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Funeral Planning Meeting, Another Delay, Depart Again, And Finally , Funeral?


Level of Coral Feather
Sep 9, 2002
When Ross got home, he again had a run in with his Aunt R.

Aunt R , because of her obstinate , indignant personality where she always had to be right, had first insisted to Ross that "Since Aunt R was the sister, Aunt R was going to plan the funeral"

Yet, once the actual process had happened, Aunt R was overwhelmed, it was obvious that Aunt R was not emotionally or mentally capable of engaging in this process, so Ross had to take over.

With Ross's own life,, his marriage to Kayley, and his being always busy with RossShell, and the oil and gas company , Ross was not aware that Aunt Karen did not have a burial plot.

Also, due to Aunt Karen's income and Aunt R;s income only being from Social Security checks, and their incomes qualifying for financial aid, Ross decided to plan the funeral that way. (It was not Ross's intent in any way to be disrespectful to his deceased Aunt Karen, who he loved like his second mother. On the other aunt, Ross was furious that Aunt R was delegating all of the responsibility to Ross, and that Aunt R was not asking her own son, who had a good job, but of course did not make as much as Ross, to contribute or help with the funeral in any way, planning or financially.

Thus, once the financial aid had been arranged, Ross was able to get his Aunt R to agree to split the cost one third each between Ross, Aunt R, and a friend of Aunt R's

Ross met with the funeral director on a Monday. The director told Ross that Aunt R seemed confused. The director also told Ross that the director would search for, and find a burial plot that qualified for financial aid, under the qualifications of the only income of it being based on, was both Aunt R's and Aunt Karen's Social Security checks, solely

It seemed, finally, that the funeral was almost planned.

According to what the funeral director told Ross, the funeral would be that Sunday,. to allow time to get the burial plot together, and because no Jewish burials were held on Saturdays due to the Jewish Sabbath.

Ross was at his wits end from the whole process.

Thus, with it only being Monday, and the funeral not being until that Sunday, Ross felt like he could not just not stay home and do mundane work in the office all week. He did not want to go to Las Vegas because Kayley could not go.

Thus, Ross had another idea.

Away, but productive.

A trip to.. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

Ross knew that since he had just gotten home from OKC, he had to run such by the teacher, and then call Fritz and Steve to see if something could be arranged with an oil investor show or building search.

When Ross got home on that Monday night, he was very upset.

"Kale., between Aunt Karen passing away, dealing with my strong emotions of losing Aunt Karen, dealing with the funeral, Aunt R;s indignancy, and now the funeral not being until Sunday, I really feel like I need to get the fuck out of here. I know that going to AC or LV all week is unproductive and probably irresponsible, especially since you cant join me due to work. So.. would you have an objection if I at least tried to do something productive if I go away, and see if Fritz and Steve can do a show in OKC whether an oil show or finding a real estate deal? " Ross asked.

"No, honey,. I understand. Its a case of special circumstance. No matter how much money you have, you are heartsick about Aunt Karen's passing. Being wealthy does not prevent you from having to deal with Aunt Karen's sister, the obstinate bitch Aunt R. You are still a human being with emotions. If Fritz and Steve can see you, by all means, go, you do so with my blessing" Kayley said.

Ross kissed Kayley. "Thanks, Babe. Let me see"

Ross called Fritz. "Fritz, I found out that the funeral will not be until this Sunday. Between the situation of getting Aunt Karen a grave, the Jewish Sabbath allowing no burials on
Saturday, and such, there are delays. With the whole thing of my emotion of my Aunt Karen's passing, dealing with my indignant Aunt, Aunt R, and planning the funeral, I am at my wits end. Miss Kayley has given me her blessing for me to come down and visit with you for work, if you and Steve can find something for us to do" Ross said.

"Certainly good sir. Mister Steve and I will be happy to help. Give us 24 hours to plan two or three shows. Come down on Wednesday. We will do shows either Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, or just Thursday and Friday. You will be home by either Friday night or Saturday morning, in time to spend a bit of time with Miss Kayley, and to pay your respects to your Aunt Karen" Fritz said.

"Thanks buddy. You are a gem" Ross said.

Ross hung up the phone.

