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Hello from another former lurker


Registered User
May 24, 2021
Hey everyone,

Hope this message finds you well. 20s Male lee on the East Coast. I was a longtime lurker here for years before I made an account, and took still longer after that to post (was still a bit nervous).

Loved being tickled since I was a kid. I was often tickled by my babysitter who I had a bit of a crush on. Rediscovered it later in my teens, and after watching videos eventually found this place. I spent a lot of time reading some of the great stories, and it was awesome to see other people in the personals section looking for and potentially finding matches. Been lurking so long, it feels strange to finally be posting! Hope to see you in other threads!
Welcome to the TMF, JakDubs, and congratulations on making your first posts. :D
This is a wonderful place. Have fun here.
Thanks milagros! Honored to get a response from the local legend :)
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