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BRAND NEW Mercy Tickling Story


1st Level Red Feather
Apr 18, 2001
Disclaimer: As with the two other Mercy stories, these were written with my special friend in mind. They are constructed, based on her own erotic tastes. Fortunately, I share these tastes. Unlike other stories I write, this story has sexual activities. If you do not prefer sex in your tickling stories I suggest you pass on this one. If you love sex in your tickling stories I think you're gonna like this. I hope so, anyway.
Sweet Mercy Tickling
Part 3
By Max Speer:firedevil

After the ordeal with her tutor, it was confirmed, in Mercy’s mind that she would end up being the sexual toy of anyone that she let control her. Life was hard for this young girl, right off the proverbial boat, from Scotland. To make matters more difficult, Mercy was pretty, a sexy little Goth girl, and insanely ticklish. The latter being her major point of weakness.

First, there was the man on the bus, who tickled her from behind while rubbing himself against her. Then, there was the old tutor, who, upon finding how tickling Mercy could cause her to be totally helpless, used tickling as a bargaining point in getting sexual satisfaction from the young immigrant.

Tonight would be different, she thought to herself. There was a club in town that was locally famous for extremely loud music, outrageous fetish-themed clothing, and it catered to people in her age group. She knew she couldn’t order drinks but if she could dance and let loose a little bit, she would feel better.

Mercy showered and made her skin baby soft. Then, she picked out a cute, peasant top that had extremely short, puffed sleeves. She raised her arms to brush her hair and realized that the tiny little sleeves did not cover her smooth, hairless underarms. It brought back memories of her recent tickles on that sensitive spot of hers. After brushing her hair, she found a short, black skirt and fishnets. She was as cute as a button as she locked the door of her apartment and went out into the night, which was to end entirely different than the young Mercy had ever intended.

The Crypt was an assault of noise. Hundreds of bodies swayed and slithered under the blacklights and flashing spots. There were several levels that people could dance, drink and play. One level had a large spider web made from chain. There were lines of chain link fence, painted black, lining the various levels. Mercy loved it.

She moved to the bar and ordered a Red Bull, sat by herself and sipped through a straw. She looked like she was 10 and not 19. In spite of her hard-assed Goth make-up, she was innocent and vulnerable. So it was not long before she was surrounded by a couple of men. They wore torn, black shirts and over-sized pants. Mercy thought they looked ridiculous but sat there and let them flirt and try and impress her. It was good being a girl. It took no effort to attract someone. Guys, she thought must have it hard, but girls can walk into a place and the men come running. She would soon learn how problematic this could be.

Mercy put the Red Bull down on her lap and one of the men poured Vodka into it. She giggled as he let a few drops spill on her fishnet-covered knees.

"Sorry", He said. "Let me lick it off." He got down on his knee and licked the vodka off. Mercy giggled, embarrassed.

"What’s the matter?" Asked the other.

"It tickles."

The third man pushed past his friends and stooped down so she could hear above the din.

"Yeah? You ticklish?" He said.

"Very ticklish." Mercy giggled as she sipped her spiked drink. She had sipped it very quickly and began to feel a little dizzy.

The third guy slapped his pals and they bent over the girl.

"Here," Said one. "Let me sit there. You can sit on my lap."

Mercy got up, smiling and let him sit down. He pulled her down onto his lap with a force that caused the girl to let out a little squeak.

As they sat and listened to the music, Mercy became aware of a tiny tickling sensation crawling over her sides. Her peasant top was very thin and, apparently, the guy’s fingers were tickling lightly. She could feel every touch. She didn’t want to be rude, in case he was not doing it on purpose so she bit into the straw and tried to take it. His fingers touched lightly on her lower ribs and walked up and down the sides of her ribcage.
Mercy squirmed a little as the sensation started to get to her. When the boy applied some pressure into a very ticklish spot between her ribs, Mercy let out a yelp.

"What’sa matter, Sweetheart?" he said with mock surprise. His friends chuckled as they watched.

"Just feeling a little tickly," Mercy said in her Scottish brogue.

The men chuckled and tried to imitate her.

"Just feeling a little tickly," They laughed.

Mercy didn’t like being mocked but the vodka was really starting to get to her. She was woozy and weak.

"Does THIS feel tickly?" He asked as he increased his pressure on her ribs and started tickling her in earnest.

Mercy began to laugh and squirmed on his lap. The harder he tickled the more she bounced around. The Red Bull was now on the ground and the other two boys reached forward and grabbed her wrists. She fought as much as she could as she bounced around on the guy’s lap and laughed, but she was growing weaker by the minute.

