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As a LEE or LER ticklish sayings/words you like or don't like

I also dislike « koochie koochie coo » and this little piggy thing, but it’s because i’m not native english so they just sound weird to me….. i love « tickle tickle » though, and like, when the ler praises you and calls you cute and perfect while completely wrecking you, as if that just made them want to tickle you even more, that just makes me melt
Agree with all of them, but I would also add Tasha's "I'm gonna die" to the list.

As for the things I like to hear from my lee, I really enjoy it when my tickling is causing her to suddenly become very religious and scream out stuff like "Oh God!" or "Jesus!".
I think of it as every Lee having an "OMG" spot...

I'm new here, as a Lee i have come to realise there are some teasing words i hate or love and i wondered if anyone else has this too?

If anyone uses kitchy kitchy koo or baby ticklish language with me they will get an evil glare (if i am able too).it's a deffinate pet hate and makes me cringe. It would be a brave man to try this.

All other teasing words and sayings are acceptable.....
With ya on this one. Not a fan of the baby talk outside of negotiated age play maybe, but absolutely here for snarky and sassy teasing while I am destroyed/destroying a Lee. So much potential there to increase the effect and sensitivity, especially in someone who has a physical response to hearing the t words hehe
It depends on how they say it. Sometimes they're trying to hold out for you to stop. It's all in their face.
This. Whenever I heard "That doesn't tickle" from a lee it was accompanied by erratic breathing, squirming, lip biting and head thrashing. I would just answer with something like "Then I will continue since it's obviously not bothering you." and keep going until they crack up.
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For me, the best verbal game usually involved rhetorical questions. "Do you prefer it here? Or here? Or there???" "This doesn't affect you at all does it? When I do this?" "Can you tell a difference between little circles? And little pokes???"
As a Lee: don’t whisper in my ear. Don’t use humiliation, you will just piss me off and the fun is done. If you won’t say it to me untied, don’t say it to me tied. And please, don’t say things like “oh you like that don’t you”. These just ruin the experience.

Do: I enjoy banter. Teasing is fine, as long as it’s related to the session. Keep your sense of humor in your teasing.

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