honor to once again honor some amazing citizens. “Ladies and gentlemen of Plotsville, thank you all for coming to this ceremony to honor two very brave citizens and their accomplishments. As you have heard, two precious and wonderful citizens of Plotsville were kidnapped and taken to the Mexican town of Ciudad Del Reina. They were held there, and their lives could have ended up in the bowels of some brothel, servicing individuals in an un-ladylike manner. It brings me great joy to see both Miss Gertrude Billington and Mia Ramirez here with us today! Welcome back ladies!” he announced to the crowd and then motioned his hand to both ladies.

    Gertrude smiled as she heard the announcement and heard the very nice applause of the crowd. She felt a little embarrassed by the attention, but being a part of this ceremony was such a thrill for her. She was very proud to honor Darby and Becky as they saved her from a life of sexual servitude. She saw a few women in the crowd that she played with before and saw them blushing. She figured she would invite some of them over and tickle their feet to help give her a form of therapy.

    Mia smiled as she heard her name and she felt really shy. She was definitely not used to receiving a lot of attention, but this was a moment she was proud to be a part of. She was going to celebrate two women that risked their own lives to save hers. It was something she would never forget, and she hoped that she and Darby could get even closer. Her affection for her only grew and she looked forward to future interactions.

    “Thank you for that nice round of applause! Now, it brings me great joy and it is a special honor to present two amazing women the special Plotsville Valor plaques for their bravery and skill! I don’t know about you, but I feel MUCH safer with these two women here, and with the entire Sheriff’s team. Now, I am working on a deal to give us more money for our budget, and once it is done, perhaps we will have a NEW deputy to be appointed very soon! Haha right now, I would like Sheriff Bob Dickerson to help me present these two plaques!” Mayor Hickenbottom announced.

    Sheriff Dickerson stood up and shook the Mayor’s hand. He was very thrilled to give these two awards because these two ladies deserved it. He knew he could not make Becky a deputy just yet, but once they could afford it in the town budget, he wanted to hire her. He took a plaque from a Mayor’s assistant and walked towards Darby. He looked at her as she stood there, and she smiled. This wasn’t the first time he honored his favorite deputy, and he had a feeling this might be a regular thing. He saw her smile and he shook her hand. Then, he handed her the plaque. “Chief Deputy Darby Reeves, thank you for your bravery and leadership in rescuing two civilians of Plotsville. You never cease to amaze all of us and please accept this award as a token of our appreciation for you. Thank you!” he told her.

    Darby blushed as she took the plaque and shook the Sheriff’s hand. Even though she felt very proud to receive this recognition, she always felt shy about these large ceremonies. She always felt she was part of a team and didn’t want to take all the credit. She looked at the applauding crowd and it gave her such a loving feeling. “Thank you, Sheriff, and Mr. Mayor. This is such a great honor but let me tell you that none of this was possible without the great help from a team of women that I worked with. I am very proud to bring Gertrude and Mia back home and I hope you all celebrate them, as much as you honor me. They are true heroes and they helped us out. They are amazing women, and I am proud to be their deputy. I love this town and well, I was just doing muh job…..” she told the crowd.

    SOUNDTRACK SONG - Kendrick Lamar and Sza "All the Stars" https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=JQbjS0_ZfJ0 (remove space)

    Sheriff Dickerson smiled as he listened to Darby’s words. He felt such incredible pride for her and how she always wanted to deflect the attention from her. He patted her on the shoulder and then he turned towards Becky and saw her there with a huge smile on her face. He then took the second plaque from the Mayor and moved towards her. He could see that gap between her two front teeth and how happy she looked. He had really grown to like her over time as her personality brought a lot of positive energy to the station. She still had some work to do, especially with her clumsiness, but he felt she would make a fine deputy. She would remain an apprentice for now, but he hoped to hire her full time very soon. He heard about her exploits on this mission, and he was very impressed. He then saw her suddenly stand straight up and stiff, and she saluted him. He chuckled because everything she did was always to the maximum. He saw her face and she tried to look stoic as though she was a soldier. He loved that energy and couldn’t wait to honor her. “Miss Rebecca Lockhart. Thank you for your bravery and leadership during the mission to Ciudad Del Reina. Your efforts and actions were stuff of legend and I know I am so very proud of you. It was because of your skills and your courage that saved many women who were held captive. I think this is the first of many honors for you. I look forward to the day I can appoint you as a deputy. Keep up the great work and let me tell you that it would be my honor to serve next to you.” he told her.