The rib tickler stopped as the other two raised her arms high over her head. Mercy started to rise as well, but the guy pulled her back onto his lap and held her firmly. When Mercy landed on his lap she felt a bump rising from the boy’s lap.

That asshole has a hard-on, she thought as she hopelessly tried to pull her arms free. She fought desperately to pull her arms from the two-handed grasps, all the while, the boy under her was getting very excited as she shimmied on his lap. He held her tightly against him.

Finally, Mercy stopped. She didn’t want to give him any more pleasure than she had already. She also realized a predicament.

"You boys are holding me so tight that you don’t have any free hands to tickle me with. Ha-ha!"

"Not a problem," came a voice. It was a cute girl who had been watching the activity. She was gorgeous, with flaming red hair and dark, painted eyes. Her sleeveless vest and floor-length skirt was black leather.

At first, Mercy thought that she was going to be saved, but her hopes dissolved quickly when the girl extended a long, black fingernail in the direction of Mercy’s smooth, exposed underarms.

"Damn pleasant top," Mercy growled as she prepared for the tickling.

The Leather Goth touched her sharp nail at the top of Mercy’s sensitive armpit and scraped downwards right through the armpit’s center. The sensation was pure electricity and Mercy squealed with laughter and squirmed desperately to get away. The Goth girl realized that Mercy’s underarm skin was exceptionally soft so she was careful to only apply a very light touch with her long, fake nails.

"She IS ticklish, isn’t she?" The Leather Goth Girl said with a smile that pushed her ruby red lips out in an upward crescent. "Tickle tickle tickle," Was her sing-songy refrain as she brought her other hand into view and scraped the four fingers of each hand up and down over Mercy’s unbelievably ticklish underarms. "You ticklish Little Girl," Leather Goth said.

Meanwhile, the guy who had Mercy on his lap was moaning with pleasure as he pushed his erection upwards in order to get the full effect of her bottom rubbing over his sexually charged bulge.

Leather Girl skimmed her long fingers up the milky white skin of Mercy’s inner arms and down to her ticklish underarms, over and over again.

Even though they fought to hold her wrists, the other two were also turned on by this sexy display. They yelled out commentaries like, "Look at how ticklish she is" and "Does that tickle?".

Leather Goth Girl turned towards the bar and yelled through the din, "Hey, Iris, help me." Suddenly, a girl in jet black hair appeared through the crowd and slipped her fingers up the front of Mercy’s peasant top and began to tickle her soft belly button. Mercy exploded into giggling laughter and squirmed intensely to try and get out of the way. She hated doing this because she knew that the guy she was sitting on was getting off on her, but she had no choice.

Leather Goth girl looked at the face of one of the men and then down at his crotch. She smiled that same long, red smile when she saw the bulge in his pants and let her hand drop to rub the bulge. Feeling this sudden stimulation, he almost let go of Mercy’s wrist, but soon, recovered and held tightly.

"Looks like you are getting these guys off with your laughing, Sugar," The Goth Girl said.

Mercy couldn’t respond. She was laughing, throwing her head back and squeezing her eyes shut as the new girl continued tickling her soft belly and then up her sides, hands under her shirt.

"What cute, little puff sleeves," Goth Girl said as she fingered one of the tiny puffed sleeve, then let her finger circle around the shoulder and give Mercy a little kitchy koo tickle on her underarm. Mercy giggled and squirmed but really let out a howl when the new girl tickled up under her shirt and let her fingers pop out at the armholes, tickling Mercy’s underarms with a fury.

Luckily, the loud music was able to drown out the loud roar of Mercy’s laughter because she was absolutely squealing with laughter. The tickling was too much and she squirmed and twisted madly, trying, in vain, to pull her hands loose.

Suddenly, there was a moan and the one who held her so tightly on his lap loosened his grip. Mercy realized that he had climaxed and now he was out of the play. This gave her an opportunity to stand and throw her weight backward in an effort to pull her hands free. The effort paid off but she lost her balance and began to fall backwards.

She screamed as she fell but her scream fell short as she fell into the arms of one of the bouncers, an extremely large bald-headed man.

"What’s going on here?" He barked. The Leather Girl walked up to him as if they were old friends.

"We’re tickling this little Scottish Lass. She loves it," The Girl said.

The Bouncer smiled a broad smile as he took a hold of Mercy , her head shaking back and forth furiously, and dragged her towards the giant chained, spider web. Mercy was no match for his strength and he lifted both of her smooth, bare arms easily and attached them at high angles over her head. She tried to kick him and he grabbed one of her ankles and tore off her shoe. This action got the attention of the crowd and they began to cheer. Then, the Bouncer stuck his fingers in through the mesh of her fishnet stocking and tickled the soft sole of her foot.

