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Extreme Site Slowness?


Registered User
Jun 6, 2002
Anyone else experiencing extreme site slowness? For me, pages are taking a long time to load and attached images are not loading previews, and if I click on an attachment, half the time it fails to load, other times it can take minutes to load, other times only seconds.

Time of day does not seem to matter much, and problem repeats in a different browser. I tried disabling extensions and clearing cache, but nothing seems to help. I don't have this problem with any other sites.

It took minutes to fully load this page so I could even type in this thread.
I'm not seeing anything like that... I wonder if anyone else is?
After some testing, what I am finding is that when I first go to this site, pages are loading better today and at what I consider normal speeds. But if I go to a page with lots of images (such as https://www.ticklingforum.com/threads/tickle-gifs.434752/page-2), it stops loading thumbnails halfway through the page, and if I click on one to try to load it, the popup window stalls at the rotating circle and after a couple minutes errors out loading the content and says to try later.

Once that happens in a visit, all pages on this site then start loading very slowly until I quit the browser and return.

Quick Update: I went back (in a new visit) to the page linked above, and after a minute or two it finally loaded all the images on the page, and clicking on one brought up the popup and then loaded the image after about 5-10 seconds.

Not sure why I'm seeing such inconsistent results that only seem to happen on this site, but I'll keep testing.
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I went to that page and it loaded instantly for me. That is really weird that it's only happening here for you. I wish I could be more help but I can't even guess what could be causing it.
For the past few days I've had similar problems. It doesn't take minutes for a page to load but sometimes it takes 30 seconds, and occasionally I have to refresh the page for it to load. The thumbnail for pictures doesn't error out but but sometimes I get that spinning circle for quite a while before it loads. The problems I'm having aren't as extreme as tarrant is experiencing but I sometimes have issues too.
Can you guys try it on different devices? Like a phone for example, and see if it changes the experience?
Today everything on this site is loading quickly and normally. The slowness issue was present for several weeks. Before that, this site worked fine, and is now again. During that time all other sites were consistent and fine. Between my testing several days ago and now I made no changes to my browser/computer.
Just tried it on my iPad and now I'm on my desktop PC. Both devices seem to be working well at this point. Maybe it was just some kind of glitch that resolved itself. I'll let you know if anything changes.
I've been facing this issue for a while now. I'm in India, and I suspect it's a server issue. It loads much quicker with a US VPN. Which obviously isn't ideal since I can't be signed in. It tends to pick up after about 10 minutes of being logged in. All other sites consistently load quicker, so it isn't an internet issue at my end.
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