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Fantasy One Night Stand

Jason Reborn

Level of Triple Diamond Feather
Jul 21, 2009
Which famous person, wether a real person or fictional character, would you absolutely love to have at least a one night stand with....the one night stand can mean either it's usual meaning (sex) or it can mean a tickle session....that could lead to arousel enough to have sex with him/her

I'll go first

The Bella Twins in a 3 way :lover:
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Tila Tequila cause she's an undercover bondage, teasing, and tickling dominatrix
Trish Stratus... 100 % Stratusfaction GUARANTEED!
Angelina Jolie :devilish:

Oooo good one!! 8D

Hmm...I'll definitely pick Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor in a hot lesbian three-way. :D Too bad they're both straight w/ children. D: Meh...XENA AND GABRIELLE THEN! :happyhop: Cuz those two fictional characters definitely color outside the lines.
I knew you were going to make a Xena reference to this thread

The girl who played Krista Starr in the Blade tv series
Elizabeth Hurley! and again... and again... and again... :D
Ms Zeta Jones... we've been expecting you. Please step this way. :p
back to my WWE Diva fantasies.... Maryse, cause she's the first French Canadian woman to obtain the WWE DIVA's CHAMPIONSHIP
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