"I will go into the pigpen tomorrow and stay half a day just to show my face. I'm leaving Wednesday, and will be back by Saturday morning, maybe Friday night. Then, we will spend the day together Saturday, and on Sunday go pay our respects to Aunt Karen" Ross said.

Kayley kissed Ross "Sounds like a fine plan to your partner"

The next day, Ross went into the office, and called a meeting.

"Conference Room please for a brief meeting. Want to inform people about some things:" Ross said, heading to the conference room.

Ross went into the conference room, sat at the head of the conference table, while Vic and all those who worked closely with Ross filed in and sat in chairs.

Ross sighed.

"As some or most of you know. My Aunt Karen passed away recently. I am planning her funeral. As it turned out, there is a delay between my meeting with the funeral director, and the burial this Sunday, due to preparing Aunt Karen's final resting place, which I learned she did not have, and .. let's say old Ross overlooked. My apologies to Aunt Karen in Heaven. Anyhow, with this delay, and my emotion due to Aunt Karen's passing, I was able to get Kayley to give me her blessing for me to take a trip to OKC for a few days to take my mind off of Aunt Karen's passing , and her upcoming funeral. I am leaving tomorrow morning, and will be back Friday night or Saturday, in time for the funeral, and in time to be here for a while in the office beginning next Monday. " Ross said.

"We understand how difficult Aunt Karen'[s passing has been for you, Ross. We give you our complete support and will hold down the fort for you here in the office" Vic said.

Ross smiled. "Thanks, Vic. You and the rest of the team who work with me in this company are gems as people, and as my office support team. By next week, once this situation is over, it will be back to business as usual" Ross said.

Ross adjourned the meeting, stayed until about 2pm, said goodbye to his office team, and then went home.

Around 330, Kayley opened the door.

"Ross, they say that different people deal with death of a loved one in different ways. With your mother Shelley having passed away over a decade ago, I know that emotionally, with Aunt Karen being your living mother, while the feelings were different, it was like losing Shelley all over again" Kayley said.

"Thanks, Babe. Ah, Kale, with us not really having done anything since Aunt Karen's passing, with the funeral planned, and my trip tomorrow, may I please ask for a foot smell and brief foot tickle now, and then tonight as a going away present, student Ross will give teacher Dom her loving. This might help calm us both down with what I've been going through, and with me leaving for a few days" Ross said.

Kayley led Ross to the bedroom. "I thought you would never ask. We are not doing anything right now. Take off the shoes, smell my feet, tickle my feet, fuck me, and then we will decide what comes next" Kayley said.

Ross removed Kayley's shoes, and put her bare feet to his nose. He inhaled her feet, his dick hardened, and then he spider tickled his fingers all over Kayley's soles, as her toes flexed back hard,. and she erupted in squeals!


Ross tore off Kayley's clothes, and his own. "That is no problem teacher. I can most certainly make you Cum the other way " Ross said, worshipping Kayley from head, neck, breasts, belly, pussy, legs, soles, and toes. Kayley lied on her back as a favor to Ross with him going through grief, allowing him to be a Dom that night, as Ross inserted his rock hard penis into her wet pussy, and erupted with a load of creamy cum into her pussy.

When they finished., Ross held Kayley and kissed her.

"Thank You for letting me be on top" Ross said.

"No problem, case of special circumstance" Kayley said.

Ross and Kayley showered, got dressed, went for Italian food, went home, digested, and went to sleep.

The next morning they awoke early, and went their separate ways as they kissed goodbye, Kayley to work/school, and Ross on his plane to DFW and OKC.

Ross's 8 am flight to DFW/OKC landed at noon OKC time. Ross greeted Fritz and Steve. Since they had an investor list, and to keep Ross busy, the men went to the field where they met with what were a waiting list of 250 investors. The field /deal; that these investors were going to invest in would be ready to sell at the end of the month.

After lectures by Fritz, Steve, and the foreman, it was back to the field office.

Seventy five people signed.

On the way back to OKC, Fritz said.

"Since we did a show today. Let me see if we can do a morning show, and an afternoon show tomorrow to get you out of here tomorrow night. If not, we will do a very early show on Friday, to get you on an early plane so that you can have almost two full days of rest before the funeral" Fritz said.

"Your choice, Sir Fritz, as long as I am home by late Friday night or early Saturday morning, so that I have all day Saturday to rest" Ross said.