    Becky heard those words and she got emotional. This was the first time in her life that she had been recognized for something she did. Typically, she was ridiculed because she was so clumsy, but right now, she was being honored with a woman she absolutely adored and admired. She could hear the crowd cheering and the fact that she could be a deputy soon really got to her heart. She could see her dream coming true soon and she stood there desperately trying to hold her emotions in. She had to be strong and heroic like her mentor. She took the plaque and shook the Sheriff’s hand as the crowd cheered. She finally smiled again and looked at Darby who had a proud look in her eyes. “Thank ya Sheriff, Mr. Mayor, and to the wonderful citizens of Plotsville! I don’t know what to really say, but I want to tell ya that it is muh honor to serve all of ya. I also wanted to thank Deputy Darby for teaching me how to be a deputy and I hope I can be half as brave as her. I am so happy!!!” she said, then started to do a happy dance. She then heard the crowd and she stopped and saluted again.

    Darby laughed hard as she saw that reaction from Becky. She really loved her apprentice and felt so much pride and happiness for her. She really demonstrated her bravery and now she was recognized for it. She wished to one day see La Diabla honored as she truly deserved it as well. She then listened to the Mayor make a few more remarks and then the ceremony was over. She felt relieved because she wanted to get back to work. She saw Mia and Gertrude approaching her and they all hugged one another. It was an emotional moment as they all endured a great challenge in their lives, and they survived. She looked and saw the crowd dispersing and other deputies joined them on stage to congratulate her. She loved being part of the team and looked forward to more adventures.

    Becky stopped saluting and felt herself breathing normally again. She was still emotional as she felt such a great joy in her body. She hugged Mia and Gertrude again and then interacted with some of the other deputies on stage. These were her brothers and over the last few months, she had been building bonds with them as well. She really could not wait until she was a full-time deputy and go on even more missions. She looked out into the crowd and saw people leaving and also milling around. She then looked at another section of the crowd and then her eyes caught something. She saw a very tall man standing next to a woman who looked really familiar. She saw the red hair of the man and then it dawned on her. It was her father, Jack Lockhart!!! She suddenly felt emotional as she hadn’t seen her father in about 4 months. The last time she saw him, he laughed at her and told her she would never be a deputy. He told her that she should get married and be a farmer’s wife. He mocked her dreams and demanded that she stop dreaming to become a deputy. It was a major fight between the two and she never heard from her family again. That was still a very emotional moment for her and now she could see him standing there. His arms were folded, and he had a stone facial expression. She wondered why he and her mother made the trip to Plotsville. She excused herself from the stage and headed towards them. She could feel her nerves going wild as she was about to see her family again for the first time in months. As she got closer, she could feel his very cold stare at her, and she prayed he would not make a scene. This was her happy day and now she worried that her father could ruin it all. Becky knew he was the type of man that would never apologize or change his mind. She took a few deep breaths and saw the look on her mother’s face. She looked pleasant, but she had no power over her father. She then walked up to them and felt herself trembling. “Pa? Ma? What are ya doing here?” she asked nervously.

    “So, looks like you are still defying me and trying to be a deputy, huh?” Jack Lockhart told her. He had a very stern look on his face as he looked at his daughter.

    “Yeah, I was just bein’ honored for what I did in-“ Becky tried to say before she was interrupted.

    “Don’t say another word, young lady!!! I just have ONE thing to say to ya!” Jack said and then approached his daughter and got in her face.

    Becky started to shake as her father was very intimidating. She looked into his eyes and saw that passion. She really hoped no one was watching this moment because she was supposed to be a strong and brave woman, and now she was crumbling emotionally.

    “I want to tell ya…….I AM SO DAMN PROUD OF YA!!!” Jack shouted then reached forward and hugged his daughter tight. He started to get emotional as he finally got to touch his daughter after all those months being away from her. He was a very stubborn man, but he read what happened with that situation in Mexico and he knew he had to come see his baby girl. “Oh Rebecca, I love ya so much. Ya really made me proud! I missed you so much….” he told her as his emotions ran high.

