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    Jun 2001
    Philadelphia Suburbs

    True story at a private all girl's school, m/f

    I went to the local All girls senior high school today to pick up a friend who needed a ride. I got there, but the person who needed my services was nowhere to be found. I waited and waited, and finally entered thebuilding looking for her.

    Turns out, she had already left, but several of my other friends who went there were still around: The Senior Class Comittee. ALl were 18 or 19, and all were in their uniforms: Plaid skirt, white golf shit, blue nylon thigh highs, and clogs. As they left their meeting room I was walking by, and we wound up hanging out for over two hours in the hallways of the school.

    Now, we are all very good conversationalists, so we sat in a corner, all 12 or so of us, and just started chatting. Several of the girls had kicked off their shoes, and noticing this, I said, "I Hate shoes."

    Meg looked at me and replied, "Oh my gosh, me too..."

    "I think I only wear shoes when I am walking around outside of my own home, otherwise it's just socks for me." I said.

    The conversation went on and on, with these 11 girls eventually all taking off their shoes and showing off their nyloned feet. We're all good friends so it was just a very laid back situation. Of course, being the foot and tickle fetishist that I am, I spurred on the conversation, and eventually we got to tickling.

    Eventually Sammie had me figured out. "Mark, do you have a thing for tickling?!"

    I nodded.

    Almost all the girls giggled, and I noticed Cassie, and attractive blondie, slowly scooting her way over to me.

    Sammie kept at it: "Would you cinsider yourself to be an EXPERT TICKLER?"

    Again I nodded, and looked over at Cassie, who was now less than a foot away from me. I slowly pulled her nyloned legs into my lap and said, "Let me demonstrate."

    Cassie froze. She looked horribly nervous but excited at the same time. Her cheeks flushed red and she started giggling right away as I started to slowly drag my fingertips up and down her silky soles. "This is the maddening light touch, that becomes unbearable after a while..."...then I increased the pressure slowly, going through about 15 different techniques, demonstrating them each on Cassie's nyloned soles. Soon she was howling with laughter as I showed the vicious, torturous techniques. The whole time, not once did she even try to move her feet from my lap, instead she laid back on the floor and laughed in a high, cute pitch. By the time I was finished, the poor girl's cheeks were streaked with tears. I massaged her feet for a bit after I was done and she slowly relaxed. The SCC was quite impressed and a few asked if they could be my examples next time, but with a joking manner.

    After the crowd dispersed when we finally decided we should head home, Cassie hung back, stalling. SHe came up to me when all had gone and asked me if I could do that again next time we meet, but for a little bit longer. I wound up driving her home so she didn't have to call her parents, and on the ride she told me that she loved having her feet tickled, howevermaddening it was, it was a wonderful stress reliever for her. She told me that the day was wearing her down very badly, and the tickling she recieved at my hands made her feel so much better.

    Needless to say, I will be spending alot of time over and the Academy in the next few weeks.

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    Apr 2010
    East Coast
    very nice story, you are a lucky guy. im still trying to find a moment like this where i can just tickle a friend for a few minutes.

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    Dec 2007
    Katy TX
    you should make a video of it
    I drew this on paint!

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    Mar 2003
    San Francisco Bay Area
    Loved this story and it brought back fond memories of a ticklish high school cheerleader Jamie and another girl, Mary Lou, that I dated who was in the was in the color guard. There's something incredibly alluring about a girl in uniform especially when they are wearing shiny pantyhose and even more so when they are ticklish.

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