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And now, Even MORE stories of Moms and Aunts….a BRAND NEW thread for 2024.


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Nov 22, 2005
Here we go folks…a new thread for the new year..2024. A place to post stories of Moms, Aunts, Grandmothers, Cousins, etc. the last time I tickled my Mom’s feet was when I was about fifteen….technically still a minor, so no details here. Sorry. But am looking forward to hearing more true stories from everybody!
oh great so for now on do we post here because i got some more
I have tickled my cousin's feet, she wasn't very ticklish she said it felt more relaxing. That was about 2001 in her dorm room
I have tickled my cousin's feet, she wasn't very ticklish she said it felt more relaxing. That was about 2001 in her dorm room
That’s cool. When I was a kid, I tickled my cousin’s feet, too. But she wasn’t ticklish at all. Nevertheless, she would let me play with, and tickle her feet pretty often.
My mom is an extremely ticklish lady, head to toe. I've posted stories about her previously but here's some more:
Mom did some fashion modelling for about 15 years for a couple of local department stores. It was late 70's. She often let me hang around when she was working, being fitted for different clothes. I'd be in a room just off where she was being fitted and heard what was going on. I'd often heard her giggling, saying "oh that tickles", or "I'm ticklish"as she giggled and sometimes laughed as they touched her legs or feet, or underarms to measure and fit. Sarah, who was always the lady that fitted her, a seamstress, would tell her to keep still upon which mom laughed more. When they were finished mom would come out and say "oh I'm so ticklish" as if we didn't know it. Sometimes Sarah would tease her and run a feather up and down mom's leg and I hear her laughing and saying "this is ticklish, do you need to do this? hahahahahahaha".
When they went on a buying trip mom would take me during the summer as a vacation for me. We would stay in a hotel, I had my own room adjoining theirs with a door between so mom could check on me. Even though they had their own beds, I'd hear mom giggling and laughing in the next room and knew Sarah was tickling her.They'd go for dinner, have a couple of drinks and return to their room.
One night I heard mom laughing "hahahahahahaha, oh your tickling me, I'm so ticklish hahahahaha". 'Oh please not the feet hahahahahahahaha,oh not there hahahahahaha". I'd hear Sarah tease "what's the matter?" Mom would respond "i'm so very ticklish,your tickling me!". This could go on from 20 minutes to an hour. One night about 2am I heard mom giggling like crazy. I know Sarah was saying something but couldn't make it out. But every 2 minutes or so mom would say"ticklish". It was like Sarah was saying "how about here?", or "How about here?". That went on for about an hour.
Now mom and Sarah were close collegues and friends, nothing more. Sarah just loved tickling mom.
The next morning mom would come into my room and say good morning. She'd always explain about the night before saying' Sarah was tickling me", or "she was tickling me, I'm so ticklish!"
Mom finally left the fashion industry and took an office job, but it was fun travelling with her and hearing her being tickled by others.
I wish I had a video of Sarah and your mother at play. :tickle: Thanks for sharing your experience here.:D
well seeing there is a new 2024 thread , i guess i will post my new one about my aunt Janet , anyone wanting to know back story or the other incidents will have to go back and read in the 2022 thread but a little background , aunt Janet looked a bit like that fitness lady denise austin except she was a bit heavier with shorter hair and wore glasses at times when not wearing contacts these were innocent and brief feet tickles . This happened on one summer family cook out either memorial day or july 4th . I remember being outside on the patio and my parents and aunt Janet were the only ones at the moment . I remember she was wearing a floral print top and matching shorts and she was curled up on the lawn chair and her clogs were on the ground . I would go to the drink cooler which was near her feet to get a drink and just do an unobvious quick glance at her soles and then go back to where my parents were . We needed some last minute stuff so Janet said she would run to the store and of course i asked to go with her . She left me where the comics and magazines were while she went up a few aisles to gather some stuff .

I remember hearing her coming down the aisle smiling at me asking if there were any magazines or comics i wanted and of course she bought me what i wanted . All i could think of on the way home was how would i get a brief tickle , well that left my mind when i got back home and more family arrived and cousins my own age i could play with so i was occupied. A few hours passed and us kids went for round two of food and i noticed Aunt Janet wasnt around . I thought she went home or something and mom said she needed a nap so she could stay up later and it was close to the time she wanted to be woken up so i said i would wake her and mom responded that she was in their bedroom .

The time came to wake her and thankfully my cousins were outside so i was alone . She was curled up on top of the covers back to the door so i went to her front and nudged her awake , she opened her eyes and i said it was time to get up and she yawned and said " ok just a few more minutes " . and closed her eyes , i waited the few more minutes in my room and then went back in and she was asleep again . I woke her again and she woke up and i told her i was going to wait until she actually got up ( because mom would have only sent me up to wake her again ). She said" ok ok pest " she got up and sat at the edge of the bed with her bare heels resting in the frame yawning and trying to wake herself. She went to reach her feet down to slip them in her clogs but they werent there still groggy she was thinking she wasnt wearing them before she napped . I knew she was wearing them and then i looked under the bed , when she kicked them off they must have gone under there and there they were . I tossed one out and i saw her slip a foot into it , the other i pulled out and held it . She was just getting out of her grogginess and i thought now was my chance . She crossed her legs and reached out thinking i was going to give her the clog but i pulled it away and she said something like not to be funny she wasnt fully awake yet . Her legs were still crossed and her foot was pointed downward so i tickled it . She let out a gasp and started laughing saying oh no no stop ". . her toes turned up ward and her foot went back and forth as she tried to reach for the clog in my hand. I stopped and she stopped laughing with what sounded like a sigh of relief , i put the clog down and she rubbed her foot on the carpet and slipped it in . She got up and i asked if she was awake and she said now i am . She just shook her head and said what she always says " what am i going to do with you ? " and then mussed my hair . She came down after using the bathroom and said not a word about what i did as usual .
That night when she left to go home , i walked with her to her car carrying leftovers for her , i thanked her for the comics she bought me at the store and she said i was welcome and gave me a hug and asked if i had fun today and i said i did , now i dont know if she met fun as in the cookout and playing with my cousins or fun as tickling her sole.
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