    Becky felt that powerful hug and it shook her to her core. This was the kind of hug she never got that much from her father, and it really got deep into her heart. She heard his words and that brought tears to her eyes. In the past, he would only tell her that she did good and congratulate her. This was the first time in her young life that he told her he was proud of her. Those words meant more to her than any award she got. Tears started to fall as she was in her father’s arms. This was truly the best moment in her life. “I love ya too, Pa. Thank ya….I missed ya too….” she murmured as she basked in the love between a father and a daughter.

    Darby looked over and saw Becky hugging some tall man. She saw the hug last a while and she wondered who that was. She excused herself for a moment and walked over towards that group of people. When she got there, she saw the tall man and a woman hugging and celebrating with Becky. She saw the emotion in Becky’s eyes and could see that this group was really happy. She also noticed the resemblance between the people and wondered if this was Becky’s family. She remembered Becky telling her about the falling out she had had with her father and left Sticksville. She was curious and waited for the right moment to introduce herself.

    “Pa!! I am so happy right now. Ya and Ma really made me happy. Did ya hear about what I did?” Becky said with excitement in her voice. She sounded like a small child, proud to tell her parents what she did.

    “Yeah!! I read the paper, and I was stunned! I then realized that ya did great things! Ya really helped those women and saved their lives? THAT’S MUH GIRL!!! THAT’S MUH BABY GIRL!!” Jack told her as he continued to beam with pride over his daughter’s accomplishments. He then lit up as he had a surprise for her. “Hey, we are not the only ones to hear about what ya did! Guess who else came with us??” he told her then pointed in a certain direction.

    Becky wondered what he was referring to and looked over to where he was pointing. She then saw someone appearing in a blue US army uniform and she realized who it was! It was her brother Rory Lockhart! “Rory???!!! Is it really him?” she shouted, then ran towards him as fast as she could.

    Rory Lockhart saw his sister running towards him and he smiled. He was on leave from his duties as a soldier when he heard what his little sister had done. He saw her running and was ready to hug her when he saw her trip!!! She went flying towards him and then he caught her. He laughed because his sister was still the same. “Hahahahahaha I see ya are still clumsy!” he joked.

    Becky felt really embarrassed as she almost humiliated herself once again. She then hugged him tightly and she couldn’t believe he was here, and it felt amazing. She and her brother were very close, and this day became perfect. “I missed ya so much!! I can’t believe ya are here! Ya heard about what I did??!!” she asked.

    “Of course!!! I am so proud of ya Becky! I told everyone in muh unit about what ya did. Looks like ya are really goin’ to accomplish yer dreams! I told ya that you could accomplish anything you wanted to in life.” Rory told her and then hugged her again. He felt tremendous pride and loved this moment that their entire family was back together.

    “Thank ya Rory!! I feel like I can do anything! Oh, let me tell ya, during muh mission, I thought about something ya told me and that is how I was able to infiltrate this fort. Then I…….” Becky started to say. She wanted to tell him all about her adventure and felt so much love in her heart. Her dreams were starting to happen and knew her future was very bright.

    Darby watched with tears in her eyes as she saw that this was Becky’s family and to see that emotion and that joy really touched her heart. She then saw Jack approaching her and she smiled. She saw his massive hand reaching out for a handshake and the man gripped it and then shook her hand very hard! She felt her arm moving up and down very rapidly and when he let it go, she thought to herself, “This is definitely Becky’s father….”.

    “Ya must be Darby Reeves!!! Nice to meet ya!!! I am Jack Lockhart, the proud father of Becky Lockhart!” Jack told her.

    “Nice to meet you, Jack. I am glad you are here to see Becky get her award. I can tell you that your daughter is very brave. She will make a fine deputy soon.” Darby told him with a smile. She knew that as Becky’s mentor, she could give her father some very positive news about his daughter.

    “She should be deputy now!!! I mean, if it wasn’t for muh Becky, ya probably wouldn’t be here! Muh daughter is the absolute greatest! I want the whole world to know that MUH DAUGHTER BECKY LOCKHART IS A HERO!!!!” Jack shouted as he wanted everyone to hear him.