Mercy squealed and held the chains, raising her body up in order to give her some leverage. She wanted to kick the man off because the foot tickling was too intense. She was hysterical and grew weaker by the minute as the Bouncer tickled into one hole then, taking his fingers out, tickled into another. He scratched the ‘stems’ on the undersides of her toes causing her to scream and laugh hysterically. Her plan failed and she let go and let herself hang there as she laughed helplessly from the savage foot tickling.

Meanwhile, Leather Goth girl had her hand down the front of the one guy’s pants and was moving her hand up and down as they watched Mercy being tickled. It was like they were watching a show. The new girl, who was kissing the other guy passionately, unbuckled his pants and dropped to her knees as he moaned and watched the Scottish lass being tickle tortured.

The crowd was in frenzy as they saw this adorable girl being tickled on the spider web. They had seen bondage displays before but never a tickling show. They cheered and clapped and called for more. Couples laughed and grabbed at each others’ ribs, tickling into bare necks and squeezing waists.

Mercy had tears in her eyes from laughing and she screamed as another ran from the crowd to pull her other shoe off. As the Bouncer tickled her left foot, this other guy stuck his tongue between the mesh of the fishnet and tongue-tickled her right foot. Mercy laughed harder until no sound would come out. Although the music would drown out anything that came from the young Scottish girl’s mouth, the crowd knew what she was going through. They all had memories of being held and tickled to that point.

A young girl ran from the crowd and ran her thin fingers up and down through Mercy’s exposed underarms. "Kitchy kitchy koo," the girl repeated over and over again as Mercy stared in shock through her laughing. The girl ran her tongue into Mercy’s smooth armpit and Mercy squealed, looking away, trying to shut out the sensations from her armpits and feet but it was hopeless.

Soon, hands came from everywhere, grabbing at her waist and belly and ribs. Fingers tickled into her neck and ran up and down her arms. Someone on their knees was tickling her legs and Mercy even felt someone from behind reach around and run their fingers between her legs. She didn’t know if it was a man’s fingers or a woman’s fingers.

Mercy was filled with sensation. The tickling softened as she moaned in pleasure. Her laughter had reduced exponentially by the easing up of the tickling and the increasing of the lower stimulation. She felt herself swoon and move her hips wildly.

The girl tonguing her armpit started kissing her neck and whispering, "tickle tickle tickle," as if it were an erotic mantra. The Bouncer began to lick and suck her toes, occasionally letting his finger scrape her bare sole. This made Mercy yelp from the sudden tickling, but would moan again as the other feelings took over.

It began as a chilling swirl of sensation that began from her feet and whooshed up her legs until she exploded in ecstasy. The others let her hang there for a moment before unhooking her from the spider web. The word ‘exploded’ was well used since it actually felt as if she exploded between her legs with the most intense erotic sensation she had ever felt.

As she lay on the platform, loud music blaring, vodka causing the room to swell, and orgasm having drained her, Mercy began to have thoughts that she never thought before.

"This is going to be an awesome year," she said quietly to herself before closing her eyes.

Sweet Mercy Tickling stories will continue...
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Very.......ummm.................thought provoking Max. LOL Juicy stuff mate! Nice name as well. Mercy,:) kind of has a nice ring to it. ;)

I feel quite inspired to writing a few myself after reading that.
Lessons to be learned...

NEVER mess with the big bald guys....lol. Q
Max - I'm ashamed to say mate - I only heard of you the other night through Mercy and made it hear today to check out the stories I have been hearing so much about.

I bow at your feet - Wow man, this is brilliant.
Man, that gal Mercy...

She sure has a lot of ticklish adventures, doesn't she!:rolleyes:
Re: Lessons to be learned...

qjakal said:
NEVER mess with the big bald guys....lol. Q

Ah come on, admit it...

They're irresistable when it comes to wanting to come up on them and pull a Benny Hill on them shiny chrome-domes... smackitty-smack-smack-smack! Hee! :rolleyes:
Why did I just get a notification for this thread, when the last reply was over two years ago?
Why did I just get a notification for this thread, when the last reply was over two years ago?

It's because I received a spam "reply" yesterday and I reported and deleted it. Sorry.
wow...im new here and this is the first story iv read ...im gonna read some more!!.. very good story *claps*:)
Max, what happened to the first two Mercy stories?

I love your work. I've been a fan for so long.
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