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Classic studios upscaling and re-releasing videos


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Apr 16, 2015
Recently, I've noticed on Clips4Sale that one or two old-time tickling studios ('Laughter Is Beautiful' and 'BleuFetish') have been upscaling some of their classic clips and adding them to their stores.

I think this is brilliant and I'd love to see more studios do the same. There are so many awesome clips that were filmed before HD technology was available, and I'd love to see these classic videos remastered- I'd certainly be willing to pay for them.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?
I don't know "Laughter is Beautiful," but in a sea of modern, identical-feeling studios in parts of the world that don't share my culture and language, Bleufetish's verbal teasing and psychological game was among the best. That's even more rare now than it was back in its (original) day.

God bless anyone wherever they are in the world, but we all resonate most with our cultural norms most like our own, and there are few things as culturally specific as verbal teasing styles.

So put me down as a +1. :)
Remastering the Laughter Is Beautiful classics to HD has been very rewarding for me. It gives new fans a chance to discover them and the OG fans recall some of their favorite models from years past. Not only did I upscale them to HD(many of them 4K), I also went back and re-edited the videos, erasing a lot of my cringing dialogue and the overall flow of the clip. The remastered clips are also brighter and not as dark as before.

The girls look better than ever. Come see for yourself.


Laughter Is Beautiful Productions


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I like the old school look better. Not only can I find it easier, the aesthetic is more original
I wish SuperLive would, from the ‘80’s ….their stuff looked like it would be great!
Door 44 Productions
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