    Darby smiled as she heard Jack Lockhart now going around to anyone that would listen about how great his daughter was. She loved how things were going right for Becky at this moment and she had high hopes for her future. She then felt a presence next to her and saw that it was Sheriff Dickerson. She noticed that he saw Jack Lockhart and she giggled. “Interesting man…That’s Becky’s father.” she told him.

    “I see….Now I see where she gets her energy from. Haha” Sheriff Dickerson quipped. He then looked at Darby once again and felt that pride. “Hey, I hope your friend is doing ok. If she stays on the path she has shown, she will live a very peaceful existence.” he whispered.

    Darby smiled as she listened to his words. She knew who he was referring too and that made her feel good that the Sheriff had positive feelings about the woman she loved. “Yeah, I hope so too. She truly is a different woman than what we have known about her. I think she will turn out ok…” she responded.

    “Well, as long as she stays out of trouble, I have no issues with her. La Diabla I have problems with. Salem Veracruz seems really nice. Hehe” Sheriff Dickerson said. He then patted the small of Darby’s back and then walked away so she could enjoy her time with her apprentice and her family. This was a good day for him, and he prayed that there would be no more intense adventures for his prized deputy and her apprentice.

    Darby looked at Becky being so animated around her family and loved it. Another adventure had come to a close and once again, she was successful. She knew she would not be in this position if it wasn’t for some very brave women. It was good that they all formed closer bonds, and she looked forward to being around them once again. There was one woman she definitely looked forward to seeing once again. Now that she knew how much they loved each other, they would see each other again. She knew that new adventures would come and potentially she and her lover would have to battle the odds. It would probably be dangerous, but she was very confident that the Deputy and the Outlaw would prevail once again. She saw Becky trip again and she laughed. It was another day in Plotsville and the town was safe.


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    Phase 3 characters:

    Darby Reeves, Salem "La Diabla" Veracruz, Shikoba "Cheyenne" Elu, Becky Lockhart, Phoebe Wellington, Bessie Johnson, Gertrude Billington, Mia Ramirez, Thalia Laskaris, Carissa, Peta, Amalia, Sabrina Alamain, Barbara "Babs" McKenzie, Gabriela "Gabby" Hernandez, Veronica Rodriguez, Molly Scofield, Kylie Rockford, Vera Sharples, April Keaton

    Phase 3 Soundtrack music:

    Roman Reigns "Head of the Table"
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    The Weekend "Die for you"
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    Kendrick Lamar/Sza "All the Stars"
    Hans Zimmer "Why do we fall?"
    Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian "Battle Scars instrumental"

    Scene locations of Phase 3:

    Wellington mansion
    Ciudad del Reina
    St. Helena's school near Los Angeles, CA

    No animals were harmed in the filming of this series

    Author/director/executive producer: Primetime


    Location: Greece

    A boat slowly moved into the harbor, getting closer to the docks. The boat arrived after a very long journey from Mexico, all the way to Greece. The large steamship made it through some rough waters and finally arrived at a port. It was a weeklong journey and the passengers started to disembark from the vessel. They were all weary travelers, but very satisfied the voyage was completed. Two figures left the boat and now stood on the docks, and headed to the nearby buildings, looking to seek a vehicle. Both women wore cloaks, and their heads were covered by the hood of the cloak. One woman was taller than the other, and they both walked with a purpose. The smaller woman noticed a horse drawn carriage and signaled for it. As she did that, the taller woman waited patiently. There was a lot on her mind and she was doing her best to control her emotions. Some of her auburn-colored hair peeked out from the hood and her face remained very stoic and focused. She wanted to get back to her home and deal with the results of her journey to Mexico. The woman had a lot of pride, and the results of her trip were definitely crushing for her. Once she saw the carriage arrive, she entered inside and sat opposite her companion. She looked over at her friend and sighed.

    “Thalia, what do we do now? I mean, how are we going to explain to Christos what happened in Mexico? He is not going to be pleased.” Rose Galanis asked.

    Thalia looked at Rose and her mind was already racing. She still vividly remembered her defeat at the hands of Deputy Darby Reeves and the outlaw La Diabla. During the voyage from Mexico to Greece, all she could think about was that final battle she had with those two women. It bothered her and it hurt her emotionally that she lost the fight to them. She had dominated them in their first encounter, but the two women got their revenge the next time they faced. She thought about how everything fell apart right when they were going to leave for Greece on the ship she originally sailed on to Mexico. She even remembered how they had her tied down and tickled her. It was a humiliating experience for her as no one ever tickle tortured her before. Now she had to face her employer and explain her defeat. Thalia felt her anger rising again and looked at Rose. She could tell the woman was worried as Christos was never a man that tolerated failure. “Just leave it to me. I will explain to him what happened. I just hope he is forgiving.” she responded in a calm voice.

