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    Jun 2001
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    Kelley's Fantasy (mm/f, 18+)

    Kelley’s breath was already beginning to quicken. She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the basement.
    Kelley was a short girl, 5’4”, and weighed only 103 pounds. Her golden blonde hair flowed down to her elbows, and her green eyes sparkled all the time, no matter where or when. Today, for her trip to the dungeon, she wore a short leather skirt, a skimpy white tank top, black crotchless hose and fuck-me heels. She shook nervously as the elevator descended, knowing what awaited her.

    She stepped off of the elevator and into the darkened hallway. As soon as her shoe touched the floor, a single lightbulb lit up, and illuminated a door to her left. As per her instructions, she opened the door and walked inside.

    What awaited her in this room scared the hell out of her. The room was poorly lit, the walls were not visible in the bad light but the large table in the middle was. Again, she followed her instructions, and went over to the table. On it was a ballgag, a latex blindfold that looked like a sleeping mask, and a pair of earplugs. After stripping off everything she wore but the hose, she inserted the earplugs into her ears and was stunned at how well they worked; she could not even hear her own breathing. She opened her mouth and placed the ball of the gag inside, bit down, and fastened the straps behind her neck. The ball had holes in it, so she would be able to breathe easier. She then climbed up onto the table and found a large wooden cross sticking out of it, as she was told. She kneeled in front of it, with her back to it, and her legs stretching out behind it. Her nyloned feet dangled off the edge of the padded leather table. She took up the blindfold and placed it overher eyes, then secured the straps as tightly as she could behind her head. Just these acts had her libido working overtime, and she felt a nearly insatiable urge to begin touching herself already.

    However, before she could, she felt two strong pairs of hands grab her by the wrists. Her arms were pulled up to for a T shape, and secures to the crossbar of the wooden T that her back was up against. Her back was pulled flat against it and she could feel her chest being pushed out suggestively. She felt her wrists, elbows, and biceps being strapped securely to the crossbar. She gave them a slight tug when her captors were finished, and she immediately knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

    Only a second or two later, she felt similar straps being secured over the backs of her knees, calves, and ankles. In a moment, she was almost totally immobile. But her captor’s jobs weren’t over yet. She felt soft rope being wrapped around each individual toe, her nylons being pressed in between her toes, then pulled back and secured to something. Her soles were pulled taut, and she couldn’t wiggle any part of her body but her fingers and head. Soon even her head was immobilized by another strap that was pulled across her forhead and secured to the cross she was bound so tightly to. She moaned in arousal. Never before had she been so terrified, or so horny.

    She thought of what lay in wait for her body next. She went back in her head to when she filled out the online applications, and the boxes she checked off…orgasm denial…absolute bondage…merciless tickle torture…she whimpered, knowing that she was in for it now. The cool air caressed her mostly naked body, and she tried to squirm. She could feel her pantyhose against her legs and soles and toes, and knew she was about to have the worst, and best, night of her life.

    Simply known as One and Two, the pair of dungeon monitors looked over their new toy and smiled. They chuckled at each other.

    “So, One, you think we arguing to have fun with this one?”
    “Oh yes, Two, she wanted everything, and paid damn good money for it too. Let’s see…” he looked at his clipboard. “…she wants to be tied like this for 5 hours, tickle tortured non-stop, denied her orgasms, until the very end, of course…she’s a trooper, I tell ya.”
    Two looked her over again. “I’d be tempted to fuck her now if I weren’t a professional. She also wanted total sensory deprivation, right?”
    “Yep,” One said. “Let’s get started, shall we?”
    Two grinned and opened a small box, from which he removed two long stiff feathers. He handed them to One and the dug into the box again. He pulled out a pair of gloves, that had fake metal nails glued to the ends of the fingers. He slid them on and sat on a stool by Kelley’s defenseless, nyloned soles, as One stood in front of the naked upperbody of the woman.
    “Ready?” One said.
    “Let’s tickle this girl till he goes insane.” said Two, and their fingers and feathers descended on the woman. She shrieked into her gag and jerked in her bonds, but wasn’t going to be going anywhere for a long, LONG time.

    To be Continued…

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    Apr 2003

    Re: Kelley's Fantasy (mm/f, 18+)

    Nice Viper!!!

    Great start...I am interested to see where this leads!
    Am I not Merciful!!!

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    Mar 2002
    awesome start viper

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    Jun 2002
    It's so sad this story never got finished

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    Frederick, MD

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