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Happened upon a buried at the beach scene (M/F)


TMF Master
Sep 30, 2002
So warm weather has arrived and I was walking along the beach today and—I swear this is true—I happened upon a group of four guys and one young woman, probably all in their early 20s, and they were burying the young woman in the sand. She was really cute, with red hair and freckles, probably about 5'4".

I saw they'd already covered up her feet, so I was pretty sure my chances seeing the tickling scene we all dream of were pretty low. But then, just as I was passing by, one of the guys was putting sand on her neck, and I hear her say, in a panicky tone, "Not near the ears!!" I watched as the scene continued and he either disobeyed her request or failed to stay away from her too-ticklish-to-touch ears. "No!! Stop!!!" she squealed, breaking into giggles during the "stop!" and then erupting into a hearty burst of uncontrollable laughter, her mouth wide open and head thrust backward.

It lasted a few seconds and that was that. But even though it wasn't the foot-tickling scene I would've fantasized about, there was something about seeing a helpless young woman buried in the sand erupting into laughter from being tickled that nevertheless was still incredibly thrilling.
Nice little spot that bud! This is why we love the summer! Thanks for sharing
Love it! Thanks for sharing! Yes, even though it wasn’t the foot tickling holy grail of beach experiences, still lovely to see a beautiful woman get tickled and hear her laughter. Happy for you!
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