    Rose heard Thalia’s answer and she felt nervous. The entire journey back to Greece, she barely spoke with the most dominant woman she ever knew. She figured Thalia must have been crushed emotionally by their defeat as the woman never lost a battle before. She had to be very careful and give the Greek force of nature some space. They both had to hide their identities as much as possible just in case Darby informed the Mexican government about their mission. It was eerie being in the same room with Thalia as she kept to herself and could feel how upset Thalia really was. She leaned her head back and tried to enjoy the ride back to Christos’ mansion. It was good to be back home in Greece, but she knew there was going to be major disappointment from her employer.

    The carriage arrived at the Andino mansion and both Thalia and Rose exited the vehicle. Thalia was in front, and she headed up the long walkway to the front door of the mansion with Rose right behind her. Her mind was spinning as she tried to think about how she was going to explain her defeat. Those events played in her mind again and her anger rose. She truly felt deep down within her soul she would have defeated them both if it wasn’t for the shocking betrayal of her business partner, the outlaw Sabrina Alamain. She kept replaying the moment over and over again when Sabrina had stunned her with a tackle as she prepared to fight Darby once again. Thalia remembered how Sabrina yelled at her and realized that after tickling and sexually dominating the outlaw, Sabrina must have wanted revenge. She got upset with herself for not considering that possibility and learned a valuable lesson. One she would remember for the rest of her days. She made it to the large front door of the mansion and gently knocked. The door opened and a large, Greek man opened it.

    “Thalia!!! You’re back! I didn’t expect you. Come in, come in. Christos is eating lunch right now.” the man told her.

    Thalia walked inside the mansion and she did feel some relief as she was finally back home. It was a long time since she walked inside this mansion and she felt that feeling of being home. She headed towards the dining room and when she arrived, she saw Christos sitting at the large table, eating his meal. She walked in and she saw him make eye contact with her.

    “Thalia???!!!! Is that you??” Christos asked as she saw his most dominant warrior walking into the dining room unexpectedly. He knew Thalia would return soon, but normally his warrior would send a message of her departure and arrival. He looked at Rose next to her and he wondered why she was here. Rose was to remain in Mexico and administer the lands he had purchased. “Rose? You are here too?” he asked.

    Thalia knew this was the moment of truth. She had to tell Christos she had failed and had no idea how he was going to react. “Yes, I have returned. Good to see you again….” she responded.

    “Where is everyone else? Why is Rose here? How was your mission?” Christos asked. He then picked up his glass of wine and took a sip. He could tell by the look on Thalia’s face he was about to hear some bad news.

    “Christos…..” Thalia began. She could feel herself being nervous as it was time to admit she had lost. She looked at him and swallowed hard. “…..the mission was a failure. Darby and her friends managed to escape. I’m sorry.” she told him in a low voice.

    Christos dropped his glass of wine as he heard Thalia tell him that she had failed. This very powerful woman had never failed a mission before and he was absolutely stunned. It took him a moment to truly understand what he had just heard and then he looked at her once again. “What do you mean you failed? Thalia, that is impossible. You never lose.” he told her.

    Thalia felt surprised at how emotional she was getting. She had never disappointed Christos before, and she hated this feeling. “Yes, the mission was a failure. I was betrayed by my business partner, which allowed Darby to escape. Carissa, Peta and Amalia were all captured. I barely escaped with Rose. We will probably lose all the land we acquired. I am sorry Christos. I have failed you….” she told him and lowered her head in shame.

    Christos was absolutely stunned as he heard Thalia admit her defeat. He was shocked Carissa, Peta and Amalia were also captured. He had no idea how it was even possible for Thalia to lose. He heard her say she was betrayed, and his mind was spinning. “Are you serious? Thalia….you lost a battle? This is rather……disappointing.” he told her.

