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Eva Green tickled in Nocebo


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Nov 2, 2010
Hi guys and gals,

Just saw Nocebo on Netflix last night and there is a great short tickling scene with Eva Green - about 10-20 seconds, F/F side and stomach tickled. She's mentioned the scene in interviews and her being tickled is mentioned several times throughout the film. Bloody weird film too haha.
Nice find, I love Eva Green. I'm definitely checking this out. I googled it and someone asked her what her favorite scene in the movie was, to which she said this -

Eva Green: I think maybe the scene when I'm laughing, when she tickled my character, that was fun, because the other scenes are quite like dark and emotional."
I love Eva Green! Thanks for the notification. I'll have to catch this on Netflix, though I do hear it's a weird movie.
Edit: oops, looks like it's not on Netflix Canada.
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It's a pretty good tickling clip for a mainstream film!

Although if I am honest, Mark Strong's humorlessly puzzled face is the best thing in this clip :blaugh:
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