"Let me call some people and see the lay of the land:" Fritz said.

Fritz, Steve, and Ross went out to dinner. While at dinner, Fritz called investors, and managed to get two shows of 100 people for Thursday morning, and afternoon, so that Ross could take a late night flight to NY, and be in JFK either overnight or early Friday morning.

When Ross got to the hotel, he called Kayley.

"I will be home very late tomorrow night, or Friday early in the morning. Fritz managed to squeeze in two shows tomorrow, so that I can get out of here sometime Thursday night. I will let you know my flight" Ross said.

"Okay, just focus on the work and the shows. We will focus on the funeral when it comes up" Kayley said.

Ross slept Wednesday night, checked out of the hotel, and early on Thursday, Ross, Fritz and Steve, had breakfast, and went to the fields to do the two shows scheduled for that day.

A morning show for 125 investors, and an afternoon show for 75 investors.

The total signup was 90 people. or about 45 percent, not bad, and now Ross would say goodbye to Fritz and Steve, and would depart OKC to head home, relax for a couple of days, and prepare to pay his respects to Aunt Karen that Sunday.

Ross's flight left OKC at 8 pm OKC time, landed at nine in Dallas, took off at 10 pm from Dallas, and landed in JFK at 3 am NY time, with Ross pulling up to the building at 330am Friday morning.

Kayley was almost all sleeping, but he heard Kayley stir. Kayley mumbled "Hi" as Ross took off his clothes, put his suitcase in the corner, undressed to his boxers, and climbed into bed.

Kayley set her alarm for the usual 530 am to wake her up for school.. When she left the apartment at 7, she lightly kissed Ross. He felt the kiss, as Kayley bolted out the door to work.

Ross was in bed after a long, emotional, and exhausting week.

Surely, with Aunt Karen's passing, arranging her funeral, dealing with Aunt R;'s indignancy, the OKC busy trip, and flying, surely Ross would stay home that day.

The ever working mind of Ross, dragged himself out of bed, into the bathroom, and then into the kitchen, where he needed to eat, and take his meds.

Ross was now almost fully awake, and saw something that he did not like.

Ross's cell phone was flashing, and so was his home office answering machine.

For Ross, that almost always meant trouble.

Ross was almost certainly going to stay home, or was he?

What did those flashing messages mean? What would Ross do with, and about those flashing messages?

That would all be seen.
Last edited:
One of the few things that I like about the Orthodox is that they believe in burial within 24 hours of death. This eliminates such horrible dramas as family arguing about funeral arrangements.

Ross continues to use OKC as therapy for whatever is ailing him. As long as it works, he may as well keep doing it.

PS: I will be in Albany all weekend (Friday afternoon to Monday) and not online.
When you mentioned the Orthodox burying within 24 hours of death.

My mother told me how my mother and grandmother were with my great grandmother, when my great grandmother died, at 1 am in the morning.

My great grandmother was an Orthodox Jew

My great grandmother's funeral was at 1 pm that afternoon, 12 hours after her passing.

While OKC may be a therapy for Ross, it is also easy for the author to write. (As there is a lot of stress with my living aunt this week, I cant think of any complex business problem for Ross to be involved in, until after the funeral of my aunt who passed away. Once the funeral is over, I might have Ross get himself into some major trouble, we will see.

I hope that you are going up to Albany for a good purpose. I should almost definitely be able to post a story in the next 24-36 hours. Right now, all is hopefully quiet in R/L as I hope I have settled the funeral. Hopefully it will stay that way

Have a good day, my friend
Yes, a good purpose. I will be going to a Superbowl watching party. Although I am not a football fan, I expect to enjoy the company, the food, and the drinks.
Sounds great. Enjoy the Superbowl watching party.

The Author has had a positively crazy day dealing with the funeral director, and then back and forth with my wonderful "Aunt R" who I have posted about in my blog.

"I Think" and "Hope" that we have solved all of the problems.

I will likely be too tired to write tonight.

I will almost certainly be able to write tomorrow , so I can post before you leave on Friday, unless something else pops up "(God Forbid)

Hope to write/post a story on Thursday.

Really need to chill and probably just surf the net and my phone after today.

Have a good night, my friend
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