    Thalia really felt her emotions bubbling up as the full weight of her failure started to weigh on her. Thoughts of how she was hogtied and humiliated by being tickled flowed through her mind. This was going to be a lot harder than she thought to try and get over this loss. “Yes, but I promise you, I will get my revenge....” she told him.

    Christos leaned back in his chair still trying to comprehend how Thalia had been defeated. He was also very upset that all the land he had purchased may have been gone as well. He never liked losing and this started to get him upset. “DAMMIT!!! We will have to fix this. This Darby Reeves, is she really that powerful? She could actually defeat the greatest woman warrior walking the Earth? How did you even escape?” he asked.

    Hearing those words from Christos bothered her as losing to someone as inferior to her such as Darby really got into her ego. She then remembered how she even made it out of Mexico without getting arrested. “Darby had plenty of help, believe me. She is inferior and I can destroy her if she is alone. As for my escape, I do want to mention I had some help. Priscilla Montenegro helped me get out of there, and onto the steamboat for me to leave Mexico. That reminds me, she wants to meet with you to do business. That was the promise that I made for her assistance.” she told him.

    “Priscilla Montenegro? Ah yes, I know her. She was supposed to sell me sex slaves in Santa Selena. Small world. Well, looks like we still have some business to attend to.” Christos told her. He then stood up from the table and headed towards Thalia.

    Thalia saw Christos heading her way and she still felt that shame. She also wanted to get back to Mexico as soon as possible so she could come up with a new plan to get her revenge against Darby one day. “Christos, let me go back to Mexico. I want to get my revenge against that moron, Darby Reeves and all of her friends. I also want to get revenge on Sabrina Alamain, my former business partner.” she told him.

    Christos had a wry smile as he figured that Thalia wanted to really get some revenge. He knew she was emotional for the first time, and he had to maintain control. He was not happy she lost and now he had to help fix things. “No, not yet. I want you to stay here and help run my harem. You should help build your army since the others were captured. I will meet with Priscilla, and we will try to get business done. Rose? Come with me so we can make contact with Ms. Montenegro. I also want you to inform my American contact and let her know that the plan is moving forward. Oh yes, we will get what we want. I also want Darby Reeves to suffer as she stopped me from getting fresh pussy from Priscilla and now, she defeated my greatest warrior. Oh yes, she will pay a price….” he instructed as he left the room with her.

    Thalia watched as Christos and Rose left the dining room, leaving her there alone. She knew she had to regroup and one day, she would get her revenge against two women she totally despised. The deputy and the outlaw.

    Ok fans, how did you like this final chapter? I really hoped you not only enjoyed all the tickling, but the story itself for not only this series, but all of the series for this phase. Like I mentioned earlier, I truly appreciate each and every one of you. You are the reason why I continue to write. I have thought about it for a while now and determined that I will come back with a Phase 4. I have some loose story ideas that were developing and I want to at least get that story out. Could it be the final phase? That remains to be seen. I don't think I could ever create something like this ever again. So much work went into developing these characters' "personalities" that I feel like they could never be duplicated. Your support does mean everything. Phase 4 will take place sometime in 2024. I don't know when, but you can be sure I will make an announcement of when it will take place. I already have the name of the final series of Phase 4 determined and it is called "The Deputy and The Outlaw: Sacrifice".

    Please vote in the poll and let me know what you think of this Phase 3. Even to those who have never commented, I would love to hear from you. I want to know how this saga has entertained folks and for me to acknowledge you for your support. It will seem weird not posting a story each week for a while since I did it for over a year. hahaha But the Deputy's Universe will return and I hope you look forward to it.

    Thank you.
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    I’m happy chapter closed with Salem and Darby haven’t another tender moment together. I’ve been peace that if Thalia escaped they weren’t getting the ending I hoped for, but this is incredible stuff. Becky’s character arc feels complete and with another series coming in the future we could see Salem at Gertrude’s.

    You helped give me something to get through the week with the Friday Deputy series. It helped me through the darkest part of my year. Thank you and cheers to many more stories.

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    Thank you! What an really incredible journey!

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    Absolutely amazing! What a ride!

