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    Two New F/M Movies with free photo galleries

    Mistress Stephanie Locke of Hollywood, California, here. Some of you may already know me through my many American movies, or through my interview with Sado-Rom, many of you will have never heard of me.

    I am an expert tickler with a personal website filled with free tickling adventures you can view. Most are F/M but Bella Rissa of the TMF can be found there being tickled by me. To view my tickling stories please visit www.stephanielocke.com and click on the tickling icon.

    To view my two new F/M tickling movies, or just to see the photos, click on www.mslvideos.com and look for "The Inescapable Tickle Board, Vol. 1: Julian St. Croix" and "Extreme Bondage Tickling Vol 1:Billy Sirr.

    You will be able to see 16 photos from each video just by clicking on their title box.

    "The Inescapable Tickle Board Vol. 1" has Mistress Anna Valentina and I having our way with Julian. Feathers, fingers, bondage, holes cut out of sock, hip bone and bare foot tickling, Julian screams and responds strongly to all of it.

    "Extreme Bondage Tickling Vol. 1" is for fans of more unique tickling. Billy Sirr is a spandex catsuit fetishist, so he's tickled through 3 layers of spandex, then bound with rawhide straps into a more ticklable position.

    After that, he dresses down to one sheer layer of nylon before being zipped and strapped into my leather sleep sack. There's a foot zipper, so once he's completely encased, I open the zipper at the bottom and go to town on his feet.

    Not for the faint of heart,

    Mistress Stephanie Locke

    p.s. I shall be in Italy from April 14th-21st in the Torino area...cappuccino and tickling, anyone?
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