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    Apr 2010

    What’s the “vibe” of your ideal ticklee?

    So I’m looking into renting out a dungeon for my gf and I to play in and probably shoot some content in. I’m gonna try to have us wear (or at least bring) outfits to wear during the shooting.

    We all know that the clothes people wear are, to a degree, indicative of their tastes and personality. So I wanted to tap into the tickle community here to see what “type” of people you like to see tickled and how their clothes factor into that – for both women and men, cuz ya boi may spend some time being a lee.

    For her, I’m thinking at least two outfits. One darker, alt-girl outfit and the other more "oversized-sweater-and-pants, maybe an overcoat," for an elegant girl-next-door vibe.

    As for me…I have no idea what kinda male lees ppl like to see. Guys in suits? Athletic clothing? Something more rough around the edges (workwear, leather jacket, etc)? Lmk!

    I'm open to any and all suggestions!

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    Jun 2020
    Filthy Philly
    I see no one has responded which is odd. You think with an overflow of /m content recently including a TMF story section dominated by /m tickling stories you would have people jumping to describe their ideal male lee.

    I'm a straight male and not really into men, so it's hard for me to describe the ideal ticklish man. I'd say maybe look up a few /m tickling videos and see how the man dresses typically. I think it depends on the video and scenario to be honest. I think towards the end though the guy should at least be shirtless and have the majority of his skin/ticklish areas exposed such as legs and feet.

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    Nov 2007
    Southern California
    Clothing wise for a guy I like tank tops. The arm holes on them are nice and wide, making them welcoming spaces for hands and fingers to go. If the guys got pudgy feet they look really good sticking out of pants, particularly thick jeans.

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