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    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment on this final chapter of Phase 3 for Deputy's Universe. I am glad you enjoyed the way it ended! I really hope all of you enjoyed the story and found it was a fun ride to be on. There was a lot that took place and there were a lot of things happening. To those who have read this entire saga, I truly appreciate you because it is a lot of reading to do. I am no longer just a "make a tickle scene and throw together some plot" type of writer anymore. I want to make an actual story. I want to create a novel of sorts that includes our favorite fetish. I do plan for a Phase 4 as long as you folks want to continue to read about the saga of Darby Reeves and everyone else involved. I am currently thinking of stories to create for the next phase and right now, any new releases will be in 2024. Of course i will make a formal announcement when I am ready to start releasing material. I can say Phase 4 will not be as big as Phase 3, but I do have some ideas that I hope you find enjoyable.

    PeterPaul and gec7410, thank you for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed the journey. I wanted all the fans to have anticipation of each part and just fall in love with what is happening with the characters. Thank you for being great fans and I hope you continue to follow my work.

    Sun80, I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and loyalty to this saga. You have commented each week and trust me, without you, this universe may have ended. Comments are very important to me and I am happy you look forward to each installment. What I am really humbled by is that I helped you during a dark time of your life. I am glad these characters brought you joy when you truly needed it. I look forward to your comments and excitement when Phase 4 is finally released.

    As for Thalia escaping, I decided to have her escape because like Priscilla, she is such a great character that I could use for future stories. Thalia is very impressive. She actually came out better than I thought as I wrote about her. She truly is a force of nature and deserves a future story rather than being in prison. I want to keep her "mystique" alive. Oh, and to let all of you know, Priscilla will be involved in Phase 4. Can't keep that evil woman away for too long. haha

    Thank you all again for following Deputy Darby's adventures. It does feel kind of weird that no new chapters are coming out right now, as for over a year a new one appeared each week! I hope you look forward to more in the future!
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    Amazing and well deserved ending for them. I love how 2 villains are still out there and also echo that I would love to see La Diabla at Gertrude's in the future. thank you for a great series

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orange69 View Post
    Amazing and well deserved ending for them. I love how 2 villains are still out there and also echo that I would love to see La Diabla at Gertrude's in the future. thank you for a great series
    Agreed, Salem over Gertrude’s would be amazing.

    And thank you, Primetime for creating an amazing universe. I have something to look forward to in 2024 with more Deputy.

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    Hey Orange69! I do want to give you special thanks as you were one of the original fans of this entire saga. In fact, you helped inspire me to make it similar to the MCU. Thank you for all of your support. I am glad you enjoyed this Phase.

    To all the fans, again thank you for everything. I am curious though. I want to know what parts do you like best? For example, in Phase 3, there were 8 total series:

    Gertrude: The Ticklin' Neighbor
    Thalia Introduction series
    Becky Introduction series
    School Days (Cheyenne's series)
    The Heiress (Phoebe and Bessie's series)
    Outlaw For Hire (La Diabla's series)
    Deputy's Apprentice (Darby's series)
    The Deputy & The Outlaw: Retribution

    Which series did people like? You can say all of them, or one. I am curious to see what people liked.

    I also am curious which characters people like the best. I know La Diabla and Darby are at the top of the lists, but which "supporting characters" do people like?

    I also want to know if the Soundtrack choices worked for you fans. Same with the drawings.

    Just looking to see what people enjoyed the most. Thanks for any responses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by primetime View Post
    Hey Orange69! I do want to give you special thanks as you were one of the original fans of this entire saga. In fact, you helped inspire me to make it similar to the MCU. Thank you for all of your support. I am glad you enjoyed this Phase.

    To all the fans, again thank you for everything. I am curious though. I want to know what parts do you like best? For example, in Phase 3, there were 8 total series:

    Gertrude: The Ticklin' Neighbor
    Thalia Introduction series
    Becky Introduction series
    School Days (Cheyenne's series)
    The Heiress (Phoebe and Bessie's series)
    Outlaw For Hire (La Diabla's series)
    Deputy's Apprentice (Darby's series)
    The Deputy & The Outlaw: Retribution

    Which series did people like? You can say all of them, or one. I am curious to see what people liked.

    I also am curious which characters people like the best. I know La Diabla and Darby are at the top of the lists, but which "supporting characters" do people like?

    I also want to know if the Soundtrack choices worked for you fans. Same with the drawings.

    Just looking to see what people enjoyed the most. Thanks for any responses.
    I hope Priscilla will get highlights in the future hehehehe

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