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    Got a question and thinking about making a story.

    Hi! So like I said in the tittle, I got a question and was wondering for some feedback. I was thinking of doing something like a mixture of pro wrestling and tickling for a story. And I'm probably going to do it in first person. Would you prefer male or female as the pov? I'm good with either gender and was kind of stuck on it and thought I should ask!

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    Jun 2020
    Filthy Philly
    I honestly don't care tbh. Though idk if you plan on making it a trope in your story, when it comes to wrestling or tickle fighting stories, I am into the trope where the opponent (lee) is much stronger or tougher than the pov (ler) but ends up losing because they can't handle being tickled. Despite all their strength and power, they're easily overpowered from being too ticklish. Makes a damn good wrestling story.

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    Dec 2014
    I would prefer female as the pov. But every tickle wrestling story is a great Story in my opinion.

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    Feb 2019
    Not sure if the ticklee has been decided, but I think F/F is the best way to go, especially in these kinds of scenarios. Women just make the best most mischievous ticklers.

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    Jan 2012
    F/F is probably the best way to go, but M/F can work too

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    Thanks you all who answered! It means a lot!

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    Apr 2010
    Insane idea, I'm loving the sound of this.
    You could even invite members to dream up a few characters, I can see this takin off Big Time ��

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